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#117 : Meurtre mystérieux à Everwood

Titre en VO : "Everwood Confidential" - Titre en VF : "Meurtre mystérieux à Everwood"
¤ USA : diffusé le 17/02/03 - France : diffusé le 01/02/04
¤ Scénario : David Schulner - Réalisation : Arlene Sanford
¤ Guest-stars : Ian Vogt (Matthew Lansing), Luke Askew, Nora Zehetner (Laynie Hart), et Mike Erwin (Colin Hart).

Le Dr Brown rend souvent visite aux aînés d'Everwood dans les maisons de retraites. Lors d'une de ses visites, l'ancien juge Marvin Harisson lui avoue avoir commis un meurtre, il y a plus de 30 ans. Harold décide de mener son enquête pour défendre la mémoire de son père qui était un vieil ami de Marvin.

Ephram propose à Laynie de sortir avec lui un de ces soirs mais elle se rend vite compte qu'il est toujours attaché à Amy.

Matthew, le prof de piano d'Ephram, lui conseille d'aller jouer dans un piano-bar "Chez Ezekiel". Intéressé par l'idée, il demande l'autorisation à son père qui refuse tout en bloc.

Plus de détails


[Open outside an mansion that is now Ransel Retirement Home. It looks kinda spooky and the spooky music does not do much to relief us of the spooky nature. With lots of fog, it's a dark and dreary night of sorts. We go inside and we pan around as Irv does his narrating thing. It looks like a nice place and that it used to be a place where a family lived a long time ago.]

NARRATOR: I've heard it said that a retirement home is where people go when life is through with them before they're through with life. That expression was true enough in Everwood. The Ransel family bought the old Hicks mansion in 1942, thereafter, converting it to Everwood's sole retirement home. People don't tend to visit the Everwood retirement home that much anymore. Not that they ever did.

[We have reached a group of old folks waiting.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) Don't know if it's the spirits of the past or a premonition of their own future but something keeps them away.

[On a wooden door, there's a shadow of someone holding a gun or something else shaped like it.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) Then sometimes, just sometimes, a little light shines in this dark empty place.

[We pan over a tiny bit and we see it was just Dr. Brown holding a needle. He's giving shots to the elderly.]

DR. BROWN: OK, Charlie. You're up.

[Dr. Brown goes back off camera as Charlie goes in.]

[Cut to the room. Charlie has entered with the help of a walker. He sits down with the help of Edna. Edna rolls up his sleeve and preps him for the shot.]

NARRATOR: Nothing could keep Dr. Brown from dispensing his free medicine where it was needed.

[Dr. Brown comes over to Charlie to administer the shot.]

CHARLIE: I need a refill on my Viagara.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, how's that working for you? Any side effects?

CHARLIE: Happiness.

DR. BROWN: Well, I prescribed a bottle for you a few of weeks ago, Charlie. I think we should hold off for a little while, OK?

CHARLIE: Oh, c'mon, Doc. You can't deny the ladies. Geez.

EDNA: C'mon, Charlie. Let's go.

[Edna helps Charlie exit with his walker. Dr. Brown has his back turned to prepare for the next shot.]

DR. BROWN: Who's next?

[Edna brings in an old man.]

EDNA: Doc, I'd like you to meet the Honorable Judge Marvin Harrison.

DR. BROWN: How are you doing today, Judge?

MARVIN: [singing] Right as rain. Right as rain.

DR. BROWN: Well, Edna's gonna take your pulse, I'll give you a flu shot, and we can call it a night, OK?

MARVIN: [singing] You go to my head. Like a memory from a honey refrain.

DR. BROWN: Like Billie Holiday, do you?

MARVIN: Oh my wife loves that music. We dance to it every Saturday night at the USO. You should see my wife move. The best drumsticks this side of Radio City.

DR. BROWN: How long you've been married, Judge?

MARVIN: Uh, let's see since '52, seven years this coming month. Uh well, I don't know. I'm not a judge yet but maybe some day. I just started practicing law.

[As Marvin said the previous line, Edna looks up at Dr. Brown. This guy obviously has Alzheimer's or some other disease where you lose your memory.]

DR. BROWN: Uh, Marvin, why don't you go ahead and roll up your sleeve?

[Marvin does as Edna comes up to talk with her boss for a second.]

DR. BROWN: Alzheimer's?

EDNA: It's standard senile dementia. It got a lot worse a few years ago when his wife Peaches died. I've known Marvin Harrison for eons. He was Hal Sr.'s best friend and golfing partner as well as Junior's godfather. Now he doesn't remember any of us.

DR. BROWN: It must be hard to see him like this.

EDNA: Heartbreaking.

[Edna goes back to Marvin. Dr. Brown remains there for a second and then walks over to Marvin.]

DR. BROWN: Well, this won't hurt a bit, Marvin.

[Dr. Brown administers the shot after Edna preps and goes by the table. Marvin looks at Dr. Brown quickly.]

MARVIN: It does hurt. It hurts so much.

DR. BROWN: What hurts? The needle?

MARVIN: My secret. I killed him. There was blood everywhere that scorching summer.

[Edna looks over to Dr. Brown and Marvin from the table.]

DR. BROWN: Killed who? What are you, what are you...

MARVIN: Dead and buried so no one would ever find him.

[Off Dr. Brown processing this. You hear police sirens going off.]

[Cut to outside the Ransel Retirement Home. Police cars are everywhere.]

[Cut to inside where the police are taking away Marvin.]

EDNA: Now look you've done.

DR. BROWN: Well, I called for advice. Not for a SWAT team.

[Pan over to reveal the police chief, Roger Murphy.]

CHIEF MURPHY: Between this and busting Irma's dope supply, I might have to deputize you, Doc.

[Chief Murphy chuckles, pats Dr. Brown on the shoulder and begins to leave but Dr. Brown brings him back.]

DR. BROWN: Do you really have to take him in custody, Roger? He's clearly not a flight risk. He can barely walk.

CHIEF MURPHY: You just nabbed Everwood's Public Enemy #1. We've been trying to crack the Horace Heppleman case for 30 years.

EDNA: I'm about to crack something else if you take this any further.

DR. BROWN: Who's Horace Heppleman?

CHIEF MURPHY: Well, it was the scorching summer of '72. A handsome drifter by the name of Horace Heppleman came to the town of Everwood. It put all the women in a tizzy and all the men jealous with rage. And then one day he vanished. Nothing left behind but his shoe. With a knife through it and a note that said "Dead and buried."

[Dr. Brown looks over to Edna to see if this story is really true. Edna just stares at him.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, c'mon. He's not serious, is he?

EDNA: I told you we shouldn't have said anything, big mouth.

DR. BROWN: Edna, I...

[Edna has exited.]

CHIEF MURPHY: You should be feeling pretty good right now, Doc. Because of your tip, Everwood can sleep safe and sound for the first time in thirty years.

[Chief Murphy exits. Stay on Dr. Brown as a song that seems like it would be good to have for a theme on a detective show plays a little.]



[Open in Delia's bedroom. Pan over to show her in bed with a thermometer in her mouth. Dr. Brown is on her bed.]

DR. BROWN: Why didn't you tell me this morning you weren't feeling well?

DELIA: I'm a trooper.

DR. BROWN: Well, you probably got the flu. It's been going around a lot lately.

[Dr. Brown takes the thermometer out of his daughter's mouth.]

DELIA: I guess that means you're going to get it now. You just touched my spit.

DR. BROWN: Doctors don't get the flu. But you have a very bad fever so I want you to put on your pajamas while I go see if Nina can watch you for a little while.

DELIA: Then Nina's going to catch it.

DR. BROWN: Honey, I won't be gone long. I'm just going to go down to the police station and fix this whole thing with Mr. Harrison.

DELIA: The man you sent to prison?

DR. BROWN: I did not send him to prison.

DELIA: He's really old, isn't he?

DR. BROWN: He's, uh, seventy-eight.

DELIA: So he's probably going to die in jail. You must feel really bad.

DR. BROWN: No one is dying in jail. I'm going to take care of it, OK?

[Dr. Brown leans to kiss his daughter's forehead and taps her side. He rises.]

DELIA: You better bring me some juice before you go. Because the kitchen's really far away and I'm feeling really weak.

[Dr. Brown is probably rolling his eyes on the inside and begins to go when we go to the next scene.]

[Cut to the police station. Reporters, including Davenport, and civilians are trying to find out answers from Mayor Rose Abbott. Rose tries to create some order.]

ROSE: I can only tell you what little I know myself.

[On Brenda Baxworth who is near another townswoman named Martha.]

BRENDA: [to Martha] You know, old Marv used to live in my house. I wonder if that'll increase my property value.

ROSE: At this time, Police Chief Murphy is taking Judge Harrison's statement.

[On Dr. Brown, not really near anyone.]

ROSE'S VOICE: (CONT'D) Now, depending upon what's said...

[Back to Rose.]

ROSE: Marvin will be processed accordingly.

DAVENPORT: Do you know if that will include fingerprinting?

ROSE: Well, I imagine so, Mr. Davenport.

DAVENPORT: Do you know if that will be red ink or black ink?

ROSE: Does that really matter?

DAVENPORT: The Pinecone readers deserve to know.

BRENDA: I heard that old Marv bludgeoned old Horace to death with a hammer. Just like Harrison Ford's wife in Presumed Innocent.

ROSE: At this point, we don't even have a, a motive, a, a murder weapon, a body.

[On Dr. Brown. Dr. Abbott begins to walk up, passing Dr. Brown.]

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: Or a murder.

[Dr. Abbott stands near his wife.]

DR. ABOTT: (CONT'D) The Horace Heppleman case is thirty years old. The most logical explanation is that the drifter simply drifted. To another town. [to Rose] I demand...

[On Dr. Brown.]

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: (CONT'D) ...that Judge Harrison be released immediately.

[Back to Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) And that this, this gaggle of impressionable fish rap tabloid...

[On Davenport who shifts his head.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) ...consumers pack it up and go home.

[Shift to Brenda.]

BRENDA: And what makes you so sure he's innocent, Doc?

[On Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: Marvin Harrison was my father's closest friend. The man is no more a murderer than any of you are civilized.

[On Rose.]

ROSE: Marvin did confess, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: Well, he's been exhibiting signs of senile dementia...

[On Dr. Abbott and Rose.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) ...for years. He's, he's a mad duck, Rose. Tomorrow, he'll confess to being a turkey sandwich. What do we do then? Serve him in a deli?

[On Martha.]

MARTHA: Dr. Brown would never send an innocent dying old man to jail.

[Dr. Abbott looks to Dr. Brown in the back and everyone shifts their attention to him.]

DR. BROWN: I, I didn't send anyone to jail. All I did was call the police for back up. [shrugs] I mean, help. Advice. Anyway, I'm sure that once I talk to him we can...

[Dr. Abbott walks towards Dr. Brown, pointing his finger.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, yeah, right. Once you talk to him? No, no. I'll be talking to him from this point on. Thank you very much.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm the one that got him into the mess. The least I can do is help get him out of it.

DR. ABBOTT: And with your help, Marvin Harrison will end up in the electric chair.

[Rose intervenes and Dr. Abbott turns to face his wife.]

ROSE'S VOICE: You can both talk to him.

[On Rose.]

ROSE: (CONT'D) When Chief Murphy is done. [to everyone] Now if there are no more questions...

DAVENPORT'S VOICE: Yeah, just one more.

[On Davenport.]

DAVENPORT: (CONT'D) Do you know if the prisoner will be getting a hot lunch or just a sandwich?

[The people begin chattering again and Rose puts her hand to her like she's getting a headache.]

[Cut to a school bus passing. We're at Peak County High, exterior. We see a guy and a girl near each other. A bell rings. "Perfect Silence" by Scapecoat Wax is in the background but no lyrics yet. The guy and girl walk towards the school together. Then we cut to the interior. Ephram walks out of a class with a notebook in hand. We see what he sees which is several couples. Laynie comes up from her locker.]

LAYNIE: Nightmare, isn't it?

EPHRAM: So what's going on? [beat] Besides my exact version of hell on Earth.

LAYNIE: Spoils of war. These loads have all commercially dissolved against the unattached individual.

EPHRAM: Valentine's Day?

LAYNIE: The week after is always the worst.

[Ephram opens his locker. Laynie leans against a locker nearby.]

LAYNIE: (CONT'D) All of these newbie couples have a lifespan of a Monarch butterfly. By Friday, the halls will be littered with their crispy corpses.

EPHRAM: Friday? That soon, huh?

LAYNIE: Well, some of them will last. Through the weekend.

EPHRAM: Oh. That's reassuring.

LAYNIE: So it's not like a complete waste of time. Just more like, um, a minor diversion.

[Ephram closes his locker.]



EPHRAM: Maybe you want to do something with me this weekend.

LAYNIE: You're getting better at that.

[Ephram shifts his notebook to his right hand and begins to walk. Laynie grabs his left hand. They hold hands. We go in slow motion. Ephram smiles. Laynie looks happy. Ephram looks across and sees Amy afar. Amy spots them.]

AMY: Hey guys.

[Close on Ephram and Laynie's handholding. Ephram drops Laynie's hand. They share an awkward look at each other sort of. Amy doesn't notice.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Oh, Laynie, I wanted to give you, uh, Colin's biology homework so that you could give to your parents to take it to Denver. Um, that's the homework and that's the letter I wrote for him. It's kind of personal so...

LAYNIE: Cool, I'll make sure he gets it.

AMY: Cool. Thank you so much. See you later, Ephram.


[Laynie shifts what Amy gave her. Amy walks off.]

EPHRAM: Uh, so about this weekend? You, uh?

LAYNIE: I don't think I can. I forgot I already had plans.

EPHRAM: We, uh, just, uh...

[Bell rings.]

LAYNIE: I'm going to be late for class so I'll see you.

[Laynie rushes off. Ephram looks after and then in the opposite direction. Sort like he's thinking "What just happened?"]

[Cut to Marvin Harrison in a room at the police station. The doctors enter. Dr. Abbott first. We pan out to see Chief Roger Murphy.]

CHIEF MURPHY: He waived his right to have an attorney present for questioning.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, he'd wave for a red flag if you told it was a bullfighter, Roger.

[Dr. Abbott turns his attention to Marvin.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hello, Marvin.

[Marvin looks up.]

MARVIN: Did you catch The Tonight Show last night, Doc? I thought I'd bust a gut laughing.

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Brown] It's a good sign. He's enough mental clarity to comment on current TV programming.

DR. BROWN: Current? Since when did anyone bust a gut laughing at The Tonight Show? [shifts his attention to Marvin] Who's the host, Marvin?

MARVIN: Steve Allen, of course. Who else?

[Marvin looks to Dr. Brown like he's the crazy one.]

DR. ABBOTT: [under his breath] Oh, crimeny.

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute. He seems to who you are.

[Again, Dr. Brown shifts his attention to Marvin.]

DR. BROWN: Marvin, do you recognize Dr. Abbott?

MARVIN: Well, I've known Hal ever since I moved to Everwood. [to Dr. Abbott] How's Edna and the kids?

CHIEF MURPHY: Doc. He thinks you're your father.

DR. ABBOTT: With those crack powers of deduction, Roger, it's no wonder Everwood's crime rate is so low.

MARVIN: I tried to do what you said, Hal.

DR. ABBOTT: Tried what, Marvin? What did I say to do?

MARVIN: You said I'd get in trouble, remember? If I didn't get rid of the body. So I did. Now, I know you told me I should have burned it, Hal. But I couldn't. So I buried it in the backyard. Dead and buried.

CHIEF MURPHY: Dead and buried. Just like the note said. He did kill Horace Heppleman.

DR. BROWN: And he may have had an accomplice.

[Chief Murphy and Dr. Abbott look to Dr. Brown. Marvin begins singing Billie Holiday's "You Go to My Head" again.]

MARVIN: You go to my head. Like a sip of sparkling burgundy brew.

[Cut to Matt Lansing laying down a piece of music on the piano in the Brown living room. Ephram is sitting on the piano bench.]

MATT: Ludwig Van Beethoven. Piano Sonata No. 8 in C-Minor. Op. 13. Pathétique. Movement 3. Beethoven was only a little older than you when he wrote this.

EPHRAM: But did he have ten pages of algebra homework every night? I think not.

MATT: Play.

[Ephram does.]

MATT: Too slow.

[Ephram speeds up.]

MATT: Faster.

[Ephram speeds up again and looks down.]

MATT: Don't look down. It's still too slow.

[Matt slams down the cover for the piano.]

EPHRAM: You could have broken my fingers.

MATT: Yeah, you're young. You'd heal quick. Get up.

[Ephram can't believe this. But he does get up. Matt sits down on the piano bench. He begins to play the piece. He looks down some, it seems. Ephram watches. After a little while, Matt speaks.]

MATT: Your left hand is too slow to play the lower octaves.

[More playing.]

MATT: (CONT'D) You haven't been practicing.

[Matt stops playing. Ephram shrugs.]

EPHRAM: I was going to practice last week but it was Valentine's Day. I had a date.

MATT: Ah. Girl thing. Well, it happens to be the one excuse I'll accept. So what's the story?

[During the following line, Dr. Brown appears in the doorway with some food on a tray.]

EPHRAM: Ah, her name's Laynie. She's cool and for some reason, she likes me. That is when I'm not messing up.

MATT: Well, get used to it.

[Ephram chuckles. Then he notices his dad.]

EPHRAM: You need something?

[Matt turns to face Dr. Brown too.]

DR. BROWN: No. Nothing. I figured you guys were almost finished and I'd catch a little of the brillance.

MATT: We're just wrapping up.

[Dr. Brown goes into the living room.]

DR. BROWN: Ephram, do me a favor. Take this soup up to Delia and I'll write Matt a check.

[Ephram walks towards his dad.]

MATT: Later, Ephram.

DR. BROWN: Thanks.

[Ephram leaves. Dr. Brown begins to write the check.]

DR. BROWN: I don't know if you were aware of this, Matt, but when Ephram was nine, he played Chopin's Vilodo No. 3 all the way through without a single mistake.

MATT: Andy, I was wondering if you could, uh, maybe stay out of the room during our lesson.

DR. BROWN: Excuse me?

MATT: I wouldn't want to muddy the waters with whatever issues you and Ephram have with one another.

DR. BROWN: Well, we don't have any issues and [hands over the check] even if we did, I...

MATT: We ran a half-hour over so that will be one hundred and fifty instead.

[Dr. Brown begins writing a new check and glances up to at Matt while doing so. Probably thinking "Well you guys were probably talking during that overtime." Fade out.]



[Open in Brenda Baxworth's backyard. People are digging it up. We can see Chief Murphy. Brenda comes up to him and they begin talking. Davenport has a tape recorder in his hand and shoves it toward Dr. Abbott. Dr. Brown is nearby them.]

DAVENPORT: Here, Dr. Abbott, how do you feel about your father being the alleged accomplice?

DR. ABBOTT: Listen, Davenport, if you print one libelous word about my father, I will sue you and your Pinecone faster than Tom Sellix sued the National Enquirer. Now, I'm calling Rose, having the Mayor's office put an end to this charade.

[Dr. Abbott tries to go off but Dr. Brown stops him.]

DR. BROWN: If we oppose to this investigation, people will assume he's guilty.

DR. ABBOTT: But there's no evidence.

DR. BROWN: He confessed twice. He may have done this, Harold. I know it seems impossible but he may be a murderer.

DR. ABBOTT: You really think he did it, don't ya? And that my father helped cover it up?

DR. BROWN: How well did you know your father?

DR. ABBOTT: Well enough to know he's innocent. And I will not rest until his name is cleared. Even if I have to dig a hole to China myself in order to prove it.

[Dr. Abbott walks over to Marcus who is digging.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Here, give me that shovel, you dolt.

[Dr. Abbott grabs the shovel and begins digging.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) See, look at this. Look at it. Lookie here. See this. See. I told ya. Nothing here, folks. We can all go about our distance.

[We saw Brenda behind him while he rambled. Also a man holding a camcorder. He rams the shovel into the ground one more time. Something is hit.]

DR. BROWN: Wait a minute. You see that?

[We see. Chief Murphy looks down.]

CHIEF MURPHY: Let me in there.

[Chief Murphy digs with the shovel.]

CHIEF MURPHY: (CONT'D) Dear God in heaven. Human bones!

[The doctors glance at each other.]

[Cut to Ephram carrying flowers. He's going up to a house. He goes on the porch. He opens the screen door. He is about to knock when he chucks the flowers off the porch and shakes his head. Then he is about to knock again but decides to ring the doorbell at the last minute. He does.]

EPHRAM: [to himself] Don't screw up. Don't screw up. Do not screw up. Don't screw up. Don't screw up. Don't screw up.

[Laynie opens the door during the last one.]

LAYNIE: What are you doing here?

EPHRAM: Uh, I, um, I'm not sure.

LAYNIE: That much is clear.

[Laynie looks at him impatiently. He goes to get back the flowers he previously chucked. He then assumes his original position.]


[She accepts the flowers. A long silence.]

EPHRAM: So are we still on for tomorrow night?

LAYNIE: I told you I was busy.

EPHRAM: But you're not really busy, right?

LAYNIE: You just seemed so uncomfortable yesterday. Like I embarrassed you or something.

EPHRAM: Look, I'm going to mess things up eventually 'cause that's just what I do but at least give me a real chance to mess them up. I mean, I am capable of such stupidity you would be wasting my talent to end this now. So come out with me tomorrow night. I'll take you some place nice. I'm completely terrible on the second date. I wouldn't miss it if I had the chance. [beat] Please?

LAYNIE: So where are we going?

EPHRAM: Well, it's a surprise. It's a really really cool surprise.

LAYNIE: You have no idea where you're taking me.

EPHRAM: None whatsoever.

[Laynie smiles.]

LAYNIE: Well, I'll see you then.

[Laynie closes the door. We are on her side. She smiles. We see Ephram's silhouette go.]

[Cut to the Everwood police station, in a room. Dr. Brown is leaning against a chair. Chief Murphy is pacing in the background. Dr. Abbott is sitting in a chair in the background.]

DR. BROWN: Look, let's go through this one more time, Marvin. Is that Horace Heppleman buried in your backyard? Just say no and we can all go home.

MARVIN: Hal, is that you? Hal, I didn't even see you come in.

DR. ABBOTT: [bored] Hi there, Marvin. How is Peaches?

MARVIN: She's wonderful. She bought me this shirt.

[He gestures to his shirt.]

MARVIN: She says it makes me look as sharp as a tank.

DR. ABBOTT: Quite fashionable, yes.

[Dr. Brown walks to Dr. Abbott and speaks in a low voice.]

DR. BROWN: Ask him about the body.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, it's useless. He's never going to give us anything.

MARVIN: You didn't tell anyone our secret, did ya?

[Dr. Abbott looks to Dr. Brown. Dr. Brown nudges Dr. Abbott. Dr. Abbott stutters some.]

DR. ABBOTT: Uh, uh, no I didn't. Mum's the word, Marvin.

MARVIN: Like you said, don't tell anyone.

[Dr. Abbott gets up and goes to sit on the chair Dr. Brown was leaning on earlier. Dr. Brown sits in the chair Dr. Abbott was sitting in.]

DR. ABBOTT: Right. But, uh, I kinda need you to tell me now. Was it Horace Heppleman that you buried?

MARVIN: Peaches just fell for him. She adored that little... Jim.

DR. BROWN: Who's Jim?

DR. ABBOTT: Jim who?

MARVIN: I didn't mean to kill him, Hal. You know I didn't.

[We're on Dr. Abbott's perplexed face. Then on Dr. Brown's face that has the same reaction.]

[Cut to a main area of the police station. A vending machine is in the background. The doctors exit the room they were in. Dr. Abbott first.]

DR. BROWN: Well, sure cracked him.

DR. ABBOTT: Who the heck is Jim?

DR. BROWN: Who cares about Jim? We don't even know if Jim ever existed. They got no evidence, no last name, no motive. They can't hold Marvin on that.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, what about my father? Everyone still thinks he's complacent in a murder. This town holds onto a juicy scandal like it was the shroud of Terrin. They'll never let it go. My father's name will never be cleared. Not even if Marvin goes free. I don't think I can live with that.

[Dr. Abbott sets down his coat.]

DR. BROWN: You can send Edna over to Town Hall. Rose can get her access to any of the records we needed.

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, we can check birth certificates, property deeds, driver's licenses, anything. We can cross-reference. We can track down every Jim in Everwood history if we need to.

DR. BROWN: Here's what you do: I want you to go to my office and start assembling the bones from the site. You can use my examining table. I'll be right behind you.

DR. ABBOTT: Right.

[Dr. Abbott goes to the door but then stops.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Where are you going?

DR. BROWN: I gotta make dinner first.

[Dr. Abbott opens the door and Dr. Brown follows.]

[Cut to Ephram playing the piano in the living room of his house. Maybe it's the same piece as before. When he finishes, Matt claps.]

MATT: Ah, well, well. Someone got their groove on.

EPHRAM: I've been practicing.

MATT: Oh, practice my ass. You got mojo hitting those keys.

[Ephram chuckles.]

MATT: (CONT'D) Give up the goods. You hit that Laynie action or what?

EPHRAM: We have a date.

MATT: Oh, I see. Where's this, uh, date going to take place?

EPHRAM: Um, I'm not sure. I'm still working that.

MATT: OK, OK. It's not a problem. What are your options?

EPHRAM: I live in Everwood so my options are pretty much the dollar fifty movie theatre and the three dollar movie theatre. Both of which are currently playing Lilo and Stitch.

MATT: You ever hear of Ezekiel's?

EPHRAM: No. But it did sound religious which doesn't exactly spell out action in my mind.

MATT: Oh, no, dude, you're going to love it. It's a jazz bar about twenty-five minutes outta town. Very old school and the piano man will rock your world.

EPHRAM: But, it's a bar.

MATT: Yeah, but no worries. I know a guy who can get you on the list.

EPHRAM: But it's a bar.

MATT: Is that going to be a problem with your dad?

EPHRAM: Oh no. He'll be fine with it.

DR. BROWN'S VOICE: Over my dead body.

[Cut to Dr. Brown sitting by the sofa. Delia's lying on the sofa, still sick with the flu. Dr. Brown has a blanket in hand. It's later. Ephram apparently just asked him if he can go to the bar.]

DR. BROWN: Why are you asking me a question you already know the answer to?

EPHRAM: You know, I didn't have to tell you.

DR. BROWN: What's that mean?

[Dr. Brown sneezes.]

DR. BROWN: God, this whole blanket must be full of dust.

[Dr. Brown sets down the blanket over Delia.]

EPHRAM: It means I'm trying to be honest with you.

DR. BROWN: Well, let me be honest with you. You are going to a bar over my dead body.

DELIA: I think this compress needs more ice. It's not very cold, Daddy.


[Dr. Brown takes the compress from his daughter's forehead and begins to walk to the kitchen. Ephram follows.]

EPHRAM: Matt would put me on the list. I won't even need a fake ID.

DR. BROWN: Oh, that's comforting.

EPHRAM: Look, I'm not even going there to drink. Besides, Matt will be there.

[Dr. Brown chuckles.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, there's a ringing endorsement. I'm supposed to trust the guy who kicks me out of my own living room?

EPHRAM: No. You're supposed to trust me which you obviously don't.

DR. BROWN: I do trust you, Ephram. I just don't think it's appropriate for you to be hanging out in bars while you're still underage. I, I think that's pretty logical. Am I way out of line here? [beat] Look, why don't you take Laynie to a nice dinner? Say, at, uh, Alpine Creek? I can drive you.

EPHRAM: You know, Matt was right. You really don't get it.

DELIA'S VOICE: Where's that grape juice?

DR. BROWN: No, I don't get it. You're 15 years and, to tell you the truth, I don't appreciate Matt encourgaging to this type of behavior.

[Dr. Brown goes back into the living room. Ephram follows. Dr. Brown stands by the edge of the sofa.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I hired him to be your piano teacher. Not your frat buddy. [to Delia] How does that feel, sweetheart?

[Dr. Brown has placed the compress back on his daughter's forehead.]

DELIA: Better.

EPHRAM: Well, why do you have to ruin anything good that ever happens to me?

DR. BROWN: OK. Here's the deal: [pointing] You can go to the bar. But I'm chaperoning.

EPHRAM: Are you crazy? You want to go on my date with me?

DR. BROWN: Well, not, not with you, per se. I mean, I'll keep a respectable distance. You can think of me, as, as your, uh, your own private Secret Service.


DR. BROWN: No, no. That's my final offer. You heard the deal. Take it or leave it.

[On Ephram who can't believe it. He moves his head to the side a little.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott assembling the bones on Dr. Brown's examining table. We see posters with pictures of the Baxworth residence. Edna enters.]

EDNA: Burning the midnight oil, Junior?

DR. ABBOTT: Diligent is the word I'd use.

[Edna takes off her coat.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Still no word from City Hall?

EDNA: None. You know, I do remember Peaches talking about a Jim.

[Dr. Abbott looks up at this.]

EDNA: (CONT'D) I just, I just can't place it.

[She hands her son something.]

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you, Mother.

EDNA: It looks like an ulna.


EDNA: Just like your pops. Never left a thing undone once he started. Couldn't let a patient down. Here. Tibia, maybe?

[She hands it to her son.]

DR. ABBOTT: Yup. It's a disgrace that the ludaches of this town would for 10 seconds besmirch his name with these ridiculous allegations.

EDNA: Well, it's oftly sweet of you to defend your father but... He doesn't really need defending.

DR. ABBOTT: This doesn't bother you?

EDNA: I don't know who he was.

DR. ABBOTT: You don't think he was involved?

EDNA: Wh-- Do you?

[He shakes his head slightly.]

DR. ABBOTT: I don't know. I mean, Dad and I worked together side by side for 12 years but... Apart from cross-checking diagnoses and his lunchtime inquiries about Rose and the children... Well, let's just say we had a more formal relationship than I would have liked.

[Edna hands him a bone.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Something like this happens, you wonder whether I knew him at all.

[Dr. Abbott looks at the group of bones he has together in disbelief.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) No. No, this is wrong.

EDNA: What? It's the other half of the pelvic bone.

DR. ABBOTT: This can't be right. Unless...

[Edna helps her son hold it up.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Unless the man Marvin says he murdered was actually...

EDNA: [realizing] A woman.


[Dr. Abbott looks at it while we fade to black.]



[Open at Ezekiel's. A piano is being played off camera. It sounds like a jazz tune. On camera is a sign that says Ezekiel's and has some music notes on the sign. A waitress walks by the sign. We follow with her and see the jazz pianist. Behind the pianist, we see Laynie and Ephram dressed up.]

EPHRAM: Oh, that's just showing off.

LAYNIE: He looks older than my grandpa. Can you believe he's moving his fingers that fast?

EPHRAM: He's got to be working some serious bengay.

[Laynie laughs. They watch the pianist play. The pianist finishes the piece. Laynie, Ephram, and the rest of the people in the bar clap. The pianist starts his next piece.]

LAYNIE: So... OK. Number one, how did you get us in here? Two, how did you find this place? And three, how did you get us in here?

EPHRAM: Oh, I've got connections.

LAYNIE: Mob ties?

EPHRAM: Oh, yeah. I'm all kinds of dangerous.

[Laynie laughs.]

LAYNIE: So... I don't know how to break this to you.

EPHRAM: You're married?


EPHRAM: You're leaving the country?


EPHRAM: You're marrying Bright and then leaving the country?

LAYNIE: I was gonna to say I don't know how to break this to you but... you're not messing this up.

[A beat before Ephram speaks.]

EPHRAM: You know, under normal circumstances, I'd try to lean in for the kiss right now but...

[Ephram turns around and looks over at the bar. Laynie looks too. We see Dr. Brown at the bar.]

DR. BROWN: ...There is pretty...

LAYNIE: Dad cramping your style?

EPHRAM: A little bit. Yeah.

LAYNIE: No problem. I've got you covered.

[Laynie kisses him. Then, after a while, she breaks it off. Ephram smiles.]

EPHRAM: Smooth.

LAYNIE: I know. I'm all kinds of dangerous.

[Cut to the bar part of Ezekiel's. Dr. Brown sits next to Dr. Abbott. Dr. Brown sneezes and has tissue in hand.]

DR. ABBOTT: It looks like you're getting down with the flu.

DR. BROWN: I don't get sick. I never get sick.

DR. ABBOTT: You've been sneezing, you're turning gray. Did you get a flu shot?

DR. BROWN: You know, Harold, we've never been around each other this much in a two-day period and I'm starting to realize why.

[Dr. Brown takes a sip from his glass.]

DR. ABBOTT: Why, exactly, did we choose this hole in the wall for our tete-a-tete?

DR. BROWN: Ephram's here on a date.

[They look to Ephram and Laynie. We see the teens. Then we go back to the doctors.]

DR. ABBOTT: Your underage son has a date at a bar. Not only you know about it, you're present for it?

DR. BROWN: I'm chaperoning.

DR. ABBOTT: Maybe you have bigger problems than just murder.

DR. BROWN: I'm trying to be a good father by encouraging my son's friendship with his jazz-playing piano teacher. Who I hate.

[Dr. Abbott looks to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) You kinda had to be there. But in the overall rubric of our twisted family dynamic, it actually makes sense. Bartender, another water and a Kleenex chaser if you got one.

[Bartender chuckles off camera.]


DR. BROWN: [to Dr. Abbott] So, what do we got?

DR. ABBOTT: We got a man's name with no person attached, a woman's bones with no name attached, perpetuator with no memory attached. It's bleak.

DR. BROWN: You know, it speaks volumes about your father that you're so determined to clear his name.

DR. ABBOTT: It's what any son would do.

DR. BROWN: Yeah. At least he's a father that's not a moron.

DR. ABBOTT: You said it, not me.

DR. BROWN: Ay, you were right about Ephram. I've got all the parenting techniques of a fichus.

DR. ABBOTT: I was trying to teach Bright how to ride a bike for the first time. I got so fed up with him I made him cry.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but that was just one incident.

DR. ABBOTT: Are you kidding? Oh no. I made Bright cry all over again when I tried to teach him how to, how to swim. And shave. Drive a car.

DR. BROWN: You think there's any limit to the number of times you can tell a kid you're sorry before he starts to realize you'll never get it right?

[Dr. Brown looks to Ephram and Laynie. He rises. His cell is ringing.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, this was just a terrible idea. Yeah.

[He answers after two rings.]

DR. BROWN: [into phone] Hello?

MALE VOICE: Dr. Brown?

DR. BROWN: This is he.

[Cut to someone in a phone booth by Hotel Star.]

MALE: I know something. Something about the murder.

[Cut to back to Ezekiel's.]

DR. BROWN: You do? What do you know?

[Dr. Brown reaches his hand out to Dr. Abbott.]

[Cut to the phone booth.]

MALE: Meet me and I'll tell you.

[Back to Ezekiel's.]

DR. BROWN: Well, why can't you tell me now?

[Back to the phone booth.]

MALE: Well, let's just say I got something you want and you got something I want. Meet me down at the old County Brackeny in an hour.

[Back at Ezekiel's.]

DR. BROWN: Who is this?

[At the phone booth.]

MALE: And bring your doctor's bag with you.

[Male hangs up. At Ezekiel's, Dr. Brown looks in shock.]

DR. ABBOTT: What was that?

DR. BROWN: I think we just got our first anonymous tip. Let's go.

[Dr. Brown starts to go. Dr. Abbott follows.]

DR. BROWN: Grab me some pretzels.

[Dr. Abbott does and they leave.]

[Cut to the table where Ephram and Laynie are sitting. Laynie laughs.]

LAYNIE: He could be a pro.

EPHRAM: I am a pro.

LAYNIE: I'm having a good time, Ephram. [beat] I just, I don't know. Yet the other day when I saw Amy, I thought you maybe liked her or something.

EPHRAM: Oh, Amy and I? Oh no. We're totally just friends. I mean, we hung out a bit. But we talked about your brother a lot. It was all Colin all the time. I tried to get her to diversify but no luck.

LAYNIE: It's so ironic.

EPHRAM: What's that?

LAYNIE: Her being so devoted to him when he was going to break up with her.

[Laynie looks to see Ephram's reaction.]

EPHRAM: Wh-What are you talking about?

LAYNIE: Well, I mean, he was thinking about it at least. He told me a few days before the accident. He liked her but not as much as she liked him.

EPHRAM: Did you tell Colin that when he came home?

LAYNIE: Well, I didn't have the heart. Now I don't have to. He's fallen in love with her. And this time, it's pretty equal.

EPHRAM: So Amy has no idea?

LAYNIE: Well, no.



EPHRAM: You cannot tell her. You cannot tell her.

LAYNIE: Why would I tell her? I'm not an idiot.

EPHRAM: Well, I, I didn't mean it like that. I just...

LAYNIE: I know what you meant.

[Silence. Ephram puts his hand to his forehead like he can't believe he just did what he did.]

[Cut to a spooky place. I think it's the place the male on the phone told Dr. Brown to go. We see a car pull up. It stops and we see people get out of the car. Upon a closer look, we see it's the town doctors. Dr. Brown holds a flashlight. They look around. Dr. Abbott's a little frightened.]

DR. ABBOTT: What the hell? What the...

DR. BROWN: How would I know?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, did it sound human to you?

DR. BROWN: Yeah. In a metal hand scraping on concrete kind of way.

DR. ABBOTT: This is an ambush. What is good about ants on a hot tarbank?

DR. BROWN: Why would anyone want to ambush us?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, you know, why does a homocide make me want to do anything? You know, we know nothing about the identity or the creditability of this guy. He could be some diabolical publicity mongreling lunatic.

[We see Charlie from the beginning of the episode walk up to the doctors.]

DR. BROWN: Charlie. What are you doing here?

CHARLIE: I tried getting here before you arrived. But it's slow going with this thing.

DR. BROWN: You're the one who made the call?

[Charlie hands something to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) What's this?

CHARLIE: I got eyes. The cops go through, they miss things. I found something they overlooked. Now. Me. You got the bag?

DR. BROWN: Yeah.

CHARLIE: Get out your prescription pad.

DR. ABBOTT: Charlie Cancelbocker. I'm shocked. That you would exploit a moment like this for personal gain. You are aware that narotic use is illegal in these United States?

[Charlie chuckles.]

CHARLIE: Who said anything about narotics? [to Dr. Brown] Viagara, Brown. Two bottles. Fill her up.

[Dr. Brown looks to Dr. Abbott and then begins writing.]

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Brown] Well, I can't believe you just tossed aside your Hippocratic Oath aside with not so much a blush.

[Dr. Brown hands Charlie the sheet. Charlie walks off.]

DR. BROWN: I wrote him a prescription for Flintstone vitamins.

[Dr. Brown opens what Charlie gave him and looks at it. Dr. Abbott holds the flashlight.]

DR. ABBOTT: What's in it? Is it a clue?

DR. BROWN: Family photos.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, you're kidding me.

DR. BROWN: Marvin and Peaches' Grand Canyon trip. Marvin and Peaches' wedding night. Marvin and Peaches' Town Hall retirement party.

DR. ABBOTT: Great. Great. Great, great. What we needed. What we really needed right now after driving seven and a half miles outside of town to, to haggle with that, that Jerry Asstrick shyster in this godforsaken rabbit-infested arson hazard. Is a nice stroll down Memory Lane. With Marvin and Peaches.

DR. BROWN: And Jim. Marvin, Peaches, and Jim.

[Dr. Abbott comes over and as Dr. Brown holds the flashlight, we see a picture of a young Marvin and Peaches. Also in the picture is a dog.]

DR. BROWN: Their dog.

[Dr. Abbott looks to Dr. Brown.]

[Cut to the Hart home. Ephram and Laynie are walking up the pathway. They go to the porch in silence. Laynie opens the screen door. Silence for a little bit before Ephram breaks it.]

EPHRAM: I think I broke some kind of bad record.

LAYNIE: Are you trying to be charming?

EPHRAM: It depends. Is it working?

[Silence and Laynie shakes her head.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Look, I don't know what to say.

[Laynie zips up her purse, I think. I know I hear a sound like something's being zipped.]

LAYNIE: Then don't say anything.

EPHRAM: I want to be honest with you, Laynie. But it's hard because I didn't even know I wasn't being honest with you until tonight.

LAYNIE: Denial works in some mysterious ways.

[Laynie turns to go inside. But Ephram speaks and she turns around.]

EPHRAM: You know, you were right about Amy. I guess I've always had this thing for her. I don't want to. I try not to. But can't help it. You know, I met you and I thought you were so cool. And it would just erase everything I felt for her. But it didn't and now I feel like a total jerk for hurting your feelings.

LAYNIE: Ephram, I've had a really rough year so, like, on my scale of misery, you barely even register. Don't beat yourself up.

EPHRAM: Barely register?

LAYNIE: You know, brother in a coma...

[She shakes her head.]

EPHRAM: I never wanted to be in a coma so much before I came to Everwood.

LAYNIE: This place can do that to you.


LAYNIE: (CONT'D) So look, no harm, no foul. We're cool. Really.

[Another beat.]

LAYNIE: (CONT'D) I'll see you around.

EPHRAM: See you, Laynie.]

[Laynie goes inside and closes the door. We see Ephram roll his head and leave. Fade to black.]



[Open on the exterior of Everwood Police Station.]

DR. ABBOTT'S VOICE: So Jim was a dog.

[Cut to the interior of the station. We see Marvin sitting at the table in the investigation room. Dr. Abbott is pacing around him. Chief Murphy is sitting a little ways away.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) A detail you might have mentioned earlier but really no inconvenience. Don't give it another thought.

MARVIN: Peaches couldn't take her eyes off that nasty little poodle.

DR. ABBOTT: And Peaches loved that poodle more than she loved you. That's why you killed him. You were jealous of your own dog.

MARVIN: I came out of the garage too fast. I didn't know he was there. Peaches's always telling me to slow down. But why own a Caddy if you can't push it to the limit?

[We hear a sneeze. It's from Dr. Brown.]


DR. ABBOTT: Cover your mouth. You're going to give Marvin your flu.

DR. BROWN: I don't have the flu. This is just my allergies acting up.

DR. ABBOTT: You're interrupting my investigation.

DR. BROWN: [rising] The investigation is over! He ran over his dog. By accident. The worst they can do is send him to driving school.

MARVIN: I had to bury him before Peaches found out.

DR. BROWN: Case closed, people.

[Dr. Brown has reached the door.]

MARVIN: That's where I found the bones.

DR. BROWN: You found the bones, did you say?

MARVIN: You told me to keep it a secret. You said if anyone finds out, property values go down.

DR. BROWN: Oh, good. Great. That's great. We just solved the real estate mystery.

[Dr. Abbott sits.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) I gotta tell ya, I, I feel used.

CHIEF MURPHY: Whether he hit the dog or not, what are human bones doing in a man's backyard? Now that's still a question that needs answering.

DR. BROWN: Well, it may need answering by somebody but not Marvin. At this point, you got no reason to believe he had anything to do with it. We can all go home. Finally.

CHIEF MURPHY: I don't think so, Brown.

DR. BROWN: Achoo!

MARVIN: Sounds like you got the flu.

DR. BROWN: No, I don't got the flu, I...

DR. ABBOTT: [rising] Oh, for heaven's sake, you have the flu. Next year, why don't you just take the damn flu shot?

MARVIN: Flu's a dangerous illness. Kills people every year.

[Dr. Abbott gets an idea, it seems.]

MARVIN: (CONT'D) Polio is another dozy.

DR. ABBOTT: That's, that's it or it could be it.

[Dr. Abbott grabs his coat.]

DR. ABBOTT: I need to look into something. Meet me at Brenda's with Davenport and all the press you can round up in three hours.

DR. BROWN: What are you looking into?

[Dr. Abbott leaves without a word to Dr. Brown. Chief Murphy looks to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: He'll tell me later.

[Dr. Brown leaves and closes the door.]

[Cut to a hallway at Peak County High. We see Ephram wandering around a corner with something in hand. Amy comes into his path, carrying a book. They walk together.]

AMY: Ephram, um, have you seen Laynie? I have a letter I wanted to give her.

EPHRAM: Oh, I haven't seen her in today. Sorry.

[Beat as Ephram looks down to the floor.]

AMY: You OK? You look kind of sad.

EPHRAM: Oh, I always look sad. It's my thing.

AMY: Oh. [switches topic] Um, so, Colin's coming home tomorrow and I was thinking that since last time we all went out it was such a disaster that...

EPHRAM: It was?

AMY: Yeah, it was for me.


AMY: Um, I was just, um, kinda all over the place about things but now I'm totally normal again. I mean, normal for me, that is. And I think we should all go out together again.

EPHRAM: All right. It sounds great. Except... Laynie and I aren't really going out anymore.

AMY: Oh. Why?

EPHRAM: We just didn't...

[Ephram tries to find the right word.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) ...fit exactly.

AMY: Hmm, I'm really sorry about that. It really sucks.

EPHRAM: Oh, it's all right. I'll live.

AMY: It's... hard to find a good fit. You know, it's like... jeans. You know, most people have one good pair and they wear them to death.

EPHRAM: While others will forever be Dockers.

AMY: I wouldn't worry. You're not a Dockers kinda guy.


AMY: Nope. You're a...

[Amy looks him over.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Diesel all the way.

[They walk off camera. Ephram chuckles.]

[Cut to Dr. Abbott standing on a podium of sorts at Brenda Baxworth's residence. Many people are gathered including Brenda, Chief Murphy, Davenport, Marcus, and Rose. A guy is taping Dr. Abbott.]

DR. ABBOTT: From the spring of 1918 to the winter of 1919, twenty five percent of America contracted the Spanish flu.

BRENDA: Oh, my poor sprim rose.

DR. ABBOTT: It was arguably the worst epidemic in American history killing over...

[Dr. Brown sneezes.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Six hundred thousand people in one year.

[Dr. Abbott pauses to take a breath. Davenport sees this as an opportunity.]

DAVENPORT: Excuse me, Doc. What does this have to do with the price of cheese in Canada?

[Rose looks from Davenport to her husband.]

DR. ABBOTT: Alright, alright. Now in small towns like Everwood, when so many people died, mass burials were performed. Plots of land all over the county became burial grounds for those who died. They couldn't bury them fast enough.

[Brenda looks bored. Dr. Abbott looks in the book in his left hand.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) Now, Everwood is known to have such a site. Though no demarcation of it exists today.

BRENDA: Oh, so what? Who the heck cares about what happened back in 1918?

DR. ABBOTT: Well, Brenda, you should. Because if I am right, your house is located over that mass burial site.

[Brenda is shocked.]


[Dr. Abbott steps from where he was standing.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) I've taken the liberty to dig a fresh hole just a few feet away from where the first bones were found. A few more shovels and we should uncover a whole new set of bones. Buried in 1918 and not by the Honorable Judge Marvin Harrison.

BRENDA: This is ridiculous! I... If there's anybody would know if there's dead bodies buried underneath their house, it's me. I'm in real estate. I'm an ag

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