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#817 : Pour Gedda / Double fond


Au cours d'une cérémonie funéraire, le cercueil se brise, laissant tomber non pas un, mais deux corps. Un cadavre inconnu a en effet été placé dans le cercueil, aux côtés du défunt qui devait être inhumé. La police de Las Vegas ouvre une enquête. Rapidement, l'identité de l'inconnu est établie : il s'agit d'un ancien policier devenu détective privé, une connaissance de Warrick. Peu après, Warrick est retrouvé hagard, couvert de sang et un pistolet à la main, aux côtés du corps d'un mafieux, directeur d'une boîte de nuit. Warrick, qui ne parvient pas à se souvenir de ce qu'il faisait à l'heure supposée du crime, devient le suspect numéro un dans cette affaire. Abattu, il se met en tête de reconstituer son propre emploi du temps. Catherine tente de le soutenir du mieux qu'elle peut. 


Note : L'épisode est aussi parfois nommé Double fond, en référence au cercueil.

Titre VO
For Gedda

Titre VF
Pour Gedda / Double fond

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Fin de l'épisode (VO)


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Écrit par : Dustin Lee Abraham, Kenneth Fink & Richard Catalani
Réalisé par : Kenneth Fink 

Avec : David Berman (David Phillips), Liz Vassey (Wendy Simms), Marc Vann (Conrad Ecklie), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Gerald McCullouch (Bobby Dawson), Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews), Conor O'Farrell (Undersheriff McKeen), John Capodice (Lou Gedda), Joseph Patrick Kelly (Officer Metcalf), Larry Sullivan (Officer Akers) 

Guests :

  • Jay Karnes ..... IA Officer Wagenbach 
  • Donzaleigh Abernathy ..... Carolina Bell 
  • Lee Weaver ..... Kerwinkle Lord 
  • James Earl ..... Pallbearer #1 
  • Kwame Patterson ..... Pallbearer #2 
  • Randy Mulkey ..... Benny Harper 
  • DeLon Howell ..... Officer Devlin 
  • David Gianopoulos ..... Daniel Pritchard 
  • Deborah Ann Woll ..... Stephane aka Waitress 

Previously on CSI:

Lou Gedda is getting away with murders.
Warrick is a loose cannon,He was in Gedda's strip club, - conducting his own police investigation.
- What do you want? Everything.
No! I did not kill her.
Grissom,you and I both know that Gedda killed that girl.
You take this suspention,or you are fired.
Guys like Lou Gedda,they don't skip on murder or extortion by being lucky.
- I got an update for you.
- Good work.
Crime scene at the funeral.
Can't get much deader than this.
Liver temp certainly couldn't.
He is being dead more the 24 hours Any indication what he died from? No,not a sign of trauma.
I spoke with Mrs.
Bell,she has no idea who the other DB from the casket is.
That has got to be the biggest casket I've ever seen.
This is the Alvis model.
We are a fat country, Nick.
Here is our proof.
You don't think they come out the factory room for two though.
No,the extra compartment is custom addition.
This board is what seperated the two bodies.
Top guy was just too heavy.
Maybe it's the scandle to save money.
Mortuary is obligated to bury indigents of no charge.
Maybe save a burial plot by burying John Doe with John Smith.
Go ahead,man,put him in a van,how dare you.
- Stay here.
- Guys,I'm just a coroner assistant.
Caught you **,you are not going nowhere,man.
Hold down,hold down now fellas,he is just doing his job.
Bell is our first priority.
We are gonna have him back here as soon as we can.
Ok,you guys go help with the funeral band too? Yeah,buy another casket? 'cause that was donated by the community.
- We'll pay for a new casket.
- We will? Oh,man,this is disgrace right now,man.
Hey,whoever put that other body in the casket is the one you should be angry with.
Not us.
Let us do our job.
We'll put him in jail.
This isn't right, man.
Just go ahead and don't move yourself in.
Stop it! Stop it! Stop it! Please,justlet my husband through.
You are the mortician You are the one putting bodies into coffins So what, you have a two-for-one sale? Who is the extra stiff? You don't want to say anything,that's fine I'll just shut down the mortuary Maybe I'll book you on suspicion of murder For all I know,you killed the guy before you stuffed him in the coffin Lawyer You're under arrest Got to admit it's a pretty clever way to dispose of a body Who is gonna look under somebody else's tombstone Well,it's not exactly a new technique In the 1920's,Joe Bonanno used to dispose his hits in a double decker coffin What is this?More research for your mob book? I hope you are not starting to admire those slugs I don't admire them.
But I'm grateful For what? Well,my book is done I have meetings with three different publishers in LA And I fly out the day after tomorrow I heard you were in here - Need any help? - Not really I've already collected trace off the body.
I'm almost done with the coffin here Chaparral High football coach,ah? Hey, by the way, how much do I owe you I don't know, Warrick, don't worry about it.
I always pay my debts.
This should cover.
What exactly about the Chaparral High state champs reminded you to pay me.
Football always reminds me money.
This is not football season.
It's baseball but I don't bet baseball.
Pure paycheck, babe.
Hey Doc, you figure out what killed this guy yet? Yeah,found some petechiae consistent with suffocation Yeah, this should do it.
You okay? Yeah,I know this guy.
Or I knew him.
He was a PI.
You just saved yourself some work.
His prints will be in the system.
Lenny Harper.
We were in patrol together twenty some-odd years ago.
Class cop.
You sure we are talking about the same guy? I mean this guy got a list of complaints going up for right.
until about the day he retired,at age 33.
Vegas was a different town back then.
You ruffled feathers, you got the boot.
IBut soliciting prostitutes,extorting businese man and insurnce fraud.
Kind of looks like he deserves to get the boot.
Lenny always said the complaints were trumped up.
This file,doesn't change the way we treat this case.
Lenny was a cop.
Cops are a priority.
I want every man you got on this.
Either this guy is a neat freak, or he's got one hell of a cleaning lady.
Left his computer, that helps.
Hey,Nick,is there a trash can under that desk? Yeah.
- Is there a liner in it? - Yeah,why? There is no liner in this one.
And the paper shredder has been emptied.
Looks like somebody cleaned up after they cleaned up.
This care is as clean as a whistle.
The floor mat's still damp.
I think it has just been detailed.
What if the killer used the victim's car to transport the body? He drives the victim's own vehicle back to the funeral home.
Stuffs the body and double deckered coffin, hits a car wash comes back, cleans out the office, and leaves us the keys.
It's pretty considerate.
Or very smart.
How did you get this number? Is this some kind of a joke? What the hell do you want? Should I bring my own shovel? Get anything off that computer? No, hard drive's been wiped clean.
What about the shredder? Nothing but a couple of strips from a folder and a few receipts.
But I got a court order on Mr.
Harper's email accounts.
He had quite a few.
One that handled mostly family stuff.
One that handled new customers.
And a work account.
The work account have online backup systom.
That's what I'm in now.
So you basically got everything that was on his computer? I even have stuff he erased.
There's a file in here you might think is interesting.
's like to use a lot of audio and visual surveillance.
Insurance policy.
This one was even taping his own meetings.
Really? All right, so it's March 17, 2008.
Meeting with Client #333.
This is from inside his Escalade, yesterday.
She did it with a cop.
I spit on her, she deserve what she got.
This's as close to a confession as you ever gonna get.
I'm gonna bury that guy Lenny, I'm gonna bury you.
Warrick couldn't investigate Gedda himself so he had the PI to do it for him.
Archie tracked down thousands of photos, sound byte files, videos.
Everything is connected to Lou Gedda.
I thing Gedda caught Harper to spying on him, killed him, and had the mortician put the body in the double-decker casket.
This is Waccick Brown.
Leave your name and number Warrick, call me, now.
Anybody hears from him, I want to know.
You got it.
Where the hell have you been? Grissom, I got to talk to you.
- Where are you.
- Pigalle.
What are you thinking.
I don't know.
I don't know.
You don'tyou don't know what? I don't know what I did here.
I don't know what happened, - I just woke up - Police! Drop the gun!Drop the gun! - Warrick? - On the ground! Now! I'm a CSI! Drop the gun! Warrick Grissom, II don't know what happened.
Local merchant heard gun shots, called 911.
I responded code 3 with back up.
There was no one else in the buliding.
Listen, could you give us just a minute? What happened? I don't know.
My head is throbbing.
- Is that your gun? - Yeah.
Are those your cuffs? I guess so.
We need to get you a lawyer.
- Grissom.
- Don't say another word.
- Jim - Just get on your feet.
Listen to me.
I don't know what happened.
It's for your own good.
Keep your mouth shot 'till we get to the station.
You couldn't just let it go.
The 419 went out as as officer involved no details.
We got here as quick as we could.
What the hell happened? Gedda is dead.
Put your kits away.
Day shift will be processing the scene.
IA is taking the case from now on.
Turn around.
Hands up, I'll check for GSR.
- Get a lawyer.
- I don't want one.
This isn't going away, Warrick.
I wouldn't know what to tell a lawyer anyway.
I'm have to take your cloth.
Sign here.
OK, thank you very much.
- Were you just talking to IA? - Yes.
What'd you tell'em? I'm not supposed to talk about it,I signed an admonishment.
I don't care.
What did you say? I said that i saw Warrick sitting in Grissom's office in the dark.
So what? So he got a phone call, and he got rude pissed at the person he was talking to.
So what? Then he was found a hour later in a pool of Gedda's blood.
You don't know what happened in there.
Look, Nick, All I did was tell the truth as I saw it.
It's what we are supposed to do, right? I don't remember what happened.
Is that what you are going going with? Really? That's what the truth is.
OK, for the record then.
Are you claiming memory lost from possible concussion or the hysterical amnesia following a traumatic incident.
Like I told you, I just don't remember what happened.
You remember hiring Lenny Harper to investigate Lou Gedda? - In violation of direct orders? - Yeah.
You think Gedda was responsable? I'd bet on it.
I've heard that about you.
Is that why you went to Pigalle? I went to Pigalle because Gedda called me.
Your coworkers corroborate a call, so we pulled your cell records.
Came from a disposable phone which meas it could come from anybody.
No, it came from Lou Gedda.
I suppose that's possible.
We do seem be jogging your memory.
Let's keep that ball rolling, what happened next? - I went down there.
- Alone? Yes.
Unarmed? No.
Gedda, you called me.
Next thing I remember I don't remember anything that happened out there.
Uhyou left out the best part.
I guess that's the amnesia.
You want me to fill inthe blank? Your gun with blood, tissue and hair at the scene.
Your handcuffs on the vic.
You covered in blood.
You went to pigalle to get revenge by giving lou gedda a taste of his own medicine.
You're a csi.
What's the evidence telling you? The evidence is the evidence is suggesting that I did it.
You think this is some kind of a joke, eh? - You think this is a joke, right? - You're making a mistake.
- I don't know what happened.
- You're digging a hole.
You understand what I'm saying? - I don't know what happened! - Let go of my jack.
okay, the rods are in place according to the autopsy report.
Gil, we're processing warrick's case evidence.
You shouldn't even be in here.
I'd like to see the files.
Well, they're not done yet.
We're still finalizing our conclusions.
Yeah, but if I could see the raw test data, I could draw my own conclusions.
I'll get you copies of the reports.
- You'll have them in a couple of hours.
- Thanks.
Excuse me, detective.
May I have a few minutes with csi brown? Why? I'm a friend.
Well, he sure needs one of those.
- Be my guest.
- Thank you.
How you holding up? That depends.
Do you think I did it? I can't discuss the case.
I don't know, I think I'd just feel a lot better if I had a change of clothes.
I hate being dressed like a convict.
I'll take care of it.
Stay strong.
We're not through yet.
Okay, um let's let's back up a little bit.
You get involved with a pretty young thing.
You go away to do your business.
She winds up dead.
You ever think about that? I think about joanna every day.
There's not a day that goes by I don't think about her.
No, I'm sorry.
I was talking about holly gribbs.
You remember holly, don't you? Rookie csi you left alone at a crime scene eight years ago to go place bets for a crooked judge.
Suspect came back and shot her.
I remember.
Poor innocent girl just trying to do her job.
She winds up dead because of you.
That has nothing to do with this.
Do two points make a straight line? It's a pattern of behavior.
Reckless, obsessive, compulsive, self-destructive behavior.
Twenty Four Year Old Pigalle Blvd.
Stripper Found Slain in Parking Lot.
What are you doing here? I just stopped by to get warrick a change of clothes.
All right, take something out of the drawers-- nothing laid out or in the laundry.
Detective: You get holly killed, then you get joanna killed.
You just can't take any more, so you kill gedda.
That's how a jury's going to see it.
There's nothing I can do about that.
Sure there is.
Look, lou gedda was a slime ball.
That's common knowledge.
Nobody's going to miss him.
In fact, the world is arguably a better place without him.
And so if I just admit to killing him, they'll take it easy on me, and you're just trying to help me out, right? You know how many times I used that on a suspect? Don't waste your game, pal.
You're a betting man.
Given the circumstances, what do you think your odds are right now? I want a lawyer.
There were numerous high-velocity blood stains on the front of csi warrick brown's shirt.
Seven of these stains were typed using 13 str loci.
All samples match blood collected from lou gedda at autopsy The five expended cartridge cases recovered at pigalle boulevard were all fired in warrick brown's service pistol the bullets recovered at autopsy and from the barber's chair were fired from the same firearm, as well robbins: Based on the clotting of the facial lacerations and development of the bruises on the victim's arms and wrists it appears he was bound and beaten at least an hour prior to death okay, if this were any other suspect, what would be our conclusion? That he did it.
Which is what warrick told internal affairs.
He confessed? No, but he didn't deny it.
He says he can't remember.
We've all heard that one before.
What's that supposed to mean? It's not supposed to mean anything.
We're just talking.
We can't just sit her and watch him go down.
Willows:We're not going to.
He's asked for an attorney.
We'll get him a shark.
The only thing the jury's going to see is a rogue cop with a vendetta.
I've been there before.
They're going to crucify him.
Hey, guys, I'm sorry to interrupt, but you need to see this.
There was chloroform in lougedda's blood and tissue.
Chloroform gets metabolized in the body pretty quickly, and it's excreted by breathing.
Gedda must have been killed soon after he was dosed.
Warrick went in there with a gun.
Why would he use chloroform if he was going to shoot him? Maybe to subdue him into the barber's chair.
So he intended to torture him? No, not warrick.
No way.
You know, chloroform exposure can result in short term amnesia.
Warrick says he can't remember anything after going into gedda's office.
Where's the tox on warrick? His blood wasn't drawn.
Why not? The arrest report didn't note any intoxication at the scene.
I guess nobody saw any reason to do it.
Well, now there's a reason.
- Here, put this on.
- Okay.
Henry did a comprehensive drug test for chloroform, along with a head space run for volatiles and solvents.
Everything cameback negative.
Half-life of chloroformin a human being is about 1.
5 hours.
It's virtually undetectablein seven to ten hours.
We drew the blood too late.
It's still possiblewarrick was dosed.
We just can't prove it.
Nick, come here.
Take a look at his shirt.
See the voids in the blood spatter around the armpits.
Stokes:Fabric must have been folded when the blood was deposited.
Looks like he had something under his arms.
Grab hodges from behind--under the armpits.
Turn around.
Dead weight, hodges.
Slump down.
Let him hold you up.
Okay, nick raise his right arm.
Pretend he's gota gun in his hand.
It's possible.
I mean, if warrick were unconscious or semiconscious, he would have had to have been supported.
Well, based on the high-velocity spatter on the shirt, the shooter would have had to be within three feet of gedda when he fired.
take off the shirt.
Similar voidin the spatter pattern.
Stokes: It's consistent,but not conclusive.
There's probably a dozen different ways to explain those voids.
Doesn't rule warrick out as the shooter.
But it gives an alternative explanation of the evidence.
And if we're right warrick was framed.
I talked to a detective at organized crime.
He's sending over alist of all the people that wanted gedda dead.
It's a long list.
Cross-reference it to anyof warrick's convictions who might have itout for him.
Maybe somebody's trying to kill two birdswith one stone.
Okay, I'm on it.
Any unknown contributors from the blood at the scene? No.
They're all coming back to the vic.
Wendy and I are workingas fast as we can.
We're striking out.
There's no new evidence from the scene that points to any additional suspects.
You got something? Handcuffs? Take a look at the ligature marks.
The width of the rails on warrick's cuffs are three millimeters narrower than the ligature marks.
The ligature marks on gedda didn't come from warrick's cuffs.
So somebody switchedthe handcuffs after gedda was dead? Brass always suspected that there was a mole in the department that worked for gedda.
I bet we're looking for a cop.
A P.
Investigating gedda gets killed then gedda gets killed maybe this dirty copdid them both.
Yeah, but we can't prove it, 'cause we're not allowedto investigate gedda's murder.
We're still investigatingthe P.
If the cases are linked, we solve one,we solve the other.
Do your client and this department a favor-- make a deal.
The district attorney said he might consider manslaughter.
I can't do that.
Are you telling me you're innocent? Because I.
Said those words never crossed your lips.
Are you charging me? Not yet.
But in about five hours, it's gonna be first-degree murder.
We got the link.
Tox confirmed traces of chloroform in the P.
's body.
Had to have been the same guy who killed gedda.
Well, that helps.
We got evidence logs and police files from both scenes, but if a cop left trace at either murder scene, we'd just write it off to normal investigator contamination.
After he killed his victims, he could've even stayed and handled the scene, made sure that he hadn't missed anything.
day shift found prints from three officers at gedda's office.
Well, all three were assigned to the scene.
Mandy I.
's fingerprints from five officers at the mortuary.
Okay, but only four signed the log.
The unexplained print belongs to officer daniel pritchard.
His fingerprint was found on the casket.
How does hisfingerprint get on the casket if he wasn'tat the mortuary? I'm sorry, captain.
No one's seen pritchardsince day before yesterday.
Open it.
No cuffs.
Maybe we don't need them.
mckeen:So it's all on pritchard.
Is this gonna hold up in court? It will.
You know what the defenseis gonna say, right? Who better than a csi to makea murder look like a frame? He was framed.
And I'll prove it.
Listen, grissom, um - I'm so sorryabout all this.
- Warrick.
You were framed.
Framed? by who? Gedda has a molein the department.
I'm ready to talk.
He's on the way.
Gedda! You called me? A cop? Daniel pritchard.
We think thathe had him kill lenny harper, probably joanna krumsky,as well.
Then why wouldhe kill gedda? Who knows? Old mobsters crooked cops.
It's a long history.
I don't know.
I mean come on, grissom.
Gedda's been killingand barbecuing people for 25 years.
It'd take more than a beat cop to get over on that fat bastard.
There's got to be somebodyhigher up than that.
But pritchard's all we got for now.
- He's in custody? - Not yet.
Hey, everything can't go our way.
The D.
'S gonna drop the charges.
But there's still the question of administrative violations.
So ecklie and i are recommending to the undersheriff that you be suspended and demoted but not terminated.
I still have a job? Wellthe undersheriff says he has to think about it, but he just wantsto make you sweat.
I've sweated enough, man.
I imagine.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Come on.
Brass is gonna process you out.
Thanks,Jim Don't ever forget how lucky you are.
Let's go.
But at least mine was withlana turner, not aaron spelling.
That's pretty lame, I know.
This just reminds me, what does it take to get them to serve turkey baconin this place? Turkey bacon's not gonna make the food any better here.
Yeah, well, fortunately we don't come here for the food.
Well, as far as I'm concerned,there's no place I'd rather be.
anything else? - See you next time? - Thanks.
- You still there?This one right here.
- Yeah I'll take this.
Well, thank you, warrick.
I'm going home.
Yeah, me, too.
- Get some sleep tonight.
- Oh, yeah.
- Thanks for breakfast.
- You got it, man.
- ***** - See you at the lab.
If you ever need anybodyto talk to, you know how to get a hold of me, huh? Yeah.
See you then.
Well it's just you and me, serpico.
- Let's get a beer.
- Oh, no.
Come on.
You'rea free man now.
This free man needsa free shower.
I think, uh you need to, uh take a hard look at that redhead.
- You know, I might just do that.
- Yeah.
You need to.
I'm really glad you're okay.
Thanks - I'll call you later.
- All right.
I wanted to join you for dinner.
- I'm sorry we missed you.
- Yeah, well.
I just wanted to congratulate you in person.
- You sure made a believer out of me.
- Thanks.
Look, uh I don't want to fire you.
I just need to know that you'rethrough running the streets on your ownlooking for bad guys.
Look I'm done being a roguein the streets, you know? But there'S there's one son of a bitch still out there.
And I promise you,we're gonna get him.
Well grissom taught you well.
I like to think so.
- You never give up.
- No.
That's what makes you a great CSI.

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Nouveaux designs sur les quartiers Dexter et 24h chrono (ainsi que le retour de la NL, abonnez-vous !). N'hésitez pas à les commenter !

mnoandco (12:47)

Coucou, petit rappel pour le concours carte de vœux sur le quartier Ma Sorcière Bien Aimée, quelques participations supplémentaires seraient géniales! Vous pouvez poster vos créations jusqu'au 20 janvier ce qui vous laisse encore plusieurs jour participer.

Sonmi451 (09:47)

Passez dans préférence pour voter aux différents thèmes, merci.

Spyfafa (16:31)

À chaque jour, son design. Nouveau design sur Grey's Anatomy, Dexter et 24 !

serieserie (16:47)

Une petite semaine avant l'HypnoGame Grey's Anatomy!! N'oubliez pas de vous inscrire avant la date limite!!

sabby (18:50)

Les trailers de vos séries préférées et des nouveautés qui seront diffusés en janvier, sont arrivés sur la chaine youtube de la citadelle. Bon visionnage

Xanaphia (19:20)

Venez donc commenter les calendriers de janviers de The Blacklist, Musketeers, Merlin, essayer de deviner qui se cache dernière l'hypnolisté (Blacklist) et voter pour le sondage de The Blacklist Merci et bonne soirée !

elyxir (17:31)

Bonjour ! Rendez-vous sur le quartier The Glades où je vous attends avec impatience pour le Focus Sur Beaucoup de choses sont à faire sur le quartier !

serieserie (18:10)

Nouvelle animation sur Lucifer! Serrez vous plutôt ou plutôt ??

carina123 (18:46)

Nouveaux calendrier et sondage sur le quartier, venez nombreux !

Titepau04 (18:54)

Carina, sur quel quartier???

Phoebus (20:38)

Bonsoir, Nouveau sondage sur les quartier de Homeland (sondage ne spoilant rien de la série donc ouvert pour tous) et de Sense8. Nous vous attendons nombreux

kystis (07:02)

Bonjour, nouveau sondage sur Dawson, tout le monde peut y participer !!

serieserie (10:22)

Venez participer à la nouvelle animation de Lucifer: pas besoin de connaître la série mais fou rire garanti

Titepau04 (10:50)

Si vous voulez passer des soirées de folies, venez vous inscrire aux hypnogames !!! Grey's Anatomy et NCIS Los Angeles!!!

carina123 (14:51)

Calendriers et Sondages sur les quartiers Jéricho et Lie to Me, venez nombreux !!

sabby (19:11)

Lucifer et Gotham sont de retour ce soir ! Leur vidéo promo ont été ajouté à la chaine youtube de la citadelle Bon visionnage !

Margauxd (21:14)

Bonjour à tous !
Quiz sur la première saison de Blindspot sur le quartier.
Venez sauvez la terre sur The Last Ship d'un virus mortel.
Les premiers Awards de New York Unité Spéciale sont sur le quartier.
N'hésitez pas à participer ou à voter

emeline53 (21:41)

Pas encore de participant pour les différentes animations de la St Valentin sur The Fosters ! Des intéressés ?

Sonmi451 (10:03)

Merci de voter les thèmes dans préférence histoire qu'on avance un peu. ^^

natas (18:44)

Bonjour à tous, Sur Grimm nouveau sondage sur les premiers épisode de la saison 6 ! (avec spoilers) venez voter et commenter si vous avez vu les épisodes !!

leila36 (21:00)

Venez voter dans les préférences svp !

Sevnol (12:21)

Nouveau sondage sur le quartier de CSI NY ! N'hésitez pas à venir voter Merci d'avance

emeline53 (12:53)

Un nouveau sondage est en ligne sur UnReal !

Chaudon (15:05)

Si vous n'avez pas encore vu le nouveau calendrier du quartier "Elementary" ainsi que son design, n'hésitez pas à venir donner votre avis !

Profilage (15:51)

Le quartier Esprits Criminels vous propose un nouveau sondage, un petit vote serait bien sympathique, merci !

Locksley (17:10)

La NL du quartier 24 reprend du service et sera envoyée dans les 24h chrono. Pensez à vous abonner si vous voulez la recevoir !

elyxir (19:04)

Je vous attend avec impatience sur the glades pour participer au focus ! Allez hop on s'inscrit pour participer !!

cinto (19:48)

Si vous connaissez Brian Kinney (Queer As folk), n'hésitez pas à la soutenir dans le sondage "Bad Boys" chez Dr House. Et son titre ne serait pas usurpé...mais quel charme!

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