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Washington - exterior - A blue van drives by. Cut inside. Davenport lies inside - his nose is still broken from being hit by Jack, he's in hospital clothes and is wearing an oxygen mask. Two armed and fully-armored men sit in the back of the van with him. Davenport lowers his oxygen mask to speak.

DAVENPORT: What's gonna happen with my family?

GUARD: My orders are to deliver you to the airfield. I have no information beyond that.

DAVENPORT: Could you find out?

A car horn goes off. Guard 1 gets up to see what is going on.

DAVENPORT: What's happening? Why did we stop?

Guard looks out the front and sees that the traffic lights are green but the flatbed truck in front of them hasn't started moving yet. The truck in front responds to the horn from before and starts to move.

GUARD: It's all right. We're on our way.

Cut outside. Another truck crashes into Davenport's van at full speed then hurries away. The van turns on its side upon impact.

DAVENPORT: They're here! God, they're here!

One of Davenport's guards go outside to investigate with an "I'll go on" only to get shot down. Davenport screams. The other guard makes a distress call.

GUARD: This is foxtrot. We're under attack!

The remaining guard is killed as someone shoots at the van. Davenport gets up, slowly limping out the van.

DAVENPORT: All right! Don't shoot! I'm coming out! [raises his hands] Don't sh--

Davenport gets shot in the leg, yelling as he falls down.

DAVENPORT: Oh, god. [groans]

An armed woman approaches Davenport as continues groaning in pain. He looks even more frightened when he recognises the woman. It's Irina. And she's not happy.


IRINA: You've compromised our agenda, Jeffrey.

DAVENPORT: No - I - I didn't do anything. This is all a mistake!

Irina cocks her gun.

DAVENPORT: Okay! I'm sorry. [pained] I'm sorry!

IRINA: Tell me exactly what you said to my husband. Did you tell him about the Horizon?

DAVENPORT: No! Of course not. No - you have to believe me. I swear!

IRINA: [calmly with a slight smile] I do believe you.

Irina shoots him twice in the head and walks away.

LA - Hospital - Interior - A doctor enters Sydney's room as she sits waiting.

DOCTOR: Sorry to keep you waiting, Agent Bristow. [closes the door behind him] I know Langley's anxious to debrief you.

SYDNEY: Is my baby okay?


SYDNEY: You're sure?

DOCTOR: I can't imagine what you went through on that ship. Having said that, the surgery they performed probably saved your pregnancy. You and your child are in great health, Agent Bristow.

SYDNEY: Well, thank you. And call me 'Sydney'. I mean, if you're going to deliver this baby the next couple weeks we might as well get to know each other.

There is a knock on the door and Dixon enters.



DIXON: Uh, they told me you were done?

DOCTOR: We'll see you next week.

Cut to Sydney and Dixon exiting the hospital.

DIXON: So are you okay?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I'm fine. Do you mind if I borrow your phone? I wanna--

DIXON: The CIA released your father.

SYDNEY: They did?

DIXON: [nods] Davenport confessed. Apparently he cut a deal. Your father wants to see us before you contact APO.

SYDNEY: Where is he?

Cut to APO - Tom is at his desk. Rachel is finishing up talking to a co-worker

RACHEL: Thanks. [walks towards Tom] Hey.

TOM: Hey. What's up?

RACHEL: Wanna go for a walk?

TOM: Yeah.

Tom sees Sloane talking with Devlin. Sloane gestures for Tom to come over.

TOM: [to Rachel] Raincheck. I'll find you when I'm done.

DEVLIN: …authority is no way in question. This only temporary.

SLOANE: Of course. I understand that.

DEVLIN: Davenport and I came up together. I'm godfather to his eldest son.

SLOANE: [a little dismissively] Yeah.

DEVLIN: How are these people able to corrupt him?

SLOANE: I have no idea. Agent Tom Grace, this is Director Devlin.

Devlin and Tom shake hands.

SLOANE: Director Devlin and his team will be auditing our investigation on Prophet-5. Will you assist him, please, with whatever he needs.

TOM: [nodding] Sure. Of course.

DEVLIN: Thank you. I'd - uh - for starters - like to see your sit reports and - uh - operation files.

TOM: Right. Uh - I can get you your sit reps but we're performing diagnostic on the computer network. Files will take longer. It's just routine.

DEVLIN: Who can provide me with admin privileges to your access logs?

TOM: That's - uh - Rachel Gibson. She's over there. [points]

DEVLIN: Thank you. [goes to Rachel's desk]

TOM: What just happened?

SLOANE: He wants to review the computer transactions to see if anyone provided Prophet-5 with Davenport's travel route.

TOM: He thinks the leak came from this office. And the phone logs will reveal who it was.

SLOANE: Apparently so.

As Tom leaves, Sloane looks more and more apprehensive.

Parking lot - Exterior - It's near the ocean - A car drives up to where Jack waits. Syd and Dixon exit their car to greet Jack. Sydney and Jack hug.

JACK: You okay?

SYDNEY: I'm fine. Okay, what's going on? Why are we meeting out here?

JACK: Davenport's been killed. His transport was ambushed

DIXON: That transport route was classified. The only people knew were--

SYDNEY: CIA. You think Prophet-5 has another mole inside the Agency?

JACK: It seems so. Yes. There's more. As a condition of my release, Director Devlin has insisting we suspend our investigation of Prophet-5 until Langley's had a chance to review our findings.

SYDNEY: We can't do that.

JACK: I agree. Which means that as long as Devlin maintains a presence inside APO, we have to stop documenting our work. Operations will be compartmentalized to senior staff only. [to Sydney] When I came to see you at the hospital you wanted to tell me something - the reason Prophet-5 abducted you.

SYDNEY: When I was on their ship, before the operation, they performed some kind of regression therapy. They wanted me to remember a cipher: "Leo 47 Norte". It was an entry on an Alliance organization chart Vaughn showed me years ago.

JACK: Did you give them the intel?

SYDNEY: Changed the phrase.

DIXON: [remembering] "47 Norte"… It's a territorial designation in France. "Leo" designates a specific mission.

JACK: I'll review the Alliance archives. Someone on that mission might still be alive. I want you on a plane to Paris. Assuming I'm successful, you'll be in a position to act quickly. [turns to Sydney] Make contact with Renee Rienne. Ask her to provide Dixon with whatever documentation he may need.


JACK: Then, I want you to go home and pack a bag. I'm moving you to a secure location.


JACK: It's just temporary.

SYDNEY: Dad, don't be silly. I - I wanna help.

JACK: [overlapping] Help. Yes, I know. For now, you need to go underground. Prophet-5 abducted you. I can't risk doing that again.

Cut to - Sydney and Dixon's car

DIXON: Don't blame your dad, Syd. He's only trying to protect you.

SYDNEY: [whispers, looking down] Yeah.

DIXON: What?

SYDNEY: Do you remember what Dean said? That Prophet-5 had plans for me.

Dixon nods.

SYDNEY: They saved this baby for a reason. Why?

DIXON: I don't know. Maybe that's why Jack wants you in a safehouse.

SYDNEY: I can fend for myself.

DIXON: But you're not just fending for yourself. You're fending for two. And let's be honest - right now, you waddle.

SYDNEY: I don't waddle.

DIXON: [laughs] Oh, yes, you do.

SYDNEY: I'll admit. I may be a little less graceful. [shakes her head, whispering] But I don't waddle.

DIXON: [nods, feigning agreement] You're right.

Sydney scoffs.

DIXON: Actually, it's more of a teeter.

Dixon and Sydney share amused smiles.

Sydney's home - interior - Sydney "teeters" in, closing the door behind her. Walking farther into the apartment, she pauses as she notices something that catches her by surprise. Cut to the couch, where Irina sits waiting for her daughter.

IRINA: Hello, Sydney.

SYDNEY: [exhales] Mom.


Irina stands up with a proud, ear-to-ear grin. Sydney returns the grin, very happy to see her mother.

IRINA: You look beautiful.

Sydney and Irina share a tight embrace. Sydney lays her head on Irina's shoulder, emotional.

IRINA: [tenderly] I'm here now. [strokes Sydney's back] Everything is going to be fine.

Suddenly troubled, Sydney pulls back.

SYDNEY: Mom. I'm so glad you're here. Honestly, there's no one else I want to go through this with. But… [shakes her head] it isn't safe.

IRNA: Sydney… [shakes her head, frowning]

SYDNEY: No. Mom, we're involved in an investigation. The CIA is everywhere. If they find--

IRINA: I know about Prophet-5. I know they abducted you. [off Sydney’s dubious look] That's the reason I've come. They've been rumoured for over thirty years – an organization so secret most of us thought they were a myth. And six months ago, a contact of mine told me that they’ve become active again. That after all this time they finally found someone who they believe will lead them to what they’ve been looking for.

Sydney still looks as if she can’t decide whether or not to trust her mother.

IRINA: The reason they came together – to pursue something they call The Horizon.

SYDNEY: [thinking] Hmm.

IRINA: You’ve never heard of it?

SYDNEY: [shaking her head] No.

IRINA: Prophet-5 believes you have. They believe you know where it is. [walks up to Sydney and puts a hand on her arm with a small smile] What are you thinking?

SYDNEY: When Prophet-5 abducted me, they tried to get me to reveal information about an old Alliance mission.

IRINA: What was the mission?

SYDNEY: Well, I don’t know the details. Just the code name – but dad is looking into it.

IRINA: You told your father? [tucks hair behind her ear]

Sydney nods. A big smile comes onto Irina’s face.

IRINA: That’s good. How’s Jack?

SYDNEY: He’s good. [she looks down, with a sentimental expression] Prophet-5 killed Vaughn.

IRINA: [whispers] I know. I’m so sorry.

The mother daughter exchange sad looks.

APOMarshall’s office

JACK: It was an Alliance mission. Designation: Leo 47 Norte.

MARSHALL: ...47 Norte. I got it. [types at his computer] All Alliance archives are backed up Langley’s archives.

JACK: Can you do it without being traced back to this office?

Marshall pauses to look at Jack.

MARSHALL: So Devlin can’t find out about it. [looks out at Devlin’s team] Sure – I can use a proxy to spoof the origin. [Jack nods and Marshall continues to work] I love secret conspiracies. You know, as long as I’m a… co-conspirator.

Marshall finds the mission and brings it up.

MARSHALL: Okay. Here it is. [reads off the screen] Um, operation originating back in 1999. Co-ordinated by a Jean Bertrand. Let me see if I can find a… You know, back in high school? We took apart our calculus professor’s car and re-assembled it in his classroom. Actually… my friends did it. I woulda helped, but they wouldn’t trust me - said I had loose lips. Which, you know, ridiculous.

TOM: [walking in] Hey, Marshall?

Marshall fumbles as he gets up, knocking things off his desk. He faces Tom with a deer-caught-in-headlights expression on his face.

MARSHALL: Uhh--- nothing! [points to his computer screen] We’re not – doing – any…thing.

Jack’s phone rings and reaches into his jacket pocket to answer it.

JACK: Yes. [moves out of earshot]

TOM: The diagnostic on the server – Let me know when it’s done?

MARSHALL: [thumbs up at Tom] You got it.

TOM: [nods as he turns to leave] Thanks.

MARSHALL: [waves] Good to see you, Tom. [turns back to Jack]

JACK: That is… unexpected. I’ll be there shortly. [hangs up]

MARSHALL: Was that Syd? [off Jack’s look] Well, your voice – it modulates a little when you’re talking to Sydney. Is everything okay?

JACK: [sternly] What do you have on Bertrand?

MARSHALL: Right. [whispers] Secret! [laughs and nods, turning back to his computer] ‘Kay – latest intel places Bertrand in Paris.

JACK: Forward the intel to Dixon. He’s joining up with Renee. Use tag-3. I don’t want it going through APO servers.


Sydney’s home – Sydney opens the door for Jack.

JACK: She’s still here?

Sydney nods as she lets Jack in, looking a little taken aback by his abruptness. Irina sits at the dining table with a drink.

IRINA: Jack.

JACK: [with a smile on his face] You look… well.

IRINA: [returning his smile] I got your messages. I wanted to reply, but I sensed it might be a CIA trap. [smiles again] Look at us. About to become grandparents.

JACK: [joking] I’m doing my best to ignore that.

Sydney smiles.

IRINA: Did Sydney tell you? [softly] I fear for her safety.

JACK: Yes, she did.

SYDNEY: Did Dixon find out anything?

JACK: Not yet. But he’s with a source now.

Parking lot – interior – Bertrand is in a hurry. When he gets to his car, he finds Renee (in fishnet stockings, a mini skirt and a blond wig) sitting on the hood of his car. This scene’s dialogue is in French

BERTRAND: Can I help you? This is my car.

Renee shrugs. Dixon approaches Jean from behind.

DIXON: Good evening, Jean.

BERTRAND: Jean? No, I’m sorry. You have the wrong man.

DIXON: Seven years ago, you co-ordinated a mission for the Alliance. Designation: Leo 47 Norte.

BERTRAND: Honestly, I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dixon sighs and holds out his gun at Bertrand. Renee gets off his car and approaches Bertrand.

BERTRAND: Look. I don’t know who you people are. But I won’t be intimidated. Now, I suggest you step away before—

Renee takes his keys from his hands


RENEE: [jingling keys] Perhaps a ride will refresh your memory.

Cut to the car speeding around the parking lot. Renee is driving. Bertrand’s duct-taped upside-down and spread-eagle to the hood of his car.


DIXON: Leo 47 Norte – what was the mission?

BERTRAND: A package! I was told to store it.

RENEE: What was in the package?

BERTRAND: I don’t know! I swear! Stop. STOP!

RENEE: Last chance, Bertrand!

BERTRNAD: Vancouver! It’s in Vancouver!

Bertrand’s car screeches as it brakes, still heading towards a concrete pillar. Bertrand yells in fear. The car stops inches before Bertrand’s face smashes into the pillar. Cut to—

Sydney’s home

JACK: Thanks. No, I’ll take it from here. That was Dixon. He couldn’t confirm what the horizon is. But we can confirm it’s in a safe deposit box in Vancouver in Queens Bank.

SYDNEY: We’ll need to act fast. Prophet-5 has probably figured out by now I gave them a the wrong information.

IRINA: [sardonic] Yeah, that’s a safe assumption.

JACK: We can’t use APO. Devlin’s men are everywhere.

IRINA: If you’re being watched, I can go. I have contacts in Vancouver.

JACK: [nodding, pensive] We’ll go together. Retrieve the Horizon ourselves. Can your contact make the travel arrangements?

SYDNEY: Make them for three. I’m going too.


Jack looks concerned.

SYDNEY: I know what you’re gonna say. You’re worried about my safety. It’s a three-hour flight. A bank. We’ll be in and out.

IRINA: [shaking her head] Sydney…

SYDNEY: The Horizon is why Prophet-5 killed Vaughn. It’s why they kidnapped me. If we can get it before they do, we can finish this thing. [resolved] For good.

JACK: Make the arrangements.

Irina seems dismayed at Jack’s agreement with Sydney. Looks down in defeat - she's not going without them.

Interior – unidentified dark corridor – A man pushes past the people in his way and runs up to Peyton.

MAN: Hey. Just got a message from Irina Derevko. The Horizon is in Vancouver. She’s on her way to retrieve it.

PEYTON: Assemble a team. We’re going too.

MAN: You question Derevko’s loyalty?

PEYTON: No, I don’t. But I’m not willing to take the chance that I’m wrong. Not when we’re this close.


Queens Bank – Interior - Jack and Irina sit on a couch, waiting. A bank manager – Alex Moreau – walk towards them.

MOREAU: Mr and Mrs Visconti. My apologies, but the bank is closing. Perhaps we can find another time to endow your grandchild’s trust fund?

IRINA: My daughter’s never late

JACK: It’s that [i[clown[/i] she married.

IRINA: If course, darling, it’s never our angel’s fault.

Elevator dings.

SYDNEY: Papa, Mama. Sorry I’m late. Sorry, sorry.

Sydney gestures apologetically at Moreau as she walks past him. Jack and Sydney hug, Jack kisses Sydney’s cheeks, Irina does the same.

IRINA: Where’s Roberto?

SYDNEY: [apologetic] He’s not coming. He said he doesn’t want your money. It is his job to provide for our baby.

JACK: How does he expect to provide for my grandchild as a clown?

SYDNEY: [offended] He’s not … he’s…

IRINA: [angry] Bridget (?), we agreed that the trust fund would be a safety net, in case things don’t work out.

SYDNEY: But they will. We love each other.

IRINA: Of course. The two of you will be as happy as your father and I have been.

Irina puts her hand on Jack’s stomach and kisses the corner of his mouth. Jack ‘hmms’, smiling.

JACK: Let us do this for you. Let us help.

SYDNEY: [relenting] Okay. For the baby.

Jack puts a hand on Sydney’s cheek and Irina laughs.

JACK: Senor, we would be grateful if you could assist us with the deposit now.

MOREAU: I’m sorry, but, it’s too late.

JACK: [takes a cheque out of his jacket pocket] Here is a cashier’s cheque. Drawn on the trust account.
MOREAU: That – uh – is a very generous amount.

Jack smiles.

IRINA: He said no, my darling. [Inaudible] Bank is open at six. Maybe we hurry we can—

MOREAU: That – won’t be necessary. [chuckles] It would be a privilege to help you plan for your family’s future. I have a daughter myself.

IRINA: Then you’ll know that it’s a parent’s job to take care of their children. [rubs Sydney’s belly]

SYDNEY: [smiling affectionately] Mama…

Cut to: APO – Devlin’s men are still working there. Tom gets up from his station. Rachel spots him.

RACHEL: Is now a good time for that raincheck?

TOM: Yeah. Sure. What’s up?

RACHEL: I know about Allen Korman. I know you broke into Witsec to find him. [softly] That he killed your wife. Please promise me that you’re not going to do anything stupid. That you’re not going after him.

TOM: I already did. [swallows] I saw him last night. I followed him to a parking garage. I watched him get out of his car. And then there he was – I was ten feet away from the man that killed my wife. Then I watched his wife get out of the car, and their little son, and I watched his life, and I just walked away.

Rachel is affected by his story, eyes glistening.

TOM: Killing him – isn’t going to bring back my wife.

RACHEL: [purses her lips] No. it won’t.

TOM: [looks down and shakes his head] I should’ve told you about her. I guess we just get so comfortable keeping secrets around here…


Queens Bank – Sydney is signing the trust fund papers, hands them to Moreau.

MOREAU: [smiling] And congratulations.

SYDNEY: Thank you. [turns around to face her parents] Papa, if Roberto finds out he’ll be very angry.

IRINA: [puts a hand on Sydney’s shoulder] Then it’ll be our family secret. We’ll find a place to keep the trust documents safe.

JACK: Perhaps Senor Moreau can help us. Do you have a safety deposit we can use?

MOREAU: Of course!

Sydney gasps and looks down at her stomach.

IRINA: Everything all right, my dear?

SYDNEY: Yes, just, your grandchild keeps kicking me.

Irina laughs

JACK: You had a very busy day. [to Moreau] Would you mind if our daughter waited here?

MOREAU: [kindly] Not at all. If you’ll follow me… It’s so sweet how your daughter wants to please you.

JACK: She’s our pride and joy.

MOREAU: I’m sure she’ll be a wonderful parent to her own child.

IRINA: Thank you.

MOREAU: She has two such lovely role models.

When Moreau is gone, Sydney gets up and sits at Moreau’s computer. She dials a number on her cell phone.

Cut to APO. Tom’s phone rings.

TOM: [to Devlin who is standing over his shoulder] ‘Scuse me. Hello?

SYDNEY: Hey, Tom, I need your help.

TOM: Hey, Dad. What’s goin’ on?

SYDNEY: Backdoor into a secure database.

DEVLIN: Here are the files. Right here.

TOM: Yeah, I know. Computers are tricky – you’re right. I’m gonna put you on the phone with our tech support. Her name is Rachel. She’ll be able to help you out. [presses a button on his phone] Hey, uh, my dad’s on the phone. He kinda needs your help?

Cut to Queens Bank - Vault

MOREAU: We’ve taken great pains to ensure the security of this facility. In fact, we pride ourselves on being too careful with our clients’ assets.

IRINA: That’s good to hear. [smiles at Jack]

Cut to Sydney

SYDNEY: Rachel, it looks like 512-bit encryption. I can open up a port if you need to upload a program.

RACHEL: Uh, no, that’s okay. I think I got it. [scribbles on some paper]

Cut to Vault

IRINA: What about emergency response? When an alarmed is tripped, how long before – uh – the authorities respond?

MOREAU: The building has round-the-clock security. Our drills place it at four minutes, but to be honest, it’s never been activated.

IRINA: Then let’s keep it that way.

Irina takes the hairpin holding her hair up and stabs Moreau with it. Moreau falls unconscious.

JACK: [through comm.] Syd, we’ve got it. What’s the box number?

SYDNEY: Hang on, Dad. Rachel?

RACHEL: Okay, try this. 8-4-3-8-2-2-0.

Sydney enters that as Moreau’s password and successfully logs in.

SYDNEY: [amazed] Someday, you’ll have to show me how you do that.

RACHEL: A magician never reveals her secrets. Be safe.

SYDNEY: Thanks.

They hang up and Sydney finds the number of Bertrand’s safe deposit box.

SYDNEY: Okay, Dad. Box 135.

Underground garage – Peyton and her men exit a car.

Vault – Jack sprays a substance at the lock of box 135, making it sizzle and smoke.

Moreau’s office – Sydney is putting her things away. She looks up at the computer screen when something catches her attention. It’s the surveillance feed – Peyton is shooting the guards at the front desk. She hurries out of the office.

Vault – Jack opens the deposit box, pulling out a metal container. He opens it to reveal a satchel. He takes it out and puts a scanner over it. Scanner beeps and blinks with the message: “CHARGE DETECTED”

JACK: I can’t open it.

IRINA: [walks closer] Why?

JACK: Counter measure. Looks like it’s acid-based.

IRINA: Can you disable it?

Camera pans down Irina’s hand. She presses something on her ‘hair clip’ and a needle springs out.

JACK: Not without destroying the contents. We’ll have to take it back to Marshall he’ll be abl—

Irina moves to stab Jack, but Jack grabs her elbow to deflect it. Irina tries again, swinging her arm around his face. Jack dodges it.

SYDNEY: [running in] Peyton’s here.

She sees that Jack now has his left hand holding back Irina’s right arm. He puts Irina in a chokehold with his right hand and slams her into the deposit boxes. Jack takes out his gun and presses it against her throat.

JACK: Talk. FAST. They’re here as backup. You’re working with them, aren’t you?

Irina looks defiant.


As it sinks in, Sydney begins to look betrayed. She walks towards Irina.

SYDNEY: [realising] That was you. Wasn’t it? Behind the glass. You orchestrated the whole thing. [disgusted] Because you wanted this [re: Horizon]

Irina rolls her eyes.

SYDNEY: And when – when you couldn’t torture it out of me, you came to me as my mother.

IRINA: I am your mother.

Sydney’s eyes well up, looks at Irina with detestation.

JACK: Call of your team, right now.

IRINA: [shakes her head] They’re not my team.

JACK: [angry] I don’t believe you.


IRINA: You need to believe me. ‘Cause if Peyton’s here, [softly] she’s here to kill me too.

JACK: Then she’s going to be very disappointed, because I’m about to beat her to it.

SYDNEY: [insistent] Hey, dad?

JACK: I thought I killed you once. This time I’ll be more thorough


Jack finally turns to look at Sydney.

SYDNEY: Baby’s comin’.


LA – APO - Devlin supervises his team. Cut to a close-up of Sloane, with Rachel in the background.

SLOANE: We have a problem. Devlin’s men are accessing our server logs. They believe there’s a mole within APO leaking information to Prophet-5.

RACHEL: You think they’re right?

SLOANE: No. [shakes his head] No, I don’t. However, Sydney and Jack are in the field without clearance. I’ve been assisting them.

RACHEL: So have I.

SLOANE: Yes. I know. I’ve already tried purging the logs myself, but the files are read-only.

RACHEL: I can do it. I can crack the logs and delete the entries. Make them untraceable. But it’ll take a little time.

SLOANE: Well, then, get to it now.

Queens Bank – Vault

JACK: You should sit.

Irina sits with her hands restrained with a cable tie. Sydney rolls a chair over to her but doesn’t sit down.

SYDNEY: Look, we need to get out of here. [to Irina] What’s their approach?

IRINA: What?

SYDNEY: Their plan – what is it? How are they going to attack us?

IRINA: [shrugs and shakes her head] I don’t know. I already told you – this wasn’t part of my operation. You wanna escape? Give her the Horizon. I’ll tell her you already left the building.

JACK: That isn’t going to happen.

Sydney gasps and looks down at her belly.

IRINA: Jack, don’t be stubborn. The baby is coming. I’m trying to help. Giving you a way out.

Sydney holds onto the table for support.

Queens Bank – interior – Two unconscious guards are propped up against the wall. Two of Peyton’s henchmen set their bags down and starts to assemble guns, handing a machine gun to Peyton. She walks over to the front desk, where one of her men is in a the bank’s security guard uniform.

BARKER: Okay, I’m in. We’ve got control of their system.

PEYTON: Can you see them?

BARKER: The bank has its own dedicated security feed. If they enter any of the stairwells, I’ll see them.

PEYTON: Lock the building down. I’m going up.

Queens Bank – Vault

SYDNEY: How were you gonna do it? Once you took the Horizon, what was your extraction?

All the lights in the bank go out.

SYDNEY: Look, they’re coming. How were you going to get away from us?

IRINA: There’s a helicopter that’s waiting for my signal.

SYDNEY: Does Prophet-5 know about it?

IRINA: [shaking her head] No.

JACK: The elevators would all be grounded. It’s four flights of stairs to the roof.

SYDNEY: I can make it.

JACK: [to Irina] MOVE.

They get up to leave.

Queens Bank – front desk

BARKER: Peyton, I’ve got a visual.

Queens Bank – stairwell

PEYTON: Go ahead.

BARKER: They've just entered the main stairwell – 15th floor. But they’re not going down. They’re heading up.

PEYTON: The helipad. Redirect those cameras to exterior surveillance. I’m going to keep going. I’m six floors behind.

Cut to Irina, Jack and Sydney.

JACK: What’s the signal for the helicopter?

IRINA: Beacon. It’s in my bra. [smiles at Jack]

Sydney pauses to catch her breath. Jack gets the beacon from Irina’s bra, expressionless, and activates it. Irina continues to smile smugly.

JACK: Keep moving. [turns around to Sydney] We’re almost there.

Sydney gathers strength and continues up the stairs.

Cut to Peyton’s team following the group. Cut to the helicopter approaching. Cut to the front desk, a surveillance feed also sees the helicopter.

BARKER: I’ve got a chopper. Approaching inbound from the north-west.

PEYTON: Damn. [looks around, exits the stairwell at 12th floor] Out here.

Peyton and her men run towards the windows.

Cut to the roof, SpyFam are at the helipad. Helicopter is about to make its descent.

Cut to 12th floor. Peyton shoots at a window, breaking it. She looks out the window and at the helicopter.

PETYON: Quickly.

Cut to the roof.

Cut to 12th floor where one of the henchmen hand Peyton a bazooka. She aims and shoots the helicopter down. The helicopter explodes. Irina, Sydney and Jack duck. Peyton discards the bazooka, she and her men head back towards the stairwell as the helicopter crashes to the ground in the background.


Queens bank – Interior - Sydney, Irina and Jack run down a hallway.

SYDNEY: This building has to have a freight elevator.

JACK: Sydney—

SYDNEY: If we hotwire a juncture box, we might be able to restore emergency power to one of the cars.

JACK: Even if we could, they’ll be waiting for us as soon as we override the elevator.

SYDNEY: We have to try.

IRINA: We need to set up a defensive position.

SYDNEY: I’m not interested in your opinion.

JACK: She’s right. Even if we could outflank them down the stairwell, you wouldn’t make it. Here. [hands Sydney his gun] Cover your mother. [gives Sydney the bag with the Horizon inside] I’ll take care of Peyton and her men. [removes his jacket] Be right back. Whatever happens, keep that pointed at your mother. If she even blinks…

SYDNEY: I’ll shoot her.

APO –Sloane’s office – Sloane looks out at Devlin’s team working.

RACHEL: Okay, I’m in. Logs are online.

SLOANE: Have they found anything yet?

RACHEL: No. They’re still working on the tasking logs. I’m gonna start with the comm. Entries. Here we go – Sydney’s communication from Vancouver. [deletes that entry] And Paris – this is from Dixon’s PBX communication. [deletes] Okay, this seems to be it.

SLOANE: No, there’s more. I had to post satellite imagery of the building in Vancouver. You’ll have to delete that as well. Timestamp should be somewhere between midnight and 2am. [looks up nervously at Devlin’s men] There.

Sloane points to an ‘outgoing transfer entry’ from ‘JTINDLE’.

RACHEL: Tindle isn’t your login name.

SLOANE: No. My network account timed out. I had to create a temporary one.

Computer beeps – Rachel looks apprehensive.

RACHEL: I can’t do it.

SLOANE: What do you mean?

RACHEL: They’re on the same page of entries. That’s them now.

Cut to the computer screen. The entry two lines above the Tindle one is highlighted red, indicating what Devlin’s group is looking at.

RACHEL: If we delete this one they’ll see it.

Sloane sighs and picks up his phone. Devlin’s phone rings.

DEVLIN: Devlin.

SLOANE: It’s me. It seems you don’t have the latest server logs. What’s the timestamp on your last entry?

On Sloane’s computer, the white highlighting scrolls down beyond what Sloane and Rachel are looking at.

DEVLIN: 10:37 this morning.

Rachel deletes the Tindle entry. She nods and mouths “Got it” to Sloane.

SLOANE: Okay. It matches up. Sorry about the interruption.

Sloane and Devlin hang up.

SLOANE: Good work.

Rachel smiles.

Queens Bank – Interior – Sydney and Irina sit against a wall. Sydney sighs.

SYDNEY: The truth takes time. That’s what you said. Years ago. Is this what you meant?

IRINA: You like it to be simple. [shakes head] It’s never simple.

SYDNEY: Did you put out the order to kill Vaughn?

Irina doesn’t reply, only looks at Sydney, blinking. Sydney inhales, frowning. The camera pans down to her stomach.

IRINA: I’ve known about his investigation for a long time. In Savogda I tried to warn him.

Sydney shakes her head.

IRINA: He didn’t take my advice.

SYDNEY: I fell for you. Even Dad fell for you. But Vaughn never trusted you.

Queens Bank – Stairwell – Gun in hand, Jack walks down. He hears Peyton’s men coming and exits the stairwell.

HENCHMAN: This is Alpha-team. We’re on sixteen. We have a possible target.

PEYTON: Copy that.

Two henchmen investigate sixteenth floor – the laser sights of their guns swing around the room. Jack quietly sneaks up on one of them with an arm around is neck. Henchman 1 groans in pain and shoots at the ceiling. Henchman 2, hearing this, turns around and shoots towards Jack’s direction, but hits his partner instead. Jack shoots Henchman 2.

Cut to Stairwell.

PEYTON: Alpha team – report. Alpha team, do you copy? Barker, where are you?

BARKER: (through comm.) Just sweeped 17, moving onto 18.

PEYTON: Roger. Finish up there and report in.

Queens Bank – Interior – Sydney sitting on a couch, with her gun still trained on her mother. She is gasping with the pain of her contractions.

IRINA: Exhale through your mouth.

SYDNEY: [resentfully] No!

IRINA: I’m only offering advice.

SYDNEY: Don’t! [breathes heavily] I know why you saved my pregnancy. You want my baby, and I don’t know why. Frankly, I don’t care. I just want you to leave us alone.

Long pause.

IRINA: You should know something, Sydney. I never wanted to have a child. The KGB demanded it. They knew it would ensure your father’s allegiance to me. You were simply a means to an end. And then when the doctor put you in my arms and I looked at you? So fragile. All I could think was, “How could I make such a terrible mistake?”

Tears well up in Irina’s eyes. Sydney is visibly upset, tears streaming down her face.

IRINA: And at that moment I was sure of one thing: I couldn’t be an agent an a mother. I’d either fail at one or both. And I chose to fail at being a mother.

Sydney’s gun is no longer pointed at Irina as she braces herself through a particularly painful contraction. Barker’s footsteps can be heard and Irina looks nervously in that direction.

IRINA: Gimme the gun. Syd, they’re coming

Sydney reluctantly gives her the gun. Irina quickly kills Barker, then gets up to unties herself using a letter opener. She crouches in front of Sydney, taking the Horizon.

IRINA: In time you’ll learn. [shakes her head] You can’t do both.

SYDNEY: Watch me.

Irina turns to leave. Sydney gasps and whimpers in pain. Irina goes back to Sydney, tears staining her face.

IRINA: The only reason I saved the baby was because you’re my daughter.

Sydney sobs.

IRINA: Now do exactly as I tell you. Get in that chair.


Queens Bank – Stairwell – Peyton is opening the door to Jack’s floor. She pauses. Jack looks at the door when he hears the handle rattling. The door opens, Peyton enters, guns blazing. Jack returns fire. Peyton finds some cover.

PETYON: This really is no place for you, Grandpa. By the way, where’s Sydney registered?

Jack grabs a fire extinguisher.

PEYTON: I’d love to get her a gift for the baby.

Jack tosses the fire extinguisher towards Peyton. She shoots at Jack as she hears it the extinguisher clang across the floor. Jack aims his gun at the fire extinguisher. Peyton looks alarmed as she spots the red dot of his gun’s laser sights on the fire extinguisher. It explodes in a white cloud of smoke. Jack walks across the floor, and sees Peyton’s motionless hand from behind a cabinet. He walks closer and sees Peyton laying unconscious. The camera pans down and focuses on Peyton’s hand – it twitches.

Cut to Sydney gasping in pain with Irina in front of her.

IRINA: Sydney, don’t push.

SYDNEY: God, Mom, I have to.

IRINA: Nononono – Listen to me. Don’t push. I know you want to, but you can’t. Sydney, Listen to me. The baby is coming out backward.

SYDNEY: [sobbing[ Wh-what does that mean? Mom.

JACK: [entering] What is it? What is it?

IRINA: Her muscles are locked she needs to relax. The baby needs oxygen. If it doesn’t come out right now…

JACK: Listen, squeeze my hand. This is important. As hard as you can.

SYDNEY: [whimpers] Dad.

IRINA: Just keep breathing – breathe.

SYDNEY: Dad. [gasps]

IRINA: In. And out.

Sydney breathes heavily.

JACK: Okay. Now, again. Look at me.

Sydney looks at Jack with tears in her eyes. Nodding as she breathes.

JACK: You can do this.

Sydney shakes her head and sobs.

SYDNEY: I can’t, Dad. I can’t.

JACK: Sydney. Yes you can.

SYDNEY: I don’t want to do this here.

JACK: That’s okay. Tell me where you wanna be.

SYDNEY: I’m scared.

JACK: I know. That’s why we’re here. We’re gonna take care of you. Now. Tell me – where you wanna be.

SYDNEY: I wanna be at the beach.

JACK: That’s good. Just go there. Now tell me about it.

SYDNEY: [still sobbing] And Vaughn is with me.

JACK: Good. Vaughn is there. With you on the beach. Good. Vaughn is with you.

SYDNEY: I miss him.

JACK: I know. [smiles] I know you do, sweetheart. It’s okay. It’s gonna be okay.

Irina turns around to reach for a blanket.

IRINA: Okay, now, Sydney. Push.

JACK: Sydney, you can do this. Now, again.

IRINA: Push.

JACK: Sydney, as hard as you can!

Sydney winces painfully, crying.

IRINA: Good!

The baby’s voice can be heard.

IRINA: Sydney. [whispers] You have a baby girl.

Sydney cries as Irina hands Sydney her daughter. She holds the baby close as she looks at her. She looks at Jack, then to where Irina is, but her mother is nowhere to be found.

SYDNEY: She took the satchel.

JACK: I know. We’ll find her. [Re: baby] Oh, sweetheart. She’s so beautiful.

Sydney smiles.

APOMarshall’s office - His cell phone is ringing.

MARSHALL: Flinkman.

IRINA: Listen to me very carefully, Marshall. Jack and Sydney are in Vancouver. Queens Bank. They need extraction.

MARSHALL: Okay… uh. Is this – who I think it is?

IRINA: Tell the team, they’ll need diapers. [hangs up]

MARSHALL: Okay. [rushes off]

Airplane – interior – Jack is hanging up his cell phone. Sydney is holding her daughter.

JACK: I just spoke to Dixon. He’s in contact with Europol and SVR. So far, nothing. We’ll find her, Sydney.

SYDNEY: Would you like to hold your granddaughter?

JACK: [smiling] Yes, I would.

Sydney hands Jack the baby, he sits down.

SYDNEY: [softly] She has Vaughn’s eyes.

JACK: Yes, she does.


They share a long look, speaking without words.

JACK: I’ll take care of it.

They smile.

Long shot of a green field with snowy mountains in the background. Someone rides across the field on horseback. The horse gallops towards a lone house. The horseman dismounts and runs towards the house. He approaches a robed man (a Buddhist monk?) and whispers something in his ear. The robed man turns to speak to someone else who’s also in the room.

MONK: My brother…there’s good new. You have a daughter.

The ‘someone else’ is none other than Vaughn. Vaughn looks down, then smiles.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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