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MINSK. Night. A limo arrives at a castle and a hooded man gets out of the car. The hood is removed by Mr. Ehrmann to reveal it is Arvin Sloane.

EHRMANN: I'd apologize for the method of transport, but I'm sure you understand our need for discretion.

SLOANE: And I am not in a position to simply disappear for an extended period of time without raising concern. Some advance warning would have been preferred.

EHRMANN: Yes... but then that would spoil all the fun.


Inside, Sloane and Ehrmann walk down a stairs in a big hall.


EHRMANN: We have some business which requires your immediate attention. But I can assure you, we'll have you back in Los Angeles before your co-workers even realize that you've gone.

SLOANE: It's not your timetable that troubles me, Joseph. It's your manners...

EHRMANN: Here you are.

SLOANE: You're not joining us?

EHRMANN: The 12 are waiting for you inside.

SLOANE: You're not allowed in that room, are you?


Sloane hands him his overcoat, indicating that he considers Ehrmann a lackey now. He enters in a large room where 12 people wait him. A first man comes to him.

MAN 1: Mr. SLOANE. It's an honour to meet you. We've been admirers of yours for quite some time.

SLOANE: Gentlemen.

MAN 1: We'd like to thank you for all the work you've done thus far on our behalf.

SLOANE: I'm not certain I have much choice.

MAN 2 (old man sitting on a chair) : Not to get into a free will debate right now, Mr. SLOANE, but... you've always had a choice. This is our most recent medical report on your daughter, Nadia. As you're aware, we have the capabilities to restore her health.

MAN 1: And we're prepared to do so on a permanent basis, provided of course you complete one final assignment for us.

SLOANE: No, I've heard such promises for some time now. Tell me, what guarantees do I have that this is the last you'll require of me?

MAN 3: Look around you, Arvin. Would we show you our faces if it were our intention to keep you subservient? You've earned the right to stand in front of us. We have a job for you. You'll keep your eye on the endgame, as you always have. Because the moment this assignment is over, we'll give you back your daughter.

SLOANE: What exactly do you want me to do?


IN A HIGH SECURITY PRISON. Night. PEYTON arrives with a guard in front of Anna Espinosa’s cell.

GUARD: This prisoner is one of the most dangerous inmates we have in this facility. We don't leave anyone alone with her. I'm simply concerned for your safety.

PEYTON : Well, that's sweet, but something tells me we're gonna get along just fine.

Door opens. Anna Espinosa is sited on the floor.

PEYTON: Ms. Espinosa, my name's Kelly Peyton. I work for an independent organization interested in retaining your services.

ANNA: Get out of my cell.

PEYTON: If I'm interrupting your busy schedule of invasive interrogation, I do apologize. This facility you're in doesn't exist on government record. You're being held here without charge, which means you don't exist anymore. I can't imagine that thought's appealing to you. My employer will secure your immediate release, in exchange for which, you will undertake a long-term, deep cover operation for us.

ANNA: I told you to get out of my cell... (She stands up et gets to Peyton) which means if you don't take your skinny little ass back down that hallway right now... you won't exist anymore either.

PEYTON: I don't think you're understanding me. I'm offering you the chance to get back at the person who put you here. I'm offering you the chance to destroy Sydney Bristow.

Anna is now more interested and looks intensely at Peyton.


LOS ANGELES. Night. Sydney’s home.

SYDNEY: (She puts Isabelle in bed) Here you go. (She hears knife noise coming through the kitchen)What are you doing?

JACK: They fell when I tried to put them away. Sydney, you do not leave edged weapons within the reach of children.

SYDNEY: She's 4 weeks old, dad.

JACK: Particularly young Bristow women.

SYDNEY: She can't even hold her head up. I think we're safe. Have you contacted your field sources?

JACK: Nobody's heard so much as a whisper since Irina disappeared.

SYDNEY: We should task Echelon with her known aliases.

JACK: We already have. Rest assured, we've engaged our full resources in looking for your mother.

SYDNEY: Any news of Prophet Five?

JACK: No significant activity in the last few weeks. I don't like it.

SYDNEY: Mom dealt Prophet Five a significant blow when she stole the Horizon. If we aren't picking up activity, it's only because they're regrouping, coming up with an alternate plan of attack.

JACK: Try to enjoy your time away. Right now you only need to concern yourself with being a mother. As soon as the affairs of the world require your attention, I'll let you know.


MINSK. prophet5.

SLOANE: I need assurances that Sydney Bristow will not be harmed.

MAN1: It's not our intention to kill Miss Bristow, if that's what you're asking.

SLOANE: I believe you're overestimating my ability to influence her. Even when agent Bristow thought that I was an honourable man, she rarely did as I directed.

MAN1: We're simply asking you to guide her actions a bit.

SLOANE: She's on leave, content to stay at home and care for her newborn daughter. I can't task her to re-enter the field and expect her to follow orders. She would need…

MAN3: Incentive. I think you'll find, Arvin, it won't be as difficult to get Miss Bristow into the field as you imagine.


LOS ANGELES. Night. Raining day. Anna Espinosa arrives in a car, takes an umbrella and rings at a house. Will Tippin opens the door.

ANNA: Will Tippin?

WILL: Sorry, I think you have the wrong house.

ANNA: I'm agent Reeves, witness security, C.I.A. There's been an incident. I'm afraid that your cover may have been compromised. Something's happened to Sydney Bristow.

Will: Come in

Anna sees that he has lit candles and a bottle of wine.

ANNA: Sir, is there anyone else in the house?

WILL: I was sort of expecting someone 'un.

ANNA: But you're alone now? (Anna then fires a taser at him. As Weill convulses on the floor, Anna phones) All right. I've got him.


LOS ANGELES. APO, Briefing room. Jack and Sloane show a security video to Sydney showing that Anna has captured Will.

JACK: Will's home security system caught the abduction.

SYDNEY Y: When did this happen?

SLOANE: Last night. Will missed his standard checking.

SYDNEY: Have we identified the assailants? (She sees Anna on the video)

JACK: The detention facility reported Anna was still in custody as of yesterday morning. They were surprised too, to learn she's at large.

SYDNEY: And we're just going to accept that?

SLOANE: No, of course not. Anna's escape, plus her knowledge of Will's location, suggests internal assistance at the highest level

JACK: Langley launched a full-scale investigation.

SYDNEY: I don't trust anyone else on this.

JACK: We've already requested and been granted the authority to go after Tippin ourselves.

SLOANE: We're only telling you this because Will is your friend, and we both know you'd want to be informed. We are not asking you to end your leave. We have this under control. You don't need to come back to work.

JACK: Anna's involvement is actually a positive for us.

SLOANE: She's too well-known in the underworld to disappear outright. We anticipate that she will reveal herself before long. We will find her.

SYDNEY: Yes, we will. I appreciate your effort to protect me on this, but as of this moment, I'm back.


IN A ROOM. Will is tied to a chair, still unconscious. The doctor who was working with Irina on the freighter enters with a syringe.

Dr. BURRIS: Would you mind holding his head steady, please? He should be awake shortly. (He injects a small explosive pellet into the unconscious Will's head.)

PEYTON: I'll have Anna make the call.


LOS ANGELES. APO. Arvin telephones Sydney that Echelon has intercepted a phone call of Anna talking about having Will. A Russian Mafia lieutenant, Yerik Semanko has Will in Moscow

ANNA: I have the subject you requested. I'll give you the location once I receive payment..

YERIK: The Centurion. Midnight. Come alone.

SLOANE: Echelon intercepted the phone call an hour ago. Voiceprint matches. It's Anna.

SYDNEY: Who's the other man?

SLOANE: We believe he's a Russian mafia lieutenant named Yerik Semanko. (Sydney is at home and prepares is suitcase) The Centurion is one of their known fronts. Sydney, you're to infiltrate the club and survey the meet. We'll have a support team on standby to extricate Will as soon as you ascertain his location.

SYDNEY: Anna will have 'em on alert. It's doubtful we'll be able to just walk in the front door.

SLOANE: We will have an insertion scenario prepared for you. You'll get the necessary optech as soon as you get on the plane.

SYDNEY: Got it. (Door bell). I gotta go. The babysitters are here. (She opens the door to see two agents).

RANCE: Miss Bristow? I'm agent Rance. This is agent Dalton. Your father sent us.

SYDNEY: He speaks very highly of you.

RANCE: May we come in?


RANCE: We've been briefed. You're wheels up in 82 minutes. That doesn't give us much time. (He opens his suitcase which contains baby and security things).

SYDNEY: This has all been rather unexpected.

RANCE: It's my understanding Isabelle is approaching 5 weeks in age?


RANCE: I would imagine you have a healthy amount of separation anxiety towards leaving your daughter.

SYDNEY: Yeah, I do. Yeah.

RANCE: In addition to our field officer training, agent Dalton and I are both fully trained in infant development, including emergency care. If you agree, we'd like to go through the house, baby proof it from top to bottom, socket protectors, safety latches, gates for the stairs, spread spectrum R.F. Detectors, perimeter sensors, explosive sniffers, all the usual stuff. (The baby starts crying) Perhaps now would be a good time to introduce me to Isabelle.

SYDNEY: Sometimes she just likes to cry. (She takes Isabelle in her arms) It can take her a while to calm down. You just have to be patient.

RANCE: May I? (The baby calms down) I understand your current assignment is short-term?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I mean, hopefully she won't even know I've been gone.

RANCE: Oh, no. The mother child bond is impossible to replicate, even by agent Dalton and myself. She'll definitely know you're gone. But we'll keep Isabelle safe and secure until you return.

SYDNEY: Thank you, agent Rance.

RANCE: No need to thank me, ma'am. I'll give you some time to say goodbye.

SYDNEY : (Sydney takes Isabelle, kisses her and talks to her) It won't always be like this. I promise. I'm just trying to make the world safer so you can grow up and have a regular life. Someone I love is in trouble. I have to go and help him out. It's my job. Mama's gotta go to work.


Syd fires a zip line and slides across the street to the rooftop of the nightclub. She opens a panel to the building's computer and connects a relay to it. Marshall then sends photo identification passes of Tom, Rachel and Marcus to the VIP database. Marcus and then Rachel are admitted into the disco. Seeing a guard near the roof door, Sydney asks for Dixon to make a distraction. Marcus acts like a drunk and gets into a fight. The rooftop guard gets a call to break-up the fight, so Sydney is able to enter the building and head downstairs, entering the disco. Tom then gets admitted from the front too.


MO[S]COU. Night. In front of a disco club, Marcus (Rasta man) and Rachel are standing in line waiting to be admitted. Sydney is on a rooftop watching with a high power rifle equipped with a sniper scope. Thomas is standing away from the others and notes that the security is tight and the guests are A-list.

SYDNEY (coms): This is Phoenix. I'm in position.

Marshall is inside a van.

MARSHALL (coms): Copy that, Phoenix. Anna's supposed to meet Semanko in 53 minutes.

SYDNEY (coms): Perfect. (Sydney looks the disco club roof with the sniper scope) That should give us plenty of time to I.D. him, wire him for sound. Sidewinder, what's your status?

TOM (coms): Security's pretty tight down here, Phoenix. Looks like "A" list only.

SYDNEY: I'm on it. (She fires a harpoon with a cable. She gets on the other roof by a Tyrolienne) Marshall, I'm on the roof.

MARSHALL (coms): All right. Let me know when you're ready.

SYDNEY (coms): (She opens an electric panel and plugs an electronic device for Marshall) Relay's in place.

MARSHALL (coms): OK. I'm accessing the network now to get the others into the club. Uploading... One... (Faces of Rachel, Dixon and Tom appear on screen) UPLOADING PHOTO Okay, gang.

Dixon goes inside, so does Rachel.

MAN: You're on the list.

SYDNEY (coms): Got a guard up top, Outrigger. I might need a bit of a distraction.

Dixon (coms): Copy that. (Dixon gets involved in a fight) I'll see what I can do.

GUARD (to the roof guard): Assistance needed.

SYDNEY (coms): All clear, Outrigger. Thank you.

TOM (to the entrance man when he sees Dixon): Pathetic.

SYDNEY (inside the club - coms): I'm in.

Each team member is wearing eyeglasses with hidden cameras for Marshall to scan the guests with


MARSHALL (Looking at the video): Alright. Let's find our boy. MILLIMETER WAVE ONLINE Okay, Millimetre Wave is online. Here we go.

TOM (coms): Marshall, I'm in position.

MARSHALL: Got it. Sydney? Online. Here we go. All right, guys, Semanko's making a big payment, so... We're looking for someone who's carrying a lot of cash.


A Russian man tries to pick up Sydney by offering to buy her a drink.

MAN: May I offer you a drink?

SYDNEY: Absolutely.

MAN: What can I get you?

MARSHALL (coms): Okay, Phoenix, I just take a look. This guy looks like he's got a couple hundred dollars worth of rubbles on him. Definitely not Semanko. Moving on.

SYDNEY : Seltz water. The doctor says I’m not supposed to have any alcohol... during breast feeding.

MAN : Sorry. Excuse-me.

MARSHALL : We got dollars. We got euros, We've even got a little Turkish Lira thrown in there but doesn't look like anybody's buying more than a couple drinks tonight. (Marshall IDs through Rachel's camera a man wearing a gun) Wait, hold on, Oracle. That guy who just passed you has a loaded Makarov under his jacket. (Marshall detects he is with two other men) Scratch that. We've got three guys with Makarovs. Three guys. And the guy in the centre looks like he's got about 100000$, cold around his waist. Think we found comrade Semanko.

SYDNEY (coms): Sidewinder, do you have a on him?

TOM (coms): Northeast corner, near the V.I.P. Section.

SYDENY: Got it. I'm on my way. Oracle? Keep him busy.

RACHEL (She bumps into Yerik): Please, watch where you're going.

YERIK: I'm sorry. You have my apologies.

RACHEL: Then... a true gentleman would offer to make it up to me.

YERIK: What exactly do you have in mind?

TOM (Yerik): Saskia. (Tom comes and gets mad. They get into an argument in Russian and she slaps Thomas). My apologies. My wife she's... a bit of a whore. (Syd walks by and places a tracker on the man's collar).

SYDNEY: Tracker's hot.

MARSHALL: Copy that.

SYDENY: He just headed into the V.I.P room. Check support teams. I want 'em ready to move as soon as we know Will's location.

MARSHALL: Copy that. They're on standby.


Semanko then goes to the VIP room where he meets with Anna. Sydney looks at them from her position in the club.

YERIK: Ms. Espinosa. A pleasure.

ANNA: Where's my payment?

YERIK: It's all here. Count it if you wish. Where is Tippin?

ANNA: Thought I'd make your life easy. You'll find him in room 147.


Sydney rushes to the room 147.

SYDNEY (coms): Sidewinder, Oracle, do you copy? Will's in the building.

TOM (coms with Rachel): Copy that. Right behind you.

Sydney gets upstairs. Two guards block Rachel and Tom.


GUARD: Would you two come with us, please.

Sydney arrives in the room and finds Will is tied to a chair.

SYDENY: Are you okay?


Anna arrives at the door.

WILL: Syd !

He starts to warn her, but Anna comes and punches Syd.

ANNA: Hope I'm not interrupting anything.

Peyton and the Prophet 5 doctor are watching from a hidden camera and make a biometric scan of Sydney.

Dr. BURRIS: How good is your operative?

PEYTON: We'll find out soon enough.

Anna cuts Sydney's arm with a switchblade knife.

Dr. BURRIS: She hit her. Begin data capture. (The doctor order "Begin data capture." There is a tracing isotope on the knife).


Anna starts winning the fight and has Sydney pinned to the floor, about to plunge the knife into her. But Will gets free and grabs Anna, wrestling with her. He knees her in the gut, ducks her slash and punches her with a left, right combination. Anna falls against the blinds and falls to the floor. He turns to help Syd.

WILL: You okay?

SYDNEY: Where'd you learn to do that?

WILL: Oh, I've just been taking some Krav Maga classes, you know.


Anna grabs a chair.

ANNA: Maybe we'll do this again sometime.

She escapes by smashing a window with a chair.

PEYTON: Do we need to send backup?

Dr BURRIS: No, let them go. We have exactly what we need.




SYDNEY: Well, so, did they interrogate you?

WILL: When I came to, there were a bunch of people in the room but they didn't say a word to me. They just sort of left me alone. Next thing I know, you're kicking in the door. She got you good.

SYDNEY: Oh, it's cosmetic. It'll heal.

WILL: Listen, you think it's safe to make a call? I should probably let my fiancée know I'm okay.

SYDNEY: Did you just say "fiancée"?

WILL: Did I? Oh. I guess I did.


WILL: Do you remember that painter? That I was gonna ask out?


WILL: I... I asked her out.

SYDNEY: And what, you're getting married?

WILL: Yeah. Well, no, not exactly. I was actually planning on asking her last night before Anna interrupted. But I'm pretty sure she's gonna say yes.

SYDNEY: Oh, I can't believe this. How can you be marrying a girl I haven't even met yet?

WILL: Well, you know, I think the government mandated Isolation might have something to do with it. Sydney, we haven't spoken in, like, two years. What about you? What's been going on?

SYDNEY: For starters, I have a daughter.

WILL: What?

SYDNEY: Yeah, a baby girl. Her name is Isabelle.

WILL: Sydney, are you kidding? That's incredible. Who's the father?

SYDNEY: Vaughn.

WILL: Vaughn, of course. You guys finally ended up together.


LOS ANGELES. APO. Will talks with Marshall and Dixon. Behind a window Sydney looks at him with her father.


SYDNEY: I hate lying to him. He's my best friend. I can't even tell him the truth. You should've seen Will's face when I told him Vaughn was dead.

JACK: Sydney, the only way to ensure Vaughn's safety is to keep his existence a secret.  You did the right thing.

SYDNEY: That doesn't make it any easier.

JACK: Will's abduction only underscores our need for absolute vigilance. We're dealing with a very powerful opponent.

SYDNEY: You think Prophet Five had something to do with Will's abduction?

JACK: There's no logical reason anyone would abduct Will Tippin... unless they were trying to get to you.





EHRMANN (phone): Relax. The operation is moving forward as planned, and may I say that you have performed admirably.

SLOANE (phone): The agreement was for Nadia's cure.

EHRMANN: Yes, once the operation is complete.

SLOANE: If I'm to prepare for any unforeseen circumstances, I need to know the full parameter of what you've planned.

EHRMANN: All you need to do, Arvin, is task your team accordingly when I give you the signal. SLOANE: And what exactly is the signal?

EHRMANN: Believe me, you'll know.

A biometric acquisition of Anna Espinosa is performed. The computer screen indicates "Isotope Data Transfer: Complete."


Sydney’s home. She takes Isabelle out of the cradle in order to present her to Will.

SYDNEY: This is Isabelle.

WILL: Oh, Syd. Sydney, she's beautiful.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

RANCE: Ma'am, would you like us to stay on duty for the night?

SYDNEY: That won't be necessary. You can go home.

WILL: Thank you.

RANCE: The surveillance equipment's up.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

WILL: See you.

SYDNEY: (To Will) you want to hold her?

WILL: OK. (Isabelle is in her arms) Really? Okay. Hey! Hey. I'm Will. What am I, like an uncle?

SYDNEY: Uncle.

WILL: Yeah. I'm uncle Will.

SYDNEY: Will, we were talking about what happened. We have to assume you were grabbed because someone was trying to hurt me.

WILL: Yeah? Well, yeah. I didn't think they wanted me for all the Lakers statistics I have in my head. Right?

SYDNEY: No. It's...  just... I'm sorry. None of this would have happened if I wasn't in your life.

WILL: Syd, stop. Are you kidding me right now? My life is so much better because you're in it.


A survey computer shows: ALERT! IDENTIFY DEVICE IMMEDIATELY. The security alarm sounds.

WILL: Oh, what... Oh. What...

RANCE: (Rance points his pistol at Will) Sir? Hand over the baby.

WILL: What?

SYDNEY: Agent Rance...

RANCE: Ma'am, take the baby from him right now.

WILL: Okay, okay. What's going on? Take it easy. What's going on? (They push him against the wall and do a sweep with a metal detector). Hey! Sydney, what's going on?

SYDNEY: I don't know. I don't know.

They find that Will has an object imbedded in his head.


LOS ANGELES. APO. Marshall observes skull scan of will.

MARSHALL: Well, it's a sub dermal device placed just below the skull at the brain stem. I've never seen one this small before. It looks like they patched a radio receiver to a powerful micro charge.

WILL: So, what? What does that mean?

MARSHALL: It means that they... they... put a bomb in your head.

WILL: What?

MARSHALL: I know. I know. But there's good news. It looks like the charge is small enough that the blast will be localized.

WILL: Wait, wait.  So it might not kill me.

MARSHALL:  Oh, no. It'll definitely kill you. There just won't be any collateral damage.

SYDNEY: Marshall... How do we get it out of him?

MARSHALL:  Well, we could perform a surgical procedure, but… I'm worried there's a gyroscopic failsafe. I mean, there is a very real chance that if we try to remove it, Will's head could explode.

JACK: Get medical in here. I want a full extraction scenario.

WILL: What? No! Didn't you just hear what he said about the exploding?

SYDNEY: Will, calm down.

WILL: Sydney, how can I calm down? There's a bomb in my head.

SYDNEY: Look, don't worry about it. We're gonna get it out of you. Just...


Will's cellphone rings which startles everyone.

MARSHALL: What is that??

WILL: It's my phone. It's just my phone. (“BLOCKED CALLER CALLING”). Am I supposed to answer this?

Sydney: Hello?

ANNA: Hello, Sydney. Now that I have your attention, I have some demands. (All the team is in another room to listen the conversation) Pay attention, Syd. You are going to need to do exactly as you are told. You have access to the government's Rambaldi archives at the D.S.R. I'd like you to bring me a particular page from his manuscript.

SYDNEY: Which one?

ANNA: Page 47. I'm sure you're familiar with it. There's a train leaving for Madrid from the Coimbra rail station at 21H00 tomorrow. Be on it. Come alone. Once I have the manuscript page in my possession, I will give you the deactivation codes for the bomb.

SYDNEY: Anna, I swear to you...

ANNA: Any deviation, Sydney, and I'm afraid I'll have to blow up your friend. Bye now.

SLOANE: We have to take her threat seriously.

JACK: Marcus, how quickly can you get page 47 from the D.S.R.?

DIXON: I can have it within the hour.

JACK: Do it.

SYDNEY: Of all the Rambaldi artefacts, why would she want page 47?

RACHEL: Who's Rambaldi?




SLOANE: Milo Rambaldi was a 15th century Visionary with an uncanny ability to predict the future. His designs have prophesied everything from binary code to nuclear weaponry to...

RACHEL: is that Sydney? (Looking at the page 47)

SYDNEY: Not exactly. There are people that believe that's me.

RACHEL: "Mulier hic picturata." "The woman pictured here, the chosen one," "will render the greatest power unto utter desolation." You're "the chosen one"? You people really believe this stuff?

DIXON: We've... seen things that give Rambaldi's words weight.

WILL: Guys, can we debate this later... after the bomb is out of my head?

SYDNEY: What's the harm in giving Anna the page? These are prophecies about things I might do. If I don't do them, they're just words.

SLOANE: That's right, Sydney, you have a point. Without you, that page is worthless.

DIXON: We're not seriously considering giving into Anna's demands?

WILL: yes, we are.

SYDNEY: No, we're not. This page will get me close, but there's no guarantee Anna will deactivate you if we give her what she wants.

JACK: Marshall, can you hack the detonation frequency?

MARSHALL: Well, I mean, she mentioned deactivation codes. The bomb and the detonator are networked I mean, maybe I could build a device that would tap into the communication protocol, reverse engineer the codes, but we would need to get the bomb within range of the detonator in order for it to initialize.

JACK: Get started on it.

WILL: But... the only thing I understood from that was to get the bomb in range of the detonator?

SYDNEY: You ever been to Portugal?


LISB[O]NNE. Onboard the Lisbon train, Syd and Will use a French accent as they negotiate with a conductor.

CONDUCTOR: I'm sorry. It's simply not possible.

WILL: There has been a terrible mistake. Look at me. I would not know how to purchase a coach ticket if I tried.

SYDNEY: We demand a first-class cabin at the front of the car. It is away from the commoners.

CONDUCTOR: Please, there is nothing I can do.

WILL: I simply will not allow my wife my delicate, porcelain lily... to be ogled by the Portuguese wharf mongers.

CONDUCTOR: (in Spanish) Take your seat or I will escort you from the train at the next stop.

WILL: Does he speak Portuguese to us?

SYDNEY: I believe so. It is a dead language. It hurts my ears.

WILL: Perhaps our fluent steward speaks Euro. Ahh ! (Will shows him a wad of Euro banknotes as a bribe. The conductor accepts the Euro and leads them to a first class cabin).


Along the first class car.

WILL (to Conductor): Careful. It's fragile!

CONDUCTOR: I hope you find this cabin to your liking. Perfectly adequate.

WILL: Thank you.

Inside the cabin.

SYDNEY: Will, "delicate porcelain lily"?

WILL: Leave me alone. I was on a roll.


Sydney taps into the train's security monitors for the laptop computer Will is using.

WILL: Syd... you know, my girl, she's waiting for me back home, and, uh... so depending on how this all goes down... if, uh, I was...

SYDNEY: Will, look at me. You're gonna make it through this. I'm not gonna let anything happen to you.

WILL: I know that.


WILL: Wait. What did you think I was asking?

SYDNEY: I... was just being supportive in case you thought... you might ..

WILL: Die?

SYDNEY: It's not important. What were you asking?

WILL: I was asking you to be my best man.

SYDNEY: Really?

WILL: Yeah. Before I realized that you have such little faith in me. You thought I was gonna die?

SYDNEY: No, I you want me to be your best man??

WILL: Well, I did. Now I'm not so sure.

SYDNEY: How would that work, exactly? Would I have to wear a tux?

WILL: You don't have to worry about it, 'cause you're not invited. Okay, we're in.


They then spot Anna in the dining car

SYDNEY: There she is. Now I just have to keep Anna busy long enough to scan the codes. Incidentally, I'd be honoured.

WILL: Let's do this.

Sydney joins Anna.

ANNA: You're early.

SYDNEY: I've never been good at following the rules.

ANNA: I understand you being so cavalier about your own life, but I'm surprised that you care so little about your friend.

WILL (coms): All right, Syd... It's working.

ANNA: Tell me, Sydney, what's to keep me from killing Tippin right now?

SYDNEY: You've always been a professional, Anna. And I have something you want.

ANNA: Not here. Let's find someplace more private.

WILL: Okay. So far, so good.


Exterior view of the train. Anna and Sydney go to an empty car.

WILL (coms): Okay, you're at 38%. Stay close.


Syd opens the suitcase and present the manuscript to Anna.

ANNA: Not a very flattering likeness.

SYDNEY: What I want to know is, why do you want it? We disproved these writings years ago.

ANNA: Doesn't really concern me as long as the check clears. Although I must say I have had a lot of fun on this one.

SYDNEY: Where is the detonator?

ANNA: I don't have it on me. Wait here.

Will (coms) : No, she's lying, Syd. We wouldn't be able to run the scanner if she didn't have the detonator on her.

SYDNEY: I'm not letting you out of my sight.

ANNA: Sydney, you know I don't play by the rules very well either. Wait here. I'm not asking.

Will (coms) : No, we're only at 65%. You can't let her leave

Syd catches the suitcase and throws it into the Anna’s back. They get into a fight while the bomb is seconds for exploding (set time : 47s).

WILL: Sydney! Sydney, my head's beeping!

Syd defeats Anna and stops the timer. Anna is knocked out.

SYDNEY: You still having fun, Anna? You'll never beat me.

ANNA: And you still don't understand the game.

Anna recovers, gets the suitcase and escapes. She leaves the car, closes the door and kisses the glass to mock Sydney. She sets off a trap. Red fluid is showering Sydney. Syd can't break the glass to get out. She struggles and then passes out. The red liquid evacuates itself at the bottom of the car and fills a container attached under.

ANNA (phone): We're collecting her D.N.A... Now. We have begun the process. You should have genetic samples shortly. I understand. There will be no further delays.

As Anna is walking down a corridor, Will hits her in the head with a fire extinguisher, then rescues Sydney.

WILL: Syd!

He breaks the glass window and enters the car to save Sydney.

WILL: It's okay. I've got you!

SYDNEY: Anna… we have to get her....

Anna recovers and restarts the timer and tosses it out of the train.

ANNA: I'm right here, Syd. Looks like you have about 30 seconds.

SYDNEY: No, Will.

Sydney pulls Will out of the train to go after the transmitter. They fall into a river. Will surfaces first and is afraid that the bomb is going to explode. Syd then emerges with the transmitter. She turns it off

WILL: Sydney, thank god, Oh, thank god. Thank you... I'm ready to go home


LOS ANGELES. Outside parking. Sloane has a covert meeting with Kelly Peyton.

SLOANE: Sydney Bristow was not to be harmed.

PEYTON: How exactly was Bristow harm?

SLOANE: You locked her in a train car, and you sprayed her with a chemical agent.

PEYTON: I assume your doctors have given her a thorough examination. Let me guess they couldn't find anything wrong.

SLOANE: I need to know what you did to her.

PEYTON: No, you don't. All you need to know, Mr. Sloane, is that you've fulfilled your contract with our organization. Congratulations. We've prepared the compound. Inside you'll find the necessary instructions for administering the cure to your daughter. It's all there... everything you need to bring Nadia back. It's been a pleasure doing business with you.


MOSCOU, At the Prophet-5 base, inside a laboratory. A container is filled up with a red liquid. We see Anna lying in a wire cage.

DR. BURRIS: We've loaded the Bristow D.N.A. Template into the sequencer. Genetic fluid is primed and ready.

EHRMANN: Good. How's our subject?

ANNA: Ready to get this over with.

DR. BURRIS: Vitals are good. The provacillium should be taking effect. I've given you something to help with the pain. If our prior experiences with genetic manipulation serve as an indicator, I'm afraid the narcotics won't be of much help.

ANNA: I'm sure I've been through worse.

DR. BURRIS: I really don't think you have.

Anna is submerged in the red fluid that was showering Syd. She convulses. Burris and Ehrmann are in another room looking at the experience.


LOS ANGELES. Syd and Will are walking through a park pushing a baby stoller. 

SYDNEY: They'll give you a panic button. If anything happens, I'll be at your side in 30 seconds.

WILL: Okay. That part sounds pretty cool.

SYDNEY: Yeah, we'll keep you safe.

WILL: Syd, don't worry about me.

SYDNEY: I can't help it. I'm sorry you've had to go through all this, Will.

WILL: If you apologize one more time, I'm gonna slap you. Hey, it's not your fault.

SYDNEY: It is, actually. The people I love sooner or later, something terrible happens to them. It happens over and over and over. They're kidnapped; they're tortured... or killed... because they know me. I feel like I'm this plague, and everyone I love is infected. I just... I just want you to know how sorry I am for all of it.

WILL: Yes, I've been tortured, and I've been kidnapped several times, actually, and most likely, none of that would have happened if I hadn't helped a clumsy girl pick up her books freshman year in bio class. But it's not your fault. You can't blame yourself for the evils of the world. Look, since I've known you, I've seen a lot of horrible things. There are people out there that are capable of more cruelty and more hatred that I even thought possible. But I still sleep well at night. You know why? Because I know that you're out there fighting against them. Sydney, you save the world every day, and you never ask for anything in return. I think I speak for everybody who loves you... when I say thank you for watching over us.

SYDNEY: But if you'd never met me, you'd have a regular life.

WILL: Who wants it? I wouldn't trade you for anything. I know a lot of regular people who live regular lives. There's only one Sydney Bristow.


MOSCOU, At the Prophet-5 base, we see the wire cage being lifted out. Anna has been made into a genetic double of Sydney.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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