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#111 : Un conte de Thanksgiving

Titre en VO : "A Thanksgiving Tale" - Titre en VF : "Un conte de Thanksgiving"
¤ USA : diffusé le 25/11/02 - France : diffusé le 23/11/03
¤ Scénario : Vanessa Taylor - Réalisation : David Petrarca
¤ Guest-stars : Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeny), John Savage (Daniel Maxwell), Robert Peters (Marty Maxwell), Jensen Buchanan (Roxanne Maxwell), Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott) et Ryan Armstrong (Sam Feeney).

Julia, la mère de la famille Brown, préparait chaque année pour Thanksgiving un festin grandiose accompagné de traditions familiales.

Thanksgiving approche cette année et Délia désire une fête identiques aux précédantes. Pour faire plaisir à sa soeur, Ephram va se mettre aux fourneaux sous les conseils d'Amy.

Harold Abbott passe chaque année un examen médical complet à Denver pour s'assurer de sa parfaite santé. Mais cette fois-ci une petite tache apparaît sur la radiographie. Inquiet et persuadé de mourir sous peu, il décide de se faire mieux apprécier de la communauté avant de partir pour l'au-delà.

Le Dr Brown a pour patient un homme qui souffre d'une maladie du rein et a besoin d'une greffe. Le seul espoir qui lui reste est son frère avec lequel il est en froid depuis de nombreuses années et qui vit en pleine forêt.

Plus de détails


[Open on a hazy sort of view in the forest. A man, whose name we'll later find out to be Daniel Maxwell, walks through it. Music that sounds like a song from the movie Titanic starts to play, very soothing. Eventually a car comes up with the headlights on, shining light on Daniel and then the light goes off him.]

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom, there lived a man who was hardly a man. He had forgotten the way voices sound so long had he been exiled. Exiled to a cold dark puddle at the center of the forest. It's been so many years now this legend is kept only by the faithful.

[The person who was driving turns off the car and gets a package out of the car. The person drops it off and then drives off. Daniel stays off, blending in with the shadows.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) As for this man...

[Cut to Daniel's house made of wood in the middle of the forest. Lights are on. We see that he has many books, especially old ones like the classics. It's the simple life.]

NARRATOR: (CONT'D) ...you could say he is still living. But you could also say that he's been erased from humankind.

[We see Daniel looking through the package he got. There's some more books. When he gets to the turkey, he looks at it strangely and sets it down.]

[Smash cut to the Brown kitchen. Ephram and Delia are eating their cereal for breakfast. Dr. Brown sets down the turkey he got and looks at it. Apparently, it is too big.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I'll be darn. Nobody told me you had to take measurements. I guess there's no reason why we can't carve the turkey first and then cook it. Would that be strange?

EPHRAM: [getting up] All right.

[Dr. Brown goes on talking to himself, seemingly not listening to Ephram. Dr. Brown does some show-y thing with his hands.]

DR. BROWN: It would still taste the same. Probably better in fact because if you had both sides...


[Dr. Brown shuts up.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Give it up!

DELIA: Mom had a turkey that was too big once.

DR. BROWN: She did? What did she do?

[Delia does something with her hands. Off camera, we can hear Ephram opening and closing the refrigerator.]

DELIA: She put it to the size of the foil and pushed it in.

EPHRAM: [pouring himself some orange juice] She said, "once it was garnished, no one would know."

[Dr. Brown takes a sip of his coffee. Delia has gotten up and brings back a book.]

DELIA: It's all in here. [to Ephram] Do you remember how Mom made the stuffing with the apricots?

EPHRAM: Yeah. [pointing to something in the book] And look, there are those biscuits with the cheese in them. Remember that?

DELIA: [to her dad] Can we make Thanksgiving like Mom's?

DR. BROWN: Well, you know, sweetheart, your mom was really into these things and she had been doing it so long...

DELIA: [excited] Look! There's the cinnamon rhubarb pie!

[Dr. Brown looks like he just thought of something. He walks over to get the phone.]

DR. BROWN: You know what, you guys? I have a brilliant idea.

[Dr. Brown dials a number. Behind him, Ephram and Delia look curious about what he is gonna do.]

DR. BROWN: [on the phone] Yeah, hey Art? Andy Brown. Listen, I'm under the impression that Mama Joy's does Thanksgiving dinners that you can pick up? You do? Great!

[Dr. Brown takes the phone away from his ear and nods enthusiastically to his kids. Delia turns to Ephram and they share a look that says that they aren't so thrilled that their Thanksgiving won't be as special as it has been in the past.]

DR. BROWN: [on the phone] Uhhhhh, good question. I don't know. How many pounds would you recommend? Twelve pounds, OK.



[Open on Dr. Abbott exiting his office. He looks at the Thanksgiving shoppers and shakes his head. He walks to his car, next to which is Dr. Brown's car. Dr. Brown is by his car.]

DR. ABBOTT: Morning, Brown.

DR. BROWN: Where are you off to this early?

DR. ABBOTT: My yearly physical.

DR. BROWN: I didn't see you in my appointment book?

DR. ABBOTT: I have a chromosome minimum where my own physician is concerned. He's in Denver. And what are you doing with that bird?

DR. BROWN: I'm returning it. I ordered Thanksgiving at Mama Joy's. Can you return a turkey?

DR. ABBOTT: I suppose you call the New York City Mayor's office and find out.

DR. BROWN: It's nice to see your wit only sharpens as the Yule approaches.

DR. ABBOTT: [snarky] The Yule. Oh, don't tell me you're like all those other seasonal ninnies that string Thanksgiving through New Year's into one big annoying holiday.

DR. BROWN: You'd better watch it, Harold. The last guy to talk like this was visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

DR. ABBOTT: I appreciate the tip. Ghosts being your specialty.

[Dr. Abbott hops in his car. Dr. Brown smiles.]

[Cut to inside the Brown Family Clinic. Dr. Brown dumps the turkey on the desk in front of Edna.]

DR. BROWN: I need you to return this.

EDNA: Return it?

DR. BROWN: Or cook it for Irv and yourself.

EDNA: What's wrong with it?

DR. BROWN: Nothing's wrong with it. I ordered Thanksgiving from Mama Joy's.

EDNA: Raised the white flag a little early, didn't you?

DR. BROWN: Well, it seemed the most merciful decision for everyone involved.

EDNA: [handing the file] Here's the Maxwell file. He and the missus will be in in five.

[Dr. Brown leaves.]

EDNA: Whoa, they saw *you* coming.

DR. BROWN: [off-screen] I heard that.

[Cut to inside Dr. Brown's office. He's in a consultation with the Maxwells, Marty and Roxanne.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I wish I had better news for you. You've tolerated the dialysis for as long as any of us could hope, Marty. But with this new development, I can't treat all the secondary symptoms in a comprehensive way and I can't attack the underlying problem without surgical intervention. In short, you need a new kidney.

ROXANNE: Are you sure that I can't...


DR. BROWN: Well, we know you're not a match, Roxanne and let me tell ya, you don't even wanna consider an un-matched transplant.

ROXANNE: I mean, but it seems so unfair. If I have an extra one, why...?

DR. BROWN: I know. Normally, I'd put Marty on the UNOS list. But since we've already anticipate that his blood pressure is gonna be a problem, I think the only real option is to find a family member who's willing to donate.

MARTY: My dad died last winter. He was it.

DR. BROWN: Well... we can always try to keep your blood pressure down with new medications, but new medications mean new side effects and, even so...

MARTY: [discouraged] No sure thing.

DR. BROWN: No sure thing. [beat] Well, why don't we meet again next week, all right? In the meantime, I'll do some homework on this and... Marty, your medical file here says that you have a brother. I'm assuming he's also deceased?

[Marty and Roxanne look at each other for a moment, unsure.]

ROXANNE: Actually, no.

DR. BROWN: No? Great! Then maybe we could set up a conference.

MARTY: I don't think that would be possible.

DR. BROWN: Well, if it's an issue of distance, we can have his hospital arrange to have him...

MARTY: It's not distance.

DR. BROWN: Well, then, what is the issue?

MARTY: I don't have a brother, Dr. Brown. Not anymore.

[As often as he always is, Dr. Brown looks puzzled.]

[Cut to Delia standing on a chair trying to reach the top shelf in a closet. Ephram walks in.]

EPHRAM: [rushing to her] Hey! Hey. What are you doing? Get down. It's not steady.

DELIA: The chair was too short.

EPRHAM: What are you looking for anyway?

[Delia has a box.]

DELIA: These.

EPHRAM: Mom's Thanksgiving books?

DELIA: [correcting him] The 'grateful' books. This one's last year.

EPHRAM: [reading] "We are grateful for Ephram's piano playing, which sounds like angels dancing on the keyboard." "We are grateful for Nonny's successful hip operation."

DELIA: [pulling out another one] The one before is even better.

EPHRAM: You know, I used to think these things were stupid.

DELIA: You told her they looked like a third grade art project.

EPHRAM: I was a punk.

DELIA: She thought it was funny. Besides, she knew you really liked them.

[Ephram stares at her for a moment and picks up on her unhappiness.]

EPHRAM: You know, there'll still be a Thanksgiving this year, Delia.

DELIA: It won't be the same.

EPHRAM: You don't know that.

DELIA: Yes, I do. Dad just wants to bring the food in containers, there's no parade down the street and Mom's not here to make her book.

EPHRAM: You can watch the parade on TV. Dad's not cooking, that's like an early Hanukkah present.

DELIA: It won't be any good this year. I wish Thanksgiving wouldn't come at all.

[Delia mopes off into another room leaving her brother looking hurt.]

[Cut to the end of Dr. Abbott's physical with Dr. Mason Lewis. He's just getting changed.]

DR. LEWIS: Why should this year be any different from last year? Or the year before that? Or the year before that? It's uncanny, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Ah, let me guess. PSA: 1.5, LDL: 118, HGL: 58bp 122/62, Heart rate 62 and weight, 8% below the insurance guidelines?

DR. LEWIS: You've been a textbook male for all the time I've known you. Don't know why you keep coming back in.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, if that's all, I'll be on my way. Until next year, Mason.

DR. LEWIS: Sure. Just need you to pop back in after the holidays for another MRI. Got any big Thanksgiving plans?

[Dr. Abbott starts to get nervous.]

DR. ABBOTT: Pop back in for another MRI?

DR. LEWIS: It's most probably nothing. The body scan we took picked up a small, um, I don't even know what to call it. A spot.

DR. ABBOTT: A spot?

DR. LEWIS: A growth. *Maybe*.

DR. ABBOTT: A growth? Way to bury the lead, Mason.

DR. LEWIS: This is absolutely nothing to be alarmed about. It could be anything. All these new technologies, they have their share of quirks.

DR. ABBOTT: Quirks?

DR. LEWIS: A disproportionate number of false positives. You know this, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Listen, if there's anything else you're not telling me...

DR. LEWIS: There's nothing I'm not telling you. This is just a precaution. But I want you to humor me. Come back in, that's it.

DR. ABBOTT: That's not it. Let's do it today.

DR. LEWIS: I'm booked up. Come back in after Thanksgiving. You're worrying far too much about this. This is no big deal. Give my love to Rose.

[Dr. Abbott lets out an "I can't believe it" laugh.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Nina is filling Dr. Brown in on the back story surrounding the Maxwells.]

NINA: It's legendary around here. The story of Marty Maxwell's brother. Daniel Maxwell was the most brilliant mind Everwood has ever known. The great scholar of romantic literature with a head only for his works and his books.

DR. BROWN: No social butterfly, huh?

NINA: Mmm hmm. Which is why the whole town was stunned when he got married. But, the marriage didn't last because one day, for no reason at all, Danny went crazy.

DR. BROWN: Well, actually, the onset of mental illness tends to be gradual...

NINA: He extended into madness just like the poor ladies he used to write about.

DR. BROWN: In a day?

NINA: Mmm hmm. Left his house on Summer Square, never came back. Moved into the woods. Lived out there ever since.

DR. BROWN: He moved into the woods?

NINA: Mmm hmm.

DR. BROWN: OK, this is starting to sound like one of Ephram's comic books. I mean, did he own a house out there? Or did he buy it? Or... When did he buy it? A house move takes at least a month. What, was he a squire?

NINA: It's a legend, Andy, not a real periodical.

DR. BROWN: Well, it all sounds very iffy to me.

NINA: Ah, I saw the shack once.

DR. BROWN: You did?

NINA: Mmm hmm. Went out to deliver some food a few years ago, it nearly scared me out of my wits. It was like dropping off food for the boogey man.

DR. BROWN: Could you draw me a map of where you went?

NINA: Are you gonna go see him? You're a brave man, Andy.

DR. BROWN: [handing her a napkin] You. Map. Draw.

[Nina pulls out a pen and starts drawing.]

[Cut to the Brown home. Ephram is in the kitchen preparing food. Dr. Brown walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Finally had it with my cooking?

EPHRAM: I'm practicing the biscuits.

DR. BROWN: Art said that they were included.

EPHRAM: I know. I canceled Art's.


EPHRAM: I'm gonna do it. The way Mom used to.

DR. BROWN: Well, I was gonna do it the way Mom did too. But just faster.

EPHRAM: I can do this.

DR. BROWN: You know, Ephram, being Mom isn't as easy as it looks. I've been trying for the better part of a year and as miraculous and as wonderful as we all thought she was, we have no idea...

EPHRAM: I know who Mom was. I just need the credit card for groceries.

DR. BROWN: You sure you wanna do this? 'Cause Art's is fine, it'll be so much easier.

EPHRAM: Delia wants it to be like Mom's.

DR. BROWN: OK, well if you're gonna cook, I'll help you.

EPHRAM: Ah! It's alright. I've got it.

DR. BROWN: You don't have to do this, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Yes, I do. For Delia.



[Open on a funeral.]

PRIEST: Well, God bless this grave. Send her angels to watch over it. Forgive the sins of our brother, Harold Abbott Jr., whom we bury here this day.

[Dr. Abbott is there, dressed in a grey patient's outfit. No one can see him.]

DR. ABBOTT: Rose! Rose! What is going on here? Rose?

[The only mourners at the funeral are Dr. Abbott's immediate family (excluding Edna and Irv) and the priest.]

PRIEST: Lord God, welcome our brother, Harold Abbott.

[Dr. Abbott looks down at the gravestone, which has his name.]

DR. ABBOTT: *MY* funeral? I'm right here. What is the meaning of this?

[Dr. Brown walks up next to Rose.]

DR. BROWN: I'm so sorry, Rose.

DR. ABBOTT: You. What are you doing here?

ROSE: Thank you, Dr. Brown.

DR. BROWN: He was a good man.

DR. ABBOTT: You don't know what kind of man I was, you hypocritical windbag. You have no idea what kind of man I was. You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't a chance to steal even more of my patients!

DR. BROWN: [to Rose] I'm sure more people would have come if it wasn't for the cold.

DR. ABBOTT: Cold? Cold? It's positively balmy and you came you little pisser.

ROSE: I just wish we could have filled the seats.

DR. BROWN: There are some full ones.

[They look over to reveal two grave diggers sitting in seats. The rest are empty.]

DR. ABBOTT: No one came to my funeral? No one but my family and this... horses ass? Is there nothing sacred? Where is everybody? WHERE IS EVERYBODY!

[The camera zooms in on his face and he wakes up gasping in bed.]

ROSE: Harold?! Harold, you're having a bad dream.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm alive.

ROSE: For now. Try and get some sleep.


ROSE: Yes, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: Would you say I'm a good husband?

ROSE: [tired] The best, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: Good father?

ROSE: Again, the best.

DR. ABBOTT: Would you say I'm popular? In Everwood?

ROSE: [turning over] I love you, Harold. Now, go to sleep.

[He's obviously shaken.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown in the woods, following Nina's map.]

DR. BROWN: OK. Go past the crossing of old stones although with all the snow they could've been deer droppings. Go fifty paces - then, what is a pace? Whose paces are they? OK, now take a left at that big pine. Which pine? This is such a crappy map, Nina.

[Dr. Brown looks up and notices the pine.]

DR. BROWN: OK, I take it back. Big pine. A kingdom for a machete.

[Cut to Main Street. Ephram and Delia are shopping.]

EPHRAM: Hey. Where did you go?

DELIA: What's the difference between condensed** milk and evaporated?

EPHRAM: I don't know. Pick the one it says on the list.

DELIA: It just said canned.

EPHRAM: Well, get both.


[Delia runs off to the store. Ephram eyes the list as Amy and her mother approach.]

EPHRAM: Fat separated.

AMY: Ephram!

ROSE: Hello, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Mrs. Abbott, Amy, hey.

ROSE: [to Amy] I'm just gonna pop across and get some cranberries from the stand. Can you get the nuts your father likes for the dressing, OK?


[Amy turns to Ephram.]

AMY: Doing the shopping yourself?

EPHRAM: Oh not exactly, I'm...

DELIA: I got all of them!

AMY: Hey, Delia.

DELIA: Hi, Amy. At Mama Joy's, they had apple pie, pumpkin pie and pecan pie.

EPHRAM: I think we only need one.

DELIA: Mom used to have three kinds of pie, remember?

EPHRAM: OK. OK, all right fine. Go get 'em.

[Delia smiles as she runs off to Mama Joy's.]

EPHRAM: It's her favorite holiday.

AMY: I can see that.

EPHRAM: My dad's not too into it.

AMY: It's cool that you would do this for her.

EPHRAM: Well, try saying that after she dies of food poisoning.

AMY: Sometimes, I think Thanksgiving itself can be kind of a natural disaster.

EPHRAM: Well, I'm about to scientifically prove that.

AMY: It could be fun though, under the right circumstances, making a mess and all. Cooking's like mud pies for grown ups.

EPHRAM: Well, I'll try and think of it that way.

AMY: Hey, if this isn't just a brother-sister thing, I could help if you wanted.


[Amy walks away and Ephram grins.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown approaching the cabin. A bear approaches from the other side. Dr. Brown doesn't notice it at first.]

DR. BROWN: [knocking on the door] Hello? Hello? Mr. Maxwell?

[No one answers and the bear roars which frightens Dr. Brown. He tries to say something but can't. The bear stands on two feet.]

DR. BROWN: OK. Are you the kind of bear where I'm supposed to run, or play dead? A simple point will signify your answer.

[The bear roars again which makes Dr. Brown jump and fall backwards. The bear calms down as Daniel Maxwell approaches. He feeds the bear.]

DANIEL: She's harmless. She's been hanging around since she was a baby.

[Daniel approaches Dr. Brown and goes inside.]

DANIEL: Are you coming in?

DR. BROWN: [quickly getting up] Yes. Yes, I am. Thank you.

[Cut to inside.]

DR. BROWN: [admiring the books] You've really got a great collection here. You know, I ordered the ones with the webber binding once through the book of the month club thing but, this is the real deal. Read a lot, do you?

[No response.]

DR. BROWN: You know, for a shack in the woods, this place is really cozy. But I'm wondering if you have a problem with insulation in the winter 'cause I notice that there are light cracks...

DANIEL: Why did you come here?

DR. BROWN: My name is Andy Brown. I'm a doctor and I'm treating a patient by the name of Marty Maxwell, who, I'm lead to believe, may be your brother. As you may or may not know, your brother is very sick. He needs a kidney transplant so, we're looking for a donor. Now I know you haven't exactly been in contact with Marty, but his quality of life has been very poor as late and has been deteriorating by the day. If you'd be willing to be tested and possibly donate, you may be able to save his life. Which would be the optimum outcome 'cause if you don't give a kidney, what I'm really saying is...

DANIEL: I'm not interested.

DR. BROWN: His prognosis is not at all good. His wife is so concerned that she opted to...

DANIEL: You can go.

DR. BROWN: Look, won't you please at least...

DANIEL: Why don't you ask my brother's wife why I don't want to listen? [beat] Leave.

[Dr. Brown opens the door and the bear is sitting there. He closes the door again.]

DR. BROWN: Do you think maybe you could walk me past the bear? I don't think she's fond of me.

[Cut to Main Street. Dr. Abbott is dancing down the street.]

DR. ABBOTT: What a splendid morning, beautiful morning, isn't it?

[A man dressed in costume is ringing a bell and collecting money.]

DR. ABBOTT: Robert, look at your fetching ensemble.

[He reaches into his pocket and pulls out some change.]

ROBERT: A ten? God bless you, Doctor.

[Dr. Brown notices an old woman carrying grocery bags. He hurries over to lighten her load.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hello, Mavis, let me help you with this.

[Dr. Abbott puts her bags down.]

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you, Mavis. And a happy Thanksgiving!

[Dr. Abbott gives her a kiss on the cheek.]

DR. ABBOTT: Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

[Cut to inside Mama Joy's. Edna and Irv are sitting having lunch.]

EDNA: Here's the choices: Give up Thanksgiving at the soup kitchen. Sign up for the all-you-can-eat buffet at the St. Lauren, or third, and my own personal favorite, get the hungry Jack festive frozen turkey dinners on promotion for $3.99.

[Dr. Abbott approaches them.]

DR. ABBOTT: Or fourth option. Mother, I wanted to ask you and Irv if you'd do my family the honor of joining *us* for Thanksgiving?

EDNA: Come again?

DR. ABBOTT: It would mean the world to the kids and Rose and of course, myself.

EDNA: Is this one of those hidden camera shows?

DR. ABBOTT: Irv, I especially hope you can come. We've never really had a chance to spend much time together...

EDNA: Now wait a second, Junior. Since when did you become...

IRV: [answering for both] We'd be delighted, Harold. Thank you for including us.

DR. ABBOTT: Splendid, splendid. Dinner's at three then.

[Dr. Abbott heads out then stops.]

DR. ABBOTT: Attention. Attention everyone. I'd like to invite each and every one of you to join my family, my mother and my step-father, my wife and children and of course, myself, for Thanksgiving dinner. We'd wanna take this opportunity to show you all how much we appreciate the members of this community who have welcomed us into their homes and hearts throughout the years. Well, Thursday at three then. Just bring your appetites, we'll supply the rest. Good Yule to you all. Splendid. Splendid.

EDNA: [to Irv] I guess it finally fell out.

IRV: What did?

EDNA: That stick up his ass.

[Cut to a salon. Dr. Brown is talking to Roxanne Maxwell.]

ROXANNE: We didn't mean for it to happen. It just did. It sounds so terrible and cruel when I describe it. Marty's not the kind of man to steal another man's wife. He loved his brother. He still does. Daniel was my husband but he was absent. And while he was in Boston delivering his umpteenth such and such memorial lecture, Marty was here. Watering begonias in the yard. We were just two friends who needed each other. We didn't choose to fall in love. Anymore than Daniel chose to go insane. I left him, Dr. Brown. I left my husband for his brother and it destroyed him.

DR. BROWN: Well. There goes one kidney.

ROXANNE: Maybe if I go and talk to him.

DR. BROWN: I doubt it would work, Roxanne. But if you do, bring some bear spray.

[Cut to Ephram's room. Amy is sitting on the floor looking at the grateful books.]

EPHRAM: You know, I had no idea how much work she put into these things.

AMY: These books are beautiful. You'll always have them. That part of her.

EPHRAM: The stuff I did looks terrible.

AMY: No, it doesn't. It looks like you put a lot of effort into them.

EPHRAM: I don't even know why I'm bothering this year. If you're not grateful for anything, what are you supposed to put? Grateful my mom died or grateful 'cause we lost our house in New York. Or moved to this town where I don't know anybody so my crazy father could...

AMY: I've got it. Let's make an ungrateful book, I could put Colin, the accident, the Harts telling me he could recover better without me, my brother... You know, Ephram. This year it felt like I wasn't in control of anything and well, even though things aren't the way I want them to be, I'm still grateful for some things.

EPHRAM: You're gonna have to stop doing that.

AMY: Doing what?

EPHRAM: Saying things that make me want to kiss you.

AMY: You too.

[Ephram and Amy move in and kiss. Delia comes barging in.]

DELIA: Ephram! We need to get more cranberries.

EPHRAM: Oh, OK. Why?

DELIA: The old ones turned black.

EPHRAM: Can it wait?

DELIA: We've gotta go right now. They were already running out at the stand when we were there.

EPHRAM: It's Thanksgiving. They're not gonna run out of cranberries.

AMY: She's right, actually. Every year there's a run on cranberries. At Thanksgiving meal time, you could trade a pack for a new stereo.

EPHRAM: [to Delia] Where's your coat?

[Delia runs off. Ephram stares at Amy, unsure.]



[Open on the kitchen. Nina and Sam are there helping Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: Now which way do I slice this thing?

[Ephram coughs.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, thank God. The master of this grand plan is here. I can rest easy.

NINA: Careful, Andy. There are no small cooks. Only large kitchen fires.

DR. BROWN: Good point. You seem unusually chipper, Ephram?

EPHRAM: Oh, that's what I'm like. It's a great holiday.

[The doorbell rings.]

DR. BROWN: Must be Elijah.

EPHRAM: That's a different holiday, Dad.

DELIA: [off-screen] I'll get it!

NINA: [to Ephram] Thank you for letting us join you today.

EPHRAM: Oh, the more the merrier.

NINA: That's what your dad said.

EPHRAM: Great minds think alike.

DR. BROWN: Did he just call me a great mind? Nina, I think you and Sam should come over every day.

[Delia screams. Dr. Brown rushes to her. She screams again.]

DR. BROWN: What is it?

[Cut to the door. Daniel is standing there. Her screams deafen him momentarily.]

DR. BROWN: Daniel. It's all right, sweetheart. This is Daniel. He's a friend of mine.

DELIA: Why does he look like...

DR. BROWN: Go help Nina in the kitchen, honey.

[Delia does what her father says.]

DR. BROWN: [to Daniel] Sorry about that. She's not used to company. Would you like to come in?

[He holds up his hand to mean no.]

DR. BROWN: Is everything all right?

DANIEL: The bear. There's something wrong with her.

DR. BROWN: Well, Daniel I'm not a veterinarian, I...

DANIEL: I think she's very ill.

[Ephram is standing watching.]

DR. BROWN: Ephram, do you mind if I...

EPHRAM: Oh no, it's fine. Just be back by dinner, yeah?

[Dr. Brown turns back to Daniel.]

DR. BROWN: OK, where...

[Daniel is gone.]

[Cut to the Abbott home. Various guests are there. Dr. Abbott hands a plate to a guest.]

DR. ABBOTT: There you are.

[Bright and Rose are watching nervously.]

BRIGHT: What is Dad doing, Mom?

ROSE: Having a midlife crisis, dear.

[Dr. Abbott rushes over to his wife.]

DR. ABBOTT: Rose, should I take another pass?

ROSE: Take a rest, dear. Go and help Amy set the table.

DR. ABBOTT: All right.

[Dr. Abbott enters the dining room.]

DR. ABBOTT: It is so life affirming to experience the warmth of this community here in our home on this special...

AMY: Dad. You don't have to pretend to like people. We love you anyways.

DR. ABBOTT: I like people. I adore people.

[A grumpy old man named Mr. Jensen enters.]

MR. JENSEN: I'm starving! Where's the food? You said three o'clock and it's ten after.

DR. ABBOTT: [trying his hardest to be nice] Holiday meal prep is an art, Mr. Jensen, not a science.

MR. JENSEN: I could have stayed home and watched the game!

DR. ABBOTT: Well, yes you could have, Mr. Jensen. But you chose to come here and enjoy our hospitality.

MR. JENSEN: Yeah, just give me some corn nuts or something to tide me over.

ROSE: Here, Mr. Jensen, I think I have a nice nut mix for you in the den.

AMY: What were you saying about adoring people, Dad?

[Cut to the woods.]

DR. BROWN: That wound is definitely infected. I'll find out which antibiotics are appropriate, how much dosage. I'll just have somebody come up here and deliver it to you. You know, a lot of stories are floating around about just how you came to live up here.

DANIEL: That doesn't surprise me. The town crazy. People talk.

DR. BROWN: I don't think you're crazy. I know about your wife.

DANIEL: You think you know. Marty didn't steal Roxanne from me, she left me. He just happened to be in the right place when it happened.

DR. BROWN: Is that how you see it?

DANIEL: The reason women leave is always the same. I made my life studying the heroines of romantic literature. And the end is always tragic. I was a brilliant scholar of love. And I just never knew what I had.

DR. BROWN: Neither did I. I had a wife. She's gone now too. I didn't know what to do once I lost here. People thought I was crazy.

DANIEL: Are you lying to me?

DR. BROWN: No. Maybe I was just mad with grief. I think I just couldn't find a way to tomorrow.

DANIEL: And then?

DR. BROWN: And then my children needed to be fed and tomorrow just showed up. We don't choose who we love any more than we choose when it ends. I think our destinies sweep us along. We're just here for the ride. Fate takes what she wants from us and there's nothing we can do about it.

DANIEL: Don't forget your map.

[Daniel heads back inside.]

[Cut back to the Abbotts. Dr. Abbott is mumbling as we walks out into the back porch. Edna is sitting on a swing, alone.]

EDNA: A little too much togetherness for ya?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh. You. Suppose you're starving and have some complaint to register about how we're making the food?

EDNA: Not at all. I just came out here looking for a little quiet.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, that makes two of us.

EDNA: You ever think about tearing this old thing down?

DR. ABBOTT: Bright still loves it.

[Dr. Abbott gets into the seat next to his mom.]

EDNA: I don't know what you're trying to prove with this shindig, Junior.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm not trying to prove anything, Mother. I'm opening my home to the community...

EDNA: We appreciate the gesture, Irv and I, and the rest of them too, I bet. But this, this, this generosity, this man of the people thing, well, it's just not who you are.

DR. ABBOTT: [annoyed] Says who?

EDNA: Harold. You and I have very little in common other than a few errant genes, and we found little to admire in one another over the years.

DR. ABBOTT: Is this your version of a pep-talk?

EDNA: But, the one thing I've always been proud of, is that you, from the moment you were born, have always known exactly who you are. You gotta respect a man who knows who he is and doesn't waiver.

DR. ABBOTT: You're right, Mother. I do know who I am. I am a man who is unloved and will be unmissed when he's gone.

EDNA: You are not unloved, Junior. It only takes one.

DR. ABBOTT: Mother, that is one of the kindest...

EDNA: I meant Rose.


EDNA: It's like this: It's a campaign of limited resources. There's only so much in the supply tent to go around. What you've got, you give to your wife and kids. And you give more than just about any father and husband I've ever seen. And that ain't half bad.

[Edna goes back inside.]

[Cut to the Brown house. Everyone is seated at the table ready to eat.]

DR. BROWN: Is anything missing?


DR. BROWN: Unbelievable. This is just awesome, Ephram.

SAM: Now we say grace?

DR. BROWN: That is a good idea, Sam. Who wants to say grace?

EPHRAM: [getting up] Wait-wait-wait. I've gotta get one thing first.

DR. BROWN: I knew it was too good to be true. What did we forget? Potatoes? There must have been a hundred different kinds of potatoes that we got.

[Ephram comes back with a book.]

EPHRAM: [to Delia] Look, we finished it. Just in time, too.

DELIA: [not impressed] It's not like Mom's.

EPHRAM: Yeah-yeah, sure it is, look.

[Ephram opens the page for his sister.]

EPHRAM: [pointing at their photo] There's three things to be grateful for.

DELIA: No! None of this is like Mom's.

EPHRAM: What are you talking about? We've got potatoes, potato stuffing...

DELIA: [angry] It's not hers!

DR. BROWN: Delia, Ephram tried really hard to make it just the way we remember it.

DELIA: The book isn't like hers, the food isn't hers and... [looking at Nina and Sam] They shouldn't here.

DR. BROWN: Stop it, Delia!

DELIA: Nothing's like it was! It's ruined.

EPHRAM: Look, give it a chance. Look, here's some stuff written about you, alright?

DELIA: [throwing the book on the floor] I don't want to look at it!

DR. BROWN: Delia, pick up that book.



[Delia storms off.]

NINA: [getting up] Can I talk to her?

DR. BROWN: Nina, I have to...

NINA: ...Please?

[Cut to the den.]

NINA: You're right, Delia. Nothing is the way it used to be. Nobody knows how to be your mom. No one could replace her. Your dad and Ephram just wanted to make Thanksgiving nice for you 'cause they know how much you love it and because your mom loved it. But you're right. It's not the same. It's OK to be sad that it's not. It's OK that you miss her. Your daddy misses her and Ephram misses her too. And she misses you. But she wouldn't want you to be sad forever because she only wants good and happy things for you. And it's all right to feel bad. Because she was so important to you and because she loves you very much.

[Delia hugs Nina and starts crying.]

[Dr. Brown and Ephram are watching from the dining room.]



[Open on the Abbotts. Everyone is sitting down to eat.]

DR. ABBOTT: Here you are.

[Mr. Jensen is sitting next to him.]

MR. JENSEN: It's burnt!

[Everyone looks nervously at Dr. Abbott to see what he'll say. The phone rings.]

DR. ABBOTT: I'll get it.

[He picks up the phone.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hello? Yes, this is he. Yes, I'm here for Dr. Lewis. Hello, Mason. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. You did? A ha. A lab error? [smiling] I'm well? I can hardly believe it. No, it was a bit of an inconvenience as you can imagine. No, I was not nervous in fact I'd [looking back at the guests] completely forgotten it in the holiday festivity as you can imagine. Yes, well. All right then. I will see you again next year, Mason. Happy holidays to you.

[Dr. Abbott hangs up.]

DR. ABBOTT: Everybody out.

ROSE: What?

DR. ABBOTT: The freeloading party's officially over. Out. OUT, OUT, MOVE IT!

[The guests quickly get up and leave.]

DR. ABBOTT: Go on Jensen, go home to your corn nuts! The slough trout's officially closed. All of ya, hit the bricks! I'm sorry, Rose, I can't. [to the last of the guests] And a Happy New Year.

EDNA: [to Irv] I think he found that stick.

[Dr. Abbott sits down to eat.]

ROSE: Oh, Harold.

DR. ABBOTT: More pie?

[Cut to the Browns. Dr. Brown and Ephram are cleaning up a huge mess.]

DR. BROWN: They offered to stay and help, what were we thinking?

EPHRAM: It was nice having them here. Or it would've been if...

DR. BROWN: I really admire what you did by the way.

EPHRAM: What? Make a Thanksgiving meal so disastrous, my little sister had a meltdown?

DR. BROWN: I think in her heart, Delia really believed that it was gonna be the same.

EPHRAM: I told her it would be the same. Instead I made everything worse.

DR. BROWN: Welcome to *my* world. And you didn't make things worse, Ephram. I have to believe you made things better by trying to do something to let her know you love her.

EPHRAM: I wanted it to be the same too.

DR. BROWN: I know. We'll just have to create new traditions. Why don't you go see if your sister wants to come downstairs?

[He goes.]

[Cut to the main street. A man hangs a Christmas wreath from a pole.]

[Cut to the Brown Clinic. Edna is decorating a tree. Daniel walks in.]

EDNA: Are you looking for Dr. Brown? Or a shower, maybe?

[Dr. Brown walks out of an examination room.]

DR. BROWN: [surprised] Daniel.

DANIEL: I'll give it to him.

DR. BROWN: Are you sure?

DANIEL: Yes. I'm sure.

[Daniel walks out. Dr. Brown looks at a surprised Edna.]

[Cut to the Abbotts. Ephram knocks on the door. Dr. Abbott opens.]

DR. ABBOTT: Ephram, come in.

EPHRAM: Happy Thanksgiving, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: And to you as well. I assume you're here for Amy.

EPHRAM: Yes, sir.

DR. ABBOTT: I'm afraid she's gone off to Denver with her mother.

[Ephram is taken back.]

EPHRAM: Oh. Oh, could you give her this for me?

DR. ABBOTT: Absolutely.

EPHRAM: Tell her I made it.

DR. ABBOTT: I certainly will. Have a good weekend.

[Ephram leaves and Amy walks out. She was hiding in the other room. He hands her the gift.]

AMY: Dad, I don't know what to do. Let's just say there's a person in your life who you were in love with. And then something happened and he was gone for a while. And then you met another person and you started to have feelings for him? Is it possible that you could have feelings for two people at the same time?

DR. ABBOTT: Very. What's not possible is to be true to two people at once. Ephram has feelings of his own.

AMY: I don't wanna hurt him.

DR. ABBOTT: Don't toy with him.

AMY: I'm not.

DR. ABBOTT: Amy, I know this year has been incredibly difficult for you and I know Ephram's been a friend when you've really needed one. You care for him as possibly more than a friend. But if you don't intend to pursue those feelings, and I don't believe you do, you have to let him go.

[Amy opens the gift. It's a burned CD. She smiles.]

[Cut to the Brown living room. Ephram is on the sofa. Delia is opposite him holding a camcorder.]

DELIA: Do I just push it?

EPHRAM: Yeah. Pull the start and hit this red button.

[Dr. Brown arrives home.]


EPHRAM: You ready?

[Delia notices her father.]


DR. BROWN: Hey, what are you guys up to?

[Ephram has the camera.]

DELIA: Ephram had an idea. We're making a tradition.

DR. BROWN: A whole tradition? What, pray tell, is this tradition?

DELIA: We record ourselves saying the very best thing that happened to us this year. Isn't that fun?

DR. BROWN: Sounds like it. [to Ephram] Could I have my credit card back?

DELIA: And I said, when me and Edna made it home with no gas in the tank, so I know God exists even though he didn't take the cookies.

DR. BROWN: Excellent choice, Delia. What about you, Ephram?

EPHRAM: I haven't gone yet.

DR. BROWN: Well, don't let me stop you.

DELIA: Wait! I want you to be holding the grateful book for me, OK?


DELIA: I'll go get it.

EPHRAM: [holding the camera up] And what about you, Dad?


EPHRAM: Yes, you're next.

[Dr. Brown sits on the seat opposite his son.]

EPHRAM: What's the best thing that happened to you this year?

DR. BROWN: The best thing that happened to me this year... [beat] is that I met my son.

[Ephram looks up at him and wasn't expecting that. Dr. Brown smiles at him and he returns the smile.]

[The scene merges into Amy at her house. She puts the CD on. "You Mean Everything To Me" by Shawn Mullins is the first track. She smiles.]

LYRICS: I've been on the road too long / And I've been stuck inside a song / But our passion's like a rose

NARRATOR: Once upon a time, in a far away kingdom. There lived not one, but two kings.

[Cut to Main Street. A man dressed as Santa, whom I'll assume is Robert from before, is collecting money on the sidewalk. Dr. Abbott purposely avoids him as he walks past.]

NARRATOR: One, who knew not what he had.

[Cut to Dr. Brown at home reading a grateful book.]

NARRATOR: One, doomed to remember what he had lost.

[Cut to Edna hanging decorations with Delia helping her.]

NARRATOR: And there lived a fearless giantess and a wood sprite who loved to play in her shadows. Moon glow illuminating her eyes.

[Irv walks in and kisses Edna.]

NARRATOR: There even was a wizard who knew how to tame wild things.

[The camera pans into the tree and cuts to Ephram sitting in the library staring at Amy who is on the other side. She looks over to him briefly.]

NARRATOR: And a handsome prince and a beautiful princess who could not know how their fates were destined to cross.

LYRICS: You mean everything to me

[Cut to the Abbotts at dinner.]

NARRATOR: And the lovable oaf and his glass spun flute. And there were others too, in this distant place.

[Cut to a truck driving along the woods at night.]

NARRATOR: Not unlike the folks you knew as a child.

[Daniel is standing as the truck pulls up.]

NARRATOR: Where tales were told and legends were written.

[The driver of the truck is revealed to be Marty Maxwell. He drops off a package for Daniel.]

LYRICS: All we've got to do is call / And you know that I've, drove two thousand miles / Just to show you that I care

[Cut to the Brown home. Nina and Sam are there.]

NARRATOR: It's possible the true name of this kingdom will never again be spoken and has nearly been forgotten by time and memory. For all the charmed creatures within its realm, have only ever called it, home.

[A man is on Main Street and climbs down from a ladder after hanging the final Christmas lights. He turns them on.]

LYRICS: Love heals everything / We're no exception...

[Fade to black.]



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