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JACK: (To Rachel) Langley can't know what Sydney's doing. We should continue to act on the assumption that Prophet Five has moles inside the C.I.A. Contact Michael Linz in Berlin. He'll send the body back.

RACHEL: I'll get right on it.

JACK: Come with me. Anna's dead. Sydney seized the opportunity to infiltrate Prophet5.

DIXON: Sydney's presenting herself as Anna? Do you think that's wise?

JACK: It was Sydney's call. I wasn't consulted. What's your status? (to Marshall)

MARSHALL: We'll be up and running in a minute.

JACK: Sydney embedded a tracker into the chip that Anna was tasked to retrieve. We'll be able to follow her from here. We suspect Prophet5 had intended for Anna to do some task only Sydney could perform. Learning what that is may be an opportunity to determine their endgame.

DIXON: That's if they believe Sydney is Anna...

JACK: I know.

MARSHALL: Patching Vaughn through.

JACK: Vaughn, can you hear me?

VAUGHN: (Inside the bunker) you’re clear.

DIXON: Where is he?

JACK: Hamburg. He and Sydney uncovered a storeroom of information...material that Vaughn and Renée Rienne's fathers gathered during their investigation of Prophet5 .You'll join Vaughn. Transmit the documentation back here for analysis.

DIXON: Vaughn, it's Dixon. It's good to hear your voice.

VAUGHN: You, too. I'll see you soon. Marshall, how we doing?

MARSHALL: I'm triangulating the coordinates. Just give me a sec. You know, I cried at your funeral.

VAUGHN: Sorry about that.

MARSHALL: No, no, thank you. I need a good cry now and again. Okay, tracker's hot. Got her. There she is. She's on...Tiergarten strasse.



HAMBOURG. Inside a car.


PEYTON (phone) : I have the chip in hand. Of course. We're en route now. (to Sydney) Our superiors were quite pleased with your performance. You seem surprised.

SYDNEY: Not at all.

PEYTON: Your reputation's well deserved. (She takes her glass to cheers with Anna) To the great Anna Espinosa.

SYDNEY: "Great" seems a little strong, doesn't it?

PEYTON: Don't tell me you're getting modest.

SYDNEY: It's this body. I have this uncontrollable urge now to act like a girl scout all the time.

PEYTON: Well, let's get you back to Zurich before you start trying to sell me cookies.

SYDNEY: I'm sure our superiors are eager to get their hands on that.

PEYTON: This? This is an inconvenience. (Peyton throws the chip it in the wine glass). Nothing more.



LOS ANGELES. APO. The computers screens freeze.


JACK: What just happened?

MARSHALL: I'm not sure. I think the tracker crashed.

VAUGHN (phone): Crashed? What does that mean, crashed?

MARSHALL: We've lost Sydney.

VAUGHN (phone): Marshall, find her!

MARSHALL: I can't. I think it must've frizzed out.

VAUGHN: Patch into a traffic cam. Do something! Just find her!

MARSHALL: Don't worry, I'm on it. (Marshall searches on the traffic video. Vaughn gets quickly in his car) Okay, I got her. They're headed south on A7.

VAUGHN: The airport. Marshall, I'm on Doverkamp, headed east. I need directions.

MARSHALL: Wait, give me a sec. Left at the next intersection. You're closing in.

VAUGHN: Marshall, I'm gonna need a green light in a hurry. (He arrives near a crossroad with a red traffic light).

MARSHALL Easier said than done. It's all in German. Anschlag?

JACK: Grün. Green.


Vaughn arrives at the crossroad and nearly creates an accident. At the airport Vaughn arrives just behind Sydney and Peyton who pass the metal detector. It surreptitiously slips a cell phone into the hand of Sydney and leaves.



ZURICH, headquarter of prophet5.


MAN: (he holds the page47) Shall we? You finished the translation of page 47.

SLOANE: "The circle will be complete," "when the chosen one finds the rose in San Cielo."

MAN: Congratulations, Mr. Sloane. Thanks to your work, we're closer than we've ever been to comprehending Rambaldi's greatest mystery. You understand the meaning of the deciphered message?

SLOANE: Enough to proceed. However, I do have one concern. Rambaldi's prophecies have always taken into account the smallest variables. This is a man who predicted events hundreds of years before we were born. The rose in question is indeed unique as Sydney herself. What is unclear, however, is whether Anna Espinosa, posing as Sydney, is able to complete the task.

MAN: Well, then I guess you've got your work cut out for you.


Peyton makes Sydney enter inside Sloane’s room.


PEYTON: After you.

SYDNEY: Sloane's here.

PEYTON: Of course. You didn't think we'd dispose of him this soon, did you?

SLOANE: I hear your mission was a success. I suppose I should offer you congratulations?

SYDNEY: Thank you.

SLOANE: Did you encounter any complications? Just one. But I've dealt with her once and for all. We should celebrate, Arvin. Sydney Bristow is dead.



Alias Theme.



SLOANE: Remarkable likeness, isn't it?

SYDNEY: So this is why you needed her. Or should I say me?

SLOANE: In his prophecies, Rambaldi referred to Sydney as "the chosen one." He foretold that she would bring forth his final works.

SYDNEY: And you really believe that... that a man who lived 500 years ago had intentions for Sydney Bristow?

SLOANE: Excuse me. I may be mistaken, but I always believed you to be a follower of Rambaldi's works.

SYDNEY: Only when it suits my checkbook. I'm not someone who'd guide my life by some perverted sense of faith. But as long as I have to look like this, I might as well make some use of it. What does Rambaldi want me to do?

SLOANE: Retrieve an artifact from San Cielo... A monastery outside Rome.

SYDNEY: Monastery? That sounds fun. Do I get to wear a habit?

SLOANE: I think I've told you all you need to know for now. We leave within the hour.

SYDNEY: Does this mean you're sending me to my room?

PEYTON: There's a change of clothes for you upstairs. Second door on the left.



LOS ANGELES. APO, Marshall is with Tom and Rachel.


THOMAS: Sadly, he did, yeah. Can you imagine what happened when they got home?

MARSHALL (To Thomas): Could I steal you for a sec? The new encryption module for the comms... Think my math is wrong.

THOMAS (To Rachel): Go ahead. I can handle this.

MARSHALL: She'll be back in a second.

RACHEL: Didn't Langley just convert all of our comms to...

MARSAHLL: This isn't about the comms.

RACHEL: Marshall, what's going on?

MARSHALL: Last week, when Sloane infiltrated the network, I built a bot to monitor the servers, you know, flag any abnormal activity? This morning a message came through this office without any I.D. Tags. Intended for Allen Korman.

RACHEL: Korman? You mean the guy that...

MARSAHLL: Yeah, him. I mean, why would Tom be contacting a guy who killed his wife? So, I did some digging. Travel itinerary. Korman's flying into L.A. Tonight.

RACHEL: This doesn't make any sense. Look, I talked to Tom myself. He said he came to Korman to confront him, but when he saw Korman with his family, he changed his mind.

MARSHALL: Rachel, Korman doesn't have any family. I checked. Tom's been lying to you. I'm sorry. I wanted to tell you first, but...I have to tell Mr. Bristow.

RACHEL: No, you don't.

MARSHALL: Yes Rachel, we have to.

RACHEL: Look, you said it yourself...The contact is anonymous...Tom is not a bad guy!

MARSHALL: How do you know that?

RACHEL: Because I know. Look, just let me check into it first. Give me 24 hours. I promise, if we don't have an answer by then, we'll go to Jack together.

MARSHALL: All right. 24 hours.



Prophet5 headquarter. Sydney scans her bedroom with the cell phone and finds a microphone in a lamp. She puts a radio near it and calls her father.


SYDNEY: Hey, it's me. I don't have much time.

JACK: Where are you?

SYDNEY: Zurich. An estate, highly secure. Sloane is here.

JACK: What is he telling you?

SYDNEY: That page 47 references San Cielo... A monastery outside Rome. We're going there. Where are you?

JACK: Right now, in your kitchen, playing with Isabelle.

SYDNEY: You are? How is she?

JACK: Happy.

SYDNEY: Dad, did she just...

JACK: Giggle? Yeah. Apparently, I'm funny.

SYDNEY: She hasn't done that before. That was a first.

JACK: Of which there will be many.

SYDNEY: I know.

JACK: I'll notify Vaughn and Dixon about Rome. If you learn anything more...

SYDNEY: (Someone knocks on the door). I have to go. Tell Isabelle I love her.

PEYTON: Are you ready?




HAMBOURG. Vaughn scans all the documents of his father. Dixon joins him.




DIXON: You're shorter than I remember. This is all regarding Prophet5?

VAUGHN: This entire bunker contains evidence of... mysterious deaths, assassinations, car bombings, all of them involving people who were investigating Prophet Five. They basically killed anyone who got too close.

DIXON: But they didn't get you.

VAUGHN: No. They might have, if not for Jack. When I was in the hospital, he convinced me that Prophet Five wouldn't rest until they killed me, and that I was in no condition to fight back.

DIXON: How'd he manage it?

VAUGHN: Sodium morphate. It slowed down my body functions to a point that mimicked death. Apparently, I spent four hours in a drawer at the morgue waiting for Jack's contact reach me to administer the antidote. Then a couple days of travelling before I made it to Nepal. You know, it's funny, it's the first time I ever felt Jack accepted me.

DIXON: Or else, he manufactured a very elaborate scheme to postpone your wedding to his daughter. I have something for you. (He hands him a photo of his daughter). Fortunately, she looks more like her mother.

VAUGHN: Yeah, she does. Dixon, thank you. (Phone rings) Yeah, Jack. Of course. We'll contact you when we arrive. (To Dixon) Jack's sending a team to box all this up. Sydney's en route with Sloane. We're gonna provide backup.

DIXON: Where are they headed?


DIXON: Well...



On a plane.


SLOANE: Anna, well…. I made our arrangements. Your contact will be meeting you on the ground. He'll provide you with access to San Cielo.

SYDNEY: No more than I need to know.

SLOANE: Well, I am sure you have questions. So do I. Tell me...How did it happen?

SYDNEY: How did I kill Sydney?


SYDNEY: Why do you care?

SLOANE: Sydney was a remarkable agent. I imagine it wasn't easy.

SYDNEY: Sydney wasn't a martyr or a legend. She was just a person... who deserved nothing more than to be shot in the back... and so she was. The Chosen One. She died just as easy as anyone

SLOANE: I see. Well, thank you. We'll be landing shortly.


Sloane gets up and walks near Peyton.


SLOANE: I know what you have planned for Anna after this mission is over.

PEYTON: You have reservations?

SLOANE: Oh, no. I want to be the one who kills her.



ROME. Sydney discreetly chats with Vaughn at a newspaper stand.


VAUGHN: You smell nice. So we looked into the monastery San Cielo. You're sure about that name?

SYDNEY: Yeah, why?

VAUGHN: Marshall couldn't find any record of it.

SYDNEY: I'm meeting someone inside the O.T.B. He's supposed to brief me on the rest.

VAUGHN: I saw a picture of Isabelle. I don't know how we do this anymore.

SYDNEY: We do it the way we've always done it. It's the only way to keep her safe. We end this.

VAUGHN: Okay. Dixon and I will have your back. If anything happens, we're gonna pull you out. So who's this contact?

SYDNEY: Sloane said I'd know him when I saw him.

VAUGHN: Syd, be careful.


Sydney enters a betting parlour where she sees Sark.


SARK: I wouldn't do that if I were you. If you want my advice, take Tokyo Rose in the third. It's a sure bet.

SYDNEY: Julian, last time I saw you, it was at Venice... where, as I recall, you betrayed me to the C.I.A. They took me into custody.

SARK: And yet, Anna, here you are. Looking better than ever.

SYDNEY: (She slaps him) that’s, for a year spent in a federal holding facility. (She knocks his head on the bar) That’s all for now. I will let you know if I’m gonna hit him again.

SARK: Now what was that one for?

SYDNEY: I'll get back to you.

SARK: Right. So what are you drinking?



LOS ANGELES. Tom meets Korman on a car park.


TOM: Did you find him?

KORMAN: The Cardinal? I wouldn't be here if I didn't. (He hands him a paper).


Rachel, in her car, sees Tom and Korman talk. As soon as Korman leaves, she stops Tom.


RACHEL: I'm gonna give you to "three" to start talking.

TOM: Not here. Somebody might be watching.


Not far under a bridge.


TOM: I didn't lie to you. Korman killed my wife. But the order came from somebody else. The closest I've gotten is a name...The Cardinal.

RACHEL: Well, you two seem to be pretty chummy.

TOM: He works freelance. We did a job once...deep cover op. He doesn't even know my real name. Look, I've gotta find out why, Rachel. She was a school teacher. She wasn't a part of this life. If somebody wanted to hurt me, why didn't they just come after me?

RACHEL: And Korman knows?

TOM: He does now. He found The Cardinal.

RACHEL: What does he want? Money?

TOM: His was seized when he turned himself in to witsec (Witness Security Program).

RACHEL: You could've told me, tom. I would've kept it to myself.

TOM: No, I couldn't have. I've spent 4 years, and this is as close as I've got to an answer. I couldn't trust anybody.

RACHEL: If I hack into the federal database, I should be able to find the car.

TOM: I couldn't ask you to do that.

RACHEL: You didn't.



ROME. Vaughn sits with Dixon on a bench.


VAUGHN: It's Sark.

DIXON: The contact?


DIXON: Better the enemy you know...She can handle Sark.


In the betting parlor.


SYDNEY: (swallows an alcohol) another?

SARK: Perhaps you shouldn't. We're on the clock.

SYDNEY: We are. Here I thought we were just catching up on old times. Well, in that case, maybe it's time you fill me in on the plan.

SARK: What has Sloane told you?

SYDNEY: Just that our target is San Cielo.

SARK: Well, that's not entirely true. The rose that you're supposed to acquire, if you're to believe page 47, is being held in a facility known by Rambaldi as San Cielo. The rest of the world now refers to it as La Fossa maximum security prison.

SYDNEY: We're breaking into a prison?

SARK: According to Sloane, Milo Rambaldi, in the days leading up to his execution, was held there. He believes he hid the rose in the northwest isolation wing. The text specifies that only the Chosen One can obtain the item in question. I guess you'll have to do. (He makes a call in Italian) Operator. I need the police. Yes. There’s just been an explosion. I don’t know. It’s the off-track betting place on Vittore Street. Please hurry.

SYDNEY: An explosion?

SARK: I suggest you take cover.


Sark hides so does Sydney. Sark then triggers an explosion and pretends to rob the cashier. All the customers are afraid. The police arrive.


SARK: (Gun in the hand) Nobody moves.... and nobody gets hurt. No need for heroes. We just want the money. But take your time. We are in no rush.

SYDNEY: Wait, this is your plan for getting us into La Fossa?

SARK: Yes. Grazzie. (To the bookmaker) Follow my lead, will you?


Outside the police determine the place. Dixon and Vaughn observe the scene, impotent.


SARK: (He highs his hands with a gun and the money.) It’s all over. We surrender. (Sydney puts her gun down) My partner and I have seen the error of our ways.


In the prison, Sydney is transferred to her cell. On the way she passes by an old man.





JACK: Have you been able to access the prison's internal network??

MARSHALL: Not yet. Vaughn and Dixon are moving through the sewers now. Right here prison internet connection runs out through a junction box. It should be vulnerable.


Jack and Marshall are at the APO. Vaughn and Dixon go underground to rewire La Fossa's internal surveillance network. 


VAUGHN: Merlin, you there?

MARSHALL: Yeah, Vaughn, go ahead.

VAUGHN: We're about 7 meters in. Still no sign of the junction box.

MARSHALL: You're almost directly under the switch room. You should be close.

DIXON: Got it. It's a standard IPX node.

MARSHALL: Good. You should be able to splice the line and access the surveillance feeds.

DIXON: Doing that now.

JACK: Do it quickly. I don't like the idea Sydney being in a maximum security prison with Sark as her backup.



ROME. Sark is placed inside a cell with another man. He starts to search something in his mouth.


PRISONNER: You will be very popular here. Being my friend will make your time more pleasurable.

SARK: Lucky for you, I won't be here for long. Otherwise, I'd pull out your tongue and choke you with it. (He swallows something and falls on the floor).

PRISONNER: Help. Help. The beautiful man is dying.



LOS ANGELES. Tom and Rachel enter secretly a federal car park.


RACHEL: You realize we just broke about a half dozen federal laws.

TOM: Unless they moved it, Korman's car should be right down this aisle. (Guards pass behind them) Look, just stay low, check for V.I.N. Numbers. You ready? Let's go.

RACHEL: This is it.

TOM: This shouldn't take long.

RACHEL: Can I help?

TOM: Yeah, just keep an eye out for the guard.

RACHEL: Is there any particular reason you're connecting the carburettor to the intake tube?

TOM: This is the carburettor?


TOM: Maybe, uh, I should keep an eye out for the guard.





DIXON: All right. You should be tied in now.

VAUGHN: Yeah, we're hot. You getting a picture?

JACK: Copy. It's coming through. See if you can isolate the women's block.

MARSHALL: Wait a minute. Was that...was that the women's showers? No, that's men. Definitely men.

VAUGHN (watches on the video): There she is.

MARSHALL: Wait a minute. She's in isolation. You think that's part of a plan?

JACK: We have to hope so.


Sark is taken along on a stretcher.


NURSE: (Italian) He needs a sedative. (American) Hold him down. This is gonna hurt.


Whereas the nurse was going to make him a puncture, Sark strikes the nurse and gets rid of two guards. He logs on the nearest computer and pirates the system. The video of the APO is scrambled and they lose visual.


JACK: Marshall, what happened? Did we lose the signal?

MARSHALL: I don't know. Everything just went wacky. We've been kicked out. Looks like somebody else is trying to hack into the system.

JACK: Sark.

VAUGHN: Is there any way to regain our tap? We have to keep track of her.

MARSHALL: You could look for the alarm lines and then try to crosswind them and get a Von Eck signal.

VAUGHN: Know what he's talking about?

DIXON: 50%.


Sark opens the cell door of Sydney. She runs through corridors but she is blocked at the next door.


SYDNEY: This is it.


Two guards arrive inside the corridor and in a few seconds Sydney will be caught. Unfortunately Sark gets caught by a guard.


SYDNEY: Sark, where are you?


After a short fight Sark manages to open the door, and Sydney enters without being seen. Sark as for him is caught by other guards. Sydney goes down from the staircases and arrives in a length and large wet corridor. It is a kind of old cell. She discovers inscriptions on the walls. An old man emerges behind her.


OLD MAN: I've been waiting for you for a very long time.

SYDNEY: I think you have me confused with someone else.

OLD MAN: I can't imagine confusing you with anyone else. As difficult as this must be for you to understand... I know you.

SYDNEY: We've never met.

OLD MAN: No. We haven't. We don't have much time. Come with me. I'm not going anywhere with you unless you tell me who you are. "The circle will be complete when the chosen one finds the rose." I am the rose. (He shows his tattoo on his wrist which is a rose) Now...if you will come with me...


Sloane meets the prison director.


DIRECTOR: And, Mr. Harvey, how can I help you?

SLOANE: You have two suspects in custody who are wanted fugitives from my country, and we would like to have them extradited with your permission, of course.

DIRECTOR: Then I'm afraid we have a problem.

SLOANE: Why is that, sir?

DIRECTOR: These two have committed crimes on Italian land, and I cannot possibly release them before their first judicial hearing.

SLOANE: But you could release them if you got the permission of the general prosecutor, Adriana Micelli.

DIRECTOR: Well, yes, of course. But signora Micelli...

SLOANE: Mrs. Micelli is expecting your call.


The director calls the general prosecutor. Peyton intercepts the call.


PEYTON: Pronto.

DIRECTOR: Signora Micelli, Buongiorno.



LOS ANGELES. In the federal car park


RACHEL: Well...looks like we may be almost there.

TOM: I was supposed to meet her.


TOM: My wife...night she died. It was our half year anniversary. I was gonna pick her up at work...take her out to dinner. But contact called. I never made it. I was working five investigations, and maybe I screwed up, got my stories confused. Or maybe somebody from my past...revenge. I don't know.

RACHEL: You'll find out so enough.

TOM: Thanks for doing this.

RACHEL: Honestly... this is the closest thing I've had to a night out since I joined the C.I.A. You want to hop in and give me some gas?


Tom starts the car and escapes with Rachel as the guards just arrived.



ROME. In the prison, the man escorts Sydney inside his cell. In this dark room, there is a table and candles. She sees her face on the wall (same as page 47).


SYDNEY: Who did this?

OLD MAN: You don't need me to tell you. He told me you'd be coming. All I had to do was waiting. (He gives Sydney an amulet which was hidden inside the wall) This is yours for the time being.

SYDNEY: What is it?

OLD MAN: His greatest gift... and also his greatest curse.

SYDNEY: Meaning?

OLD MAN: What you hold in your hand is simply a defiance of the natural order... The end of nature itself.

SYDNEY: Some very bad people want what's in this amulet. I can't stop them if you don't tell me what it is.

OLD MAN: You don't understand. You can't stop them.

SYDNEY: You don't know me very well.

OLD MAN: You're more charming than I could have imagined. I used to believe as you do, that there were decisions to be made. But in the end, it's just fate. It's out of our hands. And now it's just a matter of time.

SYDNEY: A matter of time until what?

OLD MAN: Until the stars fall from the sky, until the end of light. You have gotten what you came for. The guards will be making rounds soon. You need to go.

SYDNEY: Will you be all right?

OLD MAN: I'm not a part of the battle to come. Go.


Vaughn sees Sydney on the video.


VAUGHN: Dixon, I got her.

DIXON: I'll call you back. Looks like she's heading back to the women's block.

VAUGHN: She must have got what she came for. Maybe she's headed for extraction.


A guard escorts Sark to Peyton.


GUARD: Good luck with this one. He's all yours.

PEYTON: Thank you. (She gets rid of his bonds and takes him along).

SARK: Where's Anna?

PEYTON: Anna won't be joining us.


Sydney runs back to her cell. Sloane was waiting for her.


SLOANE: Were you successful? Tell me, Anna... Did you retrieve the rose?

SYDNEY: There was nothing there.

SLOANE: I don't believe you. (He electrocutes her and Vaughn observes the scene on the screen. Sloane recovers the amulet). Sydney deserved better than an anonymous bullet. You didn't even have the courage to face her. At least I look you in the eye. (He starts to strangle her).

VAUGHN: Marshall, talk to me!

MARSHALL: There's a grate to the iso ward about 30 yards ahead of you.

DIXON: He'll never make it in time. We need to distract Sloane!

JACK: Marshall, the surveillance feed they're tapped into, can we use it to get into security controls?

DIXON: Marshall, hurry!



An alarm rings and Syd pushes Sloane who was distracted away.


SYDNEY: I don't die that easy.


A guard arrives in the cell.


GUARD: Sir, we've had a breach. You better get out of here. (Sloane leaves) Stay in your cell. Stay back! (Syd beats the first guard. Vaughn arrives to rescue her and kills the second guard who was about to hit Sydney)


VAUGHN: You okay?

SYDNEY: Yeah, let's get out of here. (They leave the cell)



LOS ANGELES. On a car park, Tom meets Korman, who retrieves diamonds from his car.


KORMAN: Thank you.

TOM: Why was the hit ordered on my wife?

KORMAN: If I tell you, you'll never let me walk away from here.

TOM: You have my word.

KORMAN: I don't believe you. (He points his weapon on Tom).

TOM: Go ahead. Shoot me. First, tell me why she had to die?

KORMAN: Truth is, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

TOM: I don't understand.

KORMAN: My information said you were picking her up at her job. I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. You were supposed to be with her. It was a mistake. He died because I thought she was you. I'm going to disappear now. If you come after me, I'll know. And I'll do what I set out to do four years ago. (As Korman drives away, Tom presses a button on his watch and Korman's car explodes).



LOS ANGELES. In Sydney's apartment, she and Vaughn watch Isabelle sleep. They kiss above the baby.


VAUGHN: This is pretty amazing.

SYDNEY: Have you ever seen anything so perfect?

VAUGHN: No. You did good.

SYDNEY: Thanks.

VAUGHN: You're gonna be just like your mom, aren't you?

SYDNEY: Oh, I hope not. I hope she's a doctor or a teacher or just anything that does not involve wearing a wig.

VAUGHN: I don't know. I think she'd look pretty cute in a little pink wig. Maybe not. You okay?

SYDNEY: Yeah, it just...I'm still a little sore, I guess. We came so close, Vaughn.


SYDNEY: Sloane and Prophet5... They're still out there.

VAUGHN: Hey, I thought we agreed tonight it's just us, okay? (Isabelle gets sleep) Oh, my God. All right, the snoring... it kills me.


Phone rings.


SYDNEY: Hello?

SLOANE: It was you, Sydney. Of course. How could I have ever thought otherwise? I saw it in you the first time we met. You're a survivor... just like me. And now thanks to you, I have everything I need…

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Ah, l'heure volée cette nuit à un impact sur ton horaire?
Bonne nuit, miss

Sonmi451 (22:59)

non mais la nuit blanche en outre oui

Sonmi451 (22:59)

avec une nuit courte avant et la migraine du jour encore plus d'impact ^^

Sonmi451 (22:59)

allez à demain, je pense

CastleBeck (23:00)

Oh... oui, vaut mieux que tu te reposes. Dors bien

CastleBeck (23:34)

Zut, je viens de réaliser que j'ai omis un quartier...

Minamous (01:09)

Joyeux Anniversaire à ma compatriote de toujours serieserie !!!!!

CastleBeck (04:18)

Oh! Très joyeux anniversaire à toi, serieserie!

Seriesmdr1 (05:58)

Très joyeux anniversaire Serieserie

carina123 (08:07)

Bonjour à tous !

carina123 (08:11)

Bon anniversaire serie2 !

chrismaz66 (09:35)

Tout pareil serie, même si tu m'as brisé le coeur hier avec ta bannière finale HPC je suis encore sous le choc ! J'te souhaite plein de belles choses (car oui 5 fruits-légumes par jour

serieserie (09:56)

Merci les filles!

serieserie (09:56)

Désolée chris

Sonmi451 (10:16)

Joyeuuxx aaaaannnivveeeesaiiiireeee missss carrééééé!

serieserie (10:17)


Sonmi451 (10:18)

Sonmi451 (10:19)

serieserie (10:21)

Sonmi451 (10:37)

Hyp9, c'est comme l'hypnoel?

serieserie (10:40)


serieserie (10:40)

tu assomes le bébé avant de jouer et tu débranches le téléphone

Sonmi451 (10:41)

ben ça sera pas pour tout de suite ^^

serieserie (10:42)


serieserie (10:42)


Sonmi451 (10:42)

ha oui c'est mieux, j'ai cru que tu parlais en mode petit bonhomme vert ^^

cometchat1 (09:30)


cometchat1 (09:30)


cometchat1 (10:23)


cometchat1 (10:23)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:29)


cometchat1 (11:29)


Locksley (11:44)

HypnoCup : allez, allez, on vient faire un petit clic pour départager Alex et Greg ! Faites-nous exploser le nombre de votants pour cette finale ! Et cometchat1 peut même voter en passant faire ses tests

cometchat1 (11:47)


cometchat1 (11:47)


kystis (21:44)

N'oubliez pas de voter dans préférence !! Merci

albi2302 (20:00)

Blue Bloods à un nouveau Design (merci Serieserie) et cherche une équipe pour s'occuper du quartier ! N'hésitez pas a passer

cinto (18:35)

Nouvelle PDLQ chez Ma sorcière Bien Aimée; venez, votez, soyez remercié!

albi2302 (00:01)

Hyp9 2017 ça démarre maintenant ! Bonne chasse à tous

Xanaphia (00:06)

Et 1 déjà dans mon panier ^^

Rejoins-nous !

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