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Cut to the campus at night. You see a girl running away from a man. They reach a secluded area. We see that is Buffy and a vampire.

Buffy : Thanks for the relocate. I perform better without an audience. (She starts beating the crap out of him.)You were thinking, what, a little helpless coed before bed? You know very well, you eat this late... (She stakes him.) You're gonna get heartburn. Get it? Heartburn? (He dusts and gives no reaction.) That's it? That's all I get? One lame-ass vamp with no appreciation for my painstakingly thought-out puns. I don't think the forces of darkness are even trying. I mean, you could make a little effort here, you know? Give me something to work with.

Cut to Spike watching her from a distance.

Spike : Watch your mouth, little girl. You should know better than to tempt the fates that way. 'Cause the big bad is back, And this time, it's... (Suddenly he's being electorcuted.) Urrgh! Aaaahhh! (The commandos take him away.)


Cut to Buffy, Willow, Oz and Xander sitting at a table at the Bronze.

Willow : The bronze is more fun this year, isn't it?

Buffy : 'Cause of the gloating factor alone, you know? We're all about college now. We've got heady discourse.

Oz : Yeah. Curfew-free nights of mom and popless hootenanny.

Xander : Coed dating prospects who find townies sexy and dangerous. What, I can dream.

Buffy : Right. So if college is so great, what are we doing here and why is it more fun?

Willow : Because the bronze is nice and familiar. It's like a big comfy blanky.

Oz : I was under the impression that I was your big comfy blanky.

Willow : Aw, you're my my person blanky. This is my place blanky. You know, with all the shock of the new, it's nice to have one place that you can come back to where everything's predictable.

(Giles walks up.)

Giles : Hello.

Buffy : Giles, trouble?

Giles : Oh, no, Buffy. Don't get up. No. Nothing like that. No, I just, you know, I thought I'd drop by. Uh, latte anyone? On me?

(Everyone is looking at him in shock.)

Buffy : So much for your predictable blanky theory, Will.


Giles: Splendid. Well, it's ages since I've been to a gig. Well, don't look that way.

I'm...I'm...I'm down with the new music. And I have the albums to prove it.

Buffy : Yes, but it's your cutting edge 8-tracks that keep you ahead of the scene.

Oz : Don't scoff, gang. I've seen Giles' collection. He was an animal in his day.

Giles : Thank you.

Buffy : Hey, why not? If the stones can still keep rolling, why can't Giles?

Giles : Exactly.

Willow : I think it's brave that you're here.

Giles : Well, thank you, all. You've made me feel right at home.

Xander : Isn't home that empty place you're trying to escape?

Giles : Oh, yeah.

Willow : Veruca's playing tonight.

Oz : Yeah. Every Wednesday. I told you.

Veruca's band Shy is seen on stage. Oz is entranced.

Buffy : So, Oz, what about dingoes? When are you guys here again?

Oz : (Distractedly.) Oh, we're up next friday.

Willow : They're good, aren't they?

Oz is still mesmerized, and barley paying attention to anything but Veruca.

Oz : Nothing special.

Willow : Yeah. She's quell fiona. Color me bored.

Giles : Really? I think she's rather remarkable. Such presence for someone her age.

Cut to Oz's room. He and Willow are lying in bed. Willow is having a nightmare.

Willow ; Mm... It's in the sandblaster. Uh...

Oz : (Trying to wake Willow from her nightmare.) What's in the sandblaster, Will? It's a dream. Come back to me.

Willow : (Murmering in her "sleep" and smiling.) Mmm...Hmm... All geminis to the raspberry hats.

Oz : Now you're faking.

Willow : (In a cute voice.) Am not. Just a little. (She turns to face Oz.

Oz : Morning.

Willow : Morning.

Oz : Bad dream?

Willow : I guess. But the waking up part makes up for it.

Oz : It's always so busy in there.

Willow : Not always. A few things shut my brain up completely. (Gets cuddly.)

Oz : Anything I can help you with?

Willow : I gotta get to class right now, but tonight for sure.

Oz : I don't know about tonight, unless the extreme jerry garcia look turns you on.

Willow : (Confused.) Huh?

Oz : Night before the full moon.

Willow : Oh, that's right. And I have a thing. There's this wicca group on campus I wanted to check out. They have orientation on the 3 nights you're wolfy. And it's probably totally silly, but--

Oz : No. Go. Show 'em how it's done.

Willow : Are you sure? You can lock yourself up? It's only this one month.

After orientation, they meet on different nights.

Oz : I'll be fine.

Willow : Ok. As long as you don't mind.

Oz : The only thing I mind is being away from you for 3 nights.

Cut to Prof Walsh's class. She is returning papers.

Walsh : Ms. Summers... I want you to prepare to lead a discussion group next class

On the paper topic. That was smart work.

Buffy : (Surprised as she recives her paper.) What do I have to do?

Walsh : If you have any questions, bring them up with one of the T.A.S.

Buffy leaves the class and walks up to Willow.

Willow : Are you ok? How'd you do? (Buffy smiles and holds up her paper. Willow is amazed.) This is good. I mean, this is excellent. You did better than me. (She looks upset.) This is so unfair! You made me jealous of you academically. Buffy! (She and Buffy hug.)

Buffy : I know. Can you believe it?

Willow : Wow. I guess professor Walsh isn't so ogrey after all.

Buffy : And she wants me to lead a discussion group next class. That means more work, right? (They start to walk.) Shouldn't she have a better reward system? You know, like a cookie or a toy surprise like at the dentist?

Willow : She wants you to lead a discussion group? Ok. Jealous again. (She looks upset.) Jealous, jealous-- ok. I'm back. (She smiles again.) Hey, I'm meeting Oz at the cafe. You wanna come? I'll buy you that celebratory cookie.

Buffy : Great. I'm T.A. Bound right now, and then I will catch up with you guys.

Willow : Cool.

Buffy walks off. Cut to Oz walking through the cafe. He spies Veruca sitting alone at a table.

Veruca : What are you gonna do, sit on the ground?

Oz : My girlfriend's coming.

Veruca : There's room.

Oz : (Sits down.) Big lunch?

Veruca : I like to eat. I hate chicks who are like, "does it have dressing on it?"

Oz : (Nods.) Agreed. You guys were tight last night.

Veruca : I guess. The set's starting to come together, but the amps still sound dirty to me.

Oz : What are you using? 50 Or 120?

Willow : (Walks up. Looks somewhat distressed.) Hey.

Oz : Hey.

Veruca : Hey.

Oz : You wanna sit down? (Willow sits.) So you should be using a 50. And blue voodoo, not your best bet, unless you dig the distort.

Willow : Music talk, huh? Cool. I love to listen to oz talk about the biz.

Veruca : What do you like again? I know you told me.

Oz : There's a couple good ones. The johnson mil... The number one is redbone.

Veruca : Number one? No. I gotta go with hound dog.

Willow : Me, too. That's a great song. I mean, elvis, what a guy.

Veruca : You a big elvis fan?

Willow : The biggest. Well, I mean, after dingoes, of course.

Oz : We're actually talking amps. But it's easy to get confused, The names they give 'em.

Willow : Oh. Ha ha.

Oz : You know, I gotta bail. Um, I'll call you later. (He gets up to go.)

Veruca : I should go, too. (To Willow.) Good shirt. (She leaves.)

Buffy : (Walks up.) Check out the rapid exits. Was it me?

Willow : (Looking sad. Buffy sits.) Me. I don't speak musicianese. How come you didn't tell me

I look like a crazy birthday cake in this shirt?

Buffy : I thought that was the point. He thinks she's sexy. He gets this blushy thing going on behind his ears. That's for me only.

Buffy : It doesn't mean anything. So Oz checks out another girl. He loves you.

Willow : I know. I--I know. And I don't wanna be the kind of girl who freaks every time my boyfriend notices somebody else. I mean, I have wrong feelings about other guys sometimes, but I feel guilty, and I flog and punish.

Buffy : Exactly. I'm sure Oz is flogging and punishing himself. This is sounding wrong before I even finish. Look, I promise you, in a couple of days, it's gonna be like "veruca who?"

Willow : You think?

Buffy : Absolutely. Oz just isn't the type to stray. Not tonight anyways. He'll be locked in a cage.

Cut to Oz's cage. He's more wild than normal. He breaks out. Cut to Walsh walking along outside alone. She stops when Oz jumps out at her. She runs and comes along yet another werewolf. She's terrified, but as they both jump at her they crash into each other as she jumps out of the way. They attach each other. Cut to the next morning. They're semi hidden by bushes, both naked.

Oz : That was, um...

Veruca : Some night.

Oz : So it appears.

Veruca : Right. You don't remember. It's like that at first, but then little bits and pieces will start coming back to you.

Oz : So you're A...

Veruca : Werewolf groupie. Nobody else gets it done for me.

Oz : What?

Veruca : Kidding. You know what I am. You've known since the first time you saw me. Now, you... Need...To relax.

Oz : Not a possibility.

Veruca : So what do you want to do?

They head off. Cut to the laudromat. Oz is wearing clothes that don't fit and don't entirely match. Veruca is wakling about in whorewear.

Veruca : God! The kids in the dorm need fashion 101 in a big way. (She spies Oz's ensemble.) Or we could start right here at home.

Oz : Not making a statement. Just wanna get back to my place, figure out why we got out of our cages.

Veruca : (Incredulous.) You have a cage?

Oz : Don't you?

Veruca : Uh, yeah. Has a little wheel with a plastic ball And a cute little bell in it. God! Somebody's domesticated the hell out of you.

Oz : It's my choice. I don't wanna hurt anybody.

Veruca : Maybe. Or maybe you just don't wanna admit what happened to you. Maybe you just wanna pretend like you're a regular guy. (She walks over to him.)

Oz : Well, I am. I'm only a wolf 3 nights a month.

Veruca : Or you're a wolf all the time and this human face is just your disguise. You ever think about that, Oz? (She's getting closer to him.)

Oz : I'm going. I gotta check the paper, see if we did any damage last night.

Veruca : Oh, we did. But only to each other. I know some part of you remembers that. It doesn't take a full moon. We could...Do it again right here. (She's getting "cuddly" with him.

Oz : We aren't going to. This ends... Right now.

Veruca : I can help you, Oz. (Continueing the slut act.)You're scared. I was, too. But then I accepted it. The animal, it's powerful, inside me all the time. Soon, you just start to feel sorry for everybody else because they don't know what it's like to be as alive as we are. As free.

Oz : Free to kill people? I won't do that. You shouldn't.

Veruca : You don't understand. But you will. You'll see that we belong together.

Oz : No. I know where I belong.

Veruca : (As Oz walks of.) See ya tonight.

Cut to Riley and Professor Walsh walking. She's telling him about the night before.

Walsh : 2 Of them. It was unbelievable. The fact that I survived at all is a miracle.

Buffy : (Walks up to them.) Excuse me. Ms. Walsh?

Walsh : I hope you're careful when you walk around campus after dark. I was attacked by wild dogs last night.

Buffy : Wild dogs?

Walsh : 2 Of them. Biggest things I've ever seen. The first one was-- Well, for a moment, I thought it was a gorilla. Did you have a question, Buffy?

Buffy : No. No, I was just... Sayin' howdy.

Walsh : Fine. See you in class.

Buffy leaves looking thoughtful.

Cut to Oz's room. There's a knock at the door.

Oz : Yeah?

Willow : (Walks in.) Hey.

Oz : Hey. New look. (She's wearing shiny pants.)

Willow : You, too.

Oz : Oh. Uh... Laundry day kinda came and went.

Willow : Hey... I'm sorry if I was weird yesterday with you and Veruca.

Oz : (Looking mildly uncomfortable.) I didn't notice anything.

Willow : Really? 'Cause I felt all spazzy.

Oz : No.

Willow : Oh. Good. So it was just me worrying for nothing again. Me and my busy head always thinking, thinking, thinking.

Oz : Well, now you can stop everything's fine.

Willow : (Getting hinty.) Maybe you could help me...Stop. I'd really, really appreciate anything you could do.

Oz : What? (He's very uncomfortable as she approaches him.)

Willow : What's wrong?

Oz : Uh...Sorry. I...

Willow : You don't want to? (She looks hurt.)

Oz :It's not that. I do. I just... I didn't get any sleep, I guess. I'm really beat.

Willow : Right. Busy wolf night. I get it. It's totally ok.

Oz : (As Willow heads for the door.) Willow, you don't have to--

Willow : No. I--I should. I don't have much time. See you later.

She leaves.

Cut to Giles apartment. He's watching Jeapordy.

Giles : (Answering the tv.) Peace of westphalia.

Contestant: Uh, yalta?

Giles : Oh, you moron. That dinette set should be mine.

The doorbell rings. He goes to answer it and he finds Buffy at the door.

Giles : Buffy. Excellent. Uh, come in.

Buffy : Hi.

Giles : Can I get you anything? Tea? I made a very interesting mousaka last night, if you're hungry.

Buffy : Pass on the tea. And the moose, thank you.

Giles : You come on business, I hope?

Buffy : (Giving him a look.) Yes. Lucky for you, people may be in danger.

Giles : (Embarrased.) I only meant, uh, that I'm at the ready.

Buffy : Here's the deal. One of my professors said that she was almost attacked by two wild dogs last night... Under the light of a nearly full moon.

Giles : Werewolves. Two Of them?

Buffy : Could be. Well, I've not seen anything about the attacks in the newspapers or on the news.

Giles : Have you spoken with Oz?

Buffy : My next stop.

Giles : Right. Get right on it.

Buffy : And I'll see what I can find out.

Giles : And you report back to me...

Buffy : (As she leaves.) Asap. Promise.

Cut to Xander's apartment. He's sitting on the couch. Willow walks in.

Xander : Hey, Will. Mom let you in?

Willow : She seemed cranky.

Xander : Yeah. We're having a little landlord-tenant dispute, So I'm withholding rent. An effective, and might I add, thrifty tactic.

Willow : How come? (She sits on the arm of the couch.)

Xander : She won't let me put a lock on my door. I suspect she's afraid I'll start having the sex.

Willow : Yeah. Parents usually wait till you're out of the house. Or under it.

Xander : Or under it...

Willow : To start worrying about stuff like that.

Xander : It's mostly too late. So, I know why I'm sitting in a dank, sunless little room. But why are you?

Willow : Well, things with Oz are weird. And I talked to Buffy about it, but I think we're in guyville here. I need a translator from the "y" side of things.

Xander : Well, last time I checked, I had the creds. Hit me.

Willow : What does it mean when a girl wants to... You know.

Xander : If you're doin' it, I think you should be able to say it.

Willow : Make love.

Xander : Wild monkey love or tender Sarah Mclachlan love?

Willow : Any kind. But what if the girl wants to and the guy doesn't? That's a bad sign, right?

Xander : Could be. Or the girl caught the guy in one of the 7 annual minutes he's legitimately too preoccupied to do it.

Willow : Well, say the girl's been noticing--

Xander : Will, I've deciphered your ingenious code.

Willow : Ok. Say I've been noticing Oz notice someone else. A woman.

Xander : And is this chick noticing back?

Willow : Most definitely.

Xander : Well... Have you asked Oz about it?

Willow : Well, I thought about it, but then he'll think I'm all jealous and worry.

Xander : But you are. And odds are, he feels it. I'll bet that's all there is to the weird you're feeling. You guys should talk things out, Wll. You'll both feel better.

Cut to Oz's underground cave area. Buffy walks in as Oz is reenforcing the cage.

Buffy : Got out, huh?

Oz : Yeah.

Buffy : Any news about attacks?

Oz : No.

Buffy : But I did hear about a woman being chased by two wild dogs.

Oz : Two? Really?

Buffy : You don't remember anything like that, do you? Another wolf?

Oz : No. When the change comes, it's like...I'm gone. Total blackout.

Buffy : You know, I find wolf number two out on patrol tonight, and you might have a roomie in there. (Buffy starts to walk off then stops and turns to look at him.) Oz... You ok? And if it's possible, you seem more monosyllabic than usual.

Oz : I'm ok. Thanks.

Cut to later. Veruca has walked down into the underground area where Oz is.

Veruca : So this is why you called me here? To see your habittrail? (She walks up to him.) Right before sunset, I get a little buzzed, you know?

Oz : Come here.

Veruca : I'm not getting in that stupid cage with you, if that's what this is all about. We belong outside.

Oz : You can't run loose tonight. And not just because you might hurt somebody. I know people that'll be out there... Hunting for us.

Veruca : (Stepping closer.) So you're saying I should spend the whole night with you... Alone... Locked in a cage.

Oz : You'll be safe.

Veruca : Not from you. Isn't that the point of this cozy little arrangement? It's coming. Do you feel it? It's like blood boiling.

Oz : I feel it.

Veruca : (Leaning in towards him, haning on the the cage door.) I've wanted you even before I ever saw you. I sensed you. Did you sense me?

Oz : (Tensely.) Come in here.

Veruca : Did you?

He nods slightly. She steps in the cage and they kiss. As they do they change. Werewolf "wakiness" ensues.


Cut to the morning. Willow is bounding down the stairs with a bag of food and a thermos. She cuts short as she sees Veruca and Oz, naked, limbs tangled asleep on the floor of the cage. The thermos and bag drop as she stares in shock. Oz wakes up and sees Willow. He starts to get up.

Oz : Willow... (He starts putting on his pants.)

Willow : Oh, my god. Oh, my god.

Oz : I know what you saw. It wasn't-- (Finishes putting on his pants.) I had to.

I had to lock her in there with me.

Willow : I bet.

Oz : She's like me. A wolf.

Willow : Well, I knew you two had a lot in common, but... (Oz tries to touch her.)Don't touch me! (She jerks back.)

Oz : She was gonna hurt somebody. I didn't have a choice.

Willow : But you did. You could've told somebody. Your solution... Just put you two together in a room all night?

Veruca : (Having woken up, stands up bearing all.) Girl's got a point.

Oz : (Angrily.) Leave.

Veruca : I'm just saying--

Oz : (Shouts) Now! I'm sorry. I know.

Willow : I knew, you jerk. And you sat there, and you told me everything was fine? And that's as bad as... As... (Now crying.)

Oz : I know how it feels. I remember.

Willow : Oh. So what, this is payback? I had this coming?

Oz : No. It's not--

Willow : Because I thought that was behind us. And you know, what happened with Xander, it doesn't compare. Not with what you and I had. Not with whatever you've been doing with her.

Oz : I don't know what Veruca and I have done. When I change, it's like, it's like I'm gone and the wolf takes over.

Willow : But before this, when you were regular Oz, you had feelings for her, didn't you?

Oz : No. I could sense something, but...

Willow : But you wanted her... Like in an animal way? Like...More than you wanted me? (She runs off, tears streaming down her face.)

Oz : Willow!

Cut to Willow walking down the street looking disconsolant. She walks into the street, and stops as a car comes bearing down on her. Buffy sees her but is too far away. Fortunatly Riley jumps out and yanks her to safty. Buffy comes running over.

Buffy : Willow, are you ok? (To Riley.) Thank you. I was too far away.

Riley : It was lucky. She almost got hit.

Buffy : Willow, what's the matter?

Riley : Maybe you should take her home. Whatever it is, it's not worth hurting yourself over.

Buffy : Thank you.

He leaves. Buffy guides Willow away.

Cut to Willow and Buffy's room. Willow is sitting on her bed looking miserable.

Buffy : I have to go. I have to find Veruca before the sun sets. I will, though.

When I do, this thing stops. She's bad news. Do you want me to get you something before I take off? Kleenex? Chocolatey... Chocolate anything?

Willow : No.

Buffy : I'll come back as soon as this is finished. I just want you to take it easy, ok?

Riley was right. The main thing is put the blame where it belongs. Don't hurt yourself.

Willow : Uh-huh. Ok.

Buffy : You're ok?

Willow : I'm fine. I promise.

Buffy : I love you. (Buffy leaves.)

Willow : Put the blame where it belongs.

Cut to Oz's room. He's on the phone sitting on the edge of his bed.

Oz : So you haven't seen her around? (Pause.) Ok. Thanks, man.

The door opens and Buffy enters.

Buffy : Where is she?

Oz : I don't know. I already checked all the usual haunts. But I know the areas we're drawn to. I'm pretty sure I can follow her scent.

Buffy : We'll try that, then.

Oz : Look, buffy, you should know that--

Buffy : Oz... (Coldly.) Now might be a good time for your trademark stoicism.

They leave to go look for Veruca.

Cut to Willow. She' got her wicca stuff out and is casting a spell. Beakers and vials are out, some boilding.

Willow : I conjure thee by barabbas, by satanas, and the devil. As thou art burning,

Let Oz and Veruca's deceitful hearts be broken. This way. I conjure thee by the saracen queen And the name of hell. Let them find no love or solace. Let them find no peace as well.

Cut to Oz and Buffy running through the woods.

Oz: She's near here. I can smell her.

They come upon a pile of clothes in a heap, and no Veruca.

Buffy : Or the dirty pile of clothing she left on the ground.

Oz : Well, they could be from the other night when she-- Turned into a werewolf. U

Buffy : Unless she wanted to throw you off the scent.

Oz : Willow.

Cut back to Willow. She has a picture of him and is holding it near the flame.

Willow : Let this image seal his fate, not to love, only hate.

Willow can't bring herself to finish the spell. She drops the picture and a levitating beaker along drops and the burning and boiling containers cease activity.

Veruca : (Walking in.) Wow. For a minute there, I thought you might actually play rough. Sometimes you have to, you know? To keep what's yours, sometimes you have to kill. How 'bout that? The sun's almost down.

She advances towards Willow.


Cut to Buffy and Oz running through the forrest top speed. Buffy slams full force into a burly commando guy. They hit the ground and thier guns go flying. (She's carring a tranquilizer.) They get up and run off.

Veruca : Can't say I'm surprised you didn't go through with your little hex. You don't have the teeth.

Willow : (Backing up.) You don't know what I have. You don't know anything about me.

Veruca : I know what you love. I have his scent on me right now.

Oz : Don't touch her again.

Veruca : Come stop me. I like it rough, remember?

Oz : You wanna hurt me, hurt me. You leave her out of this.

Veruca : How can I? She's the reason you're living in cages. She's blinding you. When she's gone, you'll be able to admit what you are.

Oz : You don't wanna find out what I am.

Veruca : You're an animal. Animals kill.

Oz : You're right. (Advancing towards her.) We kill.

He starts to wolf as does she. They begin to struggle. They fight and he gets the upper hand and tears her throat out. Willow cowers in a corner, crying uncontrolably.

Willow : Oz?

He looks at her, and advances, then jumps but comes up short. Buffy has grabbed him. He goes to attack her but she kicks him out of her way, then shots him with the tranquilizer. He attempts to get up but falls back. Buffy goes to comfort the traumatized Willow.

Cut to Giles apartment.

Giles : I'm not quite sure I understand.

Buffy : There was just so much going on with oz and willow. And there still is. But I just thought you should know.

Giles : Well, this fellow in the woods, he was in military garb?

Buffy : And he was toting some serious weaponry. The thing is, I saw some guys dressed exactly like him on halloween night. I just assumed they were in costume.

But maybe they were working. I wanna know what's up. The guy got in my way.

I almost didn't catch up with oz in time. And as it was, I was too late to--

Giles : You saved Willow.

Buffy : Right now she wishes I hadn't. Giles, I've never seen her like this. It's like it hurts too much to form words.

Giles : You've... You've felt that way yourself, And you got through it.

Buffy : Yeah. I ran away and went to hell and then got through it. I'm kind of hoping she doesn't use me as a model.

Giles : Fair enough.

Buffy : I just don't know how they're gonna deal with this.

Cut to Oz's room. He's packing.

Willow : (Walks in.) Hello.

Oz : Hi.

Willow : What are you doing?

Oz : I'm going.

Willow : Now?

Oz : Mm-hmm.

He zips the suitcase.

Willow : That's your solution?

Oz : That's my decision.

Willow : Don't I get any say in this?

Oz : No. Veruca was right about something. The wolf is inside me all the time, and I don't know where that line is anymore between me and it. And until I figure out what that means, I shouldn't be around you... Or anybody.

Willow : (Crying.) Well, that could be a problem 'cause people... Kind of a planetary epidemic.

Oz : I'll find someplace.

Willow : Well, how long?

Oz : I don't know.

Willow : Oz... Don't you love me?

Oz : (Holding her pressing his forehead to hers as she sobs.) My whole life... I've never loved anything else.

Willow : Oz... Oh, god. Oz...

Willow is left standing crying. Oz walks out and puts his bag in his van. He gets in and starts the van. He pauses then cuts the engine. Then he starts the van again and drives away.
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il a 10 mois là?

Sonmi451 (11:00)

oui ^^

Sonmi451 (11:00)

il est sur le canapé avec moi et même là il essaye de se mettre debout lol

serieserie (11:01)

cascadeur va ^^

serieserie (11:01)

je marchais déjà à son age

Sonmi451 (11:02)

Ca me rassure pas ça

serieserie (11:03)

eheh non mais j'ai marché à 9 mois moi^^ jsuis pas normale

Sonmi451 (11:04)

ca je le savais déjà

serieserie (11:04)

serieserie (11:05)

Sonmi451 (11:05)

vilaine caca boudin!

serieserie (11:07)

non mais t'es pas tenable ce matin toi!

Sonmi451 (11:09)

non j'allais te le dire ^^

serieserie (11:12)

ahah ^^ et ton menage hein?

Sonmi451 (11:37)

mon ménage, j'ai fait 2 chambres, hall et couloir et c'est tout

Sonmi451 (11:37)

mais là je prépare le manger

serieserie (11:37)

c'est déjà ça!

serieserie (11:37)

ah oui manger..; j'ai faim...

Sonmi451 (11:38)

j'essaye sinon l'animation des 10 quartiers et je trouve pas la phrase x)

Sonmi451 (11:38)

je suis pas douée

Sonmi451 (11:38)

et puis j'ai un torticolis qui commence à m'insupporter x)

serieserie (11:42)

ah oui faut que je la fasse tiens

serieserie (11:51)

j'ai la phrase moi ça c'était facile, par contre la réponse...

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