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#212 : Dérapages non contrôlés

Titre en VO : "Controlling Interest" - Titre en VF : "Dérapages non contrôlés"
¤ USA : diffusé le 26/01/04 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : Michael Green - Réalisation : Lev L. Spiro
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Douglas Smith (Gavin Curtis), Paul Wasilewski (Tommy Callahan), Ben Weber (Chris Beals), Gary Basaraba (Mr. Curtis) et Joan McMurtrey (Mrs. Curtis).

Note : Douglas Smith qui interprète le jeune Gavin est en réalité le frère cadet de Gregory Smith.

Andy Brown est très heureux de sa relation avec Linda mais semble toujours trouver des prétextes pour garder une certaine distance dans leur couple, ce qui commence à agacer sa compagne.

Ephram, lui aussi, rencontre des problèmes dans sa relation avec Madison car celle-ci a du mal à faire face aux rencontres en public et hésite à présenter son copain à son cercle d’amis. Quant à lui, il agit totalement différemment en exhibant Madison comme un trophée devant Amy et Tommy.
Amy a du mal à cohabiter avec ses grands-parents et passe donc plus de temps chez Tommy ce que Bright vit très mal, le faisant vivement savoir à sa soeur.

Le Dr Brown a cette fois-ci pour patient un jeune lutteur : Gavin, qui souffre de problèmes alimentaires lui causant de nombreux étourdissements.
Bande annonce 212 (VO)
Bande annonce 212 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Open at Villa Theatre which isn't the local Everwood theatre {the local theatre is Summit Theatre}. The address is 1021 Center Street. The Last Samurai {interesting side note from Gaby: Blake Neely, composer for Everwood and its theme song, conducted the music in this movie} is the featured movie. Pan down to show Ephram and Madison racing towards to it as Irv begins his narration. There are other people milling about outside the theatre.]

NARRATOR: There's a particular brand of pit that grows in your stomach when you know you're losing control and there's nothing you can do about it, heavy as granite and moldering.

MADISON: Hey, we made it.

EPHRAM: Yeah. If you let me take to the movie theatre in town instead of worrying who might see us together...

[Madison interrupts him.]

MADISON: Do you want to fight about this again or do you want to go see a movie?

EPHRAM: A little bit of both.

[Ephram smiles at her.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) We have exactly enough to make this show if we divide and conquer.

MADISON: OK. You buy the tickets and I'll pick snacks.

EPHRAM: Why do you get to pick snacks?

MADISON: Because you have this weird thing against fake butter. Go, buy.

[They smile. Then, Madison goes to get snacks and Ephram walks up to the ticket guy who doesn't look at Ephram right away. In the background, we can see that they're also showing The Matrix Revolutions and Looney Tunes. Also prominent is the phrase "Picture I.D. Required."]

EPHRAM: Hey. Can I get two for The Last Samurai?


[Ticket Guy looks up, seeing Ephram.]

TICKET GUY: Hold it. I'm going to need to see some ID please.

EPHRAM: Like, since when?

TICKET GUY: Since 1968 when the Motion Pictures Association of America came out and said no one under 17 could be admitted into an R-rated film without a parent or a guardian.

EPHRAM: Well, I've been seeing R-rated films since I was born so I was grandpa of the year, I assure you.

[While the ticket guy is talking, we can see Ephram looking over to Madison getting snacks without a problem.]

TICKET GUY: Well, there's an eighteenth showing of the Rugrats re-release if you want. There's plenty of seats.

EPHRAM: Look, I, I, I don't know how to explain this to you in the very short amount of time I have but this is very, very, very, very important, OK? I'm on a date which is kind of a rare thing for me. You look like the kind of guy that would appreciate that.

[Ticket Guy gives Ephram a look.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) No, no, I'm not saying that I don't think you don't get a lot of action or whatever. I'm sure you do but, but, just, look, you gotta let me in. Alright? Here's the money, take it. Keep the change.

[Ephram shifts his money toward the ticket guy.]


[Ticket Guy takes the money to Ephram. But no tickets.]


[Madison comes up with the snacks. She holds up this thing that looks like it's containing liquid butter.]

MADISON: I decided to compromise on the butter so I took it on the side which turns out it is pretty vile. You get the tickets?

[Ephram looks to the ticket guy. Madison turns to look at Ticket Guy, turns back at Ephram, and back around to the ticket guy.]

MADISON: Can I get two for Samurai?

TICKET GUY: Are you over seventeen?

[Madison shows him her ID. He looks at it. Seems legit.]

TICKET GUY: (CONT'D) And are you this boy's parent or guardian?

[Ephram's embarassed and the date's ruined.]

[Cut to a fire going at Dr. L. Abbott's house. Pan outwards from the fire to show Drs. Brown and L. Abbott playing Scrabble. Wine glasses present.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, you're getting too good at this.

DR. BROWN: Oh, there are advantages. Just a maturity, experience, and wisdom.

DR. L. ABBOTT: And a vocabulary.

DR. BROWN: Well, there's that.

[He puts down a word.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Plunder. A double letter score for... 28 points. Take that.

[Dr. Brown turns the board over to Dr. L. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Your turn.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, I think I can submit to defeat gracefully.

DR. BROWN: Oh, come on. You can't give up this easily.

[Dr. L. Abbott puts down a word.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, here's a little word just for you.

[Dr. L. Abbott shifts the word to Dr. Brown. We can see she made the word "fond" using the D in Dr. Brown's previous word. Other words present are "plier" which connects to the plunder at the P and connecting to that at the first R, is "arteries". Dr. Brown smiles. They chuckle.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, wait a minute. There's more.

[She adds -LE to her word "fond" to make it "fondle.]

DR. BROWN: Now I know you just landed a triple word score but... did you just proposition me?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Possibly. Probably.

[Dr. L. Abbott leans over to kiss Dr. Brown. She does but Dr. Brown doesn't seem that receptive to it. He ends it.]

DR. BROWN: I should go.

DR. L. ABBOTT: What?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's nine o'clock. I gotta pick up Delia.

DR. L. ABBOTT: What? I thought she was at Brittany's.

DR. BROWN: She is.

[Dr. Brown stands up.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) But if she stays too long, they'll find something to fight about. Which Delia says means they're best friends. Girls are complicated.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah, we sure are.

DR. BROWN: This was great. Really. See you tomorrow.

[Dr. Brown leaves. Dr. L. Abbott is clearly disappointed.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown exiting the house, putting on his coat. He closes the door and begins walking to his car. He sighs.]

[Cut to the living room at the Browns. The TV's on. Dr. Brown is watching the weather, I think and then changes the channel to some program about space. Irv started narrating just before we came to this scene.]

NARRATOR: It's the way we're built, I suppose. A natural reaction to the unstoppable spin of the Earth below.

[Ephram begins to walk into the living room from the kitchen area during this next part of narration.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) Forever trying to wrest control of life, work, love, and home. And when we can't get control there...

[Ephram sits down on the couch.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) ...we'll fight for it wherever we can.

EPHRAM: Don't think we're watching one of the other boring shows you think you were watching.

DR. BROWN: I was here first. And aren't you supposed be on a date?

EPHRAM: I was. Now I'm back.

DR. BROWN: It's still early. Didn't you have a nice time?

EPHRAM: It was great. It was better than great actually. It was amazing. What about you? How was your date?

DR. BROWN: Oh, it was fantastic. Couldn't be better.

EPHRAM: Lucky you.

DR. BROWN: Lucky everyone.

[At some point, we see the program's about panda bears. Dr. Brown sets down the remote. Ephram eyes it.]

DR. BROWN: Don't even think about it.

[The Brown men watch the program as Irv once again begins narrating.]

NARRATOR: As if we think we could stop the world from spinning just by being mad.



[Irv walks into the kitchen in a t-shirt and boxers and opens the refrigerator. He looks in.]

IRV: Ooh, there you are.

[Amy walks in the kitchen in sweats. Irv turns around from the fridge with cobbler in his hand.]

IRV: Oh, dear.

[Amy grabs a cereal box.]

AMY: Oh, Irv, it's just underwear.

[Cut to Irv and Edna's bedroom. Edna is sitting at a dressing table and Irv is pacing around the room angrily.]

IRV: You said that she'd park here till things cooled down as home, not forever. Now how long is this going to go on for – another month? You're not even listening to me.

EDNA: I am. I just don't like anything that you're saying. And what in God's name made you think you needed an extra helping of cobbler?

IRV: It's our house. I don't wanna have to put on a suit just to get a glass of water. Look we live here and are old and we should be able to walk around in whatever we please. It's our God given right.

EDNA: Well, what do you want me to do? Hurl my granddaughter out on the street?

IRV: She's too used to having the run of the house. I-I love her, but she's inconsiderate and messy. Curfew's not enough. You've gotta lay down some rules.

[Amy enters the room all happy without knocking.]

AMY: Hello. Just looking for the cordless. Don't mind me. I'm like invisible.

[Amy grabs the phone.]

AMY: (CONT'D) You know, you should really leave it on the charger.

[Amy walks back toward the door.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Good night, guys.

[Amy leaves the room and closes the door behind her. Edna looks at Irv.]

EDNA: Oh, shove it.

[Cut to Peak County High. Students are in a courtyard hanging out and hear a school bell ring and go back inside.]

[In gym, Bright and Ephram are running around the gym.]

BRIGHT: I'm serious, man. My family is driving me crazy.

EPHRAM: That's what families do. At least all the ones I've been a part of.

BRIGHT: No, not like this. I mean, we went through a whole dinner last night and no one said a word. I mean, this is my dad we're talking about, you know. It's like someone took the batteries out. I think they're scared if they say anything, it'll just start another fight.

EPHRAM: Because of Amy?

[Bright and Ephram finish running and are standing by the bleachers.]

BRIGHT: Yeah. Ever since she left, our house is like a funeral home. It's like Colin's house. Except for she's not dead. She just walked out so she could hang out with a druggened freak.

[Gavin Curtis runs by Ephram real fast.]

EPHRAM: Why's that guy still running? We only had to do five laps.

BRIGHT: Oh, that's, uh, Gavin Curtis. Wrestlers are doing their practice weigh-in today. He's just shaving off the last pound.


BRIGHT: He sucked last year at 160. Comes in this year at 142. He's undefeated. If he wins Regionals this Saturday, he'll be the first wrestler from County in like forever to go to State.

[Ephram starts to look for his clothes on the bleachers.]

EPHRAM: Where are my clothes?

[Ephram pushes books over on the bleachers.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) I left them right here. It's like five degrees out. It's 3rd period. What am I gonna wear for the rest of the day?

[A kid named Wiley holds up Ephram's clothes. He laughs.]

WILEY: Yo!! Diaphragm.

EPHRAM: Go kick his ass.

[Ephram points at Wiley.]


EPHRAM: Because I said so. Come on. Go. Kill.

BRIGHT: How many times do I have to tell you I'm not a dog?

[Bright and Ephram hear cheers and look toward the scale. Gavin is on it. Coach Spitzer is the teacher nearby.]

COACH SPITZER: In by a half. Feeling ready?

[Gavin gets off the scale and looks disoriented and drops the jump rope he is holding.]


GAVIN: Yeah, I'm good.

[Gavin collapses. Coach Spitzer and other wrestlers rush to check on him.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. Dr. Brown is checking Gavin out.]

DR. BROWN: Seems OK to me.

MRS. CURTIS: Are you sure?

DR. BROWN: Twenty laps on no breakfast and I'd hit the floor too.

MR. CURTIS: Well, that's my fault. I should've made sure he ate something before he left for school. Normally, we sit together read the paper. I had an early meeting.

GAVIN: It was so stupid. I was holding off on hydrating till after the scales. I mean, it's one thing to lose on the mat, but if I couldn't compete because I fell on my face three days before Regionals. I-- After all everyone's helped me.

MRS. CURTIS: Don't think about the weight until it's time, OK? Just take care of yourself.

MR. CURTIS: He will. I'm gonna be watching you like a hawk, kiddo. I'm gonna feed you that water bottle myself. Ya got that?

DR. BROWN: Well, it must be fun having so many people worrying about you.

GAVIN: I keep telling them not to.

MR. CURTIS: Oh, believe me there's a whole town full of people depending on this kid. They're having a pep rally for him at the high school. It's the first one they've had for wrestling since they built the place.

GAVIN: I'll be OK for the match, right, Doc?

DR. BROWN: Oh, I wouldn't worry about it. I think there's still a spot on the Wheaties box for you. But, you know what, I'll call for a scan and some blood work just in case. Why don't you take off your sweatshirt?

MR. CURTIS: I sure appreciate this, Doctor? All I'm gonna need then is for you to sign this permission slip. I don't want him to miss practice and they won't let him train without it.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'd like to wait for the results of the lab work if you don't mind. I'd- I'd rather not rush this and, uh, I think Gavin could use the rest.

MR. CURTIS: Ah, he can take it. Got to keep his momentum.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'll tell you what. I'll push the lab for results and then I can run this slip over to your coach tonight. Will that work?

[Dr. Brown looks at Gavin.]

GAVIN: Sure thing.

DR. BROWN: Great.

[Ephram is trying to sneak into the house in his gym clothes without being caught. Delia and Madison are sitting on the coach in the den. They turn around when they hear Ephram close the door behind him.]

DELIA: Those shorts make you look even skinnier. Did you wear them to school?

MADISON: Yeah, that's an interesting wardrobe choice. Sort of retro, funk, jock, dork.

EPHRAM: Just going for a jog.

DELIA: You don't jog.

EPHRAM: Yes, I do. I started ever since I saw 28 Days Later. I keep worrying that I'm not in good enough shape to survive post-apotolypic zombie world. Trying to get buff.

DELIA: You don't get buff.

EPHRAM: Did you hear the Broncos are trading Kanell?

DELIA: No way.

EPHRAM: Yeah, no. I just saw it on the Internet. You should go check it out.

[Delia gets up from the couch and runs out of the room. Ephram approaches Madison who is facing him leaning over the back of the couch and gives her a kiss.]

MADISON: That was mean.

[Ephram shrugs and drops his bookbag.]

MADISON: I think you look cute. Go team.

EPHRAM: I could do a full tracksuit next time we go out. How-How about tomorrow? We could make up for the other night? I-I It-IT be tough, but I think I know a guy who can get us into The Rugrats Movie?

MADISON: I can't tomorrow.

[Madison turns around on the couch to face forward again.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) I've got this evil Abnormal Psych midterm. Guess who put off 8 chapters for the night before. I'm going to be hauled up in the library.

[Ephram goes around to sit on the arm of the couch next to Madison.]

EPHRAM: You want some company. I can bring my Euro history. We're doing a surprise interesting unit on Portugal.

MADISON: That's sweet. But, um, you know, I just can't risk seeing you in those shorts and distracting me. Besides, library's on campus and you need an ID to get in.

EPHRAM: Story of my life.

MADISON: Well, we can do a movie at home after I finish my test. Your pick. I'm going to go tell Delia you were kidding about the Broncos before she has a heart attack.

[Madison gets up.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) Dinner's at six.

[Ephram sits there on the arm of the couch and watches Madison leave the room.]

[Cut to the gym at Peak County High. A whistle blows. Coach Spitzer is watching practice while Dr. Brown walks up to him.]

COACH SPITZER: How could you not see that coming? Let's go again.

DR. BROWN: Hey, Coach.

COACH SPITZER: Hey, Dr. Brown. I was told you were going to stop by. What's the word?

DR. BROWN: Well, the word is good. Thought you could have his permission slip. He was just low on blood sugar, hemoglobin too, but he's under the line for anemia.

COACH SPITZER: Poor kid. He's so set on winning. We all want him qualifying for State, but he made himself sick just worrying about it.

DR. BROWN: What do you mean?

COACH SPITZER: Well, you know, he got a little queasy.

DR. BROWN: He threw up. No one mentioned that.

COACH SPITZER: Nervous stomach is all. Um, he gets that way sometimes. Cause is stage fight.

[Dr. Brown looks like he is concerned and thinking.]

COACH SPITZER: Why is there a problem?

DR. BROWN: Hmmm. Oh, no, no.

COACH SPITZER: You said you, uh, had that permission slip.

DR. BROWN: Oh, yeah.

[Dr. Brown starts feeling his coat looking for the permission slip.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You know what I came here just to give it to you and I think I left it on my desk. I'll have to bring it back. I'm sorry.

COACH SPITZER: Make sure we get it in on time. I'd hate to lose our chance at State because of, uh, paperwork, huh?

[Dr. Brown has a concerned look on his face. Coach walks forward starts coaching.]

COACH SPITZER: OK, come on, let's go. Come on.

[Fade out.]



[Open in Dr. Brown's office. Dr. Brown walks in with Mr. and Mrs. Curtis. Gavin follows him.]

DR. BROWN: So, I was planning to run just a few basic tests and then something your coach said, uh, made me want to look again.

[Dr. Brown sits behind his desk. Mr. and Mrs. Curtis sit in the two chairs in front of his desk and Gavin sits on the bench to the side of Dr. Brown's desk.]

MRS. CURTIS: Is there something wrong?

DR. BROWN: Well, I think there may be cause for concern and I-I actually want Gavin to be here when I say this.

[Dr. Brown looks at Gavin]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I think the reason you passed the other day wasn't overtraining. I think that you induced vomiting to make weight. And your electrolyte levels plus the enamel damage shown in your dental records lead me to believe that this has happened more than once.

GAVIN: Uh, I've only don't it a couple of times when I thought I wouldn't make weight.

DR. BROWN: Lab results suggest that it's much more chronic than just a couple of times, Gavin.

MR. CURTIS: Listen. My son's is not like some girl whose making herself puke because she reads to many fashion magazines.

DR. BROWN: He has dropped two weight classes this season and I'm concerned that this could be the start of a very dangerous trend.

[Mr. Curtis gets up and walks toward the door]

MR. CURTIS: Gavin, you should wait outside for a minute.

[Gavin gets up.]

GAVIN: [to Dr. Brown] You don't have to worry about me, Doc. I'm OK.

[Gavin leaves Dr. Brown's office and Mr. Curtis closes the door and walks back over to Dr. Brown's desk and continues to stand in front of it.]

MR. CURTIS: Gavin's an incredible athlete. Possibly the finest wrestler his age in his weight in the state. This Saturday, he's got a chance to prove that.

DR. BROWN: I think his health is what matters, Mr. Curtis. And all the physical evidence I have points to the possibility of an eating disorder. Now I don't have the behavioral information that you do, but think about it. Has he been uncomfortable at meal times? Has he been excusing himself? Has he been preoccupied with privacy?

MR. CURTIS: I'm telling you that my son is all right. And that what he needs is for you to sign that piece of paper saying that you agree.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, Mr. Curtis. I can't sign anything that would allow him to compete under these circumstances.

MR. CURTIS: Well, I'm sure I can find a doctor who will.

[Mr. and Mrs. Curtis leave Dr. Brown's office.]

[Cut to a pep rally outside at the school in a common area. It is snowing. Students are gathered around the stage where Coach Spitzer and Gavin are standing.]

COACH SPITZER: We can all learn something from Gavin. From when he started the year as a powerhouse to his twelve second pin last week. I am as proud as I am amazed. Now are you all going to be there with me to watch him win.

[Cheers from the students.]

[Camera pans from the pep rally to a table outside where Bright and Ephram are sitting, doing homework.]

EPHRAM: Is he still talking?

BRIGHT: Don't tell me you're not going to the tournament?

EPHRAM: Well, it's a sporting event, right?

BRIGHT: You should ask Madison to go.

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah, she's just dying to get back into high school.

BRIGHT: You say that she never wants to be seen with you, but you should ask her to be seen, man. You'd probably get your clothes stolen a lot less.

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, we've been in public already once this week. We've hit out quota for disaster.

BRIGHT: So convince her to go again. Do that cool talkin' thing you always do.

[Ephram catches sight of Amy walking toward them, which sparks Bright to turn around and see her.]

AMY: Hey, Bright. How's that not talkin' to me thing going for you?

[Amy walks around the table and leans on it next to Ephram]

AMY: (CONT'D) Glad to see you're finally sticking with something for once.

[Bright continues to ignore her.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Look, just tell me how everyone's doing. How's Mom and Dad?

[Bright continues to ignore her.]

AMY: [to Ephram] Can you please tell him that he's proven his point and can get over himself now?

BRIGHT: [to Ephram] Will you please tell whoever's still sitting there that she can't talk to you 'cause you are my friend not your whatever you guys were and that you're not welcome here any more?

EPHRAM: [to Bright] What me or her?

BRIGHT: [to Amy] Will you just go away?

[Bright waves her to leave. Amy gets up frustrated and leaves.]

EPHRAM: Do you plan on keeping that up much longer?

BRIGHT: If it makes her feel a fraction of what we're feeling while she's off partying with her boyfriend, then, yeah, it'll probably be awhile.

[School bell rings.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) I got math. (gathering his books)

[Cut to Dr. Brown sitting at the counter at Mama Joy's, reading. Dr. L. Abbott walks in.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hey there, stranger.


DR. L. ABBOTT: Mind if I sit?

DR. BROWN: Nah, just knock that stuff out of the way. Have you ever looked at the incidence of unhealthy weight control practices amount student athletes, especially wrestlers? Fasting, diuretics, binge purge cycles. They think sports is an excuse to do themselves permanent damage.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Is there a chance you're going to be done with all this homework by Saturday night?

DR. BROWN: Why is it my turn to make dinner?

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, I was thinkin' of something more off campus, you know, break the routine a bit.

DR. BROWN: Look at this, 9.4% of wrestlers say they induced vomiting at least once a week and this is in high school.

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK, let's try it this way.

[Dr. L. Abbott turns toward Dr. Brown and Dr. Brown turns on his stool toward Dr. L. Abbott]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Andy, no talking for two minutes, OK?

DR. BROWN: You and me or just me?

[Dr. L. Abbott gives him a look.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) OK, I'll stop.

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK, you don't know this yet, but we are going on a very nice date Saturday. You ready?

DR. BROWN: Um, hmm.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You will pick me up at 6:15, showered and wearing that blue jacket that I like you in. You will have paid in advance for the babysitter that you will have booked for the next 6 hours. You with me?

[Dr. Brown nods.]

DR. BROWN: Um, hmm.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I will then take us to Monticello's, a shockingly, authentic Tuscan restaurant for Coloragdo. We'll take our time, order dessert and Bonnie Raitt goes on stage at 9.

DR. BROWN: You got tickets to..

[Dr. L. Abbott puts a finger over his lips.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: No distractions, just you and me and a lovely evening. Please nod twice if this plan is acceptable to you?

[Dr. Brown nods twice.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Good.

[Dr. L. Abbott gives him a kiss on the lips.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Pick me up at 6:15. Don't be late. Enjoy your reading. (getting up and putting on her coat to leave)

[Cut to Amy getting home from school at Edna and Irv's House. Amy walks in the door.]

AMY: Hello. Hello?

[Amy looks for the cordless on the charger.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Has anyone seen the cordless? Hello?

[Amy takes her jacket off and goes upstairs and opens Edna and Irv's bedroom door.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Hey, has anyone seen my ...?

[Amy is showed to see Edna and Irv in the bedroom in a compromising situation. She turns around and runs downstairs.]

AMY: Oh, my God. Oh my.. Ooooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh, oooh.

[Cut to Edna running in a bed sheet looking for Amy. Amy is sitting with her head down at the kitchen table.]

EDNA: Amy?

[Amy lifts her head from the table.]

AMY: Oh, God.

EDNA: Are you OK?

AMY: Um. I don't know anything right now.

EDNA: Do we have to talk about – that?

AMY: No, no, uh, actually we don't. We don't need to talk about – anything ever again. Um, I'm- I'm going to go die now.

[Amy gets up from the table and leaves the room.]

EDNA: Nuts.

[Cut to Ephram wandering through the college library looking for Madison. Spoon's "The Way We Get By" is playing in the background.]

LYRICS: We go out in stormy weather / We rarely practice discern / We make love to some weird sin / We seek out the taciturn / And that's the way we get by / Way we get by / And that's the way we get by / Way we get by

[Ephram finds Madison and throws his bookbag down on the table where she is sitting. Madison looks shocked and looking around to see who can see them together.]

EPHRAM: Sorry, I'm late.

MADISON: Ephram. What are you? What are you doing here?

EPHRAM: Ah, I needed to study. This seemed like a clean, dry, well-lit place.

[Madison gives Ephram a stunned look.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) And you were right about the whole needing an ID thing. What you were wrong about is how easy it is to borrow one. I just have to get this back to, uh, Ro-Da-Do Benjari by 11 o'clock. Exchange students are so friendly.

MADISON: Let me try this again.

EPHRAM: Relax, I just came by to prove a point.

MADISON: Which is?

EPHRAM: Well, ya kinda already proved it by looking around to see who can see us right now.

[Madison sighs.]

EPHRAM: Look, how much time do we spend together?


EPHRAM: How much fun is that?


EPHRAM: Good answer. Now here's a tough one. How many times have we successfully had fun outside the confines of my father's property?

MADISON: Not a lot.

EPHRAM: Try again.


EPHRAM: Exactly. Look, uh, we're great. You and me, I mean. We like the same kind of movies. You laugh at my stupid jokes. You even pretended to like my dumb comic books and don't think for a second that I didn't appreciate that. But, you know, we're great as long as we're, you know, in this bubble, where no one can see us. Which has its charm. But we've been at this six weeks and I still haven't met your roommate.

MADISON: Well, she's a total bitch.

EPHRAM: OK, but if we're going to be more than two people who sneak away to far off movie theaters and make out in an ugly car four afternoons a week, you're gonna have to get over it.

MADISON: I guess, I'm not holding up my end of being the mature one in the relationship.

EPHRAM: Aah!! Relax. You're twenty, not Barbara Bush. Your maturity expectation is pretty low.

[Turning to studying. Then he turns back toward Madison.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Hey, why don't you come with me on Saturday night. There's this wrestling thing at County. Supposedly can't miss.

MADISON: Ugh! County. I swore once I graduated I'd never walk those halls again.

EPHRAM: OK, well, think of it as an experiment. We'll go for one hour, no conspicuous hand holding or anything.

MADISON: Sounds swell.

EPHRAM: Really?

MADISON: Do your homework.

[Ephram goes back to doing his homework.]

[Door bell rings. Cut to Dr. Brown's house. Dr. Brown answers the door holding a book.]

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Curtis?

MRS. CURTIS: I-I hope I'm not catching you in the middle of something.

DR. BROWN: No, no, no. I was just doing some reading. Come on in.

[Mrs. Curtis walks in and Dr. Brown closes the door behind her.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What can I do for you?

MRS. CURTIS: I don't know. Uh, could we talk for a minute?

DR. BROWN: Sure. Come on inside.

[Dr. Brown and Mrs. Curtis walk into the living room.]

MRS. CURTIS: Probably should've been here months ago. Strange how something right there in front of you makes no sense until someone points it out.

[Mrs. Curtis sits on the couch and Dr. Brown sits in the chair next to her.]

MRS. CURTIS: (CONT'D) What you said about Gavin – signs to look for?

DR. BROWN: You noticed something?

MRS. CURTIS: After school started, I found all this food in his closet. You know, cereal, M&Ms. Everything he loves but wouldn't let me bring into the house. I thought he was just keeping it for after matches, you know, as a reward. Another time, um, he came home with his eyes puffy, bloodshot like he'd been in a fight and he told me he accidentally put in contact lens cleaner instead of saline. How did I not see it? How could I let this get so far?

DR. BROWN: Well, we all tend not to think about these things. Not with our own kids and especially not with boys.

MRS. CURTIS: I thought I was lucky. It's-It's not if he's got a problem with drugs or-or drinking.

DR. BROWN: Have you spoken about this with your husband?

MRS. CURTIS: [emotional tone] Oh, he doesn't want to talk about it. He's so proud of Gavin. How well he's done. He said if Gavin needs any help we can get it for him after the season. [beat] Can you help him now? Please.

[Off Dr. Brown, we fade out.]



[Open in Amy's room. Tommy is standing at Amy's dresser and Amy is laying on her bed with a notebook open.]

TOMMY: You know, you're the one who wanted to go.

AMY: And now I'm the one who doesn't. Can't we just go for a drive or something?

TOMMY: Ah, come on. I haven't been back to County since they kicked me out.

[Tommy lays beside Amy on the bed.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) Besides I thought you said everyone in the school was going to be at this wrestling thing.

AMY: That's the problem.

TOMMY: What? Your brother's going to be there. He's still acting like an ass?

AMY: He plays to his strengths.

TOMMY: Alright. I'll tell you what. I'm fine blowing this thing off if you want. You can't keep ducking every time you see the guy, you know? Why don't we just go for an hour and if you don't like it. [beat] Back here making out by Seinfeld.

[Cut to locker room. Gavin is getting ready for the match on the bench in front of his locker. Dr. Brown walks in in a suit. Gavin notices Dr. Brown coming toward him.]


DR. BROWN: Hey. Half hour to curtain. Now a bad time?

GAVIN: No problem.

[Dr. Brown leans against the wall.]

DR. BROWN: I wasn't sure you'd want to see me.

GAVIN: Look, I don't blame you, Doc. You're just worried about me. I appreciate it.

DR. BROWN: Well, how ya feelin'?

GAVIN: Good. Strong.

DR. BROWN: That's good. I know you'd hate to disappoint everyone – your parents, your coaches. You got a lot of fans here too. In fact, I think you're so afraid to disappoint them that you can't really see how bad this has gotten.

GAVIN: Look, I'm not sick. I only threw up a few times, you know, just before tournaments.

DR. BROWN: I don't believe you. I don't even think this about wrestling anymore. Might have been at first. Maybe you threw up once to make weight. Then maybe one more time after eating everything you couldn't all week. By the time, you got scared about what you were doing you couldn't stop, your body was doing it for you. But you can stop, Gavin. You can stop right now. You don't have to win. You don't even have to compete.

[Gavin gets up and in standing at his locker.]

GAVIN: You don't get it. I've trained hard to get here. I used to be fat, slow. I screwed up everything. No one knew me. And they were right, I was nobody. Now, I'm stronger than I've ever been. I fight better. I study better. Girls look at me. I can't lose. I'm not gonna give that up. I'm not gonna be like them.

DR. BROWN: Why because your friends are weak?

GAVIN: They let everyone else control them. They do what they're told. No one tell me anything – not as long as I keep training.

[Cheers are heard from the gym. Gavin grabs his helmet and closes his locker.]

GAVIN: Don't worry about me, Doc. I'm fine.

[Gavin walks out of the locker room.]

[Cut to in the gym. Wrestlers are competing on the mat. The gym is packed. Madison and Ephram walk in. More cheers in the background as Ephram sees his Spanish teacher, Señor Josh Walker.]

EPHRAM: Hey, Señor Walker.

SE#0209;OR WALKER: ¿qué? Madison?

MADISON: Oh my God, Josh?


MADISON: I heard you were teaching here.

[Señor Walker nods.]

MADISON: He took me to the prom. HE was this cool senior and I was a completely clueless freshman.

SEÑOR WALKER: So how do you two, um, know each other?

MADISON: I-I work for his dad. You, babysit. Take care of the family. Pay bills.

SEÑOR WALKER: Look, I have to chaperon, but it was great to see you.

[Señor Walker walks away.]

EPHRAM: So you were my Spanish teacher's prom date?

MADISON: Let's just find some seats.

[Ephram and Madison climb the bleachers. Amy and Tommy are sitting in the bleachers. Amy sees Ephram.]

AMY: Ephram, you came?

EPHRAM: Yeah, you know, school spirit. Rah.

AMY: Oh, um, I don't know if you met Tommy. Tommy, this is Ephram. Ephram, Tommy.

EPHRAM: How ya doing?

TOMMY: How ya doing, man?

EPHRAM: Ah, you've met, uh, Madison, right?

[Ephram grabs Madison's hand to hold.]

AMY: Yeah, once, um, you guys find seats yet?

EPHRAM: No, no, just-just lookin' around?

AMY: Um, you can sit here if you want.

EPHRAM: No, we can't stay long we have to get her back to campus.

MADISON: Really soon actually.

[Madison walks past Ephram up the bleachers and Ephram follows her.]

[Cut to a door bell rings at Dr. L. Abbott's house. Dr. L. Abbott opens the door.]

DR. BROWN: Hey, didn't you get my message?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah, that was about an hour ago, Andy.

[Dr. Brown walks in and Dr. L. Abbott closes the door.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, I-I am so sorry. Look, I must of just lost track of time. I'm-I'm really excited about tonight.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah, I am too.

DR. BROWN: It's just this case I'm working on got tough tonight. I'm dealing with this eating disorder that no one want to see or see treated and, uh, you don't want to hear about my case, do ya?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Not really. Let me ask you something. How do you think this is going?

DR. BROWN: You and me? I think it's great.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Yeah, so do I and that's the problem. I mean, if there were going badly, we would just break up and you wouldn't have to find reasons to hide from me.

DR. BROWN: I'm not hiding. This is a work thing. Come on, Linda, don't read into this. I mean, a patient came to me with a serious problem. What am I suppose to do?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Nothing, lets-lets just forget it.

DR. BROWN: No, wait a minute. Do you-Do you think I planned this? Do you think I hired a bulimic just to screw up our date?

[Dr. L. Abbott gets up and gets her coat.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: No, but I think if it wasn't this patient, it would be another one. [Dr. L. Abbott puts on her coat.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Look, things are getting complicated here. It makes sense that you would retreat into medicine, you're in control there. Come on, Andy, you told me the stories about how you used to miss birthdays with your kids and now it'll be dinners with me.

DR. BROWN: I didn't tell you that so you could throw it back in my face.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Sorry, I'm not trying to. I'm-I'm trying to understand and I actually think that I do.

DR. BROWN: No you don't.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You're a doctor. I mean, it's-it's smart. I mean, no one's going to argue with that. No one's going to say, you know, don't go out with people and I can't compete with that, nobody can with that.

DR. BROWN: Oh, come, here we go. Alright, here we go. Oh, will you just, STOP IT, JULIA. [beat] I am so sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't mean that.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You should go.

DR. BROWN: Let me explain.

DR. L. ABBOTT: No need to.

[Dr. L. Abbott opens the door signaling to Dr. Brown to leave.]

[Cut to the gym. A wrestler loses and the whistle blows. Gavin gets up to do his match. Cheers from the crowd erupt.]

[Cut to the hallway outside the gym. Bright is talking to girls selling souvenirs.]

BRIGHT: [to the girls] I know it is.

[Bright sees Amy and Tommy walking toward him. He turns the other way.]

AMY: [to Tommy] I'll be right back.

[Amy walks toward Bright and Tommy goes and leans up against a wall.]

AMY: Come on Bright, just let it go.

[Bright turns around to talk to Amy.]

BRIGHT: What do you want from me?

AMY: Just tell me how you're doing? You're allowed to do that right? I heard you got the highest math grade in your class. That's great.

BRIGHT: Yeah, that's great.

AMY: I get it. You're mad. You don't have to keep doing this. Just talk to me.

BRIGHT: I have nothing I want to say to you. What don't you just go talk to your crackhead boyfriend?

AMY: He's not like that.

BRIGHT: Says you.

AMY: Believe what you want about him, but I didn't want to leave home. I tried to compromise. You saw what Mom and Dad did. It was their call.

BRIGHT: You had your chance and you chose him over us. Now you want to blame Mom and Dad for kicking you out of the house. You have no idea what you did to them when you left. It's like you gave up everything you used t care about. It's Colin all over again.

[Amy gets emotional and teary and walks past Bright down the hall. Bright turns and watches her walk down the hall. Tommy walks over to Bright.]

TOMMY: Alright, listen, man. I know this isn't my family.

BRIGHT: No, it isn't. So just stay out of it.

TOMMY: She's tryin' to make peace. Why don't you cut her some slack?

BRIGHT: [angry] Bro, whatever you're about to say is going to be wrong. So why don't you just back off?

TOMMY: Alright, relax, man. Alright, I'm not trying to start anything.

BRIGHT: No-No, you already did that when you came after my sister. Well, what it wasn't enough that you messed up your own life, now you have to take down ours. Oh, yeah, why not what's one more messed up family, right?

TOMMY: No wonder, she left you guys.

[Bright punches Tommy.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy punches Bright.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy and Bright are fighting.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy and Bright are fighting.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy and Bright are fighting.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy and Bright are fighting.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling.]

[Cut back to hallway, Tommy and Bright are fighting.]

[Cut to wrestling match where Gavin is wrestling. Gavin wins his match.]

[Cut back to the hallway. Amy comes back down the hallway seeing Tommy and Bright fighting. Amy pulls on Tommy and Señor Walker pulls Bright. They walk off in opposite directions.

[Fade out.]



[Open in guidance counselor Chris Beels' office. Bright and Dr. H. Abbott are sitting in the chairs in front of his desk. Chris closes the door to his office and goes and takes a seat behind his desk.]

BRIGHT: So is it that bad?

CHRIS: We're going to have to suspend you.

BRIGHT: Oh, come on. You're going to suspend me for going after Tommy Callahan. The guy got kicked out of school for selling drugs.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Bright.

CHRIS: Tommy doesn't go to school here anymore. All we can do about him is make sure he stays off school grounds.

BRIGHT: Great.

CHRIS: We have a zero tolerance rule about violence in school. A week suspension is minimum. Now, I got you a week.

BRIGHT: Great, thanks.

CHRIS: Well, don't thank me yet. A letter 'bout this has to go to any school that you apply to. YOU WERE FIGHTING, BRIGHT. WHAT ELSE COULD I DO?

BRIGHT: I know, I know. I screwed up. It's what I do.

[Cut to Bright and Dr. H. Abbott walking out of a school door and walking up a sidewalk.]

BRIGHT: If you're gonna yell at me, can you do it now and get it over with?

DR. H. ABBOTT: I'm not gonna yell at you. You know how I feel about fighting, Bright. It's completely unacceptable. But if I were in your position, I can't say I wouldn't of done the same thing. Which doesn't mean I don't expect more from you?

BRIGHT: I'm sorry. It's just he got in my face and I just kept thinking about what he did to you.

[Dr. H. Abbott and Bright stop at the top of some stairs.]


BRIGHT: Ever since she left, you don't talk anymore, you know. You look miserable all the time. You're like Amy used to be.

DR. H. ABBOTT: We're your parents. We worry about you, it's not your job to worry about us.

[Dr. H. Abbott and Bright start to walk again.]

BRIGHT: You know, I actually thought I had a chance, you know, to get into some schools. Now, they're gonna see a suspension on my application. I really screwed up everything I busted my ass for. What am I gonna do?

DR. H. ABBOTT: We'll figure it out.

[Dr. H. Abbott sees Amy and stops. They stare at each other. Then Dr. H. Abbott and Bright walk past her sitting at the table all by herself without saying a word to her.]

[Cut to Madison's house. Ephram is leaning against the fence by the sidewalk with a pizza box waiting for her to get home. Madison walks up to the house, seeing Ephram.]

EPHRAM: Figured I'd skip the saga of unreturned phones calls and just ambush ya.

MADISON: With pizza?

EPHRAM: Well, you can't eat flowers. This is the more practical peace offering.

MADISON: You have a lot to learn.

[Madison walks past Ephram toward the front door and sees the flowers Ephram bought by the door and stops.]

EPHRAM: I'm pretty quick. Look, I have a feeling I screwed up. Just wanted to be sure.

MADISON: Be sure.

[Madison turns and walks toward the front door and Ephram follows her, causing her to stop right before getting on the front porch. They face each other.]

EPHRAM: I'm not going to stand here and try and defend what I know was stupid. I'm just gonna say that I'm sorry, mean it and stick with it. I just wanted to introduce you to my world.

MADISON: You weren't introducing me. You were using me and flaunting me and it was embarrassing and adolescent and exactly like you said it wouldn't be.

EPHRAM: Look, I-I-I just don't want our lives to be totally separate anymore. We've been at this for weeks, cooped up trying to keep it a secret and all I want to do is shout your name from the rooftops.

MADISON: Please don't.

EPHRAM: Well, don't worry. Rooftops are a lot lower in a mountain town. It's much more dramatic in New York. Look, all this secrecy is making me feel like you don't want to be in this. It really would help me to know that you were ready to be OK with this.


[Ephram gives a small smile.]



MADISON: I'm not ready for other people not to be OK with us.

[Madison goes and sits on the bench on the front porch and Ephram follows her and sits down beside her.]

MADISON: You know, I don't hide you because you're a constant embarrassment. I hide you because even if it doesn't feel like it, we're doing something wrong.

EPHRAM: So what?

MADISON: So we “get” that “this” is different. But not everybody else will. You might not like me lying to my old prom date about us, but as your teacher, he has a legal obligation to make a phone call if he suspects something.

EPHRAM: Well, we can't stay in the bubble forever. I mean, the bubble isn't even that safe. The bubble could pop. The bubble could burn down. Somebody could rob the bubble.

MADISON: How 'bout we figure us out first before we force ourselves onto the world?

EPHRAM: Alright. Can we kiss and make up now, because I'm on the clock?

[Ephram leans in to give Madison a kiss and she pulls back.]

MADISON: Inside.

[Ephram and Madison smile at each other. Madison gets up to go inside and Ephram smiles at her.]

[Cut to the locker room. Gavin and Wiley are in the locker room. Gavin is showing Wiley a wrestling move.]

GAVIN: You have the wrist and his head up. Pop it up.

[Gavin sees Dr. Brown coming in with a newspaper in his hand and stops what he is doing with Wiley.]

GAVIN: Uh, hey, can you give me a minute.

[Wiley leaves.]

DR. BROWN: So you're going to State. You made it.

GAVIN: Yeah, looks like it.

DR. BROWN: Paper says you're the first one from Peak County in forty years.

[Dr. Brown tries to hand Gavin the paper.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Want a copy?

GAVIN: My dad got a bunch.

[Dr. BROWN throws the paper on the bench.]

DR. BROWN: I wanted to talk to you.

GAVIN: Uh, I, uh, thought we did that.

DR. BROWN: No, I tried you before your match, but that wasn't you I was talk to. That was the disease and you do have a disease, Gavin?

GAVIN: I just won. I don't need a lecture.

[Gavin sits on the bench and is putting on his shoes. Dr. Brown is talking to Gavin's back.]

DR. BROWN: You're a scary kid, you know that? And here's something else you don't know. What you're doing doesn't make you special. It makes you bulimic and it's not exotic or new. It's textbook. Just like what's gonna happen to you. People don't gain strength from bulimia. They get weak. They get ulcers and heart failure and they die.

GAVIN: Thanks, but I don't need your help.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, I wish I could help you. I've done everything I can. I've told what I know to your parents, your teachers, your coaches. It's up to them to care enough now. And it's up to you to ask for their help.

GAVIN: I don't need their help either.

[Gavin stands back up at his locker and faces Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: Yes, you do. You are a member of a very big club right now, Gavin. And the one thing that you all have in common is you think you can control it, but you can't. It owns you. Your eating disorder is going to be the fiercest opponent that you will ever face. You may never beat it. And the worst part is that not a single person in your life is telling you that right now. All they want for you to do is win at State, the whole town does. So I am going to be the one lone unpopular voice out there when you wrestle. I'm gonna root against you. I hope you lose.

GAVIN: I won't.

[Gavin leaves the locker room. Dr. Brown looks worried.]

[Cut to Amy's bedroom. Amy is sitting on her bed and Tommy is at her dresser.]

AMY: I had no idea that Bright was that mad at me. Seems like everybody is. My dad can't even look at me anymore and I'm not sure my grandparents are so psyched to have me around either.

TOMMY: We can go to Mexico. I'll drive.

[Amy goes and stands up in her room and Tommy walks over and stands behind her.]

TOMMY: Hey, this isn't your fault, or Bright's. It's mine.

AMY: You were just trying to talk to him.

[Amy goes back and sits on her bed. Tommy follows her and sits down on the bed at her feet.]

TOMMY: Yeah, you never had these-these kinds of problems before you started finding excuses to stop by the drug store. I told you then that you didn't want someone like me around and I probably should've bowed out a few weeks ago.

AMY: Don't say that. I didn't let my parents make my decisions for me and I'm not going to let you do that either. Bright was right. I did choose you over them. If I could have it all, I would. But...

TOMMY: Are you sure this is what you want?

AMY: Yes.

[Edna knocks on Amy's door and enters with a bag in her hand.]

EDNA: Got a sec?

TOMMY: I gotta go to work anyway.

[Tommy gets up from the bed and turns around to Amy.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) Hey. I'm glad.

[Amy smiles.]

AMY: Bye.

[Tommy grabs his coat.]

TOMMY: [to Edna] Hi.

[Tommy leaves.]

EDNA: Nice kid.

AMY: Yeah, I think so.

[Edna walks over to Amy's bed and sits at Amy's feet where Tommy was sitting.]

EDNA: You know, you are always welcome here. Rain or shine. But you've got to be more mindful. Irv and I are out of practice having a kid around the house and these are some tight quarters.

AMY: Yeah, they are. I'm sorry. I'll-I'll try a little harder.

EDNA: Good.

[Edna reaches into the bag she brought in and pulls out a telephone.]

EDNA: This'll help, this is all yours. To be plugged into your very own line being installed tomorrow.

[Edna hands the phone to Amy. Edna pulls a door lock out of her bag.]

EDNA: And this foes on our bedroom door, pronto.

[Edna and Amy smile at each other and Edna gets up to leave.]

EDNA: Parenting accomplished.

AMY: Thanks, Grandma.

[Edna stops before walking out the door and turns back to Amy.]

EDNA: About what you saw.

[Amy gives a face of an ugly reminder.]

EDNA: I'm sure that wasn't the picture you want on your bedside table but you should be encouraged. Show some good str

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juju93 (00:24)

Nouveau sondage sur The L Word : "Et si ces personnages n'avaient pas si hétéros que cela ?" A vous de nous le dire !

SeySey (09:38)

Bonjour! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage On vous attend

Chaudon (13:20)

Nouveau SONDAGE sur le quartier "Elementary" et il concerne l'acteur principal ! Venez voter et commenter votre choix, si vous le souhaitez !

arween (15:51)

Nouveau sondage sur Dollhouse ! Venez voter !! Merci

cinto (18:32)

Venez voir les actrices sélectionnées pour un remake de Ma sorcière Bien aimée. A vous de voter!

SeySey (11:15)

Hello! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage ainsi que l'animation "Citadelle Piégée" sous le dôme ^^

Chaudon (12:59)

N'hésitez pas à venir voter pour le nouveau SONDAGE du quartier "Elementary" ! Commentez votre choix si vous le souhaitez !

carina123 (14:58)

Nouveau design sur le quartier Lie to Me, il a été réalisé par Spyfafa, venez nombreux pour le commenter !

sabby (09:41)

10 quartiers ce sont unis et forment la Team Hypno-Unit 10 afin de ramener un peu de monde chez eux au travers d'une animation "l'Enigme de la Team", et d'un sondage sur chaque quartier ! Rendez-vous sur Kyle XY, Merlin, Dallas, Orphan Black, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, The Closer, Empire, Baby Daddy et Army Wives On vous attend !

carina123 (18:21)

Design + Nouveau Sondage sur le quartier Lie to Me, venez nombreux !

Titepau04 (21:54)

Aucun commentaire pour le calendrier Dr House de ce mois-ci ???

arween (22:28)

Bonsoir tout le monde !

arween (22:28)

Dollhouse et The Night Shift vous propose de tous nouveaux sondage ! Passez me voir (je me sens un peu seule sur mes quartiers ^^)

makkura (14:18)

Nouveau sondage spécial séries Marvel sur Agents of Shield ! Venez élire la nouvelle série Marvel que vous attendez le plus !

pretty31 (17:04)

On vous attend sur le forum d'HypnoClap pour discuter des César 2017 !

Misty (20:27)

Nouveau sondage sur Les 4400 qui ne demande que vos votes, alors merci

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