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Int. Sydney’s apartment.
She looks at herself in the mirror with a weird/curious look, then walks over to the sink and sits down. Then, pushing the tap up to let the water run, she puts a kettle under the tap and fills it up. She walks over to the stove and let the water boil, while picking up a box and reading its contents of a sachet.

A man runs across the translucent doors and he pushes them open. It’s Vaughn, grocery bag in his hands.


Sydney looks up, a smile growing on her face.

SYDNEY: Hey. What took you so long?
VAUGHN: Traffic light out on Venice.

She still has a weird look on her face as he comes over and kisses her.

SYDNEY: Would you look at something for me?
SYDNEY: See an eyelash? (Widens her left eye with her hand) Something itches like hell.
VAUGHN: (he looks) No.
VAUGHN: Yeah, maybe those contacts you wore on the Ireland mission irritated your eye.

She doesn’t look too convinced.


Vaughn starts taking the groceries out of the bag and Sydney peers into the bag.

SYDNEY: What’s this?
VAUGHN: What do you think about Orecchietti?
SYDNEY: I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it.

Vaughn takes a cutting knife out. The sound made is loud and crisp, and Sydney has a weird look on her face again.

SYDNEY: Wait a minute, don’t tell me you cook.
VAUGHN: (A smile on his face) There are a lot of things about me you don’t know.
SYDNEY: You clean, too? (She’s still looking through the grocery bag)
VAUGHN: I’ve been known to. Why, you thinking about hiring me?
SYDNEY: Why would I hire you when I get you for free?
VAUGHN: (small laugh) Are you taking a bath?
SYDNEY: (She walks behind him) Maybe. (There’s a somewhat cheeky look on her face) Maybe we’re gonna take a bath.

Close up shot of Vaughn cutting the broccoli. He accidentally cuts his finger.

VAUGHN: Ah, damn it.

Sydney rushes over immediately, a look of concern etched on her face.

SYDNEY: You okay?
VAUGHN: Yeah, I’m fine. (Sydney takes his hand to inspect the wound)
SYDNEY: Let me see. (She applies pressure to it)
VAUGHN: It’s nothing.
SYDNEY: Not nothing. (They look at each other and Vaughn looks pleased at her concern.)

Scene changes. The background music now sounds like it’s coming from the radio. We get another closeup of their hands, and this time Sydney is putting a bandaid over the wound. Vaughn looks at her and smiles a little, and she puts his finger to her mouth and kisses it.

SYDNEY: Here you go. All better.
VAUGHN: You’re gonna make a great mom.
SYDNEY: Yeah, maybe.

The statement seemed to have hit a raw nerve. She stands up, presumably to place the bandaid box to its place and in front of the mirror again.

SYDNEY: Just that, my mom wasn’t exactly the best role model.
VAUGHN: Well the good news is that, you’re nothing like your mother.

Suddenly a warped voice in a voice over.

VOICEOVER: You’re not there yet, Sydney.

She looks up in mild shock, then meets the eyes of Vaughn.

SYDNEY: Did you hear that?
VAUGHN: What. (It was almost as if it was a statement and not an answer…)
SYDNEY: Radio.

VOICEOVER: You need to go further back. Follow Vaughn

VAUGHN: It’s just the radio, Syd. If you don’t like it we can turn it off.

She seems to like that idea a lot.

SYDNEY: That’s right.

Vaughn switches off the radio, then smiles.

VAUGHN: How about a nice bottle of wine with this bath?
SYDNEY: That would be great.

Vaughn walks away, and Sydney looks in the mirror again. This time, she is shocked by what she sees. Something odd is reflected; a blue hue. Sydney sees herself being held on a chair with electrodes stuck to her forehead and she squints. The scene changes into the actual scene of her being tortured for information.

The camera view is now a mesh of colours which focuses slightly, and as it pans it occurs that we’re looking through Sydney’s eyes: She sees a doctor.

SYDNEY: Who are you?
DOCTOR: Shh. Syd, sit still. We’re almost there, Sydney.

He takes a syringe.

DOCTOR: We almost have what we need. We just need to go a little further.

Sydney squints and looks utterly confused. She sees him sucking liquid into the syringe and asks.

SYDNEY: What are you doing to me?
DOCTOR: Nothing for you to worry about. I’m just trying to help you relax.
SYDNEY: Why? What do you want? (The doctor shushes her)
DOCTOR: I just need to find a vein…

A distorted voice fills the room.

DISTORTED VOICE: Stop. Are you certain this won’t harm the baby?
DOCTOR: Quite certain.
SYDNEY: (almost as if getting out of a stupor) Wait, the baby… don’t…
DOCTOR: (towards the one-side mirror) But if you want your answer you’re going to need to let me do my job.
SYDNEY: Who is that behind there? Who’s behind there?

DISTORTED VOICE: Okay, you may proceed.

SYDNEY: If you hurt my baby… (he sticks the syringe in) I swear to you… (tears stream down her cheeks) I will kill you.

We see the view from Sydney’s eyes again, and the doctor gets blurred. End of scene.



Ext. Rain is pouring down and camera pans to a woman serving noodles.

WOMAN: You like?

We see Peyton at the receiving end.

PEYTON: Yes, I like very much!
WOMAN: It’s nice to see girl like you eating noodle. My granddaughter, she tell me, ‘too many carbs!’

Peyton smiles politely and barely eats two mouthfuls of noodles before the door rings open. A man in a suit walks through the door and she jumps on her feet.

PEYTON: Thank you! I’m late for a date!
WOMAN: Okay! Bye bye!

She rushes off and catches up with the man in the suit through the rain.

PEYTON: Excuse me, Mister! Thank god, I’m supposed to meet some friends in the [Mission?] district. My cab driver from Oackland just dropped me off here and zoomed off. I – I’ve been trying to find a cab, and no one here seems to…
MAN: There’s a stand two blocks over the right.
PEYTON: Thank you!

He turns to walk away and she calls him again.

PEYTON: Oh, do you know what time it is?

He comes back and looks at his watch.

MAN: Yeah, it’s – (she stabs him and blood spews out from his mouth)
PEYTON: Nice watch. (She pulls the knife out and places him against the wall, rummaging through his pockets and takes his watch off, looking furtively around (Because, like, there isn’t anybody on that street, you know.) and walks away)

She walks quickly through the same door and walks up the stairs, fiddling with the watch which is now on her wrist. Stopping at a door, she pushes three knobs up and gets green light, then placing the wristwatch on a sensor.


The door opens and she enters the room, stopping at the nearest desk. There is another agent at his own desk.

AGENT: Again Turner? You’ll miss your plane.

Peyton types.


AGENT: You missed that pickup in Cartagena, I’m gonna hear it from the Director.

She presses enter while looking at the other agent, worried. Lots of technical effects before the screen stops at SERVER 4 SLOT 29. The agent turns around just as she walks towards server 4 presumably.

AGENT: What did you forget this time?

He gets up and looks, while the camera pans to Peyton looking for the server – still – and finally reaching it. The agent looks at the computer (still beeping away) and Peyton takes a handdrill to loosen the screws of slot 29. He walks the way of server 4; and Peyton continues to loosen the remaining screws.

The agent finally reaches the spot – Peyton isn’t there anymore. He starts to walk away, then looks at slot 29: it’s open, so he walks towards it… Peyton jumps from behind and strangles him with a cord, asphyxiating him. She kicks him in the calf and he goes down on his knees, and she tightens the cord. He struggles… then dies. Peyton retrieves the data, puts it in her handbag and leaves, taking a last look at the dead agent.

Cut to outside. The first agent she killed is still propped up against the wall… Then slumps to the wet ground. Nice noodle woman comes around.

WOMAN: Mister! You okay?!

Peyton walks through that same door again, one ear against her cellphone.

PEYTON: This is agent 4962 Bravo. Requesting for technician.

Cuts to DeSantis in his office.

DESANTIS: This is he.
PEYTON: Dr. DeSantis, this is Kelly Peyton.
DESANTIS (VO): Were you able to retrieve Agent Vaughn’s files?
Peyton: Yes. I’m exiting Chao Ke Street now.

Camera pans to nice noodle woman who exclaims in anguish as she pokes at the dead agent.

(the background sounds of the woman screaming)
PEYTON: I’ll run the analysis in the attaché (?)
DESANTIS: Excellent. I’ll let our benefactors know. (Referring to the background sound) What is that noise?
PEYTON: You know how it is. Rough neighbourhood.

She clips the phone off. Off the camera, we see her walking away and the dead agent is still lying on the ground; the background sounds still filled with screams and shouts…

Cut to the Alias Theme

(Or now is the time in Alias when we (used to, until the episode!) dance!)

Camera pans over a nice shot of the skyscrapers of LA.

(camera cuts to the interior of a hospital. The doctor leads the way and Jack is in front of Sydney)
(Voiceover) DOCTOR LYNN: After your initial triage and check-in, we’ll bring you up here into the labouring and delivery room.

SYDNEY: So this is where I’ll be getting my epidural.
DOCTOR LYNN: Yes, it is. (she laughs lightly) If you want one.
SYDNEY: I do. I’m – I’m not a big fan of pain.
JACK: Are there any adjustments Sydney should be making to her life style? I’m sure her boss at the bank would be (he pauses slightly) happy to lighten her workload.
DOCTOR LYNN: No, she’s fine. I tell mothers staying active for as long as they can is a good thing.

They stop in the middle of the ward.

DOCTOR LYNN: You must be excited. Won’t be much longer now.
SYDNEY: Oh no, the due date’s still three weeks away.
DOCTOR LYNN: Sure it is, but you never know. Your baby might be in a hurry. You’re far enough along (camera cuts to Sydney’s slightly shocked expression) if your water broke today we could expect a healthy delivery. (Sydney nods)
SYDNEY: Wow, I, uh I didn’t know that. (Doctor’s pager beeps)
DOCTOR LYNN: My service. I need to run. (she smiles at Sydney) I’ll see you next week for your check-up.

Sydney seems overwhelmed, but nods anyway.


They start walking out of the ward. Cut to Jack’s slightly humoured expression:

JACK: So, any day.
SYDNEY: Well she said it could be any day. (she shrugs it off, but her expression on her face remains slightly surprised)

They stop at the nursery, and the camera pans on a baby. His father is looking at him lovingly, and the camera pans back on Sydney’s forlorn expression. Jack looks at Sydney awkwardly, then reaches into his pocket.

JACK: I have something for you.

He hands her a little wrapped gift and she looks surprised.

SYDNEY: A gift?
JACK: Technically, no (she starts pulling at the ribbon), it’s already yours. I’m just… returning it.

She opens it, all the while sharing a smile on his face. It’s a little rattler.

JACK: Your mother and I bought it when you were born. You wouldn’t let it out of your sight ‘til you’re almost three. Reminds me of the time when I could keep you safe. (Sydney is full of gratitude, then of sadness)
SYDNEY: It’s beautiful, Dad, thank you.

Scene cuts to APO. Marshall is doing some soldering work. Grace walks in.

GRACE: You wanted to see me?
MARSHALL: Oh, yeah, hey! Agent Grace! (he puts the soldering pen down and then takes his protective glasses on) Listen, I was doing some housekeeping: logging aliases, uh, safe house authorisation, family contacts. You know. The sucky part of my job. (Grace cracks a little smile) And I came across… a mistake in your file so I contacted Langley, turns out I don’t have a proper clearance to my own job.
GRACE: What did you find?
MARSHALL: Marriage certificate from 7 years ago. Listen, if it supports just an outdated alias I probably ought to resend it sooner or later… you know.
GRACE: (shaking his head a little) It’s not a mistake. I was married.
MARSHALL: Really. I’m sorry, I never heard you mention that.
GRACE: For three years. Didn’t work out.
MARSHALL: Totally understand that. I mean, it’s a – it’s a struggle to –
GRACE: (curtly) Hey do me a favour. Next time you have a question about my personal life, why don’t you call me before Langley?
MARSHALL: (stupefied) Absolutely. I – I’m really sorry.

His computer starts beeping.


Camera pans to the computer screen:

Breached apx: Currenttime }{ - 0400 hours
Documents Compromised: Agnet Mortality Logs
Contact Protocol Database
Audio Field Journals
Biometries logs and tables
>> additional undetermined docs.
Perpetrator identified as [pf21] Prophet Five …

GRACE: I’ll get Jack. (He walks away.)

Cuts to APO briefing room. Jack is standing up while Sydney, Dixon, Grace, Marshall and Rachel sits around the table.

JACK: Four hours ago an agency facility storing closed matters was breached. (He presses on a button and the screen displays Peyton) Security cameras identifies the perpetrator as an operative of Prophet Five.
RACHEL: Kelly Peyton.
DIXON: Do we know what she took?
JACK: Among the archives, were files of all our agents killed in the line of duty. Their contact protocols, audio field journals biometric read-outs (Sydney *looks* at him)
SYDNEY: They were Vaughn’s files, weren’t they? (He looks at her) You were going to have to say it eventually.
JACK: (nods) Yes, that’s right.

Sydney looks at him then looks away.

DIXON: Why would they want Vaughn’s files?
JACK: Isn’t clear at the moment, which leaves us in a vulnerable position.
SLOANE: Vaughn’s investigations of Prophet Five were off-the-books; it’s unlikely he kept those records on CIA files.
JACK: I’ve tasked Tom and Marshall on disabling all of Vaughn’s official protocols. (he looks at Dixon) I’ll like you to locate any of his old contacts to ensue a warning. Sloane will oversee Rachel in analysing the remainder of the intel.
SYDNEY: Me? (She looks on, earnest)
JACK: Though I would prefer to keep you close by, I know that’s not an option. (There’s a hint of a smile as he talks to Sydney. She gives him a “Well, what can you do about me?” look) Given her intimate knowledge of Prophet Five and her association with Vaughn, you should meet with Renee Rienne (Sydney nods) and see if she has any idea of what they may be looking for.
SYDNEY: Yup, okay. (She collects the files and starts to leave. The others follow suit.)

The camera pans to Sloane for a moment before moving back to Jack.

JACK: Sydney. (She stops in front of him) You should know, when it comes to Vaughn… I take it quite personally.

She nods.

SYDNEY: I know, dad.
JACK: We’re gonna fix this.

It’s the expression of eternal gratitude again. She walks away abruptly, and the camera focuses on Jack… It’s almost as if he has got something up his sleeves…

Cut to some technician’s place. It’s Peyton’s office. On someone’s screen there are Vaughn’s photos (the one the other man from Welcome to Liberty Village superimposed on the diver’s suit). Peyton strides across the office.

PEYTON: (to a group of people) Anything?
WOMAN: Listen to this. (Peyton walks to her cubicle)
PEYTON: The location?
WOMAN: Not quite. But I think Vaughn shared it with Sydney Bristow.

Peyton puts on the earphones.

VAUGHN ON RECORDING: And I met this afternoon to discuss the protocol for her SD-6 counter-missions. I briefed Agent Bristow on the full scope of the operation. How far it reaches.

PEYTON: Go back.

VAUGHN ON RECORDING: I briefed Agent Bristow on the full scope of their operation. How far it reaches.

WOMAN: She knows where it is.

Cuts to DeSantis.

DESANTIS (on the phone): And you’re certain Agent Vaughn communicated this intelligence to her?

Cuts to Peyton.

PEYTON: Yes, according to his own CIA report. (she has a pleased look on her face) but it was several years ago. There’s no guarantee Sydney will remember.
DESANTIS: (over the phone) That’s of no concern. (Cuts to him) An associate of mine will be able to refresh her memory. I’ll forward you the contact protocols of Doctor Gonsalo Boris. He is going to ask for a lot of money. Tell him I will pay half. Have him waiting for me at the Athena facility.
PEYTON: Then, you’re suggesting that we abduct Sydney Bristow. (over the phone) Which you realise might compromise our larger agenda.
DESANTIS: We’ve been searching for more than 30 years and this is the closest we’ve come to retrieving Horizon. (over the phone) If Sydney Bristow can tell us where it is, we must act immediately. It’s a chance we have to take.

Peyton switches off the call connection.


Ext. The busy streets of Madrid. The camera pans to a park, and a group of giggling school girls walk past Sydney, who is sitting on a bench. She looks around. Renee arrives.

SYDNEY: Hello Renee.
RENEE: You look beautiful.

Sydney looks down at her stomach.

SYDNEY: Doctor says it’s my last week to fly.
RENEE: (sits down beside Sydney) Which means this is a special visit.
SYDNEY: Prophet Five is targeting some of Vaughn’s CIA files. I need to know, did he make a record of your investigation?
RENEE: No. It was all in our heads. (Sydney looks a little disappointed)
SYDNEY: Then was there anything that Vaughn was working on, or – or any leads, or contacts that might be of value to Prophet Five now?
RENEE: What’s in the files?
SYDNEY: Presumably everything he’s worked on: SD-6, The Covenant, The Alliance…
RENEE: Then, no. It’s impossible. All he worked on SD-6 ...(Sydney notices two goons coming towards them)
SYDNEY: (cuts in) Where did you park?
RENEE: I walked. Why?
SYDNEY: Let’s move. (They get up and walk quickly)
RENEE: There’s a police station at the corner, you’ll be safe.
SYDNEY: Just take it easy, it might be nothing (re: Renee reaching into her pocket to take out her knives)

The two goons get their guns out.


Renee turns swiftly and throws her knives like daggers into their hearts and they stumble and fall. Sydney walks in front and screeching tires are heard. She is stopped by a van and two men clothed in black gets hold of her and injects her with a tranquilliser. She is rendered unconscious.

RENEE: (shouts) Sydney!

She sees two black vans driving away and takes out her gun, running after one of the vans. She shoots at the driver, and blood splatters up the windscreen. The van crashes into a car, then she takes out another gun (how many weapons does this woman keep in her pockets anyway?) and starts shooting at the storage space. She opens it and sees Desantis.

RENEE: You… Where are they taking her? (he doesn’t answer, so she shouts) Where are they taking her?


DOCTOR: I just sedated her with a drug (?) cocktail which should take full effects within minutes. (it looks like he is speaking to whoever is behind the one way mirror) It’s a chemical process of forced hypnosis which will effectively numb the body but leaves the mind partially lucid, allowing me to access any (camera pans to Sydney) part of her memory you’d like.

He walks to his desk again.

DOCTOR: Which means, it’s now time to tell me what it is you’re looking for.

DISTORTED VOICE: First I’d like some prove that this technique would work.

DOCTOR: Of course.

He fiddles with some buttons on the machine that Sydney is hooked up on, then faces Sydney.

DOCTOR: Tell me your name.

Sydney doesn’t respond, and the doc tasers Sydney on her chin. She reacts physically.

DOCTOR: Tell me your name…

SYDNEY: Sydney Bristow.

DOCTOR: That’s it, girl. Sydney, I want you to remember Michael Vaughn…

He uses the taser on her, this time on her forehead, and she reacts physically again.

DOCTOR: Find him.

Sydney is now struggling with her tears and trying her hardest not to cry.

DOCTOR: Find him and remember the time when you were both happy… A time that was meaningful… Go back, Sydney… Find him…

Sydney seems to be resisting, yet the scene transits to flashes of Vaughn in the plane (Search and Rescue)

SYDNEY: (whisper) Vaughn…

Cut to Sydney on the plane. She looks at her safety guard and a weird look is on her face; she adjusts the guard. Vaughn comes forward and sits next to her, just like it was in Search and Rescue.

VAUGHN: I had it all planned out. (Cut to Sydney’s bewildered face)
SYDNEY: Vaughn…?
VAUGHN: No, just, please; let me do this.
SYDNEY: Do what?
VAUGHN: I was going to take you to the beach, Santa Barbara, go for a walk, maybe; maybe during a sunset. But now, now we’re here, and I have no idea (cut to Sydney who is still feeling extremely confused) what we’re about to jump into.

He reaches into his pocket and fishes the ring box out, opening it for Sydney.

VAUGHN: I don’t know if I’ll get another chance to do this.
SYDNEY: But, Vaughn, we already did this. (She shows him her ring on her finger)
VAUGHN: (frowning) I don’t understand.
SYDNEY: (as if a light dawns upon her…) I think I do. The people you were looking for. The people behind Prophet Five. I think they’re holding me. (she looks around conspicuously)
VAUGHN: How do you know about Prophet Five?
SYDNEY: You told me and they shot you.
VAUGHN: What, they shot me? No, I’m here.
SYDNEY: I know… They injected me with something, they hypnotised me… Trying to get something out of my head.
SYDNEY: I don’t know… But I think they’re trying to use (camera cuts to hypnotised Sydney) you against me.

DOCTOR: Stay with Vaughn, Sydney. Remember the love you feel for him.

He uses the taser again, and the scene cuts back on the plane. She looks around.

SYDNEY: I should go.
VAUGHN: No. I don’t wanna be without you.
SYDNEY: I know… I miss you.

Vaughn notices the lack of a ring on her finger.

VAUGHN: Look. (She looks at her finger) Sydney Bristow, will you marry me?
SYDNEY: I – I don’t know what I’m supposed to say…
VAUGHN: You’re supposed to say ‘yes’.

She smiles genuinely.

SYDNEY: Yes. (Cuts to hypnotised Sydney) I wanna marry you.

DOCTOR: Ok, we’ve got it. Now perhaps you should tell me what we’re looking for.

DIXON: There’s a call for you on the overseas line. They’re following out contact protocol, but I don’t recognize the voice.

Jack picks up the phone.

JACK: This is the director.

Cut to Renee. Desantis is tied to a chair in the background, his chest heaving in his painful attempts to breathe.

RENEE: Is this Sydney Bristow’s father?

Scene cut. At the APO briefing table.

JACK: Prophet Five has Sydney. She was last seen in a black van heading west away from the Salamanca quarter. Rachel, access Madrid’s surveillance infrastructure.

She walks out.

JACK: Marshall, monitor all movement through local port and airspace.
MARSHALL: What’s the timeline?
JACK: She was abducted 40 minutes ago.
MARSHALL: Well they could be out of the sea limits in 20!
MARSHALL: All right.

He walks out, too.

JACK: We’re assuming Sydney’s captor is connected to something that Prophet Five found in Vaughn’s files.
GRACE: I’ll reassess it with that in mind.

Grace walks away as well. Sloane and Dixon are the only ones left with Jack.

JACK: Dr. Aldo Desantis was present at the ambush, which implies they may intend to use Sydney for a medical procedure.
SLOANE: My God, the baby.
JACK: Renee Rienne has Desantis in custody. I’m gonna join her and assist with the interrogation.
DIXON: Do you want me to come with you?
JACK: No I need you to run operations until I return.
DIXON: I’ll secure a flight to Spain for you.

Dixon leaves.

SLOANE: Where do you need me?
JACK: You sure you have no means left by which to contact Prophet Five?
SLOANE: Jack, I told you that Gordon Dean was my only resource. With him dead, I have nothing.
JACK: Ok. Then use your underworld contacts. The news of a federal agent in captivity may have made the rounds. See if they know anything.
SLOANE: I’ll get right on it.

Jack walks away, and off Sloane’s face, the scene cuts to him talking on his cell phone on a rooftop

SLOANE: This is Arvin Sloane. I’d like to speak to Mr. Ehrmann.
(v.o.): Mr. Ehrmann is not available.
SLOANE: This is an urgent matter. I need to speak to him.
(v.o.): You’re not playing by the rules, Mr. Sloane, remember, we contact you.
SLOANE: A pregnant woman’s life is at stake. Someone very dear to me.
(v.o.): The only woman you can save is lying in a hospital bed. May I suggest you pick your battles, sir.
SLOANE: (slightly desperate) Please!
(v.o.) Goodbye Mr. Sloane.

The other party hangs up, and Sloane flips his phone in dejection.

Cut to a dark alleyway and then to Jack, knocking on a door. Renee opens, checks if anybody is behind him, and lets him in.

RENEE: Jack? Do you have anything?
JACK: Satellites lost her at the city limits.

Desantis is strapped to a chair.

RENEE: If we don’t get him to a hospital he’s gonna die.
JACK: Has he given us anything?
RENEE: Won’t talk. I pulled this from his jacket. It’s got dates. Addresses.

They walk towards him.

DESANTIS: So this is how you do it. Bringing a man in a suit to scare me into talking?
JACK: You’re right. The suit shouldn’t scare you. What should scare you is that I’m a very concerned father.

Jack whips out a small knife, walks towards Desantis menacingly… and in one swift motion, he slices Desantis’ ear off. Desantis yowls in pain.

Cut to hypnotised Sydney.

DOCTOR: I’m gonna continue the regressive process, attaching her to a memory of Vaughn then taking her back through time until you get your answer. (He tasers Sydney) Sydney, I want you to remember the last time you were with Vaughn. Think of the comfort you feel when you’re with him. Live there, in your memories.

He uses the taser Sydney again and we cut to Vaughn lying in his hospital bed, right before he died

Sydney sits next to his bed.

SYDNEY: Vaughn? (she touches his face) Vaughn!

He gets out of slumber and she smiles slightly at him.

VAUGHN: Sorry, I guess I drifted off there. Hey, we should think about more names for the baby.
SYDNEY: There will be plenty of time for that.
VAUGHN: I know. What do you think about Oscar?
SYDNEY: What if we have a girl?
VAUGHN: I meant for a girl. (small laugh) I wish she were here already. I wanna meet her.
SYDNEY: You will.
VAUGHN: I know.

Doctor guy enters, and places the cup of water on the sidetable.

DOC GUY: Are you comfortable?
DOC GUY: When he feels ready, make sure he drinks it slow. Don’t overdo, just a sip at a time. I’ll be back soon.
SYDNEY: Thank you.

VAUGHN: Can I? I’m thirsty.

She picks up the drink, about to give it to him when she realises…

SYDNEY: I gave you this and then you crashed. Vaughn, I can’t.
VAUGHN: Syd, shhh! They can hear us. Come closer. (Syd leans in) You said it yourself. They’re using me against you. The only way to defeat them, I need to go away.
SYDNEY: (trying to control her tears) I don’t care. I don’t wanna say goodbye to you again.
VAUGHN: I know. I know. It’s ok. I need to go away. We’ll find each other.

Cut to the prison in North Korea

SYDNEY: (in a continuation to Vaughn’s previous words) We always find each other
SYDNEY: The baby kicked.
VAUGHN: Really? What’s it feel like?
SYDNEY: Here. (she places Vaughn’s hand on her stomach)
VAUGHN: I don’t feel anything.
SYDNEY: Wait! ...there!
VAUGHN: No I don’t…. THAT?

There are enormous grins on their faces.


Cut to DOCTOR tasering Sydney again

DOCTOR: Very good, Sydney. I want you to stay with Vaughn.

Cut back to North Korea

SYDNEY: Don’t ever leave me.
VAUGHN: Never.

The guards come in.

SYDNEY: Where are they taking us?
VAUGHN: Nowhere good.

Vaughn gets up and starts fighting the guards, walking outside… and disappears into thin air. Sydney hears Vaughn’s voice coming from a radio one of the guards dropped.

SYDNEY: Vaughn?

DOCTOR (on the radio thing): Don’t let him go!

Cut to DOCTOR:
DOCTOR: I want you to stay with Vaughn, Sydney!

He tasers her again.

Cut to North Korea, Syd picks up the radio and hears Vaughn’s voice again:

VAUGHN: Sydney can you hear me?
SYDNEY: Vaughn, where are you?
VAUGHN: I…I’m losing… go to Che….
SYDNEY: Vaughn? Vaughn!
DOCTOR (on the radio thing): Don’t let him leave you, Sydney!

Cut to Sydney’s place, back where the episode started. Sydney hears the doctor on her radio.

DOCTOR: Where is Vaughn?

She fills the kettle again, taking it to the stove and examining the teabag.

Vaughn comes back in with the groceries.


Cut to Sydney in the torture chair.

SYDNEY: What took you so long?

DOCTOR: (pleased) They’re back together.

Cut to Jack interrogating Desantis

JACK: Tell me where they have my daughter.
DESANTIS: I’ll tell you nothing.
JACK: You’ve been shot. You’re lucky you survived the blood loss, though I am prepared to draw this out to the last second, make it as painful as it needs to be, until you tell me where she is.
DESANTIS: Where she is does not matter. Your concern should be where she is going.
RENEE: Jack! I found a repeating address in the calendar.
JACK: Christina Crue 37E. That’s in Hungary.
RENEE: He had it marked three times in the last four months and once on this date. Three weeks from now. (Jack looks over at Desantis) Jack, what is it?
JACK: That’s Sydney’s due date. Give me your gun.

She hands it to him, and he walks to Desantis: he points the gun to his neck

JACK: Tell me what is going to happen on Christina Crue 37E.
DESANTIS: You’ll never know.
JACK: Is Sydney being held there?
DESANTIS: (chuckles) Oh, of course not.
JACK: You’re lying.
DESANTIS: Very well. Maybe I am lying.
JACK: What’s. There?
DESANTIS: You can’t do anything to be now. I’m quite prepared to die.

Jack loosens his grip on Desantis’ head, walks to Renee and hands her her gun.

JACK: See if he means it.

As he walks away, Renee walks towards Desantis – the splitting image of her father…

JACK: (voiceover) Dixon, it’s Jack. (scene cuts to him) I need you to prepare transport to Hungary.

Behind him, Renee fires two shots.

DOCTOR: Sydney. Think back to a comforting time. The place you were the first time you realise that Vaughn really cared for you.


Pier, night. The exact replica of the famous scene in 1x04, A Broken Heart. The carousel is at the background. Sydney looks at Vaughn, who is looking beyond the ocean, possibly enjoying the zephyr breeze.

VAUGHN: I forgot how beautiful it is. The ocean.

They share a smile.

SYDNEY: Yeah. We should’ve come here more often.

Her phone rings, and she fishes it out from her bag, bringing it to her ear.

DOCTOR: (on the phone) Draw me a map. How far it reaches.

She looks shocked, then throws it into the Pacific. The phone makes a splash. Vaughn looks at her.

SYDNEY: They’re pushing me closer.
VAUGHN: What do they want?
SYDNEY: I don’t know.. Something about a map.
VAUGHN: A map?

Her phone rings again…

DOCTOR: (on the phone) Listen to me. Draw me a map. How far it reaches…

She throws it into the Pacific again.

VAUGHN: (a small laugh) You just threw your phone into the Pacific. Twice.
SYDNEY: (she laughs) I know.

They grin… She looks pleased with herself…. The mood shifts suddenly, a heavy weight in the air.

VAUGHN: Listen to me. You’ve got to let me go.
SYDNEY: (blinks back tears) I can’t.
VAUGHN: You have to.
SYDNEY: I can’t, Vaughn… I can’t stand it. Being here without you…
VAUGHN: Sydney…
SYDNEY: I feel like I’m losing my mind! I do. (she takes a deep breath) I don’t even know who I am anymore, what I’m doing, or why I’m doing it…
VAUGHN: Okay, stop. You remember the last time we were here? Your contact has just been killed in Morocco and your world was collapsing around you and I told you that even in the middle of all these darkness you could not allow it to swallow you.
SYDNEY: You gave me strength.
VAUGHN: Yeah… but the truth is, the truth has always been you are the one who has kept the darkness from overtaking me. You can do this. I know you can do this. I’ve seen you do this time and time again!

Sydney’s on the verge of tears.

VAUGHN: I gotta go. And you are gonna take these guys down. Okay?

He touches her face… she is reluctant, but lets him leave; her view of his retreating back getting smaller and smaller.

DOCTOR: (voiceover) She’s fighting the process. I want you to stay with Vaughn, Sydney.

He uses the taser on her… She reacts, then the scene cuts to the warehouse. Specifically, the scene is the lie detector scene from 1x08: Time Will Tell.

VAUGHN: If you don’t say goodbye to me, they win.
SYDNEY: I can’t do it on my own.
VAUGHN: I’m not here. This isn’t real. None of this is real.

He places his hand on her face again…

SYDNEY: It’s real to me. That’s all that matters.
VAUGHN: No. Don’t say that. That’s what they want you to say.
SYDNEY: But do you know what I want? I want the world to forget about us. I’m tired, Vaughn. I’m tired of having this weight on my shoulder. I – I don’t want to be the one who has to save the world. I want you back. I want you all to myself. I want to go away, just you and me and our baby; somewhere no one can bother us, on a deserted island. (pause) I want out.

Scene cuts to hypnotised Sydney

SYDNEY: I don’t care if they win, Vaughn. I don’t care. I just want you to stay with me.
DOCTOR: That’s it.

He turns to the one way mirror.

DOCTOR: We got her.
DISTORTED VOICE: Excellent. Now I want the map of SD-6.
Scene cuts to the blood mobile… Specifically the scene 1x02: And So It Begins.

SYDNEY: I want no more of these spy crap, I just (she sniffles) … That’s why I went to you in the first place. So just listen to me… And I will give you in record time the names of people who will render SD-6 useless.
VAUGHN: Record time?
SYDNEY: Two months, tops, and then I’m out. I walk.

Note: While she said these lines like they were in And So It Begins, her face tells an entirely different story as her eyes were filled with tears and she struggles to keep them back.

VAUGHN: Draw me a map of SD-6. And all its allies. How far you think it reaches. Draw me a family tree of SD-6 and how deep it goes. (She looks at him) Just do it!

Sydney draws it on a piece of paper… Pushes it towards him. It’s the same map she drew. Vaughn stands up and takes the larger map down. He unrolls it.

VAUGHN: This is what you’re in the middle of. This isn’t about cutting off the arm of the monster. This is about killing the monster.

Scene cuts to the doctor.

DOCTOR: Focus on the map.

VAUGHN: The upper right corner. What do you see?

DOCTOR: There’s a name… What is it?

VAUGHN: Tell me what it is.

She doesn’t want to… Looking up to Vaughn with glassy eyes, only to be met by his slight smile…

Scene cuts to her hypnotised.

SYDNEY: X23 – Norte.
DOCTOR: Well done…

Scene cuts to Vaughn… who assumes the voice of the doctor.

VAUGHN: Well done.

SYDNEY: (hypnotised) (whispering) Vaughn…

DISTORTED VOICE: Thank you doctor.

Then, in the way we all love Alias… The captor’s face is revealed: It’s Irina. She talks to Peyton.

IRINA: I’ll let my sources know we got the location of The Horizon. I’ll be back in a few days. Until then, keep her comfortable.

Scene cuts to hypnotised Sydney. Cut to a beautiful tropical beach. Vaughn is waiting in a white suit and Sydney is walking in his direction.


SYDNEY : Do you hear that?

VAUGHN : I didn't hear anything.

SYDNEY : I know. It's great, isn't it? (Sydney catches the left hand of Vaughn) I wish we could stay here like this forever.

VAUGHN : There's nothing I want more. They're gonna figure it out, Syd. Sooner or later, they're gonna know you gave'em the wrong name. And when they do, I can't be here. They'll keep using me against you. They won't stop until they get what they want. I have to go.

SYDNEY : I know.

VAUGHN : We'll find each other. We always find each other.


They kiss on this beautiful beach. Cut to hypnotised Sydney, who seems more confident.


In Hungary, Jack and Renee are in a black car in front of the building where Sydney is presumably held.


JACK: Unit three is on the third floor.

RENEE: The lease expired 16 years ago.

JACK: Nevertheless.


In the laboratory, with the chemicals wearing off, Sydney opens her eyes and finds Peyton unstrapping her. Syd stabs Peyton with the drug and escapes.

In Hungary, Jack and Renee, weapons in the hands climb a stair.

Meanwhile, still groggy, Sydney finds her way around narrow corridors…

Renee and Jack find a room with an empty nursery. No trace of Sydney!

JACK : Good Lord.

Sydney opens a last metallic door, and watches a helicopter flying away. After walking down a red stair, she discovers that she's on a ship at sea.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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