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#103 : Prendre et donner

Titre en VO : "Friendly Fire" - Titre en VF : "Prendre et donner"
¤ USA : diffusé le 30/09/02 - France : diffusé le 21/09/03
¤ Scénario : Oliver Goldstick - Réalisation : Danny Leiner
¤ Guest-stars : Stephanie Niznik (Nina Feeny), Bret Loehr (Magilla), et Cody McMains (Wendell).

Nina, voisine de la famille Brown, porte un bébé pour une autre femme incapable d'en avoir un à cause de son âge trop élevé. Andie, son nouveau médecin, essaye de défendre les choix de vie de Nina contre la petite société traditionnaliste d'Everwood mais en vain ...
Ephram a trouvé un nouvel ami : Wendell qui a remarqué son attirance pour Amy et va décider de l'aider à la conquérir.
Délia, quant à elle, a toujours du mal à se faire des amis et rencontre un garçon prénommé Magilla qui la raquette à chaque récréation.

Au coeur de tous ces petits problèmes familiaux plus ou moins importants, Nina accouchera de son deuxième enfant avec l'aide de la famille Brown, en plein milieu d'un snack ...

Plus de détails

NARRATOR: Previously on Everwood...

[Cut to brief clips of various scenes from "Pilot" and "The Great Doctor Brown".]

Dr. Brown revealing to Ephram and Delia that they're moving. (from "Pilot")

EPHRAM: We're moving where?

DR. BROWN: Everwood, Colorado.

DELIA: Where's that?

EPHRAM: Colorado, moron.

Amy and Ephram walking in the halls of County High. (from "Pilot")

EPHRAM: How'd you know I was from New York?

AMY: That new doctor who just moved here. He's your father, right?

Brenda Baxworth and Dr. Brown walking on the sidewalk along Main Street. (from "Pilot")

BRENDA: Uh, you are aware that we already have a family doctor in town?

Dr. Brown meeting Dr. Abbott. (from "Pilot")

DR. BROWN: Oh, you're the other doctor. How do you do? I'm Andy Brown.

Bright by the Cross Country Ski Trail. (from "Pilot")

BRIGHT: Go on, Amy. Tell him why you're really hanging out with him.

[Ephram looks at Amy who forces herself to look away.]

Edna and Dr. Brown in one of Dr. Brown's examination rooms. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

EDNA: Remind me and my tired feet just why it is you're offering this thankless town free medicine.

DR. BROWN: I'm nuts.

Ephram angry at his dad, outside the Brown home. (from "Pilot")

EPHRAM: Mom never would have done this to us! She never would have moved us here and gone crazy.

DR. BROWN: Don't be so sure of that!

EPHRAM: I knew her. You didn't know her. You were never around. We all just tolerated you!

DR. BROWN: Hey, that's pretty good. What else you got?

EPHRAM: I wish you died instead of her!

Ephram and Amy at County High, by Ephram's locker. (from "Pilot")

EPHRAM: Do you have a boyfriend?

AMY: Yes.

Ephram and Amy outside Colin's hospital room in Denver. (from "Pilot")

AMY: Ephram Brown, meet Colin Hart.

Bright warning Ephram about his sister Amy in the boys' bathroom at County High. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

BRIGHT: When it comes to my sister Amy, I'm a genius and she's playing you, dude. As soon as she's gets your daddy fixing up Colin, she's not going to look at you anymore.

Ephram and Amy at the top of the Ferris wheel during Thaw Fest. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

EPHRAM: You want me to ask my dad to help Colin?

AMY: If you could just talk to him...

EPHRAM: I'll ask him.

AMY: Thank you.

Delia sitting upright in her bed, after the Miss Violet nightmare. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

DELIA: Where's Dad? I want Dad.

EPHRAM: He'll be home soon. Here, lie down.

Ephram angry at his dad, after Dr. Brown came home from the Dudleys. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

EPHRAM: Oh, sure. Seven-year-old boys who can't breathe trump little girls who have nightmares.

DR. BROWN: Yes, in my profession, they do.

EPHRAM: In the medical one or the crappy father one?

Ephram and Amy at a table in the library at County High. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

AMY: You asked your father, didn't you?

EPHRAM: He said no. I mean, you can't really begrudge the guy. He's trying to get out of the brain business, start a new life.

Ephram and Dr. Brown in the Brown family vehicle after Dr. Brown humilated himself at Thaw Fest. (from "The Great Doctor Brown")

DR. BROWN: Ephram, I wish I could tell you that everything's gonna be OK. But what I do know is that all we have now is each other. I need your help raising your sister. She gets us.



[Open on an overview of Everwood. We see lots of local things going on. A person on a bike waves to someone off screen. More people riding their bikes, on the sidewalk. A florist/gardener waving goodbye to a customer. More people riding bikes.]

NARRATOR: Folks move to the country for lots of reasons. Clean air, better schools, stores where you don't have to fake a heart attack to get a salesperson's attention, and diners like this one.

[Cut to the exterior of a diner named Mama Joy's. Then to the interior where a waiter is clearing up a table. Dr. Brown sits at the counter, talking with Nina who apparently works there because she's wearing the same type of clothing as the waiter, she's behind the counter, and putting food in a bag for Dr. Brown. In the background, there's a group of women sitting all at the same table with Brenda Baxworth and Edna Harper among them. They tend to get more impatient the more Dr. Brown talks with Nina, delaying his departure.]

DR. BROWN: You know, you'd really need take a squeggee to these menus at some point. That or serve them as an appetizer.

NINA: I'll take that under advisement, Andy.

DR. BROWN: Is it too late to change baked to potatoes? I don't know how many nights in a row you can serve your kids French Fries without crossing over into that "bad parent" zone.

NINA: No problem. [calling out] Three bakers on the fly!

DR. BROWN: Where's the kitchen? Pittsburgh?

NINA: Simon only hears out of his left ear.

DR. BROWN: What's the matter with his right one?

NINA: He doesn't have a right one.

DR. BROWN: You know, just think. A year ago, I was sitting, cruising the menu at the Surf and now, I'm waiting for three Blue Star Roast Beef specials cooked by One Eared Simon.

[In the background, Brenda looks at her watch.]

NINA: Ah, I'd find humor in that but I'm 8 and a half months pregnant so I only laugh at things when I'm lying down.

DR. BROWN: Which if you should be, you'd look like you're ready to deliver any day now. What's the matter? Mama Joy won't give you the time off?

NINA: Well, she's not really in the position to. She's been dead for twenty years.

DR. BROWN: Well, it doesn't hurt to ask.

NINA: Mama Joy's actually owned and operated by Mama Joy's nephew, Art.

DR. BROWN: Oh. So actually Mama Joy is Aunt Joy.

NINA: And, Aunt Joy is actually Gertrude Schmaltz but nobody found that appetizing.

[The waiter from before gives Nina a brown paper bag with the baked potatoes and then Nina hands the food over to Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: [standing up, ready to pay] On second thought, maybe I'll go with a different side. Is there anything else besides baked or fried?

[Edna has walked up to the counter by this point and she mashes the paper bag. Dr. Brown and Nina stand there, in shock.]

EDNA: Yes, there is. Mashed. Now, get outta here. Your kids are starving.

[Brenda has walked to the counter as well and stands behind Dr. Brown.]

DR. BROWN: Edna, why did you do that?

BRENDA: Oh, forget it. He'll just gonna have to be a part of this.

[Brenda walks over to the door and closes the blinds and flips the "We're Open" sign to "We're Closed."]

BRENDA: (CONT'D) Nina Feeney, this is your first official baby shower. Surprise!

ALL OTHER WOMEN: [simultaneously with Brenda, bringing out the presents] Surprise!

BRENDA: Oh, bless your heart.

[Brenda hugs Nina.]

BRENDA: (CONT'D) You really didn't know?

[Brenda ushers Nina over to a chair and forces her to plop down.]

NINA: Oh, you shouldn't have.

EDNA: That's what I told them but just try to make the best of it.

[The women start handing Nina the presents.]

NINA: No, I can't accept these gifts.

BRENDA: Oh, don't worry. They're not for you. They're for the baby!

NINA: [getting up] This is not my baby.

[Dr. Brown stops in his tracks. Brenda tries to laugh it off.]

BRENDA: Oh, sure. Right. And these aren't my thighs but somehow one morning and had to give up spandex.

NINA: No, you don't understand. I...I'm carrying this baby for someone else.

[Everyone, including Dr. Brown, look around in shock. Brenda notices Dr. Brown is still there.]

BRENDA: [to Dr. Brown] Do you know what she's talking about?

[Dr. Brown gives no indication that he did.]



[Open on the exterior of County High.]

[Cut to the interior. Ephram is by his locker, listening to music on his headset. A little ways down and across the hallway, Amy and two of her friends named Page (a blonde) and Kayla (a brunette) are talking by Amy's open locker. Ephram closes his locker, looks around, takes his earpieces out of his ears, and starts walking toward Amy. Page and Kayla walk away, seeing Ephram walking towards them.]

PAGE: Oh, look. Here comes Geek Boy.

AMY: Oh, you guys are awful.


AMY: Later guys. [to Ephram] Hey, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Boy, can I clear a hallway or what?

AMY: That's Kayla and Page. They're allergic to anyone who's not at the top two popularity percentile.

EPHRAM: I'm only 98 percent short.

[They have a little laugh about that.]

EPHRAM: [re: a picture inside Amy's locker] Friends of yours?

AMY: Those legs belong to Borisenkov and Twyla Tharp. I cut them out of a dancing magazine. You like?

EPHRAM: [unsure] Sure. Where's the rest of them?

AMY: I dig legs. So what's up? You look like you wanted to ask me something.

EPHRAM: I do. [a beat, fumbling] Um, I was wondering if you... If you were gonna do the reading for Mr. Donnelly's class at lunch. I mean, I heard he might be throwing a pop quiz. Just wanted to warn ya.

AMY: I'm prepared. But thank you.

[Amy's done at her locker so she leaves.]

AMY: (CONT'D) See you later.

[Ephram waves goodbye. Behind Ephram, is a guy with spiked hair and wearing all black named Wendell at his locker and working on his Palm Pilot. He startles Ephram by speaking.]

WENDELL: You could always get calf implants. There's a doctor down in Denver who, evidently, works miracles on men with chicken legs.

[Wendell points down at Ephram's legs and then outstretches his hand, wanting to be shaken.]

WENDELL: (CONT'D) Wendell.

[Ephram glances at the hand and back at Wendell but doesn't shake Wendell's hand.]

WENDELL: (CONT'D) This is the part where you shake my hand.

[Ephram turns away, trying to ignore Wendell.]

WENDELL: (CONT'D) If you want to get your picture up in her locker, you're going about it all wrong, dude. The whole school knows that Amy worships at the shrine of coma boy every weekend. If you want to break her of the habit, you're gonna need help.

EPHRAM: And not yours.

[Ephram walks away but Wendell follows.]

WENDELL: I provide a service. One you might find infinitely beneficial in your doomed albeit noble romantic pursuits.

EPHRAM: What are you talking about?

WENDELL: You'll see, Brown. I'm just finishing your dossier. Give me some time to work out the finer details and I'll call you with a plan.

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Dr. Brown is finishing up with a patient named Walter Cunningham.]

DR. BROWN: Everything is treatable but the blood pressure concerns me.

WALTER: Don't you worry about that. It'll drop the second I'm out of here.

DR. BROWN: Why? Do I make you nervous?

WALTER: You? No. Edna, yes. We went steady in the fifth grade. She introduced me to hickies and shoplifting.

DR. BROWN: Right. Ah, Walter, I wanna see you back here in a couple of weeks, OK?

WALTER: Oh look, Doc, I can't make this a regular thing. Not if you won't take my money. Now, if you don't fancy a box of steaks, the least you can do is enjoy my boat.

DR. BROWN: That's very kind of you, Walter, but I...

WALTER: [interrupting] Everyone needs an escape, Doc.

DR. BROWN: Everwood's enough of an escape for me.

WALTER: You're gonna need to get out now and then. My Sea Breeze is a beaut. Docked at Lake Tasha. Prettiest watering hole in the county, surrounded by two thousand fifty-two acres of Evergreen bliss.

[Dr. Brown's getting mesmerized by the thought. Walter starts handing over the keys.]

WALTER: It's a little slice of heaven.

[Dr. Brown takes the keys. Walter starts walking out.]

WALTER: And ah, take some bug spray.

[On the other side of the door, Brenda Baxworth is trying to get in.]

BRENDA: [off screen] Hello?

[Brenda is at the door now.]

BRENDA: (CONT'D) We need to talk, Doctor Brown. Now!

[Cut to Everwood Elementary. It's lunchtime and the kids are eating at their tables. Delia walks out with her tray and notices all but one table are full. A lone boy is sitting at the table banging a rock on it so she sets herself there, opposite him.]

MAGILLA: That's *my* bench.

DELIA: Can't we share it?

[Delia goes to sit down and a piece of paper blows past her. She heads over and picks it up. While her back is turned, Magilla swipes her cookie from her tray and continues banging his rock innocently. She walks back and sees that her cookie is gone and looks at him. He continues what he's doing so she picks up her tray and heads to a low wall and sits by herself with her tray in her lap.]

[Cut back to the Brown Family Clinic. Dr. Brown and Brenda Baxworth are talking about Nina.]

DR. BROWN: Anyway, the point is that Nina and the child share no genetic material. Her body, essentially, incubates and nourishes.

BRENDA: Well, how does Nina's husband feel about all this nourishing?

DR. BROWN: Well, I imagine he's fine with it.

BRENDA: Fine?!? Would you like your wife go through...

[Brenda realizes what she just said.]

BRENDA: I am *so* sorry. That just slipped out.

DR. BROWN: Brenda, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of patients waiting.

BRENDA: Nina has to be doing this for the money. They must be financially ruined. I say that you and I co-chair a fundraiser, get the community to pitch in and raise enough money so that she can buy herself out of the contract *and* get to keep the baby.

DR. BROWN: That's not an option. [to Edna] Where are my patients?

BRENDA: Then we'll raise double the money. Forget bake sale, think Monte Carlo night.

DR. BROWN: Brenda, this doesn't concern me or you. Nina's not even a patient of mine. She's just my neighbor.

BRENDA: Doctor, we're all neighbors here in Everwood. We look after each other and if you want to be one of our beloved healers...

DR. BROWN: [interrupting] This has nothing to do with healing.

[Dr. Brown tries to push Brenda out.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) When you have another medical question, feel free to come back.

[Dr. Brown starts closing the door.]

DR. BROWN: (CONT'D) In fact, mail it.

[Dr. Brown closes the door on Brenda and she does not look pleased.]

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Nina is serving people.]

NINA: Here you go, Chett.

[Nina walks over to another table.]

GARY: Just, ah, keep the change.

[Nina examines it.]

NINA: Gary Wannamaker, you catch trout for a living. Since when can you afford to give me a twenty dollar tip?

[Gary waves Nina away.]

NINA: [appreciative] Thank you.

[Cut to the front of the diner. Dr. Abbott is eating his lunch alone. Dr. Brown sits down next to him.]

DR. BROWN: Is this spot taken, Doctor?

DR. ABBOTT: Oh that it were.

DR. BROWN: You know, I've never eaten lunch here before, just dinner. You eat here every day?

DR. ABBOTT: I used to.

[Cut back to Nina.]

NINA: Is that all, Martha?

MARTHA: Yes, here you go.

[Martha gives Nina a tip.]

MARTHA: Extras for you.

NINA: Martha. This would be a sixty dollar tip and you haven't tipped me since I started working here.

MARTHA: I'm catching up.

[Nina gets it. She walks to the middle of the diner.]

NINA: [to everybody] OK! Since when did everybody decide to start tipping eight hundred percent?

[Everyone remains silent so Nina pulls a chair out.]

NINA: [to Dr. Brown] Can you help me up?

DR. BROWN: You know a pregnant woman...

NINA: [interrupting] What do you know about being pregnant? That's what I thought, please help me up.

[Dr. Brown helps Nina onto the chair.]

NINA: Attention, everyone. I... am not poor. Nor am I a charity case. A year ago, my cousin in Boulder called and asked me if I'd be interested in helping an old friend of hers. And when she explained the situation to me, I-I thought that she was crazy. Then I met her. Her name is Sarah and she's a single woman who teaches comparative religion at the University there. She's unable to carry a child to full term and she desperately wants to have a family. Now, I don't know about you all but I don't believe that single women should be deprived of experiencing motherhood. And if any of you have a problem with me doing this, I invite you to speak now, or forever keep your mouths shut.

[People start shuffling nervously but no one speaks.]

NINA: Thank you.

[Dr. Brown helps her down. Dr. Abbott gets up.]

DR. ABBOTT: I-I would like to say a little something if I may. Call your neighbors old-fashioned but some of us don't believe that medical technology should be put to this end. When privileged people play God, design babies, then pay less privileged people to carry them, we are embarking upon a very scary brave new world. And Nina, another thing. If you felt so confident in your decision to do this, why has it taken this long for you to tell all of us about it. We're your neighbors, your friends, your doctor. We have a vested interest in this child that you are carrying and we had a right to know the truth.

[The patrons start clapping.]

DR. ABBOTT: Oh no, that's really not...

[Dr. Brown gets up.]

DR. BROWN: Can I jump in here?

NINA: Go for it.

DR. BROWN: Hey everyone. Andy Brown here. Crazy doctor who works out of the old train station. Ah, just a word if I may about the moral implications of surrogacy. While I know it's tempting to view certain advancements in reproductive technology as threatening, some of these advancements bring us things like ultrasound and amniocentesis, which allow us to improve the health, and even save the lives of the unborn. Technology cuts both ways. That's why it's important for us to evaluate each case individually. Now, are there ethical questions to be raised? Without a doubt. Does Nina strike any of us as the type of person who would make the decision to help bring life into this world without asking herself those questions? I don't think so. And as for not letting us know sooner, if I knew that I was going to suffer a character assassination from my own doctor in front of half of my friends and neighbors, I'd be inclined to keep a few things to myself too.

[The crowd claps for him. Dr. Abbott walks off in disgust.]

[Cut to Everwood Elementary. Delia's searching for her jacket.]

DELIA: Hey, where's my jacket?

ARNIE: [off screen] Quit it, Magilla.

[Delia looks over to where Magilla and two boys are.]

MAGILLA: What did you call me? Say it again and I'll fry your face in fat.

[The boy runs away. Magilla walks off and Delia notices her jacket hung to the back of her bag.]

DELIA: There it is.

[Delia runs after Magilla.]

DELIA: Oh, wait!

MAGILLA: What? What are you looking at?

[Magilla carries on and bumps into another kid.]

MAGILLA: Move it!

[Delia turns and goes in the other direction.]

[Cut to the Brown Kitchen. Dr. Brown is basting a turkey. Ephram is standing next to him, eating a slice of pizza.]

DR. BROWN: Why are you eating that before dinner?

EPHRAM: 'Cause I know who's cooking it.

[The phone rings. Ephram answers.]

EPHRAM: Hello?

WENDELL: [on phone] What do you know about Tchaikovsky?

EPHRAM: Who is this?

WENDELL: It's Wendell. Now if you can swing Swan Lake, you're in with Amy.

EPHRAM: How did you get this number?

WENDELL: Don't get hung up on the details, dude. Practice your Russian.

[Wendell hangs up.]

DR. BROWN: Who was that?

EPHRAM: Sales call.

[Ephram passes the door just as Nina walks in with Delia.]

NINA: Hey, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Hey, Nina.

[Ephram walks out with the garbage.]

DELIA: Hey, Daddy.

DR. BROWN: Hey, sweetie. Go wash your hands, you can help your brother set the table. And then I want you can ignore everything he says, remember, no one loves a critic. Skedaddle.

[Delia's walking out.]

DELIA: Bye, Nina.

NINA: Bye.

DR. BROWN: Listen, if you and Sam don't have any dinner plans, you guys...

NINA: Oh, I'm expecting someone, but listen, I was wondering, um, I'm in the market for a new family doctor. Are you interested?

DR. BROWN: Well, I'm not sure. I've never had a patient I've shared a fence with. But I have had a few impaled by them.

[Nina laughs.]

NINA: What's the matter? Afraid you can't be both a friend and a doctor?

DR. BROWN: Sure. I'll take you on.

[A car horn honks in the background.]

NINA: Ooo, that must be my guest now. Come meet her.

DR. BROWN: Who is it?

NINA: Sarah, the baby's mother.

DR. BROWN: I'll be right there.

[Dr. Brown walks over to the window and watches Sarah get out of her car. Her back is to him but when she turns around he notices that she looks about in her fifties. Nina helps her with her bags. Ephram walks up behind his father and looks too.]

EPHRAM: Who's the old lady?

[Dr. Brown doesn't say anything so Ephram walks away. Dr. Brown just stares at the scene in front of him.]

[Fade to blackout.]



[Open on the Browns' laundry room. Ephram is washing his sheets. Dr. Brown walks in.]

DR. BROWN: Doing a lot of laundry these days.

EPHRAM: You wanna charge me?

DR. BROWN: I was once a happy sack of hormones myself.

[A phone rings in the background.]

EPHRAM: Gross. Find another sack to share with.

[Dr. Brown walks out and Ephram continues his laundry. Delia enters with the phone.]

DELIA: Ephram, your friend Wendell's on the phone.

EPHRAM: He's not my friend. He's a freak.

DELIA: Said he was your friend.

EPHRAM: Yeah, well, don't be so gullible.

[Ephram takes the phone.]

EPHRAM: Hello?

WENDELL: [on the phone] Meet me on the third floor at lunch. Take stairway D to the chem lab.

[Wendell hangs up.]

EPHRAM: [to Delia] We're getting caller ID.

DELIA: You should be happy you made a friend.

EPHRAM: What's that supposed to mean?

DELIA: It's not easy. Everybody in my class has known each other since the nineties.

EPHRAM: Look, Delia, you wanna make a friend? The first step, don't look so needy.

DELIA: Is it these pants?

EPHRAM: Come on, it's not that bad. All you need to do is look busy.

[Ephram rummages through some boxes.]

EPHRAM: Trust me. If you look like you don't need a friend, you'll make one in a flash.

[Ephram hands Delia a yo-yo.]

[Cut to the Brown Family Clinic. Dr. Brown is weighing Nina.]

DR. BROWN: Do you wanna round this off to the nearest hundred?

NINA: I'll hurt you.

DR. BROWN: It's actually not that bad... for a linebacker.

[Dr. Brown ushers Nina to the examining table.]

NINA: Do you want me to take my shirt off?

DR. BROWN: Ah... no, I'll just go under it.

[Dr. Brown places the stethoscope under Nina's shirt to listen to the baby's heartbeat.]

NINA: Aren't you gonna say something?

DR. BROWN: About?

NINA: Sarah. I could tell you were frazzled last night and I was too when I first met her.

DR. BROWN: Well, she is a little...

NINA: Old.

DR. BROWN: Older, for a new parent.

NINA: She tried for a number of years to get pregnant and when she found she couldn't, it took her a few more to save up for a surrogate. Catch 22 for that point is that she had to find a surrogate who was OK with her age.

DR. BROWN: Well, she's lucky she found you. You're giving her an incredible gift.

NINA: It goes both ways, I guess. I'm not a saint, Andy, and... political beliefs aside, a big part of me did this for the money. I'm hoping that if my husband and I have some real savings in the bank to pay off some loans, maybe he'll stay home more than a few weeks a year. Constant travelling's not really the best thing for a marriage. And I'm not a single parent by choice.

DR. BROWN: Me neither.

[Cut to County High. Wendell is waiting by a locker when Ephram arrives.]

WENDELL: You're late.

[Wendell hands Ephram a sheet of music.]

EPHRAM: Who told you I played piano? And what makes you think I like Amy? And why am I following you?

[Wendell and Ephram make it to a door.]

WENDELL: This is where the swans rehearse. I was able to call in a favor and give their pianist an acute case of carpal tunnel.


WENDELL: That's my business, Brown. I trade in favors. In this case, the piano player gets a collector's baseball card and you get a chance to impress Amy.

EPHRAM: And what do you get?

WENDELL: The satisfaction of knowing that I can change people's destinies... and a DVD player.

[Ephram shoots him a look.]

WENDELL: Don't ask. Of course you will have to deal with Miss Baxworth. She's the windbag beneath their wings.

[Ephram looks through the window and spots Amy rehearsing. He goes in but takes a little too long. Wendell pushes the door, bumping Ephram inside.]

BRENDA: [to Ephram] Are you the sub? Where have you been?

EPHRAM: Oh I, I, I just, got the music.

BRENDA: Oh, well for God's sakes, come sit down. Let's take it from measure 14. [to the swans] OK good good good, everybody up up up.

[Amy gets a shock to see Ephram.]

BRENDA: We're gonna take it from the entrance of Rot Bart, that's red beard in German alright? Lizzie, your arms. Arms up, up. Ashley, Ashley, reach. You're a swan, not a duck. Alright, maestro.

[Ephram starts playing. Ephram and Amy continually swap glances.] {Ephram's playing is exceptionally good, by the way.}

[Cut to Everwood Elementary. Delia's sitting alone playing with the yo-yo. Magilla walks around from the corner and snatches it from her as he walks past.]

DELIA: Ow! Give it back!

MAGILLA: Bite me, pinhead.

DELIA: It's my brother's!

MAGILLA: Who cares? Tell your daddy to buy him another one. You're rich.

DELIA: No, we're not!

MAGILLA: Yeah right, then how come your dad doesn't charge people? He can buy five thousand million more of these.

[Delia just turns back and crosses her arms in anger.]

[Cut back to Ephram playing the piano.]

BRENDA: You're swans, swans. Chins up. Chins up, yes.

[The girls are dancing around with their hands in the air.] {Sorry, I don't know ballet.}

BRENDA: Yes. Yes. Oh, alright.

[Ephram stops as Brenda starts clapping.]

BRENDA: [to the girls] I'm clapping as the audience, not as me, I have *much* higher standards than this. See you all right after school. And Ephram, that was super. I'll see you at 3:30, the left hand needs work.

[Ephram gives a smirk.]

BRENDA: [to the girls] OK, let's get out of here before the hockey players come in.

[Amy comes over.]

AMY: Hello... why have you kept this top secret?

EPHRAM: What are you talking about? I told you I played.

AMY: Not like this. How long have you studied?

EPHRAM: Probably about as long as you've danced. You're pretty amazing yourself.

AMY: Ephram... what are you doing tonight? My friend Kayla's having a birthday party. Do you wanna go?

EPHRAM: Why? Do you need somebody to play 'happy birthday'?

AMY: Come on, you'll be my guest.

EPHRAM: I don't know. Me. Your friends. Lit candles in the same room.

AMY: You don't know them, Ephram. And they don't know you... yet. Give 'em a chance, at worst, you get some free cake and an evening with me.

EPHRAM: Yeah, O-OK. Sure. Yeah I-I'll go.

AMY: Cool.

[Cut to Mama Joy's. Dr. Abbott places a large box of files in front of Dr. Brown who's eating.]

DR. BROWN: What's this?

DR. ABBOTT: Your new patient's files. I only thought it was appropriate you should have them, since I'll no longer be attending her. You'll wanna keep a close watch on Nina's potassium levels. They run a little low. And she should've had her tonsils removed years ago.

DR. BROWN: Thank you, Doctor.

[Dr. Abbott just does a slight nod but remains standing.]

DR. BROWN: Aren't you gonna sit?

DR. ABBOTT: I'll be taking my food to go. I've had my fill of afternoons in this greasy spoon with its even greasier patrons.

[Nina walks down an aisle with a coffee pot.]

NINA: More coffee, Gary?

[Gary doesn't look up at Nina and instead places his hand over his cup. Nina carries on.]

NINA: You all done, Martha?

[Martha ignores Nina.]

NINA: [to everyone] OK, everybody. What's going on? Yesterday you were treating me like George Bailey at the end of It's a Wonderful Life, and today I'm the monkey from Outbreak.

GARY: She's fifty-five, Nina.

PATRON: Fifty-five? Who's fifty-five?

MARTHA: The woman that Nina's having the baby for. She came into the drugstore last night.

PATRON: Fifty-five. That's just wrong.

MARTHA: If God wanted fifty-five year old women to have babies, he would've given us lifetime warranties on our "you know what's".

NINA: Look. She's really...

[Dr. Brown interrupts and gets up.]

DR. BROWN: Can we smile when we hear that a 75 year old man just became a father for the first time? Why is that?

NINA: I've got this one, Andy.

DR. BROWN: If biology allows a man to become a father until the day he dies, why should a woman have to give up that dream at the age of forty-five?

MARTHA: But she's fifty-five. It's...

GARY: It's not natural, Doc.

DR. BROWN: Well, who's to say what's natural? All species adapt. Female dogs have been known to nurse baby kittens. Is that natural?

PATRON: That's gotta be a New York City dog. Out here, a dog knows he's a dog.

[They start laughing.]

NINA: Look, everybody. We really don't need to...

DR. BROWN: [interrupting] No, no. I admit. When I first saw the mother of the child, I thought she was too old to become a parent for the first time. But, today I learned from Nina just how badly that woman wants a family. And I don't think the qualifications for parenthood should have anything to do with age. What's so unnatural about wanting a family? To me, what's unnatural is not wanting one! And, let's not forget about Nina. If she can use this money to keep her husband home a few more weeks a year...

[Nina, who was getting into Dr. Brown's speech, suddenly realizes what he's saying.]

DR. BROWN: ...then she hasn't just helped to create a family, she's helped to save her own.

[Nina looks mortified. The patrons look equally unimpressed. The only person smiling is Dr. Abbott.]

DR. BROWN: And by that, I mean to say...


[Nina rushes past Dr. Brown.]


DR. ABBOTT: On second thought. Maybe I *will* be eating here.

[Dr. Abbott sits himself down. Dr. Brown looks like the cat got his tongue.]





[Open on the interior of Everwood Elementary. Delia walks out of a classroom and makes sure nobody's looking before she slips a cookie on top of a book in her locker.]

[Cut to the County High Library. Ephram is sitting dreamily, watching Amy. Wendell parks himself opposite Ephram.]

WENDELL: Wonder what they're talking about?

EPHRAM: Ah... well, no. I don't care.

WENDELL: It's probably not that exciting anyway. It looks exciting because of all the wild gesticulating and massive hair flippage that's going on? You'd think they were solving the world's energy crisis, or better yet... revealing their secret crushes. That's what they want us to think. My guess is, they're debating which lip gloss has the best flavor.

EPHRAM: They come in flavors?

[Cut over to Amy, Kayla, and Page who are talking about Ephram.]

KAYLA: That! That is exactly what I'm talking about. Case in point. He's talking to that Wendell freak.

AMY: He's new here. He's just trying to meet people, that's all.

KAYLA: Amy sweetie. We know you feel sorry that his mom died, and you have a thing for him and everything... but...

AMY: What are you talking about? I do not have a thing for him.

KAYLA: OK, whatever. The point is, is that he's not gonna fit at my party, is he? And then I'm gonna feel all lame like I'm having a loser party because Eddie Munster isn't having any fun. And it's my birthday. I shouldn't have to worry that other people aren't having any fun. Except, you know, us.

PAGE: He's lame. We just think you can do better. That's all.

AMY: I am not trying to do anything. I already have a boyfriend.

KAYLA: And we love Colin too, and he's totally gonna get better.

PAGE: So if you don't 'like him' like him, then he won't care if we un-invite him.

AMY: It's not that I care, it's just... it's mean.

KAYLA: We're not gonna be mean about it.

PAGE: Would we ever do something mean to someone's face?

KAYLA: Yeah.

PAGE: Come on.

[Amy doesn't look that thrilled.]

[Cut back to Wendell and Ephram.]

WENDELL: Wet and Wild, is a fantastic Pina Colada flavor. It's like taking a Caribbean cruise every time your lips touch theirs.

EPHRAM: You're making me uncomfortable, Wendell.

[Page motions to Ephram from the other table.]

PAGE: Yo, Goth guy. Got a sec?

[Ephram rushes over to them.]

PAGE: Here's the thing. We totally want you to come to Kayla's party, but...

KAYLA: Yeah, but my mom said I could only invite tall people.

[Amy has her head lowered and looks dejected. Ephram's face has dropped.]

KAYLA: And it's not Amy's fault. She totally didn't even know.

PAGE: But, you know, it's like a Mom rule.

KAYLA: Which I would break...

PAGE: ...if she could.

KAYLA: But, you see I can't.

PAGE: We are *so* sorry.

[Ephram looks at Amy, who isn't happy.]

EPHRAM: Oh, I completely understand.

KAYLA: We knew you would!

[Ephram walks away.]

KAYLA: Well *that* was easy.

[Amy can't believe what they just did.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown driving down a country road. "If I Never See You Again" by Teenage Fanclub is playing. He arrives at Lake Tasha. He looks around, and the scenery is beautiful. The lake is huge. He spots the boat which is actually just a metal dinghy.]

LYRICS: If I never see you again / You will stay in my mind / If I never see you again / You will stay in my mind / We've only got a lifetime / We've only got a lifetime / If I never see you again / You will stay in my mind / If I never see you again / You will stay in my mind...

DR. BROWN: Can't be.

[Dr. Brown looks at the back of the boat which has the name "Sea Breeze". He isn't impressed.]

DR. BROWN: Walter. I'm gonna give you one thorough colonoscopy when I get back.

[Dr. Brown uses the key to unlock the lock holding the boat to the wharf then unties it and sets off.]

[Cut to Everwood Elementary. Magilla walks up to Delia's cubby but instead of taking the cookie, he swipes her bookmark from her book. Delia, who has been spying on him from the door, runs out.]

DELIA: Hold it. Why didn't you take the cookie?

MAGILLA: 'Cause I don't want it.

DELIA: Well, give me my bookmark back.

MAGILLA: Get lost!

DELIA: It was a gift... from my mother. It comes from my favorite museum in New York City and I can't get another one.

MAGILLA: Why don't you ask Daddy to buy the stupid museum?

DELIA: We don't live there anymore, OK? And my mother won't be able to take me there again. Just take whatever you want. But not that. Please?

[Delia tries to grab it but Magilla snatches it away.]

MAGILLA: Come any closer and I'll smash you like a bug. I mean it. And I swear, if you tell Mrs. Violet, your little bookmark gets flushed.

[Delia looks like she wants to cry.]

[Cut to the dance class at County High. Amy is at the bar next to the piano.]

BRENDA: Alright, are you ready? Alright everybody, first positions. Ephram?

[Ephram begins playing. Amy starts a conversation with him.]

AMY: I have to talk to you.

EPHRAM: You can talk all you want. I don't have to listen.

AMY: If you'll just let me explain.

EPHRAM: Explain what? Why your friends are total bitches, or why you choose to be friends with them in the first place?

BRENDA: [in the background] And, come forward. Straight back. Stretch those arms, ladies, stretch.

AMY: It's not like they were always like that. I've known them all my life and they didn't start out like that, trust me.

EPHRAM: So, as the bitchiness emerged, you chose to ignore it and follow along. Not unlike the Nazis.

[Amy gives him a shocked look.]

BRENDA: [background] Heels. Keep your heels down.

AMY: Not everyone's a loner, Ephram. Some people actually like having friends, even if they're difficult at times.

EPHRAM: You prefer quantity over quality? That's your problem.

BRENDA: [background] That's it, feel the stretch. Stretch, good.

AMY: Look, I don't agree with what they did. But maybe if you weren't scowling all the time, people wouldn't feel the need to dis-invite you places.

EPHRAM: You're right. It's my fault. I should take up football and cow tipping. Then your friends would like me and I'd be the most popular boy in the whole school!

[Amy stops dancing.]

BRENDA: Wh-Amy, is there a problem?

AMY: Yeah, this music is totally messed up. There's nothing to keep time to.

BRENDA: Well, it sounds fine to me. He's improving.

AMY: Not for me, he's all over the place.

[Ephram stops playing.]

EPHRAM: Oh I'm sorry. Is this better?

[Ephram plays a faster piece.]

EPHRAM: No? No? How about this?

[Ephram plays a old western style piece.]

EPHRAM: Huh? What about dead swans in the lake?

[Ephram plays a short depressing piece.]

EPHRAM: You don't have a problem with the music! Just the loser who's playing it, right?

[Ephram storms past Amy, out the door.]

BRENDA: What just happened?

[Amy just looks pissed.]

[Cut to Dr. Brown rowing. He gets a splinter in his hand.]

DR. BROWN: Ah, DAMN IT! Oh, looks like you got the last laugh, Walter. There's no sea, there's no breeze. There's more wood in my hand than your friggin boat. Remind me next time to take the steaks.

[Dr. Brown rows some more but is obviously tired. A leak springs in the boat and he covers it with his foot.]

DR. BROWN: Oh no. Oh nononono. I hope you're watching this, Julia. You'll be getting a big kick out of this! 'Cause this is for you, sweetheart! That's right, Mrs. Brown. Your whole family left a civilized life in a civilized city for some godforsaken mountain town 'cause your train stopped here in 1964 and you fell in love with some purple mountains and some fluffy clouds! But you didn't know this town, Julia! You didn't meet the people! 'Cause you didn't get past the gift shop! I MOVED US TO A SNOW GLOBE!!!

[Another leak springs up in the raft.]


[Cut to a depressing Brown family dinner. They're having pizza.]

DELIA: I need a new jacket.

DR. BROWN: What's the matter with the one you've got?

DELIA: It was stolen.

DR. BROWN: What do you mean, "stolen"?

DELIA: I know who took it but he's not gonna give it back.

DR. BROWN: You went to school today without your jacket? I didn't notice that.


DR. BROWN: Eat your pizza! [to Delia] Who took your jacket?

DELIA: The same kid who took my yo-yo.

EPHRAM: *Your* yo-yo?

DELIA: At first, I let him take stuff 'cause I thought he'd be my friend. But now, he just takes whatever he wants.

DR. BROWN: Honey, just because you want people to like you, it doesn't mean you have to give everything away.

DELIA: Then, how come you don't charge your patients?

DR. BROWN: That's very different.

[Ephram sits up, very interested in what his father has to say.]

EPHRAM: Go on.

DR. BROWN: This boy is stealing from your sister. Delia, either you and I are gonna have to talk to Miss Violet or I...

EPHRAM: Forget it. He's a bully. You've gotta kick his butt, that's the only way to deal with a bully.

DR. BROWN: That's not true. There's a proper way to deal with the situation...

DELIA: He took Mom's bookmark.

DR. BROWN: And that's to kick his butt.

[Someone knocks on the door. Walter is there.]

WALTER: Evening, Doc. I got your message, you're all done with the boat.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, Delia. This is Mr. Cunningham, one of my patients who let me borrow his Sea Breeze. A real delight, Walter. You might wanna think about patching it next time with something more lasting than ear wax.

WALTER: Oh, sprung a leak did ya?

[Walter notices the pizza and makes his way inside.]

WALTER: Ooo, Gino Chang's. He works magic with that crust.

[Nina approaches the door.]

DR. BROWN: Oh, hey. I'm glad you came over. I was gonna come by after dinner and just apologize profusely.

NINA: Andy.

DR. BROWN: I really screwed up. I should never have said anything. I don't know what came over me, I just get caught up in this spur of the moment...

NINA: Andy, you can make it up to me by giving me a ride.

DR. BROWN: Ride? Where?

[She looks down at her tummy. Dr. Brown realizes she's gonna deliver.]

DR. BROWN: To the hospital. How close are you?

NINA: Close.

DR. BROWN: OK. Delia? I want you to finish your dinner. Ephram, I need you to come with me.


DR. BROWN: In case we don't make it all the way, I'm gonna need your help.

EPHRAM: Wait a second.

DR. BROWN: Don't argue with me. Just go grab the keys. Walter, would you watch my daughter?

WALTER: No can do. It's Thursday, I watch Oz tonight.

DR. BROWN: Remember what you said about taking and not giving in return? Here's your chance to give, Walter. Watch my daughter, please? And you're watching The Wizard of Oz. You got it?

[Dr. Brown, Nina and Ephram head out.]

WALTER: [to Delia] That Oz gives me nightmares.

DELIA: Me too.

[Cut to the car. Ephram and Nina are in the back. Nina is breathing heavily.]

NINA: Oh God

EPHRAM: Ah, Dad. Maybe you need to stop.

DR. BROWN: We can't stop. You all right, Nina?

EPHRAM: We should've called an ambulance.

NINA: No, no. No ambulance. I can not have my baby in an ambulance.

DR. BROWN: How do you feel about a donut shop?

NINA: Why are we stopping? This isn't happening!

[Dr. Brown pulls into a donut shop called Hattie's.]




[Open on the interior of the donut shop. A waiter is mopping the floor as Dr. Brown, Ephram, and Nina enter.]

RICHIE: Oh no, we're closed.

DR. BROWN: Someone's in need of medical attention.

RICHIE: Yeah, we're closed.

EPHRAM: We're not here for crawlers, dude. This woman's about to give birth.

RICHIE: No way. I just mopped.

DR. BROWN: Ephram, give me your shoelace.



[Ephram quickly takes it off.]

DR. BROWN: After that, I want you to go into that kitchen, find a pot, fill it with water and bring it to a boil. And find some scissors and toss them into the pot. If you can't find any scissors, find a knife. Anything with a serrated edge. If they have any aprons, a bakers smock, bring it out. I need some towels, gloves, oven mitts, whatever they've got. Now go.

[Ephram runs into the kitchen.]

RICHIE: Hey, you're not allowed back there.

NINA: Someone should call Sarah.

RICHIE: Who's Sarah?

DR. BROWN: The baby's mother.

RICHIE: Are you people from around here?

[Dr. Brown gives Richie a look.]

[Cut to Ephram rummaging through the kitchen.]

RICHIE: We could be fined for this. This county has a very strict health code.

EPHRAM: Yeah, I noticed. How long have you been using ants as chocolate sprinkles? Where are the knives?

RICHIE: Ah, all we have are spatulas.

[Ephram goes over to the sink and grabs a whisk.]

EPHRAM: What about this? This work?

RICHIE: Yeah. If you're making a custard.


[Ephram grabs as many as he can hold. Then he heads to the door but stops when he sees Nina.]

EPHRAM: Get me another pot.

RITCHIE: What size?

EPHRAM: Big enough for me to barf in.

[Cut to Mama Joy's diner. Edna and Irv are playing Monopoly at one of the tables. Edna is winning.]

EDNA: Ouch. Back on the boardwalk. Oh I'd feel sorry for you, sweetheart, but I enjoy winning too much.

IRV: Well, I have nothing left to mortgage, you've wiped me out.

EDNA: Well, in that case, you owe me another side of fries.

IRV: Forget it, you cheat.

[Edna fumbles.]

IRV: I see you stacking those chance cards. Your hands aren't as quick as they used to be.

EDNA: Wanna start a new game?

[Irv is not having any of it.]

EDNA: Come on honey, I'll let you be the thimble.

AMY: Don't listen to her, Irv. She's a killer.

[Amy approaches their table.]

EDNA: Hey there! Aren't you meant to be at some fancy birthday party?

AMY: Yeah, I decided not to go. But I couldn't stay home 'cause then my mom would just bug me about how I have to be more social and I can't sit around moping about Colin all the time.

IRV: You're not moping. You're about to have a bowl of ice cream with your grandparents.

AMY: Thanks, Irv.

EDNA: Bring an extra ketchup.

IRV: Dream on, cheater.

[Irv heads off to get the food. Edna laughs while Amy sits down.]

EDNA: You know, the only time you remind me of your father is when you've got a sour puss on. Spill it, Grover.

AMY: My friends. They basically pulled a Heathers on me.

EDNA: Mmm, I see. No, I don't. What does that mean?

AMY: They un-invited a friend of mine to their party because they don't think he's popular enough and when I tried to talk to him about it and explain everything, he, he blew up at me.

EDNA: Well, his feelings were hurt. That's normal, don't you think?

AMY: I didn't wanna hurt him. But they've been my friends since second grade. What was I supposed to do?

[Edna is silent.]

AMY: Never mind, I know. I shouldn't have let them treat him like that.

[Edna looks across at Irv.]

EDNA: It's not easy to care about someone when the whole world is telling you not to. You have to live your own life, Amy. Trust your instincts. They're pretty good.

AMY: Must be my genes.

EDNA: That, and a bladder like a yak.

AMY: Grandma.

[Amy and Edna laugh.]

[Cut to outside the donut shop. Nina is being escorted into an ambulance. Sarah is holding the baby and climbs into the ambulance.]

SARAH: Thank you, Doctor.

DR. BROWN: You're welcome.

[Dr. Brown walks over to Ephram, who is having a bite to eat.]

DR. BROWN: An egg whisk?

[Ephram just laughs.]

EPHRAM: So. How many babies have you delivered?

DR. BROWN: This would be my first.

[Dr. Brown walks over to his car. Ephram just stares at his dad for a moment, then catches up.]

[Cut to Everwood Elementary. It's the next day. Magilla is standing by the cubbies, then walks up to Delia's. Delia, who has sneaked up behind Magilla, grabs his choker from around his neck and snatches it.]

MAGILLA: Do you have a death wish?

DELIA: No, but I have a new choker.

MAGILLA: Give it back.

DELIA: I will! After you return what's mine. You need a friend just as much as I do, Magilla. You're just too scared to show it.

[Delia walks off and puts the choker on. Magilla considers her proposal and manages a very faint smile.]

[Cut to County High. Ephram is looking through books in the library. Amy comes up to him.]

AMY: So I heard you were like Mr. Midwife last night.

EPHRAM: Well, I prefer junior resident. It was pretty cool.

AMY: Nina was lucky to have you guys there.

EPHRAM: It was mostly my dad. I basically supplied the shoelace. You know, to cut the cord. So, how was the party?

AMY: I didn't go.

EPHRAM: You didn't? Why not?

AMY: I think you know why. You scare me, Ephram.

EPHRAM: Well, that doesn't sound good.

AMY: No no, I think it is. When you first got here, I know I got to know you for all the wrong reasons. Friendship wasn't exactly at the top of my list. But, as it turns out, you're really funny and weird and now you're like this guy in my life that I care about. Does that make any sense?

EPHRAM: Define "weird".

AMY: I think you just need to cut me some slack once in a while.

EPHRAM: Define "slack".

[Amy smiles and leaves.]

[Cut to Nina's house. Dr. Brown is examining Nina.]

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