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#110 : L'heure du combat

Titre en VO : "Is There A Doctor In The House" - Titre en VF : "L'heure du combat"
¤ USA : diffusé le 18/11/02 - France : diffusé le 16/11/03
¤ Scénario : Michael Green - Réalisation : Robert Duncan McNeill
¤ Guest-stars : Doris Belack (Nonny Hoffman), Mark Rydell (Jacob Hoffman), Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeny), Lee Garlington (Brenda Baxworth) et Merrilyn Gann (Rose Abbott).

Edna est de mauvaise humeur à l'approche de son nouvel anniversaire. Pour fêter l'événement, Délia a la mauvaise idée de lui organiser une petite fête chez elle.

Andy Brown est inquiet à l'idée de voir partir son fils mais en plus il ne supporte pas de voir Jacobs planifier le départ d'Ephram comme s'il avait déjà donné son accord.

La famille Abbott est invitée chez les Brown pour l'anniversaire d'Edna. Harold se réjouit d'y participer pour assister à une fête organisée pour sa mère, sachant qu'elle déteste ça. Amy est toujours en froid avec Ephram et Bright va tomber très malade en plein milieu du repas.

Plus de détails

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "Turf Wars".]

Julia's parents, Dr. Jacob Hoffman (called Grandpa by Ephram and Delia) and Ruth Hoffman (called Nonny by Ephram and Delia), have arrived and are in the Brown kitchen. Ephram and Delia are greeting the grandparent that is the same gender as them. {That means Ephram greets Dr. Hoffman and Delia greets Ruth.} On the other hand, Dr. Brown is suspicious.

DR. BROWN: How much time are we talking about here, Jake? A couple days?

DR. HOFFMAN: That's my son-in-law. We're just got here and already you're kicking us out?

In Ephram's bedroom, Dr. Brown wonders why the parents of his deceased wife Julia came to Everwood at this time.

DR. BROWN: Do you know anything about this?

EPHRAM: They said they might come visit.

DR. BROWN: Do me a favor while they're here. You know how you usually behave?

EPHRAM: Distant, miserable.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, do the opposite.

Ephram jumps down from the roof and makes sure no one saw. He gets up.

Amy and Ephram on a truck at the kegger. At first, Amy is happy that Ephram is talking to her but when he starts talking about Colin, her face falls and she gets upset like she thought he was the one person that she could talk to without the mention of Colin.

EPHRAM: So, how are you, really? I mean, 'cause I heard Colin was not doing that well. I just think that maybe, you should take a break. Try moving on a little bit.

AMY: You know what, Ephram? Maybe you should move on.

Dr. Hoffman and Ephram at the supermarket.

DR. HOFFMAN: What do you want, Ephram? I don't mean just permission to go to a party. I meant, from your life.

EPHRAM: [nervous] I...I don't know.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, figure it out. And make it happen.

Dr. Hoffman and Ephram are at home in the living room. Dr. Brown walks in the front door and after seeing them, walks into the living room.

DR. BROWN: Hey, what's going on?

DR. HOFFMAN: We're just talking. About New York. About Ephram coming to live there with us.

A little later. Same scene, I think, except Ephram's gone now.

DR. BROWN: Do you think you decided something here?

DR. HOFFMAN: Do you think that being in the mountains for a couple of months makes up for missing most of his life? It doesn't. He's not doing well here, Andy. Not here and not with you. And you know it.



[Open on the Brown house. Dr. Brown is preparing breakfast and opens the fridge. He hears someone enter and assumes it's Delia.]

DR. BROWN: I had an epiphany this morning, Delia, that pop-tarts are actually just square cookies, so today... *I* am making eggs.

[He closes the door to reveal Ephram standing there.]

DR. BROWN: Morning.


DR. BROWN: You hungry?


[Dr. Hoffman enters the kitchen.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Ephram? Ephram? Ah, there you are. I just got off the phone with your old pal, Mr. Zielger.

EPHRAM: From Middleworth?


[Dr. Brown is pretending to be busy doing other things but is listening intently.]

EPHRAM: I wouldn't exactly call my old headmaster much of an old pal.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, he is today. He said the school will be thrilled to have you back. That's if you decide to go. You could start as early as winter term.

EPHRAM: That's in three weeks.

DR. HOFFMAN: Ah well, we'll go back a little earlier. It gives you time to get yourself together. Oh, I forgot the most important thing. He said that given the circumstances, he'd overlook your grades.

DR. BROWN: [over his shoulder] It doesn't mean you don't have to go to school today.

[Ephram and Dr. Hoffman just stare at him until Ephram leaves.]

DR. BROWN: Outstanding, Jacob. Really. The only problem is, I haven't said he could go yet.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well no one said you did, but if he is going, things have to be ready. You can't just pick up and move a kid.

DR. BROWN: You don't just ignore his father, either. I said I'd think about it.

DR. HOFFMAN: If you wanna think about it, go ahead and think about it. But you can't expect me to keep my hands in my pockets while you do.

[Dr. Brown shoots him a look behind his back.]



[Open on Mama Joy's. The camera is close to the floor as the door opens and a pair of legs walks in. The legs belong to Edna. She storms up to the counter as various people gasp in shock. She doesn't look very happy. Dwayne, the waiter from "The Doctor Is In", looks equally terrified at her presence.]

EDNA: Muffin! Coffee!

[Dwayne quickly rushes off to get her things. She spins her head to look at the people in the shop and they quickly avoid her glare then resume staring at her when her back is turned. Dwayne returns with her items and she reaches out to pay him.]

DWAYNE: Go ahead. Just-just take it.

[She glares at him as she takes her items and leaves. The camera falls back and we see Irv hiding behind a newspaper. Delia is sitting opposite him.]

DELIA: Why is Edna scaring everyone?

IRV: Because that's what she does.

DELIA: Not this much.

IRV: Saturday's her birthday.

DELIA: What are you doing for her?

IRV: Nothing.

DELIA: Nothing?

IRV: Ah ha.

DELIA: Why not?

IRV: Because I am a very smart man.

DELIA: You don't wanna throw her a party?

IRV: No, I do not.

DELIA: Do you want someone else to?

IRV: [laughing] I'd like to see 'em try.

[He gets up to leave as Ruth returns to the booth.]

RUTH: Aw, got to go, Irv?

IRV: Gotta go.

RUTH: [to Delia] This local paper here is absolutely addictive. I can't even finish breakfast anymore without reading the police blotter.

DELIA: Edna's birthday's soon and nobody's throwing her a party.

RUTH: Well, that's not right. We could do it?

DELIA: Really?

RUTH: I don't see why not. I could teach you all my secrets.

DELIA: Mr. Irv sounded like Edna wouldn't want a party.

RUTH: The Lupus Foundation didn't want a party either. Now they're bigger than MS, thanks to me.

[Cut to Nina's door. Dr. Brown knocks and she answers.]

NINA: Are you on fire or something?

DR. BROWN: No such luck. Can I bum a cigarette?

NINA: You don't smoke.

DR. BROWN: I do sometimes.

NINA: When?

DR. BROWN: When I need to.

[Nina comes outside and heads for a birdhouse where she keeps her packet.]

NINA: You know, it's not fair. You only know I have one a week 'cause you're my doctor and now you are taking advantage.

DR. BROWN: Julia hated these. And now I feel even guiltier when I sneak one.

NINA: So, do you want to spill it or do I have to get rough?

DR. BROWN: Ephram's getting ready to leave.


DR. BROWN: I haven't said yes or no yet.


DR. BROWN: And they're acting like my opinion doesn't mean a damn thing.

NINA: Well, it doesn't mean a damn thing until you give it.

DR. BROWN: I can't.

NINA: I don't normally think of you as someone who keeps his mouth shut.

DR. BROWN: Well, I haven't said anything because I-I'm trying to do the right thing and I don't know what that is yet.

NINA: So, what does that matter?

DR. BROWN: I wanna be sure.

NINA: Andy... I could tell you as a parent, that I have never once felt sure about anything. Schools, haircuts, breakfast. I still can't believe the hospital ever let me take Sam home. Do what you want.

DR. BROWN: I'm trying to think less about what I want. Doing what I want is what brought him here in the first place.

NINA: And doing what you want might have been a mistake?

DR. BROWN: Maybe.

NINA: You know, you could talk to your father in-law.

DR. BROWN: No, I don't think that would be a very good idea.

NINA: Why?

DR. BROWN: Because if I get in the same room with him again, I'd probably kill him.

[Nina smiles.]

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Exterior. The camera pans down as Edna storms out in her bad mood to meet Irv. Delia and her grandparents arrive.]

DELIA: Edna! Mr. Irv!

[Delia hands a card to Edna.]

DELIA: [in a formal voice] You are both cordially invited to commemorate the day of your birth with festivity and friends. [less formal, more excited tone] We're throwing Edna a birthday party! It's gonna be great! I've already told everybody!

[Edna looks shocked.]

IRV: We'd be delighted!

[Irv looks hopefully at Edna and she looks ready to say something nasty.]

IRV: Wouldn't use? Choose your words, Edna.

[Edna clenches her teeth and looks at Delia.]

EDNA: Thank you.

DELIA: Great! Oh, don't forget. It's formal.

[Edna looks even more angry. Delia rushes back to her grandparents.]

[Cut to the Abbott home. Bright rushes in to the lounge. Amy is lying on the sofa reading a book.]

BRIGHT: Mind if I ah, watch Spongebob?

[Amy ignores him.]

BRIGHT: [imitating her] Yes, I mind. I'm studying. Besides, I'm still mad at you. Still? Yes. It's going to last forever and ever because my name is Amy. I never do anything wrong and I've-I've got perfect skin.

[She's still ignoring him.]

BRIGHT: Yeah, well I'm not the one who forgot to flush this morning. [grabbing the remote] Spongebob!

[Dr. Abbott walks in while talking on the phone.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh my, that's too good. No, no. Thank you for the invitation. We will most certainly be there. Bye, honey.

[Dr. Abbott hangs up.]

AMY: Be where?

DR. ABBOTT: The Browns' house.

BRIGHT: You're willingly going to Dr. Brown's?

DR. ABBOTT: [grinning] I am when they're throwing my mother a birthday party.

BRIGHT: Don't they know?

DR. ABBOTT: Apparently not. Oh, this will be priceless. Where is my camera?

BRIGHT: Yeah, take a lot of pictures. I'm not going. It's bad enough when it's not her birthday.

AMY: If he doesn't have to go, I don't have to go.

DR. ABBOTT: I suppose we'll need a gift.

BRIGHT: I'm already sick to my stomach.

[Bright and Amy moan and whine about having to go.]

DR. ABBOTT: Children, please! Now like it or not, that woman is direct kin and we are not gonna miss out on her abject misery... as a family. So Bright, just do what you can to stay out of her way and you... [to Amy] You adore your grandmother.

AMY: It's not her. I just don't know how I feel about going to the Browns' house.

DR. ABBOTT: I thought you were friends with the son. The one with tuberculosis.

AMY: Not recently.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, excellent! I'll start dinner.

[Cut to Ephram's room. He pacing the room with a phone in his hand, unsure about who to call. His grandmother comes in.]

RUTH: Finally found the good napkins. Still in a box in the garage. Oh, are you on the phone?

EPHRAM: Ah, no. No no. I'm just trying to decide if I should tell anyone I might be moving.

RUTH: Like Delia?

EPHRAM: Among others.

RUTH: She's a smart girl. She'll understand.

EPHRAM: You think so?

RUTH: Maybe your father could help you talk to her.

EPHRAM: Me and him didn't exactly plan this out together. We're not exactly talking.

RUTH: Maybe you should.

EPHRAM: He seemed pretty pissed.

RUTH: Come with me.

[Ruth takes him down to the dining room table.]

RUTH: This used to be our table. Did anyone ever tell you about the first time your father and grandfather met?

EPHRAM: There wasn't much blood?

RUTH: Jacob had been hearing it in both ears about your father for weeks. In the hospital about the genius hotshot. And at home from Julia about this handsome kid sweeping her off her feet the past few months and "he" doesn't like any of it. Well, she finally brings him home. We finish dinner. I made a brisket. And your father has that look in his eyes like he knows what he wants and he's here to ask for it. Permission to marry her.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I bet that went well.

RUTH: I shuffle Julia out of the dining room to leave the two of them alone. Before your father gets out a word, your grandpa pulls out a bottle of polish vodka and he puts the bottle down [tapping the table] right here on the table. He takes out two shot glasses and starts pouring. Those two went shot for shot for an hour talking about anything but Julia, waiting to see which one would blink or drop first. Neither did. I'd never seen anyone keep up with Jacob before. But your father just wouldn't be beat.

EPHRAM: He didn't wanna lose.

RUTH: He didn't know how.

EPHRAM: So what happened?

RUTH: They just fell half asleep at the table. Your father never did ask directly and Jacob never said yes directly. But as my father used to tell me, the tamut says silence is approval. Your father's not angry at you. It's been like this between them for years. They'll always be trying to drink each other under the table.



[Open on various places in Everwood, early evening. It's starting to snow.]

NARRATOR: No matter how old you are, it's hard not to get exciting when snow starts to fall. Because, so long as it keeps coming, no one can make you go anywhere or do anything.

[Cut to Ephram getting dressed. His father walks in to talk to him.]

NARRATOR: All life's rules are suspended.

DR. BROWN: Somebody called you from New York. You got a friend named Scug?

EPHRAM: The one with the shaved head. He was only at the house like every day.

DR. BROWN: Well, he called. He said that Rachel Ackerman was having a mongo roof party before the winter term. Apparently she's, um... let me make sure I've got this right... totally hot for your ass?

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, city girls are a little faster than the girls out here.

DR. BROWN: Listen, Ephram, I'd like to talk to you about this. New York...

EPHRAM: Can we do this later? I'm trying to get dressed.

[Dr. Brown walks off.]

[Cut to the Abbotts. Bright is lying on the couch and doesn't look too well. His father comes in.]

DR. ABBOTT: Hey, Bright. [examining the clothes] Well, this is not a jacket and tie. It's not even pants.

BRIGHT: I'm not going. I'm sick.

DR. ABBOTT: Ah ha. Where?

BRIGHT: My stomach.

BRIGHT: I think I've got Spina Buffalo.

[Dr. Abbott feels his head while taking his pulse.]

DR. ABBOTT: You hardly see her once a year. No such luck, get dressed.

BRIGHT: I'll probably just yak on their floor.

DR. ABBOTT: Please do.

[Bright reluctantly gets up to get ready.]

[Cut to the party. There are various guests. Dr. Hoffman is playing the piano. Snow is falling heavily outside. The door bell rings and Delia answers to the Abbotts.]

DELIA: Welcome to our home. May I be the first to say "Good evening"?

DR. ABBOTT: Thank you. Don't you look lovely?

DELIA: I don't?

ROSE: He means you do.

DELIA: Oh. Thank you. Would you please come in? I'm the hostess.

[They shuffle in and Amy says hi to Delia when she enters. Delia closes the door before Bright gets to it. She is in awe when she sees him.]

DELIA: You're huge.

BRIGHT: I'm Bright, by the way. That's a way cool outfit.

DELIA: [bashfully] It itches.

[Delia lets Bright in and takes off her cap before fixing her hair. He's obviously made an impression on her.]

[Cut to the hallway. Ephram and Amy spot each other but he ignores her and heads in another direction. She rolls her eyes. Dr. Hoffman finishes playing and people clap.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Oh thank you thank you. [to Dr. Abbott] Drink, doctor?

DR. ABBOTT: No, thank you. I want to be perfectly lucid when my mother arrives. She will be miserable. That would give me much joy.

[Dr. Hoffman fixes him a drink anyway.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Well, one snort won't kill the view.

[Dr. Hoffman hands the glass to Dr. Abbott, who notices his hand shaking. Dr. Hoffman quickly brushes it off.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Cramp. Never play Gershwin on an empty stomach.

DR. ABBOTT: Cheers.

[The door bell rings.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh please, let it be her.

[Delia opens the door.]

DELIA: You came!

EDNA: I did.

DELIA: You're wearing regular clothes.

EDNA: Don't push it.

[Irv and Edna walk in as various guests greet them. Ruth walks up to her and they share a fake two cheek kiss.]

RUTH: Come, come woman of honor. Time to present you to the throng.

EDNA: I'd watch my back if I were you, lady. My memory is long, and I am very petty.

RUTH: You will love it. [presenting her] Here she is.

AMY: [kissing her] Happy birthday.

DR. HOFFMAN: Happy birthday.

DR. ABBOTT: It's like Christmas.

[Edna spins back to Irv.]

EDNA: I did my part.

IRV: It wasn't that bad, was it?

EDNA: If anyone else wants me, I'm in the officers club till closing.

[Edna walks further into the house and passes Brenda Baxworth.]


EDNA: Shut up.

[Cut to Ephram coming down the stairs. He bumps straight into Amy.]

AMY: Bathroom?

EPHRAM: Ah, up, left past the messy room.

AMY: You guys have a nice house, messy room not withstanding.

[Ephram just gives her a blank look.]

AMY: This is weird, huh? Look, you're stuck with me till cake. We can hang off the tension if you want. Peace?

[Dr. Hoffman calls out to Ephram from the piano.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Hey, Ephram. Come on over and show off for your guests.

[Ephram turns back to Amy.]

EPHRAM: Sorry, summoned.

[Ephram turns to leave.]

AMY: Hey.

EPHRAM: Yeah yeah, peace, sure. Gotta go.

[Ruth enters the kitchen as Dr. Brown is trying to prepare something.]

RUTH: Uh, uh, uh, I hope you're not trying to cook anything. What you do to food, most people can only do by digesting it.

DR. BROWN: I'm just trying to be helpful. I haven't done much of anything lately.

RUTH: You're hosting. That's more than enough. The rest of the headaches are mine. Speaking of, where do you keep the Advil?

DR. BROWN: You know it's hard not to feel like you're throwing a party tonight just to celebrate my failure.

RUTH: I promise you, Andy, I wish it had never come to this.

[Nina walks in interrupting.]

NINA: I need to get more of those spinachy things. They're unreal.

[Dr. Brown hands Nina a platter and she realizes they're having a private conversation.]

NINA: Sorry.

[Nina quickly exits.]

DR. BROWN: You and I could always talk, Ruth. You've always been straight with me. Did you two come here just to take Ephram back?

RUTH: You're great with Delia. But with Ephram, it's never been a secret. He's miserable here. I can't imagine you enjoy watching that. A lot was dumped on you before you could handle it. We're just trying to take on our part. Make it easier on you.

[They can hear Ephram and Jacob playing the piano together.]

RUTH: They have a good rhythm, Andy. Listen.

[They walk into the lounge and watch. Andy is unhappy.]

[Cut to Delia and Bright on the sofa.]

DELIA: What do you do for a living?

BRIGHT: I go to school.

DELIA: Me too. I'm in third grade.

BRIGHT: Miss Violet? I had her. Twice. I got left back.

DELIA: I don't think I can handle one time. She's boring. But we did get to paint state flags.

BRIGHT: Oh yeah. I did that. Twice.

[Bright pulls a pained face as he rubs his stomach.]

DELIA: You hungry?

BRIGHT: No. I haven't been able to eat anything all day. Kind of allergic to my grandma.

DELIA: I'll get you some tea.

BRIGHT: Well, thanks. You know, you're like the only one in your family that isn't a total freak.

[Delia throws Bright the most adorable smile and walks off. The camera pans around as Dr. Abbott enters the frame. He stares at his son.]

[Cut to a depressed Edna. Dr. Abbott starts a conversation with her.]

DR. ABBOTT: You haven't said hello to Bright yet.

EDNA: He hasn't said anything to me either.

DR. ABBOTT: It doesn't bother you that your own grandson is avoiding you?

EDNA: He's a softie. I've got enough of those in my life. I don't need him to like me.

[Dr. Abbott gives his mom a look.]

EDNA: Fine!

[Edna heads over to Bright.]

EDNA: Hey ya.

BRIGHT: [snarky] Hey.

EDNA: So. Having fun?

BRIGHT: [snarky] Loads.

EDNA: Parties are a lot easier when you can drink.

[Edna takes a sip.]

EDNA: Is it my imagination or is your face about the color of balsa wood?

BRIGHT: I'm not feeling too great.

EDNA: You always did have a stomach like a sea cucumber. One twiddle, we all knew what was for breakfast.

BRIGHT: Well, thanks. That's helpful.

EDNA: I didn't mean it like that.

BRIGHT: You said it like that.

EDNA: Are we done here?

BRIGHT: Oh yeah.

[Edna heads off.]

[Cut to the kitchen. Ephram is rummaging through the fridge. His father nearly bumps into him.]

DR. BROWN: Sorry, I...

EPHRAM: It's OK. I'll get out of your way.

DR. BROWN: Well, you don't have to. You can stay here for a minute and talk to me.

EPHRAM: What's there to talk about?

DR. BROWN: Well, I think plenty.

EPHRAM: I thought you'd be happy I was going back.

DR. BROWN: Why would you think that?

EPHRAM: Years of experience.

DR. BROWN: Well, forget about me for a second. Do you have any idea what this might do to your sister?

EPHRAM: More than you did when you moved us here. You know, we would've been fine if we'd just stayed in New York. You'd be respectable and out of my face, instead of the town crazy. I'm going back!

DR. BROWN: You know, just because you and your grandfather have made up your minds, it doesn't mean that I have. I may not be your favorite, but I'm still your father and it's still my decision.

EPHRAM: Unbelievable. You're not even sorry I'm going. You're just mad that I'm going with him. It really is all just a competition with you.

DR. BROWN: You have no idea what this is to me. We'll talk about this later when you've calmed down, OK?

EPHRAM: No. No. You wanna talk? Let's talk!

[Ephram follows his father into the dining.]

EPHRAM: Come on, let's talk. Say something.

DR. BROWN: I don't think we should do this right now.

[The guests notice the developing argument.]

EPHRAM: You know, I miss home. I miss knowing my way around, I miss having friends I can trust, I miss not feeling like a freak all the time. I miss not being around people who think Cats is an opera, alright? All you have to do is say it. Just say it. Just say it. Just say that I can go back. You know you want to.

DR. BROWN: Don't put words in my mouth. You're the one who wanted to move back.

DELIA: You're leaving?

DR. BROWN: No, sweetheart. He's just thinking about it.

EPHRAM: Oh come on, you love this stuff. My fate's in your hands. You dragged me out here and you get to own me going back.

DR. BROWN: Listen.

EPHRAM: No, really, you listen. I'm asking you. You tell me. Do you really think I'd be happier in Everwood? Or better off in New York?

[Dr. Brown considers for a moment.]

DR. BROWN: I think you'd be happier in New York.

EPHRAM: That's what I thought.

[Ephram storms off upstairs. Everyone stares at Dr. Brown.]



[Open on a bedroom. Drs. Brown and Abbott are debating over Bright who is lying on the bed.]

DR. BROWN: It's an api.

DR. ABBOTT: You don't know that.

DR. BROWN: Check the leg.

DR. ABBOTT: I will.

DR. BROWN: It's gonna be tender.

DR. ABBOTT: It might.

[Dr. Abbott bends Bright's leg which causes pain.]

DR. BROWN: Fever, too. Harold, I'm telling you...

DR. ABBOTT: It might be his appendix. Don't you have enough trouble to your own kids?

[He feels Bright's stomach.]

DR. ABBOTT: Does this hurt?

[It does.]

DR. BROWN: You know why.

DR. ABBOTT: I knew my luck was running too high. Your appendix is inflamed, son. Now it's nothing to be scared about. It runs in our family. You now share in our good fortune.

BRIGHT: Do they have to take it out?

DR. BROWN: Sorry, but probably. [to Dr. Abbott] You should get him to the hospital.

ROSE: Have you seen the snow? More than a foot of it has come down since we've been here. At least as high on the road.

DR. BROWN: Can't we call a plough?

DR. ABBOTT: Irv is here. Irv is the plough. [to Bright] OK. Ninety percent of the time, there are no complications in the first day. We'll all probably only be stuck here overnight.

DR. BROWN: Stuck? Oh that's fantastic. Couldn't have come at a better time.

ROSE: We may as well make ourselves comfortable. Where's your snow stuff?

DR. BROWN: Snow stuff?

DR. ABBOTT: Bedding, pillows, toothbrushes, condensed milk. Emergency extras for when guests get snowed in. Oh, don't tell me.

DR. BROWN: You people should have a packet explaining all your customs. I thought snow was just a normal part of the routine.

DR. ABBOTT: Well it is, genius. Only sometimes, the snow wins.

[Cut to Ephram playing the piano. Delia approaches.]

DELIA: Why do you and Dad hate each other?

EPHRAM: We don't hate each other.

DELIA: Then how come you wanna leave?

EPHRAM: It's hard to explain. Remember last week, it was really cold? You tried on some of your old sweaters?

DELIA: I got too big for them.


DELIA: I couldn't move my arms.

EPHRAM: That's kind of how I feel about Everwood. Make sense?

DELIA: I think so. Except, you're not too big. You fit here.

[Ephram doesn't know what to say and looks down.]

[Cut to Nina's house. She and Dr. Brown are gathering her snow stuff.]

NINA: We were once snowed in during a slumber party. Half a dozen five-year-olds running around for three days. I suspected the parents could have gotten here in two but they wanted the break. After using towels for blankets for a couple of nights, I vowed never to be unprepared again. You are not listening to me, are you?

DR. BROWN: Sorry.

NINA: No, it's fine. I just have to brace myself for the self-pity.

DR. BROWN: This isn't self-pity. I'm trying to do what's right for Ephram, I'm trying to give him what he wants. The funny thing is, he thinks I don't care. And every time I try and tell him, someone says something stupid, I say something stupid and, it all goes to hell.

NINA: Well, you said it fine right there. Why don't you go tell him that?

DR. BROWN: I can't do that. He might change his mind.

NINA: Wasn't that what you want? Go for it.

DR. BROWN: I want what's right for Ephram. And I'm beginning to think that I'm not it.

NINA: A scale of one to ten, how do you like your honesty?

DR. BROWN: What?

NINA: Well, I'm just tying to tell you that I think you're being an idiot and I need to know how much to sugarcoat it. You're not sure that you're what's right for Ephram? Is that all you've got? I give you more credit. I really thought you had something more than that. Since when is there dignity in parenthood? You're changing diapers for God's sake and suddenly you wanna be noble. Don't look at me like that. You had sympathy.

DR. BROWN: Thank you. You've been very helpful.

NINA: Well, who says I have to be nice all the time? And who says you do?

[Nina leaves Dr. Brown to think about it.]

[Cut to Ephram sitting on the porch, alone. He's listening to his walkman.]

AMY: Hiding?

[Ephram takes off his headphones.]

EPHRAM: Watching the snow. It's different here than in New York. Chunkier. I used to like rain better but... I'm now on the fence.

AMY: I like the snow. Snow's something to say that when it falls down like this, it's like time stops. Everyone stays home and, I don't know, drinks hot chocolate? [motioning for the seat] Am I allowed?

[Ephram clears a space for Amy.]

AMY: Thank you. Why didn't you tell me you were thinking of leaving?

EPHRAM: I didn't think you'd have much of an opinion.

AMY: Of course I would.

EPHRAM: Sorry. That came out wrong. I didn't tell you because I needed to figure it out for myself. Like it or not, you tend to have an effect on my moods.

AMY: I've seen your moods, that's a lot of pressure.

EPHRAM: It's nothing you do on purpose. It's like when you're nice to me, there's nothing I can't do, and when you're mad at me, it's all I can think about. When you say things like "maybe you should move on", it sticks with me for a little while, you know? You're in my head.

AMY: I'm sorry.

EPHRAM: It's OK. Not your fault.

AMY: It is sometimes. I don't exactly have a history of being cautious with your feelings, Ephram. If it helps any, my moods have been lousy too. I thought it was bad when Colin was gone. Now he's awake and I can't even go see him. His parents kicked me out. Said he wasn't ready.

EPHRAM: That sucks.

AMY: It really does. So now that the decision's yours, are you really gonna go?

EPHRAM: I think so, yeah. I mean, New York has everything, right?

AMY: Everwood has really good snow.

EPHRAM: That's your pitch?

[Cut to inside. Dr. Brown stops Dr. Hoffman, who is playing a piece.]

DR. BROWN: I wanna talk to you.

DR. HOFFMAN: In a minute.

DR. BROWN: No, now.

DR. HOFFMAN: So here it comes, huh?

DR. BROWN: Yes. Here it comes. I think it's time you heard what I think about this.

DR. HOFFMAN: We've already heard what you think.

DR. BROWN: Not all of it. I think it stinks.


DR. BROWN: I think you put me in this position.

DR. HOFFMAN: Blame me if you want, but I'm doing exactly what you'd do if you could see the shape you're in. You're barely holding it together. And your boy is so depressed, every time I talk to him, it's always about how much he hates it here, how you two are tearing each other's heads off. You know he asked to leave.

DR. BROWN: Only because you pushed him. You knew when you packed your bags that you were gonna take him back. You were just looking for a reason.

DR. HOFFMAN: I don't need a new reason. The old reason's just fine. Andy, you were always only just half a person. Yeah, you're a great surgeon, but you're only a surgeon. As a man? You're like glass. No substance. No soul. And you're lucky with Delia because she's so crazy about you, she can't tell. But Ephram knows. He sees right through ya. And that's because you don't have Julia to cover your ass.

DR. BROWN: I think I've done pretty damn well for my kids under the circumstances.

DR. HOFFMAN: Pretty well, huh? In this ridiculous town? Where you can live your half a life and get thanked for it because your medicine is free? Where you can pretend to be the new Andy because you can cook dinner? You're squandering your gift and I'm not gonna let you sink Ephram with you. You lose this round.

DR. BROWN: We both lost that day! I haven't thought about you for one minute since she died. Those kids are all I've got left in the world and there's no way in hell, anybody's gonna take them away from me.

DR. HOFFMAN: I was a father, too! And you've been taking what's mine since the day we met. You took my daughter and you neglected her and now she's gone. I won't be left with nothing!

[Delia opens the door.]


DR. BROWN: Not now, sweetheart.


DR. BROWN: What is it?

DELIA: Bright fell down.

[Drs. Brown and Hoffman rush inside.]

[Cut back to the bedroom. Dr. Brown, Dr. Hoffman, and Rose rush into the room. Bright is breathing heavily.]

DR. BROWN: What happened?

DR. ABBOTT: He's perforated.

ROSE: What!?

EDNA: His appendix burst.

ROSE: Oh God!

DR. BROWN: His fever's up. We should get him to the hospital. Irv, can you get us there?

IRV: It's a mess out there, we could get stuck.

DR. BROWN: No, we can't risk that. I don't think he can wait until morning. [yelling out] Ephram?

[Ephram enters.]

DR. BROWN: Go and get my saw and put it on the dining room table. Irv, can that bus of yours get us to my office?

IRV: I think so.

[Dr. Brown turns to Bright.]

DR. BROWN: [smiling] This is gonna be fun!

[Bright is still in pain.]

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. They bring Bright in using the dining room table as a stretcher.]

BRIGHT: [wincing] I'm sorry about your table.

DR. BROWN: Ah, it's OK. I was gonna get rid of it anyway. [to the others] Watch his temperature.

DR. ABBOTT: He's in pain. Can we get him something please?

DR. BROWN: We don't really have anything for that.

DR. ABBOTT: Well, how do you plan to anaesthetize him?

DR. BROWN: We're not exactly equipped for this sort of thing. We'll just have to make do.

DR. ABBOTT: You're not gonna make do with my son!

DR. HOFFMAN: What do you have in your office?

DR. ABBOTT: Only a few basics.

EDNA: Same place?

[Edna places her hand out for the keys.]

DR. ABBOTT: [handing them] Yes.

[Edna hands the keys to Irv.]

EDNA: Harold's office, locked cabinet.

IRV: I'm on it.

BRIGHT: Where's he going?

EDNA: He's just going to get supplies. Don't worry.

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Brown, so Bright can't hear] There's no way a local can cover an area that large.

DR. BROWN: It's OK. I'm gonna do a spinal block. I still have my kit. He'll be awake for the surgery but he won't feel a thing.

DR. ABBOTT: A spinal block? No. No way. You know how far you'll have to go up the spinal cord to get adequate anesthesia for the entire abdomen?

DR. BROWN: I do.

DR. ABBOTT: You'll risk paralyzing his lungs.

DR. BROWN: I won't!

[Dr. Abbott gives in and goes to comfort Bright.]

DR. ABBOTT: All right. OK. Bright, here's the thing. Your grandmother's gonna give you a shot and Dr. Brown's gonna do something showy with your back that you won't feel anything for a while which is good 'cause then Dr. Hoffman's gonna take out your appendix. He's done a thousand of these.

BRIGHT: Sounds like a plan.

[Dr. Hoffman looks terrified.]

DR. BROWN: What's wrong?

DR. HOFFMAN: I-I-I-I-I Can't. You know I had a few belts at the party and I can't focus. Maybe you'd better handle it.

DR. BROWN: You had half a glass of wine two hours ago, it's a G.I., Jacob. I haven't been south of the clavicle since my residency. Come on. Let's get going here!

[Dr. Hoffman holds up his shaking hand.]


DR. ABBOTT: That's a tremor. His hands. They're gone. You'll have to do it.

[Dr. Brown doesn't know what to say.]

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Hoffman] I'm sorry.

[Dr. Hoffman looks down and holds his hand.]



[Open on the Brown kitchen. It's morning and Amy is making some hot chocolate for Delia.]

AMY: It's the only way to make your cocoa. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Shouldn't you be in bed?

DELIA: I told him not to get up.

AMY: Bright doesn't listen to anybody. I have the dumbest brother in the whole world.

DELIA: No, you don't.

AMY: Well, it's a close call.

DELIA: It's not their fault. Boys just don't know any better.

AMY: Being a sister's hard work.

DELIA: I know. They need help with *everything*.

AMY: You OK?

DELIA: I don't know.

AMY: Want some hot cocoa?

[Delia shakes her head.]

AMY: Me neither. I just needed to make it.

DELIA: You don't have to be scared. My dad's there. He's the best.

AMY: I know.

[Cut to the Clinic. Dr. Hoffman is assisting Dr. Brown perform the surgery.]

DR. HOFFMAN: You should see the cecum now.

DR. BROWN: It's that slimy thing, right?

[Dr. Abbott starts to worry.]


DR. BROWN: OK, I got it.

[Bright keeps trying to sit up so he can watch.]


[Dr. Abbott nudges him back down.]

DR. ABBOTT: Don't. Don't worry about anything, just keep your eyes on me. Focus right here, Bright.

BRIGHT: I-I can't.

DR. ABBOTT: Shhh, Bright. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I broke my arm? My parents finally decided to let us have a color television.

[Bright's attention turns to his father but he still wants to watch what's going on.]

DR. ABBOTT: First thing, we turn on is a rerun of the old Superman show. We got so excited that later we were playing Superman up on the top bunk and, ah, I'm wearing a sheet tied around my neck. Linda says "Well, let's just see if my brother can fly." and just pushes me off. Needless to say, I did not hit the bean bag. I crushed my toy train and had to get rushed to the hospital by your grandmother.

BRIGHT: In her side car?

DR. ABBOTT: Yeah, in the side car.

DR. HOFFMAN: Now clamp off the blood supply.

DR. BROWN: O-kay.

DR. HOFFMAN: Good. Now clamp the other end and tie it off.

DR. BROWN: Look at us. It's almost as if we like each other.

[Dr. Brown smiles and Dr. Hoffman returns the sentiment.]

DR. BROWN: Here we go. I'd hate to tell you this, Superman, but we're almost done here. The only thing left is to hear a little more about this Aunt Linda. She sounds pretty cool.

[Cut to exterior views of Everwood during the day. The sky is blue but the snow is still around.]

NARRATOR: The best thing about snow, other than snowballs, is that it has an equalizing effect. Snow can take any object or situation and make it pretty all the same. Couldn't care less what's underneath.

[Cut to Dr. Brown returning a cigarette to Nina's birdhouse. He returns back to his own house. Ephram is in the kitchen when he walks in.]

EPHRAM: Mrs. Abbott called. She said he's all right.

DR. BROWN: He will be. Where did you sleep?

EPHRAM: Delia and I split her bed. The other thousand slept everywhere else. You look beat up.

DR. BROWN: Yeah.

EPHRAM: How was Dr. Abbott?

DR. BROWN: He's a good dad. You can see if anything happened, he'd never survive it.

[Dr. Brown thinks for a moment.]

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry, Ephram. I didn't mean to fight with you with everybody there.

EPHRAM: It's my fault too.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, but I'm supposed to be the grownup around here, not you.

EPHRAM: It's fine.

DR. BROWN: No, it's not fine. I-I-I, I do the wrong thing, I say the wrong thing. I, I say awful things but I... I get so angry sometimes.

EPHRAM: [grinning] Yeah.

DR. BROWN: No, no not at you. Let me finish. I get angry at myself because I can't seem to make you understand how much I need you. You know when your mom died, a thousand people said a thousand stupid things and I, I just wanted one of them to give me a reason not to die. One night we were sitting there, trying to eat, and you just said "everything's gonna be OK". That was the first night I slept.

[Ephram looks downtrodden.]

DR. BROWN: You're the only one who can tell me everything's gonna be OK and I believe it. I don't know why you're that person for me and I don't know why we don't treat each other better, but at least now you know. I wish I could be the same for you. Instead, you're miserable here which is my fault and if you go back to New York that'll probably change. You'll probably be happier. I meant that. But I don't care. I want you to stay. I need you to stay. Not just for Delia, but for me. You know, your grandfather thinks I'm only half a person. And if you leave, he'll be right.

[Ephram doesn't know what to say.]

[Cut to a hospital. Bright is asleep while his father wipes his forehead. Edna walks in.]

EDNA: How we doing?

DR. ABBOTT: The infection's under control. Not much pain either. A few days rest, he'll be good as new.

EDNA: You've got Doc Brown to thank for that.

DR. ABBOTT: Don't remind me.

[Dr. Abbott leaves Edna to talk to Bright.]

BRIGHT: Greeeat. It's bad enough I have to have surgery, now you're gonna...

EDNA: [interrupting] You just stop right there! Your appendix popped which hurts like hell. Then, someone cut you open while you watched. You never made so much as a peep once through the whole thing. You're a good soldier. Made me proud.

[Edna salutes Bright.]

BRIGHT: Thanks.

EDNA: But, let's get one thing clear. You're under strict orders never to get sick like that again or I will kick your sorry butt myself. Understood?

BRIGHT: No deal.

EDNA: Excuse me?

BRIGHT: I said no deal. Unless you say it again but nicer.

EDNA: You had me worried, kid.

[Bright manages a faint smile.]

EDNA: I almost forgot. You've got a visitor. Come on in, Private.

[Delia walks into the room with a plate of cake.]

DELIA: I brought birthday cake. Can you have it?

BRIGHT: [smiling] Not yet.

DELIA: You really scared us.

BRIGHT: I'm sorry.

DELIA: Don't do it again, OK?

[Bright looks at his grandmother.]

BRIGHT: It's already taken care of.

["Catch Me" by Jamie Walters is playing.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's diner. Ephram is reading manga and listening to his walkman.]

LYRICS: I've been away for so long / I grew up

NINA: Nice to get out of the house, finally?


[Amy enters the diner and walks up behind Ephram. She pulls out his headphones.]

LYRICS: All the answers to all of my prayers

AMY: I got in a fight with Colin. He ended up in a coma. I bitched at Bright and his appendix burst. I sort of needlessly bit your head off the other night for no reason and I haven't said sorry yet and, I don't want you to end up in a hospital before you leave, call me superstitious but... sorry.

EPRHAM: You are, without a doubt, the strangest girl that I've ever met.

AMY: I know. But you've been a good friend to me, despite it. You've been different.

EPHRAM: Well like "bad" different or...

AMY: Different.

EPHRAM: I guess I've been called worse.

AMY: And you suck for leaving. Did I mention that? Just totally suck.

EPHRAM: Actually, I don't. I'm not going. Not anymore.

AMY: You're not? You're staying? Since when?

EPHRAM: Since I embarrassed myself in front of all our friends and family and told off some of the larger football players. You don't think that'll be a problem, do ya?

AMY: I thought New York had everything.

EPHRAM: Just about.

[Amy smiles at Ephram.]

[Cut to the Clinic. Dr. Brown is putting the dining table away. Ruth enters.]

DR. BROWN: You know you guys don't have to leave tonight.

RUTH: Yes, we do.

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry things didn't turn out the way you wanted.

RUTH: No you're not.

[Dr. Brown and Ruth hug before she leaves him and Dr. Hoffman to talk.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Hey, that was pretty smart using that table as a stretcher.

DR. BROWN: Well, as you said. Always the doctor.

DR. HOFFMAN: Nah, nah that wasn't just the doctor I saw. You calmed everybody down. You made everybody feel safe. You even made me feel safe. Ephram told me that you two guys talked.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, we did.

DR. HOFFMAN: You didn't used to talk. Not like that, anyway. You've changed, you know. You have. This place, you're doing good here, aren't ya?

DR. BROWN: Well, I wouldn't say that.

DR. HOFFMAN: I would. And you know I don't want to. It'll be a hell of a lot easier for me if you were the schmuck that I always took you for.

[Dr. Brown laughs.]

DR. HOFFMAN: You know, she would've liked you like this. She would. You know if you'd have stayed at the hospital in New York, you would've become chief of surgery. You'd have wound up teaching. You would've turned into me.

DR. BROWN: Not such a bad thing to turn into.

DR. HOFFMAN: Well... you could do better. Hell, you have.

[Dr. Brown pours them both a drink.]

DR. HOFFMAN: Thank you.

[Dr. Hoffman's hand is shaking.]

DR. HOFFMAN: You know I'm shot as a surgeon. I've been lecturing the past six months just to hide the tremor.

DR. BROWN: It's not necessarily Parkinson's, it could be Wilson's. Have you been taking any medication that might...?

DR. HOFFMAN: Don't diagnose me. I'll take the test when I'm good and ready. In any event, this is the end of me. But you. They'll be telling stories about you here long after you're gone. Hey look. It's starting to snow again.

[Cut to a view from outside through the window.]

DR. BROWN: It's awful pretty.

DR. HOFFMAN: You know, this train station. Reminds me of a town we got stuck in years ago. Julia was just a child. A huge storm hit and our train got stuck surrounded by mountains. It was a beautiful place. Julia ever tell you that story?

DR. BROWN: Remind me.

[Dr. Brown looks mesmerized as Dr. Hoffman recounts the story.]

DR. HOFFMAN: It snowed like the devil. A foot an hour. Julia? She was stuck at the window, man, just staring at the snow, mesmerized. Ruth couldn't pry her away. She loooved it.

[Cut back to the view outside and the camera slowly pans away.]

NARRATOR: It's not just that snow makes everything pretty. Snow gives us all a second chance. Snow cleanses. Hiding the sins of all with no prejudices, favor or blame. Everything gets to be pure again. If only for a little while. Which might be all you need.

[Fade to black.]



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