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Sydney is walking down a hallway with the Chancellor of the University of Rome.

SYDNEY: Devo ammettere, Signor Rettore, che dopo questa visita avrei voluto frequentare la vostra università. [I have to admit, Chancellor… after getting the tour, I wish I had attended your university.]

CHANCELLOR: L'importante, Signora Borghese, è che Lei sia qui ora. Il vostro contributo per la nuova ala in restauro è molto apprezzato. Grazie. [The important thing is you’re here now. Your donation for a new restoration wing is so appreciated.]

SYDNEY: I nuovi artisti dovrebbero vedere le Pietà del mondo. [The artists of the future should see the “Pietas” of the world.]

CHANCELLOR: Sono pienamente d'accordo. Veda, è per questo che abbiamo aperto la nostra collezione privata al pubblico. [I totally agree. That’s why we’ve recently opened our private collection to the general public.]

CUT TO Someone prying the hinge of a fastener holding a door shut with a padlock. The person pushes the door open and goes inside. Renée Rienne gains access to a hallway in what looks like the basement.

CHANCELLOR: Mi farebbe piacere presentar La ai Decani dell'Università. Prego da questa parte. [Then I’d like to introduce you to the Dean of Students. Please, this way.]

RENÉE: (comms) I’m at the archive. Your turn now.

Sydney and the Chancellor reach an office. When the chancellor turns his back to her to unlock the door with an access card, Sydney slips something from the chancellor’s coat pocket.

CHANCELLOR: (opening door) Da questa parte, prego. Prego. [Please.]

Sydney gasps and feigns losing her balance as if she were about to faint. The chancellor catches her.

CHANCELLOR: Signora Borghese, oh mio Dio, mio Dio! Ch'è successo? Si sieda un attimo. [What happened?]

Sydney blinks and looks dizzy.

CHANCELLOR: Venga, venga, venga. Oh Dio! [Come, come, come. Oh, my God!]

The chancellor pulls up a chair for Sydney.

CHANCELLOR: Sta meglio? [Do you feel better?]

SYDNEY: Un leggero capogiro. [Just light-headed.]

CHANCELLOR: Meglio. respiri, respiri. [Breathe, Breathe –]

SYDNEY: Il piccolino sta già provando a insegnare alla mamma chi comanda. [Little girl is already trying to teach her mother who’s boss.]

CHANCELLOR: (laughing) Questi bambini sono terribili! [These children are terrible!]

SYDNEY: Potrebbe gentilmente portarmi dell'acqua? [Would you be so kind and grab me some water?]

CHANCELLOR: Comando. Respiri. [Of course. Breathe.]

SYDNEY: Grazie. [Thank you.]

The chancellor leaves. Quickly, Sydney takes out the key holder she swiped from the Chancellor’s pocket and pulls a key from the ring. From her purse, she retrieves a device with a mold inside. She presses the key into the mold and closes the device.

SYDNEY: Got the key. It’s transmitting now. Insert key template.

Renée has a similar device. She loads the template into the device, and a light on the device flashes red. She opens it, revealing a duplicate key.

RENÉE: Perfect. I’m entering the archive.

Renée puts the key into the archive door and unlocks it. Sydney puts the device back into her purse and looks around for something at the desk. Renée searches the archive with a flashlight. The room is lined with shelves of numbered boxes.

RENÉE: I need the lock number.

CUT TO flashback of Sydney and Renée meeting.

SYDNEY: So what are we looking for?

RENÉE: All I know is it’s intended for Gordon Dean. The intel I received said it will be left for him at the University of Rome inside a package shipped to their museum archive.

SYDNEY: Well, how will we know which package?

RENÉE: It will be sent from Milan from an alias – Marcello Demasi.

CUT TO the present. Sydney is looking through the papers in a clipboard.

SYDNEY: I found the alias. Can you give me a moment to find the name?

Sydney finds the name and number on one of the pages.

SYDNEY: Here it is. Marcello Demasi. Num-

PROFESSOR CHOI: Sydney? Sydney Bristow? I don’t believe it.

Sydney flips the pages of the clipboard back and puts it down.

SYDNEY: Professor Choi.

RENÉE: Sydney, I need the lock number.

PROFESSOR CHOI: Look at you. You look great!

SYDNEY: Thank you.

RENÉE: Sydney.

SYDNEY: What are you doing in Rome?

PROFESSOR CHOI: Uh, sabbatical. I’m teaching classes and doing some research. And what about you?

SYDNEY: Oh, I’ve just been traveling – (pressing her finger to her ear) 12 countries in 22 months.

RENÉE: Got it. 1222.

SYDNEY: I know that’s a lot, but I won’t have a chance after the baby’s born.


RENÉE: Now get out of there, before the Chancellor gets back.

SYDNEY: Well, I should let you get back to your class.

PROFESSOR CHOI: No problem. I’m on a lunch break. We have plenty of time.

SYDNEY: Great.

Renée finds Box 1222. She starts to open it, but someone is opening the archive door. Renée quickly hides behind a stack of boxes. A man walks in with a flashlight. Renée draws her gun.

PROFESSOR CHOI: You know, uh, I don’t wanna be presumptive, but, uh, you married?

SYDNEY: Newlyweds.

PROFESSOR CHOI: Ah, eager to start a family then?

SYDNEY: I guess you could say we dove right in.

PROFESSOR CHOI: Well, he must be some guy. You seem really happy.

SYDNEY: (pauses) He is.

Meanwhile, the man who entered the archive goes to open Box 1222.

AGENT ONE: I found the shipment. I’m retrieving the package.

Renée creeps forward with her gun ready. The man pulls a sculpture from the box.

RENÉE: (cocking gun) I’ll take that.

The man turns toward Renée, holding up the sculpture in his hand.

RENÉE: Put it down. Step back.

The man lowers his hand slightly but tosses the statue toward Renée, who is distracted as she catches the statue with her left hand. The man kicks her, knocking her backwards and allowing him to catch the sculpture. He pulls his gun out, but Renée deflects his arm just as he fires. Renée sweep kicks the man, knocking him down to the ground. The man performs a kip up, propelling himself quickly up off the ground and onto his feet. The two struggle over control of the statue. The man pushes Renée into the boxes with a choke hold. Renée punches the man, who drops the statue, breaking it and revealing a key card hidden inside. With one swift move, Renée reaches down and grabs the card, avoiding a kick from the man, and then kicks him, knocking him out.

RENÉE: Got it. I’m on my way to the extraction point.

PROFESSOR CHOI: So is he with you, your husband?

SYDNEY: He’s at the hotel.

Sydney notices the chancellor is coming back with a glass of water.

SYDNEY: I’d love for you to meet him. Um, we’ll take you to dinner. If you’ll just write down your number.

PROFESSOR CHOI: Sure, I would like that. Here, take my card.

Professor Choi reaches into his bag and gets a card out, but when he looks up again, Sydney is gone. The Chancellor also arrives and looks for Sydney. Both men look confused.

Outside, Sydney walks down the steps and meets with Renée.

RENÉE: It was inside the sculpture.

SYDNEY: Any idea what it is for?

RENÉE: No. So… who was that man? Choi?

SYDNEY: No one. He was from another life.


Arvin Sloane enters and shows his badge to a guard. He pauses at Nadia’s door before entering and walking over to her, planting a kiss on her forehead.

DR. MARKS: She’s still unresponsive. There’s been no change since yesterday. I’m afraid the Xylenol didn’t work.

SLOANE: The drug is still in the experimental stage. It deserves more time.

DR. MARKS: Mr. Sloane, we’ve kept Nadia in a medically-induced coma for five months now. None of our procedures have shown any promise. When we bring her out, she displays the same violent propensities. Now these treatments are extremely costly.

SLOANE: Expense is not an issue.

DR. MARKS: We’ve simply run out of options. At this point, anything that we may try is unlikely to inspire change. It may… even do more harm than good.

SLOANE: I am not prepared to give up.

DR. MARKS: Neither are we. In the meantime, I think you should consider alternative care… in a place a little more comfortable.

SLOANE: Okay. Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Marks leaves. Sloane puts his hand on Nadia. His phone rings.

SLOANE: (answering) Yes?

DEAN: How is she doing today? I feel for you. I can’t imagine how hard it must be looking into the face of your own sins.

SLOANE: What do you want, Dean?

DEAN: Sydney Bristow has taken something of mine – an access card. I want you to get it back.

SLOANE: Why? What is it for?

DEAN: That’s none of your concern. Forty-eight hours. Don’t let me down.

Gordon Dean finishes the call. He is walking with Peyton out of a building.

PEYTON: Are you sure this is the right move?

DEAN: The right move…?

PEYTON: If they find out what you’re up to –

DEAN: Oh, they won’t. Besides, I don’t think I have a choice at this point.

PEYTON: You’re being paranoid again. You’re too important to this operation to be dismissed over a few setbacks.

DEAN: Well, maybe you’re right, but some life insurance will help me sleep better at night. You, too, I imagine. Odds are, if they terminate me, they’ll decide our entire cell is a security risk. I’ll let you know when Sloane contacts me.

Dean gets into his car. Peyton watches as he drives off.


Jack is working on his computer when Sloane walks into his office.

SLOANE: Hello, Jack.

JACK: Arvin, good news. Sydney’s mission in Italy was a success.

SLOANE: Yes, I already knew that.

JACK: Did you? How?

SLOANE: Gordon Dean told me.

ALIAS Title Sequence


[Music – Rachael Yamagata: “1963”]

Rachel is sitting on the couch in the living room, working on something. Sydney walks in the house.

RACHEL: Marshall ran analysis on the card you retrieved.

SYDNEY: (setting down her purse) He suspects it’s an access key for a secure network.

RACHEL: So we just have to figure out which network. Well, luckily there are only ten billion secure networks in the world.

SYDNEY: We may have a dead end on that side, but we intercepted Dean’s property. I’m guessing he’s not too happy about that, so…

The doorbell rings.

SYDNEY: …I’ll take what I can get.

Sydney answers the door. Two delivery men are waiting.

DELIVERY MAN: Delivery for Sydney Bristow.

SYDNEY: Hey! Come on in.

Sydney lets the delivery men enter with a large box.

SYDNEY: Just put it in the nursery. It’s right through there.


SYDNEY: (explaining to Rachel) Crib.

Inside the nursery, Sydney looks around the room. It is empty, except for a few paint cans, some built-in shelving, and the newly-delivered box with the crib. Rachel joins her.

RACHEL: You know, the, uh, nursery could use a little work.

SYDNEY: I don’t know. I think it’s kind of airy. I’ll grab my bag. We can head in to work.

RACHEL: I thought you were taking the day off.

SYDNEY: I was. That was before we had ten billion secure networks to analyze. (smiles)

RACHEL: I have a better idea. First, let’s set up the crib, and then at least that way, we’ll know we got something accomplished today.

SYDNEY: It’s okay. I’ll do it later.

RACHEL: What could it take, half an hour?

SYDNEY: I used to think that stuff would be so fun – decorating a room and picking out colors. (pauses) Hasn’t turned out exactly the way I thought it would.

Rachel looks at Sydney sadly. Sydney’s cell phone rings.



Inside Jack’s office, Sloane explains his arrangement with Gordon Dean to Jack and Sydney.

SLOANE: I was first contacted about a month ago. It was during my sentencing hearings. As I told your father, the terms were simple. They offered to sway the Committee’s decision for my release and I, in turn, would be indebted to them. It was not made clear what that would entail, but I had an idea.

SYDNEY: You’ve been lying to us this whole time.

SLOANE: There’s no justification. However, faced with spending the rest of my life in prison while my daughter was in the hospital, I –

JACK: Nadia hasn’t made any improvement. Why admit this to us now? What’s changed?

SLOANE: Nadia won’t be getting better, Jack.

Jack looks over at Sydney.

SLOANE: If I have to face a life without my daughter… I still have to live with myself. It sounds hollow, I know, in light of what I just told you… but I consider you both to be my family.

SYDNEY: …You expect us to forgive you now?

SLOANE: No, Sydney, not at all. I know how much pain Dean has caused you, as well as Rachel Gibson. I have damaged your investigation enough. Ironically, Dean’s arrangement puts me in a unique situation. The last thing he expects of me is to double-cross him.

SYDNEY: You’ll help us arrest him…?

SLOANE: Yes. He’s tasked me with recovering something you took from him – an access card. I can use that as bait.

SYDNEY: Understand something. If this is a setup –

SLOANE: It’s not, Sydney. I assure you. Once we have Dean in custody, he will be forced to expose his organization, and you will have all the answers you’re looking for.

JACK: You have a way to contact Dean?

CUT TO Sloane talking on the phone. Dean answers his phone.

DEAN: Hello?

SLOANE: It’s me. I have what you wanted.

DEAN: Good. I knew I could count on you.

Jack watches Sloane make the call.

SLOANE: Where should we meet?

DEAN: Get a pen. Write this down.

CUT TO APO planning the operation.

DIXON: The meeting place is a racetrack. Dean may trust Sloane, but he’s still being cautious He picked this location because it’s safe – several exit strategies, a large crowed to blend in with.

MARSHALL: That or maybe he’s got Lollipop in the second.

SYDNEY: We’ll have to grab him before he has the chance to slip out.

RACHE: That won’t be easy. Dean doesn’t go anywhere without a security detail. It’ll most likely be two men – heavily armed, nearly invisible. We can assume that one will shadow Dean, the other, Sloane.

MARSHALL: Um, sorry. Is anybody else having déjà vu here? I mean, first Sloane was good, then he’s bad, now he’s good again? Although, I guess he was bad at first. I just thought –

JACK: We have a significant tactical disadvantage. Dean knows what we look like. He can ID every one of us.

TOM: Not everyone. He’s never seen me… but I look forward to making his acquaintance.

JACK: Good. Tom, you’ll take lead. Dixon, Sydney, Rachel, you’ll provide support in the field. I want a plan drafted within the hour. Wheels up at 1500. We may not have another chance like this. Let’s make it count.



SYDNEY: Dean’s reserved you a seat in the grandstand. He won’t arrive until he’s confirmed you’re alone. If we put a transmitter on you, his security countermeasures may detect it, so I’ll be tracking you remotely. You’ll need this. (holds up the access card that Renée recovered)

SLOANE: It’s a facsimile, I assume.

SYDNEY: No, it’s the real card. Dean may verify it with a reader. We’ll move in as soon as we’ve intercepted his men, but until then, you’ll have to stall.

RACHEL: (coming into the back of the van) Okay. I hacked into the closed-circuit feeds. We’re ready to go.

SYDNEY: Okay, you’re up.

SLOANE: Look, Sydney… I may have lost the opportunity to save my own child. I only hope that by taking out Dean, I will have helped to save yours. Good luck.

Sloane leaves the van.

RACHEL: Okay. (pulls up closed-circuit feed on her computer) Dixon and Tom are in position. No sign of Dean yet.

SYDNEY: He won’t reveal himself until Sloane is in place.


Sydney, dressed a light blue dress with a wrap and a large, wide-brimmed hat, forces her way through a crowd to get to her seat.

SYDNEY: (using a Southern accent) Excuse me, Mama comin’ through. Watch out. Don’t jostle the package.

Tom sits at the bar and drinks out a metal flask. Dixon, wearing a salwar kameez with his face disguised under a shora, sits in the lobby reading the newspaper. Sydney holds up her ticket to an usher and moves toward her seat, making her way past a woman wearing a headscarf and a man with a decorated shora.

SYDNEY: How y’all doin’? You gonna help me pick a winner today, Skinny? Haha. He’s cute… for a sheik!

Sydney takes her seat and looks around. She points the purse, which is equipped with a device, in a specific direction. She watches through her binoculars as Sloane takes his assigned seat in the stand.

SLOANE: Excuse me, that’s my seat.


Jack and Marshall monitor the team’s progress.

MARSHALL: Okay, laser mic’s on target, Phoenix. Reception’s good.


TOM: (comms) Hey, base. You got a visual?

MARSHALL: Affirmative, Sidewinder.

TOM: Good, ‘cause uh, I was wondering, what do you think of this suit? Pretty sweet, huh?

MARSHALL: Yeah, it’s a nice… suit on you. Blue’s a good color. And for you as well, Director Bristow.

JACK: Thanks. Oracle, can you get us a closer look at Sloane?

Rachel zooms in on Sloane.

RACHEL: How’s that?

JACK: Fine.

DIXON: I got him.

Gordon Dean comes up the stairs.

DIXON: The package has arrived. East concourse.


SYDNEY: Sloane’s in position.

Dixon follows Gordon Dean.

DIXON: Sidewinder, we’re headed your way.

TOM: Ten-four. Let’s do this.

RACHEL: We’ve got you.

JACK: Sidewinder, you’re up.

Tom pours out some alcohol from the flask onto his hands and dabs it on his neck. He bumps into Gordon Dean.

TOM: (using Australian accent) How ya doin’, mate?

Dean continues walking, but Tom keeps talking to him.

TOM: Well, I’m fantastic, thanks for asking. You know why? The Tasmanian devil is straight as a string. Gonna make me a rich man. The thing is, I’m short two grand. What do you say you front me, and I double it for you by dark?

DEAN: Not today.

TOM: Come on, mate. That watch alone would get me two grand across the card.

DEAN: (walking away) We need an assist here.

SECURITY DETAIL: (pulling Tom aside) This way.

The guard walks Tom toward a sofa. Tom pulls a taser from his pocket, stuns Dean’s security guard, and eases him into the sofa.

TOM: First security detail down. The second one hasn’t shown. But this guy’s wearing an earpiece.

JACK: Which means Dean’s communicating with him via radio. He could be anywhere. Outrigger, until we ID the second detail, we’ll have to proceed with the meet.

DIXON: Copy that.

Sydney looking through her binoculars as Dean meets with Sloane. The “cute sheik” behind Sydney notices.

SHEIK: You search crowd. Someone you know?

SYDNEY: Yes, I do.

Dean takes his seat next to Sloane.

DEAN: Lovely day.

SLOANE: Yes, it is.

RACHEL; Outrigger, if Dean’s following his standard protocol, that second detail shouldn’t be any more than fifty feet away.

DEAN: Do you have something for me?


Sloane pulls out a case from his coat pocket and opens it. He pulls out the access card and hands it to Dean. Meanwhile, Sydney searches the crowd for the second security detail.

SYDNEY: Outrigger, I’ve got him at 12:00. Blue cap, binoculars.

DIXON: I’m on it.

Dixon walks over to the second security detail.

DIXON: (using accent) Excuse me, sir. I believe you have my seat.

As the guard begins to stand, Dixon uses a taser on him. The guard slumps back into his seat, unconscious.

DIXON: Drinks too much! Filthy habit.

Dixon leaves the second security guard.

DIXON: Second security detail is down.

JACK: Good work.

At that moment, the race begins and the people attending the race stand and clap, blocking Sydney’s view. The track announcer begins calling the positions over the public address system.

JACK: Outrigger and Sidewinder, move in.

Unfortunately, the APO team only hears feedback on the comms. Gordon Dean swipes the cardkey through a scanner to verify it.

DEAN: It’s been a pleasure. Post One, what’s your status?

Marshall and Jack watch the closed circuit feed helplessly.

JACK: Outrigger, Sidewinder, move in.

DEAN: Post Two, what’s your status?

SYDNEY: Oracle, I’ve lost sight of him.

DEAN: Post Two, do you copy?

JACK: Sidewinder, come in! Outrigger, do you copy?

MARSHALL: Their PA system must be bleeding into our channel. I’ll try to find an open frequency. (works on his computer)

SYDNEY: Oracle, do you copy? I’ve lost –

RACHEL: Outrigger? Phoenix?

JACK: (still trying comms) Come in. We’ve got a problem!

DEAN: Stand up.


DEAN: We’re gonna take a walk.

Sloane hesitates and looks around. Dean pulls out a gun.

DEAN: Do it now.

Dutifully, Sloane gets up, with Dean following right behind him.

RACHEL: Base? Anyone?

Tom and Dixon still can’t hear feedback on their comms and stand their positions.

JACK: Phoenix!

RACHEL: Damn it. (gets up)

Dean leads Sloane through the stables

SLOANE: You don’t need to do this. I’m telling you, I came by myself.

DEAN: Just keep going.

Dean unlocks a silver Mercedes with a remote. Sloane spins around and knocks the gun from Dean’s hand. Dean throws a punch, but Sloane blocks it. Dean quickly attacks from the other side and grabs Sloane, punching him in the stomach. Dean slams Sloane into a railing. Sloane collapses to the ground. Dean kicks him, knocking him out.

RACHEL: (running up) Stop!

Dean walks toward Rachel and stares at her.

DEAN: Well, isn’t this a surprise?

Rachel returns his stare.

DEAN: What are you doing here, Rachel?

Rachel looks down at the gun on the ground. Dean follows her eyes.

DEAN: (incredulously) You gonna fight me? Why do you think we never put you in the field? Because we knew you weren’t equipped.

RACHEL: Well, then… that was your loss.

Rachel kicks Dean. Dean punches her in the face and grabs her by the back of her neck. He throws Rachel to the side near some garden tools. Dean picks up his gun and turns toward Rachel, but is met with a shovel to the head.

SYDNEY: Oracle, come in. Do you have a visual?

RACHEL: (breathless) Yeah, actually, on - on Dean.

SYDNEY: What’s he doing?

RACHEL: Eating dirt. I just hit him with a shovel.

SYDNEY: A shovel? Is he conscious?

RACHEL: Yeah, I think so.

SYDNEY: Then hit him again.

Rachel picks the shovel up again and wields it, as Dean groans from the ground. She slams the shovel down on Dean again.


Gordon Dean is brought into APO by two gaurds, accompanied by Rachel Gibson.

SYDNEY: (on the phone) We got Dean.

RENEE: That’s good. What happens now?

SYDNEY: He tells us everything, and we get the truth about Prophet Five.

Inside a room, Dean is strapped to a chair. Sydney comes into the room.

DEAN: You seem very pleased with yourself.

SYDNEY: I’ll keep this simple. We have a few questions for you. We want to know who you’re working for and what their agenda is. The only other question is whether you’ll cooperate willingly or unwillingly. (holds up a syringe)

DEAN: The ironic thing is, Ms. Bristow, you and I may not share the same agenda, but we have the same goal.

Sydney draws fluid into the syringe and looks at Dean questioningly.

DEAN: I want to know who I’m working for as much as you do. Unfortunately, for both of us, you robbed me of that opportunity. The access card.

SYDNEY: You were making a power play.

DEAN: The people I answer to – their power stems from remaining anonymous. I was hoping to balance the playing field. All the information you want can be accessed off a communication hub using that card. But before I tell you the location, you have to agree to do something for me.

SYDNEY: And what is that?

DEAN: I want ten million dollars, as well as documents to authenticate half a dozen false identities and dental implants capable of fooling facial-recognition software. In short, you’re going to make me disappear.

SYDNEY: Not a chance.

DEAN: I wouldn’t be so hasty. That access card will expire in just under twelve hours, at which point the information will vanish and I can no longer help you, so…I suggest you talk to the people you answer to and share with them my offer.

SYDNEY: I don’t need to. I don’t think it’s gonna take that long.

Sydney preps the needle and injects the fluid into Dean’s arm.

RACHEL: What is it?

MARSHALL: LSD. Well, sort of. See, I started with a lysergic acid diethylamide-based serum and, you know… Flinkmanized it. Of course, he’s not gonna see any dancing bears on this trip, I promise you that. Not that – I mean, I heard… about it from a guy once. I’ve never…

Jack walks into the room.

MARSHALL: Hey, Mr. Bristow.

JACK: How long till we can interrogate Dean?

MARSHALL: Not long. In about an hour, he’ll think you’re God. He’ll tell you anything you wanna know. Of course, if you’d like, I could facilitate the process.

JACK: Let’s do that.

Rock music begins playing in the room – loudly.

JACK: I see you’ve done this before.


Arvin Sloane stands against a railing, looking out onto the ocean. Joseph Ehrmann interrupts.

EHRMANN: Peaceful, hmm?

SLOANE: Yeah, it is.

EHRMANN: I imagine you’re having quite a difficult day.

Sloane looks over at Ehrmann suspiciously.

EHRMANN: Am I right?

SLOANE: Excuse me. Do I know you?

EHRMANN: Nope, you don’t know me, Mr. Sloane. But I do have one small favor to ask of you. My associates and I are aware of your adventure in Dubai. We also know that Gordon Dean is still in custody, presumably at APO. We need you to eliminate him.

SLOANE: Eliminate him?

EHRMANN: Yes, and we have every confidence that you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles that stand in your way.

SLOANE: I see. You can go to hell. I’ve already confessed my bargain with Mr. Dean. You people no longer have any power over me.

EHRMANN: That may be. But we do still have plenty to offer.

SLOANE: I doubt there’s anything that you could do for me.

Sloane’s cell phone rings.

EHRMANN: Uh, you should answer that. (walks away)

SLOANE: (answering) Yeah.


Sloane bursts into the secure wing of the hospital. He looks into Nadia’s room. Nadia stirs in her hospital bed, no longer comatose. Sloane walks into her room. Dr. Marks is standing in the room, monitoring Nadia.


Sloane walks over to Nadia and puts his hand on her shoulder.

SLOANE: What did you do?

DR. MARKS: Nothing. It just happened. The nurse came through on rounds fifteen minutes ago and found her awake.

Sloane bends over and kisses Nadia’s forehead.

NADIA: (whispering) Dad?

SLOANE: I’m right here, Sweetheart. I’m right here.

NADIA: Where am I?

SLOANE: You’re gonna be okay, Nadia. You’re gonna be okay. (smiles)


The loud music continues playing in Dean’s room. The combination of the music and strobe lights overwhelm Dean, who thrashes around in his chair.

MARSHALL: Well, his brain waves are all over the place, which I guess explains why his heart rate’s off the chart. Maybe Twisted Sister wasn’t the way to go.

JACK: Cut it.

Marshall shuts off the music.

MARSHALL: Right. You know, I think I gave him too much diophorazide. My bad. I mean, he is hallucinating hard. Whatever he’s seeing, it’s scaring him to death, literally.

JACK: We have to stabilize his vitals. He won’t talk otherwise.

MARSHALL: Well, no, I don’t think his body can withstand any more drugs.

SYDNEY: Then what do we do?

MARSHALL: Well, not that I would know or anything, but… well, he needs to feel safe. I mean, maybe if somebody comforted him.

Jack looks over at Sydney.

CUT TO Sydney sitting next to Dean. Sydney puts her hand on Dean’s shoulder. Dean looks over and is startled.

DEAN: You!

SYDNEY: Shh. I’m not gonna hurt you. I know you’re scared. Just relax.

DEAN: They want me dead. They’ll kill me.

SYDNEY: Well, that won’t happen. I won’t let it. I’m taking care of you now.

Marshall checks the progress.

MARSHALL: Okay, his heartrate’s coming down. It’s working!

SYDNEY: I’m gonna ask you some questions. When you answer me, I’ll make sure no one can hurt you. Okay? No one. Do you understand?

DEAN: They want my eyes. Don’t let them take my eyes.

SYDNEY: No, I won’t. No one can hurt you as long as I’m here. No one. Listen, the access card… it was designed to patch into a specific network. Tell me which one.

Dean look saway.

SYDNEY: Which network does the card access?

DEAN: I can help you. When you see the watchman, you’ll need me. I can help you.

SYDNEY: Listen to me. You need to focus. How do I get into your organization’s network?

DEAN: Get away from me!


DEAN: It’s your fault! I needed to find the secret. I needed protection!

SYDNEY: I’m protecting you now. Tell me the secret. I’ll keep it safe. Stay with me, Gordon.

DEAN: The watchman is on the roof. You need to go… to the roof.

SYDNEY: Okay. Which roof? Where do I find it?

DEAN: Glenheim.

SYDNEY: Okay, what is Glenheim?

MARSHALL: Okay, there’s a Glenheim Corp in Seattle. The Glenheim Towers.

JACK: Pull up the building schematics.

MARSHALL: I’ll pull up the building schematics. Okay. There’s a satellite on the roof connected to the network of servers.

JACK: Rachel, we need a plane fueled and ready to leave for Seattle within the hour.

Rachel gets up and leaves to make the arrangements. Jack’s cell phone rings.

JACK: (answering) Hello? (pauses) When?

Inside the APO Conversation Room, Dean whimpers.

DEAN: I shouldn’t have done it. I didn’t mean to. They insisted.

SYDNEY: You didn’t want to do what?

DEAN: They insisted to k- kill Michael Vaughn. I can help you defeat them, but you have to hurry. They have plan for you.

SYDNEY: What plans?

The door opens. Jack walks in.

JACK: Sydney, you need to go. I’ll take over from here.

Sydney hesitates, wanting to learn more from Gordon Dean.

JACK: It’s Nadia.


SLOANE: You’ve never looked more beautiful, Nadia.

NADIA: Sovogda…


NADIA: What happened?

SLOANE: I’ll tell you about it in time. Just rest for now.

NADIA: (not feeling well, breathing more quickly) Dad?

SLOANE: What is it?

NADIA: Where’s the doctor?

SLOANE: Just stepped out for a minute.

Nadia starts to twitch.

NADIA: What’s happening?

Nadia thrashes around in her bed, her eyes red. Her monitors begin to beep.

SLOANE: Oh, God. Please! I need help here! Please! Help! I need help here! Doctor!

Dr. Marks and a nurse rush into the room.

DR. MARKS: Help me hold her down. I need you to step back, Mr. Sloane.

SLOANE: Nadia! Please!

DR. MARKS: Blood pressure 70 over 50. I need 500 milligrams of Detropine IV.

Dr. Marks injects the Detorpine into Nadia’s IV. She calms down immediately. Sydney arrives at that moment. The medical team checks on Nadia. Later, Dr. Marks briefs Sloane and Sydney.

DR. MARKS: We were forced to induce coma again. Look, I’ll be honest. Waking up without any signs of her disease was, frankly, a fluke. Without an explanation, it’s likely this is never gonna happen again. Of course, we’ll watch her closely.

Sloane nods.

SYDNEY: Thank you, Doctor.

Dr. Marks leaves. Sydney observes Sloane’s pained expression for a moment.

SYDNEY: You’ve done everything you can for her. Beyond that, it’s out of your control.

SLOANE: Thank you, Sydney.

Sydney leaves.


A helicopter flies above Glenheim Towers. Two figures – Dixon and Tom – descend onto the roof.

DIXON: This is Outrigger. We’ve touched down.

MARSHALL: Copy that.

Sydney returns from the hospital and joins Jack, Marshall, and Rachel.

JACK: I heard. Are you okay?


JACK: How’s Sloane?

SYDNEY: Not well.

Tom opens the roof access door to the building. Dixon and Tom climb down a set of stairs and find an access panel.

JACK: We figured out what Dean was talking about. The network his organization’s using is mobile.

SYDNEY: Meaning…?

RACHEL: Their communications are piggy-backed through a series of telecom satellites. The Glenheim people don’t know they’re being used, which is exactly the point. They wouldn’t know the network was there unless they were looking for it.

JACK: Further, the network is rerouted every few days as a precautionary measure. If we lose them now, we won’t find them again.

SYDNEY: How much time do we have?

RACHEL: Twelve minutes, fifty-eight seconds.

MARSHALL: Sidewinder, what’s your status?

TOM: We’re at the dish. We’re cutting through now.

MARSHALL: Great. When you open up the panel, let me know what you’re looking at.

Dixon cuts open the panel with a blowtorch, revealing a screen with numbers on it.

DIXON: I’m looking at a keypad and an LCD readout.

MARSHALL: Okay, um, any access ports?

DIXON: Affirmative. (plus a device into the port) Uplink should be coming your way.

Marshall’s computer begins acquiring the node data.


SYDNEY: Marshall, what are we looking at?

MARSHALL: Not sure. It looks like the network’s not tracking back to just one source.

JACK: Meaning…?

MARSHALL: Meaning when I try to locate the origin, several addresses keep popping up. I mean, it looks like the information’s being fed by a number. Wait a minute. That is weird. One of the node streams to Credit Marquis…!

RACHEL: What’s that?

JACK: Public front for French Intelligence.

MARSHALL: That’s not all. I mean, there’s a stream back to Russian SVR, a European pharmaceutical conglomerate, the CDC, MI-6… This list goes on!

JACK: So they’re hijacking government servers?

MARSHALL: No, if that were the case, I’d be able to detect it. I mean, this suggests… (shakes head) They are government.

Jack looks concerned.

SYDNEY: Dad? Gordon Dean didn’t bribe someone on the inside to get Sloane out of jail. His organization is already on the inside.

JACK: Marshall, can you trace those nodes?

MARSHALL: Yeah, let me see what I can do.

Arvin Sloane arrives at APO and checks his watch. The agent from Rome and another agent receive a signal from Sloane and are monitoring him.

AGENT ONE: Right on time. Network diagnostic is up and running.

Sloane walks past a security camera.

AGENT ONE: You got two minutes to grab that coffee. Oh, and get me a cup, too? Little cream.

The second agent leaves the room. Sloane takes out a handkerchief from his pocket and opens the door to APO’s Conversation Room.

DEAN: Arvin.

SLOANE: For the next minute and a half, no one knows I’m here.

DEAN: Good. Get me out of these.

SLOANE: That isn’t exactly what I had in mind.

Back in Marshall’s office, the team continues to try to trace the nodes.

MARSHALL: Okay, I’ve narrowed the network down to twelve isolated nodes. I think I can trace their point of origin.

RACHEL: Twelve…?


RACHEL: If there was never a one, there was never The Twelve. In the Caymans, that was one of Dean’s account protocols.

Marshall’s computer begins beeping.


SYDNEY: What just happened?

MARSHALL: We’re locked out. Let me try to bypass the encryption.

A window pops up on Marshall’s screen prompting for a password.


JACK: What is it?

MARSHALL: “Grade Three Watchman Encryption.” There’s no way around this in six minutes.

RACHEL: The program’s requesting an access code.

SYDNEY: Dean mentioned “Watchman.” He said when I find the watchman, he would help me. This is what he meant. He has the access code.


Sydney leaves Marshall’s office. In the other room, Dean pleads with Sloane.

DEAN: Don’t do this, Arvin. I have the access code! You can take down Prophet Five!

Sloane grabs Dean behind his neck, forcing his head backwards, and puts a pill in Dean’s mouth.

SLOANE: God forgive me.

Sloane holds Dean’s jaw shut until Dean swallows the pill.

DEAN: Help! Somebody, please!

SLOANE: These walls are soundproof. There’s no point in shouting.

Sloane pops a blade out of a knife and waits. Sydney walks down the hall toward the room. She opens the door and finds Dean dead. He sits slumped over, still strapped to his chair. There is a bit of blood on his lip. Sydney looks defeated.

Later, Sydney meets with Jack in his office. Jack pours a glass of water.

JACK: According to medical services, Dean took his own life. Apparently with a cyanide pill he had subdermally implanted inside his cheek.

Jack sits down with Sydney and hands her the glass of water.

SYDNEY: I don’t understand. This morning he wanted immunity. He wanted to live.

JACK: Clearly, Dean thrived on power. Once the drug wore off, he must’ve realized he was facing a life sentence. Death was easier to accept.

SYDNEY: Marshall counted twelve sources that make up Prophet Five. Twelve, Dad. It’s like The Alliance all over again.

JACK: I know.

SYDNEY: If they are embedded inside global government, where do we even start?

JACK: We’ve already started.

SYDNEY: I guess I’ll see you tomorrow. (smiles, but hesitates) Do you have any plans for tonight?

JACK: What did you have in mind?


Joseph Ehrmann pours a glass of liquor. He turns to Peyton, who is sitting in the car with him.

EHRMANN: You’re sure you won’t join me? We can drink to your success.

Peyton takes a glass from him.

EHRMANN: Or, perhaps, if you like, to soothe your guilt.

PEYTON: Guilt isn’t one of my driving emotions.

EHRMANN: To your success, then.

Peyton smiles.

EHRMANN: As we agreed, Dean’s operation is now yours. But with one warning – I appreciate ambition, but if you’re considering any further betrayals, they will come at your own expense.

PEYTON: I understand.

The two clink glasses. Outside, a car pulls up in front of theirs.

EHRMANN: I’ll be right back.

Ehrmann meets with Sloane in front of the car.

EHRMANN: A job well done, Mr. Sloane. I’m so glad you took our offer.

SLOANE: I didn’t have much of a choice, did I?

EHRMANN: There’s always a choice.

SLOANE: My daughter…when will she be cured?


SLOANE: Soon? Perhaps you could be a bit more specific.

EHRMANN: I wish I could – but there are a few more things we need you to do first.

SLOANE: We have a deal.

EHRMANN: No. We have an arrangement, which you don’t seem to understand very well.

SLOANE: You son of a b****.

EHRMANN: We’ll be in touch. Till then, I want you to remember one thing – you have something now that you didn’t have this morning.

SLOANE: What’s that?


Ehrmann walks back to his car. The car backs up and drives away.


[Music – Elton John: “Your Song”]

Jack has finished assembling the crib in Sydney’s living room.

JACK: Okay, that’s the headboard.

SYDNEY: (looking up from the assembly instructions) That’s the footboard.

JACK: Mm-hmm. That’s what I said.

SYDNEY: Have you ever actually built anything before?

JACK: Yes, in fact. I built your crib.

SYDNEY: Really?

JACK: Well, your mother and I did it together.

Jack drops the mattress into the crib frame with a flourish.

JACK: Done.


JACK: Mm-hmm. Why? Did you doubt me?

SYDNEY: No, of course not.

The two roll the finished crib back into the nursery, but they find that it won’t fit through the door. Sydney looks at Jack expectedly.

JACK: Get me the screwdriver.

Sydney nods and smiles.

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