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LOS ANGELES. During the burial of Nadia, Sydney makes a speech in the church in front of members of the APO and the CIA.

SYDNEY: Today, we shouldn't focus on what we lost, but what we gained by having Nadia in our lives. I not only gained a sister, but a friend. When I think of the years of loneliness she had, (At the mortuary, a man opens the file of Renee and puts her body out of the box) no family to speak of, not knowing where she truly belonged, I am so grateful for the warmth and affection she was surrounded by in the end. She taught me the meaning of family. (During the autopsy, the man finds an element inside the body of Renee) That it goes deeper than blood...that it starts with friendship...and it comforts me to know that although she was taken far too soon, what she left me with will stay with me forever. (The man finds that this is a microchip. Sydney puts a flower on the body of Nadia. Sydney starts to speek with Dixon). How could I have trusted him again? After everything?

DIXON: You thought he'd changed.

SYDNEY: Nadia didn't. I convinced her that he deserved a second chance. I showed him compassion. I won't make that mistake again.


ZURICH, headquarter of prophet5.

PEYTON: Has he asked for anything?

GUARD: No, just a pitcher of water.

Peyton enters in Sloane’s room

PEYTON: How's it coming? Page 47, have you decoded it yet?

SLOANE: As I told you before, it's going to take time, more time if these interruptions continue.

PEYTON: It's been almost a week already, Mr. Sloane. So when do you think we may see some results? This is isn't a crossword puzzle, Ms. Peyton. The key to Rambaldi's endgame is encoded within that manuscript where it has remained hidden for the past 500 years. I hardly think that a week is unreasonable.

PEYTON: Perhaps you'd like to take a walk around the grounds, something to clear your mind, allow you to focus.

SLOANE: And I'm sure the armed gentleman posted outside the door won't mind if I slip away for a bit of lunch.

PEYTON: You're not a prisoner, if that's what you're asking. But given your fugitive status, you can understand our reservations about letting you walk around in public.

SLOANE: Yes, of course.

PEYTON: I know you've had to make some tough sacrifices. We all have.

SLOANE: You think I'm having a crisis of conscience because I killed Nadia? Let me be clear. No one will stand between me and the fulfilment of Rambaldi's ultimate vision. No one. And unless you and your superiors know someone else who's familiar with 15th century cryptography, I'm sure you can wait a few more days.

PEYTON: Of course. If there's anything we can do to expedite your work, you'll let me know.



LOS ANGELES. APO. Inside Marshall’s Office. Thomas and Jack watch the microchip.


THOMAS: Have you ever seen anything like that before?

MARSHALL: It's basically a solid state memory chip. Cutting edge tech, at least it was back in the 70's, which I'm guessing is when this little guy was made.

THOMAS: What was it doing inside Renee?

MARSHALL: That's the million dollar question, isn't it? Basically, there's several hundred kilobytes on this thing. Problem is, it's all encoded.

JACK: I would have thought 30 year old encrypted algorithms wouldn't present a problem.

MARSHALL: Well, they wouldn't if the code was complete, but half the data's missing, probably corrupted over time. Without it, I can't create a baseline for encryption analysis.

JACK: And you can't extrapolate the missing data?

MARSHALL: I'm trying to, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

THOMAS: What about these markings? What are these?

MARSHALL: It's probably nothing, Maybe just a serial number, maybe, or, the name of the company that desi... (Marshall observes the microchip under a microscope) wooo !

JACK: What is it?

MARSHALL: Hold on a sec. I'll put it up on the monitor. (Jack and Thomas are surprised when they watch the picture).

THOMAS: We should tell Sydney.

JACK: I'll do that. In the meantime, Marshall, do whatever takes to break that encryption. (Unbeknownst to them, their conversation is being recorded by a man) I want to know what else is on this chip, and I want to know what it was doing inside Renee e.

MAN: (calling someone) we just got a hit on one of the hard lines. Contact Peyton. I'm sending it over now.



LOS ANGELES. In Sydney's apartment. She tries to calm down her daughter.


SYDNEY: Isabelle, will you please sleep? Sweetie...... (Someone rings at the door) Hey, dad.

JACK: Hey, sweetheart. Isn't this her nap time?

SYDNEY: I wish. Apparently, this little girl doesn't need sleep anymore. We got a collective four hours last night.

JACK: It must be genetic. You used to wake up at 4 am every day like clockwork.

SYDNEY: I am sorry about that. Did Marshall finish his analysis of the chip?

JACK: Actually, that's why I'm here. Marshall found data on it, all of it encrypted, but he also found something else. Vaughn's name was etched on the outside of the device, his real name... André Michaux.

SYDNEY: Wait, what?

JACK: Marshall believes the chip was placed inside Renée almost 30 years ago.

SYDNEY: Vaughn and Renée didn't know each other 30 years ago.

JACK: No, but their fathers did. Vaughn told you they were working together against Prophet5.

SYDNEY: And you're thinking what, that one of them implanted the chip inside Renee?

JACK: At this point, it's the most likely presumption.

SYDNEY: Why? Why would they...

JACK: I don't know, but someone left Vaughn's name on it intentionally, expecting it to be found. It's possible he may have some understanding of what the chip contains.

SYDNEY: Dad, no. As far as Prophet5 is concerned, Vaughn is dead. Involving him at this point...

JACK: A calculated risk, I know. He's still in recovery.

SYDNEY: He is not field ready.

JACK: I know. I'll do everything I can to protect him. We'll have an agent dead drop the chip to Vaughn. He'll never be seen.

SYDNEY: Dad...

JACK: Sydney, we don't have a choice. Sloane's decision to openly join Prophet5, suggests that they're close to their endgame. Right now this chip is our only lead.

SYDNEY: OK, But if someone's going to take that chip to Vaughn, it's me.



ZURICH, headquarter of prophet5. Inside a room, Peyton and Sloane listen to a recorded conversation between Dixon and Sloane.



DIXON: Syd is en route to Nepal to see someone who may be able to decipher the chip.

SLOANE: Who's the contact?

DIXON: Someone who worked with Renee. That's all Jack told me.


PEYTON: This contact Sydney's meeting in Nepal, do you have any idea who it is?

SLOANE: No, I don't know of any assets in Nepal. So, I assume this means that you're going to take action on this. Are you sure that's wise? A.P.O. will want to know how you obtained the intel, which could prompt them to looking into the security leak. Whatever's on that chip, I certainly hope it's worth the risk.

PEYTON: Thanks for the counsel. We're sending an agent to intercept the device. We'd like you to brief her before she leaves.

SLOANE: Fine, although I'm not sure what further assistance I can provide.

PEYTON: I think you'd be surprised. (Peyton gives a call) Send her in, please. (Anna Espinosa Sydney clone) enters the room) you remember Anna Espinosa.



LOS ANGELES. APO, Tom decodes a message hidden in a magazine.




RACHEL: You busy?

THOMAS: Just trying to catch upon the latest tech. What's going on?

RACHEL: When was the last time you went to a movie?

THOMAS: The last movie?

RACHEL: I used to go to movies all the time, and I haven't be in so long, because there's always something more important to do.

THOMAS: This isn't about going to the movies, is it? When you were working at The Shed, did you ever see an agent buried?


THOMAS: It takes a while to get over it.

RACHEL: What if I can't? What if I'm not cut out for this? First it was Gordon Dean, and now it's Sloane. They were right in front of met he whole time deceiving me, and I was oblivious.

THOMAS: You're a good agent, Rachel. Listen...I would tell you if I didn't think you could handle this.

RACHEL: Thanks. (She leaves Thomas’ office).


Thomas phones to somebody.


THOMAS: I'd like to place a classified ad in next week's edition.



LOS ANGELES. APO, near a chimney, Sloane briefs Anna.


SYDNEY (ANNA): A child?

SLOANE: Yes, that's right. Sydney has a daughter.

SYDNEY (ANNA): What's her name?

SLOANE: Isabelle.

SYDNEY (ANNA): I suppose Vaughn is the father or was the father, I should say.

SLOANE: Yes, that's right.

SYDNEY (ANNA): In this business, it's always the children who suffer. Arvin, it troubles you, doesn't it? Looking at me, seeing her look back at you.

SLOANE: You're nothing like her.

SYDNEY (ANNA): I suppose you know what I'm like.

SLOANE: Of course I do. You're driven by anger. You crave power, which I assume was something you were deprived of in childhood. Sydney, on the other hand, is driven by a sense of duty, of loyalty to those she loves. That's where she gets her strength. It's also what makes her weak.

SYDNEY (ANNA): Attachments are vulnerability, which are easily exploited.

SLOANE: And yet, she somehow always manages to best you. And now a victory she's not even aware of. Tell me, I imagine you do your best to avoid mirrors... yes?

SYDNEY (ANNA): And I suppose you believe you're driven by faith. Look where it's gotten you. Something tells me being Prophet5 newest pawn wasn't exactly your endgame.

SLOANE: Unlike yourself, I know my place in the big picture. You, however, will continue to deceive yourself if you think you're anything more than dispensable. This......procedure that you've undergone... Surely there must be a reason why they want you to look like Sydney. And when that purpose is fulfilled, you will become unnecessary

SYDNEY (ANNA): Lovely catching up.


Sydney leaves the room. Nadia appears as a ghost.


NADIA: The truth is you're no different than she is. You're dispensable, too.



NEPAL. A plane lands. Through another plane passengers are getting out. Nabin approaches Anna because He thinks she is Sydney.


NABIN: Miss Bristow...I'm Nabin. I'm afraid you must have overlooked me. (He shows his red scarf).

SYDNEY (ANNA): Yes, I did.

NABIN: It's no matter. You yourself are hard to overlook. In fact...You're just as lovely as Mr. Vaughn described.

SYDNEY (ANNA): (surprised) Mr. Vaughn...

NABIN: Don't tell him I told you. He talks about you all the time. Come, my car is just this way. The drive up to Tambor is only 20 minutes.

SYDNEY (ANNA): How is Mr. Vaughn?

NABIN: He's recovering very well. Nicely healed, I should think. Here we are. (He opens the jeep and places Anna suitcase) Can I help you with the bag?


Another jeep arrives. Anna kills Nabin. A Nepalese joins her.


SYDNEY (ANNA): Hurry! We don't have much time. His name's Nabin. Michael Vaughn sent him to pick up agent Bristow.

MAN: Vaughn? Isn't he...

SYDNEY (ANNA): Apparently not.

MAN: I'll see you at the intercept point ion.

SYDNEY (ANNA): Wait. Wear this. (She gives him a red scarf).


Just after Anna leaves, Sydney appears and sees her contact.


SYDNEY: Nabin ?

MAN: Miss Bristow. Welcome to Nepal.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

MAN: Right this way. Mr. Vaughn is so eager to see you.



LOS ANGELES. APO, Marshall is on the phone.


MARSHALL: No, this is definitely not good, all right??

WOMAN: Sorry, sir.

MARSHALL: Answer me this: When will you have the one with the comfort grip in stock?

WOMAN: I'll transfer you to customer service.


WOMAN: Ask for the manager. His name...

MARSHALL: I'm sorry. Could you repeat that? I can't...

WOMAN: Can you hear me?

MARSHALL: No. It's just...There's like a clicking sound. Do you hear that clicking?

WOMAN: No. But I'll have the manager give you a call.

MARSHALL: Alright... Why don't you have him... call me? Thank you.

WOMAN: Alright..

MARSHALL: Thank you for nothing.

WOMAN: Thank you for calling.


Marshall observes the phone after he hangs up, then He rushes inside Jack’s office.


MARSHALL: We're out of coffee.

JACK: Coffee?

MARSHALL: Yeah...I know you might not......think that's important. A lot of people don't......don't drink coffee. (He catches Jack’s pen) Generally might...say that you should have some tea or...Some soda, which also has some......caffeine, but I'm telling you, it's not the same. (He writes something to Jack who is completely astonish) It's......important.


Somewhere else.


JACK: You're sure about this?

MARSHALL: Positive. I noticed a glitch on the phone, so I checked the PBX controls. According to the records, Sloane logged on to the network, and he put the entire phone system on some sort of passive surveillance mode, which...I didn't even know was possible!

JACK: How did he get access? All of his authorization codes were revoked four days ago.

MARSHAL: I was thinking the same thing but, remember, Sloane installed most of the systems. He must have installed some sort of backdoor in the network. Listen, for the past 24 hours, Sloane and most likely Prophet5 have be enable to monitor every conversation inside A.P.O.

JACK: We need to contact Sydney immediately.



NEPAL. Jack calls Sydney when she is inside the jeep with the wrong Nabin.


SYDNEY: Hello?

JACK: Sydney? Listen to me very carefully. Are you with your contact?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I am.

JACK: There's been a security breach at A.P.O. It was Sloane. We have reason to believe you've been compromised.

SYDNEY: No, we're right on time, actually. I'll call you once we arrive. (Sydney hangs up and observes the man).

MAN: Cell phones. They are a miracle.


In front of them, on the road, there is a broken truck. Near it a man makes signs to Sydney and Nabin.


SYDNEY: Don't slow down. Just go around.

MAN: You're in a hurry. I understand. But perhaps, shouldn't we stop to help?


Sydney elbows him and tries to grab the wheel. The man on the road fires gunshots at them and the jeep veers off the road and into a ravine. The false Nabin is killed. Sydney is knocked out and stuck inside the jeep when Anna arrives.


SYDNEY (ANNA): Hello, Sydney (Sydney can’t believe seeing her double. Anna picks the microchip inside Sydney’s bag) Well, that was fairly easy. Of course, if I'd known it was in Renée, I would have saved us both the trouble and cut it out of her myself, when I slit her throat.

SYDNEY: Wait....Anna...

SYDNEY (ANNA): Sorry, Syd. Don't have time to chat. I've got a date. Now... I don't know exactly what I'm going to do with your boyfriend. But whatever it is, I'll have fun doing it.


She throws her lighter in the jeep and leaves. Sydney tries to get out and short time after the jeep explodes.


Anna arrives in Vaughn's hideout. She enters inside a very primitive house. She finds Vaughn who walks slowly with a cane.



SYDNEY (ANNA): Are you okay?

VAUGHN: Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Actually, the doctor says I don't need this anymore. I think it looks debonair.

SYDNEY (ANNA): It does.

VAUGHN: God, I missed you.


They kiss each other.


VAUGHN: How is she?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Isabelle. She's beautiful.

VAUGHN: Just like her mother. Isabelle. Isabelle. You named her Isabelle?

SYDNEY (ANNA): You like it?

VAUGHN: Yeah, it was my idea, wasn't it? What is it you wanted? Clementine? Not a day's gone by that I didn't want to call you, talk to you. I had this fear I'd never see you again. Silly, huh?

ANNA : Maybe a little.


Sydney escapes in time and tries to walk up on the road.



ZURICH, headquarter of prophet5.


PEYTON: I'm assuming this is good news. Have you made any progress?

SLOANE: No. Unfortunately, I've discovered an anomaly in the composition. Joseph Pinara's influence in Rambaldi's encryption. Pinara was a 14th century cleric who published...

PEYTON: I'll skip the history lesson, if you don't mind.

SLOANE: "Le Libraire". It's a private seller of used books in Geneva. They have a copy of the Pinara manuscript. I can't decipher Page 47 without it.

PEYTON: Fine. Write down the address. I'll get it myself.

SLOANE: Very well. (He writes the address and gives it to Peyton).


Nadia appears again.


NADIA: How long do you think you can deceive them? La Page 47 ... Eventually they're going to find out you already know what it says. You're stalling. You must have some plan.

SLOANE: What do you want from me, Nadia?

NADIA: I don't want anything.

SLOANE: Why don't you understand, Nadia? Every sacrifice I've ever made has been for the greater good.

NADIA: Yet every sacrifice you've made has come at someone else's expense. Or have you forgotten?

SLOANE: Oh, no, I haven't forgotten. I play it over in my mind. The irony. All those years I was worried about your well being. And now I realize in the end, I had no choice.

NADIA: You still believe that, don't you? That your actions are controlled by fate? That you were chosen? Why, dad? Surely you must ask yourself why would Rambaldi choose you? You're not a man of honour. You're not particularly courageous. You're charitable, but only when it serves your own interest, and last but not least, you murder the people you claim to love.

SLOANE: What do you want from me, Nadia?

NADIA: I don't want anything.

SLOANE: Then why are you here

NADIA: Dad...I'm here because you want me here. Now you can pursue Rambaldi and have your daughter at the same time. Isn't that what you said you wanted? Just before you killed me?

SLOANE: No...Not like this.


A guard opens the door.


GUARD: Sir? Do you need anything? I thought I heard you talking.

SLOANE: No. I'm fine.



NEPAL. Inside Vaughn’s house.


VAUGHN: I can't believe Renée's dead. If it hadn't been for her, I wouldn't have known about Prophet5 or the truth of my father. None of it. Who killed her?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Anna Espinosa.

VAUGHN: Anna? She was in jail.

SYDNEY (ANNA): Apparently Prophet5 arranged for her release. What do you think it is?

VAUGHN: I don't know. Renée never mentioned it. Marshall couldn't decode it?

SYDNEY (ANNA):  He thought part of the code might be missing. Unless the data has been corrupted. He thinks it was in her body since she was a kid, maybe 30 years.

VAUGHN: What is it? Where was it, exactly?

SYDNEY (ANNA): What do you mean?

VAUGHN: Inside Renée's body, where was it?

SYDNEY (ANNA): I don't know. Why?

VAUGHN: My father once told me a story that I had a bike accident when I was a kid, drove it right into a tree. And even though I have no recollection of it, I never questioned him, because it left me with this scar. (He shows a scar on his chest). Maybe the code isn't corrupted at all. Maybe there's another half.


Anna starts a chirurgical operation.


SYDNEY (ANNA): Okay, this might prevent infection, but it won't help with pain.

VAUGHN: Yeah, well, you can handle childbirth, I can handle this. I'm in good hands.

SYDNEY (ANNA): You need to sit very still. This is going to hurt.

VAUGHN: Yeah, I know. You mentioned that. It's okay. I trust you.


Sydney goes inside the jeep and calls her father.


JACK: Hello.

SYDNEY: Dad, it's me.

JACK: Sydney, are you okay?

SYDNEY: You were right. The mission's been compromised. Anna knows about Vaughn.

JACK: Where are you?

SYDNEY: Wait, dad, listen to me. It gets worse. I've been doubled.



NEPAL. Inside Vaughn’s house.


SYDNEY (ANNA): You need to stay still. Think about some things.

VAUGHN: Yeah, well, give me something to think about. Tell me about Isabelle.

SYDNEY (ANNA): Well, she has your eyes, the same... blue green. And her smile is... is like your smile.

VAUGHN: Really?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Yeah, but her chin is pointy. It's like mine. It's cute.

VAUGHN: Oh, God, I can't wait to meet her!

SYDNEY (ANNA): I got it. (She gets the micro chip). Apply pressure.

VAUGHN: Same etchings?

SYDNEY (ANNA): "Renée Goursaud."

VAUGHN: Yeah, can I see that? (The two chips fit together) Perfect fit.





PEYTON: I'm looking for a manuscript by Joseph Pinara. I called ahead.

BOOKSELLER: Wait one moment. I've got it right over here. Your receipt is in the book. Nothing else?

PEYTON: No, that'll be all. Thanks.


After Peyton is gone, the bookseller gives a call.


BOOKSELLER: I believe there is someone trying to contact you. No, it wasn't him. It was a woman, but she knew the protocol.



NEPAL. Inside Vaughn’s house. Anna and Vaughn find the code with the two microchips. They watch a map on the computer screen. They see: "EVAKUIERUNGPLAN ALPHA 3 ".


SYDNEY (ANNA): German.

VAUGHN: Yeah. Looks like some sort of emergency evacuation plan. Continuity of government from the cold war. It's a nuclear fallout bunker. Hamburg, Germany, under Bergner park.

SYDNEY (ANNA): You think there's something there?

VAUGHN: Maybe. I'm going to go with you to find out. Look, I know what you're thinking. I'm not ready, but, Syd, you said it yourself. My father left this map. Chances are, when you get there, you may need my help.

SYDNEY (ANNA): You're right. I'll call for transport.



Sydney arrives in Vaughn's hut to see the helicopter depart





LOS ANGELES. APO, Jack leads a meeting.


JACK: What I'm about to tell you is not to leave this room. Agent Vaughn is alive.

MARSHALL: I knew it! I knew it! I knew he couldn't be... dead.


Everybody is surprised.


JACK: For the last several months, Vaughn's been kept in a secure location in Nepal pending his recovery. I hope you can all understand that secrecy was a necessary measure to ensure his safety. Unfortunately, those measures weren't sufficient. Through Sloane's tapping of our network, prophet5 learned of Sydney's trip to Nepal. They sent an agent to intercept herer.

DIXON: Is she okay?

JACK: She's fine. She made it to Vaughn's location, but Vaughn was no longer there.

RACHEL: He was abducted.

JACK: In a matter of speaking. We managed to pick up the trail. This was taken in the Hamburg international airport one hour ago. The woman in the photo is not Sydney.



HAMBOURG. Anna and Vaughn stake out a jewellery store near the bunker.


SYDNEY (ANNA): You sure you got the coordinates right? What happened to Bergner park?

VAUGHN: A lot changes in 30 years, but those bunkers were steel reinforced concrete. It would be pretty tough to demolish something like that. My guess is that they're still under there. We just have to find a way in.

SYDNEY (ANNA): You know, that diamond store over there it probably has some pretty expensive pieces. Chances are they're locked away every night.

VAUGHN: In some sort of basement storage room, maybe?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Worth a try. How do you want to handle this?

VAUGHN: Like we did in Cartagena.

SYDNEY (ANNA): I'll follow your lead.

VAUGHN: Okay, let's go.



ZURICH, headquarter of prophet5. Outside, Sloane gets a visit of the ghost of Nadia.


NADIA: Do you really think you're going to get away with this? You're out of your league. They killed Vaughn. They killed Renée. They've probably killed Sydney by now.

SLOANE: Stop, Nadia. Just stop.

NAIDA: They're better than you, smarter. What makes you think you stand a chance?


Peyton joins Sloane.


PEYTON: This should solve all your problems. The Pinara manuscript. I hope it helps. (Sloane looks behind him but Nadia is not here). Well, with all the work that has to be done, I'll get out of your way.

SLOANE: Unfortunately, I seem to be getting in my own way.

PEYTON: How is that?

SLOANE: The effects of losing a child cannot be underestimated. You're right. I am distracted. In order for me to concentrate on the future, I need to make peace with the past.



HAMBOURG. Inside the jewellery store.



SYDNEY (ANNA): Oh, baby, look at this one. (She points out a ring)

VAUGHN: Really?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Oh, it's gorgeous!

VAUGHN: No, I'd prefer that one there. It's, you know... it's a little less big.

SYDNEY (ANNA): No, no, no, no.

JEWELLER: Is there anything you would like to see?

SYDNEY (ANNA): Hi. Is this a princess cut?

JEWELLER: Yes, it is. Your girlfriend has very good taste.

VAUGHN: Yeah, for that price, she might as well be a princess

JEWELLER: It costs nothing to try on


Anna pretends to not be well.


JEWELLER: A stone of that quality has this effect on some people.

VAUGHN: No, she has seizures. Kelly, just breathe. It's okay. Could I get some help here, please? (He calls the guard). It's okay. Just relax.


Vaughn gets the gun of the guard and Anna hits him. Vaughn points the gun on the jeweller.


VAUGHN: How do I get access downstairs?

JEWELLER: My keys... take my keys.

VAUGHN: Watch him.


Vaughn gets down but there is nothing than a room with no doors.


SYDNEY (ANNA): I'm in Hamburg, Bromestrasse .I'll need an extraction.

JEWELLER: Don't hurt me, please. I'll do whatever you ask.

SYDNEY (ANNA): Then shut up. Thanks. (She kicks him).


Vaughn breaks a wall and finds a room. Inside he finds a door with a numeric paddle. He manages to short-circuit the wire and to open the door. He lights the lamps and discovers a large room and a multitude of documents fixed on the walls. As he picks up a file, Anna arrives and points a gun at Vaughn.


SYDNEY (ANNA): I've got it from here.

VAUGHN: Who are you?

SYDNEY (ANNA): It's a pity you'll never know. (She pulls the trigger but Vaughn had taken out the clip).

VAUGHN: Sydney and I never went to Cartagena. And just for the record, you're a terrible kisser.


Anna throws her knee in Vaughn’s thorax, and then she puts his head through a window.


SYDNEY (ANNA): I always said Sydney was too good for you.


They fight again. Vaughn, weakened from his seclusion, falls first. Anna gets the gun.


SYDNEY (ANNA): Let's see if this one's loaded.


As Anna is about to kill Vaughn, Sydney arrives and shoots Anna dead. She gets quickly to see Vaughn.


VAUGHN: Sydney. Sydney.

SYDNEY: Are you all right?

VAUGHN: Yeah, I'm fine. How did you...


They finally embrace for real.



Sloane goes to a church with a Prophet5 guard and leaves a matchbook by the candles.


SLOANE: Okay, we can go now..


As he leaves, Sark arrives to pick up Sloane's message.



HAMBOURG. Inside the bunker, Sydney and Vaughn investigate.


SYDNEY: Project summaries, test subjects, names, dates it's all here. Your father's research of prophet5.

VAUGHN: Most of these organizations still exist, Syd.

SYDNEY: We can end it all.


Anna’s cell phone rings.


SYDNEY: Hang on... Go ahead

PEYTON (In a car): I got your message. Did you get the chip?

SYDNEY: (pretends to be Anna) Yes. I'm done here.

PEYTON: Good. Bleichen and Bromestrasse. We should be there in five minutes.


Sydney hangs up.


SYDNEY: That was Peyton. She's coming to extract Anna.

VAUGHN: Who's Peyton?

SYDNEY: Sloane is part of this. He works with prophet five. He killed Nadia. This is my chance to stop him.

VAUGHN: Sydney.

SYDNEY: I know. You can't go back to A.P.O. There are moles within the government. We can't trust anyone. Contact my father. Explain the situation.

VAUGHN: Okay, I will. Here, take this. (He separates the two microchips). It's useless to them without the other half. Take the tracking device in your phone and embed it in the chip before you hand it over. We'll be able to track your movements.

SYDNEY: I have to go.

VAUGHN: I know.


Before Sydney leaves, she embraces Vaughn and says goodbye once again.


VAUGHN: Be careful.


He looks at her as she leaves the room.


Sydney gets inside Peyton’s car.


PEYTON: We were expecting to hear from you sooner.

SYDNEY: I ran into a few complications. Nothing I couldn't handle.

PEYTON: And Sydney?

SYDNEY: She's dead. This is what they found inside Renée Rienne.

PEYTON: Nice work. Well, if you were able to pull this off, the rest should be easy. Yeah.

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Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révélation - Part 2

Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révélation - Part 2
Le film "Twilight : Chapitre 5 - Révelation 2ème Partie" avec Mia Maestro sera diffusé ce soir sur...

Mini-Réunion Alias

Mini-Réunion Alias
Début mars 2016, Jennifer Gardner, Victor Garber et JJ Abrams qui se sont retrouvés lors de la...

Première London has fallen

Première London has fallen
Angela Bassett était à la première du film "London has fallen". La première avait lieu le 01 mars...

Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - Part 1

Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - Part 1
Le film "Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - 1ère Partie" avec Mia Maestro est actuellement diffusé...

Top 100 - Classement

Top 100 - Classement
L'agent Sydney Bristow se réjouit que......L'agence anglaise, MI5, soit l'employeur le plus...


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Imaginez, si Alias avait eu "un crossover" avec une autre série de J.J Abrams, vous auriez aimé que ça soit avec...

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Titepau04 (21:32)

ça va aussi!

Titepau04 (21:36)

quoi de neuf?

Sonmi451 (21:39)

ben hyp ^^

Sonmi451 (21:39)


serieserie (21:39)

t'es de pire en pire son'

Titepau04 (21:40)


Sonmi451 (21:41)

ben quoi le neuf était trop tentant

Sonmi451 (21:41)

et sinon y a bcp trop de choses à raconter, j'ai la flemme

Sonmi451 (21:41)

et toi tite alors?

Titepau04 (21:42)

ça y est, tu fais déjà une crise de foie?!

Titepau04 (21:42)

bah moi ça va, je suis en stage! ça se passe super bien!!!!

Sonmi451 (21:45)

oui c'est surtout que le changement d'heure m'a cassée une horreur ^^

Sonmi451 (21:45)

bien pour ton stage!

Titepau04 (21:47)

oui je suis contente!

Sonmi451 (21:56)

bon sur ce je suis vraiment claquée

Sonmi451 (21:57)

je me fais 5 oeufs et j'y vais bonne nuit les filles

serieserie (21:57)

t'arrive a te limité?!

Sonmi451 (21:59)

Mes yeux qui se ferment tout seule me limite très bien. lol

serieserie (21:59)


serieserie (21:59)

tu vas pas les voir alors!

Sonmi451 (22:02)

ça va là j'ai fait 3 questions faciles

Sonmi451 (22:02)

mais oui j'ai les yeux qui se ferment tout seule et la tête qui tombe lol

serieserie (22:04)


serieserie (22:05)

elles sont presque toute faile

Sonmi451 (22:05)


Sonmi451 (22:06)

5 voilà bonne nuit

Sonmi451 (22:06)

but de la france très bien je peux dormir lol

Sonmi451 (22:06)

bonne nuit tt le monde!

Titepau04 (22:54)

ou pas.... il a été refusé...

Titepau04 (22:54)

je vous laisse aussi, je vais me coucher!! des bisous

cometchat1 (10:23)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:29)


cometchat1 (11:29)


Locksley (11:44)

HypnoCup : allez, allez, on vient faire un petit clic pour départager Alex et Greg ! Faites-nous exploser le nombre de votants pour cette finale ! Et cometchat1 peut même voter en passant faire ses tests

cometchat1 (11:47)


cometchat1 (11:47)


kystis (21:44)

N'oubliez pas de voter dans préférence !! Merci

albi2302 (20:00)

Blue Bloods à un nouveau Design (merci Serieserie) et cherche une équipe pour s'occuper du quartier ! N'hésitez pas a passer

cinto (18:35)

Nouvelle PDLQ chez Ma sorcière Bien Aimée; venez, votez, soyez remercié!

albi2302 (00:01)

Hyp9 2017 ça démarre maintenant ! Bonne chasse à tous

Xanaphia (00:06)

Et 1 déjà dans mon panier ^^

Merane (11:57)

Bonjour, le sondage spécial HypnoAirways 2017 du quartier Teen Wolf est arrivé . Merci pour vos votes et bonne journée .

SeySey (16:49)

Bonjour!! Si vous n'avez pas participer à l'animation "Old Or New Age" du quartier Outlander, on vous attend! Êtes vous fait (e) pour le XVIII ou XX ème siècle?? Venez le découvrir! Sans oublier notre sondage & nouveau design

chrismaz66 (18:18)

'Soir, Torchwood a enfin un nouveau SONDAGE, bourré de petites histoires à faire froid dans le dos! Venez trembler et un petit clic pour votre frisson préféré. Merci d'avance et bonne soirée

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