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Les Experts
#211 : C'est pas moi, c'est elle

L'Equipe de la Police Scientifique est appelée à resoudre le meurtre d'un très riche et renommé entrepreneur, retrouvé mort dans l'ascenseur d'un hôtel. Lorsque le corps sans vie de Bob Fairmont, un promoteur, est découvert, l'équipe découvre rapidement que le lieu du crime a été "aménagé" et la victime opérée et recousue. Après avoir mis en évidence la cause de la mort, un empoisonnement, l'équipe est choquée de découvrir que les organes vitaux de Fairmont ont été prélevés et vendus, ce qui accroit considérablement la difficulté de l'enquête. 

Titre VO
Organ Grinder

Titre VF
C'est pas moi, c'est elle

Première diffusion

Première diffusion en France

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Écrit par : Elizabeth Devine & Ann Donahue
Réalisé par : Allison Liddi

Avec : Eric Szmanda (Greg Sanders), Robert David Hall (Docteur Al Robbins), Wallace Langham (David Hodges) 


  • Kelly Connell ..... Randy Gesek 
  • Marcia Cross ..... Julia Fairmont 
  • Anne Elizabeth Ramsay ..... Claudia Gideon 
  • John F. O'Donohue ..... Carl Mercer 
  • Spencer Garrett ..... Bob Fairmont 
  • Erin Bartlett ..... Femme dans l'ascenseur 
  • Dax Griffin ..... Homme dans l'ascenseur 




SCENE #01:


(A MAN and A WOMAN walk through the lobby, their arms around each other.)

MAN:  You're going to like my room.  You can see the entire strip from my
balcony ... and the bed.

(He turns her around, her back against the wall.  Her hands come up against his

WOMAN:  (nervously)  I usually don't do this.  I-I mean, especially with
somebody that I just met.

MAN:  Yeah?  Well, I could tell that just by looking at you.

(The MAN presses the elevator door button.  The elevator bell dings.)

WOMAN:  Uh ...

MAN:  Come on, don't worry, all right?  You can trust me.  Okay?

WOMAN:  Promise?

MAN:  I never lie.

(The MAN starts to kiss the WOMAN.  He backs her up into the elevator.)

WOMAN:  You are so bad.

MAN:  Yeah, I am.

(He lifts her up and carries her into the elevator.  He presses her against the
elevator wall and starts kissing her.  After a moment, the woman looks down and
sees the dead body on the floor ... )


SCENE #02:


(SARA and GRISSOM arrive at the scene.  They duck under the crime scene tape and
walk toward BRASS who is already there.)

SARA:  Hey.  Dispatch said suspicious circs.

BRASS:  Yeah.  We got an anonymous call to 9-1-1 at the same time the couple
found him.  A male voice said:  "A man has collapsed at the Devon.  Hurry."

GRISSOM:  Where's the man?

(GRISSOM looks at the empty elevator.  There are two cones on the floor ... and
no body.)

BRASS:  Oh, he's unconscious, but breathing.  So paramedics took him to Desert
Palm Hospital.  There was no bullet wounds, no knife ... nothing.

SARA:  You got a name?

BRASS:  Bob Fairmont.  Upscale home developer.

SARA:  "A Fairmont Home, You'll Never Roam?"  Those billboards are everywhere.

BRASS:  Well, they took these pictures before they moved him.

(BRASS hands GRISSOM a stack of photos.  GRISSOM puts his kit down and looks
through the photos.)

GRISSOM:  Well, this is as phony as a chappaquiddick neck brace.  See how the
clothes are all bunched.

SARA:  Collar's off to the side, leg fabric's gathered.

GRISSOM:  It's impossible to redress an unconscious person to make it look like
they dressed themselves.  You notice anything about the suit coat?

(GRISSOM shows the photo to BRASS.  BRASS takes it and looks at it.)

BRASS:  Well, unless he's going to court or to church, there's no way he buttons
all three buttons.

(BRASS gives the photo back to GRISSOM.)

GRISSOM:  Very good, Jim.  (to SARA)  Why do they think they can fool us?




SCENE #03:


(SARA takes pictures of the elevator.  GRISSOM studies the photos.)

BRASS:  I'm going to go to the hospital to talk to Fairmont's wife.

(SARA continues to take pictures.)

GRISSOM:  Call me if you learn anything.

(BRASS leaves.  NICK walks up to them.)

NICK:  Hey, guys.  I just pulled the manager out of a restaurant.  Bob Fairmont
was staying in room 2927.  Catherine's parking the car.

GRISSOM:  Let's go up.

SARA:  We'll meet you there.

NICK:  Okay.


SCENE #04:


(GRISSOM walks toward room 2927.  In front of them is the door to the stairs. 
NICK, SARA and CATHERINE follow.  They all stop in front of the closed room

GRISSOM:  Mr. Fairmont was staying in Murder Central.

CATHERINE:  (agrees)  Mmm.

NICK:  "Murder Central"?

SARA:  You never heard that phrase?

NICK:  (exasperated)  Well, if I did, would I have asked the question?

(SARA looks smug as she got a reaction from NICK.

GRISSOM:  Sara, you're with me in here.  (to CATHERINE and NICK)  You guys get
the elevator.

CATHERINE:  All yours, girl.

SARA:  Thanks.

(GRISSOM unlocks the hotel room door.  He and SARA enter.  CATHERINE and NICK
walk back down the hallway.)

NICK:  (disgruntled)  Sara doesn't know what Murder Central means any more than
I do.

CATHERINE:  (puts a hand on NICK'S shoulder)  Oh, Nick, give it up.  We got a
death imminent to worry about.


SCENE #05:



JULIA FAIRMONT:  My husband's in surgery.  Can't this wait?

BRASS:  I'm sorry, no.  He was found under suspicious circumstances.  Do you
have any idea who may have redressed him or moved him?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  (shakes her head)  He usually goes with women who look a lot
like me ... only younger.  And I'm embarrassed to say that I've been flattered
by that, at times.

BRASS:  Do you have a name?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I was very much on the outside of that part of his life.

BRASS:  I see.

(BRASS puts his notebook back in his jacket pocket.)


SCENE #06:


(Standing side-by-side, GRISSOM and SARA look at the room in front of them. 
They're silent as they look around the room.)

SARA:  I know.  The room's talking to us.  They had champagne. 

(SARA walks into the room, GRISSOM remains by the door.)

SARA:  They were celebrating something. 

(She looks at the glasses.) 

SARA:  No lipstick on either glass.  9-1-1 did say it was a man's voice that
placed the call.

GRISSOM:  Smell the musk?  Hint of bleach? 

(GRISSOM looks up at the mirror over the bed.  He notices that the bed is

GRISSOM:  Sexual intercourse.

(SARA turns around to look at GRISSOM.)

SARA:  They kept the drapes open.  A married man who's not worried about ...
photographs, long lenses ...

GRISSOM:  Well, he's either careless or arrogant, maybe.

SARA:  Or he has a death wish.  (SARA looks down and picks up a bra.)  34 C?  If
he was with a woman, who was the guy on the 911 call?


SCENE #07:


(CATHERINE and NICK work on the elevator.)

CATHERINE:  Hand me that magnifier.  (NICK hands her the magnifier.)  Thank you.

NICK:  What do you got?

CATHERINE:  See those white specks? 

(Camera zooms for a close up of the white specks.  Resume to present.) 

NICK:  What do you think, cocaine?

CATHERINE:  No, I don't think so.

NICK:  How can you tell just by looking?

CATHERINE:  Never you mind. 

(CATHERINE takes a tape lift of the white specks.)

CATHERINE:  Let's just get this to trace.


SCENE #08:


(NICK opens the hotel room door and walks inside.  GRISSOM and SARA are just
putting on their goggles and taking out the ALS.)

NICK:  Okay, we're done in the elevator.  You guys need a hand?

GRISSOM:  Yeah, you want to dust the champagne bottle?

SARA:  The average American hotel room is covered with stains invisible to the
naked eye.

GRISSOM:  Yeah, but they're not all biological.  Some are soda stains, food
stains, whiskey stains, you know.

SARA:  No matter how clean or expensive the room seems that why always travel
with nonoxinol nine.

(They stand up.)

GRISSOM:  You sound like you're making a commercial.  Nick, hit the lights, will

(NICK turns the lights off.)

GRISSOM:  Okay, we're looking for the freshest stains.

SARA:  Soda, maybe ... maybe champagne ... oh!  Someone's little soldiers ...
more champagne.

(They look up at the walls.)

GRISSOM:  Hmm ... "starlight, star bright, first star I see tonight." 

(GRISSOM takes off his goggles and heads for the door.)

GRISSOM:  Okay, I'll let you guys do the collection.

NICK:  Thanks a lot.

(GRISSOM turns around.)

GRISSOM:  Oh, and Sara? 

SARA:  Hmm.

GRISSOM:  Last hotel room nearest the stairwell -- easy entry and egress for an
intruder and if the victim fights back, fifty percent less chance of being

SARA:  Rooms only on one side.  Murder Central.

(GRISSOM nods his head and leaves the room.  The door closes behind him.)

NICK:  (smiling)  You are so busted.

(SARA turns around to look at NICK.  She smiles.)



SCENE #09:


(Camera close up of a scope view of the "white specks" found on the elevator
floor.  The magnification view is increased.  Camera turns around and goes back
up the viewer to the eye looking through the scope.  End of scope view.)

CATHERINE:  I gave this to trace.  Why do you have

GREG:  Well, because I deal in DNA.  The smallest sliver of epidermal tissue.

CATHERINE:  This is skin.

GREG:  Scalp skin.  Itchy.  Can be embarrassing in social situations especially
if one is wearing a dark shirt.

CATHERINE:  Dandruff.

(GREG reaches out and brushes non-existent dandruff from
CATHERINE'S shoulder.)

GREG:  Good chance whoever moved the guy into the elevator ...

CATHERINE:  Had a bad case of seborrhea.

(CATHERINE deliberately leans forward and brushes the non-existent dandruff from
GREG'S shoulder.)


(CATHERINE turns to leave the lab.  GREG stops her.)

GREG:  Hey, Catherine?  Do you think Sara would ever go out with me?

CATHERINE:  (thinks about it)  Sure.  (deadpans)  As long as you don't tell her
it's a date.

(CATHERINE leaves the lab.)


SCENE #10:


(CATHERINE exits the DNA lab and walks down the hallway.  WARRICK catches up
with her.)

WARRICK:  Hey, Cath... are you on this Fairmont case?

CATHERINE:  House mogul caught with his pants on?  Yeah, I'm just rolling to the
hospital to get his clothes. Why?

WARRICK:  You know the Fairmont house was one of my first calls three years ago?

CATHERINE:  You serious?  For what?

WARRICK:  Shots fired.  He shot himself while he was cleaning his gun.


WARRICK:  Yeah. And after hearing about tonight I'm wondering if that's what
really happened.  I'm going to pull his file and check it out.

CATHERINE:  Let me know.

WARRICK:  I will.


SCENE #11:


(NICK picks up the used condom from the fixture on the wall.)

NICK:  Nice shot.  (looks inside)  Reservoir's still wet.

(NICK bags it.)

SARA:  Why did he throw it?

NICK:  Mmm. I'm only impressed if he aimed.

SARA:  I wonder if the woman has any idea she left her DNA behind?

NICK:  Not rocket science.  Man's inside, woman's out.


SCENE #12:


(BRASS fills GRISSOM in about the 911 tape.)

BRASS:  Wife says the guy's a player.  She doesn't know the women.

GRISSOM:  You tell her about the 911 tape?

BRASS:  The male voice?  Oh, I just got back from central dispatch.  The tape's
lost.  New computer system.

GRISSOM:  Any ear-witnesses?

BRASS:  The dispatcher says it could've been a woman whispering.  Or a very old
person, gender indeterminate.

GRISSOM:  That's about as good as an eyewitness.

(GRISSOM'S phone rings.  He answers it.)

GRISSOM:  Grissom.  (pause)  What?  (pause)  I'll be right there. 

(He hangs up and looks at BRASS.)

GRISSOM:  No lunch.

(GRISSOM turns around and heads back down the hallway.)




(ROBBINS goes over the findings with GRISSOM.)

GRISSOM:  We got a time?

ROBBINS:  Well, all indications are he was brain-dead from the time he collapsed
at the hotel


(Quick CGI POV to:  A camera close up of the deceased's forehead.  White flash
to a view of the brain where blood starts to leak out.)

ROBBINS:  (v.o.)  An artery out-pouches blood floods the subarachnoid space.

(End of CGI POV.  Resume to present.) 

ROBBINS:   Heart still beats, but the brain's dead.  And it doesn't regenerate.

GRISSOM:  Aneurysm from trauma ...

ROBBINS:  Genetic predisposition.  Both parents went that way.  It increases a
person's chance of stroke ten-fold.  He looks like an athlete.

GRISSOM:  Brain dead at 38, otherwise healthy and strong.  Is this a

ROBBINS:  I was wondering when you'd ask.  Prime donor candidate.  Next of kin
signed off.

GRISSOM:  How many organs they take?

ROBBINS:  Eight in under two hours.

GRISSOM:  Man, those harvest doctors move, don't they?

(Quick flashback to:  The heart monitor beeps.  The doctor puts the first organ
in the pan.)

DOCTOR:  Kidneys, stat!
DOCTOR:  Go, go, go!

(Various flashes of the organs being removed and of various machinery monitoring
the donor.)

DOCTOR:  Here comes the liver.  Ready with a basin, please.
NURSE:  For ...
DOCTOR:  Right now.
DOCTOR:  And here we go!

(The second organ goes into the pan marked:  "Liver".)

DOCTOR:  Clamp it.
DOCTOR:  Get it back, get it back.
DOCTOR:  Ready and got it.
DOCTOR:  Here we go.

(The final organ is placed in the pan.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

GRISSOM:  (nods)  All right, I'll notify the PD about the organs.

(GRISSOM leaves the room.)


SCENE #14:


(GREG takes a swab from the condom.  SARA reads through some papers as she

GREG:  So I was thinking.  Maybe we could take our break at the same time. 
(beat)  Later this shift.  (beat)  Together.

SARA:  Sure.

GREG:  (surprised)  Really.

(GREG tests the swab.  SARA leans in to look.)

SARA:  Semen.  No surprise there.

GREG:  Well, without the DNA sample from the hotel guy this test is pretty

(SARA goes back to looking at the photos.)

SARA:  I'm more interested ... in who the woman is.

GREG:  Well, just like the bra, I'm going to need a reference of her DNA in
order to do anything, and that's not going to happen until ...

(SARA rifles through the autopsy photos.  She sees something.)

SARA:  What the heck?

GREG:  What?

SARA:  (looking up)  Stripes.

(Without further explanation, SARA walks out of the lab.)

GREG:  Stripes.


SCENE #15:


(SARA and GRISSOM walk through the hallway.  SARA shows GRISSOM the photos.)

SARA:  Transverse white bands that appear six weeks after the onset of symptoms
of toxicity.

GRISSOM:  You got a closer view?

(SARA hands GRISSOM the photo she was looking at.  Camera zooms in to the
fingernails to show the white stripes.)

GRISSOM:  Uh ...

SARA:  They look like mees lines to me.

GRISSOM:  Could be livor mortis.

SARA:  Or white striae, indicative of heavy metal poisoning.

GRISSOM:  We can't count on a photo to draw that kind of conclusion.  We need
the body.


SCENE #16:


(SARA, GRISSOM and ROBBINS look at the empty table.)

SARA:  Don't take this wrong, Dr. Robbins, but ... how do you release a body
that's been redressed and dumped in an elevator?

(ROBBINS pushes the table back into the cabinet.)

ROBBINS:  I deal with cause of death, which was an aneurysm and therefore, a
natural, and based on that his body is released to a mortuary.

(ROBBINS sits down at the computer monitor.)

SARA:  The whole transplant thing didn't raise a flag?

GRISSOM:  I thought I'd raised a flag with the good doctor when I told him I was
going to notify the police department but evidently, I mis-communicated again.

SARA:  Great.

(ROBBINS enters the search in the computer database.)

(The results are as follows:
[Name:           FAIRMONT, ROBERT    
Cause of Death:  Natural     Date:    12/13/01
Time of Death:   4:00 a.m.   Case #:  29574
Destination:     Desert Haven Mortuary     ]

ROBBINS:  All may not be lost. Here...  body of Robert Fairmont released at 0400
hours to the Desert Haven Mortuary.

SARA:  I know that place.

GRISSOM:  Well, if they haven't embalmed him we can still get a blood sample
test for heavy metal poisoning.

SARA:  Good. I'll drive. 

(SARA heads for the door.  She turns around when she realizes that GRISSOM isn't

SARA:  You're not coming?

GRISSOM:  (looks up)  You found it, you run with it. 

(SARA seems surprised.) 

GRISSOM:  You can do it. Take Nick.

SARA:  Okay.

(SARA leaves.)


SCENE #17:


(FURNACE POV:  SARA looks in through the window.  Her face shows her shock and

SARA:  How long's he been in here?

RANDY GESEK:  92 minutes at 1,600 degrees.  At, exactly, was it that you wanted
to see?

(SARA turns around to look at RANDY GESEK.)

NICK:  His fingernails.

RANDY GESEK:  I'm very sorry.

NICK:  Who approved this cremation?

(RANDY looks at his clipboard and sighs.)

RANDY GESEK:  His wife, Julia Fairmont.

SARA:  Same person who approved the organ transplants.

(RANDY nods.  SARA turns to look at the furnace.)




SCENE #18:


(Camera opens on the evidence bag of ROBERT "BOB" FAIRMONT'S ashes.  The bag is
dated 12/6.  Case # 81585171.  Labeled:  "Ashes of Bob Fairmont" and "DOB 2-25-

(SARA picks up a piece of ash and places it in a mortar.  She grounds it with a


SCENE #19:



BRASS:  You told me your husband was in surgery.


BRASS:  Surgery to take his organs not to save his life.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  He was technically ... dead.  He wanted to donate his organs. 
I was following his wishes.  Why are you being so hostile?

BRASS:  Someone was poisoning your husband.


SARA:  We don't know the dose or the duration but we do know the type of poison. 
We processed your husband's remains. 

(Quick series of flashes to match SARA'S narration.  SARA in the lab taking the
piece of ash.  SARA testing a sample of the ash in the analyzer.  SARA pressing
the button to start the machine.)

(Machine test results read as follows for "Alignment Mode Lamp 1":

[Name:       Se-02-196.1-lib3   Pulse: Wide
Lamp:        Se Buck sci         Bkgnd:  Off
Wavelength:  196.0-        Slit:  0.2
Pnt:         304.9V
Energy:      2.652            ]

SARA:  (v.o.)   Most poisons would be completely burned off by cremation but
heavy metals are very resistant to heat.   This heavy metal -- selenium.

(White flash to the fire in the furnace.  Printer prints results.  End of
flashback.  Resume to present.)

SARA:  Did you notice that your husband's breath might have been garlicky?


SARA:  The body will excrete demethyl selenide -- smells just like garlic.


SARA:  The white stripes on his fingernails--did you notice those?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Um ... we didn't see each other a lot.  Bob was busy building
his company.

SARA:  That bother you, him never being home?


JULIA FAIRMONT:  I think it would bother any woman.

SARA:  Did you know that the most common choice of premeditated murder among
women is poison?  They cite its passivity.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I did not poison my husband.

SARA:  You cremated his body.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  He wanted to be cremated.  I cremated him.  He wanted to donate
his organs.  I did that, too.  Now, if there's nothing else, I will be at home
preparing for my husband's memorial service.  Excuse me.

(Angry, JULIA FAIRMONT grabs her jacket and stands up to leave.  SARA stops

SARA:  Do you want us to notify you?

(SARA and JULIA turn around to look at each other.)


(SARA stands up and walks toward JULIA FAIRMONT.)

SARA:  When we find out the exact amount of selenium given to your husband and
over what period of time?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I thought you couldn't tell.

SARA:  Your husband's gone, but his organs are still out there.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  (nods)  Well, good.  Yes, I would like to be notified.

(SARA turns to look at BRASS.)


SCENE #20:


(NICK stands behind the physician as they explain the situation to the PATIENT,
CARL MERCER, in the bed.)

CARL MERCER:  Straight up, am I going to die?

PHYSICIAN:  You have only a small fraction of the poison that was in your
donor's body--one organ.
With nothing new coming in it should work its way out.

CARL MERCER:  I must've had 100 tests.  How'd you doctors miss this?

NICK:  A heavy metal like selenium presents so rarely that it's

CARL MERCER:  You don't look like a doctor.

NICK:  (smiles)  No, sir, no, I'm not.  I'm Nick Stokes.  I'm with the Las Vegas
Crime Lab.

PHYSICIAN:  I'll be right outside.

NICK:  Thank you, doctor. 

(The doctor leaves.  NICK steps up toward the bed.) 

NICK:  I was hoping I might be able to get a sample of that new kidney of yours.

CARL MERCER:  A sample?

NICK:  Biopsy. A sliver.

CARL MERCER:  You mean open me up again?

NICK:  Maybe an invasive scope.  The only way I can get an accurate barometer of
the poison in Mr. Fairmont's system is through one of his organs.

CARL MERCER:  I'm sorry, young man but this is my kidney now.  (He shakes his
head.)  I waited four years.  I can't have anyone cut into me for it.  I just

NICK:  Hey, I understand.  Thank you for your time.

(NICK glances down at the watch on the railing.)

NICK:  I like your watch, man, that's cool.

CARL MERCER:  It broke while I was down in surgery--stuck on 11:00.  Think the
Lord's trying to tell me something?

(NICK chuckles.) 

NICK:  Yeah, get it to a watch repair shop.  (pause)  I hope you get to feeling
better, Mr. Mercer.

(NICK leaves the room.)



SCENE #21:


(SARA updates GRISSOM.)

SARA:  Nick struck out on the kidney.  I got four "no's" over the phone.  One
yes from a recipient in Illinois-- heart.

GRISSOM:  Useless-- heart has no memory for poison.

SARA:  Why can't we cut the middle man and just check the wife's house for
selenium?  (GRISSOM looks at SARA.)  All right, I know, something about
constitutional law.  Get probable cause, then get a search warrant ...

(GREG walks on into the hallway, directly in front of SARA and GRISSOM.)

GREG:  Sara! I was just looking for you.  Still up for break?

SARA:  Sorry, Greggo-- hot case.  I'm going to go look at Nick's champagne
bottle.  How you doing with our DNA?

GREG:  Uh ... inside-outside we're still looking for a reference for comparison
but the epidermals are looking promising.

SARA:  Nice.

(SARA leaves.)

GRISSOM:  You want to clue me in?

GREG:  Sara and I were just going out for dinner.

GRISSOM:  On the case, "Greggo".

GREG:  Oh. Right.

(GREG turns back in to his lab.  GRISSOM follows.)


SCENE #22:


(CLAUDIA GIDEON walks in and heads for the Nurse's station.  CATHERINE is
standing next to the station, waiting.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Excuse me ... I'm Claudia Gideon, Bob Fairmont's secretary.  I
came to pick up his property.

NURSE:  Oh, I'm sorry, but Ms. Willows already asked for them.

CATHERINE:  His property is part of our investigation.
I'm afraid I have to take it.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Oh, fine. I was just doing my job.

CATHERINE:  Yeah, me, too.  Did you work for the Fairmonts three years ago, when
Mr. Fairmont was shot?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I was out sick that day.

CATHERINE:  Interesting. 

(CATHERINE sees something on CLAUDIA'S sweater.) 

CATHERINE:  You have dandruff.

(CATHERINE turns to get tape from her kit.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Is that really proper etiquette?

CATHERINE:  It is when I'm on a case.  Do you mind?

(CATHERINE takes a tape lift.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Where did you say you worked?


SCENE #23:



BRASS:  I'm going to ask you again -- were you in that hotel room with Bob

(CATHERINE enters the room and closes the door.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I was not, no.

CATHERINE:  But you did redress him and place him in the elevator.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  You don't know what you're talking about.

CATHERINE:  Well, that's dangerous to say to a scientist. 

(CATHERINE puts her file on the table.) 

CATHERINE:  Dandruff is nothing more than sloughed-off skin.  It has a nucleus
just like a cell on your arm or your big toe. 

(CATHERINE puts the test results and photo in front of CLAUDIA GIDEON.) 

CATHERINE:  These 13 DNA markers from this dandruff cell are a match to the
dandruff that I recovered from your sweater.  You were there.  At that hotel.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Okay, Mr. Fairmont told me earlier that day to meet him in his
hotel room at 9:00 to pick up some papers, okay?  When I got there, he was in
bed -- naked,

(Quick flashback to:  CLAUDIA GIDEON finds BOB FAIRMONT in bed naked.  She looks

CLAUDIA GIDEON: (v.o.)  ... unconscious.

(CLAUDIA moves and picks up his clothes.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  (v.o.)  He always told me reputation before health -- no
scandals.  I dragged him to the elevator.

(CLAUDIA drags BOB FAIRMONT into the elevator.  She leaves him there.  The
elevator doors close.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  Let me guess -- you snuck out down the stairwell.

(She nods.)

BRASS:  Who was Fairmont partying with in that room?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I don't know.

CATHERINE:  Well, we won't mind if we compare your DNA to the vaginal
contribution of a condom that we recovered from Mr. Fairmont's room?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  (nods)  Sure, go ahead.

CATHERINE:  Good.  We'd like to show you something else -- about that accidental
shooting three years ago at your boss' house.


SCENE #24:


(On the monitor is a computer reinactment of the first shooting years ago.  The
green figure is sitting down at a table when the gun falls down and shoots the
victim in the groin.)

WARRICK:  In this reinactment, Fairmont shot himself while cleaning his gun?  In
this reenactment the story just doesn't add up.  I think I fell for it because I
was new and I wasn't too eager to talk to another guy about him almost shooting
off his manhood. 

(BRASS sighs.  WARRICK straightens the monitor.)

WARRICK:  This is the room as it was then based off of my crime scene photos. 
This is crime scene reconstruction, new school.  Works backward, reverse time. 

(On the monitor it shows a different scenario with the green figure standing in
the foyer.)

WARRICK:  The bullet hit here.

(The screen backs up showing a red figure (the shooter) sitting in a chair and
shooting the green figure (the victim) in the groin.)

WARRICK:  The only logical place for that bullet to have been shot from is four
meters away, one meter high.  He didn't actually shoot himself.  Someone shot

CATHERINE:  We're thinking it was you.

BRASS:  Admission form from the ER, 9/6/98.  The person who brought Fairmont in
on the accidental shooting... was you.

(BRASS puts a copy of the Record of Admissions Form from the Desert Palms
Hospital in front of her.  The application Information reads as follows:

Local Residence - Street:  41733 Calle Matria
City - Town:  Las Vegas
State:  NV
County:  Clark
Date Admitted:  9/6/98
Time Admitted:  10:32

Patient Accompanied by:  CLAUDIA GIDEON
Address:  311 Sephill Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Attending Physician:  Dr. Tommy Liu
Address:  826 Herrick Ln, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Alternate Physician:  Dr. Sheryl Aragon
Address:  311 Sephill Rd, Las Vegas, NV  89108

Next of kin or representative/Relationship: Tyson Green Brother-in-law
Address:  493 Fairmark, Las Vegas, NV  89108
Person to notify in Emergency/Relationship: Tyson Green Brother-in-law
Address:  Same as Above    ]

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I didn't shoot him.

BRASS:  You didn't poison him, either.  All these bad things just happen to you.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I'm on call 24 hours a day, okay?  Mr. Fairmont beeped me.  I
drove out to the house, and I took him in.

CATHERINE:  Where was his wife?

(CLAUDIA shakes her head.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  You'd have to ask her.


SCENE #25:



JULIA FAIRMONT:  Yes, I shot him.  He was supposed to go riding with me and he
didn't show up till two in the morning.  No calls, nothing.  I was ... hurt.

CATHERINE:  So, you just sat there in the dark and aimed south of his belt.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I just wanted to scare him.

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT returns home and finds his wife angry and
holding a gun on him.)

BOB FAIRMONT:  It was a business meeting.
BOB FAIRMONT:  I-it wasn't like before.
BOB FAIRMONT:  I was thinking about you the whole time.

(She shoots.  He grunts from the impact.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

BRASS:  So, why didn't you tell the truth then?

MRS. FAIRMONT:  I wanted to, but Bob wouldn't let me.  He said that it would
ruin his career -- Fairmont Family Estates.

WARRICK:  I'm presenting this case to the D.A., even if it is three years old.

CLAUDIA:  My husband's dead.  We had our problems but I loved him I don't ... I
don't much care what you do now.

BRASS:  Well, there's only two reasons a woman shoots a man.  She either loves
him or hates him.

CATHERINE:  Or both.




SCENE #26:


(GRISSOM looks through the scope at the dandruff sample.)

GREG:  That's the sample Catherine pulled off of the secretary's blouse and the
hotel man's clothes -- same source.

GRISSOM:  Secretary moved the body.

CATHERINE:  We just interviewed her.  She copped to moving him.  We're looking
hard at the wife on the poisoning.

GRISSOM:  The secretary has dandruff.

CATHERINE:  We know.  Dermatomycoses seborrhea -- we got it.

GRISSOM:  Pical eczemas like that require prescription medication.  The primary
ingredient of those medications -- selenium sulfide.

(CATHERINE sighs at missing the obvious.  She heads out the lab.)


SCENE #27:


(BRASS and CATHERINE are on the porch talking with JULIA FAIRMONT.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I don't really feel right about doing this.

BRASS:  Oh, this is your residence.  Everything in Claudia's office is your

(CATHERINE and BRASS step inside.)

CATHERINE:  She could be back from dinner at any moment.  This shouldn't take

(The door closes behind them.  CATHERINE and BRASS walk into the office and
start looking around.  JULIA FAIRMONT waits by the door.  CATHERINE opens the
cabinet and finds a large brown bottle in the back.  She picks it up and looks
at the label.)

(The label reads:

[Pharmacy / 493 Fairmark Ave., Las Vegas,NV 89107
Fill Date:  7/21/01
Phone:      (702) 555-0150
Rx No:      4529975
Dr:         Doty
24 OZ
DATE:       11/07/01
REFILL:     1       BY:  11/7/02      ]

(The front door slams shut.  CLAUDIA GIDEON walks in carrying a storage box.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  That's mine.

BRASS:  Could you tell us why you keep your shampoo in your office?

CATHERINE:  Shampoo full of the same poison found in Bob Fairmont's remains?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I don't know.

BRASS:  Aw, you have to do better than that.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Maybe I pied it up at the pharmacy on lunch and put it there. 
I don't know.

(CATHERINE opens the refrigerator and looks inside.  She finds a small tub of
garlic cream cheese.)

CATHERINE:  Cream cheese.

(CLAUDIA scoffs.)

CATHERINE:   Garlic cream cheese ...

BRASS:  Hides the bitter aftertaste.

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT eating a bagel loaded with cream cheese.  End
of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  It explains away his bad breath.

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT finishing the bagel with cream cheese and
laughing.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I did not poison him.

(The cabinet door closes.)

CATHERINE:  We'll see.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Aren't you going to arrest her?

(CLAUDIA scoffs.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I haven't done anything.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Other than poison Bob.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Poison?  I'm the one who looked out for him.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  You?  I ran his home.  I entertained his clients.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Who made all of his dental appointments, huh?  His haircuts?
Who got his taxes in on time?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  You covered for his mistresses ...

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Why did he need mistresses?

BRASS:  Ladies ... don't go there.

CATHERINE:  This is yours ... and these are yours.  (CATHERINE hands each woman
a key.)  There's the door.  We build a case before we make any arrests.


SCENE #28:


(NICK walks into CARL MERCER'S hospital room.)

NICK:  Hey, Mr. Mercer.  I got your message.  You wanted to talk to me?

CARL MERCER:  Did you find out who poisoned Mr. Fairmont?

NICK:  No.  No, sir.  ,I have found selenium in his office but... without
actually knowing how much was in his system ...

CARL MERCER:  What if I could tell you?  My body's rejecting the organ.  Doctor
says it's got nothing to do with poison.  It's antibodies.

NICK:  I'm sorry. 

CARL MERCER:  I told you this watch stopped while I was down in surgery?  It's
funny ... it's like it knew all along the kidney wasn't going to take. 
Anyway... there's one last good thing I can do before I leave this earth.  So
... how do we do this?

(NICK nods.  Camera holds on CARL MERCER.)


SCENE #29:


(NICK talks to GRISSOM about CARL MERCER.)

NICK:  I can't even talk Warrick into splitting a sandwich with me and this
guy's willing to give us his kidney?

GRISSOM:  You asked for it.

NICK:  Yeah, that's my point.  Carl Mercer risks dying sooner to help our
investigation but who protects his rights?

GRISSOM:  He has free will.

NICK:  Well, so do I.  I want to retract our request.  I don't think any
investigation for the dead is worth hurting the living.

(GRISSOM turns around.  He doesn't say anything.)

NICK:  What?

(SARA calls out to them from the doorway.)

SARA:  Guys?  You're not going to believe this.


SCENE #30:


(SARA runs the print through the database.)

SARA:  Funny sometimes it is the simplest things that seems so difficult.  I've
been trying to match the partial from the champagne bottle to these known
prints.  It was upside down.

(The computer beeps.)

GRISSOM:  Must've grabbed the bottle ...

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT in bed with someone.  She reaches over and
grabs the champagne bottle.)

GRISSOM:  ... upside-down to pour.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

(On the monitor, it shows that a match was found.  The prints match up.  GRISSOM
looks at SARA.)

GRISSOM:  So ... who was he with?

SARA:  Mrs. Fairmont.

NICK:  (surprised)  What?  Player was in the hotel cheating with his own wife?


SCENE #31:


(BRASS re-interviews JULIA FAIRMONT.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I was trying to ... rekindle our marriage.  I ... got the room
... brought the champagne.

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT in bed with his wife.)

BOB FAIRMONT:  (moaning)  Oh, yes.  Yes.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  He squeezed me in between business meetings at the hotel.

BRASS:  And you didn't think to tell me that when we first talked?

(In the observation room, GRISSOM, SARA and NICK listen in on the questioning.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  No, because you asked me about him being redressed in an
elevator ... and, besides, when I left him, he was ... alive watching the news.

(Quick flashback to:  JULIA kisses BOB FAIRMONT and leaves.  The news can be
heard on the television.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

BRASS:  Oh, so, he had a stroke alone, after you left.

(Quick flashback to:  BOB FAIRMONT puts a hand to his forehead and collapses
back on the bed.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I'm not a doctor.  I don't know when he had it.

BRASS:  Well, CSI is testing that champagne bottle for selenium.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I didn't think poison caused strokes.

BRASS:  You seem to know a lot about poison for not being a doctor.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I know a lot of things about a lot of things, but that doesn't
mean that I killed my husband.



(Upon hearing this, GRISSOM looks at SARA.)

GRISSOM:  Yeah ... but what never lies?


SCENE #32:


(GRISSOM sifts through BOB FAIRMONT'S ashes.  SARA sits on the table next to him
and looks at the file.)

SARA:  Fairmont had three gold crowns.  They should've survived the cremation.

GRISSOM:  At least partially.  Heavy metal, after all.

SARA:  His wife ... had them removed at the mortuary.  That adds new meaning to
the phrase "gold digger."

GRISSOM:  Actually, that's how the phrase got started.  People used to dig up
the bodies to extract the gold.

SARA: Now they just marry them.  In some countries, this would be enough to have
her arrested for murdering her husband.

GRISSOM:  What's the most important component in a poisoning.

(Hmmm ... trick question.  SARA thinks about it.)

SARA:  Poison.

(GRISSOM looks up at SARA.)

GRISSOM:  Patience.

(SARA smiles and shakes her head.)


SCENE #33:


(JULIA FAIRMONT makes her way to her parked car.  She staggers a little and
appears to have difficulty walking.  She makes it to her car and tries to unlock
the door.  NICK sees her duress and calls out to her.)

NICK:  Ms. Fairmont ... Ms. Fairmont, you feeling okay?

(She waves him away.)

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Yeah, I'm, I'm ...

(JULIA doubles over in pain.  NICK rushes over to help her.)

NICK:  Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Hey ... maybe I just need to sit down... for a minute.

NICK:  Yeah, yeah, let's sit down here in the car for a sec. 

(NICK opens the door and helps JULIA FAIRMONT sit inside.)

NICK:  There you go.  Relax, relax, relax.

(NICK takes out his cell phone and makes a call.)

NICK:  yeah, I need an ambulance.  Uh, Vegas PD, west parking lot.


SCENE #34:


(GREG is on the computer.  NICK walks in through the hallway.  He stops when he
sees GREG at the computer, pauses for a moment, then walks by.)

(GREG does a web search for "Julia Fairmont".  He finds 900 matches.)

(He narrows the search to "Julia Fairmont" in "Nevada".  He finds 4 matches.)


SCENE #35:


(NICK continues through the hallway.  He meets up with CATHERINE and GRISSOM.)

CATHERINE:  Hey, what's going on?  We called the hospital.  She's been released.

NICK:  ER doc gave her a shot of hydropazeen ... sent her on her way.

GRISSOM:  Hydropazeen?  That's an antiemetic used to counteract heavy metal

NICK:  Which means ... somebody's been poisoning our suspect.


SCENE #36:



(CLAUDIA GIDEON shakes her head:  No.)

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I don't know how it happened.  Maybe she poisoned herself.

BRASS:  Why would she do that?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  (scoffs)  Why would she hide my shampoo in my office?

BRASS:  What, you know she did that?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Well, it wasn't her husband.  He was already dead.  She's
trying to frame me for killing him.

BRASS:  I mean, do you have anything beyond your suspicions that she did kill

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  She had his gold fillings removed.  Doesn't that tell you
something about her?


SCENE #37:



JULIA FAIRMONT:  I had his watch and ring removed, too. Do you want to see them? 
They're in a box at home.

BRASS:  You realize that doesn't look good?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  It can look however it wants.  I have nothing to hide.

BRASS:  You mean since you yourself have been poisoned?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  Yeah, why aren't you asking Claudia Richards about that?  First
my husband, then me?

BRASS:  Why would she want to kill either one of you?

JULIA FAIRMONT:  I don't know.  Maybe because he refused ... to leave me for


SCENE #38:



CLAUDIA GIDEON:  I had to wash his grungy coffee mug every night.  I had to
clean his toenail clippings off of his desktop.  Why would I ever ask Bob
Fairmont to leave anyone for me?

BRASS:  So, you think it was all in Mrs. Fairmont's head?

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  He always said she was crazy.

BRASS:  (scoffs)  Okay, that's it. All right ... look, we're not leaving here
till we get to the bottom of this.

CLAUDIA GIDEON:  Then I hope she talks soon.





SCENE #39:


(SARA walks by the offices.  She looks and sees GREG will working on the
computer.  She walks into the office.)

SARA:  Greg?

GREG:  (smiles)  Hey.  I was just printing something out for you ... on your hot

(SARA steps inside and looks at the monitor.)

SARA:  From the internet?

GREG:  Yeah, I ... I was... on break, had some time ... thought ... hey ...

(GREG gives SARA the print out of his finds.  SARA looks at it.)

GREG:  Sorry, I drew a blank on the wife.

(SARA leans in toward GREG.)

SARA:  (thrilled)  I could really, really just kiss you right now.

(Smiling, GREG bashfully turns his head away from SARA.  SARA leaves the office. 
He sighs.  When he turns back, SARA'S gone.)


SCENE #40:


(SARA shows GRISSOM the information.  GRISSOM looks at a photo of "Claudia and
John Gideon".)

GRISSOM:  So, this is Claudia.

SARA:  The secretary, ten years ago her husband, John Gideon.

(Across the hallway, CLAUDIA GIDEON takes a drink from the water fountain. 
GRISSOM and SARA turn around to look at her.  CLAUDIA GIDEON smiles back at
them.  She leaves.)

SARA:  Claudia's rich husband also died young-- 35.

(GRISSOM looks down at the Obituary for "John Gideon, dies at 35".)

GRISSOM:  She donated his organs and cremated his body.

SARA:  We don't have to chase down these organs.  Ralph Parks rejected the organ
that he got from Claudia's husband.

GRISSOM:  An organ with a memory, maybe?

SARA:  The most.  Liver. 

(SARA show GRISSOM the report.  It reads with the following information:

Rh:          NEG
DATE:        4-13-93

DOB:    5-30-62 / GENDER:  M / BLOOD TYPE:  A-POS  Rh:  Neg

                         TRANSPLANT DATE:  4-15-93  ]

SARA:  He died two months after receiving it back in '93.  Lived one state over
in Arizona.  I have the cemetery address.

(NICK rushes up toward them holding a piece of paper.)

NICK:  Hey, Sara, got the warrant.

SARA:  Awesome.  We'll keep you posted.

(GRISSOM nods as SARA and NICK leave.  He looks up at CLAUDIA GIDEON sitting in
the waiting room.)


SCENE #41:


(A large crane lifts the coffin out of the ground as SARA and NICK watch.)


SCENE #42:


(ROBBINS holds the sheet over the body up.  NICK looks up at the ceiling.)

ROBBINS:  Embalming certainly retards the decomposition process.

NICK:  Yeah, But it doesn't stop the smell.

ROBBINS:  The liver's degraded but any metal should still be there.

(ROBBINS lifts the cloth over the metal pan to show NICK the liver inside.)

NICK:  We'll find out.

(NICK takes the liver and leaves.)


SCENE #43:


(NICK cuts pieces of the liver off.  He puts them into a blender and crushes
them.  He takes the liver mixture and puts it in a small container.  He takes a
small sample of the mixture and puts it in the machine to analyze.  The results
read on the monitor.)

(The printer prints the results.)


SCENE #44:


(SARA walks into the lab.  NICK reads the results off of the printout.)

SARA:  Nick, did you get anything

NICK:  Hey, Sara. Yeah.  Sodium selenite-- selenium.  280 milligrams for a 180-
pound man...

(NICK gives the printout to SARA.  She looks at it.)

SARA:  That's murder.

NICK:  Yeah, well, it would have been murder for a 300-pound man.

SARA:  This is different than the shampoo compound.

NICK:  Yeah, it contains polysorbate 80 and vitamin E.  That combination's found
in selenium supplements injected in animals.

SARA:  Animals?  Like cats, dogs?

NICK:  Mostly livestock, grazers.

SARA:  To make up for the lack of selenium nutrient in the soil.  How did
Claudia get access to this stuff?

CATHERINE:  (o.s.)  A dairy farm. 

(SARA and NICK look up to see CATHERINE standing in the doorway reading a file.)

CATHERINE:  "Gideon Dairy and Cheese."  Largest supplier of milk in Connecticut,
in fact.  Brass talked to a local chamber-of-commerce type about Claudia's
husband.  You want to know who his secretary was?

SARA:  Yeah.

(CATHERINE puts the open file on the table for NICK and SARA to look at.  The
photograph in the picture is of John Gideon and Julia Fairmont.)

SARA:  Our Julia Fairmont.

(SARA looks up at CATHERINE and smiles.)


SCENE #45:


puts the photographs of each woman with JOHN GIDEON in front of each of them.)

SARA:  Ten years ago, you played secretary and you played wife.

CLAUDIA:  We have never represented we didn't know each other previously.

Julia:  And I wasn't playing.  I was a hard-working secretary.

CATHERINE:  And you loved your husband Right up to the day he died ... of 240
milligrams of selenium.

SARA:  Animal selenium, the kind used for cattle.

CLAUDIA:  Well, we did live in grazing country although, I have to say, Julia
knew more about livestock than I did.  She rode horses.

(CLAUDIA smiles.) 

JULIA:  I took the job because Mr. G let me board my horse at the family

CLAUDIA:  Oh, I hated the stables.  The smell.  Never stepped foot in them.

SARA:  Implicating you, the secretary.

(SARA sits down.)

SARA:  I don't believe this.

CATHERINE:  Bravo. Ladies.  You have got this down to a science.  (CLAUDIA looks
at JULIA.  JULIA continues to look at CATHERINE.)  Why did it happen the first
time?  Hubby ignored you or abused you or you got sick of him fooling around so
you started slipping  the ...

(Quick flashback to:  CLAUDIA stands in front of the table.  In one hand she
holds the bottle of selenium.  In the other, she grabs the glass of drink. 
JULIA walks in on her.)

CATHERINE:  (v.o.)  ... cow stuff into his chocolate milk?  Julia must have
caught you.

(End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

CATHERINE:  So the two of you struck a deal.

(Quick flashback to:  CLAUDIA looks at JULIA.  JULIA puts the scenario in front
of her together.)

CLAUDIA:  I'm, uh ... I'm coming into a lot of money.

(JULIA puts the things she's carrying down.  She sits down and looks at

JULIA:  No, we are.

(CLAUDIA smiles.  End of flashback.  Resume to present.)

SARA:  And then what?  The two of you realized how quickly you could run through
a couple million?  So you went looking for another mark here in Nevada?

CATHERINE:  But the difference is that you actually loved Bob Fairmont. 

(Quick flashback to:  JULIA in bed with her husband.  End of flashback.  Resume
to present.)

CATHERINE:  You shot him because he was cheating but that didn't get in the way
of your long-term goals, did it?

(GRISSOM peers through the door and taps on the glass.  CATHERINE looks up.  She
and SARA go to see what GRISSOM wants.)


SCENE #46:


(SARA and CATHERINE walk out of the interview room.)

GRISSOM:  I just came from the D.A.  Their attorneys were there as well.  Based
on everything we have the D.A. Is not going to move forward.  He says it's a

SARA:  Brass doesn't have anything?

GRISSOM:  Brass is still in the field.

(GRISSOM looks into the interview room and tells the two women:  )

GRISSOM:  You're free to go.

(They stand up to leave.  SARA looks at GRISSOM.  She's not happy with the
outcome of the case.  CATHERINE is taking it in stride.)

JULIA:  (to CATHERINE)  Where's the ladies' room?

CATHERINE:  It's down the hall to your right.

JULIA:  Thanks.

CLAUDIA:  Pardon me.

(The two women leave.)

CATHERINE:  Well, no big surprise.  We have proof of poison but no way to prove
which one of them did it.

SARA:  I like either one of them for the murder-- so will a jury.

CATHERINE:  She-said/she-said defense?  It's never going to fly.  They'll raise
each other as a viable suspect just like they did with us.

GRISSOM:  That's what the D.A. said verbatim.

CATHERINE:  See you back at CSI.

(CATHERINE leaves.  SARA is completely unhappy with the results.)

SARA:  Wait.  What?  So, what, and just let them move on to another state,
another husband?

GRISSOM:  It's not always up to us.

(Without another word, SARA walks out into the parking lot.  GRISSOM turns and
watches her leave.  He takes off after her.) 


SCENE #47:


(SARA walks across the sidewalk and heads for her car.  GRISSOM rushes out to
catch up with her.)

GRISSOM:  Sara ... look ...

(SARA stops and finally turns around to look at GRISSOM.  She's disillusioned.)

GRISSOM:  I know this isn't news to you but sometimes science isn't enough.

SARA:  What are we doing?  Digging up graves, chasing prints -- if it's no good
in court ... if the killers win ...

GRISSOM:  It isn't a competition. We don't win.  (SARA turns her head as GRISSOM
continues.)  The courts are like dice.  They have no memory.  What works one
week doesn't work the next.

SARA:  (nods and looks at GRISSOM.)  I know that.  I do.  I know that.  That's
why I'm mad.

GRISSOM:  But, see, if you get mad, then they do win.

SARA:  You just said ... This is one of your riddles isn't it?

GRISSOM:  (gently)  One of life's riddles ... (GRISSOM turns around to head back to the building.  He turns back to SARA.)  ... But, hey ... the good news ? There's no statute of limitation on murder. 

(GRISSOM makes his way back to the building.  SARA turns and walks away.)


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Bon allez, bisoussss

serieserie (20:57)

a pluus

Sonmi451 (21:17)


serieserie (21:17)


Sonmi451 (21:19)

on s'est pas déjà vu? ^^

serieserie (21:19)

je sais pas je crios bien

Sonmi451 (21:22)

parait-il, n'est-ce pas, bien sûr...

serieserie (21:23)


Sonmi451 (21:23)

que vous devriez, ma chère, être bercée par Morphée très prochainement.

Sonmi451 (21:23)

n'est-ce point vrai?

serieserie (21:24)

ceci est sans aucun doute exact. cependant mon visionnage actuelle n'étant pas achevé...

Sonmi451 (21:28)

Que visionnez-vous sur votre écran en couleur?

serieserie (21:29)

l'épisode 14x12 de NCIS afin de rattraper mes chers amis américains pour poursuivre mon visionnage de NCIS NO ayant un épisode commun avec NCIS passé cette semaine

Sonmi451 (21:36)

Ben moi je m'endors déjà rien qu'à nous lire lol

serieserie (21:36)

mdrr tu m'étonnes, c'est super dure d'écrire comme ça

Sonmi451 (21:39)

Ben ça peut se faire régulièrement mais plus simple à voix haute avec l'accent bourgeois

serieserie (21:40)

ouiii ^^

serieserie (21:40)

et pas quand je suis debout depuis beaucoup trop longtemps x)

Sonmi451 (21:40)

avec ma mamie on jouait à ça avec moi en mme de hautecourt et elle de bassecours lol

Sonmi451 (21:41)

oui voilà on attendra d'avoir eu une nuit de sommeil correcte lol

serieserie (21:41)

oui ^^

Sonmi451 (21:42)

moi je regarde le marsupilami avec Alain Chabat

serieserie (21:43)

moi j'ai fini mon épisode et jsuis arrivé sur youtubeça va pas le faire

Sonmi451 (21:46)

ben pour le moment j'accroche pas.

serieserie (21:52)

je l'ai vu une fois c'est bon quoi mais je préfére les dessins animé

serieserie (21:59)

Bon allez je file moi!

serieserie (21:59)

Bonne nuit

Sonmi451 (22:02)

bonne nuit

serieserie (12:18)

Supergirl se sent un peu seule après un mois d'ouverture! Personne pour venir faire un tour sur le quartier?

serieserie (12:18)

serieserie (15:06)

J-3 avant le début des consultations des médecins de l'HypnoCup, vous avez bien noté le rendez-vous sur vos agendas?

emeline53 (19:00)

Changement de design avec des nouvelles couleurs chez les Fosters !! venez le découvrir et merci serie² !

serieserie (17:02)

Ne pas oubliez le rendez vous chez les médecins sur l'accueil lundi!!

cinto (16:23)

Je suis sûre que vous voulez faire un rallye pour ramasser 8 petits coeurs perdus chez Ma Sorcière Bien aimée. On vous attend!

Locksley (21:38)

Problèmes de coeur ? Des cardiologues débarqueront peut-être avec l'HypnoCup demain

Locksley (21:40)

Mais en attendant, direction HypnoPlume spécial St Valentin pour voter ! On distribue des aux lettres d'amour et on partage sur Facebook avant que les résultats tombent ! Il est encore temps !

carina123 (12:06)

Personne n'a encore voté pour le sondage du quartier Lie to Me, spécial Valentin ?! Venez nombreux

Phoebus (19:44)

Carina123 : J'ai voté sur Lie To Me. Reprend courage.

Phoebus (19:47)

Trois quartiers ont décidé de changer de sondage et attendent vos votes : Le quartier Person Of Interest, le quartier Homeland et celui de Sense8. Alors n'hésitez pas a faire un tour sur chacun de ces quartiers pour voter.

emeline53 (20:11)

Vous n'êtes toujours pas venu départager les différentes créations chez les Fosters ?! Qu'attendez-vous ?

serieserie (22:27)

Les médecins de l'HypnoCup ne sont jamais surbookés, ils vous trouveront toujours un rendez-vous mais qui sera votre chouchou? Venez voter!! Promis pas de si vous venez!!

albi2302 (21:12)

Rendez-vous demain soir pour une soirée Live Chat Grey's Anatomy !

natas (21:25)

Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin ! Enjoy et commentez, svp !

sabby (11:29)

Bonjour ! Les quartier Dallas, Empire Friday Night Lights et Army Wives attendent désespérément quelques petits votes. Un petit clic serait sympa Bonne journée à tous !!

CastleBeck (14:37)

L'HypnoPlume est terminé, mais si vous voulez lire davantage d'histoires de St-Valentin , vous pouvez départager celles du concours sur le quartier Castle.

CastleBeck (14:43)

La famille Pearson serait ravie de vous accueillir sur la nouveau quartier This Is Us, que ce soit pour découvrir la série :tv:, participer à l'animation d'ouverture, voter pour le sondage ou la photo du mois ... Merci

albi2302 (17:30)

Soirée Live Chat spéciale Grey's Anatomy ce soir ! La room sera créé d'ici quelques minutes...

Spyfafa (22:28)

Live tchat en cours, venez nous rejoindre. On mord pas, même s'il y a du sang et pleins de problèmes de coeur.

serieserie (22:54)

Pas de si vous venez consultez nos 256 médecins à l'accueil et choisir vos 128 préférés !! Uniquement des de bonheur!! Allez on va voter à l'hypnoCup!!

kystis (17:13)

Merci de votre dans préférences !

kystis (17:14)


SeySey (20:10)

Bonsoir! Nouveau sondage sur le quartier Outlander! Sans oublier l'animation "Citadelle piégée" sur le quartier Under The Dome! Les membres attendent un sauvetage^^

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Bonjour bonjour!!! Calendriers à commenter sur NCIS Los Angeles, S Club 7, Dr House et DollHouse!!! ^^

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Bonjour à tous ! Venez nombreux admirer le superbe design signé Nuriko sur le quartier Grimm pour fêter la Saint-Valentin + voter pour le sondage spécial couple ! Enjoy et commentez, svp ! [Revolving_hearts]

Merlinelo (19:26)

Les jeux d'Orphan Black attendent votre participation! Pas besoin de connaître la série pour voter à la PDM, jouer au Train ou encore commenter le design. Bonne soirée à tous

Spyfafa (19:52)

Nouveaux designs à commenter : Le Caméléon, Hannah Montana, Dexter... N'hésitez pas à faire un tour !

arween (23:01)

Pensez à faire un tour sur Dollhouse pour commenter le calendrier de Titepau04 et le sondage ! Merci !

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Le quartier Dark Angel fête ses 12 ans! Venez participer et célébrer avec nous cet anniversaire! #DAHypno12ans

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