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#106 : La forteresse

Titre en VO : "The Doctor Is In" - Titre en VF : "La forteresse"
¤ USA : diffusé le 21/10/02 - France : diffusé le 12/10/03
¤ Scénario : Vanessa Taylor - Réalisation : Steve Gyllenhaal
¤ Guest-stars : Jane Krakowski (Dr Trott).

Dans le courant de l'année, le psychologue Trott rend souvent visite aux habitants d'Everwood pour écouter leurs problèmes. Le Dr Abbott accuse celle-ci de perturber la communauté de la ville. Elle se décide donc à replier bagages.

Le Dr Brown explique aux parents de Colin les risques de l'opération de leur fils qui prennent la décision de ne plus rien enter. Amy avec l'aide d'Ephram essayeront de les convaincre de changer d'avis.

Chez Magilla, Délia se voit proposer à Magilla de jouer à se maquiller par le garçon mais sa mère arrive et s'emporte un peu trop. Elle interdit immédiatement à son fils de continuer à la fréquenter.

Plus de détails

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "Pilot", "The Great Doctor Brown", "The Kissing Bridge", and "Deer God".]

Ephram and Amy in a hallway at County High. (from "Pilot")

EPHRAM: Do you have a boyfriend?

AMY: Yes.

Amy and Ephram standing outside Colin's hospital room. (from "Pilot")

AMY: Ephram Brown, meet Colin Hart.

Amy and Ephram at the Fall Thaw, sitting at the top of the Ferris wheel. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

EPHRAM: You want me to ask my dad to help Colin.

AMY: If you could just talk to him.

At Everwood Elementary, Delia's sitting having lunch alone until Magilla walks up. (from "The Kissing Bridge")

MAGILLA: My mom said you can come over tomorrow after school if you want.

DELIA: I thought you didn't like me.

Outside the Abbott home, Ephram is talking to Amy. (from "Deer God")

EPHRAM: I lied to you. You asked me to ask my dad to help Colin, I said I did but, I didn't.

Magilla and Delia playing at Magilla's house. (from "The Kissing Bridge")

MAGILLA: You wanna play something better?

[Magilla opens a chest revealing several dolls. Delia's eyes are wide.]

Back outside the Abbott home, Ephram and Amy are talking. (from "Deer God")

EPHRAM: I asked my dad to help him. He's gonna look at him tomorrow.

AMY: [sheepishly] OK.

EPHRAM: [relieved] OK!



[Open on a motor home traveling down the highway. "Mr. Big Stuff" by Aretha Franklin is playing.]

NARRATOR: Everyone has a touchstone. A last line of defense against the mayhem and sorrow of this world. For some people in Everwood, that person is Dr. Gretchen Trott.

[Cut to Main Street. Various townspeople are helping Dr. Trott park her vehicle on the side of the road. Dr. Abbott is trying to get to work and notices Dr. Trott is parking in his usual spot. He beeps the horn.]

LYRICS: Mr. Big Stuff / You're never gonna get my love

DR. ABBOTT: Hello?! Oh, no. Oh come on! Son of a...

LYRICS: ...and because you wear / All those fancy clothes / Oh yeah / And drive a big fine car / Oh yes you do now / Do you think I can't afford / To give you my love...

[He finds another park not too far away. Dr. Brown pulls in next to him and they synchronistically exit.]

DR. BROWN: What is that thing? Blood van? Ice cream truck? Book mobile?

DR. ABBOTT: [exhales] Shrink mobile!

NARRATOR: Of course, not all of Everwood is worshipped at the shrine of this particular recreational vehicle.

[Dr. Abbott pushes his way through the crowd.]

DR. ABBOTT: Excuse us. Coming through.

DR. BROWN: So Everwood has its own psychiatrist?

DR. ABBOTT: A psychologist. With a Masters in Social Work.

[Dr. Trott comes out.]

DR. ABBOTT: Good morning, Gretchen.

DR. TROTT: Well, hello. Nice to see you again, Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Gretchen, is it my imagination or did we not discuss, in detail, at the time of your last visit oh when was that? Easter? The desirability of your finding a more convenient place to see patients.

DR. TROTT: Well, I believe you did make certain views known. I might call it a rumination more than a conversation.

DR. ABBOTT: Well... whether you remember it or not, you need to move this eyesore so that I can park *my* car in my regular space.

DR. TROTT: Well I believe that this is the most convenient location for most of my patients, so in the absence of any official signage, I think I'll continue to station myself here.

DR. ABBOTT: Did you hear a word I just said?

DR. TROTT: I heard you use territorialism to establish superiority. While I can respect a narcissistic impulse, I'm under no obligation to cater to it.

DR. BROWN: I don't believe we've met, Dr. Trott. I'm Andy Brown.

DR. ABBOTT: [snarky] Speaking of narcissists.

DR. TROTT: THE Andy Brown?

DR. BROWN: The one and only.

DR. TROTT: [fumbling] Well, i-it's a pleasure to meet you. I'm, well... I'm actually a bit of a fan. I recently rediscovered your '97 article on distinguishing psychological from organic mental disorders. I have to tell you, I found your analysis even more insightful upon second reading.

[Dr. Abbott fumbles, obviously jealous.]

DR. BROWN: Let me just say it's a pleasure to meet a person who's providing such a valuable service to this community and I would be delighted to park my car down the street for the duration of your stay.

DR. TROTT: Oh, well, thank you. Thank you very much. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to prepare to see my patients.

[She motions someone to enter.]

DR. BROWN: [to Dr. Abbott] I like her!

DR. ABBOTT: You would. Oh how could anyone in their right mind take that nomadic quack's insights seriously.

[Brenda Baxworth comes running down the street toward the motor home, pushing the two doctors out the way.]

BRENDA: Dr. Trott! I'm not too late, am I? Dr. Trott? Oh hi!

[Dr. Abbott gives up and walks away. Dr. Brown smiles.]



[Cut to County High. A book with musical notation. The camera pans over to reveal Amy and Ephram painting some giant leaves for the recital.]

AMY: I thought they only paid you to play piano.

EPHRAM: Ah, you'll doubt my school spirit?

AMY: Whatever, it's cool of you to help. You see that red rope over there? That's where it all starts. Every year it's a mad dash to see who gets the best seats. I swear, you'd think it was a Paul McCartney concert. Ever seen middle-aged people run so fast?

EPHRAM: A high school ballet depicting the changing of the leaves... high point of the Everwood social season? Why am I not surprised?

AMY: The flower mart actually sold out last year.

[Amy laughs.]

AMY: (CONT'D) All the girls get bouquets, roses mostly.

EPHRAM: That's good to know.

AMY: Except me. I mean well, I've never had a solo before but... Colin used to bring me flowers anyway. Not my parents or anybody, just Colin.

[She checks her watch.]

EPHRAM: You just checked your watch five minutes ago.

AMY: Colin's parents' appointment is almost over.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. My dad's appointments usually last just long enough for whoever he's talking at, to sign on the dotted line. I swear I can't remember the last time someone said no when the Great Doctor Brown offered his help. Colin's surgery's a done deal.

[Amy's not sure what to think.]

AMY: I watched this show about comas the other night, on the science channel. It showed people who came out after a long time like, six months or so. Most of them barely even looked human. I remember this one guy's face was frozen in this silent scream, like that painting. And most of their hands were all curled up like Jennifer Hawkaday in Special Ed.

EPHRAM: You know, I don't mean this in a bad way Amy, but are you sure you want him back? I mean, especially if... I-I just mean that it might be better for him if...

AMY: I want him back! No matter what.

[Ephram has a look on his face like's he's hurt or torn.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown's office. He is still meeting with Sharon and James Hart, the parents of the comatose Colin Hart.]

DR. BROWN: As Dr. Latham and the Denver team have told you, the causes of short term coma are generally discrete and identifiable, while the causes of prolonged coma can often be idiopathic... of unknown origin. In Colin's case, the neuro team has carefully monitored his intracranial pressure, and provided what I think is well above the standard of care. You can be confident, that up to this point, you've done everything possible for your son. And...

JAMES: [interrupting] Up to this point?

DR. BROWN: Well, having studied Colin's history and his films, I've come up with a theory.

JAMES: So you think you know something they don't?

DR. BROWN: There is what we believe to be a small fragment of bone lodged in Colin's brain. More specifically in the brain stem where it would be extremely difficult to remove. Dr. Latham doesn't believe that the relationship between this fragment and your son's prolonged comatose state is causable.

SHARON: But you do?

DR. BROWN: I do. And I believe I can surgically resect it without damaging the stem.

JAMES: You've done this before?

DR. BROWN: Actually, no. The brain stem handles the most elemental tasks that the brain performs. Were we to undertake this surgery successfully, it would be medically reportable.

SHARON: Meaning?

DR. BROWN: Well, it would be an experiment of sorts. By that, I mean that experimentation occurs all of the time in medicine. It's how innovation takes place, it's how lives are saved. I want you to know I don't undertake this lightly. I've performed over 200 procedures a year in the last fifteen years and if I'm not mistaken, I have one of the highest success rates in the country.

SHARON: But what if you do... damage the brain stem?

DR. BROWN: Well, it would threaten Colin's ability to... walk, eat, breathe.

JAMES: And what if we don't do it?

DR. BROWN: It's impossible to say. Colin may emerge from the coma on his own.

JAMES: But you don't think he will.

[Dr. Brown just looks at them.]

JAMES: You're the last stop for us, Doctor Brown. We've run out of answers of our own. What do you think we should do?

DR. BROWN: I can't tell you what to do. That's a choice you'll have to make, together.

JAMES: But if it were your son?

[Dr. Brown looks unsure.]

[Cut to the two town doctors eating lunch later on at Mama Joy's.]

DR. BROWN: You know, I thought I'd get sick of Art's food, eating it every day. But I'm beginning to realize that...

DR. ABBOTT: ...you have no taste?

DR. BROWN: The meatloaf is very versatile is what I was gonna say.

[Dr. Trott walks in and places her order in the background.]

DR. TROTT: Hi. I'm picking up a tuna melt with coleslaw to go.

DR. ABBOTT: [to Dr. Brown] Ever been to a shrink?

DR. BROWN: There are some things I can do on my own... you?

DR. ABBOTT: Ah! I'd sooner tell you my problems.

DWAYNE: I'm sorry, Dr. Trott, I accidentally made your sandwich with dill pickles when you specifically asked for sweet but I-I could remake it right now.

DR. TROTT: Oh, that's not necessary, Dwayne.

DWAYNE: I just, hate myself for screwing up. I never can do anything. Mother was right.

DR. TROTT: Dwayne!

DWAYNE: You have to let me, Dr. Trott. I know I can do a better job, really. I want to remake it.

DR. TROTT: If you insist, thank you.

[Dr. Abbott notices.]

DR. ABBOTT: You got 'em right where you want 'em, don't ya?

DR. TROTT: I'm sorry?

DR. ABBOTT: You thrive on it, the insecurity, the doubt, the self loathing. You come into town every few months, needlessly stir up neuroses like lawn mowing in the dust ball.

DR. TROTT: I don't create the feelings, I just give people a safe place to put them.

DR. ABBOTT: You ride into town like Joan of Arc of gestalt, a week later your patients are reassurance junkies begging for a fix, and you've ridden off in the sunset while someone has to pick up the pieces.

DR. TROTT: How does that make you feel, Harold?

DR. ABBOTT: [getting up] Do shrinks have that implanted on a chip somewhere? Memorize a few key phrases, buy a couch, you're Sigmund Freud?

DR. TROTT: While I respect your point of view, and I'm glad you feel comfortable discussing it...

DR. ABBOTT: [interrupting] You ever actually say something? For God's sake, get to the point!

DR. TROTT: Is it possible that in reality, *you* thrive on it? That you derive satisfaction from, and I'm using your words, "picking up the pieces"?

[Dr. Brown looks impressed.]

DR. ABBOTT: Don't make me out to be some type of parasitic, misery loving, ego maniac.

DR. TROTT: [getting her sandwich] Those are your terms, not mine. Try to stay evidence based, Harold. Don't be so hard on yourself. [walking out] Thanks for the sandwich, Dwayne.

DR. BROWN: You eating all of that Harold, or can I have some.

[Cut to Delia and Magilla in his room. They're lying on the bed listening to music.]

LYRICS: And the mood that you play... on me.

MAGILLA: Bet you don't know what this song's about.

DELIA: I do too.


DELIA: It's about this girl...

MAGILLA: It's about sex! Do you even know what that is?


LYRICS: You breathe internally / what's going on in me, that's where I'm at

[Magilla and Delia begin dancing after Magilla closes the door.]

LYRICS: There must be few who think they can handle me / I'm not some trophy wife to be / You'll only get me if you play me right / Tonight / You gotta show me

[Magilla grabs a case from the shelf.]

DELIA: What's that?

MAGILLA: Make up. It's my mom's.

DELIA: You stole it?

LYRICS: You've gotta treat me right to play me right / all night

[Delia and Magilla start putting on the make up and continue dancing.]

LYRICS: Everywhere that you play / every move that you make / on me / don't get me wrong I'm really into you / but if you take the wrong approach with me

[Magilla's mother, Jenny Foster, walks in and is not impressed by the fact that her son is wearing makeup.]

JENNY: Delia, I think it's time for you to go home now.

[She turns off the music and Delia and Magilla just stare at each other.]

[Cut to the Brown kitchen and dining room. Dr. Brown is on the phone with the Harts. Ephram walks in and listens to the conversation intently.]

DR. BROWN: OK. No, I understand. No, no, there's really no need to explain. No no no of course not. Alright, we'll talk again soon.

[He hangs up.]

EPHRAM: Who was that?

DR. BROWN: Oh, just work stuff.

EPHRAM: About Colin Hart?

DR. BROWN: Matter of fact, it was.

[Ephram has the fridge door open.]

EPHRAM: What did they say?

DR. BROWN: Who? Oh, they decided not to pursue the surgical option.

EPHRAM: What!?

DR. BROWN: Well, you can hardly blame them. I mean, it's a tough decision to make.

EPHRAM: Wait. So that's just it?

DR. BROWN: Nothing's just "it". Colin's status is constantly evolving. Who knows? Tomorrow, next week, next month, could be a whole new ball game.

EPHRAM: So you're just gonna let it lie.

DR. BROWN: Well, there's no point in forcing the issue.

EPHRAM: That's a new thing right? This whole laissez faire, country doctor bit.

DR. BROWN: Well, doctors don't have all the answers, Ephram.

EPHRAM: They don't?

DR. BROWN: No. Sometimes parents have the answers too. Hey, when you're done letting the cold air out of the fridge, set the table, will ya?

[Ephram just stares at him then closes the door and storms out.]



[Open on County High. Amy approaches Ephram in the hallway. He's writing down some music. "Angels Fall" by Rebecca Lord is playing in the background.]

AMY: Hey, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Um, my dad told me last night. I'm sorry.

AMY: I shouldn't have got my hopes up.

EPHRAM: You know, every once in a while, back in New York, people would say no to my dad... at first.

AMY: Then what happened?

EPHRAM: Well, he persuaded them he was right. You know, except...

AMY: What?

EPHRAM: Well, in this town, people are different. I mean y-y-you gotta know 'em twenty five years before they let you change their tire.

AMY: So, you don't think your dad could convince the Harts?

EPHRAM: I don't know. But... maybe you could?

AMY: Me? Really, you think?


AMY: Alright. Thanks, Ephram.

[She leaves and Ephram stares at her longingly.]

[Cut to Delia's classroom. Magilla is sitting at his desk. Delia approaches.]

DELIA: Wanna play four square with me?

[Bud runs into the classroom. Magilla ignores Delia.]

BUD: Hey, Magilla. We're playing dodge ball. Are you in?


BUD: [to the others, outside] We've got Magilla!

DELIA: Do you wanna play with me after school then?


DELIA: Why not?

MAGILLA: 'Cause the last time I got in trouble, moron.

[He walks away then stops.]

MAGILLA: [softly] I can't. My mom said.

[Delia looks sad.]

MAGILLA: [to the kids outside] Hey guys!

[Cut to Dr. Brown's practice. He's checking some moles on Dr. Trott's back.]

DR. BROWN: Well, that mole seems to be fine. Let's check it again next time you're in town. Where are the other ones?

DR. TROTT: [pointing] Here, here...

DR. BROWN: So when will you be in town again?

DR. TROTT: Um, most likely February or March.

DR. BROWN: An unorthodox way to practice.

DR. TROTT: Well, I could say the same of you. I was told this consultation would be free of charge?

DR. BROWN: Well, I don't need the money so I skip the paper work.

DR. TROTT: A glib response is somewhat wasted on a psychotherapist.

DR. BROWN: Well, people keep asking me and it gets kind of old. As if every act of altruism required a rationale.

DR. TROTT: Altruism?

DR. BROWN: Yeah, you know, like... oh I get it, I get it. A memorized psyche rotation. You think I've got some kind of sub-conscious motivator like... winning friends and influencing people or ah, well go ahead. Give it your best shot.

DR. TROTT: I just wonder what it means when a world-renown neurosurgeon with a better than average shot of making the history books, moves to the middle of nowhere and gives his most precious resource away for free.

DR. BROWN: And you won't be buying a football team anytime soon? You got me, Doc. I don't think about those kinds of things. I guess some people are just too hard-headed for that kind of complexity.

DR. TROTT: I believe that the average level of neurosis in non-mentally ill individuals is strikingly similar. It's the spectrum of self-awareness that differs. I call it the Denial Factor.

DR. BROWN: Well, that sounds vaguely familiar.

DR. TROTT: Who do you talk to, Dr. Brown? A friend, a colleague, wife?

DR. BROWN: Well, I get a certain perverse pleasure out of solving my own problems.

DR. TROTT: Everyone needs someone.

[Dr. Brown finishes examining her.]

DR. BROWN: Well, those other ones look fine to me too. You may wanna keep an eye on 'em. You can put your clothes back on, unless you're loving that gown.

[Dr. Trott goes to get dressed behind a screen.]


DR. BROWN: So lay it on me. What does happen to those unfortunate individuals who deny their own neurosis?

DR. TROTT: The effects vary, of course. In extreme cases, the pattern can be something along the lines of complete emotional spirals, resulting in total breakdown.

DR. BROWN: You don't say.

[Cut to the Abbott home, night. Bright is about to leave but Amy stops him.]

AMY: Bright? Where are you going?

BRIGHT: Got a date.

AMY: Tonight? Nononono you have to be here for dinner.

BRIGHT: I don't think so, I've got one shot with Gemma Maxwell. Mom's tuna cornflake casserole? Not gonna seal the deal.

AMY: Bright, you can't go. You have to be *here*.


AMY: Mom invited the Harts over.


AMY: So, I've got all the research prepared about the surgery. All you have to do is just...

BRIGHT: [interrupting] I thought they already said no.

AMY: They could change their minds.

BRIGHT: Fat chance. Besides, I don't think we should be getting involved.

AMY: We're already involved, Bright. Colin is your best friend, you have to help me. You have to tell them that...

BRIGHT: [interrupting] It's a lost cause, Amy.

[He walks out.]

AMY: What is wrong with you? Don't you want him back?

[Cut to dinner at the Browns. They're eating Dr. Brown's dinner. Ephram is pouring a lot of salt on it.]

DR. BROWN: That bad, huh?

EPHRAM: Depends. What is it?

DR. BROWN: Point taken. What do you think, Delia?

DELIA: [distracted] It's fine.

DR. BROWN: Is something wrong, Delia?

DELIA: [morose] Magilla wouldn't play with me today.

DR. BROWN: Well, he probably just wanted to play with his other friends for a change.

DELIA: Magilla doesn't have other friends.

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm sure he'll wanna play with you again tomorrow, sweetheart.

DELIA: No, he won't. He said he can't play with me anymore.

DR. BROWN: Why not?

DELIA: His mom said.

DR. BROWN: Why would she say a thing like that?

DELIA: She doesn't like me.

DR. BROWN: That's impossible.

[Ephram rolls his eyes at his father's cluelessness.]

EPHRAM: [to Dr. Brown] You have to have a "parent" talk.

DR. BROWN: What? With Magilla? I'm not his parent.

EPHRAM: No! *You* have to talk with *his* parents.

DR. BROWN: You know, that's actually a very good idea, Ephram. Tell you what, we'll go over there right after dinner. Hey, we can stop off and pick up some ice-cream on the way over. Sort of a peace offering.

[Delia has perked up.]

DELIA: That might work.

[Cut to dinner at the Abbotts.]

SHARON: I can't remember the last time we were so well taken care of. Thank you for having us, Rose.

ROSE: How are you holding up?

AMY: How are we supposed to be having a nice time anywhere, knowing that Colin's just...

ROSE: Amy!

SHARON: I think about him all the time.

AMY: Then why won't Dr. Brown be performing surgery...

DR. ABBOTT: Amy. [to the Harts] You'll have to forgive her, she's been under some strain lately.

AMY: Don't talk about me like I'm not here!

ROSE: Amy Nicole, that is enough!

SHARON: It's alright, Rose. I feel the same way you do, honey. There's nothing that we can do.

AMY: Yes there is. Dr. Brown is one of the premiere brain surgeons in the United States. Patients fly half way around the world for a consultation and we have him. Right here. And he wants to help us...

SHARON: No. No, he doesn't. We agreed that Colin should have the surgery and it was Dr. Brown who changed his mind.

[Amy looks like a missile hit her.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown and Delia at Magilla's door.]

DR. BROWN: These things are starting to melt, do you think I should ring again?

DELIA: You rang four times! They don't want us to come in.

[The door opens.]

DR. BROWN: Here we go, see?

[Mrs. Jenny Foster, Magilla's mom, answers the door.]

DR. BROWN: Good evening. I'm Andy Brown and I think you know my daughter, Delia. Hope you don't mind our dropping by like this. We rang the bell a couple times and ah, figured you...

JENNY: [interrupting] No, I... really have some...

DR. BROWN: Well, I'll just get right to the point. It's come to my attention that there's been some kind of misunderstanding.

JENNY: No, I...

DR. BROWN: My daughter is under the impression that you don't want her playing with your son, Stuart.

JENNY: Do you really wanna discuss this in front of your daughter?

[Magilla's father, Mr. Howard Foster, comes to the door.]

HOWARD: What's this, Jenny?

JENNY: Ah, this is a friend of Stuart's, Howard, and her father.

DR. BROWN: [holding out his hand] Andy Brown. Pleased to meet you. You know, Delia was telling me an amusing story on the way over here. She said that she and your son were playing the other day, and, ah, this is hard for me to believe 'cause Delia has been a tomboy ever since she was in the womb. [laughing] But the, well, they were playing dress up.

[Jenny and Howard have serious faces.]

DR. BROWN: Well, I can assure you that, as a physician, that at this age, that kind of play is perfectly alright. All the same, if it bothers you, you don't have to worry 'cause it won't happen again.

HOWARD: Why didn't you tell me about this?

JENNY: I was going to.

HOWARD: Keep your daughter away from our son!

DR. BROWN: I'm sorry?

HOWARD: You heard me.

JENNY: Please don't come back.

[They close the door on Delia and Dr. Brown. Delia looks upset.]

DR. BROWN: Let's get these home before they melt.

DELIA: Dad? Is something wrong with me?

DR. BROWN: Nothing is wrong with you, sweetheart. There is nothing wrong with you.



[Open on County High. Ephram playing a piece on the piano in the theater. Amy walks in and he quickly stops and tries to hide his music book.]

AMY: Why didn't you tell me?


AMY: Your father turned them down.


AMY: The Harts asked him if he could do the surgery.

EPHRAM: Whoa whoa whoa whoa. W-Why wouldn't my dad wanna operate?

AMY: You tell me.

EPHRAM: No, it's impossible. I mean my dad's a jerk but, he's never turned anyone down before, my dad's never met long odds he didn't like.

AMY: Well, he didn't like Colin's.

EPHRAM: You sure you got this right?

AMY: The Harts told me.

EPHRAM: Because the guy I know would give his left nut to save a guy in a coma and, you know, be the town hero.

AMY: Are you sure he didn't tell you anything about this?

EPHRAM: Why would I lie to you, Amy? You're the only person I care about in this whole stupid town. Look, I didn't know. I swear.

[Cut to Dr. Abbott's practice. He enters and starts giving orders to Louise.]

DR. ABBOTT: There's still too many chairs in the waiting room, Louise. I said ten chairs and I meant it.

[He hands her his scarf.]

DR. ABBOTT: We need to redo the color coding on the patient files by Friday at the latest. And ah, get a copy of the seating chart for the recital, we don't want any surprises like last year, oh and ah, get me some coffee, will you?

[He walks into his office and closes the door. Louise works up a bit of courage.]

LOUISE: Good morning, Doctor Abbott!

[He quickly opens his door, amazed.]

DR. ABBOTT: Good morning, Louise. Was there something...

LOUISE: When you say "we", do you mean "we" or do you mean "me"?

DR. ABBOTT: I'm sorry?

LOUISE: "We" need to redo the color coding. Do you mean "we" or "me"?

DR. ABBOTT: Well... "you", I suppose.

LOUISE: Then, I'd appreciate it if you'd say "could you please have the folders redone by Friday, Louise?" And further more, I was not hired to make coffee. So... if I choose to do so, it will be on a case by case, personal favor basis. Is that understood?

DR. ABBOTT: Yes, Louise.

LOUISE: You're the one who told me my lack of assertiveness was limiting my career potential.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, now I only...

LOUISE: So I signed up with Dr. Trott.

[He realizes. She hands his scarf back.]

LOUISE: You can hang your own scarf.

[She looks pleased with herself and walks back to the counter.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, no.

[He rushes outside to Dr. Trott's "office".]

DR. ABBOTT: [banging on the door] DR. TROTT! DOCTOR TROTT! DR. TROTT!

[He gets inside.]

DR. ABBOTT: [holding up the scarf] What do you call this?

DR. TROTT: Hmm, a scarf?

DR. ABBOTT: Not that! My assistant, Louise. She was a completely normal person before you got to her with your rabid, invasive, self-indulgent paws on her. And stop filling peoples heads with this garbage. Have you no scruples? You wreak people's lives and you charge them for it.

[Brenda rushes in.]

DR. ABBOTT: You're like a televangelist.

BRENDA: [who is trying to get in] I am having a breakthrough!

DR. ABBOTT: All right.

DR. TROTT: Excuse me, Brenda.

[She pushes Dr. Abbott outside.]

DR. ABBOTT: Excuse me, I am not done talking yet!

DR. TROTT: I am done listening though. Good day, Harold.

[She closes the door on him.]


[He bangs on the door.]


[He looks at the group of people waiting in line.]

DR. ABBOTT: You're all crazy!

[Cut to Dr. Brown's practice. He and Edna are there. Delia walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Hi, sweetheart.

DELIA: [depressed] Hey.

DR. BROWN: That didn't sound very enthusiastic. Friend's still not talking to ya, huh? Kid's got a lot of willpower for a third grader.

DELIA: He wasn't in school today.

DR. BROWN: Oh, he's probably just out sick.

DELIA: I asked Miss Violet, she said he wasn't coming back.

DR. BROWN: [to Edna] Do you believe this? Those parents yank their kid out of school for playing dress up? I mean that's, that's medieval! Alright Delia, here's what we're gonna do, we are going over there right now.

EDNA: Word in the Q-T, doc.

[She tries to get him to stop but he starts getting his things ready to leave.]

DR. BROWN: [not listening] And I will see that they listen to reason.

EDNA: Boss...

DR. BROWN: [still not listening] These people clearly know nothing about child rearing. I mean if *I* can tell that they're doing it wrong...

[Edna whistles to get his attention.]


[He follows her direction. They enter his office.]

DR. BROWN: Look, I don't know what the...

[Edna slams the door shut.]

EDNA: [interrupting] As Dr. Sourpuss's nurse, I was privy to some information which I normally wouldn't disclose but, under the circumstances... It's about little Stuart, Magilla. He wasn't born a "he".

DR. BROWN: What?

EDNA: Not a "she" neither exactly. Ambiguous genitalia. What some in the profession call, pseudo-hermaphrodite.

DR. BROWN: This is the gorilla kid? The one who put a bug up his own nose?

EDNA: The parents see right off they're in the deep serious in this one and they send him to a specialist in Denver. This "genius" follows the prevailing wisdom and suggests that since baby Magilla's got a fairly well formed "you know what", and generally looks masculine, the parents should rear him as a boy, no questions asked. And... Delia comes along and they see their boy playing with a girl, playing *like* a girl.

DR. BROWN: Well... the situation will only become more complicated as he approaches puberty. I should probably talk to them about something...

EDNA: [shaking her head] You can talk till you're blue in the face, Doc. It's not gonna change this family's ideas on how to raise their child.

DR. BROWN: Well not change, per se, but I...


DR. BROWN: All I'm saying is I could just...

EDNA: No. Let me tell you this, and I mean no offense by it but I'm not entirely sure anyone's ever told you this before: There are some things that you. Can't. Fix.

[Cut to the Browns' home later on. Ephram is tying his tie. Delia runs down the stairs.]

DELIA: I'm ready. Let's go.

DR. BROWN: [to Ephram] You need some help with that?

EPHRAM: No, I got it.

DR. BROWN: Is Amy nervous about the recital?

EPHRAM: She's too pissed off.

DR. BROWN: These are difficult decisions. What the Harts decide is their prerogative and we have to respect that.

EPHRAM: What the Harts decided? Or what you decided for them? This is so typical, the one time it matters...

DR. BROWN: It always matters, Ephram. It just so happens that, this time, it matters to you. But that doesn't mean that I...

EPHRAM: Amy matters to me. And as pathetic as it may be, you were her only shot. She's not used to being let down by you. Not yet.

DR. BROWN: Listen to me, Ephram. These people asked me what I would do if it were my son and I told them that I thought it was risky. It's tempting to leap in and try and surgically fix things.

EPHRAM: That's a load! You know it. If it were your son? If it were me? You'd let me sit there in a coma when there was a zillionth of a percent chance you could ride in there on your white horse and save me? I don't think so. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were scared. We're gonna be late.

[Cut to the recital. Dr. Brown and Delia are making their way through a row.]

DR. BROWN: Excuse me.

[They reach a spot where a woman is sitting with only two empty seats, one on either side of her.]

DR. BROWN: Excuse me, would you mind moving over one so my daughter and I can sit together?


DR. BROWN: No you wouldn't mind or...

WOMAN: I'm a person and I'm important.

DR. BROWN: You wouldn't by any chance be a patient of Dr. Trott's, would you?

WOMAN: Why yes.

DR. BROWN: [to Delia] Go sit on the inside, sweetheart.

[Delia takes her place on the other side of the woman. Dr. Brown sits down and begins a conversation with Dr. Abbott who is in the row in front.]

DR. BROWN: You really got this down.

DR. ABBOTT: I read The Art of War.

DR. BROWN: How long did you have to wait for these seats?

DR. ABBOTT: Three hours.

ROSE: He brings his backlog of medical journals.

DR. ABBOTT: The Harts told us about your decision.


DR. ABBOTT: It's what I'd do. It's the more cautious choice.

DR. BROWN: Well, thank you. I'm glad you agree.

DR. ABBOTT: I said it's what *I'd* do.

[Cut to backstage. Amy is preparing. Sharon Hart approaches her with a bouquet of flowers.]


[She gives Amy the flowers.]

SHARON: Colin would never forgive me if I didn't make sure you got these. I know he would give anything to be here.

[Amy looks sad as they hug.]

SHARON: Good luck.

["Nightingale" by Norah Jones begins playing.]

[Ephram walks in.]


[Amy sighs.]

EPHRAM: (CONT'D) Amy? What's wrong?

AMY: He's not coming back.

EPHRAM: You don't know that. He could come out of it! He probably will.

[Amy turns her head and we see a tear stream down her face.]

AMY: He's gone.

EPHRAM: Amy? Amy?!

[Amy just looks at the flowers. Ephram runs out of the room and finds the Abbotts.]

EPHRAM: Dr. Abbott! Dr. Abbott, you have to come back here now!

DR. ABBOTT: What is it?

EPHRAM: It's Amy! C'mon!

[Dr. and Mayor Abbott get up from the seats and run backstage. Amy is leaned up against the wall.]

ROSE: Amy?

DR. ABBOTT: Amy, honey? Sweetheart, can you hear me?

[Dr. Abbott picks Amy up.]

DR. ABBOTT: (CONT'D) We're going home. We're going home, sweetheart. Sweetheart?

[The Abbotts exit. Ephram shakes his head at his father.]



[Cut to Magilla's house. Dr. Brown rings the doorbell. Jenny doesn't look happy when she sees him.]

JENNY: I can't talk to you.

DR. BROWN: Look, it's just for a minute.

JENNY: You saw what happened last time, I'm sorry.

DR. BROWN: I'm not here to tell you how to raise your kids. I need your help, please.

JENNY: [quietly] Come around to the sun door, don't knock.

[He makes his way around.]

DR. BROWN: Mrs. Foster, did you pull your son out of school because of what happened the other day?

JENNY: No no no. My husband and I have been thinking about sending him to a boys school anyway, over in Cloverton.

DR. BROWN: I know about your son's condition.

JENNY: How could you?

DR. BROWN: I won't. I'm ethically bound not to disclose your son's medical history to anyone. But I wanna help you, as a doctor.

JENNY: We've been to doctors, don't you understand? All we wanna do is is to put this behind us.

DR. BROWN: Stuart won't be able to put it behind him. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. These kids grow up to be very special people. They've got a lifetime of empathy inside of them by the time they turn 10 and, that's a tremendous gift. But you cannot put him in a box and try...

JENNY: Please just go.

DR. BROWN: Stuart's not the reason I came here. But I would like to ask you to do one thing for me, for my daughter.

[Cut to two cars. Delia hops out of one, downtrodden, while an equally downtrodden Magilla hops out of the other. They make their way toward each other. Delia has her penguin hat in one hand.]

DELIA: I brought you the hat you like. Take it.

MAGILLA: I don't like that hat.

DELIA: Yeah, you do. You said.

MAGILLA: OK. It's too small. People will know it's from a girl.


MAGILLA: I *hate* girls.

DELIA: Well, I hate boys.

MAGILLA: All boys?


MAGILLA: Well, I don't hate girls, I guess.

DELIA: Goodbye, Magilla.

MAGILLA: Goodbye, Delia.

[They walk back to their cars. Magilla puts his new hat on. Delia jumps in her car, depressed.]

DR. BROWN: Ready to go, kiddo?

[She nods.]

DR. BROWN: How did that go?

DELIA: Fine.

DR. BROWN: Maybe you two could stay in touch with letters or e-mail. You'll make new friends, Delia.

DELIA: I don't wanna make new friends. I don't wanna say goodbye to people anymore.

[Cut to County High.]

EPHRAM: Hey, you look better.

AMY: I feel better.

EPHRAM: Really?

AMY: I'm... totally fine.

EPHRAM: Because last night was pretty...

AMY: Freaky, right? Funny because the exact same thing happened to me once before when I went on this family trip and I didn't have time to study for Mr. Berney's chem test, I just spazzed out, I just lost it, but you know what? I guess it's good that I got it out of my system because I feel completely, totally together, you know? I'm just so embarrassed that everyone saw me like that. So not typical of me... what?

EPHRAM: You're talking faster than my brain processes language.

AMY: Oh, sorry. I'm a little bit... anyway, so, how are you?

EPHRAM: How are you?

AMY: I'm great.

EPHRAM: Well, how are you really?

AMY: I'm completely fine. Really, I am.

EPHRAM: 'Cause you know, if not, you can tell me.

AMY: I just told you I am.

EPHRAM: Alright, but i-if you wanna talk about anything or whatever, I'll be here, or you know...

[Amy stops him.]

AMY: Oh God! I completely forgot. I'm supposed to meet Kayla and Page to go to the mall. I've gotta go, sorry.

[She rushes off.]

EPHRAM: [to himself, looking disappointed] Here. I'll be here.

[Cut to Dr. Brown's practice. Edna is talking to someone off-camera.]

EDNA: If you wanna see him, I've gotta have a reason. You could be the Unabomber for all I know.

[Now we see she was talking to Dr. Abbott, who has turned up.]

DR. ABBOTT: Not today, Mother.

[Dr. Brown walks out of one of the patient rooms with a patient.]

DR. BROWN: Now, you call me if there's a problem, alright?

MARGE: OK, Doctor.

DR. ABBOTT: Hello, Marge.

MARGE: Hello.

DR. BROWN: Dr. Abbott.

DR. ABBOTT: Can I see you for a moment?

DR. BROWN: Sure.

[Edna is watching him like a hawk.]

DR. ABBOTT: In private?

[They walk into a room and close the door.]

DR. ABBOTT: Love what you've done with the place.

DR. BROWN: Well, wood sounding, table paper, some tongue depressors... the sky's the limit.

DR. ABBOTT: I find it's more convenient to store extra swabs under the table.

DR. BROWN: Did you really come into my office for the first time since I've been here, to tell me where you store your swabs?

DR. ABBOTT: The first day you came here, you thought you recognized me.

DR. BROWN: Yeah, you said it was from the mental ward.

DR. ABBOTT: [laughing] Yeah, that was a good one.

[He coughs.]

DR. ABBOTT: You did recognize me. I was finishing up at the VA when you got there. Oh, there's no reason you should remember me. *You* were harder to miss. Even then, we all knew we were in the presence of something greater than ourselves. It was like being on the junior high basketball team with Michael Jordan. The chief would describe each new feat of yours with unmitigated jealousy, almost hatred.

DR. BROWN: Gee. I always though Doug liked me.

DR. ABBOTT: Oh, he hated you. You brought him face to face with his worst fear. That he would "never" be extraordinary. He met you, he abandoned his dreams of greatness. He wasn't alone.

DR. BROWN: So, you were going to be...

DR. ABBOTT: A surgeon? Yes. I was almost a surgeon. Unfortunately, I, I discovered I didn't have the hands for it. So after my residency I just... came back here, joined my father's practice in this... miserable little town. I became a family doctor. No small thing in times like these. But you... You are a man with a gift much larger than yourself, larger even than your own hopelessly bloated ego, if that's possible.

DR. BROWN: [sarcastically] Thank you.

DR. ABBOTT: Sharon and James Hart don't know who you are. I do. I do. They don't know what you can do for their son, they're terrified of making a mistake. I know and you know somewhere within the world's thickest dura, you owe it to this kid to perform whatever miracle you've got up your sleeve. You owe it to Colin and to his parents and to my [a beat, getting teary] poor heartbroken daughter and to the universe or whoever decided that you would be Leonardo and I would be... less remarkable. Hell, you owe it to me!

[Cut to Ephram playing his piece on the piano. Amy enters and he stops.]

AMY: What are you playing?

EPHRAM: Um, I... Nothing.

[He quickly hides his notes.]

AMY: Did you compose this nothing?

EPHRAM: Hey, what are you doing here anyway? There's no rehearsal.

AMY: Oh, I had a free period. I thought I'd... That's not true.

[Amy sits on the piano bench.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I came because I wanted to tell you something.

[Amy pauses and plays a couple keys.]

AMY: (CONT'D) Yesterday when I told you that I was OK. I wasn't. I'm not, I'm not OK.

[Amy sighs.]

AMY: (CONT'D) I remember in fourth grade Miss Kisslinger's class and Miss Barber's class went on a field trip to the brewery. And on the way back home, I got into the wrong bus. Colin thought they had left me behind. He walked back three miles and stayed at the brewery till night fall, trying to find me. Couldn't leave me behind. What were you playing before?

EPHRAM: You said nobody brought you flowers but come on, it would've been your first solo, so... I wanted to make sure someone remembered. I wrote you a song.

AMY: Will you play it for me?

EPHRAM: No, it's not finished...

AMY: Please?

[Amy sets up the composition and Ephram plays what he's composed so far.]

NARRATOR: The thing about your touchstone, you come to depend on it. No matter whether you set out to or not. But not even your own personal rock of Gibraltar is permanent. The rock has her own needs to think of. And just because you want someone to stick around, it doesn't mean she will.

[Dr. Trott is packing up her clinic. Dr. Brown approaches her.]

NARRATOR: Dr. Brown knew something about that.

DR. BROWN: You got time for one more hopeless case, Doc?

[She turns the sign over so that it reads "The Doctor is In"]

DR. BROWN: [inside] I had a medical consultation last week. Parents wouldn't consent. They wouldn't put their faith in me.

DR. TROTT: Why do you think *that* is?

DR. BROWN: They didn't believe that I could heal their son.

DR. TROTT: Did *you*?

DR. BROWN: What?

DR. TROTT: Did *you* believe that you could heal him?

DR. BROWN: Well I was advocating the procedure. I believed it to be the proper course of action, with the best chance of a positive outcome.

DR. TROTT: Not the surgery, the surgeon. You.

DR. BROWN: I wasn't thinking about me or my abilities, I was thinking about these people. Someone's parents, someone's son. This kid is the boyfriend of a girl that my kid goes to school with. I was thinking that if something goes wrong, if we can't bring him out... I was thinking about the outcome. You never think about the outcome. [after a beat] I just lied to you. The truth is, in the end, it was me. I told them I wouldn't do it.

DR. TROTT: You were scared.

DR. BROWN: My son said something like that to me.

DR. TROTT: And?...

DR. BROWN: It was easier before when I didn't know so much about my patients. When I didn't care. I used to be able to fix things.

DR. TROTT: You told me that you moved here to be a father and a doctor. Now you are.

DR. BROWN: Yeah. I just didn't know it would be so hard.

DR. TROTT: Welcome to the human race, Dr. Brown.

[Dr. Brown walks out as the motor home drives off into the sunset. "Greetings from the side" by Gary Jules is playing.]

LYRICS: Keep up / Conversation / Pick up / Catchphrase lay it down / On the freaky side of town / Don't let me seem so / Don't let me wander too far.

[Fade to black.]



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