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Les Experts
#15.14 : Collectionneurs de crimes

Titre VO : "Merchants of Menace" - Titre VF : "Collectionneurs de crimes"

Première diffusion US : 25 Janvier 2015 (CBS)
Première diffusion FR :
 6 Jenvier 2016 (TF1)
Ecrit par : Tom Mularz
Réalisé par : Claudia Yarmi

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Avec :

Larry Mitchell (Officer Mitchell), Skyler Stone (Alex Friel), Mekenna Melvin (Nora Waters), Dominic Hoffman (Roy Narvick), Greg Evigan (Bruce Waters), Rob Estes (Todd Spanna), Richard Harmon (Kyle Jessup/Second Geek), CJ Hoff (Pasty Geek), Joseph Buttler (Random Collector #1), Nate Shelkey (Random Collector #2), Bobby Campo (Damon Harlow), Rodney Eastman (Jacob Warren), Patrick Cox (Burly Guy), Sloane Coombs (Young Nora Waters), Haley Hauser (Rachel Waters), George Jonson (Lucas Reem), Christopher Kerson (Gunnar)

Résumé :

Les experts enquêtent sur une cadavre, découvert dans une voiture. Cette sinistre découverte a eu lieu durant une convention rassemblant des collectionneurs d'objets macabres, tous en rapport avec des assassinats. Morgan et Russell réussissent rapidement à identifier la victime : il s'agit de Damon Harlow, qui a avait fondé avec un associé une petite société de collections criminelles. Justement, le véhicule dans lequel Damon a été découvert a appartenu à Lucas Reem, un tueur en série qui vient d'être exécuté pour avoir assassiné dix femmes une vingtaine d'années auparavant. L'associé de Damon prétend ne pas lui connaître d'ennemis. 




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You like what you see? That is genuine artwork by the Blue Paint Killer, Keith Greer, collected shortly before his arrest and suicide.
Here, it's for only a thousand bucks.
Certificate of authenticity included.
Huh? Mm, I don't know.
Think on it, browse around.
Plenty of deadly cool stuff here.
This letter is personally autographed by the Strip Strangler.
A truly fascinating criminal.
Throw in the crime scene photos, we got a deal.
MAN (over speakers): Fellow collectors! Fellow collectors, it's time to unveil the item you've all been awaiting.
Bidding will start at $50,000.
No serial killer in the last 30 years has haunted Las Vegas quite like the notorious Lucas Reem.
This morning, we offer you the chance to own the car driven by Reem in 1995, when he slaughtered ten souls over the course of one summer.
(crowd murmuring excitedly) Fellow collectors, this is the chariot that carried Reem through his rampage! (people gasping) Damon? That's fake, right? Call 911! That's rad, man! Call 911! Guesit's real.
Even cooler.
Victim's name is Damon Harlow.
He and his business partner there started this interesting little swap meet attracting "murderabilia" buffs from across the region.
True crime collectibles.
Artwork, autographs, mementos.
All from famous killers.
Where'd they get all this crap? Some of it comes from police property auctions, others are gifts from incarcerated killers.
As long as the convicts aren't directly profiting, it's legal to sell this stuff.
Including the car belonging to Lucas Reem.
With our fresh kill here, Damon Harlow.
You know, I remember that summer.
I was 12 years old, my parents were still together, we were living in Vegas.
That monster was killing a new girl every few weeks.
I watched my mom triple-check the locks every night.
Yeah, it was a it was a big deal up north, too.
Reem confessed to all ten murders, right? Yet he still lingered on death row for how long? Finally got the needle a few months ago.
And now these guys want to memorialize him.
Keep his legacy alive.
Yeah, it's a little disturbing.
Roomful of people fixated on murder.
Maybe one of them more committed than the rest.
Who are you? Who, who, who, who? Who are you? Who, who, who, who? I really wanna know Who are you? Oh-oh-oh Who Come on, tell me who are you, you, you Are you! Liver temp puts time of death about ten hours ago.
So, midnight.
We're looking at approximately a dozen stab wounds.
Cast-off and spatter indicates that he was killed in the car, not posed here after.
Unusual blood pattern.
Looks like something brushed through the spatter.
Special breed of lookie-loos in this place.
Nah, they're just figuring out how much the fresh carnage increases the value of the car.
You think I'm dealing in blood money selling this stuff.
I think the city of Milwaukee got it right when they took all of Jeffrey Dahmer's possessions, shoved them into a landfill.
Nothing like this has ever happened.
Damon and I put on these events a few times a year.
So when was the last time you had contact with Damon? Yesterday.
He called to say he wanted to get the car ready.
He didn't show up this morning, didn't answer my calls.
And yet you went right ahead with the auction.
Damon was troubled, okay? Drinking, depression.
Either could take hold of him for a few days.
This car is a huge sale.
I had buyers here from all over.
I understand.
Got to give them what they came for, right? Let me ask you one more thing.
Did Damon have any enemies you knew of? He had a temper.
Got into it sometimes with customers, other dealers, but it never got violent.
Look, these collectors are good people.
Well, you'll forgive me if I don't take my readings from your moral compass.
You'd think they'd at least wipe the dust off.
These collectors want it exactly as Lucas Reem left it.
Although he didn't leave those fresh fingerprints there on the dashboard, so I'm gonna run them.
Memory card's full.
I got to get another camera.
Hurry up.
Hey, hey, hey! Get out of here.
Give me your I.
Come on.
I'll run them.
The hell are you guys doing? Wanted to take a look.
Maybe get a selfie.
We've just never seen a real Vic before.
Yeah, well, I've seen plenty, and there's nothing fun about it.
What's that cop doing with our licenses exactly? He's checking to see if you're criminals.
Or just idiots.
I mean, Lucas Reem? Nate Haskell? How would you feel if it was your loved ones they attacked? No records, but I'll cuff them.
Why don't we give them a break, Mitch.
As long as you guys promise to find more respectable hobbies.
Got to be something cooler to do in "Dead Owl Creek"? Get out of here.
BRODY: Greg.
Come take a look at this.
The prints from the dashboard come back to a casino worker named Nora Waters.
Her sister was one of Lucas Reem's victims back in '95.
SANDERS: So what do we think? Nora came here? To the place where her sister's killer is being celebrated? Maybe to put an end to this whole circus.
SIDLE: Your fingerprints say that you were in that car.
Nora, we need to know what you were doing in there.
All right, um Look, I know about your family's history with Lucas Reem.
Our history? You mean how Lucas Reem butchered my sister? Sorry to bring you back there.
Seven years old, seeing that.
Home alone with your big sister when that man slips in through the window, comes creeping down the hall.
(panting) Rachel helped me hide in the closet.
Nora, I need you to stay in here, okay? Do not move.
Please don't leave me, Rachel, please.
(screams) (screaming) Stop! (sobbing, screaming) Lucas Reem had no idea I was there.
Inches away while he hurt her.
That's something that no one should have to go through.
I can only imagine how angry you must have felt about Reem's car being auctioned off.
You think that I killed Damon? Damon? Wait, you knew the victim? Knew him? I loved him.
I don't understand.
Damon and I were dating for the past year.
I heard about him online, what he did for a living.
" I sent him this awful e-mail, telling him he should be ashamed of himself, if not locked up.
And then he took me to coffee.
And he told me everything that he'd studied about Lucas Reem and other serials.
The history, the psychology.
Damon was a student, exploring the darkest parts of humanity.
Selling off some artifacts helped him support his studies.
When exactly were you in the car at the convention site? Yesterday morning.
Damon was getting the car ready.
I sat in it with him, feeling its strange energy.
And I felt safe.
Because Damon was with me.
I have to ask.
Where were you last night at midnight? In bed.
I couldn't sleep.
The same as it's been for the last 20 years.
Please, I just want someone to tell me what this is all about.
Her name is Nora Waters.
And she was told to come down here.
I want to know what's happening.
Excuse me.
Can I help you? Yes, my daughter, Nora, was told to come I understand.
Um, your daughter’s in, talking to a colleague of mine.
I'm D.
Bruce Waters.
Can you tell me what this is all about? Your daughter's fingerprints were found at the scene of a homicide.
What? The victim's name was a Damon Harlow.
Did you know Mr.
Harlow? Yes, yes, I know who he is.
And I know my daughter is friends with him.
Wait, you're not thinking she did something? I'm sorry.
There's not much more I can tell you about an ongoing investigation.
Were you here back then, Lucas Reem? Were you one of the ones we dealt with? No, sir, I was not.
But I'm aware of the case and what your family went through.
Well, then you know why Nora is fragile.
Doesn't always make the right choices in her life.
Dating a man like Damon Harlow, who profits from others' suffering.
But my wife and I see, Nora is all we've got.
I-I will do whatever I've got to do to protect her.
I'd do the same for my daughter.
Nick, Nick, we're still a work in progress here.
That's okay.
What do you got so far? I've counted 11 sharp-force injuries to the chest and abdomen; one appears to have penetrated the heart.
So C.
is exsanguination.
Those are some wide stab wounds.
What is that, a chef's knife? Or a similar instrument.
Blade width is at least two inches.
Lucas Reem himself used a chef's knife back in the '90s.
I saw his work firsthand.
This is curious.
What is it? It's a bone fragment.
From that busted rib? It's too discolored to be from a fresh break.
I suppose it could've been floating around from an old injury.
What do you mean? Well, X-rays revealed this guy has known his share of violence.
A number of long-healed fractures dating back to his adolescence.
Well, a childhood like that, maybe trading in murder and mayhem only makes sense.
To be honest, I think we all have a bit of morbid curiosity.
I once took the wife and kids to see Bonnie and Clyde's car.
We made a day out of it.
Snapped photos, clowned around.
Bonnie and Clyde killed 13 people.
Yeah, not so fun when you keep that in mind, huh? Yeah.
I'll have Hodges take a look.
I analyzed the bone fragment pulled from Damon Harlow's viscera.
That bone fragment was hand-sharpened.
It appears to be the broken tip of a larger piece.
So what are we saying? That the murder weapon was a knife made out of bone? It's a weird choice of weaponry.
I've seen knives made out of bones before.
You know, it's a hunter's hobby, but they were made of, like, elk or deer.
Yeah, I've seen those, too, but this one isn't animal bone.
It's human.
What do you mean? DNA match to one particular awful human.
The bone came from Lucas Reem? Dead serial killer himself.
STOKES: So someone turned a mass murderer into a murder weapon.
The bone of a dead serial killer, sharpened into a knife and then used to kill again.
It's a whole new level of demented.
It's kind of like the old days when they used the bones of dead saints to make souvenirs and jewelry.
The belief being that the bones still carried some of the saint's essence.
Yeah, but these guys, these conventions, they worship serial killers.
Maybe one of them took a fragment from Lucas Reem, committed a crime in a way to honor his idol.
I agree.
And I think that Damon Harlow was killed by his own merchandise.
I found this article from a couple days ago.
The same arrangement of the stuff that he had on the table from the convention today, but with one additional item, now missing.
STOKES: Bone-bladed knife.
Killer must have swiped it right off of Harlow's table.
I also spoke to Harlow's business associate, Alex Friel; he said he knew that Damon had been dipping into shadier collectibles, like the bones of serial killers, but he just looked the other way.
Shady business brings shady people.
Maybe Harlow was doing some after-hours deal with somebody, and the sale just went sideways.
And Harlow paid with his life.
So if the killer swiped the knife off the table, maybe he left something behind.
That's a good idea.
Let's check the tablecloth for touch DNA.
I was also thinking, since Harlow was dealing in illicit goods, it might make sense to learn about the product.
The knife.
You know, it might bring us closer to some of his shadier associates.
Because one of them might be our killer.
Well, based on the cortical bone width of the fragment, the bone used to make the blade came from Lucas Reem's tibia.
But now listen.
The prison doctor did say that Reem wasn't missing any bones at the time of his execution.
So the tibia had to be removed from him after death to make the knife.
Question is: where was Lucas Reem's tibia and the rest of him after his execution? RUSSELL: It's my understanding, Mr.
Narvick, that several months ago, the state sent the body of Lucas Reem to your mortuary.
Is that correct? After his execution? That's correct.
Reem didn't have any family.
The body was to be cremated.
It wasn't, right? I mean, 'cause part of it just showed up at a murder scene.
Want to tell me how that might have happened? The body, Lucas Reem, was stolen.
It was on my prep table.
I had the door open to let the night air freshen my work space.
I went to take a phone call.
When I returned, he was gone.
Did you report that to the police? No, I did not.
I knew what wretched things that man Reem had done, and I thought the families deserved to believe he'd been turned to ash, after all they'd been through.
I bet you also didn't want your-your business to suffer from the reports of your negligence.
I volunteered my services free of charge, and it should end up costing me customers? Okay, you didn't happen to get a look at whoever might have taken the body? Maybe their car, something, anything? I do have something.
I found a liquor bottle outside the back door.
Maybe the shot of courage the thief needed.
I kept it because I did intend to call the police.
Do you still have that bottle? Got your message.
What's up? The print on the bourbon bottle is a match to a local named Todd Spanna.
This is his Web site.
"The man who brought down Lucas Reem.
" Well, that line may work at a last call hookup, but I'm afraid the truth is not quite so heroic.
You know this guy? I do.
He's all over the case files.
Todd Spanna had an apartment across from Lucas Reem.
One night, he sees Reem hosing blood off his hands, so he calls the cops, turns him in, ends Lucas Reem's run.
Well, it looks like he's turned that into a little celebrity for himself.
Did a couple of talk shows.
I think he even wrote a book? Yes, he did.
He will sign it for $49.
There you go.
Yeah, looks like Spanna is really milking his connection to the Reem case.
He likes to show up at Murderabilia conventions and sells a lot of Reem souvenirs.
Well, it was his bourbon bottle at the scene of the mortuary theft.
You think Spanna went after the ultimate souvenir? Lucas Reem himself.
Yeah, I figure you guys are rapping with everyone who knew Damon Harlow, huh? Yeah, I heard about the murder.
If you're looking for some pro Bono help, I can Todd.
We have evidence connecting you to the theft of a body.
(chuckles) No.
Lucas Reem's body.
Went missing from the mortuary a few months ago.
A piece of it turned up in the knife that killed Damon Harlow.
Oh, h-hang on.
You think that I shivved Damon Harlow? I think stealing a serial killer's corpse warrants a few questions.
No, I didn't do that either.
Your liquor bottle at the scene of the body theft.
Anybody could've put that there.
Todd, why would anyone go to all that trouble just to frame you? Do you know who I am to the people who worship Lucas Reem? I am the antichrist, all right? I'm the one that put him away.
I am the schmuck bunter who ruined their hero's no-hitter in the bottom of the ninth.
And there are plenty of bottles in my wake.
Anyone could've snagged one to frame me.
People who worship Lucas Reem.
Do you know any of them? A few.
But none crazy enough to steal his body.
I mean, come on, I do the legit conventions.
(chuckles) Ganking a corpse, man, that-that's Blood Market stuff.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Blood Market? Yeah.
Yeah, all the merch at the convention, right? Autographs, photos, the car, that's legal.
But that's only half the stuff that's out there.
You want the truly forbidden? Want a snuff film? Hmm? Hot evidence? Serial killer's remains? You shop the Blood Market.
And what sleazy strip mall would I find all this in? Well, strictly online.
But but I could get you in.
Give you my username and password.
How you doing with this Blood Market Web site? I could use a shower after looking at some of this stuff.
So it turns out that the murder weapon is not the only knife made from Lucas Reem's bones.
Rumored to be eight of them out there.
Any idea who has them? No, but there is a user who is trying to track them down.
He goes by the name of DesertSky60, and he has spent the last month asking about those knives.
I ran his username through a search engine, to see if it would pop up on any other site, and I found this profile.
"DesertSky60" is Bruce Waters.
Wow, Bruce Waters.
That guy is chasing the relics of the man who killed his daughter.
Yeah, maybe hunting them down so that he can destroy them once and for all? Maybe.
This is even more interesting.
During his last exchange, another user was telling him, "There's a middleman named Damon.
He can hook you up with whatever you want.
" Damon Harlow.
Then Waters replied, "I know Damon.
"Family connection.
I'll see what he can do.
" That was one day before Damon Harlow was killed.
Bruce Waters didn't mention any of this when I met with him.
So maybe he wasn't just going after the Lucas Reem knives, but the people selling them.
He did say that Damon Harlow was profiting from the suffering of others.
DNA came back on the tablecloth that the knife was snatched from.
There was only one identifiable contributor.
A male familial match to Nora Waters.
It was her father.
Bruce Waters picks up the knife, then he makes Damon Harlow suffer.
STOKES: Bruce Waters' wife said he drove off after lunch, and she hadn't heard from him since.
We've got a BOLO out on his vehicle, we've tracked his credit cards, but he could be three states away by now.
No, I met the guy this morning at PD.
Looked me right in the eye and then shook my hand.
Less than 12 hours after Damon Harlow was killed.
Well, that takes some brass, doesn't it? Walk into a police station with that fresh kill all over your hands.
He was adamant about protecting his daughter.
Maybe he was trying to make sure that she didn't take the fall for his crime.
And as soon as he saw that she was released, then he fled.
Let's bring his daughter back in.
I told you, I don't know where he is.
(sighs) Nora, your father was hunting Lucas Reem's remains.
That hunt led him to Damon, and I think it made him snap, knowing that his surviving daughter was dating a man who kept relics of Lucas Reem.
We have evidence of him there at the convention site.
We believe that he killed Damon.
That's not what happened.
Then tell me what happened.
My dad came to me a few days ago.
He had tears in his eyes.
He told me what he'd heard.
Pieces of Lucas Reem out there for sale.
He asked if Damon could help track them down.
Here's the deal-- I told him I got a buyer.
It's 20 grand, cash.
Dad, you can't afford that.
I'll figure it out.
They're gonna bring the items to the lot behind the Palermo, That's all I can do.
You're on your own.
Let's go.
Wait, are you saying that that deal was gonna happen tonight? A few hours ago, yeah.
Why didn't you tell me all this before? Because Dad was hell-bent on getting those relics and destroying them.
This might have been his only chance.
I didn't want anyone getting in Dad's way.
Deal was supposed to go down somewhere in this lot.
Whatever Bruce Waters might have done, he's a desperate dad.
It's hard not to feel sorry for him.
He probably thought he was just doing right by his family.
Nick, there's some blood over here.
STOKES: Oh, Bruce.
What'd you go and get yourself into, man? No, no, he's gone.
Charlie 0-4 Stokes.
We've got a 419.
Roll homicide and a coroner to my location.
I got a Beretta.
Magazine doesn't have a single scratch from loading.
I don't think there's ever been a bullet in this gun.
Whoever brought this had no intention of using it.
You know what I think? I think he never had the 20 grand to buy those bone-bladed knives, and he brought that gun out here to do some negotiating.
They called his bluff.
He underestimated who he was bargaining with.
And it looks like he was stabbed at least ten times.
And there's some silver-colored trace here.
Nick, there's something in his mouth.
What the hell is that? SIDLE: The odd object from the victim's mouth was actually a strand of black suede, like from a fringed suede jacket.
Bruce Waters must have bit it off his assailant while tangled up with him.
And Bruce Waters' assailant was wearing the exact jacket that Lucas Reem is wearing in this photo.
Got all that from one strand of suede? Henry ran DNA on the strand, found a contribution from Lucas Reem himself.
You mean to tell me now there's somebody out there that's not only collecting Lucas Reem's bones, but now wearing his jacket? Kind of feels like someone's trying to bring him back to life.
You know what, there were Right here.
I remember, there were odd blood patterns at Damon Harlow's crime scene.
Take a look at that.
Fringe from a jacket could have caused that pattern.
It looks like the same killer that killed Damon Harlow killed Bruce Waters.
Good bet.
All right, so how do we think it all played out? Well, Damon Harlow agreed to help Bruce find the bone knives, set him up with a seller.
Hours later, Harlow is killed.
The next night, Bruce Waters goes to meet the seller, and Bruce is killed.
Maybe the seller knew he was being set up.
Knew that Bruce Waters was the buyer and that Bruce's only reason to want those relics was to destroy them.
Seller wasn't happy about being played, so he kills Harlow for the betrayal, and he takes Bruce out at the buy-site.
So who out there is wearing that jacket and two murders? Mmm.
That jacket would be a primo item.
But I don't know who has it.
But you know who might know, am I right? Mm.
Oh, come on, Todd, give me that much.
So how do I meet some of these Blood Market traders face-to-face? No, these cats do not talk to cops.
Well, I won't go as a cop.
I'll go as, uh, a collector.
(laughs) You can laugh all you want, but the title of your memoir was Cracking the Case.
Don't let me down here, man.
Some of the Blood Market guys did come down to the convention.
And I might have ovheard them talking about a place that they'd be partying.
Showing off their collections.
Where? (laughs) Look, they are never gonna let a random like you in.
Well, what if I bring something very special to their party? Like what? Something that will blow their minds.
Who are you? I'm a collector.
Up from Albuquerque.
Brought something for the show-and-tell.
Piece like that? You better make sure and show Gunnar before anyone else gets a look.
Back of the room.
Here, man, check this out.
It's original.
You must be Gunnar.
Guy at the front door said you might like this.
It's from the Miniature Killer.
You're familiar with her, right? What are you hunting? Originally, I came in town looking for Lucas Reem items.
I was gonna pick up his car, but obviously that sale's been eighty-sixed.
If you know of anyone dealing in Lucas Reem Heard about some bone-bladed knives? Jacob.
Might be some business here.
Haven't seen you around.
I'm not from here, Jacob.
That is one heck of a jacket, man.
I've been looking for one just like that, Jacob.
Well, it's not for sale.
Oh, well, that's a pity.
You know, you got that one vein, in your neck, just working overtime, pumping away.
Kind of makes me feel like you're not on the level.
I think maybe you should get that knife out of my face.
What are you gonna do about it? LVPD! Everybody get down! Don't move! Sit down! Now who's the one who ain't on the level, huh? (grunts) Jacob Warren.
You are really obsessed with Lucas Reem, aren't you? So tell me what you did.
You put on his jacket, you adorned yourself with all his relics, and then you murdered two people as tribute.
You have no idea what it's like.
All the bad mojo in those objects, rippling through your body.
So you admit it? You killed Damon Harlow and Bruce Waters.
That is the work of Lucas Reem.
His spirit, reincarnated in you.
Kindred souls find each other.
(phone chimes) So tell me, Jacob, when you and the spirit of Lucas Reem went to that lot to kill Bruce Waters, where'd you park? Why do you want to know that? Because the lab just told me that the jacket you were wearing is a fake.
So that makes me think that maybe you are, too.
You're just a wannabe and you're here wasting my time.
All right, maybe I wasn't there for the murder.
Just heard about it while I was clocked in at work.
I mean, it sounded like a kill that Lucas Reem himself would do.
So, uh sue me for having a little fun.
Well, you just earned yourself an obstruction charge.
Be fun to see how the other inmates like your act.
Cuff him.
Henry finished processing the knives that we got from Jacob Warren.
No trace of blood on them, and DNA says that they were not made from Lucas Reem's bones.
Well, that's not surprising.
Warren's a deluded wannabe.
So is that a dead end? Well, not exactly.
One of those knives he had was made out of real human bone-- the bone of a different serial killer.
His name was Gerald Palmer.
Executed in Ohio What's this have to do with that? Well, the article says that a certain Cleveland mortician handled Palmer's body after execution.
Roy Narvick.
Moved his mortuary business out here a few years later.
Okay, so this guy lied to me about Reem's body being stolen.
Kept it for himself, obviously It sounds like he's been collecting for years.
Arranging to handle killers' corpses.
Turning them into souvenirs.
Maybe he's killing to protect his collection.
"Every man has to have a hobby"" You know who said that? Ed Gein-- the real-life Norman Bates.
Decorated his home with human skin.
How'd I do? You clearly share my fascination.
You might justify it as professional research, but you enjoy it.
Studying those black swans that occasionally emerge from the mundane masses.
You understand the mystique of men like Lucas Reem.
No, men like Lucas Reem should be erased.
Not enshrined.
Not emulated.
My hobby, the crafting of those relics, sanding harvested bone into blade, is only a misdemeanor, you know.
"Dissection of a Dead Body," as per Nevada Revised Statute 451.
A hefty fine, but worth the price.
We're not here to talk about that.
We're here to talk about two homicides: Bruce Waters and Damon Harlow.
Right now, my CSIs are going through your residence and your business.
And you may think you have every detail tidied up, but I promise you, my guys are gonna find something.
Russell, I've drawn a lot of blood in my life, but not from the living.
I keep careful account of my time, and I can tell you my exact whereabouts at the grisly moments in question.
However, if someone out there purchased one of the relics that I sold and used it for nefarious purpose A proper hobbyist will always be open to a trade.
Meaning what? In exchange for forgiveness of my misdemeanors you get my customer list.
Well, the mortician's alibis checked out.
Does the customer list he gave us seem legit? Just started going through it.
The descriptions, the prices, the shipping addresses for some of the items he sold.
This one stands out.
"Knife made from Lucas Reem bone with a silver-painted handle.
" Like the trace found in Bruce Waters' wound.
That could be the weapon that killed him.
Who bought it? Same person who bought all the Lucas Reem knives on this list.
No-name P.
box in a Podunk town.
"Dead Owl Creek.
" Could be a-a rental mailbox.
I mean, it looks like the buyer has gone out of his way to remain anonymous.
Except I already met him.
He's one of the guys who ducked under the tape at the crime scene.
Got to be something cooler to do in "Dead Owl Creek"? SANDERS: You think he'd approve? Of everything you've done? You were doing it for him, right? Protecting his legacy? We searched your car, Kyle.
We found the bone knives.
The jacket.
You kept them all together.
Wasn't that the point? Collecting all those relics, making sure that the last traces of Lucas Reem were never lost, never destroyed? Lucas will live forever.
You see, that dealer and that pathetic father, they thought they were smarter than me.
Thought that they could take him away from me.
So you took two lives over a batch of decaying bones.
(grunting) (grunting) The thing I want to know is: why did you come back here, to see Damon Harlow's body in that car? Felt like I had dreamt it.
Wanted to make sure that I hadn't.
But it wasn't just in my head.
You know? It was It was real.
What Lucas and I have, that's real.
He will be with me forever.
Well, you're one needle away from making that dream come true.
(handcuffs clicking) Nora I just wanted you to know that we caught the man who killed your father.
And Damon.
He's being taken into custody right now.
So he's going away for good.
He took both of them from me, but he can't hurt anyone else.
That's right.
That's the same thing my dad used to tell me when I was a kid, about Lucas Reem, when I would cry out in the middle of the night from a nightmare-- "Don't worry.
That man's going away.
He can't hurt anyone else. But (sniffles) I guess he never really believed that.
was still hurting him, still haunting him.
You know I think that your father, by chasing after those relics, in his own way was just trying to end the nightmare.
But instead, he just gave it new life. His own.

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