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#205 : Les pères et leurs filles

Titre en VO : "Daddy's little girl" - Titre en VF : "Les pères et leurs filles"
¤ USA : diffusé le 13/10/03 - France : inédit
¤ Scénario : Joan Binder Weiss & Rina Mimoun - Réalisation : Peter Lauer
¤ Guest-stars : Sarah Lancaster (Madison Kellner), Marcia Cross (Linda Abbott), Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott), Tamara Taylor (Dr. Lence) et Mike Erwin (Colin Hart).

Britany, une amie de Délia, se rend chez le Dr Brown suite à de nombreux vomissements. Celui-ci confie sa patiente à Linda Abott, spécialiste dans les médecines orientales, pour connaître l’opinion de son confrère. Andy Brown l’invite donc chez lui dans un simple but professionnel mais Délia voit cette rencontre d’un tout autre oeil, ce qui rend la soirée assez difficile.

Amy, qui est toujours en thérapie suite à la mort de Colin, a une discussion sérieuse avec sa psy qui pense qu’il est préférable que celle-ci s'aide avec quelques antidépresseurs. Cet avis déplait fortement à Harold Abott qui est en totale opposition avec la psychologue. Mais lorsque Amy parle avec Laynie d'antidépresseurs, elle apprend que cette dernière est sous traitement grâce aux prescriptions de son père.
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Bande annonce 205 (VO)
Bande annonce 205 (VO)


Plus de détails

[Open on a baby girl in a stroller in Everwood's bookstore. As Irv continues his narration, we pan over to various girls at various ages, sometimes with their dads, sometimes not.]

NARRATOR: They say that from the instant he lays eyes on her, a father adores his daughter. Whomever she grows up to be, she is always to him that little girl in pigtails. She makes him feel like Christmas. In exchange, he makes a secret promise not to see the awkwardness of her teenage years, the mistakes she makes, or the secrets she keeps.

[We have panned far enough and now we rest on Delia Brown and her father Dr. Andy Brown.]

DR. BROWN: Delia, this is your fourth-grade homework assignment, not your honors thesis.

DELIA: Pick me up.

[Dr. Brown does.]

DR. BROWN: Whoa.

[Delia grabs a book and Dr. Brown brings her back down.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) Do you even know who Golda Meir is?

DELIA: She used to be in charge of Israel.

DR. BROWN: Peggy Fleming?

DELIA: Ice skater.

DR. BROWN: And these are your heroes?

DELIA: I haven't decided yet, but I like to ice-skate and I'd like to run my own country someday, but not Israel. That one's too hard.

DR. BROWN: Tell you what, I'm gonna go find some anthologies. One book, lots of stories.

[Dr. Brown goes to get some anthologies. He's not looking and then runs into Dr. L. Abbott. Both of their books fall and they gasp. They both kneel down to pick their books up.]

DR. BROWN: So sorry.

DR. L. ABBOTT: It's my fault. Interesting reading material... for a 13-year-old girl.

DR. BROWN: I can explain.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Really? By all means, explain the connection between Mother Teresa and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

DR. BROWN: Daughter, homework, hero. And you?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Uh, "The Web That Has No Weaver." It's one of my favorites. I lost my copy somewhere between Rwanda and Everwood.

DR. BROWN: That can happen to anyone. "The Web That Has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine." Oh, so it's fiction.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Did I judge Buffy?

DR. BROWN: I might want to buy that.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Why would you read a book that might actually validate something you so clearly enjoy mocking?

DR. BROWN: I can always learn something new. What are your favorites?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, that one's certainly the most comprehensive. "Life in the Balance" is a good resource. "The Promise of Eastern Medicine," but they're all good.

DR. BROWN: Great.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Why don't you pick one to start? You don't want to O.D. on all that stuff.

DR. BROWN: If I don't read all the material, I can't make all the jokes.

[As Dr. Brown's speaking that last line, we pan over and see Delia watching the interchange between her father and Dr. L. Abbott. She doesn't look too happy about it.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: You aren't by any chance related to a small person wearing a baseball cap and carrying her weight in hardback, are you?

[Dr. Brown turns and sees his daughter.]

DR. BROWN: Delia. Come meet the other Dr. Abbott.

[Delia warily walks over.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Hi. I'm Linda.

DELIA: [not very nicely to Dr. L. Abbott] Hi. [to her father] I thought you were getting me more books.

DR. BROWN: Right. I'm on it. [to Dr. L. Abbott] Well, as you can see, I have to go. Thanks for the recommendations.

[As Dr. Brown prepares to leave, he puts his hand on Dr. L. Abbott's arm.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Brown] Sure. Enjoy. [to Delia] Nice meeting you, Delia.

[As Delia goes over to her father, she looks over at Dr. L. Abbott, not very nicely.]

NARRATOR: In exchange for her unconditional love, her willingness to ignore whatever faults he may bear as a man, every father is willfully blind to the change in his daughter as she drifts further away from her childhood self until she's too far out to pull back.



[Open on Coach Austin, getting ready to blow a whistle.]

COACH AUSTIN: OK, swimmers, on your marks!

[Amy, Bright and Laynie all line up as part of a swim meet. There's applause from many people including Dr. H. Abbott and Rose.]


[Whistle blows and indistinct cheering from the audience begins.]

[Amy begins to drown.]

DR. LENCE'S VOICE: And you've had this dream before.

[We now see Amy with her therapist, Dr. Lence, an African-American woman.]

AMY: A few times. Look, this is so stupid. It's not like dreams actually mean anything anyways except that you shouldn't eat pizza after ten.

[Dr. Lence chuckles.]

DR. LENCE: What about the other part? Everyone's passing you, you can't keep up?

AMY: Look, it's not a matter of how I feel. It's a fact. Everyone is doing better than I am, and there's nothing I can do about it. So why dwell on it? I mean, if I were physically capable of making myself feel better, wouldn't I do that? It's not like I enjoy being miserable.

DR. LENCE: Are you sure about that?

[Amy sighs.]

AMY: Do you mind if we finish 5 minutes early today? I'm always late to 6th.

DR. LENCE: Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something for a minute. I want you to consider coming here twice a week. Amy, I'm concerned that we're not making as much progress as we could. If you really do want to feel better like you say, this might be a way to get there.

[Amy sighs.]

AMY: I'll think about it, OK?

DR. LENCE: Sure. Maybe talk to your parents about it, see what they think.

AMY: I will do that. Thank you, Dr. Lence.

[Cut to Mama Joy's Diner, exterior and then interior. Pan over to all three doctors who are sitting on stools at the counter. Dr. H. Abbott is between his sister and Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: But doesn't it disturb you that Eastern medicine pretty much avoids the concept of scientific method?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don't try to place Eastern medicine within a Western rubric. It's not meant to be tested.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Much like the sanity of your clientele.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Harry, you got a little mayo on your lip.

[While Dr. Brown delivers this next line, Dr. H. Abbott wipes his knife and then looks at it, trying to spot the mayo his sister mentioned.]

DR. BROWN: But without scientific method, without hypothesizes and without control groups how can you be sure that your successes are nothing more than a placebo effect?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, the short answer is, I can't.


DR. L. ABBOTT: The longer answer has to do with accepting a different way of thinking about the mind, the body, and acknowledging the spirit.

DR. BROWN: There are still theories which conflict with each other. The eight principles, the five elements...

DR. H. ABBOTT: Four calling birds, three french hens.

DR. BROWN: I'm just not ready to rely solely on a form of medicine that doesn't ask the question "why."

DR. L. ABBOTT: Every time a patient walks through your door with a symptom of some kind, there's an underlying emotional component which contributes to that symptom. That's what I'm looking for. That's my why. I mean, if a patient comes to me with stage-2 lung cancer, I'm not gonna suggest he give up his chemotherapy for acupuncture. But what I will do is try to find a more healthful balance, which might allow the patient to be more comfortable throughout chemo.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Or at least allow him to be more comfortable with the idea of getting his nose pierced.

[We pan over to the door of Mama Joy's as Dr. H. Abbott exits the diner.]

DR. BROWN: Think we should tell him his napkin is still tucked into his collar?

[Cut to Delia's class at Everwood Elementary. Like last year, she's in the same class as her friend Arnie. Brittany Clark is also in the class. Mr. Perkins is the teacher.]

BRITTANY: What do you think? Aren't they fabulous? It's the newest color in nail polish. My dad got 'em for me in Japan.

ARNIE: My pencil box is from Japan.

BRITTANY: No one's talking to you, Arnie. So, which one do you like better? Afternoon Aqua or Sky Blue Sizzle?

DELIA: They look the same to me.

BRITTANY: No, they don't. What's wrong with you?

MR. PERKINS: Has everyone here picked a hero? Delia?

DELIA: I haven't finished all my books yet, but I have six favorites so far.

MR. PERKINS: That's nice, but the goal for today is to narrow it down to one.

BRITTANY: I'm doing Mary-Kate and Ashley.

ARNIE: I'm doing Jackie Chan. He broke every single bone in his body. Want to see me kick?

[Brittany suddenly looks a little sick.]

DELIA: Are you OK, Brittany?

[Brittany throws up on Arnie's shoes.]

MR. PERKINS: Brittany. [goes over to the table] Oh, my goodness. Delia, go get the nurse.

ARNIE: Aw, this is disgusting.

[Cut to a hallway at Peak County High. A bell just rang. Bright, Amy, and Laynie are coming out of a class.]

BRIGHT: You have to embrace the idea hovercrafts already exist. We'd already be flying around in them.

AMY: [spotting a kid down at a locker] Hey, who's that guy?

BRIGHT: Uh, no clue. But someone should say something about his hair.

AMY: That's Colin's locker. Nobody's supposed to have that locker. Didn't the vice principal promise that?

LAYNIE: I think so. I don't kn-- Amy, maybe you should just let it go.

[Amy goes up to the new kid.]

AMY: Hi. Are you new here?

ALAN: Yeah. Hi. I'm Alan.

AMY: Amy Abbott.

ALAN: Nice to meet you.

AMY: Uh, I think you have the wrong locker.

ALAN: I don't think so. This is... this is the one they gave me.

AMY: Well, actually, you do because I know the person who has this locker, so...

ALAN: You're sure? Because...

AMY: I'm positive. So maybe you should go back to the main office before your class and get it fixed?

ALAN: Are you playing a trick on me? Is this, like, mess with the new guy? Is this like a flirting thing?

AMY: Do I look like I'm flirting with you?

BRIGHT: Amy, let's go.

AMY: No. I'm sorry. I'm trying to be nice, but he's completely clueless. This isn't your locker, OK?

ALAN: Is she mental or some—

AMY: Go! Get out of here!

BRIGHT: You OK, Amy? Hey, look at me.

AMY: Yeah. Yeah. I'm -- I'm fine. I just... they promised, you know?

LAYNIE: I'm sure it was just a mix-up with the office. They'll get it figured out.

[A bell rings again.]

BRIGHT: Let's get to class, OK?

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He's meeting with Brittany, Dan, and Deena Clark about Brittany's throwing up in class.]

DAN: First the headaches and now she's throwing up. I'm not a doctor, but isn't that a serious combination?

DEENA: You're scaring her, Dan.

DAN: Don't bite, sweetie.

DR. BROWN: Well, I wish I could say that you were overreacting, Mr. Clark, but at this point, I don't have enough information. We'll get the blood work done, and I'll schedule an MRI for next week. Then we'll know more. How you feeling now, Brittany?

BRITTANY: I really need ice cream. Like, bad.

DR. BROWN: I'd be happy to prescribe some Ben & Jerry's for the pain.

DEENA: What about the headaches? Isn't there anything stronger she could take?

DR. BROWN: If we give her anything stronger, she won't be able to function properly at school.

BRITTANY: I can't miss school. We're working on my project, and I have the best hero out of anyone in the class.

DR. BROWN: You picked your hero already? You are ahead of the game.

BRITTANY: I know. It's normal for me.

DR. BROWN: I wonder if you both might be interested in considering an alternate form of medicine to ease her headaches while we're waiting for blood work to come back.

DAN: We'd be happy to try anything if it helps Brittany feel better.

DR. BROWN: Dr. Linda Abbott just opened a new practice across the street that specializes in Eastern medicine. I think she could explain the basic theoretical landmarks -- the yin/yang, the five phases, the seven emotions... You know what? I think I'll let her tell you.

[Cut to the Brown home. Someone rings the doorbell. Ephram opens the door to Madison.]

MADISON: Maybe I should have my own key.

EPHRAM: [sarastic] Yeah, sure. How about your own room, too?

MADISON: Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves, Skippy.

[Madison walks until she finds Delia at a table in the living room.]

MADISON: What's up, girlfriend?

DELIA: [in a grumpy mood] Nothing.

MADISON: Uh-oh. Somebody's got her grump on.

[In the background, you can see Ephram go and sit down at the piano.]

MADISON: (CONT'D) What's the matter, sweetie? Something happen at school today?

DELIA: Nothing's wrong. Why is everyone asking me that?

[Delia exits as Ephram and Madison.]

MADISON: You got any idea what's going on there?

EPHRAM: She's a girl. She's moody?

MADISON: Well, before we chalk it up to a case of pre-PMS, have you even bothered to ask her what's wrong?

EPHRAM: You just asked her. She said, "nothing." Works for me.

MADISON: Did you guys take a family communication course or does all this touchy-feely stuff just come naturally to you?

EPHRAM: Delia knows she can talk to me.

[Madison scoffs.]

MADISON: Well, what a convenient answer.

EPHRAM: You know that job we're paying you to do? Why don't you go do that and leave me alone? Go cook something healthy.

MADISON: Ephram, has anyone ever told you that you have an old soul?


MADISON: Well, you do. It's an attractive quality to you. Sometimes makes me forget that you're only 16.

EPHRAM: Really?

MADISON: Definitely. Then, you act like a spoiled, immature, annoying dolt. And what do you know? You're 16 all over again.

[Madison exits and Ephram begins to play the piano.]



[Cut to Mama Joy's. Dr. L. Abbott enters to pick something up and she spots Dr. Brown paying at the counter. "You've Been Loved" by Joseph Arthur is playing in the background.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: Half a dose of eastern philosophy, and suddenly you're a believer? Brittany's parents called me.

DR. BROWN: Oh. Great. I haven't figured out what's wrong with her yet, so anything that can help with the symptoms...

DR. L. ABBOTT: Until you discovery the etiology and do some real healing?

DR. BROWN: But in a more flattering and respectful- of-your-craft way. I would like to know what you think, though. Why don't you come by after? We can compare notes.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I have a pretty full book today, actually. Maybe tomorrow?

DR. BROWN: How about over dinner? You can come by the house. I have a whole other kid. He's the fun one.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, no, I couldn't.

DR. BROWN: You taking up my slack with Brittany. It's the least I can do.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I don't know, Andy. I have kind of a strict diet I like to maintain.

DR. BROWN: Oh. You fear my cooking. I understand. Well, bring whatever you want. We're easy.

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK. I'll bring stuff for everybody. Seven o'clock?

DR. BROWN: Great. See you then.

[Dr. Brown exits Mama Joy's and Dr. L. Abbott looks after him.]

[Cut to Amy and her parents are in a meeting with Dr. Lence.]

ROSE: I still don't understand why you wouldn't tell us about something like that.

AMY: Because it wasn't a big deal.

ROSE: Amy, you accosted another student.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Let's not be melodramatic, Rose. Amy lost her temper. That's all.

AMY: Yes, I'm sorry. I lost my temper.

DR. LENCE: The reason I wanted you all here today was not to dissect one isolated incident. I'm more interested in discussing how we can help Amy with her depression. Based on some of the conversations we've had and this particular outburst, I thought it might be an appropriate time to consider the possibility of antidepressants.

ROSE: You think Amy needs medication?

DR. LENCE: Her mood swings indicate there may be chemical imbalances.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy, you can go back to class now.

AMY: Really?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes, I'd like to talk to your therapist alone for a minute. Go on.

[Dr. H. Abbott opens the door for his daughter. Amy leaves gratefully. Dr. H. Abbott closes the door.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) You must be out of your mind if you think I'm going to drug my daughter based on the recommendation a public high school counselor.

DR. LENCE: I'm a licensed therapist, Dr. Abbott.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Licensed for what?

ROSE: Har...

DR. H. ABBOTT: No, I'm sorry. If you can't get through to our daughter in these sessions that you're having, that's your problem. I'm not about to indulge in the kind of quick-fix solution that the rest of America seems so keen on. For your information, medication should only be given when necessary, not when it might be helpful. That's why only real doctors are allowed to prescribe it.

DR. LENCE: If I could clarify something, I'm not suggesting that Amy be on medication indefinitely. But the mourning process can be especially difficult, and a short course of an SSRI might help her get through this rough patch. There are certain benefits.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I'm aware of the benefits, as well as the numerous drawbacks. If my daughter needed antidepressants, I would know.

DR. LENCE: Sometimes it's difficult for a parent to see their child clearly. Ask yourself: When was the last time Amy slept through the night? Or finished an entire meal? Or showed an interest in anything at all? I'm trying to help, but there's only so much I can do.

DR. H. ABBOTT: If you truly want to help, you will keep your ill-informed medical opinions to yourself or you leave me no choice but to remove my daughter from your care completely.

[Dr. H. Abbott sighs.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Let's go, Rose.

[Dr. H. Abbott rises to go to the door.]

ROSE: Thank you.

DR. H. ABBOTT: [muttering] Unbelievable.

[Cut to the Brown kitchen where Madison and Delia are trying to figure out who Delia should do for the hero project. Ephram enters the kitchen to get something from the fridge.]

MADISON: I feel like we have sufficiently explored every positive attribute about Eleanor Roosevelt. Frankly, I think she's out.

DELIA: Yeah, I guess so.

EPHRAM: Well, that's a bold move, if you ask me.

MADISON: We didn't ask you.

DELIA: Why? You like her?

EPHRAM: She was one of the most impressive first ladies. She took care of her sick husband, raised kids, and still had time to dedicate to human rights.

MADISON: Well, you're not pumping up some glorified housewife. If we're going political, I'm way more into Margaret Sanger.

EPHRAM: You got to be kidding me.

MADISON: I bet you don't even know who she is.

DELIA: I don't know who she is.

EPHRAM: My little sister is not gonna get up in front of her entire 4th grade class and start talking about birth control. OK?

MADISON: Have you ever considered that maybe your little sister isn't as shallow as you are.

DELIA: I still like Mandy Moore the best.


[The phone rings. Ephram picks it up.]

EPHRAM: Hello?

MADISON: OK, let's just agree to keep all superheroes out of the running. Your character should be at least 3-dimensional.

EPHRAM: Yeah, yeah, I'll tell Madison. Bye.

MADISON: Tell Madison what?

EPHRAM: Set an extra place. Linda Abbott's coming over.

MADISON: You mean you're sitting an extra place for dinner.

DELIA: Why? Why's she coming?

EPHRAM: I don't know. I think she's hungry.

MADISON: Who's Linda?

DELIA: No one. I'm going upstairs. I hate this stupid project.

[Delia exits.]

EPHRAM: Wait till she gets to high school. [calling after Delia] Then she'll know what homework is!

MADISON: Do you know this Linda character?

EPHRAM: She's Dr. Abbott's sister. She just moved to Everwood, I think.

[Madison nods her head, getting what's going on with Delia.]

EPHRAM: What? What's with this little head-nod thing?

MADISON: Man, are you dense? Delia is not upset about her homework.

EPHRAM: She's not? Then what? [starts to get it] Linda?

MADISON: Keep going.

EPHRAM: Linda and my dad? Yeah, but I mean, she's just another doctor. It's not anything.

MADISON: Well, Delia doesn't know that. To Delia, she's a woman who's probably the same age as your mom.

EPHRAM: But she's met the lady once. Why would she think that?

MADISON: Kids pick up on things. Maybe it was a look, maybe they hugged goodbye.

EPHRAM: Nina's around all the time. I'm sure she's hugged my dad at some point. Delia's never flipped out.

MADISON: Nina's married with a kid. Not a threat.

EPHRAM: Yeah, but that... I mean... Wow.

MADISON: Welcome to the world of complex emotions, Ephram Brown. How does it feel?

EPHRAM: I'm tired.

[Cut to later. Ephram opens the door to show Linda.]


DR. L. ABBOTT: Hi. I'm Linda. You must be Ephram.

EPHRAM: Yeah. Yeah. Come on in. [grabbing a bag] I got that.

[Dr. L. Abbott comes in.]

EPHRAM: So, I hear you stick people with needles. Sounds like fun.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Uh, can be, especially when the people are annoying.

EPHRAM: You'd really like working on my dad, then.

[Dr. Brown comes in and grabs the other bag.]

DR. BROWN: I told you he was the fun one. Come on in.

[Dr. Brown leads Dr. L. Abbott into the kitchen. Ephram follows.]

[Cut to the kitchen where Drs. Brown and L. Abbott have just entered. Dr. Brown starts looking through the food.]

DR. BROWN: Look at all this stuff. You shouldn't have gone to so much trouble.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, well, I just whipped up a few things. I hope you like vegetarian.

DR. BROWN: Oh, we love vegetables, don't we, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Well, I like carrots.

[Dr. L. Abbott laughs.]

DR. L. ABBOTT: OK. Let's see here. This is a potato tempeh loaf. And here we have -- ah, the millet pilaf, which we can just pop in the microwave. And these are baked potato spinach wraps, in case people are feeling a little less adventurous.

DR. BROWN: Mmm. Who doesn't love a good millet? Delia, dinner's ready!

[Pan over to Delia who still has her grump on.]

[Cut to the rest of the Abbotts having dinner. Amy's picking at her food, not really eating.]


AMY: May I be excused please?

ROSE: Already? You haven't even... [off a look she gets from her husband] OK. I'll put it in the fridge for you in case you're hungry later.

AMY: Thanks.

[Amy exits.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Do we have any more of these yams on the stove? They are delicious.

ROSE: Why don't you take Amy's? She didn't eat any of hers.

BRIGHT: I'll take Amy's.

ROSE: Oh, stop it. The point being, Amy did not eat again. Something Dr. Lence asked us to take note of. Are you taking note, Harold?

DR. H. ABBOTT: You needn't speak to me like a child, Rose. I'm perfectly aware of how much Amy is eating. For your information, loss of appetite is normal.

ROSE: No, no, none of this is normal. Not anymore. It's been over five months. I think Dr. Lence is right. I think maybe Amy should try the antidepressants.

BRIGHT: Lence says Amy needs drugs?

DR. H. ABBOTT: All right, all right. That is enough. Bright, you may be excused.

ROSE: Why? Are you afraid he might tell us something that will confirm the doctor's opinion?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Doctor? Please. She's a public employee with a mail-order degree. If you think I'm gonna listen to her –

ROSE: I was hoping you might listen to me.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Where did you get your medical expertise, Ladies Home Journal? Do you have any idea of what these drugs do to people, the side effects involved? You want to see Amy lose her appetite? Yeah, stick her on a 20-milligram dose a day of some generic SSRI.

ROSE: Just because you understand the intricacies of how these pills work does not mean I'm gonna let you bully me into changing my opinion. I'll find out on my own if I have to. I'm sure Dr. Brown would be happy to educate me on the matter.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Now you're just trying to upset me.

BRIGHT: If the pills will make Amy feel better, Dad, maybe she should try them.

DR. H. ABBOTT: When did our home become the "Valley of the Dolls"? Bright, go to your room. This is outrageous.

[Bright exits.]

ROSE: You are outrageous. Do you think you're the only person in this family who's concerned about Amy?

DR. H. ABBOTT: When people start talking about my daughter and pharmaceuticals, I know what's best.

ROSE: What if Dr. Lence is right? What if you have lost perspective, Harold?

DR. H. ABBOTT: You want to put Amy on drugs, and I'm the one without perspective? Honestly, Rose, sometimes I truly fail to understand your thought process when it comes to our daughter.

ROSE: Don't you mean your daughter? You've always thought that you knew what was best when it came to Amy. Ever since she was old enough to talk, you two have been huddling together, planning her future, making decisions without me. I told myself it was a good thing, a sweet thing. But I don't think so anymore.

[Rose exits. Dr. H. Abbott is left to think.]

[Cut to the Brown dining room. Dr. L. Abbott is probably the only one truly enjoying the food. At least Ephram and Dr. Brown are pretending to. The grumpy Delia doesn't even try. Everyone is quiet. The two doctors share a smile.]

DR. BROWN: So, how's your project coming, Delia? Have you found your hero yet?

DELIA: No. And thanks for reminding me.

DR. L. ABBOTT: When I was your age, I wanted to be Nadia Komenichi. I thought she was so graceful. My parents couldn't pry me away from the TV during the Olympics.

DELIA: The Olympics are stupid.

EPHRAM: If you ask me, the whole hero thing's overrated. You pick one, you admire them for about a week. And the next thing you know, they've been arrested.

DR. BROWN: So, um, Linda, how'd it go with Brittany today?

DELIA: My Brittany?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. I asked Linda to help me to make Brittany better even faster so that you could go back to your famous slumber parties.

DELIA: They're not "famous".

DR. L. ABBOTT: Uh, the session went well. Although I'm still not sure what's causing her discomfort. I can tell you that her pulse, tongue, and color all point to a disturbance in the kidney channel.

DR. BROWN: Oh, really? Isn't that...interesting?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Also, my Ouija board spelled "kidney."

DR. BROWN: I got the panels back today, and, so far, everything seems normal. Electrolytes look good, blood sugars.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Sometimes when I'm treating the kidney meridian, I find that there's an emotional component to the problem.

DR. BROWN: You're saying it might be psychosomatic?

DELIA: Brittany is not a psycho.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Of course she's not. I'm sorry, Delia. It's rude of us to be talking about your friend like this. Would you like some more potato?

DELIA: Gross. No.

DR. BROWN: All right, Delia. That's enough. You're not gonna have any dessert.

DELIA: I don't care.

DR. BROWN: You haven't even touched your... millet pilaf. At least try it.

DELIA: I don't want to.

DR. BROWN: Delia, this is not a request.

DELIA: It tastes like shit.

[Ephram chokes. Linda grins.]

DR. BROWN: What did you just say?

DELIA: I said, "it tastes like shit."

[Ephram starts laughing loudly. Linda smiles.]

DR. BROWN: All right, you go to your room right now! Ephram, stop laughing! I'm trying. You go to your room, too! Everyone, go to their room this instant!

DELIA: [yelling as she exits] I CAN'T HEAR YOU!

DR. L. ABBOTT: I actually don't have a room here.

EPHRAM: Nice meeting you, Linda.

DR. L. ABBOTT: You too.

[Ephram exits while laughing.]



[Open on Delia painting her fingernails in her room.]

DR. BROWN: We need to talk about what happened tonight.

DELIA: I don't if you don't.

DR. BROWN: Nice try. Why does it smell like paint thinner in here?

DELIA: It's nail polish. Brittany let me borrow it.

[Dr. Brown takes the nail polish away.]

DELIA: Hey, I was using that.

DR. BROWN: Well, now you're not. You're talking to me. And I would appreciate a little eye contact. Where did you even learn that word?

DELIA: It's not as bad as the "f" one.

DR. BROWN: This is not a debate, Delia. I don't know what's gotten into you lately. Maybe you're spending too much time with your girlfriends. But whatever it is, this behavior is going to stop right now. Do you understand me?


DR. BROWN: Is that all you have to say? You know, if you had even attempted an apology, you might not be grounded. But since that clearly isn't gonna happen, here's the deal: No TV, no telephone, one week.

DELIA: A week? That's forever.

DR. BROWN: Oh, yeah? Wait till you're a teenager. It'll feel even longer.

DELIA: You can't keep that nail polish. It's not mine.

DR. BROWN: Don't worry. I'll make sure that Brittany gets it back.

[Dr. Brown exits his daughter's room and closes the door.]

[Cut to Laynie's room. Amy's lying on her friend's bed. "Let Me In" by Matthew Fisher is playing. Amy sighs.]

AMY: Don't you love how depressing this song is?

LAYNIE: You can have my CD if you want. I'm kind of over my whole Matthew Fisher phase.

AMY: Really? Thanks. I love it.

LAYNIE: Hey. How did it go the other day with your parents and the whole therapy thing? Was it weird?

AMY: No, actually, my dad said I didn't have to go anymore, which is, like, hallelujah.

LAYNIE: Well, what happened?

AMY: Lence told him that I should be on drugs, and my dad pretty much flipped out. But it is kind of intense, isn't it? Putting me on drugs? I mean, drugs are for people who are genuinely crazy.


AMY: What?

LAYNIE: I didn't mention it before because I just didn't know how to tell you, but I've been on antidepressants for a while now.

AMY: You have? Since when?

LAYNIE: A few months.

AMY: Like Prozac or something?

LAYNIE: No, um, actually, I'm trying this other one. Zoloft. I tried another one before, but it made me feel all shaky, so... it's taking a while to kick in, but I think it's helping.

AMY: Like how? How does it work?

LAYNIE: Well, um, I sleep better. And I don't cry as much. I feel, like, even. I think that's the word for it. You know, like I can focus again.

AMY: Wow. I had no idea. I mean, I knew you were doing better, but I just thought...

LAYNIE: That I had miraculously gotten over my brother's death by myself? Hardly. I wouldn't be doing nearly as well if it weren't for my pills. You want to see 'em? It's a pretty low dosage, nothing like my mom's big elephant pills. But they work for me.

[Amy notices something on the prescription bottle.]

AMY: My father prescribed these for you?

LAYNIE: Maybe you should talk to your dad. I mean, if he knew what was really going on with you... I mean, they might help you.

[Cut to the Brown kitchen. Dr. Brown takes the food that Dr. L. Abbott brought over the night before out of the fridge and is about to dump it just before Ephram comes in.]

DR. BROWN: I know it looks like I'm wasting food here, but I have no idea how long tofu keeps, so...

EPHRAM: You don't have to sell me. Dump it.

[Dr. Brown begins dumping. Ephram gets some crackers from the cabinet and goes by the sink.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) So, you've grounded Delia.

DR. BROWN: That's right.

EPHRAM: Feeling good about that decision?

DR. BROWN: I was until about five seconds ago. Why? Do you think I was too rough on her?

EPHRAM: If you're comfortable with it, I'm comfortable with it. Although...

DR. BROWN: Although?

EPHRAM: It might be better if you knew why you grounded her.

DR. BROWN: I know why I grounded her. She said a bad word, boom, grounded.

EPHRAM: If only life were that simple.

DR. BROWN: Is this gonna take long? Because I could make some coffee.

EPHRAM: Think about it. Delia's been in a bad mood ever since she met Linda in the bookstore the other day, right?

DR. BROWN: Well, I suppose that that's...

EPHRAM: And now you invite Linda over for dinner without even asking me or Delia how we'll feel about that. Linda, a total stranger, who's about the same age as Mom, sitting in Mom's chair. Are you starting to sense a theme here?

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's ridiculous. First of all, Linda's just a colleague.

EPHRAM: Delia doesn't know what the word "colleague" means.

DR. BROWN: And second of all, Nina comes over all the time. Delia's never minded that.

EPHRAM: Well, Nina's been married. Not a threat. What else you got?

DR. BROWN: But that... wow.

EPHRAM: I know. It's exhausting, isn't it?

DR. BROWN: I had no idea Delia was even thinking about stuff like this. It does make sense. Did you figure this out all by yourself?

EPHRAM: I... You know, I had a little help. Babysitter.

DR. BROWN: I should give that girl a raise.

EPHRAM: Yeah, just don't give her a key.

[Ephram exits as Dr. Brown is left pondering.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He has just dragged in Dr. L. Abbott to discuss something.]

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry to take you away from a patient...because... what do you see?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Brittany's blood work.

DR. BROWN: Read the second paragraph.

DR. L. ABBOTT: That's interesting. What possessed you to test for toluene toxicity?

DR. BROWN: Genius?

DR. L. ABBOTT: More specifically?

DR. BROWN: Well, as you may remember from last night, I had a bit of a run-in with my daughter.

DR. L. ABBOTT: The lover of all things tofu?

DR. BROWN: Exactly. When I went upstairs to work my parenting magic, I found her painting her nails with this glitter stuff that smelled so toxic, there could have been a skull and crossbones on it. When asked where she procured said polish, she explained to me that it had been given to her by none other than...

DR. L. ABBOTT: Brittany Clark.

DR. BROWN: Exactly. Who, as I remembered from my last consultation, has an obsessive nail-biting problem. So I put two and two together and...

DR. L. ABBOTT: Toluene toxicity. Nice work, Doc.

DR. BROWN: Thank you. Thank you very much.

DR. L. ABBOTT: But we still haven't, um, cracked the underlying emotional component.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry. Was I not clear? The blood work confirms the diagnosis.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, it confirms that her headaches and nausea are a result of toluene ingestion, yes but...

DR. BROWN: Which makes your theory null and void. Not that I wanted you to be wrong, but...

DR. L. ABBOTT: You really have no concept of what I do. I know you read all those books and used your superhero power of photographic memory to regurgitate all that information back to me, but you didn't absorb anything, did you?

DR. BROWN: Are you always this defensive when you're wrong?

DR. L. ABBOTT: I actually thought that your interest in alternative medicine was genuine, but it's not. The only thing you're interested in is proving that your way is better than mine. You're like the perfect cliché of the perennial western doctor... Arrogant, single-minded...

DR. BROWN: Hold on. Hold on. I don't think there's anything wrong with holistic medicine. But it just so happens that in this case, traditional medicine has a solution.

DR. L. ABBOTT: There is something wrong with that little girl, and it has nothing to do with how much nail polish is in her system. But if you're too blind to recognize that, then I can't help you, nor do I want to. You've wasted enough of my time as it is.

DR. BROWN: Why are you taking this so personally? I thought we were having a healthy debate.

DR. L. ABBOTT: And there's the fundamental problem with us collaborating. You thrive on winning debates. I thrive on helping patients, one of which is waiting for me in my office right now.

DR. BROWN: Oh, come on.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I won't be needing any more referrals, Dr. Brown. Congratulations on curing Brittany. I'm sure her parents will be thrilled.

[There's a knock at Dr. Abbott’s door at his office.]

DR. H. ABBOTT: Is it so hard to use an intercom? Amy, what happened? Is everything...

AMY: I want the medication.

DR. H. ABBOTT: What? What are you talking about?

AMY: Zoloft, Prozac, whatever it is... I want you to prescribe them for me today. Just get out your pen and write it.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Amy, relax. You know I'm not gonna prescribe you antidepressants.

AMY: Why not? I'd be able to sleep better, I'd eat more, I'd be able to focus in school so that I don't fail this entire year.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Since when are you failing?

AMY: You want to see my progress report? Just…I want the pills.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You can forget about it because it's not going to happen. We are not a family that believes in medicating teenagers.

AMY: Oh, really? [taking out Laynie's pills] Well, then, how would you explain this? Or did you think I wouldn't find out? Lies of omission don't count, is that it?

DR. H. ABBOTT: If you would allow me to explain...

AMY: Explain to me why you would help my friend get better and not your own daughter. Do you know how stupid I felt these past few months? Watching everyone around me move on, and here I am wondering what the hell's wrong with me? Why can't I? All along, there's been a reason, only you never told me about it. You just let me think that I was crazy.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Honey, you are not crazy.

AMY: How do you know? You don't know anything about me anymore. You're holding onto this idea of something I used to be. Well, I am not that person anymore, Dad, and I haven't been for a very long time. I hate feeling this way, Dad. I hate worrying you and mom all the time, and I know that I do.

[Amy breathes heavily.]

AMY: I just want to feel better again. I... I just want to feel normal, like Laynie does.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Your situation is completely different from Laynie Hart's.

AMY: How is it different?

DR. H. ABBOTT: For one thing, her family's practically nonfunctional.

AMY: Oh, 'cause we're the model of perfection, right, Dad?

DR. H. ABBOTT: You know what it's like to have an alcoholic for a father? No, thank God you don't. Honey, you have an entire support system to help you get through this ordeal. You can't compare us to the Harts.

AMY: I'm not comparing us. This isn't about us, Dad. This is about me!

DR. H. ABBOTT: Yes, and you are not Laynie. You are a much stronger girl than she is. You always have been. You may not feel that way right now, but trust me. You have to trust me. I am here for you. I can help you.

AMY: You're not enough, Dad!

DR. H. ABBOTT: You're not going on medication. End of discussion.

[Amy sighs.]

AMY: You know, I never thought you were the type of father who'd let his ego come before his family, but I guess I was wrong. So I guess we're even. You don't know me anymore, and I don't know you.

[Amy exits with the door closing behind her and her father is left pondering.]



[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He's telling the Clarks of the results of Brittany's blood work.]

DAN: That's it. I can't believe I was poisoning my own daughter.

DR. BROWN: Amazing, but it happens.

DAN: From now on, I'll leave all the cosmetics up to Deena.

BRITTANY: No, I don't want Deena's. They're not as good.

DAN: Brit, don't start that again.

DR. BROWN: I've, uh, actually made up a list of companies that manufacture nontoxic polishes.

DAN: Thanks for your help, Doc.

[The Clarks begin to exit.]

DR. BROWN: My pleasure. Uh, Mr. Clark, if I could just bother you for one more minute...

[Dan Clark holds back while his wife and daughter go ahead.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I was just wondering... Deena isn't Brittany's birth mother, is she?

DAN: Oh, no. We've only been married for about a year. Brittany's mom moved away just a little while ago. Why do you ask?

DR. BROWN: Well, I was wondering if you could remember when Brittany first started biting her nails.

DAN: That's funny. I don't remember my ex-wife and I ever discussing nail biting. But Deena noticed it right away. It may have started about the same time Deena moved in. Am I missing something?

DR. BROWN: Only the same thing that I missed. The real cause of Brittany's stomachaches.

DAN: I thought you said it was the polish.

DR. BROWN: Well, that was definitely a contributing factor, but I suspect the reason your daughter has been biting her nails is because of the anxiety she's felt since your divorce. As you know, anxiety can cause a whole slew of problems.

DAN: Great. So, what should I do now?

DR. BROWN: Well, I would continue the sessions with Dr. Abbott, if I were you. And talk to Brittany. Sometimes that helps.

DAN: I liked it better when all I had to do was get rid of the stupid nail polish.

DR. BROWN: Believe me, Mr. Clark, so did I.

[Cut to the Abbott living room. Dr. H. Abbott is there and sighs. His wife Rose walks down the hallway.]

ROSE: I'm going up to bed. I told Bright he could stay at the library till ten.

DR. H. ABBOTT: I take it Amy's still locked in her room. No doubt sticking pins in the voodoo doll she's made in my likeness.

ROSE: She didn't have to make one. She borrowed mine.

[Rose sighs ]

DR. H. ABBOTT: I suppose you think I should go talk to her.

ROSE: Since when do you care what I think? You dug yourself into this hole. I'm sure you can find your way out.

DR. H. ABBOTT: You know, I did what I did for a reason, Rose. I didn't expect her to understand, but I thought that you would. You must know that I at least considered the possibility.

ROSE: No, I do not know that... because you didn't talk to me about it.

DR. H. ABBOTT: Do you think that I enjoy seeing our daughter in this much agony? Honey, it devastates me, and then the fact that I haven't been able to help her, that I've been rendered so useless to her life. It's the worst pain a parent can feel.

ROSE: It's the depth of her feeling that concerns me, Harold. I mean, Bright is hurting, but he still functions.

DR. H. ABBOTT: It's taking Amy longer. I can accept that. What I cannot accept is the idea of numbing her grief with pills. It's just not a solution that I'm willing to teach my daughter. What happens next time? What if, God forbid, something awful, something horrible would happen to one of us? We just continue drugging her into unconsciousness?

[Rose enters the living room.]

ROSE: Then, why Laynie?

DR. H. ABBOTT: Laynie -- I was opposed to the idea, initially, but after a long conversation with both Laynie and with her mother, I agreed to prescribe the medication, as her physician. If I had been her father, I never would have accepted it. So, when it came to Amy, I thought about it. I did. Ultimately, I made the choice as her father, not as her doctor, which is...traditionally, where my better instincts lie. At least, they used to. She hates me. You should see the way that she talked to me today. It was like I was a stranger.

ROSE: She's blown up at you before, Harold.

DR. H. ABBOTT: No, not like this. No. I think I'm losing her, Rose.

ROSE: No, Harold, we're losing her.

[Cut to Delia being sulky in her room. Dr. Brown hands her some nail polish.]

DELIA: What's this for?

DR. BROWN: I bought it for you, so you wouldn't have to borrow anyone else's.

DELIA: It's not the same as Brittany's.

DR. BROWN: I know. It's actually the less-toxic kind. I'd like to keep you around for a while. You know, I finally figured out what's been bothering you these past few days. Well, actually Ephram figured it out. Well, really, Madison.

DELIA: Dad, you're gonna have to talk faster. I'm on a schedule here.

DR. BROWN: You're upset that I made a new friend.

DELIA: Linda.

DR. BROWN: Yes, Linda, but that's all she is, honey. A friend. And because she's another doctor in this community, we're going to work on some of the same cases from time to time. Does that make sense?

DELIA: I guess.

DR. BROWN: And I understand why it bothered you, but I want you to know that if I ever do decide to make a friend in a romantic kind of way, I'll talk to you and Ephram about it first.

DELIA: Are you going to? Make those kinds of friends, I mean?

DR. BROWN: Eventually. Someday, yes.

DELIA: Are you gonna get married again someday?

DR. BROWN: I don't know. I think I have to go on a date first. But let's cross that bridge when we come to it. The important thing is that you and I have to keep talking about this stuff. And if you're angry, I want you to tell me about it, OK? 'Cause let's face it, Madison's not always going to bail me out of these things. At the end of the day, it's just you and me, kiddo.

DELIA: Can you do me one favor?

DR. BROWN: Anything you want.

DELIA: When you do date again, it can't be with Linda.

DR. BROWN: Sweetie, I told you. We're just friends.

DELIA: I know, but just promise me. You won't ever date her. Ever.

[Cut to Amy’s swimming dream again. She's trying to fight against sinking.]

AMY: No....

[After sinking the last time, Colin swims underwater and then away, suggesting that she follow him.]

[Cut to Amy lying in her bed, trying to sleep unsuccessfully.]

[Cut to Everwood's bookstore. Dr. Brown is purchasing some books. In the background, you can see that Dr. L. Abbott is reading in a reading area of the store. Dr. Brown spots her and goes to talk to her.]

DR. BROWN: You were right. I was wrong.

DR. L. ABBOTT: It must have caused you physical pain to utter that sentence.

DR. BROWN: No, just some internal bleeding, that's all. [beat] So, I suppose you knew that Deena is Brittany's stepmother.

DR. L. ABBOTT: She is?

DR. BROWN: Turns out that Brittany's real mom left town a while ago, which caused a bit of trauma, which would explain, well, everything. Hence, you were right, and I was wrong. Not that you care about such petty things.

DR. L. ABBOTT: Oh, I like to be right. I just don't feel the need to prove it as loudly as you do.

DR. BROWN: Well, it seems I've been missing a lot lately. Like I thought that Delia's outburst the other night was some sort of preadolescent rite of passage. It turns out that actually it was, well, all about you.

DR. L. ABBOTT: What about me?

DR. BROWN: Well, it's just so silly. She thought that you and I... That we were...

[Dr. L. Abbott gets the idea.]

DR. BROWN: Anyway, you get the idea. But, uh, she made me promise that we'd never go out on a date. You believe that?

DR. L. ABBOTT: Well, I'm sure that's a promise you won't have any trouble keeping.

DR. BROWN: Right. Well, uh, I have this thing to get to, so enjoy your reading.

DR. L. ABBOTT: I will. Bye, Andy.

[Cut to Everwood Elementary School. Brittany Clark is doing her presentation on Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as Dr. Brown enters and says hi to Dan and Deena Clark. He goes over to Ephram and Madison who are listening intently.]

BRITTANY: Just like Jennifer Lopez and Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have been very successful in many different areas. Aside from all the fabulous contributions they've made to the world of preteen fashion and family sitcoms...

EPHRAM: She must be up next.

MADISON: Who'd she wind up picking?

DR. BROWN: I forgot to ask. Do you know, Ephram?

[Ephram's not saying anything.]

BRITTANY: ...which is why I've chosen them as my hero. Thank you.

MR. PERKINS: Thank you, Brittany. That was truly inspiring. Now for our final presentation of the day... I give you Delia Brown.

DR. BROWN: Come on, just give me a hint.

EPHRAM: Shh. Here she comes.

[Delia enters, wearing a crisp white blouse, a skirt, and white pearls.]

DELIA: My hero was born on April 29, 1958, in Wilton, Connecticut. She wore pearl earrings almost every day and wouldn't take them off, even in the shower. She was tall and beautiful and funny and her name was Julia Brown. A year and a half ago, she died, but before that happened, she did a lot of amazing things. I'd like to tell you about some of them today.

[As Delia continues her speech about her mother, her brother and father do their best not to cry.]

NARRATOR: Some fathers may enjoy the pedestal their daughters place them on. But the best ones step down and allow their flaws to be seen. It is from these unsung fathers that daughters learn what's most important in this life. How to embrace joy, how to endure sorrow, and how to live each day to the fullest, not knowing which of those two is on the horizon.

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Soirée Live Chat spéciale Grey's Anatomy ce soir ! La room sera créé d'ici quelques minutes...

Spyfafa (22:28)

Live tchat en cours, venez nous rejoindre. On mord pas, même s'il y a du sang et pleins de problèmes de coeur.

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Pas de si vous venez consultez nos 256 médecins à l'accueil et choisir vos 128 préférés !! Uniquement des de bonheur!! Allez on va voter à l'hypnoCup!!

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Merci de votre dans préférences !

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SeySey (20:10)

Bonsoir! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Outlander! Sans oublier l'animation "Citadelle piégée" sur le quartier Under The Dome! Les membres attendent un sauvetage^^

Titepau04 (12:11)

Bonjour bonjour!!! Calendriers à commenter sur NCIS Los Angeles, S Club 7, Dr House et DollHouse!!! ^^

natas (08:34)

Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin + voter pour le sondage spécial couple ! Enjoy et commentez, svp ! [Revolving_hearts]

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Les jeux d'Orphan Black attendent votre participation! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour voter à la PDM, jouer au Train ou encore commenter le design. Bonne soirée à tous

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Nouveaux designs à commenter : Le Caméléon, Hannah Montana, Dexter... N'hésitez pas à faire un tour !

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Pensez à faire un tour sur Dollhouse pour commenter le calendrier de Titepau04 et le sondage ! Merci !

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Le quartier Dark Angel fête ses 12 ans! Venez participer et célébrer avec nous cet anniversaire! #DAHypno12ans

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