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Les Experts
#807 : La soeur prodige


L'équipe des Experts connaît des difficultés internes. Warrick peine de plus en plus à trouver le sommeil. Il est obligé de prendre des médicaments pour dormir. Mais par quoi est-il hanté ? De son côté, Sara sombre dans une période de doute. Elle est de moins en moins satisfaite de son travail au sein de la police scientifique de Las Vegas. Elle hésite pour autant à remettre en cause sa brillante carrière. C'est alors qu'une affaire, qui la hante depuis ses débuts, connaît un singulier rebondissement. Il s'agit du meurtre de Kira Dellinger. Sara suspecte une dénommée Hannah West mais ne dispose pas des preuves suffisantes pour la faire arrêter. Un véritable duel psychologique commence alors entre les deux femmes. 


Note : Marlon et Hannah West ont fait leur première apparition dans l'épisode 18 de la saison 6.

Titre VO
Goodbye & Good Luck

Titre VF
La soeur prodige

Première diffusion

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Sarah Goldfinger, Allen MacDonald & Naren Shankar
Réalisé par : Kenneth Fink 

Avec : David Berman (David Phillips), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Jessica Lucas (Ronnie Lake), Sheeri Rappaport (Mandy Webster), Jon Wellner (Henry Andrews), Larry Sullivan (Officer Akers), Victoria Prescott (Judy Tremont) 

Guests :

  • Juliette Goglia ..... Hannah West 
  • Douglas Smith ..... Marlon West 
  • Riley Smith ..... Jordan Rockwell 
  • Holland Roden ..... Kira Dellinger 
  • Rene L. Moreno ..... Adam Jiminez 
  • Onahoua Rodriguez ..... Kim Jiminez 
  • Julianna Guill ..... Monica 
  • David Drinkwater ..... Frat Pledge #1 
  • Brandon Hillis ..... Frat Pledge #2 
  • Jason Layden ..... Frat Pledge #3 
  • David Thomas Jenkins ..... Frat Pledge #4 
  • Marcus McGee ..... Frat Pledge #5 
  • April Eden ..... Sexy Coed 
  • Zachary Abel ..... Male Lover 
  • DeLon Howell ..... Officer 
  • Ashley Bell ..... Lanie 


(The same knife tip pulls the thread through the material.  Another stitch is


Sara sits in the dark locker room as she works on removing the stitching.




(The campus courtyard is crowded with people headed toward the dorms.  Loud
music plays.) 



(The party is in progress, music blares and the frat boys with plastic cups in
their hands chant loudly.) 

FRAT BOYS:  (shouting)  Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! 
Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

(The boys are in their dorm room cheering another boy standing on his head on a
keg and drinking beer.) 

FRAT BOYS:  (shouting)  Yeah!  Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!

(The chanting continues.  The frat boy standing on his head has his sneakered
feet up against the ceiling.  He stomps his foot in time to the chanting.) 

FRAT BOYS:  (shouting)  Drink!  Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink! Drink!  Drink
... !

(CAMERA MOVES UP THROUGH THE CEILING and up into the dorm room just above where
three frat boys are standing up with their heads lifted toward the ceiling. 
They’re listening to a woman moaning in ecstasy and the rhythmic creaking of old

above where the lights are dimmed and two bodies are under the bedsheet.  The
woman moans and giggles.)

(The man lies back on the bed.  The woman rests on him.) 

PUSH FORWARD through the open window where a girl FALLS fast



(VARIOUS CAMERA FLASHES of the dead girl on the concrete in a pool of blood.) 

(Police car lights flash, sirens blurb on and off.  The place is now a crime
scene, cordoned off with a large crowd of college students gathered around.) 

(Catherine takes photos of the girl on the ground.  David Phillips looks at


CATHERINE:  It's okay. Brass has a line on the resident director.

MONICA:  (o.s.)  Lanie!  Oh, my God, no!

(Catherine looks up and sees a woman on the outside of the tape crying.  She
struggles against the police officer who tries to keep her there.) 

MONICA:  My God, Lanie, I can't believe it. You really did it.

CATHERINE:  Hey! Let her on through.

(The officer lets Monica through.  Monica ducks under the tape and runs toward
the body.)

LANIE:  Monica!

(A second woman runs under the tape.) 

MONICA:  Lanie!  Don't you ever die on me!  Promise!

LANIE:  I won't.  I promise.

OFFICER:  Okay, come on.

(The officer leads both Monica and Lanie back behind the tape.)

DAVID PHILLIPS:  It's the third jumper on campus this year.  Maybe it's

(Catherine takes a photo of something in the blood.) 

CATHERINE:  I saw this documentary once on suicides off the Golden Gate Bridge,
and they interviewed a survivor and he said the moment that he let go of the
railing, he realized that all of his problems were fixable, except for having



(Nick tries the door and finds it locked.) 

NICK:  (to radio)  Hey, Catherine.



CATHERINE:  (to radio)  Uh, yeah, Nicky, what you got?

NICK:  (to radio)  Chains and padlocks.  There's no roof access from the dorm.

CATHERINE:  (to radio)  Well, the body landed close to the building, so if she
didn't come from the roof, she must have come out of a room.

NICK:  (to radio)  Okay, I'll work my way down.

(Nick starts to head down the stairs.) 

BRASS:  (over radio)  Nick, you in the dorm?

NICK:  (to radio)  That's affirmative.



BRASS:  (to radio)  I'm with the resident director.  He's ID'd the victim as
Kira Dellinger.  She's in Room 807.  She's a freshman from McLean, Virginia.  I
guess I'm going to go notify the parents.

NICK:  (from radio)  Perks of the job.

BRASS:  (grimly)  Yeah.



(The door opens and Nick enters the room.  He looks around and puts his kit
down.  It’s a typical dorm room – photos on the bulletin board, posters on the
wall.  The bed is nearly made.) 

(Nick tries the window and finds it open.  He looks out the window and sees the
body down below.  He waves to Catherine.  Catherine waves back.) 

(Nick examines the window and finds some blood and fibers on a screw.) 

NICK:  (to radio)  Hey, Catherine, do you see any wounds on the body 
inconsistent with the fall?

CATHERINE:  Hang on.

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Well, there’s this. 

(David shows Catherine the wound.) 

CATHERINE:  (to phone)  Yeah, there's a long perimortem abrasion on the lower

NICK:  (to radio)  I think I know how it got there.

(Quick flashback to:  Kira struggles with someone who pushes her backward out
the window.  She rips her dress against the screw sticking out of the window.) 


(End of flashback.) 

NICK:  (to radio)  Drag 'n' drop.





MUSIC:  “Carousel” by Iron & Wine

(Sara is listening to music as she walks.  The background around her is black –
isolated in her own world.) 



(Sara opens the locker room door and promptly bumps into Warrick, who is on his
way out.  He drops a prescription pill bottle and her pager on the floor.) 

WARRICK:  Oh, ooh!

SARA:  Oh ...

WARRICK:  Ooh, where's the fire?

SARA:  (sighs)  Oh, sorry.

(She kneels and picks up the bottle and pager for him.) 

SARA:  "Zopidem"?  That's good stuff.

WARRICK:  Yeah, it's to help me sleep.  I've been having the hardest time

SARA:  Me, too.

WARRICK:  Well, just coming off of grave after all these years, you know, takes
a while to adjust.  (He rubs her shoulder.)  You're a tough cookie.  I'm not
worried about you.  Take care of yourself, huh?

SARA:  Thanks.


(He leaves.  Sara turns around.) 

SARA:  Sweet dreams.

WARRICK:  (o.s.)  Thank you.

(Sara looks down and sees some blood on the tips of her shoes.) 

SARA:  Oh ...

(She sits down on the locker bench.  Ronnie appears in the doorway.) 

RONNIE:  Hey.  Sara, you done with your scene?

SARA:  Yeah.

RONNIE:  Great, because we just caught another one: 425 off Craig Road.

(Sara nods.  She doesn’t look as thrilled as Ronnie does.) 

RONNIE:  Busy shift, but you know I like that.  I'll see you outside, okay?

SARA:  Okay.

(Ronnie leaves.) 

(Sara removes her shoes and puts them in the trash bin.) 




(Ronnie and Sara walk up the front porch toward the officer standing in front of
the open door.) 

SARA:  What do you got? 

OFFICER AKERS:  Neighbors called in a domestic disturbance between Adam and Kim
Jimenez.  I responded, knocked and didn't get any answer, so I looked through
the window, and this is what I saw.  Nobody's home, so I called you guys.

(From where they stand, the room is trashed and there’s blood on the floor.) 

(Sara looks at Ronnie, who nods.) 

(Sara pushes the door open and steps inside the house.  She takes her dark
glasses off and starts following the blood on the floor.) 

(The inside of the house is dark.  They look around.) 

SARA:  Blood but no body.  No sign of the couple.

OFFICER AKERS:  No.  Nothing.

SARA:  Lots of blood activity here.

(Sara puts her kit down.  Ronnie looks around.) 

RONNIE:  Then someone ran out the door.

(A disheveled woman appears at the door.  She walks inside.  Officer Akers takes
his gun out, surprising both Sara and Ronnie.) 

OFFICER AKERS:  Stop right there.  Hands where I can see 'em.

(The woman holds her hands up.  She appears disoriented.) 

KIM JIMENEZ:  This is my house.

SARA:  Mrs. Jimenez?

(The woman nods.) 

SARA:  Where have you been?

KIM JIMENEZ:  My husband and I had an argument.  I went on a walk.

SARA:  Where's your husband now?

(Officer Akers continues to hold his gun on her.) 

KIM JIMENEZ:  I, uh ... I don't know.

(Ronnie finds blood on Kim Jiminez’s pants.) 

RONNIE:  Mrs. Jimenez, are you okay?

KIM JIMENEZ:  Bad back.

(Ronnie finds a knife sticking out of Kim Jimenez’s back.) 

RONNIE:  Sara, she's got a very bad back.  (to radio)  Dispatch, this is CSI
Lake.  We need paramedics right away on location.

(Kim Jimenez turns around and Sara sees the knife.  The sight affects Sara.) 

DISPATCH:  (from radio)  Copy, CSI.  Will notify.



(Catherine snaps photos of Kira Dellinger’s body on the table.) 

(She finds something in Kira’s hand, puts the camera down and picks up a
magnifying glass to look at it.  Robbins walks in.) 


CATHERINE:  Hey.  What do you think this might be?

ROBBINS:  Well, possibly a tooth fragment.  High fall?

CATHERINE:  Yeah.  We think she was pushed.  So, between her knuckles --
suggests a struggle?

(Catherine removes the fragment.) 

(Quick flash to:  [DORM ROOM]  Kira struggles with someone.  She punches him. 
The person grabs her hair and pulls her toward the window.) 

KIRA:  No!

(End flash.) 

ROBBINS:  Was she raped?

CATHERINE:  There's no trauma, but the wet mount indicates that she definitely
had sex.

ROBBINS:  Oh, no condom. Good for us.

CATHERINE:  Yeah.  Such a scary thing, sending your kid off to college.

(Catherine takes more photos.) 

ROBBINS:  Is Lindsey looking already?

CATHERINE:  Yeah.  In fact, we looked at WLVU last month.

ROBBINS:  Well, at least she'd be close to home.

CATHERINE:  She's free on campus, might as well be a thousand miles away.



(Nick has the fingerprint cards on the windowsill.  He scans them with a hand-
held device, then goes to the computer.  Greg walks in.) 

GREG:  Hey.

NICK:  Hey.  Any luck with dorm security? 

GREG:  Nope.  There's no cameras, only key cards, but according to the residence
director, the door's propped open all the time anyway.

NICK:  Okay.

(Nick has the prints in the computer.  Greg looks around the dorm room.) 

GREG:  Kind of hard to tell the difference between a struggle and a typical
college dorm room.

NICK:  Yeah.  You should have seen mine.  It was really bad.

(Greg feels around under the bed and sifts through the clothes on the floor.  He
finds a white tee.)

GREG:  Hmm. "X" marks the girl.  Symbol for a "straight edge" lifestyle. 
Abstinence from drugs, tobacco, alcohol ...

(He finds a tube of lubricant.) 

GREG:  ... but not sex.

(He holds up the tube:  PLEASURE MATE, Erotic Lubrication.) 

NICK:  Sexual lubricant.  Give me that.

(Greg hands Nick the lubricant.)

GREG:  So, pretty brave for college.

NICK:  Yeah, or just another way to get attention.

(Nick dusts the tube.) 

(Greg looks at the photos on the bulletin board.) 

GREG:  Looks like our vic was in a Goth band.  You know, I used to be Goth.

NICK:  Mm-hmm.

GREG:  Yeah, the Goth thing was just an act.  Chicks dug it.

NICK:  How does that work?

GREG:  You act depressed to get chicks, you get depressed chicks.

(Nick finds a print.) 




(The paramedics tend to Kim Jimenez, binding her around the knife.  Sara stands
aside and watches.) 

ADAM JIMENEZ:  (o.s.)  Just let me in.

(Adam Jimenez walks in.) 

ADAM JIMENEZ:  Baby, are you okay?

(He walks up to Kim.) 

ADAM JIMENEZ:  Are you all right?  You doing okay, huh?  You all right?  You
okay?  Yeah?  Did you call these cops on me?

KIM JIMENEZ:  No ... No.


(He puts a hand near her neck and starts choking her.) 

ADAM JIMENEZ:  (shouts)  Did you call the cops on me?!

(Sara stares at them, completely out of it.)

KIM JIMENEZ:  (shouts)  I didn't call the cops!

(SLOW MOTION.  There’s a commotion.  Officer Ackers pushes Adam Jimenez away
from Kim, who gets up.  The officers pull Adam away from her.  Ronnie pulls Kim
away from him.  Sara remains completely out of it as she watches.) 

(Ronnie sits Kim down in the seat.) 

RONNIE:  (no audio)  (to Kim)  It's okay now.  (She looks at Sara)  Sara?

(Sara heads out.  Kim Jimenez is still shouting for the officers to let her
husband go.) 

SARA:  Why don't you finish up here?

(Ronnie starts after her.) 

RONNIE:  Wait a minute.  How are we going to handle this?

SARA:  Well, the guy's under arrest.

RONNIE:  He'll be free by tomorrow.  Her husband is obviously abusing her. 
(sighs)  There's got to be something we can do.

SARA:  We'll be back for her body next month.  Or his.  Or both.  There is
nothing you can do about this, Ronnie.  Don't kid yourself.

(Sara heads out of the house.) 



(Sara walks through the hallway.  She stops at the doorway to Grissom’s office
and she smiles as she watches him work.  He looks up and sees her.  She smiles
at him.) 

(He waves to her, then motions for her to come inside.) 

(She lingers on his desk nameplate.) 

(Sara turns and leaves.) 

(Grissom looks up and sees Sara gone.) 


(Mandy finds Sara.) 

MANDY:  Sara, I've got something really good on that defenestrated college kid.

SARA:  Oh, that's Catherine's case.  Or, you know what, talk to Nick.

MANDY:  No, no, no, you're really going to love this.  A print on a lube tube
matched a print on her windowsill.  AFIS got a hit.

(Mandy shows the results to Sara.) 

MANDY:  Ever think you'd see that guy again?

(Mandy leaves.) 

CU:  INFORMATION SHEET and photo on Marlon West.


[Various Scenes from 6X18: Unusual Suspect]

(Marlon West is in his science class.) 

NICK:  (v.o.)  Marlon West was on trial for the murder of Stacy Vollmer.

(Stacy Vollmer is in the showers.  She turns the knob and it explodes.  She
falls to the ground, dead.) 



(Grissom, Catherine, Nick and Sara stand around the layout table with the
different photos on it.) 

NICK:  He confessed.  It was later thrown out on a technicality.  We really
didn't need it.  The prosecution's case against Marlon was very strong.

SARA:  Until Marlon's little sister Hannah got on the stand and confessed to the
murder herself.

FLASH TO:  [Scene from 6X18: Unusual Suspect]

(Hannah West is on the stand.) 

HANNAH WEST:  Marlon didn't kill Stacy.  I did.  And I was wearing this when I
did it.

(She unzips her jacket to show her stained t-shirt.) 


CATHERINE:  Oh, yes, I remember this case.  A high school senior at age 12.

SARA:  She's a prodigy. 

NICK:  She's a pint-size Machiavelli.  She manipulated events, fabricated
evidence, and in the end ...

FLASH TO:  [Scene from 6X18: Unusual Suspect]

(Nick and Sara sit in the courtroom.) 

JURY FOREWOMAN:  We, the jury, find the defendant, Marlon West not guilty.

(Hannah smiles.  She turns and hugs Marlon.) 


(Sara talks with Hannah out in the hallway.) 

SARA:  Hannah, you are smart.

HANNAH WEST:  But you have to be really smart to make people think things
happened that never did.

SARA:  What do you mean exactly?

HANNAH WEST:  (whispers)  I didn't kill Stacy.  Marlon did.


SARA:  She claimed that she did it because she loved Marlon.  Some warped sense
of justice ... She graduated later that summer, became legally emancipated from
her parents and went off to Harvard--pre-med.

GRISSOM:  You keeping tabs on her?

SARA:  Not recently.  Look, accident or no accident, Marlon killed before. 
Hannah sunk this case, Marlon got a free pass, and now he's killed again.

CATHERINE:  Well, we don't know that just yet.  I mean, we don't have Marlon's
DNA to compare with the semen that was found in the victim.  All the old
evidence was expunged with the verdict.

SARA:  I want this case.

GRISSOM:  The one that got away?

SARA:  We're not supposed to let them get away, right?

GRISSOM:  Okay.  I'll see if I can clear it with Ecklie.  Catherine has to
supervise, though.  You report to her.




(Sara and Brass walk into the auditorium for a CHEMISTRY 101 class that’s
quickly filling with students.  Sara finds Marlon West.) 

(He sees them and sits up.) 

SARA:  Hello, Marlon.

MARLON WEST:  What are you guys doing here?

BRASS:  We’re here to talk to you about Kira Dellinger.

MARLON WEST:  Kira committed suicide.

SARA:  Actually, she was murdered.

MARLON WEST:  Somebody I know ends up dead and I'm automatically a suspect?

BRASS:  History has a way of repeating itself, Marlon.  You've killed before,
you know?

MARLON WEST:  That was an accident.  And I admitted I was responsible from day

SARA:  Kira was forced out her dorm window.  Your prints were there.

MARLON WEST:  My prints were there because I've been in there a million times. 
Kira and I were in a band.

SARA:  Your prints were also found on a tube of sexual lubricant. 

BRASS:  Were you having sex with her, Marlon?

MARLON WEST:  Yeah, we were having sex. 

BRASS:  Last night?

MARLON WEST:  No, we had a gig last night.  We ... we got into a fight.

SARA:  Did she give you that fat lip?

(Sara notes Marlon’s cut lip.) 

MARLON WEST:  No, not exactly.

(Quick flashback to:  Marlon climbs up on stage and sees Kira about to kiss
another guy.) 

MARLON WEST:  Kira!  Kira!

(He climbs down and rushes over to them.) 

MARLON WEST:  Keep your hands off her!

(He pushes the boy away from her.  The boy gets up and punches Marlon in the

(Kira is angry with Marlon.) 

KIRA DELLINGER:  I'm done!  From now on, just stay out of my life, psycho!

(She walks away from him.) 


MARLON WEST:  I don't know who the guy was. I had never seen him before.  After
that, I just ... wandered the campus most of the night by myself.

BRASS:  So you don't have an alibi.

MARLON WEST:  I guess I don't.

SARA:  Well, I'll tell you what.  We will give you the benefit of the doubt in
exchange for this.

(Sara takes out a swab.) 

SARA:  You remember this.

(Hannah walks up to them.) 

HANNAH WEST:  I assume you have a DNA warrant, Sara.  Because if you don't, you
certainly don't have his consent.  Isn't that right, Marlon?

SARA:  Hannah, I heard you were studying back East--what are you doing here?

HANNAH WEST:  Graduate school.  Excuse me. 

(She walks past Sara and heads for the front.) 

SARA:  Excuse me.

(Hannah glances over her shoulder as Sara follows her.) 

SARA:  You are not going to muddy the waters this time.

HANNAH WEST:  Are you sure you'd know if I had?  You're welcome to stay.  You
might learn something. 

(Hannah walks up the stage and adjusts the mike on the podium.) 

HANNAH WEST:  Please turn to page 187, the Clausius-Clapeyron equation.  Oh, by
the way, Professor Costin said it'll be on the exam.





(Sara talks with Brass.) 

BRASS:  I don't know, Sara.  It's going to be tough to get a warrant.

SARA:  I need Marlon West's DNA.  If his semen is in Kira Dellinger, it puts him
at the murder.

BRASS:  Look, they had a known sexual relationship, so there's no evidence of
rape.  And I don't know if you know this, but Marlon's mother and father were
killed in a car accident last year.  Judge Bowman is going to be very sensitive
to that.  It could look like harassment.

SARA:  Jim, are you going to talk to the judge or not?

BRASS:  Wow, you really got it out for this kid.  What's the deal here, Sara?

SARA:  Marlon West has killed before.

BRASS:  Not according to a jury of his peers.

SARA:  Did you have fun talking to Kira Dellinger's parents?

BRASS:  Excuse me?

SARA:  Must've been a lot of screaming and crying and despair.

BRASS:  Yeah, there usually is.  What's your point, Sara?

SARA:  My point is, if we had done our job right the first time, Marlon West
would be in jail, and Kira Dellinger would still be alive.  Talk to the judge.

(Sara leaves.) 



(Henry Andrews shares his findings with Catherine and Nick.) 

HENRY ANDREWS:  HPLC found high levels of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid in Kira
Dellinger's blood.

NICK:  GHB does occur naturally in the body.  You sure she was drugged?

HENRY ANDREWS:  Pretty sure.  Started to metabolize in her blood and urine when
she died.  That typically indicates dosing.

NICK:  Okay, so then maybe she was roofied, raped, then murdered.

CATHERINE:  And no vaginal trauma because she was too numb to resist.  It's

HENRY ANDREWS:  You know, some people take GHB recreationally.

NICK:  I didn't find any drug paraphernalia in her room.  It was pretty
consistent with a "straight edge" lifestyle.

CATHERINE:  You know, that just sounds like something a girl tells her parents
in order to make them feel better.  I mean, we know she had sex.  There was GHB
in her system ... I think you just need to test everything in her room that she
may have ingested.

NICK:  (sighs)  Okay.



(Greg and Archie are on the Internet on KiraEDGE’s blog.) 

GREG:  If you’ve got a band, you’ve got a blog.

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  Got e-mails, IMs, text messages—a minute-by-minute diary of
Kira Dellinger's life.

GREG:  With the last post a couple hours before she died.

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  What made you think to check her Twitter page?

GREG:  Well, most date rape victims know their assailants, and Kira was an
active blogger, so I figured if she was having trouble with anyone, she'd
probably talk about it online.  Some people just don't value privacy.

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  They don't expect privacy.  They value openness.

GREG:  Whatever.

(They find an entry.) 

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  Hmm.  "It shouldn't suck when two boys fight over you, but it
does.  Drummerboy19 won't be a man.  And TorchX wants what he can't have.  They
both bug."

GREG:  Looks like a virtual love triangle to me.  My guess isDrummerBoy19 is

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  Well, TorchX responded to that.  "KiraEdge, you know I never
give up."

GREG:  That could be a threat.

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  Let's see if this "TorchX" has a real name.

(Archie pulls up a page for JORDAN ROCKWELL.) 

GREG:  Jordan Rockwell.  I guess he values openness, too.




(Brass shows Jordan Rockwell a photo of Kira Dellinger.) 

BRASS:  Mr. Rockwell, do you know this girl?

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  Yeah, sure.  It's Kira Dellinger.

BRASS:  When was the last time you saw her?

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  Uh ... last night.

BRASS:  Hmm. Where?

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  At her place.  We had sex.

BRASS:  Nice.  How did that happen?

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  We used to date in high school.  Then we reconnected online,
and, uh ... I came down to the campus to check out her band.

BRASS:  So she gave you a roll for old times' sake.

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  Well, I ... uh ... I kind of helped her out with a boyfriend

BRASS:  Is this the problem?

(Brass shows him a photo of MARLON WEST.) 

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  Yeah.  Yeah, that's the guy.  He was ... uh ... he was into
her, you know, but she ... she was not into him.  And he started giving her
static, so ... I knocked the little douche's teeth out.  I guess she kind of
liked it, because she took me back to her place after that.

BRASS:  Then what?  I want to know everything up until the time when you wrapped
your car around that telephone pole.

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  She fell asleep ... and then I started feeling sick, so I ...
uh ... got my car to drive home.  Then I got really dizzy and ... uh ... wham. 
That's it.

BRASS:  So she was alive the last time you saw her.

JORDAN ROCKWELL:  Wh-what do you mean, "she was alive"?

BRASS:  She's dead.

(Jordan swallows, shocked by the news.) 



(Greg talks with Nick and Sara.) 

GREG:  According to Brass, officers at the crash scene suspected that Jordan
Rockwell was under the influence, so the hospital ran a tox panel.

SARA:  Positive for GHB.

NICK: Really?  So this guy roofies himself along with Kira?

SARA:  Did they share a drink?

GREG:  Well, if they did, it wasn't in anything we tested.  Hodges ran all the
water bottles and soda cans we collected from the room -- no GHB in anything.

NICK:  Wait a minute.  I think I know what they shared.

(Nick turns and heads into the evidence room.) 

NICK:  Kira and Jordan had unprotected sex, right?

SARA:  Yes.

(Nick takes out a knife and cuts open the evidence box.) 

NICK:  That means ... they both came in contact ... with this.

(He holds up the bag with the lubricant tube.) 



(Hodges shares his findings with Nick and Sara.  They stand around the table
with the photos on it.) 

HODGES:  Kudos to you.  The lube was indeed laced with GHB.  Not hard to do if
you know a little chemistry.

(Sara is reading the file.) 

SARA:  Marlon takes chemistry.  Hannah teaches it.

NICK:  We know Marlon's fingerprints are on the lube tube.  We know he was
jealous.  Maybe the GHB-lube was his way of getting back at her.  You know? 
Give a drug-free girl a bad trip.

(Sara looks at the photos.) 

HODGES:  Which became a really bad trip.

NICK:  Yeah.  But still, that doesn't conclusively put anybody at the crime

SARA:  There's one thing we have that does.  We can get a warrant for this.

(She shows them the photo of Kira’s hand with the fragment in it.) 



(Marlon smiles and shows them his chipped tooth.  He sighs.) 

MARLON WEST:  I'm telling you, I didn't kill Kira.  I've never lied to you.  Not
once.  You just never believe me.  When I'm guilty, you want me to be innocent. 
When I'm innocent, you want me to be guilty.

(He sits in front of Nick, who is mixing the microsil.) 

NICK:  Hey, you know what, Marlon?  You can save it, ‘cause unlike most people,
you're not going to get me to underestimate you.  I already know you're every
bit as smart as your sister, especially when it comes to creating confusion.

(Nick holds out the mold medium.) 

NICK:  Open up.

(Nick puts the mold in Marlon’s mouth.) 

NICK:  Bite down.

(Marlon bites down.) 

NICK:  Let it sit.

(Nick leaves it there.) 



(Sara finds Hannah sitting in the waiting room.) 

HANNAH WEST:  He didn't kill Kira.  He cared about her.

SARA:  Hannah, what makes you think that I would believe anything that you tell

HANNAH WEST:  I suppose I'm an optimist.  College has been a difficult
adjustment for Marlon, especially after we lost our parents.

SARA:  I'm sorry about that.

HANNAH WEST:  You're not really, though.  When will Marlon be able to leave?

SARA:  Well, we're going to keep him here as long as we possibly can.

HANNAH WEST:  At least that's honest.  It also seems a little vindictive. 

SARA:  Given your brother's history, I think it's pretty sensible.

HANNAH WEST:  What's wrong, Sara?  You're different than you used to be.  You're
angry.  And a little sad, too.  Why?

SARA:  If you want to spend more time with your brother, I recommend you invest
in a good lawyer, Hannah.

(Sara turns and leaves.)





(Nick puts the bone fragment in the mold made from Marlon’s teeth.) 

NICK:  It's a physical match.  Puts Marlon at the scene.

SARA:  That's probably not enough to put him in jail.

(Greg appears in the doorway.) 

GREG:  I think I might be able to help you out there.


(Greg has THE DEATH CRUSADE’S page up on the monitor.) 

GREG:  I found a Friend Agenda page for Kira and Marlon's band, the Death

NICK:  Seems like a lot of pictures for a college band.

GREG:  Well, TDC, as they're called, has quite a solid fan base on campus.

(Greg stops on a photo under the caption, “Marlon busted up.”) 

SARA:  Hannah was there.

GREG:  Yeah.  Marlon must've been thrilled. 

NICK:  What guy would like having his little sister around to watch as he gets
his ass kicked in front of his girlfriend?

INSERT:  CAMERA FLASHES in a series showing Marlon getting punched.

KIRA DELLINGER:  From now on, just stay out of my life, psycho!

(Kira and Jordan leave.  Hannah runs up to Marlon.) 

HANNAH WEST:  Marlon, Marlon, it's okay.

(Marlon stands up.) 

MARLON WEST:  Kira, don't do this to me!


NICK:  So this new guy pops Marlon in the mouth, chips his tooth.  Marlon's
humiliated, decides to take it out on Kira.  Kills her, then tries to make it
look like a suicide, and in the midst of their struggle, his tooth fragment ends
up in her fist?

(Sara scrolls through the various photos of Jordan punching Marlon.)

NICK:  What are you looking for now?

SARA:  I'm not sure.

(She finds some photos of Hannah picking up something from the ground.) 



(Sara removes the fragment from the mold.  She’s in the layout room alone.  She
looks at the fragment under the magnifying glass, then fits the fragment back
into the mold.) 

(She holds up the mold and makes a fist as if punching the teeth.  She does this
several times.  She knocks the fragment out of the mold.) 

(She looks at the photos on the table.  It’s not making sense to her.  She puts
the fragment back into the mold and picks up the magnifying glass.) 

(Grissom walks in.) 

GRISSOM:  What are you doing?

SARA:  I'm just ... uh ... taking a closer look at Marlon's chipped tooth.  Look
at the orientation of the fragment in the mouth.

(Grissom looks at the mold under the magnifying glass.) 

SARA:  And now look at the way the tooth ended up in Kira's right fist.

(She pushes the photo toward Grissom.)

GRISSOM:  Looks like it's backwards.

SARA:  I don't think Kira punched Marlon.  I think Hannah picked up the tooth
from a fight that Marlon had earlier in the evening.  And I think she planted it
on Kira.

(Grissom is silent as he thinks about it.) 

SARA:  That's crazy.

GRISSOM:  It's possible.

SARA:  This kid is spinning me in circles again.

GRISSOM:  You know, Sara, some cases, some suspects can get under your skin. 
Like this tooth.  But you can't let it make you feel bad.  If you want, we can
put Nick on this.

SARA:  No. No, I ... um ... I need to finish this case.  I'll be okay.





(Sara talks with Hannah.  She shows Hannah the photo of Hannah picking up
something off the ground.) 

SARA:  What is that in your hand?

HANNAH WEST:  I think it was a gum wrapper.  It's wrong to litter.

SARA:  It's a piece of a tooth—the one that Kira Dellinger's new boy-toy knocked
out of Marlon's head.

(Quick flash to:  Hannah picks up the tooth off the ground.)

(Kira is on the bed when Hannah enters her room.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  You had already spiked Kira's lube with GHB.  All you had to do
was wait.

(Hannah puts the tooth in Kira’s fist.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  A piece of his tooth in her fist.

(Hannah lifts Kira and dumps her out the window.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  A little bit of leverage.  And your brother's a killer again.


HANNAH WEST:  That's a highly unlikely series of events.  You don't expect me to
confess to something I didn't do?


(Grissom watches the interview.) 

SARA:  I am just putting you on notice.  You are not fooling me anymore.


HANNAH WEST:  I think I know why you're so angry, Sara.  I did some research.  I
read about what that serial killer did to you out in the desert, under that car

SARA:  We're talking about you, Hannah.

HANNAH WEST:  It must've been so terrible being trapped like that all alone. 
Did your life flash in front of your eyes?

SARA:  That is none of your business. 

HANNAH WEST:  You must've been so sad knowing that you were gonna lose everyone
who mattered to you. 

SARA:  Stop it, Hannah.

HANNAH WEST:  Look, I know how it feels.  One moment my parents were alive, and
the next they were gone.

SARA:  Answer the question!

HANNAH WEST:  My life changed in that moment.  All that I have left is Marlon. 
Why would I do anything to hurt him?

(Sara gets to her feet and bangs the table.)

SARA:  Stop playing games with me.

(Sara gets up and leaves the room.) 

HANNAH WEST:  You're the one who's playing games.


(Sara exits the hallway just as Grissom steps out into the hallway.) 


SARA:  (surprised)  What are you doing here?

(Grissom walks over to her.  Sara backs away from him.) 

GRISSOM:  I was going to ask you the same question.  Listen, I'm worried about

SARA:  (interrupts)  That just makes this worse.  I-I can't talk about this
right now. I can't.

(Sara leaves.) 




(Sara walks through the hallway.  As she passes reception, Ronnie is talking
with Kim Jimenez.) 

RONNIE:  You can call me anytime.  Just stay in touch, okay?


(Ronnie turns to catch up with Sara.

SARA:  What happened?  Her husband attack her again?

RONNIE:  No. She came involuntarily.  It took some convincing, but she's agreed
to go to a shelter.

SARA:  She won't stay.

RONNIE:  Maybe not.  But at least now she has a chance.  Look, I did it all on
my own time, no OT.  I know it's not the way you do things, but I think it's
part of the job.  At least, that's how I want it to be.  For me.



(Sara shows Marlon the photos of Hannah with the tooth.) 

MARLON WEST:  Why would Hannah want to frame me?

SARA:  I don't know, Marlon.  She's your sister.

MARLON WEST:  Hannah's always been kinda weird.  But since the trial ... and
after our parents died, she's started getting really weird.

SARA:  Like how?

MARLON WEST:  Really clingy, I guess.  Always wanting to hang around with me.

SARA:  And that changed when you met Kira?

MARLON WEST:  Yeah.  But not for Hannah.

(Quick flashback to:  Marlon and Kira are in bed when the door opens and Hannah
looks in.  Kira sees her.) 

KIRA DELLINGER:  Get out of here, you little freak!  Aren't you gonna get her
out of here?!

(Marlon doesn’t move.  Kira gets up and leaves.) 

KIRA DELLINGER:  Oh, I hope you two are really happy together. Freaks!

MARLON:  (v.o.)  After that, Kira said she was done with me.


(Hannah talks with Marlon.) 

HANNAH WEST:  Marlon ... don't be sad.  She doesn't deserve you.

MARLON WEST:  You're right. She doesn't.  You want to help me teach Kira a

(Hannah nods.) 


MARLON WEST:  I asked Hannah to teach me how to make GHB, and how to get it into
Kira.  I just wanted to mess her up a bit.  I snuck it into Kira's room a few
days ago; I still had a key.  Hannah must've made a copy.

SARA:  I believe you, Marlon.  I really do.  But the only thing that a jury's
going to see is your prints on the lube, your prints on the windowsill, and
another dead girl.

MARLON WEST:  Why is Hannah doing this to me?

SARA:  I don't know.  All I know is ... you don't deserve to take the fall for
this.  And the question is ... are you going to let your sister get away with
this and spend the rest of your life in jail?

MARLON WEST:  If Hannah wants me in jail, that's where I'm going to be.  There's
nothing I can do about it.

SARA:  There is one thing.





(The guard leads Hannah to Marlon’s cell.) 

GUARD:  One foot away from the bars at all times.  And no contact, you

HANNAH:  Yeah, I understand.

(The guard puts the chair in front of the bars.  Hannah sits down.  Marlon

MARLON:  Thanks for coming.

HANNAH:  The police said you needed me.

MARLON:  Yeah, I do.  I need to know ... what I did to deserve this.

HANNAH:  You killed Kira.

MARLON:  We both know I didn't do that.

(Hannah looks at Marlon.

HANNAH:  You look a little flushed, Marlon.  (A bead of sweat runs down Marlon’s
face.)  Are you feeling all right?

MARLON:  No, I'm not feeling all right.



(Brass and Sara listen to Hannah and Marlon over the speakers.) 

HANNAH:  (over speaker)  Kira always brought out the worst in you.

MARLON:  Hannah, they're going to put me away for the rest of my life.

HANNAH:  The evidence is against you, particularly given your history of

MARLON:  Please ... after everything I've done for you, after everything we've
done for each other, at least tell me why.

HANNAH:  Because I love you.

MARLON:  And I love you, too.

HANNAH:  No.  You don't.  But you will.  I promise, I'll visit you every week.

(Hannah stands up and looks at the guard.) 

HANNAH:  We're done.

(The guard puts the chair back and leads Hannah out.  Marlon is left alone in
the cell.) 

(Brass sighs.)

BRASS:  Well, he gave it a shot, but she is way out of his league.

SARA:  She's out of mine, too.




(Sara walks through the hallway.  She enters Grissom’s office.) 

SARA:  Hi.

(Grissom looks up from his desk.) 


(Sara steps forward.  She appears ready to talk.  She smiles at him.) 

GRISSOM:  Okay, what's up?

SARA:  I'm sorry.  I've been ... uh ...

(Sara’s cell phone rings.  Grissom waits.  Sara answers her phone.)

SARA:  (to phone)  This is Sara.  (She pauses, then looks at Grissom.)  (to
phone)  I'll be right there.

(She hangs up and leaves.) 



(Sara turns the corner and finds Brass and a guard near Marlon’s cell.) 

BRASS:  Guard found him about an hour ago.  Said he didn't even make a sound.

(Sara finds Marlon hanging from the windowsill, with elastic tied around his




(Sara waits by a tree for Hannah.) 

HANNAH:  You need to talk to me again?

SARA:  I do.  I know that you killed Kira Dellinger.  I just can't prove it.

HANNAH:  That must be frustrating for you.

SARA:  Hannah, Marlon's dead.

HANNAH:  Wow.  That's a really sad and desperate ploy, Sara.  It's beneath you.

(Sara shows Hannah the photo of Marlon hanging at the windowsill.) 

SARA:  He was doing well here, wasn't he?  Making friends, joining a band,
falling in love.  But you're still a freak, just like high school.

HANNAH:  You're lying.  No.  This is a lie.

SARA:  His world got bigger, and yours stayed the same, and you killed Kira so
you could keep him all to yourself, didn't you?

HANNAH:  (screams)  It's a lie!  No ... it's a lie!  It's a lie!  This is a ...

(She drops her backpack and grabs Sara’s hands.  Sara struggles with her and
kneels as Hannah cries.) 

HANNAH:  Stop it!  Marlon ... he-he-he can't leave me all alone.

(Sara puts her arm around Hannah.) 



(Sara returns to CSI.  ) 

HODGES:  (o.s.)  Look at this.  I didn’t think my results were inconclusive and
that I’ll just have to wait till I get the tox results back from Henry.

(She turns the corner and walks up to Grissom, who is getting a report back from

(She walks up to Grissom and kisses him.) 

(She nods, turns and leaves.  SARA has reached her limit.) 


(Sara enters the locker room.  She opens her locker and takes her CSI vest out
with the roll of masking tape.  She sits down on the bench and takes a
pocketknife out of her pocket.  She removes the stitching off her name patch.) 

(The lights around her fade, leaving Sara sitting alone in darkness.) 

(She rips her patch off and replaces it with the masking tape.  On it she
writes: GOOD LUCK.) 

(Sara puts the vest in Ronnie’s locker.) 

(She closes the locker, puts the tape back in her own locker, pausing for a
moment to look at a photo of GRISSOM and herself.) 

(She closes the locker and picks up her pocketknife and name patch.  She looks
at her name patch, then up at the empty locker room.  She tosses the name patch
in the trash.) 

(Sara leaves.) 



(Grissom walks through the hallway as he looks for Sara.  He stops in front of

GRISSOM:  Judy, have you seen Sara?

JUDY TREMONT:  She left a few minutes ago, sir, but she did leave something for

(Judy gives him an envelope.) 

GRISSOM:  Thank you.

(He takes the envelope and heads back to his office.) 


(Grissom opens the note.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  Gil ... You know I love you.  I feel I've loved you forever. 
Lately ...



(A taxi moves down the strip.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  I haven't been feeling very well.  Truth be told, I'm tired.

(SARA is in the cab.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  Out in the desert, under that car that night, I realized
something, and I haven't been able to shake it.  Since my father died, I've
spent almost my entire life with ghosts.  We'd been like close friends, and out
there in the desert, it occurred to me that it was time for me to bury them.  I
can't do that here.  I'm so sorry.  No matter how hard I try to fight it off,
I'm left with the feeling that ... I have to go.  I have no idea where I'm
going, but I know I have to do this.  If I don't, I'm afraid I'll self-destruct,
and worse, you'll be there to see it happen.  Be safe.  Know that I tried very
hard to stay.  Know that you are my one and only.  I will miss you with every
beat of my heart.  Our life together was the only home I've ever really had.  I
wouldn't trade it for anything.

SARA:  (v.o.)  I love you.

(Grissom takes his glasses off.) 

SARA:  (v.o.)  I always will.


SARA:  (v.o.)  Good-bye.


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