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Les Experts
#501 : Une nuit à Las Vegas

L'équipe de Gil Grissom est sollicitée au cours d'une nuit très mouvementée : au fil des heures, de nouveaux cadavres sont découverts à travers Las Vegas. Le premier cas concerne un homme retrouvé en costume d'extraterrestre. Un autre flotte dans la baignoire d'un motel, visiblement électrocuté. Ailleurs, c'est une femme qui gît dans une chambre, aux côtés d'un homme qui ne se souvient de rien. Enfin, dans un bar de la ville, les enquêteurs tentent de comprendre pourquoi un individu mort tient dans la main la photo d'un autre cadavre. Méthodiquement, les policiers se mettent au travail pour rétablir les faits. 

Titre VO
Viva Las Vegas

Titre VF
Une nuit à Las Vegas

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

Plus de détails

Écrit par : Danny Cannon & Carol Mendelsohn
alisé par : Danny Cannon 

Avec :  Alex Carter (Détective Vartann), Jose Zuniga (Détective Cavaliere), Archie Kao (Archie Johnson), Romy Rosemont (Jacqui Franco), David Berman (David Phillips), Wallace Langham (David Hodges) 

Guests :

  • Nicholas Lea ..... Chris Bezich 
  • Jonathan Penner ..... Detective Travis 
  • Scott Klace ..... Carl Johnson 
  • Marina Black ..... Crystal 
  • Tony Amendola ..... Super 
  • Terrell Tilford ..... George Craven 
  • John L. Adams ..... Manny Brazil 
  • Bug Hall ..... Daniel Hambrook 
  • Reiko Aylesworth ..... Chandra Moore 
  • French Stewart ..... Ministre alien/Elvis/Brian 
  • William Allison ..... Vieil homme/Propriétaire du magasin 
  • Justine Brandy ..... Raven/Nicole Richards 
  • Ji-Tu Cumbuka ..... Vendeur de hot dog 
  • Allen Fawcett ..... Directeur adjoint 
  • Michelle Haner ..... La locataire 
  • Jasmine Jonas ..... Gagnante du jackpot 
  • Justin Kennedy ..... Lance Frazer 
  • Stacey Linde ..... Femme du ministre alien 
  • Amanda Lockwood ..... Jeune serveuse 
  • Gilbert Montoya ..... Acid Drop Bartender 
  • Tony Mosti ..... Al Capone 
  • Vincent M. Ward ..... Space 





(The club is filled with people at the bar, on the dance floor.)  


(The woman walks out of the bathroom in her underwear.  The man sits on the bed in his shirts and shorts.  The woman walks purposefully toward the man.  She smiles at him.)

(She pushes him back on the bed and kisses him.)  


(The club is rocking.  At the front door, a man walks through and the metal detector beeps.  The Security Guard stops him.)

SECURITY GUARD:  Whoa-whoa-whoa.  What the hell is that?

(The Security Guard searches the Man and finds a switchblade knife on him.  He opens it to show him.  He confiscates the knife and lets the man through.)

(The Security Guard motions to the next man in line.)


(The Next Man in Line walks through the metal detector.  The Security Guard motions to the next person in line.)

SECURITY GUARD:  All right.  Keep coming.



(Two people on motor bikes stop.  They take off their helmets.  One Man takes out a gun and fires three shots at the nearest sign.  The sign reads:

     It is unlawful to enter this area without permission of the installation
commander.  While on this installation, all persons and the property under their
control are subject to search.
     Sec 27. Internal Security Act of 1957: U.S.C. 797   )

(The second man takes out his gun to fire.  He aims and takes a couple steps forward and bumps into a body on the ground.)

MAN:  What the -- ?

(They both look down and see the body on the ground.)




(A man sits down on the bed.  He's crying.)

(In the bathroom, the faucet is on filling the tub up with water.)

(The man continues to cry.)



(A person lights a match and sets a Polaroid photo on fire.  He holds it up and lets the photo burn.)

(A man in a cap walks up to the doorway and greets the Man in a Suit familiarly.)  

MANNY BRAZIL:  Yo, Space!  

SPACE:  My brother!


(Sirens start to blare.)

SPACE:  Yo, man.  When's the blitz?

(Sirens in the club blare and get louder.  The Man in the Suit turns around and smiles.)

MANNY BRAZIL (CLUB OWNER):  Right on time.

(The stage lights turn on and the club is filled with music.  The crowd starts to dance where they stand.)

(As the music plays, the GUNMAN holding the burning photo takes out a gun, points it at a man nearby and shoots.)

(The Man falls down to the club floor.)  

(The GUNMAN raises the gun and fires at the disco ball up above.  He puts a hole in it.  It bursts and sparks.  The women in the club start screaming.)


(Quick CGI POV of:  The bullet embedded in flesh.  The camera moves slowly backward out from the bullet and pulls back out through the flesh and out through the DEAD MAN'S forehead.)

(Camera holds on the dead man on the floor with a single bullet gunshot hole in the center of his forehead.)


(Brass looks down at the body and reports to Grissom also standing nearby looking down at the body.)  

BRASS:  So witnesses heard multiple gunshots.  (He looks at Grissom.)  They think.  Because if it was during the Blitz.  You know, the lights were out, sirens were going off, search lights, the whole world war ii experience.

GRISSOM:  When exactly did war become a party?

(Brass shrugs.)

(Someone's pager beeps.  Both Brass and Grissom check their pagers.  Grissom's
pager beeps.  He checks it and sees:
     5311 SEPHILL RD.

(Grissom and Brass kneel down next to the body.  Grissom points to the burn mark near the skin.)

GRISSOM:  Gunshot residue, close range.

(Brass picks up the discarded shell off the floor.)  

BRASS:  .32 auto.  Belly got it.

(The metal detector beeps.  Grissom looks back and sees an Officer stepping through the door.)

GRISSOM:  How'd they get it through the metal detector?

BRASS:  Well, uh ...

(Brass's phone rings.)

BRASS:  Oh, geez.

(He checks his phone.)

BRASS:  I'll tell you, it's a busy night.

(Grissom finds the burned photo under the dead body.  He smells the photo.)  

GRISSOM:  This was burned.

(He looks at the photo and sees that it's the photo of a dead body - with the head part burned off.  Grissom shows the photo to Brass.)  

BRASS:  Another body?

(Grissom looks at the photo and notes the blood on the floor in the room near the body's feet.)

GRISSOM:  Another murder.





(Greg walks through the hallway with Chandra Moore, the new DNA Technician - his replacement.)  

GREG:  So, there's good news and there's bad news.  The bad news is this is the busiest lab in the country.

CHANDRA MOORE:  That's why I'm here.

GREG:  Oh, I've waited for you forever.  I love you!

NICK:  (o.s.)  Man, if I ever have to search another torched car ...

(Nick walks into the hallway.  He's wearing coveralls and irritated as heck.)

GREG:  Nick!  

(Nick stops and looks back.  Greg makes the introductions.)  

GREG:  This is Chandra.  

CHANDRA MOORE:  Chandra Moore.

NICK:  Oh, yeah.  Yeah, the new DNA girl.  Right?

(He holds out his hand.  She holds out hers.  He bumps fists with her.  A strange, new ritual for her.)

CHANDRA MOORE:  B.S. in bio-chem.  M.S. in molecular biology.  Five years of service in DNA at the CCL.

(She smiles.  Nick doesn't appear all that impressed.)  

NICK:  O-kay, well, I'm going to go use the no-pressure, no-AC, stinks-of-feet shower.  So ... welcome.

(Nick turns and leaves.)  




(Sara sighs.)  

SARA:  So I had some time to think while I was away.  Enough time to figure out why I made such a stupid mistake.  I-I do not have a drinking problem.  I have a, uh, me problem.  

(Different angle.  We see Sara talking to her reflection in the locker mirror - "rehearsing".)  

SARA:  My P.E.A.P. Counselor suggested that it would be a good idea for me to talk to my supervisor and that's you, Grissom, so ... I never told you about my family.  I never told anyone about my family, why would I ...

GREG:  (interrupts)  Sara?  

(Sara turns around and finds Greg and Chandra standing outside the locker room looking in from the hallway.  Sara stands up.)

GREG:  I want you to meet my replacement.  This is Chandra.

SARA:  Nice to meet you, Chandra.


(But not really.  After a beat, Greg smiles at Sara.  Chandra starts looking around the area waiting for Greg to move on.)

GREG:  (to Sara)  So, how was it?

SARA:  How was what?

GREG:  Well, you took some vacation time, right?

SARA:  Yeah, right.  It was great.

(Chandra looks completely bored and not interested in Sara.)

GREG:  Yeah?  Okay.

(Greg motions for Chandra to follow him.  Chandra nods at Sara - then follows.)

(Sara smiles back somewhat.)



(Greg walks up to someone.)  

GREG:  Hey, how was it?

(Warrick walks up to them.  He's wearing a suit, the tie loosened as if he's just come back from court.)  

WARRICK:  It sucked. I hate lawyers, I hate court. They all need to dry up and die. (He looks at Chandra.)  Hi.

(Chandra perks up.)  

CHANDRA MOORE:  Warrick, right?


CHANDRA MOORE:  I saw your presentation on longitudinal striations of the toenail in Dallas, A.A.F.S.?  Really good work.

WARRICK:  Thank you.  Thank you so much.  And you are?

CHANDRA MOORE:  Oh, I'm Chandra.  Chandra Moore.  (Warrick glances at Greg.)  I'm the new DNA person.

GREG:  Well, that's the plan anyway.  Would you like to see the boss's office?

(Greg leads Chandra away.  She lingers wanting to talk more with Warrick,
completely impressed by him.)

WARRICK:  Good luck.

CHANDRA MOORE:  Thank you.

WARRICK:  Nice to meet you.

(Warrick walks away.)  


(Greg heads over to Grissom's office.)  


GREG:  Grissom ... I'd like to introduce you to Chandra Moore.

(Grissom turns around.  He's wearing a hard hat-type of gizmo with a eye-glass piece attachment on the left side so he can look through it.)

CHANDRA MOORE:  Pleased to meet you, sir.  I'm a fan.

(Grissom looks up and down at Chandra through the eye piece.)

(Quick POV of:  Grissom is looking at Chandra's heat print.  Resume back to Grissom.)

GRISSOM:  You're hot.

CHANDRA MOORE:  (startled)  I-I'm sorry?

GRISSOM:  You're emanating heat.  (Grissom takes the hat off.)  This is a new infrared camera.  It's good for looking at evidence in the dark.  (to Greg)  Did you get her blood yet?

CHANDRA MOORE:  My... (startled) ... why?

GRISSOM:  So many reasons.

CATHERINE:  (o.s.)  Grissom!  (Catherine walks into the office, walks past Greg and Chandra and straight up to Grissom.)  (exasperated)  You can't possibly call that thing my office.  It's a cupboard.

GRISSOM:  Catherine, have you met Chandra Moore?  She'll be doing DNA while Greg's in the field.

(Catherine hardly glances back at Chandra.)

CATHERINE:  Hello, I'm Catherine.  (to Grissom)  We need to talk.

(Grissom puts his glasses on and picks up a stack of assignment sheets.)  

GRISSOM:  Well, not now-- too much work.  You have a suspicious death at the

(He hands the assignment sheet to Catherine.  She glares at him, grabs the
sheet, turns and walks out of the office.  Warrick walks into the office.)  

GRISSOM:  Warrick, trash call at a weekly at Fremont and 12th.

(Nick and Sara wait in the doorway for their assignments.)

GRISSOM:  Nick, Sara, body in a shallow grave, dry lake bed, in Ely, off Groom
Lake Road.

(Grissom hands the assignment sheet to Nick.  He takes it and looks at it.)  

NICK:  All right.  (to Sara)  I'll meet you there.  

GRISSOM:  Greg, you're going to be with me, your final proficiency.

(Grissom holds out the assignment sheet to Greg.)  

GREG:  Great.  (to Chandra)  Let me show you to your new digs.

(Greg leads Chandra out of the office.  As he passes by, Warrick wishes him

WARRICK:  (to Greg)  Good luck.

GRISSOM:  (to Greg)  We leave in five minutes!

GREG:  (o.s.)  Okay.

(Sara lingers just outside the doorway.)  

SARA:  Can I talk to you real quick?

GRISSOM:  Certainly.  Have you been seeing your P.E.A.P. Counselor?

SARA:  (nods)  Yeah.

GRISSOM:  How's it going?

SARA:  Well, it's been interesting.

(There's a loud crash from the DNA lab.  Glass breaks.  Sara and Grissom look
back at the lab and Greg looks sheepishly back at them through the glass wall.  
He points back at the mess.)

SARA:  (to Grissom)  It's going to be a busy night, huh?


SARA:  We'll talk later.

(Sara starts to leave.  Oh, look, the white assignment board is back.)

GRISSOM:  Are you sure?

SARA:  (nods)  Yeah, yeah.

(Sara leaves.)  




(Catherine pushes the hotel room door open and walks in.  The suspect is covered
in blood and yelling at Det. Vartan and an officer as Forensics tries to take a
picture of the blood-soaked clothes.)  

CARL JOHNSON:  I don't remember, okay?  Why don't you believe me?
CARL JOHNSON:  I swear to god!  I did nothing to that woman.  I have never seen
her before.

DET. VARTAN:  Relax, relax.  

(Catherine looks into the bedroom and sees the dead woman on the bed.  There's
blood everywhere.)  

DET. VARTAN:  Let's just go over this again.

CARL JOHNSON:  All right, let's go over it again.

DET. VARTAN:  Tell me what you remember.

CARL JOHNSON:  Nothing.  That's what I remember -- nothing.

DET. VARTAN:  That's it?

CARL JOHNSON:  (to Forensics)  Stop taking my picture!

DET. VARTAN:  Sir, wait here.

(Det. Vartan leaves the suspect and walks over to Catherine.)  



DET. VARTAN:  Housecleaning found Mr. Johnson passed out on the bed next to the
victim.  They alerted security and apparently he just came to.

CATHERINE:  With the worst hangover a guy could ever have.

DET. VARTAN:  Yeah.  He's a golf ball salesman from Ohio.

(Catherine steps closer to the bed.)  

CATHERINE:  Massive hemorrhaging.

(She puts her kit down on the floor.)  

CATHERINE:  Is this from a single wound?  Cracked skull.  Did you I.D. her?

DET. VARTAN:  No I.D. on her.

CATHERINE:  Well, she's got some breast implants.  That's for sure.

(Catherine picks up the clear, see-through hand bag on the bed-side table.)

CATHERINE:  I'm going to guess stripper.  She's got a locker room key.

(The key number is #323.)  

CATHERINE:  We'll trace it back to the club.

(Det. Vartan looks around the room and notes the open refrigerator and alcohol.)  

DET. VARTAN:  Quite a party last night.

CATHERINE:  You can say that again.

(Catherine walks into the bathroom and sees more blood on the wall.  She also
finds the bathrod with some hair stuck to the bloodied tip.)

(Quick flash to:  [EARLIER]  Carl Johnson and The Stripper fight.  Carl Johnson
swings and hits the Stripper across the head.  She staggers out of the bathroom,
her head bloodied.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(Catherine looks around the room and back to the body on the bed.)  

CATHERINE:  Looks like she went back into the bedroom to call for help.

(Det. Vartan checks his notes.)

DET. VARTAN:  Well, no calls were made from the room.

(Catherine looks around and takes a closer look at the toilet.  She finds the
urine on the floor in front of the bowl.)  

CATHERINE:  Why is it you guys can never hit the bowl?

DET. VARTAN:  You know, if this guy took viagra, you're lucky he hit the floor
and not the ceiling.

(Det. Vartan looks up at the ceiling.)  


(Catherine picks up the bracelet found in the urine puddle.  She holds it up.)  

DET. VARTAN:  Sign of a struggle?

CATHERINE:  How does a guy fall asleep after killing a woman?



(Brass questions the Club Manager as the Coroners put the body on the gurney.)  

BRASS:  How does somebody get into your club with a gun?

MANNY BRAZIL (CLUB OWNER):  Don't ask me; ask the metal detector.  It's supposed
to work.

(He takes a sip of his drink.)  

BRASS:  Ever see the dead guy before?

MANNY BRAZIL (CLUB OWNER):  No, not me.   (He turns around and looks at the girl
talking with the two officers.)  Hey, Crystal!  Hey, baby, you talk to the guy
that got capped in your section tonight?


(Brass's pager goes off.  Grissom and Greg walk into the club.)  

BRASS:  Hey, Gil.  Wait.  You've got something stuck to your shoe. (beat)  Oh,
no, it's just Sanders.

(Greg glances back at Brass.  David Phillips stops in front of Grissom to

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Hey, I went through his pockets.  No wallet, no I.D.  Uh ...
just some cash and these car keys.

(David hands the plastic bag to Grissom.)  

DAVID PHLLIPS:  It's a rental.

GRISSOM:  Thanks, David.

(Greg looks around the club as Grissom checks the car keys out.  The tag reads:
     CAR RENTAL   )

GREG:  I never seen this place with the lights on before.  It's kind of like
seeing a one-night stand in the morning for the first time.

(Grissom glances back at Greg.)

GREG:  (clarifies)  Beer goggles.

GRISSOM:  This is your proficiency test, Greg.  You might want to work the
scene.  What do you see?

GREG:  Chaos.

GRISSOM:  Look a little closer.

(Grissom shines the flashlight down on the floor.  Greg quickly turns on his
flashlight too and looks down at the floor.)  

GREG:  Cartridge casings.

(He walks and looks around the area.)

(Cut to:  Greg looks up at the ceiling.)  

GREG:  Bullet impact.

GRISSOM:  We haven't recovered the gun yet, so ... ?

(Greg sighs.)

GREG:  Victim was shot at close range ... in a crowd.  Witnesses say there was a
stampede.  It's a good time to ditch a gun.  Maybe it's still here.


(Grissom turns and heads for the door.  Greg appears surprised.)  

GREG:  Where are you going?

GRISSOM:  Don't worry about me; worry about you.  It's going to be a long night.

(Grissom turns and leaves Greg standing in the center of the crime scene.)



(Warrick's SUV turns into the parking lot.)


(Warrick holds his flashlight up to light his way through the darkened hallway.)

(Det. Cavaliere and the Super both walk up to him.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  Hey, power went out about an hour ago.

SUPER:  I checked the circuit box.  Blown fuse, room 39.  That's when I found

(The Super turns and heads back to Room 39.  Warrick starts to follow the

WARRICK:  All right.

(One of the motel room doors open.)  

FEMALE TENANT:  Hey!  We need some AC.  I got kids in here.

DET. CAVALIERE:  We're working on it, ma'am.  We'll have someone up very soon,

(The Detective follows them.)


(The Super walks into the bathroom door and points to the bathtub.)  

(Warrick walks in and sees the man in the bathtub, the water up to his neck, the
hot plate down at his feet.)  

WARRICK:  Well, there's what blew your fuse.

DET. CAVALIERE:  Hot plate?  Electrocution.  That's a quick way to go.

WARRICK:  Not always.

(Warrick snaps a couple of photos of the body.)  

SUPER:  That's hardly our first suicide.

WARRICK:  You think it's a suicide?

SUPER:  Oh, come on, this loser?  He's been here four weeks.  He only paid for
two.  Wore the same clothes every day.  No family, no friends.

DET. CAVALIERE:  You got a name?

SUPER:  Lance "I'll have it for you tomorrow" Frazer.  I was going to throw him
out in the morning.

(The overhead lights go back on.)  

SUPER:  Oh, thank god.

(Warrick checks the dead body's wrists and finds scars.)  

WARRICK:  Yeah, he's got some old school suicide scars.

(Warrick snaps a photo.)  

SUPER:  Told you. Loser.

DET. CAVALIERE:  Looks like he was getting ready to skip town on you.

(Det. Cavaliere looks around the bedroom.)

(The Super sees the open suitcase.)

(Quick flash to:  [NIGHT]  Lance Frazer sits on his bed and cries.)

(He sees the hot plate on the television set.)

(Cut to:  He sits down in the bathtub and holds the hot plate over the water.)

(He drops the hot plate in the water.)

(He groans.)

(Quick CGI POV to:  The camera follows the electrical current through the wiring
in the hot plate.  It sizzles as it follows the lines.)

(The current hits the water and we hear gurgling.  The water bubbles and

(The camera travels out from the hot plate through the water and up to Lance
Fraser who spazzes as he's being electrocuted.)

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)

(Det. Cavaliere looks through the suitcase and finds a bible.  He puts the bible
down and opens it.  Warrick steps out of the bathroom and watches him.)

WARRICK:  For inspiration or for last rites?

(Det. Cavaliere looks at Warrick.)  

(Warrick picks up Lance Fraser's trousers and shakes it.  We hear the jingling
of coins in his pants pockets.)

(Warrick pulls out the wallet from the pocket.  He hands it to Det. Cavaliere.  
The Det. checks the wallet.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  Wallet's empty.

(The Super stands nearby and watches.)

(Warrick empties the pockets.)  

WARRICK:  Pack of cigarettes, sweetener, and a hot dog wrapper.

DET. CAVALIERE:  Doesn't add up to much.

(Warrick turns and looks around the room.  He sees the fake flower lei on the
bedside table.  Something he recognizes, perhaps.)  

WARRICK:  I wouldn't be so sure.

(Warrick raises the camera and takes a photo of the lei.)  




(Sara ducks under the tape Nick holds up for her.)  

SARA:  You are so late.  What happened to you?

NICK:  I'm late?  

(Det. Travis walks up to them.)  

DET. TRAVIS:  Sara Sidle and Nick Stokes.

NICK:  Yeah.

(He introduces himself.)  

DET. TRAVIS:  Detective Travis.  I'm ex-LAPD homicide.

SARA:  Nice to meet you.

DET. TRAVIS:  Nice to meet you.

(Just outside the crime scene tape are a group of people holding up signs.)  

SARA:  Who are these people?

DET. TRAVIS:  Uh, concerned citizens.  Come on, right this way, please.

(Det. Travis leads them to the site.  Sara turns back and looks at the people
protesting.  A couple of them are dressed in silver space suits complete with

DET. TRAVIS:  The weather's been pretty bad out here.  I don't know if you're
going to find much.  A couple of teenagers were out here last night shooting off
their dads' guns.  One of them ... tripped over this thing.

(They reach the grave site.)  

NICK:  These kids thought they'd found a real space alien.

DET. TRAVIS:  Yeah, we were the second call they made.  The first one was to Dan
Rather ... who I don't think is coming.

SARA:  Who called in the space people?

DET. TRAVIS:  From what I understand, they're always out here.  See this guy in
the silver lamé?  He put it on the "watch the skies" web site.  It's been a
freaking free-for-all ever since then.  You know where you are, right?

(He points to his right, a vast expanse of dry land.)  

SARA:  Area 51.

DET. TRAVIS:  It's the most secretive piece of real estate in the world.  This
is about as close to the base as we can get and still be on public land.

(Nick sees something.  He walks over to the side and snaps a photo.)  

DET. TRAVIS:  I guess the killer should've dug a deeper hole.

NICK:  Not with a short-handled shovel.

(He picks up the shovel and shows it to them.)  

SARA:  Not to mention Nevada Desert is compact dirt, not sand.  People usually
give up before they hit three feet.

NICK:  Got some paint ... maybe.  Something for Hodges.  One thing's for sure:  
It's going to take a lot longer getting him out than it did getting him in.

DET. TRAVIS:  Can't you guys just beam him back to the morgue?

(Sara turns and looks at Nick.  Nick smiles and shakes his head.)  





(Catherine dusts for fingerprints as Det. Vartan continues to question Carl

CARL JOHNSON:  I-I-I don't know how many times you want to ask me.  I woke up
this morning like this.  Well, the handcuffs are new.

DET. VARTAN:  Anything you want to add?

(Catherine finds a print.)

CARL JOHNSON:  No, I don't want to add anything!

DET. VARTAN:  You don't remember anything?

CARL JOHNSON:  No, you know what?  For the last time, I don't remember, okay?   


CARL JOHNSON:  She ... she must have slipped me something.

(Catherine steps out of the bathroom.  She takes her gloves off.)  

CATHERINE:  You sure it wasn't the booze?

CARL JOHNSON:  I don't touch mini bars.  That bitch drugged me.

CATHERINE:  Well, if she drugged you, sir, it'll still be in your system.  A
blood test would be in your best interest.


(Grissom walks up to the car and uses the car rental key to turn the car off.)  

(He opens the door and looks inside.  He photographs the answering machine
inside.  He sees there are nine messages.)

(He opens the back door and finds some cord on the car floor.  He snaps a photo
of it.)



(Various dissolves of Greg looking around the bar.  He works from the back and
makes his way forward.)

(Greg stands on the outside of the railing.  He sees something inside the light
container.  He reaches inside and pulls out the gun.)

(He opens the cartridge.)



(Catherine walks into the room.)  

ROBBINS:  Her mother's coming from Reno to claim her.

CATHERINE:  I know.  Vartan called.  Nicole Richards, 25.  Her stage name is
Raven.  We traced the locker room key to the Embassy Strip Club.  Your turn.

ROBBINS:  Sharp-force laceration to the frontal scalp with underlying fracture
to the frontal calvarium.  Cause of death, contusion to the brain and subdural
hemorrhaging.  Tox screen pegged her alcohol content at .30.

CATHERINE:  That's almost four times the legal limit.

ROBBINS:  Chronic drinking tends to cause a reduction in platelets.  It thins
out the blood and retards clotting.

CATHERINE:  That would explain why there was so much blood at the scene.

ROBBINS:  The only other thing I found ... was a swollen ankle.

(Robbins lifts up the sheet to show Catherine the black and blue ankles.)  

CATHERINE:  Well, you ever try shaking your ass in four-inch heels?  (beat)  
Don't answer that.



(David Phillips washes his hands at the sink in the eerily quiet autopsy room.  
Static and electronic crackling is heard.  David stops and turns to look at the
"alien" body on the examining table in the next room.  Not hearing it, he
continues to wash his hands.)

(Again, he hears crackling and static sounds that are definitely coming from the
body in the next room.)

(David turns the faucet off and wipes his hand with a tissue.  He slowly walks
over to the check on the body.  He walks up to the glass and stares at the body
on the table.)  

(He doesn't hear anything.  He chuckles softly to himself, turns and takes a
step away from the body.)

(The crackling, static-y noises resume.)

(David turns around.  It's definitely coming from the body on the table in the
next room.)  

(David walks over to check it out.)  

(He walks up to the body and leans in very, very close.)

(The feedback resumes.)

SARA:  (o.s.)  We think it's a hearing aid.

(Sara's standing right behind him.  David stands up, startled, but tries to be
cool about it.)  


SARA:  Yeah.  It's out of juice.


NICK:  Hearing aids have unique serial numbers, Super Dave.

(Nick leans in close and blows at the body's ear.  He removes the hearing aid.  
The number reads:  CN Resound 710.)  

(Nick drops the hearing aid in a metal tray.  David puts it aside.)

NICK:  If you get this to Detective Travis, he should be able to run it down for

(That done, they go over the body.)  

DAVID PHILLIPS:  Arachnodactyly.  Abnormally long fingers.

SARA:  Hmm.

(Sara removes the watch from the dead body's wrist.  She looks at it.  It's a
Seiko watch.)  

SARA:  David, I know where he's from.

NICK:  Hmm?

SARA:  Planet Seiko.  (She flips the watch over to show the inscription on the
back.)  E.T.

NICK:  You've got to be kidding me.

(Nick finds a slip of paper tucked in the dead body's clothing.)  

NICK:  Oh, you're going to love this.  (reading)  "Like a blinding supernova,
your love is blasted throughout the universe.  Two spirits become one by the
power of the sun, the moon, and all the planets of the universe."

(Sara finds the edge of the dead body's mask.  She lifts it up and reads the
imprint on the underside of the mask:  PROPERTY OF BIG CITY COSTUMES.)

SARA:  Big City Costumes.


[INT. CSI - A/V LAB -- DAY]  

(Grissom is working on the Polaroid, digitized and in the computer.  He grids
the photo on the monitor.  Greg walks into the lab.)  

GREG:  Hey, Grissom.  Is that the burnt Polaroid from the nightclub?

GRISSOM:  Yeah.  I just scanned it in.

GREG:  Bobby Dawson confirms that this .32 auto from the club is indeed the
murder weapon.  He's running it through NCIC and pawn shops.

(Greg hands the gun in the plastic bag to Grissom.  Grissom sees something on
the gun.)  

GRISSOM:  What's this blue stuff on the slide and the grip?

(Greg leans in to look at the blue stuff.  He doesn't answer Grissom.)  

GRISSOM:  It's okay to say you don't know, Greg.  That's why we have a trace

(Grissom hands the gun back to Greg.  Greg takes the gun and leaves the lab.  
Grissom returns to working on the Polaroid.  He grids the photo and enhances an
object on the floor.  It's a prescription pill bottle.  Grissom works to enhance
the label.)  



(The alarms wail and the people cheer as confetti falls to the floor.  The woman
raises her arms high in the air in celebration as she screams at her large win.)  

WOMAN:  Whoo!

(Warrick stands off to the side and watches.)  

(The manager arrives.  He places a plastic lei around the woman's neck.  The
same kind of lei found in Lance Frazer's motel room.)  

CASINO MANAGER:  There you go!  Congratulations.

(He kisses her cheek.)  

ANNOUNCER:  All right.  On behalf of the Golden Nugget, let me congratulate you.

(The manager leaves the woman and walks up to Warrick.)  

WARRICK:  You know how long I've played here and I've never gotten laid?

CASINO MANAGER:  Hey, Warrick, how you doing?


CASINO MANAGER:  Listen, we've got your favorite 21 table ready for you over
there, okay?

WARRICK:  Tricks are for kids, man.  I don't play games anymore.

CASINO MANAGER:  Then what are you doing here?

WARRICK:  I'm working on a case.  Did anyone hit a big jackpot here yesterday?

CASINO MANAGER:  Yeah, guy won 50 g on that big machine over there.

WARRICK:  50 g?


WARRICK:  Did he look like this?

(Warrick shows the Manager a enlarged copy of the driver's license:
     LICENSE 236508522
     EXPIRES:  11/08/2006
     EYES BL  HEIGHT 5-11
     HAIR BLN   WEIGHT 185
     BIRTHDATE  11/08/1965

     2525 N. SALTON SEA
     PHOENIX, AZ  85203

CASINO MANAGER:  Yep, that's him.

WARRICK:  Do you remember about what time that was?

CASINO MANAGER:  Midnight.  That was the end of my shift.  Looks like he needed
it, too.

WARRICK:  Really?

CASINO MANAGER:  Yeah, dirty clothes, serious B.O.

WARRICK:  Funkier than James Brown, huh?

CASINO MANAGER:  Big time.  Don't be a stranger.

WARRICK:  Good to see you, man.

(The Casino Manager leaves.  Warrick heads on his way.)  



(Catherine walks into the DNA lab with her samples.)  

CATHERINE:  Blood standard, unknown urine, tell me it's the same guy.  Now, Greg
mentioned to you that my stuff gets done first, right?

CHANDRA MOORE:  Yeah, well, in my lab, I decide what gets run and when.  Unless
Mr. Grissom tells me otherwise.

CATHERINE:  It's uh, quiet in here.  Greg played music.

CHANDRA MOORE:  Well, I find it distracting.

(Jacqui Franco walks into the lab with her print results.)  

JACQUI FRANCO:  Hit on your fingerprint from the Palermo.

CATHERINE:  Carl Johnson?

(She hands the results to Catherine.)  

JACQUI FRANCO:  Nope, George Craven.  Ex-con.  Record for domestic violence.

(The sheet reads:
     on the left is a {photo}     
     on the right is the information

CATHERINE:  Runs security at the Embassy Strip Club.



(Brass, Grissom and an Officer exit the parked car.  They walk up the front walk
to the house.)


(Brass kicks the door in.  The officer stands next to him, both their guns are
up and out.  Grissom is behind them.)

BRASS:  Mr. Willard!  Las Vegas, police.  We have a warrant.  (to Bobby)  Go
around the back, Bobby.

(Bobby turns and leaves to go around the back.  Brass and Grissom step into the

BRASS:  You get this address off a pill bottle?

GRISSOM:  Herpes.

BRASS:  Huh?

GRISSOM:  There was a prescription for valacyclovin.  I cross-referenced the
pharmacy logo.

(There's a loud clatter coming from the front door.  Grissom and Brass turn.  
Greg sheepishly stands upright after tripping in the doorway.)  

GREG:  Sorry.  I'm late.

(Brass and Grissom continue on through the house.  Greg follows from behind.)  

(Brass walks into the next room and finds the body on the floor.)

BRASS:  Polaroid doesn't do him justice.

(Quick flash of:  The Polaroid picture of the body burns.  End of flash.  Resume
to present.)

(Brass steps further into the room.  Grissom walks over to the body.  He notices
that cord tied around the dead body's neck.)

GRISSOM:  Same kind of wire I found in the first victim's car.

(Brass finds a photo BANKMASTER credit card on the desk.
     5000 4382 9021 4302
     KEN WILLARD    )

BRASS:  Ken Willard.

GREG:  Yeah, I recognize that guy in the picture.  (He points to the framed
photo on the shelf.)  From blitzkrieg?  Manny, the club owner.  So our first
victim ...

(Quick flash to:  [INT. WILLARD RESIDENCE - DAY]  The killer chokes Ken

GREG:  (v.o.) ...  strangled this guy with wire, ...

(Flash to:  The killer photographs the body.)  

GREG:  (v.o.) ...  photographs it ...

(Flash to:  [CLUB]  The killer holds the photo.)  

GREG:  (v.o.) ...   takes it to the club, burns it for some reason, and then
takes one between the eyes himself?

(Someone kills the killer.)

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  Bring me the head of John the Baptist.

[Note:  Matthew 14:8 & Mark 6:24-25]

(Brass shrugs.)  

GRISSOM:  Salome -- wanted proof that he was dead.  They didn't have Polaroids
back then.

BRASS:  So you're saying our first victim was a hired killer.  Hired by whom?

GREG:  Whoever shot him?

(Brass considers it.  Grissom turns to look at Greg and Brass.)  





(Brian is dressed in an alien costume complete with head extension and jewel in
the center of his forehead.  He stands on stage and talks with a crowd.)  

BRIAN (AS ALIEN MINISTER):  (lisping)  And like a blinding supernova, your love
is blasting throughout the universe.  Two spirits have become one.  Earthling to

(Nick and Sara walk into the room and take seats at the back.)

BRIAN (AS ALIEN MINISTER):  (lisping)  ...  So ... by the power of the sun and
the moon and all the planets in the universe, and the great State of Nevada, I
now pronounce you husband and wife.  You may kiss that bride.

(The couple kiss as the guests applaud.)

BRIAN (AS ALIEN MINISTER):  (lisping)  There you go.

SARA:  Don't get all misty on me, now.


(Sara and Nick talk with Brian as he removes his head extension.)  

BRIAN:  So the deceased's costume was similar to mine, you say?

NICK:  Yeah, identical.  Manufactured by Big City Costumes.

(Brian removes his head extension.)  

NICK:  Specifically designed for this chapel.

BRIAN:  Yeah, that's who makes them.  I guess I shouldn't be so surprised --
things get stolen from he all the time.  Them sci-fi nuts, you know, they're big

NICK:  Do the initials E.T. mean anything to you?

BRIAN:  No, just the ...

ALIEN MINISTER'S WIFE:  Honey, we have a 3:00.

BRIAN:  Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

NICK:  So business is good?

BRIAN:  Oh, yes, never better.  You know, I mean, people, they come to Vegas to
get rich or to get hitched.  I mean, you know, that's not why we do it, though.  
Is it, honey?

(The Alien Minister's Wife shakes her head.)  

BRIAN:  We believe in love, you know, in just whatever form it might take.  Are
you two married?

SARA:  No.

BRIAN:  No? All right, well, we're open 24 hours.  There's a toll-free number
right there on the back, all right?  (He hands the brochure to Sara.)  Don't let
this moment pass you by.  (to Nick)  She's gonna getcha.

(Brian and his wife stand and leave.)  

(Nick chuckles.)  



(Nick and Sara step out of the Wedding Wonderland Chapel and out onto the
sidewalk.  A man dressed as Al Capone approaches them.)  

AL CAPONE:  Hey!  You kids don't want to get married by Spock or whatever his
name is in there.  What would your mother say?  Here.

(He hands them a flyer.)

(They look around and see the other chapel gimmicks standing out on the sidewalk
trying to drum up business.  They see the pink Cadillac in the garage.)  

ELVIS:  (over p.a.)  Come on, all you hound dogs, get married by the king at the
Burnin' Love Wedding Chapel.

NICK:  Viva Las Vegas, man.



(Catherine and Det. Vartan interview George Craven.  Catherine puts a morgue
photo of Raven on the table.)  

DET. VARTAN:  How do you explain your fingerprint on the murder weapon?

GEORGE CRAVEN:  I don't need to explain anything.  I didn't kill her.

CATHERINE:  Thumbprint on the towel bar?

GEORGE CRAVEN:  In the bathroom at the Palermo?


GEORGE CRAVEN:  Yeah, I was in there.  I took a leak.  Come on, Raven's my girl,
all right?  She always had me check out her money.

CATHERINE:  You let your girlfriend turn tricks?

GEORGE CRAVEN:  Two grand to do some mid-western chump?  She wouldn't turn it
down, and I wasn't gonna stop her.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  Raven dances on Carl Johnson.)  

GEORGE CRAVEN:  (v.o.)   Dude stumbled in from the Acid Drop ready to go.

(Raven glances back at George who leans against the wall at the back of the

(Carl Johnson pays George.)  

GEORGE CRAVEN:  (v.o.)  He seemed harmless.  I used the facility before I left.

(He misses the toilet.  He grabs the towel bar.)  

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

GEORGE CRAVEN:  Then I bounced.  I was cool with her way of life.  But I didn't
want to stay and watch.

(Catherine notes the wounds on George Craven's hand.)  

CATHERINE:  Fresh wounds.  You get those kicking guys out of the embassy, or ...
kicking your girlfriend's ass?  I don't think that you were cool with her ways.  
A big, strong guy like you, you're not gonna share her.  She didn't tell you
where she was going.  You followed her, and you killed her.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  GEORGE CRAVEN bursts into the hotel room to find
Raven in bed with Carl Johnson.)  

GEORGE CRAVEN:  You little slut!  

(Raven scrambles off the bed.  George Craven runs into the bathroom and grabs
the bath bar.)

RAVEN:  No!   Please

(He swings and hits her on the head.  She scrambles to her feet and runs out of
the bathroom.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GEORGE CRAVEN:  I need a lawyer.

CATHERINE:  I need your clothes.




(Chandra Moore is in the DNA lab working.  Grissom and Greg are both watching
her.  Grissom turns to Greg.)  

GRISSOM:  So, you like her?

GREG:  I like not being her anymore.

(Hodges joins them.)  

DAVID HODGES:  The sticky substance in the slide of your gun is tape adhesive.  
What about the blue coloring?  Chloromide M.E.A., Sodium lauryl sulfate, pine
oil.  Components of your basic bathroom disinfectant.

GRISSOM:  So, Greg, how do you explain adhesive and toilet bowl cleanser on the

GREG:  I don't know.  I can tell you the toilets in the club had blue water.

GRISSOM:  You inspected the toilet bowls for evidence?

GREG:  Well, when you got to go, you got to go.


GRISSOM:  At a crime scene, Greg?  

DAVID HODGES:  Everybody knows you hold it.  

GRISSOM:  You go across the street or next-door, somewhere other than the scene,
until you've cleared the restroom.  Did you clear the restroom?

GREG:  No.

GRISSOM:  Well, you could've flushed away evidence, wiped away fingerprints from
the handle.  Make sure you include this in your field notes.

(Grissom walks away.  Hodges turns and looks at Greg.)  

DAVID HODGES:  I like Chandra.  She's cute.



(Brass interviews Manny Brazil, the Club Owner.  Manny paces the floor in front
of Brass' desk.)  

BRASS:  The .32 automatic we found at your club, the serial numbers were filed
off.  I mean, you know better than anyone, that's a felony.  Lucky for us, the
crime lab recovered the numbers.

MANNY BRAZIL:  Hey, look, that gun was stolen out of my desk last week.

BRASS:  So what's this, "The dog ate my homework"?

(Manny sits down across Brass' desk.)  

MANNY BRAZIL:  Come on, man, think about it.  Why would I kill somebody in my
own club?  I still got yellow tape across the front door.

BRASS:  What do you care?  You only own ten percent of the club.  Ken Willard
owns the rest.

MANNY BRAZIL:  Yeah, but the guy's not around.  Besides ... things change.

BRASS:  You're damn right they do.  He's dead.

MANNY BRAZIL:  What?  Wait-wait-wait, you don't think that I had any ... no.




(Catherine walks in and heads for the bartender.)  

CATHERINE:  Hi. Chris here?

BARTENDER:  You are ... ?

CATHERINE:  I'm Catherine.

BARTENDER:  Oh, right, you must be his cop friend.

(Chris walks out from the back room.  He closes the door behind him and heads
toward Catherine.)  



CHRIS BEZICH:  You should've told me you were coming down.  (They kiss.)  What's
going on?

CATHERINE:  I'm checking out an alibi.  Was this guy in here last night?

(Catherine shows Chris a copy of the Ohio Driver License for Carl Johnson.  It

     COLUMBUS, OH  43208
     LICENSE NO.  RT2477091
     BIRTHDATE  04/23/64
     ISSUE DATE  04/23/02
     SEX M     HT 5-10     WT 170     HAIR BRN

CHRIS BEZICH:  Yeah, he was, uh, belligerent, drunk -- he was groping every
waitress in the place.  We sent him over to the strip joint next-door.  It was
more his speed.

(Catherine's phone rings.  She checks the message.)

CHRIS BEZICH:  You're busy.  Am I gonna see you tonight?

(She closes the phone.)  

CATHERINE:  I'm working late.


(Catherine smiles and nods at him.  She turns and leaves.)


[INT. CSI - LAB -- DAY]  

(Various cuts of Warrick working in the lab.  He examines the hot plate and
finds some burned substance on it.  He removes the substance.)  

(Cut to:  He's scanned the substance into the computer and works on the



(Grissom and Greg are in the bathroom stall.  Greg closes the toilet cover and
removes the toilet lid.  They find duct tape.)  

GREG:  Duct tape.

(Greg grabs his kit and opens it.)  

GREG:  So the shooter stuck the gun in the toilet earlier to avoid the metal

(Quick flashback to:  [STALL]  Someone tapes the gun to the inside of the
toilet.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

GRISSOM:  Echoes of Michael Corleone.

(Greg removes the duct tape from the toilet.)  

GREG:  So if Manny is the shooter, why would he need to hide his own gun?

GRISSOM:  He wouldn't.  So what are you gonna do now?

GREG:  Check for prints.



(Nick and Sara walk into the lab.  Sara picks up the file folder and looks
through it.)  

CHANDRA MOORE:  Please don't do that.

SARA:  Oh, sorry. Uh, I was just looking for our alien DNA analysis.

(Nick looks through the scope.)


(He looks at Chandra.)  

NICK:  Come on, where's your intellectual curiosity?

CHANDRA MOORE:  I hardly considered it a priority.

SARA:  It's very neat in here.  You're very neat, Chandra.

(The printer prints out the results.  Chandra turns to get it.)  

CHANDRA MOORE:  Thank you.

(David Hodges steps into the lab to report to Nick and Sara.)  

DAVID HODGES:  Your shovel from the desert?  

(He looks over at Chandra and sees her struggling to pull the print sheets out of the printer.)  

DAVID HODGES:  Dug into the paint history of somebody's car.

(Quick flash of:  The side of a car.  End of quick flash.)

DAVID HODGES:  Black enamel undercoats, general motors, '60s vintage.  Three
layers of primer plus a acrylic top, pink.

SARA:  A pink cadillac?

(Quick flash of:  The pink Cadillac in the garage.  End of quick flash.)

(Det. Travis steps into the DNA lab to report to Nick and Sara.  It's getting to be a party in the DNA lab.)

DET. TRAVIS:  Hey. E.T. phoned home.  I got an I.D. off the hearing aid.  (David Hodges looks over at Chandra Moore.)  Our alien is Reverend Edward Thomas of 49 Stuart Street.

SARA:  Oh, the Chapel of Intergalactic Love.

NICK:  We've already been there.

DET. TRAVIS:  Well, if the reverend is dead, who's running the place?

(Irritated by all the interruptions, Chandra has had enough.)

CHANDRA MOORE:  Could you please take this somewhere else?

NICK:  We know where there's a pink cadillac.  (Elvis imitation)  Thank ya.  
Thank ya very much.

(Nick and Sara turn and leave the lab.  Chandra sighs.)




[INT. CSI - A/V LAB -- DAY]  

(Archie Johnson goes over the security camera video footage with Catherine.  On
the monitor is George Craven walking through the hotel hallway.)  

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  I got the stripper's boyfriend on camera.  

(He pauses the video.)  

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  If he just killed somebody, he's being really cool about it.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, and he didn't change his clothes from last night.  I screened them for blood -- negative.  And the tox report on Mr. Johnson confirms traces of triazelam in his blood.

ARCHIE JOHNSON:  So golf ball salesman was too doped up to kill her.  The boyfriend couldn't have bludgeoned her without getting blood on his clothes.




(Det. Cavaliere walks into the lab to report to Warrick.)  

DET. CAVALIERE:  Hey.  If Lance Frazer won fifty grand, I can't find it.  It's not in his room, no bank account, no car.

WARRICK:  What time did the super say the electricity went out?


WARRICK:  12:30?  How does a broke-ass guy like lance lose fifty grand in thirty

DET. CAVALIERE:  Had to take him ten minutes just to walk back home.

WARRICK:  Well, they say gamblers are creatures of habit.  I bet you lance did
the same thing every day.  Win or lose.  I'm going to need to take a walk in
this guy's shoes.




(Warrick stops on the sidewalk and looks at the casinos' flashing lights.  He
walks down the sidewalk and sees a Cigar Vendor.)  

WARRICK:  Hey, captain.


WARRICK:  Do you sell Clark cigarettes?

CIGAR VENDOR:  Yeah, I do.  (He reaches for a pack.)  You know, you've got to be
the only other guy in Vegas that smokes these sticks?

WARRICK:  Really?


WARRICK:  Is this the other guy?

(He shows the vendor the photo of Lance Frazer.)  

CIGAR VENDOR:  That's him.  He's here every night.  Big spender.  Pays me in

(Warrick nods.)



(Greg works on the duct tape in the lab.  He looks for a print.  He finds a print.)


(Warrick walks along and finds a sidewalk table with Omnicose Sweetener packets, the same packets found in Lance Frazer's room.)


(Close-up of parts of the pink Cadillac.  Nick looks at the side of the car and sees something.)  

NICK:  Sara.  

(Sara joins him and looks at the car side.)

NICK:  Let's go talk to the king.


(Warrick walks up to the hot dog vendor.)  

WARRICK:  Hey, pop.  Like the buddha said to the monk, make me one with

HOT DOG VENDOR:  Sure thing, boss.  Coming right up.

WARRICK:  Were you working last night?

HOT DOG VENDOR:  Nope.  I don't usually work this stand.

WARRICK:  Who does?

HOT DOG VENDOR:  Some punk kid.  Just up and quit last night.  Left the stand
sitting right here.

WARRICK:  Really?  Would you happen to know where this punk kid lives?



(Officers with their weapons out converge on the apartment #130.)  

(Det. Cavaliere pounds on the door.)

DET. CAVALIERE:  Daniel Halburt!  We've got a warrant to search the premises! Open up!

(The door opens.  A young kid with gold chains around his neck looks out.)  

DANIEL HALBURT:  Yeah, what up, man?

(Det. Cavaliere grabs him and pulls him out of the apartment.)  


DANIEL HALBURT:  (surprised)  Hey, man!

(Det. Cavaliere steps into the apartment and checks it out.)  


WARRICK:  Clear!

(The officer outside handcuffs Daniel Halburt.)

WARRICK:  Whoo!  Would you look at the size of this flat screen?  My lord,
that's a whole month of my pay right there.   A new playstation?  A brand-new

(Warrick sees the hot dog vendor uniform on the side.  He picks it up.)  

WARRICK:  You must have sold a lot of hot dogs last night, huh?

(He sees the burn on the uniform.)  

WARRICK:  Did you get that from Lance?  You know, your old friend.  Did you sell
a lot of hot dogs him?

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  Lance Frazer sees the hot dog vendor.)  

LANCE FRAZER:  I finally hit.  Fifty large, cash.

(He shows Daniel Halburt the cash.)  

LANCE FRAZER:  Kick back in the tub, pay off that shifty super, and I'm checking
into the Bellagio.

(He takes his hot dog and leaves.)

(End of flash.)  

DANIEL HALBURT:  I gambled every day of my life.  I never won a damn thing.

(Quick flashback to:  [FRAZER'S MOTEL ROOM - NIGHT]  The door opens.  Daniel Halburt walks in.  He picks up the hot plate and goes into the bathroom.  He burns his hot dog vendor uniform.)

DANIEL HALBURT:  Tell me where the money is.

(Lance Frazer looks up scared and shakes his head.  Daniel Halburt drops the hot plate into the tub.  Lance Frazer is electrocuted.)

(End of flash.  Resume to present.)

DANIEL HALBURT:  He should have just showed me where the money was.  It was in the bible.

WARRICK:  Take this guy out of here.



(Brian, who is now dressed as Elvis, presides over another marriage.  Sara and
Nick walk into the chapel and watch from the back.)  

BRIAN (AS ELVIS):  So as the one and only king of rock and roll, I now pronounce
you, husband and wife.  You get over there and kiss that bride!  All right!  
There we go!

SARA:  Does Elvis look familiar to you?

(Brian lifts his Elvis glasses off and sees them standing in the back.  Sara
waves to him.  Nick nods.)  

GUEST:  (b.g.)  That's the stuff!
GUEST:  (b.g.)  Do karate if you do, right?
GUEST:  (b.g.)  Viva Las Vegas  Viva Las Vegas

BRIAN (AS ELVIS):  That's right, that's right.



(Nick and Sara interview Brian.)

NICK:  You want to tell us about the scratch on your cadillac?

BRIAN:  (lisping)  I mean, come on.  That's more than just a scratch.  I mean,
it's nothing compared to the vandalism or the stress.  I mean, come on.  It's a
war out there, you know?  Marriage is money in this town and every chapel owner
wants more.  I mean, last month, middle of the "I Do's," a rock comes flying
through my stained glass.

SARA:  Were you in a war with Ed Thomas?

NICK:  We found the shovel near the body.  The paint transfer matches your car.

BRIAN:  Well, I guess Ed was at war with me.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  Ed takes the shovel and scratches the side of the Cadillac with it.  End of flash.  Resume to present.)

BRIAN:  I mean, I was looking for a truce.

(Quick flashback to:  [ED'S RESIDENCE]  Brian walks into the small apartment.  Ed's sitting in front of the television set.)

BRIAN:  (v.o.)  At first I thought that he was ignoring me, and then I remembered about his hearing problem.

BRIAN:  Ed, I want to talk to you.

(Brian takes off his glasses and steps into the apartment.)  

BRIAN:  (louder)  Ed, I want to talk to you.

(Brian checks Ed, but he's dead.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

BRIAN:  He was dead when I got there, I swear it.  It must have been a heart
attack or something.  And so I took him out to Area 51 and then I buried him.

SARA:  Why would you possibly take him all the way out there?

BRIAN:  Because it's what he would have wanted.

NICK:  And so then you just took over his business?

BRIAN:  Yeah, well, I mean, it seemed like a good idea at the time, you know?  
Keep spreading the love.

SARA:  The coroner determined that Ed suffered from Marfan syndrome, similar to
Abe Lincoln.

NICK:  Abnormally long fingers, arms, legs, scoliosis.

BRIAN:  So, what does that got to do with me?

SARA:  The syndrome weakened Ed's abdominal aorta.  When you found him, he
wasn't dead, he was unconscious.  He was bleeding internally.

NICK:  Yeah, the coroner found dirt in his stomach and his upper airways,
underneath his fingernails.

(Quick flash to:  Camera zooms out to Area 51 and down into the dirt.  We see Ed
Thomas open his eyes, looks around, and open his mouth to scream.)

(Quick CGI POV of:  Camera zooms into Ed Thomas' mouth, down his throat, turns
around and we see that it fill quickly with dry dirt.)

(End of flashes.  Resume to present.)

NICK:  He died from asphyxia, all right, but it was post-burial.

(Brian's eyes widen in horror and he starts to cry.)

BRIAN:  I think I'm going to be sick.  I'm sorry.




(Catherine returns to the bathroom with an ALS.  She puts her kit down.)

CATHERINE:  Hit the lights.

(Det. Vartan turns the lights off.  She looks down at the smudge of blood on the floor.)  

CATHERINE:  The victim had a swollen ankle.  What if this bracelet is an anklet?

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  In her bare feet, Raven slips on the urine on the floor and hits her head on the bath bar.)

(Raven staggers out of the bathroom.  She realizes her head's bleeding.)

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)   By then Johnson had passed out from the triazelam.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

CATHERINE:  The more docile the john, the easier the job, except when you need him to save your life.

(Quick flashback to:  [NIGHT]  Carl Johnson is sleeping heavily on the bed.  Raven tries to wake him up.  She's bleeding everywhere.)  

RAVEN:  Please, wake up, wake up.

(she picks up the phone and passes out.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

DET. VARTAN:  Well, if Johnson was innocent, why'd he lie to us?

CATHERINE:  Try explaining this to your family back in Ohio.



(Grissom, Brass and Greg question Crystal.  Manny Brazil stands nearby.)  

GRISSOM:  Are you aware that your fingerprints are in the Federal system?

BRASS:  You're awaiting trial on drug trafficking, Manny posted your bail.

MANNY BRAZIL:  I was just helping her out.

CRYSTAL:  It wasn't my "E."

BRASS:  Oh, yeah?  Who's "E" was it?

CRYSTAL:  Ken Willard asked me to bring a bag back from L.A. For him.  I didn't know what was in it.

BRASS:  So you and Ken had a relationship?

CRYSTAL:  We dated.

(Manny looks at Crystal, surprised by this news.)  

GRISSOM:  You both took valacyclovin as well.  We found your prints on some duct tape in the women's restroom.

(Quick flashback to:  [RESTROOM]  Crystal hides the gun in the toilet.)

GRISSOM:  (v.o.)  The duct tape was used to hide Manny's gun.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)  

BRASS:  The gun used to kill your hit man.

MANNY BRAZIL:  Hit man?  What the hell are you talking about?

Well, with Ken Willard gone, your 10% of the club becomes 100%.

MANNY BRAZIL:  I didn't kill him and she doesn't deserve to go to jail.  Look, the guy was a snake.  Picking up girls, using them as mules, throwing them away.

BRASS:  So what does a contract killer cost these days, Manny?

CRYSTAL:  Manny didn't do anything.  He's only tried to help me.  The guy said he could solve my problem for ten grand.  When the job was done, he said the price had doubled.  I couldn't afford that ... and I didn't want to get Manny involved.  So I stole the gun from his office.

(Quick flashback to:  [RESTROOM]  Crystal puts the gun in the toilet.)

CRYSTAL:  (v.o.)  I kept it in the bathroom overnight ...

(The next night, Cyrstal is working.)

CRYSTAL:  (v.o.)  ... waited till that son of a bitch showed up, picked my moment.

(She points the gun at the hit man and fires.)

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CRYSTAL:  Second I get arrested, Ken dumps me.  He says he'll kill me if I roll over on him.  The way I saw it, I had two choices:  Either kill him or go to jail.

GRISSOM:  Congratulations. You got both.




(Catherine walks into the club.  She walks over to the bar and waves to the bartender.  The bartender points to the back.)  


(Catherine opens the door.  We hear a woman's laugh coming from inside.)  

(She finds Chris with one of the club waitresses.  They stare at each other for a moment.)

CHRIS:  What do you expect?  I run a nightclub.

(Catherine turns and leaves.  The door slams shut behind her.)  

CLUB WAITRESS:  Who was that?


(Catherine walks out of the club.)



(Grissom reviews Greg's file.)  

GRISSOM:  You committed a fatal error, Greg.  You compromised evidence at a crime scene.  A judgment like that can cost us a conviction.  In order to solo in the field, you have to successfully complete three proficiencies.

(He gives the file back to Greg.)  

GREG:  I failed this one.

GRISSOM:  Yeah.  

(Greg stands up, sighs and heads for the door.

(Grissom takes his glasses off.)  

GRISSOM:  But ...

(Greg stops and turns around.)  

GRISSOM:  Since you found a suitable replacement in the lab, I'm going to give you one more chance.

GREG:  Thank you.  Thank you.

(Greg leaves.  Grissom watches him go.)


(Greg walks through the hallway.  He hears some glass smash and Chandra's frustrated growl.)  

CHANDRA MOORE:  Oh, I can't go through with this!

(He looks up and sees Chandra step out of the lab.)

GREG:  Hey, Chandra, how was your first day?

CHANDRA MOORE:  I can't do this.  It's too much for one person.  

(She takes her coat off.  Nick and Warrick peer out of the lab and watch.  Chandra gives Greg her lab coat.)

CHANDRA MOORE:  They all want ... they all want you, and I can't be you.  

(Chandra turns and leaves.)

CHANDRA MOORE:  (o.s.)  I'm going back to Connecticut.

(From the lab doorway, Warrick holds out a bill.  Nick takes it.)

(Greg glances over at the two of them.  Warrick shrugs at him.)

(Greg nods knowingly and looks down. )



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