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The episode starts where we left off last episode. Sydney steps onto the upper deck just as a helicopter is taking off. Peyton and her goons are not too far behind.

PEYTON: (spotting Syd) There!

Sydney ducks back inside, trying each of the doors but most of them are locked. She finds an unlocked room and goes inside, knocking unconscious a man who is working on a laptop. Seeing that the room has computer and radio equipment, she locks the door behind her. She tunes one of the radios and speaks into its mic:

SYDNEY: This is field agent ID Black-seven-niner-three-c-r (?) confirmation foxtrot…

Sydney pauses to wince at a pain in her stomach. She gathers herself with determination:

SYDNEY: Repeat. Confirmation foxtrot-one. Status: MIA. I'm being held upon a cargo freighter. Registry: unknown.

The door rattles as Peyton tries to open the door. Sydney looks up, alarmed.

Cut to outside the room where Peyton is rattling the locked door. She turns to her lackey:

PEYTON: Do it.

Lackey steps up and shoots at the lock. They enter the room to find it empty - Sydney has escaped using the other door.

PEYTON: Organize a deck-by-deck search and find her.

Lackey runs off to search for Sydney. Peyton looks around for clues - she finds the radio's mic hanging down and the radio tuned to '447550.000'

PEYTON: Damn it.

Cut to LA.

Sloane walks up to Jack entering APO. They both look troubled.

SLOANE: What did you find out?

JACK: I've confirmation Prophet-5 is holding Sydney. I believe they've had designs on her from the beginning. They knew precisely when and where she'd be most vulnerable. They must've been tracking her movements.

SLOANE: Have they made any demands?

JACK: None. [inaudible]…their intentions. Right now, I have reason to believe they need her alive.

SLOANE: Listen, Jack, we've seen Sydney come through some bad situations. Whatever you need, I'm here.

JACK: For now, contact everyone you know. Official, or otherwise. I'll do the same

SLOANE: Okay. I'll let you know if anything comes up.

Cut to Marshall's office. His computer beeps and one line of the spreadsheet he's looking at is highlighted red and blinking.

MARSHALL: Um. [loudly[ Mr Bristow!

Jack enters Marshall's office looking concerned.

MARSHALL: I just recovered a field transmission from Sydney.

JACK: Where is she?

Marshall brings up the transmission to play it.

SYDNEY: [on the transmission] This is field agent ID black-seven-niner-three-c-r confirmation foxtrot… [Sydney gasps in pain] Repeat: Confirmation foxtrot-one. Status: MIA I'm being held [message begins to become garbled.

Cut to Marshall's monitor: "TRANSMISSION FILE //0121545 CORRUPT" (Marshall also has a photo of him holding Mitchell taped to the side of his screen - cute.)

JACK: [visibly upset] Wh-wh-what happened?

MARSHALL: [frowns as he types at the keyboard trying to answer Jack] Don't know. It's like the file's just corrupted. I can't seem to pull them up. You know what? Okay, I just need a second to triangulate the signal origin. Then I'll have the exact location Sydney sending from. I just…

Cut to Marshall's screen again. Marshall pulls up some transmission archive folders. The files start disappearing

MARSHALL [confused]: Woah. Wait a minute. You know what? They're being deleted. This doesn't make any sense! It's like someone just wiped out the archive I---

JACK: [a little panicked] Marshall, what archive? Who's system are you logged into?

Marshall: [shaking his head] This must be wrong.

His computer continues to beep.

JACK: [in realisation] It's our own. Gather everyone in the briefing room.

Cut to the freighter

PEYTON: [speaking into a phone] No, we haven't located her yet. No, that won't be necessary. [hangs up.]

LACKEY: Shall we prepare to welcome company?

PEYTON: Transmission's been taken care of.

LACKEY: We've cleared the lower deck, still nothing.

PEYTON: [annoyed] Then why are you still standing here?

Cut to the lackey searching the ship, giving instructions to his underlings. He enters a room. Pan across to a vent he just passed by. Sydney's eyes are visible. She looks out at the goons nerviously.

Cut to APO briefing room.

JACK: Moments ago, we received a field communication from Sydney. From the little we were able to decipher, it appears she's still being held in the custody of Prophet-5. However, before we were able to resolve the entire transmission, someone deleted it. Someone at Langley. Based on our current intelligence, we already have reason to believe that Prophet-5's network has infiltrated the intelligence agencies of several foreign governments. It now appears they may have infiltrated our own. Someone within the CIA did not want us to receive that message. Standard protocol for all incoming signals priority-33 and above are to be backed up on Echelon's com archive. Unfortunately, the only way to gain access to this archive is on the premises itself. Not an easy task given the security measures.

TOM: Wait, are you suggesting we break into CIA headquarters?

JACK: Yes.

DIXON: Wouldn't it be prudent to consider other possibilities? Maybe the message was purged accidentally.

SLOANE: We could ask Langley for a copy of the archives. Might--

JACK: [cutting in] I appreciate your concerns, but at this point we have no way of knowing how deep this conspiracy reaches. We can't risk tipping them off to our agenda. Effective, as of this moment, all information relating to this taskforce and its activities is to be strictly compartmentalized even from the CIA itself. Understand what I'm asking of all of you. An action of this kind could be considered treason. Given that if anyone feels the need to take a leave of absence you may feel free to do so. No questions asked. But now is the time to speak up..

Camera pans around the room. No one speaks up.

JACK: All right then. We're wheels-up in an hour.


Open on the freighter.

PEYTON: I want a visual inspection of every container on that deck. Post four, do you copy?

Gun cocks behind Peyton.

SYDNEY: Post four, reporting in.

PEYTON: You tracked me with the radio.

SYDNEY: [smirks] Not really. You're just predictable.

PEYTON: A woman in your condition [looks at Sydney's bump] - shouldn't you be resting?

SYDNEY: Thanks. I don't plan on staying long. Turn around. Give me your radio.

PEYTON: Whatever. [does what Sydney instructed. Sydney begins to pat Peyton down for weapons]. But you should know, no one's coming for you. We intercepted your message.

SYDNEY: Nice try. My message didn't go through a relay. It went directly to my people.

PEYTON: [turning around to face Sydney again] That's not true exactly. Technically, it went to Langley. That's where it was intercepted.

SYDNEY: Your bluffing. If you really had an undercover asset within the CIA, why would you risk admitting it to me?

PEYTON: Because you're not getting off this ship.

Cut to APO

Sloane: Jack, Dixon just called. They're in position. We're ready out here.

Cut to Langley.

TOUR GUIDE: I'd like to welcome everyone to the CIA's new headquarters building here in Langley, Virginia. Comprising 1.1 million square feet of space, and resting on 258 acres, this building was an expansion of the original structure, completed in 1991. Aside from the obvious human presence, there are over 5000 surveillance cameras that watch over every inch of the complex…

As the group moves through the space, camera moves over the group to reveal that Marshall and Dixon have joined the tour.

TOUR GUIDE: And chemical and biological weapons detection sensors that monitor the air quality as well as various other state-of-the-art technologies, that, well, if I told you I'd have to kill you.

Tour group laughs politely and quietly. Marshall fake-laughs very loudly, stops abruptly when he catches Dixon's pointed look.

TOUR GUIDE: If you'll notice the commemorative plaque to your right, it honors the unsung heros, of World War 2, the intelligence gathers of the CIA…

The group walks off-screen as Tom walks on-screen.

Cut to APO

JACK: Sidewinder, we're almost ready here.

TOM: [through com] Roger that. Through security. On my way to payroll.

Cut to Rachel going through a security checkpoint. A metal detector beeps.

RACHEL: Hi, I have an appointment with human resources. Emily Higgins.

SECURITY GUY: Right. Just need an ID.

RACHEL: Oh. Yeah. Sure. Sorry, job interview. I'm a little nervous.

SECURITY GUY: I'm sure you'll do just fine. Please place your purse on the table.

Cut to Tom

TOM: 'Scuse me, do you know where payroll is?

Cut to security checkpoint, where contents of Rachel's purse are being dumped onto the table.

SECURITY GUY: I'm sorry, ma'am. We don't allow camera phones on the premises. Just pick it up from the security office on your way out. [hands Rachel a receipt]

RACHEL: Okay, thanks.

SECURITY GUY: Third floor. Elevator's to your right.

Security guy nods at a colleague, who takes Rachel's phone into the security office.

Cut to Tom.

TOM: Hey, I'm sorry. I think there's a problem with my cheques.

WOMAN: Yeah, just a sec.

TOM: Ma'am, I'm, you see, in kind of…in a..

WOMAN: Name?

TOM: Thomas Grace.

WOMAN: It says here you're no longer an employee of this agency.

TOM: Yeah, that's actually why I'm here. I've had several back cheques owed to me. I never received them.

WOMAN: Well, our records show that all your cheques went out and they were cashed.

TOM: That's impossible.

WOMAN: It's usually the spouse that cashes them. I suggest you check with your wife.

TOM: Look, I'm sure if you check your file again, you'll see that you're mistaken.

WOMAN: [checks and her looks turns sombre] Oh. Mr. Grace, I'm sorry, I didn't realise. Maybe there's something I can do here.

Tom sits down.

Cut to security office. A device pops out of Rachel's phone. It scans the servers around the room.

Cut to APO.

JACK: Sidewinder, we're logging into the server now.

Cut to Tom.

TOM: Look, I don't have six months to wait for the claim to be processed.

WOMAN: [sympathetic] I understand, but…

TOM: I've got a mortgage to pay, so could you please just… Please help me out..

Cut to security office. Rachel's phone finds a server it can log onto. Cut to APO.

JACK: Connection's been established. Sidewinder, stand by for the access code.

Cut to Tom.

WOMAN: All right, I'll check with my supervisor. Maybe we can help clear this up?

TOM: Thanks.

When she's gone, Tom goes to her workstation and starts working.

JACK: Access code is: Alpha-7-Delta-Lima-22.

TOM: Copy that. I've got access.

Cut to Rachel.

RACHEL: Outrigger, I'm approaching your twenty.

DIXON: Copy. I'm gonna need item…[eyes a sensor] number 2.
TOUR GUDE: And here's another one of our display items. Looks like ordinary pocket change, [holds up a coin that has a secret compartment inside] but spies use devices like these during the Cold War to smuggle tiny microphone messages. You can only imagine what's in use today.

Rachel palms something off to Dixon as she walks by the group.

Cut to Tom. He's unlocked four doors to the server room.

TOM: Oracle, you're clear to the server room. Call us when you get there.

Cut to Rachel entering the server room. Cut back to tom.

TOM: She's in. I'm done here.

JACK: Copy that. Log out and move to the rendezvous point.

TOM: Affirmative. On my way.

Cut to monitor of Tom's computer. He pulls up a window which says: "BUILDING ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM. ACCESS SYSTEM: [blank]" Tom enters "WITSEC_21-29-UNLOCK", opening the WITSEC record room doors. Tom leaves the cubicle and into the restricted access corridors. He ducks behind a wall as he spots Rachel entering the server room. When Rachel is gone, Tom enters the Witsec Records room.

Cut to Rachel. (This scene cuts back and forth between Rachel, APO and the tour group as the gang exchanges dialogue)

RACHEL: I'm in the server room. Guards are in position.

JACK: Copy that. Stand by for the signal. Merlin, you're up.

TOUR GUIDE: This sculpture was designed in part as a monument to the code breakers who helped crack the German enigma cipher. In fact, as you can see, the sculpture itself a code. Apparently, a very good one. To this day, no one has been able to decipher the message. Now, if we move on…

MARSHALL: I got it!! Sorry, it just came to me.

The group and the tour guide look at Marshall, perplexed.

MARSHALL: I play a lot of sudoku. Um.. [clears his throat] 'scuse me… I'll just… ca.. tell you more.. [Gestures towards the sculpture]The letters overlaid under the coding sections, they act as a key to the cipher. Based off that…

As the group is distracted with Marshall, Dixon gets out the item he got from Rachel earlier. He uses it to spray a substance at the nearby sensor.

MARSHALL: …right? It's all you need to do. See?

Cut to security office. A monitor blinks with the following message: "BIOHAZARD ALERT: PARTICULATE MATTER DETECTED. ANTHRAX." The guards activate an alarm.

MARSHALL: Oh god. Maybe they found out I decoded the message! WE SHOULD RUN!!!

DIXON: [under his breath to Marshal] Take it down a notch, Hamlet.

TOUR GUIDE: Please everyone, we need to move quickly to the exits.

Cut to Rachel. As the guards run off to respond to the anthrax alert, Rachel takes this opportunity to sneak into the server room.

RACHEL: I'm in. I need the server number for Sydney's transmission.

JACK: You're looking for 8-5-7-7.

RACHEL: 8-5-7-7. Got it.

Cut to Tom pulling up a criminal investigation file. It shows photos of a woman lying dead on the concrete ground. Tom opens another window that reads:


Tom looks pensive and clicks on 'CURRENT LOCATION'. The computer then asks for an encryption key. Tom unscrews a USB flash disk from his pen and inserts it into the keyboard.

Cut to Rachel in the server room.

RACHEL: I found it. Pulling the archive now.

JACK: Sydney's transmission is time-stamped. 9:55am

Cut to Rachel's computer screen. There's no transmission that was received at that time - the records jump from 9:52 to 9:57.

RACHEL: The archives have been purged The message isn't here.

JACK: Can you pull the hard drive? We may still be able to recover the data.

RACHEL: Okay. Hold on a sec. [pulls out the hard drive] It's no good, the hard drive is patched into the security grid. If I remove the drive, it will trigger the alarm.

JACK: Oracle, pull the hard drive.

SLOANE: Langley will initiate a lockdown, Jack. We'll never get them out.

JACK: PULL THE HARD DRIVE NOW. I'll get you out.

An alarm sounds as Rachel pulls out the hard drive. Both Tom and Rachel find that they're locked in.

SLOANE: Make the call, Jack.

Cut to Marshall and Dixon's tour group. They're in the foyer of the building.

GUARD: Excuse me, you'll have to hold it right here. We're locking down the facility.

Marshal and Dixon exchange concerned looks.

TOUR GUIDE: Sorry everyone. It looks like we're having a minor security incident. No one will be able to leave the building just yet.

Cut to… Weiss! Talking on his cell phone and exiting a building.

WEISS: A lockdown? Thirty seconds ago, I got a call about an evacuation due to an anthrax attack. Well there's a big difference. An evacuation means everyone has to leave. A lockdown means everyone has to-- No, he's in with the delegation. I'm not gonna disturb him. Besides, what the hell am I gonna tell him? I got a great idea. Why don't you get your facts straight and then call me back. Great

Weiss turns to his assistant (?).

WEISS: [sighs] Put in a call to the State, cancel my 4 o'clock. I'm not gonna believe this but I have to cancel my pilates again. [his phone rings] Yeah.

JACK: Eric, it's Jack Bristow.

WEISS: Jack.

JACK: Sydney's in trouble. I need your help.

WEISS: What? Yeah. Uhh.. yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever you need.


Cut to Weiss' car arriving at Langley. Cut to Dixon and Marshall, then Tom.

TOM: Outrigger? Do you copy? What's going on out there?

DIXON: Building's locked down. Are you at the rendezvous point?

TOM: I'm stuck in the witness protection archives. The door must be sealed because of the lockdown.

DIXON: Hold your position. I'll see what I can do.

TOM: Okay.

DIXON: [off Marshall's concerned look] What is it?

Cut to Weiss entering the building, flashing his credentials at the guards.

MARSHALL: Think he's here to arrest us? He… looks like he's coming here to arrest us. [weakly smiles at Weiss] Hey.

Weiss runs up to the duo, all smiles.

WEISS: Ambassador Rudland.

Weiss and Dixon shake hands. Dixon laughs.


WEISS: How are you sir? [turns to Marshall] And you must be Mr. Gornish.

MARSHALL: [laughs and shakes Weiss' hand] Yes.

WEISS: It's a pleasure to meet you, sir. I'm - uh - Eric Weiss. I'll be your liaison. I apologize, for the security problems we're having today.

DIXON: Please. It's not a problem. I understand - these things happen.

WEISS: And I understand you have a meeting on the Hill in thirty minutes. I'm personally here to make sure you make that meeting. [To the guard on his left:] Thank you. I'll escort our visitors from here.

The guard leaves and the three move in the opposite direction.

WEISS: Jack filled me in. What's going on?

DIXON: Tom's trapped in Witsec Records. Rachel is still in the Echelon server facility.

WEISS: Okay, you know what? Witsec Records is in the north-east corridor. This should get you in… [gives Dixon an access card as feigns shaking his hand in goodbye] the door. Marshall and I will handle Rachel.

Marshall: Thanks. Good to see ya.

WEISS: Yeah? You too.

Cut to two security guards entering the Echelon server room. Rachel looks nervous, standing beside some servers, ducks around the corner just as one of the guards come into view.

Cut to Dixon finding Tom.


TOM: Oh, thanks.

DIXON: What were you doing here?

TOM: I got detoured. I needed some place to hide.

DIXON: Come on! We need to move.

Tom grabs his usb key and follows Dixon.

Cut to Marshall and Weiss in an office. Weiss is putting on an earpiece. Marshall is going through the surveillance feeds.

MARSHALL: Okay. Got it. Uhh…that's not good

WEISS: Where is she?

MARSHALL: There she is.

WEISS: What's her callsign?


WEISS: Oracle, listen to me very carefully.

RACHEL: Who is this?

WEISS: Right now, I'm your superior officer. I need you to do exactly as I tell you. There's a guard that's about to go right down the row that you're in I need you to turn left right now. Make a left! Good good good. Go straight. Keep going straight.

MARSHALL: Weiss, look. [points to the screen where Rachel is about to come into the view of a guard who is in the next aisle]

WEISS: Okay, STOP right there, stop. Marshall, how much longer for that door?

MARSHALL: Just give me ten seconds.

WEISS: All right. When I say 'go', I need you to go as fast as you can to those doors in the far end. Don't stop. We'll have those doors open by the time you get there.

MARSHALL: Okay. Got it!


Rachel runs, and the guards give chase as they hear her running. Rachel runs into the door and grunts when she falls down.

MARSHALL: [flinches sympathetically] Ooh. Uh… sorry. Forgot to hit 'enter'. Okay, now go.


The door finally opens and Rachel slips through, closing it behind her and locking the guards in.

WEISS: Wow. [exhales in relief]

Cut to the building's underground level. Weiss, Dixon, Marshall and Tom are running down some stairs to meet Rachel.

DIXON: How did it go?

RACHEL: Not well.

WEISS: [nods to Rachel] Hey.

MARSHALL: Don't worry. He's with us.

WEISS: Yeah. Eric Weiss. [shakes hands with Rachel]

RACHEL: Rachel Gibson. Thank you for the help back there.

WEISS: My pleasure.

TOM: Any luck with Sydney's message?

RACHEL: They wiped the back-ups. [holds up hard disk] We may be able to run data recovery from this, but if they went to all the trouble of deleting the message, I don't think they'd be careless enough to leave any traces behind.

Marshall and Dixon nod solemnly.

WEISS: Better get a move on. If you take this tunnel to the end, it'll drop you to the south-east edge of the complex. I better get back inside and wipe out the surveillance footage. Oh, and if you hear anything about Sydney…

DIXON: We will.

WEISS: Okay. And one more thing. Next time? Just call.

Dixon and Weiss nod, smiling. Marshall waves goodbye. The four APO agents head down the tunnel Weiss spoke of. Weiss leaves in the opposite direction.

CUT TO FREIGHTER. Sydney is holding Peyton's hands behind her back with one hand and pointing a gun at Peyton's back with the other.

PEYTON: Care to tell me exactly where we're going?

SYDNEY: Your ship has lifeboats. We're taking one.

PEYTON: [scoffs] Good idea. We'll be spotted the second we step on the deck.

SYDNEY: Not if you order your men to search the lower decks. Do it.

Men's voices are audible as they approach.

SYDNEY: Get in there. Go!

They head into a nearby room. Sydney closes the door behind them.

SYDNEY: Make a sound and you're dead.

It sounds like the men are now right outside their room. Sydney gasps at her abdominal pain and holds onto a table for support, struggling to keep her gun pointed at Peyton.

PEYTON: Something's wrong, isn't it?


PEYTON: Whatever you say, but you don't look so good.

They move towards and adjacent door. Another wave of pain hits Sydney

SYDNEY: Stop. Stop.

Sydney breathes heavily. Again, she leans onto a table for support. She looks down at her hand and sees a folder marked "BRISTOW, S. DOB: 4/17/74". Sydney flicks on the lightswitch and looks around the room - it looks like an infirmary. There are sonograms on the light boxes.

SYDNEY: C'mon.

Sydney pulls Peyton in front of her with gun still pointed and walks back into the room to examine the sonograms.

SYDNEY: What is this? Why is this here? You have until three to start giving me some answers. One… [she closes her eyes painfully. Breathes heavily] Two…

Peyton seizes this opportunity of weakness to take the gun from Sydney and points it at her. Sydney tries to stand up straight, but passes out instead.

Fade in on Sydney's point of view, she is coming to. A faucet Is dripping water, she looks up and see a monitor showing her ultrasound. Colourful flecks flicker in the picture. Sydney tries to get up to find that she's restrained to the bed. She tries to break free.

ORDERLY: No, no, no. You must not move.

SYDNEY: What are you doing to me?

ORDERLY: Just be still. A doctor is on the way.

SYDNEY: Doctor? What doctor? Just tell me what's wrong.

Fade in on the ultrasound monitor

ORDERLY: I need to tell them you're awake. You should be still.

SYDNEY: [vulnerably] Wait. Please don't go.

ORDERLY: I'll come back soon.


Sydney stares at the monitor, looking as if she's about to cry .

Cut to LA. We're in Marshall's office.

TOM: You can crack into this hard drive and find Sydney's transmission?

MARSHALL: Cracking Langley's encryption won't be a problem. I wrote a program that can handle anything under 512-bit encoding.

Marshall's computer decrypts the files. Tom looks impressed as he gets an idea. Marshall finds Sydney's transmission file, but it's still coming out garbled.

MARSHALL: Huh. Can't seem to recover Sydney's transmission. Whoever wiped it used a secure deletion program. Basically rewrites random junk over it hundreds of times, so...

TOM: The original data's still here. So it should be retrievable, right?

MARSHALL: Well, yeah, if I had an electron microscope and two weeks, maybe.

Dixon and Rachel enter. Dixon hands Marshall some papers.

DIXON: I think I found something. Hard copies of the server logs. Check [inaudible] twenty-two

MARSHALL: Looks like an authorization tag.

DIXON: That's what I thought.

MARSHALL: This tag has an AB-prefix. That means whoever authorized Sydney's transmission had Alpha-Black clearance.

RACHEL: What's Alpha-black clearance?

Cut to…

JACK: Alpha-black is the highest clearance level within CIA. If Prophet-5 has ties to the CIA's operation that would give them all access to classified operations, undercover agent rosters, our entire infrastructure.

MARSHALL: The good news to whoever deleted Sydney's message had Alpha-black clearance? That narrows down our list of suspects to just a handful of guys. Only seven people in the entire agency have it. All of them division directors. Aside from that, the only other thing these guys have in common? They were all assigned a modified version of the standard STU -- a secure cell phone.

JACK: What are you thinking?

MARSHALL: Well, each cell phone broadcasts a unique device ID. Now, it took some digging, but I was able to match the alpha-black authorization code from the server logs to the cell phone ID of the person in question.

SLOANE: So does that mean we know who it belongs to?

MARSHALL: Not exactly. For security purposes, Langley doesn't put names to numbers. But if you can get within just 50-feet of that person's cell phone? I might be able to scan it. See if it matches. We'd have our guy.

DIXON: We could divide into teams. Put all seven of them under surveillance.

JACK: That could take days. Whatever Prophet-5 is planning for Sydney, we can assume we don't have much time. I have an Idea.


Jack walks down a hallway. As he approaches a door, he shows his ID to some men. They nod and let him into a room. It's a meeting room and six other men have already arrived.

DEVLIN: Jack! It's been a long time. How's life underground treating you?

JACK: Good. Always…full of surprises [smirks]

DEVLIN: [laughs] I can imagine. Can't say I miss it.

Jack sets his suitcase down and presses a button.

Cut to APO.

MARSHALL: Scanner's hot. [nods at Dixon]

DIXON: [into his com] Jack, we got connection here.

Cut to Jack.

DAVENPORT: So, Jack. Care to enlighten us as to why you've called an operations meeting at 8 o'clock on a Friday?

JACK: I didn't call you all here for an operations meeting. Given that all of you have Alpha-black clearance, most of you may already be aware that APO has been investigating an operation known as Prophet-5. What may, however, come as news to you, is that we have reason to believe that someone within our own agency is in collusion with this organization. Someone with Alpha-black clearance.

Cut to APO.

SLOANE: What have we got so far?

MARSHALL: Four down, three to go. Still nothing.

Cut to Jack.

JACK: The reason I've gathered you all here, if it isn't obvious by now… Only 7 people in the entire agency have this level of clearance. And all of them are sitting in this room.

DAVENPORT: Oh, come on!

DEVLIN: Jack, this is absurd! Are you suggesting that one of us is working for a terrorist organization?!

JACK: That's exactly what I'm suggesting.

Cut to APO. Marshall's computer beeps

MARSHAL: I got a match.

DIXON: Jack, we got a signal match.

Cut to:

JACK: One of you is working for Prophet-5. And we have your number.

DEVLIN: That's enough. This meeting is over.

Cut to APO.


Marshall dials a number. And we cut back to the meeting. A phone rings. Davenport looks up, alarmed. Jack shoots him and Davenport falls back down into his chair.

DEVLIN: Jack! What the hell are you doing?

JACK: [choke-holds Davenport and point a gun to his face] Tell me where Sydney is.

Devlin approaches Jack. Jack looks up with his gun at Devlin.

JACK: Do yourself a favour. Stand back.

Davenport gasps for air. Jack turns back to him.

JACK: I'm gonna give you one chance. Where are they holding my daughter?

DAVENPORT: Go to hell. I don't know what you're talking about.

JACK: Wrong answer.

Jack shoots him in the shoulder.

DEVLIN: Stop! For god's sakes Jack!

One of the directors activate an alarm that's hidden under the table. Agents outside the room rush to the door with their guns drawn.

JACK: I've sealed the doors!

The agents shoot at the glass door, trying to get it open.

DAVENPORT: [croaks] You're crazy.

JACK: [hits him in the nose[ Answer me!

DAVENPORT: [coughs] The… [uncomprehensible[… cargo ship.

JACK: Where is the ship?

DAVENPORT: Atlantic.

Armed agents throw a table through the glass door and rush in to arrest Jack , taking the gun off him.

JACK: [into com] Did you get that?

DIXON: We got it, Jack, we're on it.

Jack and Devlin exchange looks. Devlin is shocked by this revelation. CUT TO BLACK.

Cut to APO. Tom sits quietly at his desk, waiting. Pan across to Dixon and Marshall exiting Marshall's office. Tom enters Marshall's office and plugs is USB key into a slot in the computer's keyboard. Opening up the Allen Korman file, he uses Marshall's decryption program to crack the file's encryption key. Tom finds out Korman's current address: 1313 Racine.

Cut to Sydney. She is still strapped down the infirmary bed as the orderly from before comes in. He injects a substance intravenously into Sydney.

SYDNEY: What is that?

ORDERLY: Something to make you relax.

SYDNEY: But… whh… [gasps and moans]

Cut to APO, Marshall's office

SLOANE: Marshall, can you find the cargo ship where Sydney's being held?

MARSHALL: There are miles and miles of ocean here. It's like looking for a needle in a haystack. [shakes his head]

RACHEL: What if you patched into the radar sat?

MARSHALL: Overlay it in the optical feed.

Rachel nods.

MARSHALL: Right. That's GENIUS. All right. Looks like multiple radar returns.

SLOANE: [points] Ignore those. They're commercial shipping. Heavily patrolled. They wouldn't run the risk of a random inspection.


SLOANE: There. That one - it's in international waters. Ship that size wouldn't typically be that far out.


Sloane dials a number on his cell phone.

Cut to exterior shot - night. [/b[ Dixon, all dressed in black exiting a black SUV with Tom and one or two other men. A helicopter whirs nearby

DIXON: Hello?

SLOANE: We have a hit. We're uploading the co-ordinates to your on-board GPS.

DIXON: Understood. [yells to his fellow agents as they board the chopper] All right! Let's go!

As the chopper takes off, we [b]cut to
Sydney, coming to. Her vision is blurry and voices are coming in a little muffled and distorted. She sees two figures standing at the door.

VOICE 1: What else? Besides abdominal pains?

VOICE 2: Dizziness. And her complexion is pale.

VOICE 1: Any trouble breathing?

VOICE 2: Yes.

A doctor (Voice 1) approaches Sydney. It's Dr. Lynn, the OB/GYN that Sydney's been visiting in LA.

DR LYNN: Hello, Sydney.

SYDNEY: [in recognition] You…

DR LYNN: I understand you're having trouble. Don't worry, we're gonna take care of you. It's good you called me. Let's take this off her.[unstrapsa restraint on her belly]]

SYDNEY: You b****. What did you do to me?

DR LYNN: My job as your doctor, Sydney. Nothing more. I understand this must be hard to accept. But it would be much better if you could just relax. Sydney, I need you to hold very still. I need to draw a sample of your amniotic fluid

SYDNEY: Go to hell.

Sydney tries to struggle free. The orderly holds her down.

DR LYNN: Please. I need you to listen. This is a delicate procedure. Any sudden movements could risk the health of your baby.

SYDNEY: Please don't.

DR LYNN: This might pinch a little

Close in on Lynn's syringe ash she draws some clear, yellow fluid. At about 13ml, she begins to draw blood.

DR LYNN: [to the orderly] Prep the room. We need to start right away.

Cut to APO

SLOANE: Zero-one, what's your status?

Cut to helicopter
DIXON: We're en route on closing (?). ETA 2300.

Cut to Peyton

PEYTON: [on phone] Are you sure she gave us the wrong information? What if you… No, I'm not doubting you. I just don't see how that's possible. But… what do you mean? How far out? I'm not sure that gives us enough time to… Of course. Yes. I'll let you know as soon as it's done.

Cut to Sydney's OR. Peyton bursts in.

PEYTON: Our timetable's change. You're going to have to work quickly.

LYNN: We're just about to start.

PEYTON: How long?

LYNN: About an hour.

PEYTON: You've got about 40 minutes. Let me know the second you're finished. [exits]

SYDNEY: Please…

LYNN: Just relax. I'm gonna take care of you.

Orderly puts a gas mask over Sydney's face and she loses consciousness.

Cut to helicopters. They're making its descent onto the freighter. Dixon and Tom exit.

DIXON: I don't like it. Where are they?

TOM: Probably taking a defensive position below deck.

DIXON: We'll split into teams. You start clearing from the aft quarter, we'll come around from the other side

TOM: Outflank them.

DIXON: Let's go!

Dixon and Tom split off to search the ship. It's empty.

TOM: Where is everybody? It's all clear.

Cut to more shots of the two teams searching the ship. No one is there. Tom sees a bright light coming from inside one door. He enters as we cut to Dixon's team.

DIXON: Bravo, we're all clear here. They must've known we were coming and abandoned the ship.

TOM: [through com] Not entirely.

DIXON: What do you mean?

TOM: Come down to the infirmary.

Dixon as his team head down to the infirmary and we cut to Sydney waking up.

DIXON: Sydney, are you all right?

SYDNEY: I can't move.

DIXON: Get the helicopter ready. We'll need to MedEvac her out of here.

SYDNEY: Dixon, is the baby okay?

DIXON: It's going to be okay, Syd.

The two exchange looks, both have their brows furrowed.

Cut to Dixon, Tom and two other agents loading a stretcher with Sydney onto a helicopter. Dixon squeezes Sydney's hand reassuringly. Sydney nods at Dixon, looking worried. The helicopter takes off.

Cut to APO, Sloane's office

MAN ON PHONE: I'm sure you're pleased with Sydney's return. You, however, made a grave error, Mr. Sloane. You should've contacted us the second your agency identified our ship.

SLOANE: If you recall, I tried contacting you earlier regarding this matter. I was told--

MAN ON PHONE: Don't play games with me. I am aware of your fondness for power, so I imagine this arrangement is less than desirable for you. If you value your own daughter's life, from this point on, you are not to take a single action without clearing it with us first. As far as you're concerned, we own you. Is that clear enough?

SLOANE: [trapped and clearly feeling unhappy about it] Yes. That is perfectly clear.

MAN ON PHONE: You may take this as a victory right now, but you should understand, every action has consequences. We'll be in touch soon. [hangs up]

Cut to Marshall, walking to Rachel's workstation.

MARSHALL: You have a minute?

RACHEL: Yeah, sure.

MARSHALL: You know that decryption program I wrote? Somebody accessed it when I was out of my office.

RACHEL: We should tell jack about the breach. With everything that's been going on…

MARSHAL: I recovered the data that was decrypted. When you were in Langley, Tom accessed the Witsec archives.

RACHEL: [opens the files that Marshall handed her] Amanda Grace.

MARSHALL: Yeah. Did you know he was married?

RACHEL: No. [flips the page and sees the Allen Korman photo] This is the guy who did it.

MARSHALL: Yeah. I think that's what tom was looking for.

Cut to a parking garage. Tom is waiting in a car, looking at the people entering the garage. His phone rings - it's Rachel. Tom spots Korman and switches off his phone. Korman is at his car when Tom approaches.

KORMAN: How did you find me?

TOM: Hello, Karl [?]

KORMAN: Peter, I'm sorry. I was under orders. You have to believe me.

TOM: That's not why I'm here. I need to get a message to The Cardinal.

Cut to hospital. Jack enters Sydney's room as a suited agent waits outside.

JACK: Sweetheart. [Kisses Sydney on the forehead] I'm sorry I took so long.

SYDNEY: They just keep running tests. I mean, no body is… they won't tell me.

JACK: I know. They want to be sure.

SYDNEY: And? [off Jack's look] It's okay. Whatever it is, I can handle it.

JACK: [sits down on the bed] Seems there was a crisis with your pregnancy while you were on that ship.

Sydney starts to cry.

JACK: Sydney, the baby's fine. It's fine. What they did to you on the boat - you were suffering from something called placental abruption. They corrected the problem. They weren't harming the baby. They were saving its life.

SYDNEY: Why? Why would they do that?

JACK: I don't know. We're not sure what it means. I promise you, we'llg et to the problem of it.

Jack strokes the side of her face as Sydney cries.

SYDNEY: While I was on the ship they tried to extract information from me but I lied to them.

JACK: Shh. [shakes his head] Not here.

There is a knock on the door and the suited agent enters.

AGENT: Mr. Bristow. I'm sorry, sir. That's time.

JACK: [off Sydney's frown] It's nothing. Just a small matter I need to attend to.

Jack another kisses Sydney's forehead one more time and leaves.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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