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#210 : Tristes fêtes

Titre en VO : "Unhappy Holidays" - Titre en VF : "Tristes fêtes"
¤ USA : diffusé le 24/11/03 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : John E. Pogue - Réalisation : Jason Moore
¤ Guest-stars : Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Evan Saucedo (Charlie Grey Cloud), Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott), Betty White (Carol Roberts), Paul Wasilewski (Tommy Callahan), Adam Beach (Mr. Grey Cloud) et Richard Herd (Herb Roberts).

Ephram et Madison se sont rapprochés à tel point qu’Andy Brown les surprend enlacer l’un contre l’autre. Furieux, il décide de virer sa baby-sitter et interdit à son fils de la revoir.

Amy continue sa nouvelle romance avec Tommy et elle aussi se fait surprendre par sa grand-mère. Suite à l’évènement, elle décide de l’inviter chez elle pour Thanksgiving afin d’officialiser sa relation mais tout n’est pas aussi rose qu’elle l’aurait souhaité.

Harold, quant à lui, doit son montrer sous son meilleur jour car ses beaux-parents ont décidé de venir passer les fêtes à Everwood; et en particulier devant sa belle-mère qui ne cesse de critiquer tout ce qu’elle voit. On assiste donc à deux repas de Thanksgiving assez froid, fragilisant les deux familles d’Everwood.






Bande annonce 210 (VO)
Bande annonce 210 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Open in the Brown foyer. Dr. Brown opens the door and his hands are full from carrying bags of stuff.]

DR. BROWN: Hello? Anybody home? Delia? Ephram?

[Nobody's there. Dr. Brown smiles as he closes the front door. Irv's narration kicks up.]

NARRATOR: Holidays are a time we enact age old rituals, solemn rites passed down from one generation to the next.

[Dr. Brown opens the door to the front closet as Irv's narration continues. Dr. Brown pushes aside several coats and begins hiding presents in the closet.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) A time for family and friends and good cheer. They're also a time for giving and receiving, a time for surprises.

DR. BROWN: Who finds Hanukkah paper in Everwood? That's right. I do.

NARRATOR: Some surprises are hidden in boxes, wrapped up in colorful paper and ribbons. Still others we carry inside, concealed in our own hearts while we wait for just the right moment to reveal them.

[Dr. Brown hears the footsteps coming and voices (he probably recognizes Ephram's but not Madison's just yet) and so quickly gathers up the rest of the presents and enters the walk-in closet, closing the door behind him.]

EPHRAM'S VOICE: What do you like?


EPHRAM'S VOICE: What about me?

MADISON'S VOICE: Is he in there?

EPHRAM'S VOICE: I don't think so.

[Ephram opens the door and Madison follows in after him.]

EPHRAM: Hello? [beat] See, nobody's home. I told you.

[They take off their coats and hang them up on the coat rack. Ephram pulls her close.]

MADISON: No. I gotta get Delia from next door and your dad's gonna be home any minute.

EPHRAM: Your nose is all red.

MADISON: Well, we can't. We made a pact.

EPHRAM: Well, I can't be tied to some pact when you're standing there, looking all cute with your red nose. I'm sorry. I just can't.

[Cut to inside the closet where Dr. Brown is listening. I think during Madison's next line, he realizes that the girl is Madison.]

MADISON'S VOICE: I'm just not ready to do anything in the house. What if your dad comes in?

EPHRAM'S VOICE: I locked the door.

MADISON'S VOICE: Like he won't figure that out. I mean, he's a brainsurgeon...

[Cut to outside the closet.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) ...For God's sake.

EPHRAM: Oh, don't let the fancy title fool you. He's totally clueless. We could be making out right on top of him...

[Cut to Dr. Brown in the closet.]

EPHRAM'S VOICE: (CONT'D) ...He'd have no idea.

[Cut back to the view out of the closet.]

MADISON: If we don't tell him, he's just gonna figure it out on his own.

[Madison starts going into the living room and Ephram follows.]

EPHRAM: He's not gonna figure it out. I'm telling you, he's in his own world half the time. The other day, I spilled some soda on the couch, right? He told me to clean it up and instead, I just waited till he left the room and flipped the pillow over. The man is dense.

MADISON: No, he's not. You should be thankful to have such a cool dad.

[Dr. Brown tries to get his way out of the closet before things get too far.]

EPHRAM'S VOICE: Oh, sure, he's cool. When you're here.

[Cut to the view of Ephram and Madison in front of the couch. He kisses her neck.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Instead of 6 to 9, come by in the morning and I tell you, you'll be astounded by his lameness.

MADISON: Ephram. I can't. It's wrong.

EPHRAM: OK. OK. I swear, I'll promise to tell my dad about us. If you promise to teach me that tongue curl thing you were talking about.

[They kiss on the lips.]

MADISON: OK. Five minutes. But then we get back to Delia.

[They go down on the couch. We hear them giggle. Dr. Brown shoves the door open. Ephram and Madison rise from the couch.]


MADISON: Dr. Brown.


[Most of the presents in the walk-in closet fall behind Dr. Brown. All look at that for a second as Irv's narration starts up again.]

NARRATOR: Unfortunately, not all surprises are good ones.

[Dr. Brown looks back at his son and the babysitter.]



[Open in the Brown living room. Dr. Brown is lecturing to his son and Madison.]

DR. BROWN: This is beyond unacceptable! This is in some other universe of unacceptability!

EPHRAM: I think you might be overreacting a little bit.

DR. BROWN: Overreacting?! I think not! Maybe you think this is just another example of my uncool lameness, Ephram. But I don't think it would be possible to overreact to this! How long has this been going on?

MADISON: Not long. I wanted to tell you.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, so I heard, right after the tongue curling lessons. It's a good thing I was in the closet just now.

EPHRAM: Yeah, what was that about anyway? You spying on me now? Whatever happened to the right to privacy?

DR. BROWN: When you're 16, there is no privacy! This is why there's no privacy when you're 16 -- this!

[Dr. Brown points to them.]

MADISON: Look, doctor, this whole thing was an accident. It started out as kind of a kissing thing, and then it just -- it kind of --

EPHRAM: No, this is none of your business.

DR. BROWN: None of my business?! She's 20, you're 16! I hired her! I brought her into my house! I think aiding and abetting a felony makes it my business!

EPHRAM: OK. I'm 16. So what? So would it be better if I was having sex with somebody my own age?

MADISON: [shocked] Ephram! Dr. Brown, I swear we did not have sex. No sex at all.

DR. BROWN: The fact of the matter is Madison isn't your age, and whether you like it or not, that makes all the difference. My first thought is [to Madison] to fire you, and then [to Ephram] to kill you. And maybe [to Madison] kill you a little, too. Here's what we're going to do. [to Madison] Firing you would be unfair to Delia, who's the only one I don't want to suffer for this. Whatever has been going on between you two is over as of now.

EPHRAM: No -- no way!

DR. BROWN: Completely and permanently! We are going to go back in time before any of this ever happened, and we are going to start over. Is that understood?

EPHRAM: This is bullsh—

MADISON: Totally. This whole thing was a mistake. It never should've happened. I'm sorry, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: I think you should go home now, Madison. And, Ephram, go to your room.

[Madison gets up to leave. Ephram wants to go after her.]

EPHRAM: Wait, Madison –

DR. BROWN: Don't do it! You even think about it, she's fired and you're grounded for life.

[Ephram is positively upset with his dad. He walks off.]

[Cut to the Abbott living room. Dr. H. Abbott is vacuuming. Bright enters, eating food.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Crumbs! Watch the crumbs!

[Bright sits down on the sofa.]

BRIGHT: Relax, it's just Grandma and Pop-Pop.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I'll relax when they've gone home...or died.

BRIGHT: I like Grandma Roberts.

DR. H. ABBOTT: As it should be. To you, she's a sweet, doting grandmother. To others, she's a 70-year-old thorn. An impacted, infected, painful thorn.

[Rose opens the front door and her parents Carol and Herbert Roberts enter behind her.]

ROSE: We're home!

[Bright stands up.]

CAROL: Hello, sweetheart!

BRIGHT: Hey, Grandma!

[Bright and his grandma hug and they laugh. Then Bright goes to his grandpa and hugs him too.]

BRIGHT: (CONT'D) Hey, pop-pop!


[They laugh. Rose takes her mom's coat.]

CAROL: So, Harold, you sent Rose to pick us up by herself. Are you not feeling well?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm perfectly healthy, Mother Roberts.

CAROL: [to Bright] Could you get our bags, darling? I know your father isn't much for the exerting.

BRIGHT: Sure thing, Grandma.

[Bright goes to get the bags. Dr. H. Abbott sighs.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: So, how are you, Herb?

HERBERT: Huh? O-o-o-oh, fine, fine! [laughs] How 'bout a scotch, huh?

[Herbert chuckles. Rose emerges after she put away the coats.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: [under his breath] Yeah, I don't blame you.

CAROL: So, where's my beautiful granddaughter?

[Rose glances to her husband.]

ROSE: I'm sure she'll be here shortly.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes, I'm sure she will be from... where she is.

CAROL: Interesting.

DR. H. ABBOTT: She's not exactly --

CAROL: Oh, no need to explain. I'm sure you know what you're doing.

[Bright returns with the bags.]

CAROL: (CONT'D) [to Bright] Take those up to your parents' room.

[Bright starts going up the stairs.]

CAROL: (CONT'D) That's a good boy.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Our room? Uh, actually I was thinking that you would sleep --

CAROL: I need to pee.

[Carol walks off. Dr. H. Abbott sighs. Rose glances around like she's going to chuckle.]

[Cut to outside Everwood Drugs. Amy and Tommy walk down the street. Amy's carrying a small bag.]

TOMMY: You know, you don't always have to, um, buy something. You could just come in and, you know, say "hi."

AMY: Um, I really needed these thumbtacks.

[Amy looked in her bag to see what she got.]

TOMMY: Really, really? For what, may I ask?

[They hold hands.]

AMY: For this corkboard thing that I have in my house that I tack things on at night, and I have very delicate thumbs.

[Amy nods her head a lot. They kiss.]

TOMMY: Hey, um, my shift's over in 20 minutes, if you want to hang out the rest of the day.

AMY: I would love to, but my grandparents just flew in from Arizona. I was supposed to be home, like, a half hour ago.

TOMMY: Hey. Big family turkey thing?

AMY: Yeah, it should be a party. Three generations of people who hate each other fighting over who gets the white meat. It's great. But it's probably like that at your house, too, so...

TOMMY:, we don't really do holidays at my house. We're not so big on traditions.

AMY: Really? So, what are you going to do tomorrow?

TOMMY: I don't know. Probably nothing.

[Tommy shrugs.]

AMY: Well, you should come to my house.

[Tommy chuckles a little.]

AMY: (CONT'D) No, I'm serious. There's going to be, like, a thousand people there. It's not like one more person's going to kill anyone. Plus my mom makes this great cranberry thing that I think you would love.

TOMMY: You're really sweet, you know that?

AMY: No, I just...

[They're about to kiss when they're interrupted.]

EDNA: I don't believe we've met.

[Amy turns around.]

AMY: Grandma.

EDNA: Edna Harper, Amy's favorite grandmother.

[Edna and Tommy shake hands.]

TOMMY: Hi. It's Tommy Callahan. Um, well, I gotta get back to work, but, uh, it was a real pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Harper. I guess I'll see you tomorrow at dinner.

EDNA: I guess you will.

[Tommy goes back to work.]

EDNA: Who's the new co-pilot?

AMY: Nobody. Just a guy.

EDNA: "Just a guy," my boots. No granddaughter of mine goes around holding hands with a guy who's "just a guy." See you and your friend at the big turkey day gorge-athon.

AMY: Bye, Grandma.

[Edna walks off.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's practice. He's wrapping something around a boy's foot. The kid's got a cell phone that can take pictures too.]

DR. BROWN: You're lucky the burn only involved the outer layer of skin. This could've been a lot worse, Charlie.

[Switch views and we see Charlie's Native American.]

CHARLIE: Yeah. Hey, doc, say "cheese." I'm going to "e" this to Billy. He's such a wuss.

[Charlie shows Dr. Brown the photo.]

DR. BROWN: Who's Billy? And more importantly, why would he be interested in a picture of your foot?

CHARLIE: My friend. He bet me he could do it longer, but he totally bailed. He barely put his foot on the coal before he quit. Are we done?

DR. BROWN: Yep, we're done.

[Dr. Brown gets up and goes back to the counter.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) But I gotta tell ya, I'd still like to know why you'd burn yourself like this, Charlie. Pretty dangerous game to be playing just for kicks, don't you think?

CHARLIE: We weren't playing. We were practicing.

DR. BROWN: For what?

CHARLIE: Me and Billy are doing the firewalk tomorrow, and we decided to try it ahead of time, just to see.

DR. BROWN: I don't understand. I mean, your father made you do this? Is this some kind of Thanksgiving tradition in your family?

CHARLIE: No way, dude. Thanksgiving isn't exactly big out on the reservation.

DR. BROWN: Did your father bring you here today? Maybe I could talk to him.

CHARLIE: I took the bus. The doc at the res would've told him. That's why I came here. You're free, right?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but I'd still like to talk to your father.

[Edna opens the door and enters, with some crutches.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You know, with your foot in this kind of condition, I don't think you should be placing it on any hot coals for a while.

CHARLIE: Well, I gotta do it now. [to Edna] Hey, can I have a cane?

EDNA: Sorry, we're all out. How 'bout some crutches?

CHARLIE: Nah, those are lame. It's all good.

[Charlie limps out the door as Edna and Dr. Brown watch.]

DR. BROWN: Am I missing something here, Edna? I mean, I know that conditions on reservations can be pretty rough, but this seems so outdated.

EDNA: Oh, boy, here we go. Look, if you think his tribe needs to be dragged into the modern era, the reservation is out on highway 70. Go give 'em hell, big chief nosey pants.

[Edna exits.]

[Cut to the room in the Brown home that's between the back door and the kitchen. Madison and Delia are making crafts. Ephram's playing the piano in the living room.]

DELIA: It sounds like the music from when they killed Bambi's mom.

MADISON: It's normal for people to get depressed around the holidays.

[The music stops.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) That's a good-looking Pilgrim you got there.

DELIA: It's the eyelashes. It makes him look prettier.

[Ephram enters the room through the kitchen.]

EPHRAM: [to Delia] Hey, it looks like you're running low on construction paper.

DELIA: It's OK. I have more in my room.

EPHRAM: Well, if you go get it, I'll help you guys out.

[Delia goes to get it. Madison gets up and gathers some scraps to throw away.]

EPHRAM: Madison...

MADISON: Please don't.

EPHRAM: Don't what? I'm just trying to figure what's going on.

MADISON: Nothing's going on. It can’t. I mean, you heard your dad.

EPHRAM: Screw my dad! I don't care what he says.

MADISON: Well, I care what he says. He's not totally wrong, either.

EPHRAM: How could he not be wrong? He doesn't even know what we're about.

MADISON: We're not about anything. We are not anything -- not anymore.

EPHRAM: Why, 'cause he says so? You can’t just turn your feelings off like that.

MADISON: Yeah, I can.

EPHRAM: Well, I don't believe you.

MADISON: Look, I knew that it was wrong. I knew that it wouldn't work. I knew that not telling your dad would make things worse. I'm three for three. I'm going to quit now.

EPHRAM: You know, you said you liked me. You said I made you undone. I don't know what that means exactly, but it's a good thing. And it doesn't just go away -- not if you really care about somebody. There's no way you don't still have those feelings.

MADISON: Ephram, I can’t.

EPHRAM: That's not the same thing. "Can't" is because of my dad. "Don't" is because of you.

[Delia returns.]

DELIA: I brought green down, too, just in case.

EPHRAM: [to Madison] Can’t or don't? Just tell me.

[Delia's wondering what this is about.]


[Ephram leaves. Delia is completely unaware of what just happened here. Fade to black.]



[Open in the Abbott home. Dr. H. Abbott is reading the paper in the living room. Carol comes down the stairs.]

CAROL: Well that was just about the worst night of sleep I've ever had.

DR. H. ABBOTT: And good morning to you, too.

CAROL: I thought you'd be doing us a favor by letting us sleep in your bed, but I can’t imagine the sleeper sofa's any worse. It's a wonder Rose isn't in traction. Oh, and where are you hiding the good toilet paper? That stuff you've got is like sackcloth.

[Dr. H. Abbott sets down the paper and then the front door opens. Edna comes through with some stuff in her hands.]

EDNA: I brought the stuff for the fruit salad, junior.

CAROL: You should be more careful with it, Edna. It's no good if it's bruised.

EDNA: Bruised? I doubt you can do much through a can of Del Monte. How are you, Carol? How was your trip?

CAROL: Well, uh, Rose had to pick us up by herself, but it was uneventful. You still married to the black man?

[Edna's nostrils begin to flare.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Okay, Mother, let's, uh, let's just get out to the kitchen, shall we?

[Cut to the dining room in the Abbott home. Dr. H. Abbott and Edna enter it and go on to the kitchen to put down the stuff Edna has for the fruit salad.]

EDNA: Oh! How your wife was spawned from that woman's loins, I'll never know. Good thing she inherited the recessive genes.

DR. H. ABBOTT: She's insufferable. Absolutely insufferable. It's a wonder Herb hasn't just killed her in her sleep.

EDNA: I'd testify on his behalf.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I'd visit him in prison every day just to thank him.

EDNA: Hey, I met Amy's new boyfriend. Seems like a nice kid.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Boyfriend? Since when does Amy –

EDNA: Rein it in there, cowboy, she wasn't on her way to Vegas in a wedding gown. He's just some boy. Works at the drug store. I think his name was Tommy Calla... something. Anyway, you'll meet him at dinner.

DR. H. ABBOTT: He's coming to Thanksgiving dinner? Here? Since when is this –

EDNA: You might want to mix those. I'll be back with Irv in a few hours.

[Edna leaves.]

[Cut to a casino.]

FEMALE VOICE: Come on, shooter! Come on, let's shoot it! Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!

[We hear cheering. We see Dr. Brown looking around.]

DR. BROWN: Uh, pardon me, I'm looking for Mr. Grey.

[The dealer holds one finger and then turns.]


[Mr. Grey comes over after Dealer points to Dr. Brown.]


MR. GREY: Hi. Looking for a player's card?

DR. BROWN: Oh, no, no. I'm Andrew Brown. We spoke on the phone earlier.

MR. GREY: Yes, of course! Welcome. Thank you. Uh...I'm guessing this is your first time.

DR. BROWN: Uh, to a casino, no, but to a reservation... this is a reservation, right?

MR. GREY: Yes, it is.

DR. BROWN: Is it always this crowded?

MR. GREY: Uh, most days. We had an accounting convention last week -- packed.

DR. BROWN: Listen, the reason I came here –

MR. GREY: About Charlie, I know. He told me about what happened. Practicing for the firewalk. What a nut.

DR. BROWN: Look, I know I'm involving myself in a culture I can’t claim to understand, but I'd feel remiss if I didn't say something about how dangerous, you know, walking on fire actually is.

MR. GREY: This is something we've been doing for centuries, and, uh, we haven't lost a foot yet.

DR. BROWN: You don't strike me as a family that hangs onto outdated traditions.

MR. GREY: See that waitress?

[They glance over to the waitress as do we.]

MR. GREY: She's wearing a Sioux Indian headdress and Comanche shoes. The necklace she has is from a tribe that my tribe used to kill. It's a hodgepodge that would've made my grandfather cry. So much changes and so much gets lost, but you have to grab onto tradition where you can. Embrace the new, revere the old.

DR. BROWN: Well, if you revere walking, you'll let Charlie wait a few weeks. Give him some time to heal.

MR. GREY: It's supposed to blizzard this weekend. My son has to walk before the first knee-high snowfall. It's the time of the sojourn, when the gods would guide the tribe into the winter encampment. Besides, it's too late to cancel the caterers.

[They chuckle.]

DR. BROWN: Indian bar mitzvah, huh?

MR. GREY: Well, I'd hate to tell you what I spent on the band. Look, I know you're worried, but my son will do the firewalk, just like I did before him and the forefathers before me. So, how 'bout we set you up with a few chips, on the house. Maybe you can help us buy back Manhattan.

[Both laugh.]

FEMALE VOICE: Come on, shooter! Come on!

[More cheering.]

[Cut to Dr. L. Abbott in the Abbott kitchen. Rose is also there.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: You are the best cook.

ROSE: Absolutely.

[Amy enters and comes up to chat with her aunt and mom.]

AMY: Hey, guys, can I help?

ROSE: You bet! Grab a peeler.

AMY: Um...would it be OK if I invited someone for dinner? I know it's kind of short notice, but –

ROSE: A friend from school or...

AMY: Yeah, kind of, but he transferred.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, so it's a "he," is it?

AMY: Oh, it's nothing like that. His family's kind of messed up, and he was going to spend Thanksgiving all alone. And I told him that your cranberry sauce is the most amazing thing.

ROSE: Well, it's true, it is.

AMY: I know. I just thought he could spend the holidays, and you're always saying the holidays are a time to be charitable and to be...

ROSE: Of course you can ask him, sweetheart.

AMY: Really? Thanks, Mom!

[Amy kisses her mom and exits, satisfied with what she got.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Wow. Was that Amy being happy?

ROSE: Oh, don't say that word out loud. You might jinx it. Uh, Amy. Amy, what's his name?

[Cut to Bright and Dr. H. Abbott shopping at the grocery store.]

BRIGHT: Tommy Callahan is coming over for dinner? Oh, man!

DR. H. ABBOTT: What does that mean -- "oh, man"?

BRIGHT: Well, I didn't know he got out of rehab. Amy's –

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy's dating an alcoholic?

BRIGHT: Oh, no, no, no. He's more into drugs. Got busted last year with a crapload of crystal meth, like, five baggies worth of weed. But he might've just been selling the pot.

DR. H. ABBOTT: So he's a dealer as well as a junkie? That's wonderful. Bright, are you sure about this? Because if these are simply rumors...

BRIGHT: Look, all I know is he got kicked out of County two years ago.

DR. H. ABBOTT: For drugs?

BRIGHT: No, tried to burn the school down, so he's kind of an arsonist, too. Might wanna hide the matches.

[Dr. H. Abbott processing the information.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen. Dr. Brown is near the counter, by the fridge. Ephram is at the sink. Madison is a little ways down, her back to the sink. Delia is filming the scene with a camcorder.]

DR. BROWN: How are those potatoes coming? No fingertips in there yet, I hope.

DELIA: Ephram, you gotta stand closer to Madison. That way you're both in the little box.

EPHRAM: Enough with the camera, Delia.

DELIA: It's the new tradition, remember? You started it last year. OK, Madison, you have to look into the camera and tell me what you're grateful for.

[Madison looks over to Ephram. Dr. Brown senses the tension.]

MADISON: OK, um... this just needs to marinate for a few hours.

[She brings what she was working on to the fridge. Delia sets down the camcorder.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) And, uh, as far as the turkey goes...

DELIA: You're not leaving, are you?

MADISON: I have to, sweetie.

DELIA: But you said your parents went to Florida for Thanksgiving, and you'd eat here with us.

[Madison hurts herself on the stove.]


DR. BROWN: Let me see that.

EPHRAM: No. I got it.

[Ephram helps her with her burn.]

MADISON: I'm fine. Really, it's fine.

[Madison and Ephram share a moment. Madison gets teary.]

MADISON: I'm sorry, I have to go. I'm sorry.

[Madison moves away from Ephram.]

DELIA: But you're coming back, right?

MADISON: You know, I can’t come back anymore. [to Ephram] I can’t.

[The door closes and Madison has left. Ephram turns to Dr. Brown.]

EPHRAM: You did this.

DR. BROWN: Honey, would you go upstairs for a minute, please?


EPHRAM: You couldn't stand that I was finally happy, that I had somebody and you didn't.

DR. BROWN: It was wrong, and I couldn't just turn my back on it! Madison knew that, and she agreed with me.

EPHRAM: She agreed with you because you threatened her!

DELIA: Why did you threaten Madison? Don't you like her?

DR. BROWN: Of course I do, but not for dating your brother.

DELIA: [to her brother] You're dating Madison? Like, with kissing?

EPHRAM: You say you want me to grow up, but you don't. You want me to stay a kid forever so you can do all that stupid father-son stuff that you think you missed out on and feel guilty about, but you know what? I'm a man, and I'm going to make my own decisions.

[Ephram leaves the kitchen and his family follows him as he goes to the stairs.]

DR. BROWN: No, you're not a man. If you were, you'd realize how childish you're being right now.

[Ephram starts going up the stairs.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Upsetting your sister, blaming me for your mistakes. I'm sorry that you're hurting, and I know that this must be difficult for Madison as well, but you two have put me in an impossible situation!

[Ephram steps down a few stairs.]

EPHRAM: How could something be impossible if it's happening? It was. It was great, and you couldn't deal with it, so you had to make it impossible. You make my entire life impossible!

DR. BROWN: This isn't a question of what I can deal with, Ephram!

EPHRAM: Yes, it is! You're alone. That's your problem. OK, that's fine. I'm not you. I don't wanna be like you. If Madison and I want this, that is all that matters.

DR. BROWN: No, it's not all that matters!

EPHRAM: I shouldn't have to be alone just 'cause you are!

[Ephram finishes going upstairs. Stay on Dr. Brown until blackout.]



[Open in the Abbott dining room. Edna, Irv, Carol, Herbert, Dr. L. Abbott, and Bright are seated. Rose brings out the final dish.]

ROSE: There we go.

[Rose sits down after setting the dish down.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, that's beautiful!

[Dr. H. Abbott comes into the dining room, after waiting in the living room, watching the window.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, I think we've waited long enough.

[No later than when he said that, the front door opens and closes. Amy enters with Tommy. He's carrying some flowers.]

AMY: Well, everybody, this is Tommy. Tommy, this is my mom, everybody.

[Amy gestured to her mom with her left hand and then one sweeping gesture with her right hand to indictate everyone else.]


EDNA: Hi, Tommy.

IRV: Hi, Tommy.

TOMMY: Thank you for, uh, having me, Mrs. Abbott.

[Tommy gives the flowers to Rose.]

ROSE: Well, thank you.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You're late.

TOMMY: Oh, it's my fault, sir. The only flowers left at the first place were kind of dead, so I had to drive around and find a place that was open and, uh, anyway I'm really sorry.

ROSE: I'll just put these in some water.

[Rose goes to do what she said.]

CAROL: Well, isn't he sweet as apple pie! I want him to sit here.

[Carol gestures to the seat next to her. Tommy and Amy sit.]

CAROL: You going to carve that thing, Harold, or should we just dig into it with our hands?

[Dr. H. Abbott sticks the fork into the bird, probably pretending it's Carol.]

[Cut to an already-carved turkey. We're in the Brown home and it's another unhappy holiday for them. Silence until Dr. Brown speaks.]

DR. BROWN: How 'bout that Spongebob float today, Delia? That was some big float, huh?

DELIA: Whatever.

EPHRAM: She doesn't care about the float.

DELIA: You don't know what I care about.

DR. BROWN: Have some turkey, sweetie.

DELIA: I'm not hungry, and you can’t call me "sweetie" when I don't like you. Can I please go to my room?

DR. BROWN: Yes, if you'd like.

[Delia exits.]

EPHRAM: You know what's really sad?

DR. BROWN: Oh, come on, don't start with me, Ephram.

EPHRAM: We've been here a year and a half and look at this table. There's no one here. Doesn't that seem a little weird to you? When Mom made Thanksgiving dinner, it was fun. We had, like, 20 people over. That's why it was Delia's favorite holiday.

DR. BROWN: Look, we can go to your grandparents' next year if you want to, OK?

EPHRAM: What I want is to be able to have a life, and I wouldn't even mind having to share it with you, but you won't let that happen. You're so busy controlling everything and everyone that I don't even think you know what you're controlling anymore. What is so wrong with me and Madison?

DR. BROWN: Many, many things.

EPHRAM: No, there's not. I know the age thing freaks you out, but there's more to it than that. I can tell. I just can’t figure out what it could be. She's great, she's smart, she loves Delia, she even likes you. What is it that you're trying to stop?

DR. BROWN: It's just wrong.

[Ephram sighs.]

EPHRAM: Can I please be excused?

DR. BROWN: Sure.

[Ephram leaves and Dr. Brown takes a sip of his wine. Pan out and we see the lovely things at the table. Only no one else is there.]

[Cut to the Abbott living room. They're eating.]

CAROL: Who made the plum gravy?

BRIGHT: Dad makes it every year. It's good, huh?

GRANDMA: Got more hairs than plums in it.

ROSE: Mother!

DR. H. ABBOTT: So, how long have you known my daughter?

TOMMY: Um, I don't know, I guess about two weeks now.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Oh. How old are you?

TOMMY: I am 17.

AMY: Dad, can we just eat, please?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Just trying to get to know the boy. [beat] So you're 17, huh? But I understand you're still a junior. That's unusual, isn't it? Normally you'd be a year ahead of Amy by now.

ROSE: Harold...

TOMMY: It's OK. No, you're right, Dr. Abbott. I, um, I took some time off.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Huh. I notice, uh, that you're not with your family today. They, uh, kick you out for some reason or another?

TOMMY: No, we don't really do holidays at my house.

[Tommy and Amy hold hands. Dr. H. Abbott notices.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Oh, that's a pity. But then I suppose a family doesn't have much cause to rejoice when their son is a known felon.

AMY: Dad!

IRV: Harold, come on, now.

TOMMY: I think I should probably go.

CAROL: Oh, piddle-paddle. Just ignore the man. That's what we all do.

TOMMY: That's OK.

[Tommy gets up and sets down his napkin.]

TOMMY: (CONT'D) Um, thank you for dinner, Mrs. Abbott. It was a pleasure to meet you all.

[Tommy's closer to exiting.]

ROSE: You're welcome.

HERBERT: Bye, Bobby.

[Amy stands near Tommy.]

TOMMY: [to Amy] It's OK, it's OK. I'll see you later.

[Tommy leaves.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Harry, I think you crossed the line.

CAROL: You think? I'd say he plowed over the line with a tractor.

[Amy gets up to leave. Dr. H. Abbott tries to stop her.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Where do you think you're going?

AMY: To my room.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You know that boy is not allowed back in this house ever again. Is that clear?

AMY: I'll just go to his house next time.

DR. H. ABBOTT: No, you will not.

AMY: What are you going to do about it?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Who do you think you're talking to, young lady? You know, I drove to Wyoming to pick you up during one of your cries for help. I put you on the antidepressants that you begged me for, but I will not have my daughter dating some crystal meth junkie!

CAROL: What was that? What did he say?

HERBERT: She's on antidepressants and dating a crystal meth junkie.

AMY: Oh my God, he is not –

DR. H. ABBOTT: And the fact that you kept this boy a secret from us just proves how manipulative you've become. No, clearly your behavior is not the byproduct of some mysterious depression. It is malicious, and it is intentional, and it is over! From now on, you will have no TV, no phone, no car, no Internet! I will take you to school, and I will bring you home, and you will not leave this house otherwise! This self-indulgent act of yours is going to stop. Right now!

AMY: You think by keeping me a prisoner in my own home that you're going to save me? From what -- Tommy? You don't even know him. As far as I can see, the only person I need to be saved from anymore is you!

ROSE: Amy...

AMY: I hate this house, I hate my school, I hate my friends, and I hate this family. I hate everything about my entire stupid life. So you can ground me, Dad, and you can yell at me and you can do whatever the hell you want because, honestly, I wish I was dead! I don't feel anything anymore, and you want to know the best part? [beat] I don't even care.

[Amy storms off. Off Dr. H. Abbott who shaked his head during his daughter's monologue.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown drinking in a bar. Dr. H. Abbott enters.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Just who I wanted to be annoyed by.

DR. BROWN: I could always move.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I think the people in bars on a holiday are the saddest people in the world.

DR. BROWN: They are.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Please... you can dispense with the fashionable self-pity. My daughter is dating a paroled addict. If it were a contest, you wouldn't even rank.

DR. BROWN: My 16-year-old son is dating his 20-year-old baby-sitter.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Barkeep, two more on my tab.


[Dr. Brown sighs.]

DR. BROWN: My son thinks that I don't want to see him happy 'cause I'm not happy. Of course I want him happy. Just within the confines of the law. That's not so selfish, is it?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Protecting them? No, it's common sense.

DR. BROWN: Where were you an hour ago?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Storming out of my own house.

[Dr. H. Abbott sighs. The two doctors clink their glasses and take a sip.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) I used to look forward to going home. There were days I'd have Louise cancel my 4:30 just so I could get back at the same time as the kids. My whole day was trying to get done with what I had to do so I could get back to the house. Now I'm looking for places to hide. I'm here. When did this become preferable?

DR. BROWN: I mean, this place isn't exactly the house of joy.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You got a better idea?

[Cut to the casino. The two male doctors from Everwood come up to a blackjack table. Dr. H. Abbott lays down a $10 bill.]

DR. BROWN: Are you sure you wouldn't rather just stick to the nickel slots?

[The dealer has dealt the cards to Dr. H. Abbott. Dr. Brown sees Dr. H. Abbott's cards.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Hey, you got blackjack!

DR. H. ABBOTT: Well, that was pleasant enough.

FEMALE VOICE: Here they come, here they come! Come on, shooter! Let's go! Come on, let's shoot it! Shoot it, shoot it, shoot it!

[We hear cheering and a band playing. Apparently, it's the Indian bar mitzvah party. We see the word "Totems." Dr. Brown walks closer as Dr. H. Abbott sits down and continues playing.]

MR. GREY: I see you're becoming a regular.

DR. BROWN: Oh, yeah. So he made it. Congratulations.

MR. GREY: Without so much as a blister.

DR. BROWN: So now he's a man?

MR. GREY: Well...I wouldn't say that. He still doesn't want to brush his teeth until I tell him three times. But, in the eyes of tradition, yes.

DR. BROWN: So, if it's all just for show, then why not just throw the party? I mean, I understand that the firewalk is all about preparing the young for the trials of adulthood. Ordeal as rite of passage and all that Joseph Campbell stuff, but, uh, given his medical condition, I never would've let my son walk.

MR. GREY: Then... you would've failed him. Truth is, Doctor, today was more of a rite of passage for me than it was for Charlie. You saw him. He's more worried about his cellphone reception than his feet. Me, I don't think I was ever that scared. When he stepped up to that fire all I wanted to do was run, and get him out of there, pull him out. Standing there and letting it happen, watching my son come close to danger, it was the hardest thing I've ever done. And today, he may be a man in the eyes of tradition, but today also made me ready to be the father of a man.

[Off Dr. Brown watching the party and reflecting on Mr. Grey's words.]

[Cut to Ephram knocking on a door. It's apparently Madison's house. She opens the door.]

MADISON: Ephram, please.

EPHRAM: You were right about my dad. We should've told him about us from the very beginning. My mistake.

MADISON: I don't think it would've made a difference.

EPHRAM: Maybe...maybe not. But it would've been the more adult way to go about it, and that's how I'm going to do things with you and me.

MADISON: Ephram –

EPHRAM: Look, you might've had a million boyfriends before. I've never had a real girlfriend. I've never actually liked a girl who liked me back in the same way that I liked her at the same time. I think it's something I got to fight for.

MADISON: Fight how? We're not going to get to change your dad's mind.

EPHRAM: Screw my dad. He can’t stop this. At the end of the day, the only person that can... is you.

MADISON: All right, let's say we convince him. I mean, what about everybody else? Your friends, my friends, the government...

EPHRAM: Well, Bush has his hands full at the moment. And as far as my friends go, I only got two. You're one of them, so... as my friend, how would you feel about me dating Madison?

MADISON: I don't know, she's a pretty cool chick.

[Madison smiles. They kiss. After it breaks off, Madison spots Delia in Ephram's car.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) Go get your sister. She must be an icicle by now.

[Ephram turns and goes back to the car.]



[Open on Dr. Brown pulling up to the Abbott home with Dr. H. Abbott in the passenger seat.]

DR. BROWN: Are you sure you want to go in alone? I could see if the coast is clear.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You should never have left me at that table.

DR. BROWN: I tried to stop you.

DR. H. ABBOTT: All those flashing lights, the constant noise. Every five minutes, another drink in my hand. I was clearly in a hypnotic state. How could you let me continue? What were you thinking?

DR. BROWN: I was thinking you'd quit after the first two grand.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Seven thousand dollars in three hours.

DR. BROWN: It was two and a half, actually.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You're not helping. Indians on Thanksgiving. I should've known.

[Dr. H. Abbott gets out of the car and closes the door.]

[Cut to the Brown living room. Ephram's getting a fire going in the fireplace.]

DR. BROWN: You made a fire.

EPHRAM: Oh, we hadn't used the fireplace yet this fall. I figured it was about time.

DR. BROWN: I haven't even cleaned the flue yet.

EPHRAM: I did it.

DR. BROWN: And I haven't brought the wood in from the backyard.

[A beat.]

EPHRAM: I did it. I saw Madison tonight. I'm going to keep seeing her, and there's nothing you can do to stop me.

DR. BROWN: I know. I'm not going to try. I'm going to let you do this, Ephram. I think it's wrong. I think you're making a big mistake, but I think I have to let you make it.

EPHRAM: Gotta admit, not the direction I thought this conversation was going.

[Dr. Brown brings over a chair closer to Ephram and sits down on it.]

DR. BROWN: I also want you to know that, uh, that my concerns about this, um...

EPHRAM: Relationship?

DR. BROWN: My concerns have nothing to do with you -- not in the way that you think. I know you're not an average 16-year-old kid. I've known that for a long time. But that doesn't mean you're ready for something like this, and it doesn't mean that I'm ready to watch you go through something like this. But I value what we've been building here too much to risk destroying it by -- by trying to stop you. I also know that if I forbid you to see Madison, it'll just make it that much more appealing to you.

EPHRAM: This isn't some act of rebellion. This is real, Dad.

DR. BROWN: I know it is. You should've been honest with me from the beginning.

EPHRAM: I know. I'm sorry. I just... it all happened so fast. I didn't have a chance to think about it.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, well, life's like that sometimes.

[They just sit there. Ephram fiddles with the fire a little.]

[Cut to the living room at the Abbotts. Rose has found out about her husband's night and is very upset. Carol's present too.]

ROSE: I cannot even begin to imagine what you were thinking! I mean, after the day we've had, I have to have not one, but two calls from credit card companies to see if our card has been stolen because someone is running up a tab, they say. A casino, Harold?

CAROL: Well, I hope you're proud of yourself. Pardon me for saying this, but from where I'm standing, you're failing this family.

ROSE: Mother, please.

CAROL: Why? It's true. You've lost Amy, and Bright'll never amount to much because you didn't push him enough in the beginning. I knew when he was still little you weren't raising him right. And now you're a profligate gambler to boot. Oh, if only Rose had married Richard McKenna. But she settled for you instead, a man content to follow in his father's footsteps. And sure enough, you walked down the same dead end he did, and you dragged my legacy along with you.

ROSE: Mother, just shut up!

CAROL: Well, excuse me?

ROSE: I said shut up. How dare you come into our home and pass judgment like that. Harold may have screwed up big time tonight, but he's as fine a husband as any man. And don't you ever say that I settled. I am the lucky one here, Mother, because as good a husband as he is, he's an even better father. His only fault may have been to love his kids too much sometimes. Everything he ever did was to help them, not to tear them down like you constantly did with your children.

[Carol rises.]

CAROL: Rose, how can you say that to me?!

[Herbert enters with some drinks.]

HERBERT: Easy, because she's right. Why do you think the kids never come to visit us? Now you go upstairs and you pack so we can leave these people in peace first thing tomorrow.

[She leaves.]

HERBERT: Now, I know you two aren't having an easy time of it right now. Me, I wouldn't wish parenthood on my worst enemy. But I wish you both luck. You're always in my prayers.

ROSE: Good night, Daddy.

HERBERT: Oh, good night, Rosebud. Good night, Harold.

[Herbert exits. Off Dr. H. Abbott.]

[Cut to the Brown living room during the day. Delia and Madison sit on the sofa.]

DELIA: So, are you back for real?

MADISON: That's the plan.

DELIA: So, can we go back to how it was before? You're my babysitter?

MADISON: Well, yes and no. I'm still your babysitter, but it's not going to be exactly like it was before. Sometimes when we're together, I won't be your babysitter, you know?

DELIA: When Ephram's around.

MADISON: Exactly, and I don't want you to be upset with your dad or Ephram. We're all just going to start over from scratch.

DELIA: We do that a lot around here.

[Madison chuckles. Dr. Brown enters.]

MADISON: I gotta talk to your dad for a minute, OK, sweetie?

[Delia scurries off as Dr. Brown comes closer to Madison. She stands.]

MADISON: Dr. Brown, I just want to apologize again for everything. And thank you for my job.

DR. BROWN: Sit down, Madison.

[She sits.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I've got to ask you something.

MADISON: Sure, what is it?

DR. BROWN: Do you remember your first love?

MADISON: Yeah, of course I do.

DR. BROWN: Then you remember how it felt when it ended? That agonizing kind of pain? It really only does happen once, but it stays with you forever. Ephram hasn't felt that yet. He's had crushes, and some pretty good ones, too, but he's never had a girlfriend. You'll be his first.

MADISON: Yeah, he told me that. I didn't mean for this to happen. In my head, I know that it doesn't make sense, but I felt it, you know? I guess maybe I should think more and feel less. [chuckles] Or maybe I'm naive enough to think that it could work, too.

DR. BROWN: I know Ephram thinks he's a man, and I know you see him that way, too, but he's not. He's just a boy, and his heart is wide-open. So be careful with it.

[Dr. Brown walks off and Madison takes in what her boss, and father of her boyfriend, just said.]

[Cut to Rose near the door to Amy's room.]

ROSE: Amy, will you please come down and say goodbye to your grandparents? Let's not take this out on them. Amy Nicole, will you open this door, please?!

[Dr. H. Abbott comes up and knocks on the door.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: That's just enough. Amy, come out here this instant!

[We hear keys jingle.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Amy! Well, fine. Fine, I'm coming in.

[Dr. H. Abbott opens the door and he and Rose enter their daughter's room. She's nowhere in sight.]

ROSE: Amy?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Rose.

[They walk over to a window and see it's open. Dr. H. Abbott closes it and then walks off. Rose just stands there, looking at it.]

[Cut to a bunch of trees. Indistinct conversations roam. We pan to see we're at Uncle Bink's Christmas Tree Lot. Then we see Delia and Dr. Brown looking at the trees. Delia's very excited.]

DELIA: This one! No, this one's bigger!

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute, what was the deal?

DELIA: Nothing bigger than the house.

DR. BROWN: Right.

[They walk around a bit and they run into Dr. L. Abbott. Delia is almost immediately in a grumpy mood at the sight of the female doctor.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hey, there.


DR. L. ABBOTT: Find anything you like?

DELIA: Not yet. [thrusting her attention back to her dad] Come on, Dad, let's keep looking.

DR. BROWN: You keep looking, honey, and let me know what you pick.

DELIA: OK, but then we'd have to get home fast [to Dr. L. Abbott] or it'll die.

[Delia walks off.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: I didn't know the Browns celebrated Christmas.

DR. BROWN: Delia proudly identifies with being Jewish until it's time to pick the tallest tree on the lot. Listen...

DR. L. ABBOTT: Andy, whatever you're about to do, or say, you don't -- you don't have to. Let's just skip it, OK? Really.

DR. BROWN: No, I can’t. I owe you an apology. I've been avoiding you lately.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I noticed.

DR. BROWN: I can’t help it. I have this laundry list of reasons to -- to avoid you spinning around in my head. Not being sure, being concerned about your health, being afraid how my kids are going to react. Not to mention the fact that you've shown absolutely no interest in me whatsoever.

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's not true...Isn't it?

DR. BROWN: Well, as I remember, my asking you out was a pretty spectacular failure.

[Dr. Brown chuckles.]

DR. BROWN: Your rejection of me was so sweeping.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I loved the roses.

DR. BROWN: You did?

DR. L. ABBOTT: And the balloons... although mylar and latex are just terrible for the environment.

[It begins to snow.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Andy, you have every right to be scared for all the reasons that you said...except for one. I am interested -- very interested.

[Dr. L. Abbott laughs.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) It's starting to snow!

DR. BROWN: First one of the year.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, I've always had this obsession with the first snowfall of the year. I don't know what it was. I just thought it was so perfect and pure, and that it was the st—

[Dr. Brown grabs the female doctor and just starts kissing her. Pan down. We see Delia has witnessed this and she is very upset.]

[Cut to the living room at the Abbotts. Dr. H. Abbott, Rose, Carol, Herbert, Bright, and Sheriff Roger Murphy are all there. Sheriff Murphy has been questioning them about Amy's disappearance.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: We don't know how long she's been gone.

ROSE: We just thought she was up in her room pouting all night.

SHERIFF MURPHY: Most cases like this, kids come home the same day. They're just out driving around, trying to piss off Mom and Dad.

ROSE: That's not it, Roger. She was pretty upset last night. She said some troubling things.

[The door opens and Dr. L. Abbott enters.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: What's going on?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy's gone. She left sometime last night.

DR. L. ABBOTT: With her friend, uh, Tommy?

DR. H. ABBOTT: The sheriff spoke to Tommy. He says he doesn't know where she is.

SHERIFF MURPHY: [into his radio] Let's put out an all points on Amy Abbott. Light brown hair, brown eyes. Height, 5' 7 1/2". Weight, approximately 115. Last seen wearing a brown skirt and black sweater.

WOMAN ON THE RADIO: You have affirmative. How do you want to handle?

SHERIFF MURPHY: 10-36, amber.

DR. H. ABBOTT: What's that mean?

SHERIFF MURPHY: Missing child.

WOMAN ON THE RADIO: All units, we have an AP on Amy Abbott. Caucasian, female, 16 years of age, height is 5' 7 1/2". Weight, approximately 115.

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Blindspot devient l'HypnoStars du moment sur Twitter grâce a sa news sur John Wesley Shipp. Et oui, l'acteur à partager la news du quartier sur Twitter ! Bravo la team Blindspot beau boulot

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Nouveau sondage sur The L Word : "Et si ces personnages n'avaient pas si hétéros que cela ?" A vous de nous le dire !

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Bonjour! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage On vous attend

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Nouveau SONDAGE sur le quartier "Elementary" et il concerne l'acteur principal ! Venez voter et commenter votre choix, si vous le souhaitez !

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Nouveau sondage sur Dollhouse ! Venez voter !! Merci

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Venez voir les actrices sélectionnées pour un remake de Ma sorcière Bien aimée. A vous de voter!

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Hello! Les calendriers de MARS sont déjà disponible sur les quartiers Outlander & Under The Dome! Sans oublier leur sondage ainsi que l'animation "Citadelle Piégée" sous le dôme ^^

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N'hésitez pas à venir voter pour le nouveau SONDAGE du quartier "Elementary" ! Commentez votre choix si vous le souhaitez !

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Nouveau design sur le quartier Lie to Me, il a été réalisé par Spyfafa, venez nombreux pour le commenter !

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10 quartiers ce sont unis et forment la Team Hypno-Unit 10 afin de ramener un peu de monde chez eux au travers d'une animation "l'Enigme de la Team", et d'un sondage sur chaque quartier ! Rendez-vous sur Kyle XY, Merlin, Dallas, Orphan Black, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, The Closer, Empire, Baby Daddy et Army Wives On vous attend !

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Design + Nouveau Sondage sur le quartier Lie to Me, venez nombreux !

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Aucun commentaire pour le calendrier Dr House de ce mois-ci ???

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Bonsoir tout le monde !

arween (22:28)

Dollhouse et The Night Shift vous propose de tous nouveaux sondage ! Passez me voir (je me sens un peu seule sur mes quartiers ^^)

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Nouveau sondage spécial séries Marvel sur Agents of Shield ! Venez élire la nouvelle série Marvel que vous attendez le plus !

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On vous attend sur le forum d'HypnoClap pour discuter des César 2017 !

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Nouveau sondage sur Les 4400 qui ne demande que vos votes, alors merci

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Bonjour les Sassenachs! Une nouvelle animation "Old Or New Age" est disponible sur le quartier "Outlander"! Prenez votre destin en main

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Hey les whovians! La photo du mois de Doctor Who attend vos votes! Venez choisir votre baiser préféré du Docteur

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C'est encore moi ! Après la nouvelle animation sur Outlander, venez participez à celle du quartier Under The Dome! sans oublier les sondages

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Quelle actrice française verrierz-vous pour un remake?Sondage chez Ma sorcière Bien Aimée. Merci pour vos votes.

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