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(Off the road on the way to Santa Barbara. The car is sitting, wrecked, next to a cornfield. Both Sydney and Vaughn are unconscious. They both have cuts on their faces. Sydney wakes up. )

Sydney: (whispers) Vaughn. Vaughn? (and falls back asleep)

(Next, Vaughn is being taken away on a stretcher. Sydney is still in the car. )

Sydney: Vaughn? Vau--

Medic: (opens up her door) Don’t worry, we’re going to get you out of here.

Sydney: Is he okay?

Medic: You need to stay still, alright?

(Medic prepares a needle for her)

Sydney: I don’t need anything. I’m fine. (Medic continues filling the syringe with medicine) I don’t need any of that.

Medic: (into radio) The girl’s alive. I’ll take care of her.

Radio: Copy. Four minutes out. (Sydney gets suspicious)

(Medic goes to inject the needle, but Sydney punches him and makes him inject himself. He falls over. She takes off running, straight for the cornfield. One guy yells at her, 2 others start shooting at her. She’s being chased through the cornfield. They continue shooting at her. She loses them, but comes upon some pigeons, who fly away. She runs, then stops when she hears a helicopter and sees a guy with a gun who had been chasing her. She attacks him and uses him as a shield so she doesn’t get shot by the other man, and takes his gun. She uses the gun to shoot the guy who had been shooting at her. She goes to the edge of the cornfield and sees 2 guys roll Vaughn on a stretcher, to the helicopter. The helicopter takes off. )

(Back in LA, Sydney’s talking to a doctor in the examining room.)

Doctor: We’re going to run a few tests, just as a precaution, but everything appears normal.

Sydney: When can I go home?

Doctor: Soon. But you’re going to have to take it easy.

Sydney: Of course.

(The doctor leaves the room. Sydney goes over to a table and takes her engagement ring and puts it back on her finger. Enters Gordon Dean. )

Dean: Miss Bristow. How’re you feeling? Oh, uh, Gordon Dean, Office of Special Investigations. (holds up ID.)

Sydney: Any word on Vaughn?

Dean: No, I’m afraid not. I hate to do this now, Agent Bristow, given what you’ve been through.

Sydney: I already called in a report.

Dean: Yes, I know. I just need you to clarify a few things, if that’s alright with you. (takes out a pen and pad of paper) In your report you indicated that you two were going on vacation. You didn’t say where.

Sydney: Santa Barbara.

Dean: And you were struck about halfway there?

Sydney: About that, yeah.

Dean: What about before the accident? Did Agent Vaughn anxious, perhaps, preoccupied?

Sydney: He seemed relaxed. We were taking a few days off. (Dean nods) You’re not writing any of this down.

Dean: You’re not telling me anything worth writing.

Sydney: I’m telling you exactly what I remember. If that’s not enough…

Dean: You two are engaged. Isn’t that correct?

Sydney: Yes.

Dean: And you understand that marital privilege does not trump matters of national security?

Sydney: Of course I do.

Dean: I'm asking you to remember where your loyalty lies.

Sydney: My loyalty? My fiancee was just abducted--

Dean: Perhaps. That's what we're trying to determing.

Sydney: Wait a minute. What are you suggesting?

(Enter Jack Bristow.)

Jack: (to Dean) Whatever information you need, my daughter will be happy to cooperate. But, uh, she’s just been through a traumatic experience. I’m sure you can afford her some time.

Dean: Of course, Director Bristow. (to Sydney) We’ll talk again.

Jack: Thank you. (Dean leaves)

Sydney: Dad.

Jack: Sydney, when your mother defected, I spent a year in prison because the cia assumed I collaborated with her. Before you say anything that may implicate you, we need to go over your story.

Sydney: My story? Dad—what is going on?

Jack: Vaughn is currently under investigation. There have been a number of red flags raised by his conduct.

Sydney: What red flags?

Jack: Langley believes Vaughn ma be a double-agent. We think the crash may have been an extraction.

(Somewhere in a simple white room. Vaughn sits in a chair at a table. An interrogator comes in.)

Interrogator: Been hearing about you for a long time. (grabs chair from other side of the room and brings it the table and sits) It’s nice to finally meet you, Mr. Michaux.

(Sydney is on a train, sketching a drawing of someone. She comes to the APO door, and enters. She walks down the hallway. She sees Jack and Dean talking.)

Interrogator: You’ve had a bad day.

Vaughn: Where’s Sydney?

Interrogator: In better shape than you. Your shoulder’s dislocated. We’ll take care of that. I, uh, (takes out a small package) I believe this was intended for you. (Vaughn stares a the package) Oh, come on. Don’t tell me you’re not curious. (pause) Open it. (Vaughn does and pulls out a tape recorder. It plays music)

Vaughn: Catchy but dated. (tosses the recorder onto the table)

(The interrogator picks it up and takes it apart. Pulls out a battery. Opens the battery up and pulls something out. A roll of paper)

Interrogator: You mind telling me what this says?

Vaughn: (Vaughn unrolls it to reveal a bunch of numbers.) 5—7—3—8—4—

Interrogator: We know what this is about. We know who sent it. What we don’t know is where’s Lehman.

Vaughn: Who?

Interrogator: You must be in a lot of pain. Maybe that’s why your memory is a bit fuzzy. (to guys) Why don’t we help Mr. Michaux out? (guy comes and twists Vaughn’s arm which is dislocated, and Vaughn screams)

(APO. Weiss at his desk talking on a phone)

Weiss: (to phone) It flew somewhere. Those helicopters are stealth. They’re not invisible. (pause) Then restack the satellites. (Sydney comes up) Call me back with something.

Sydney: Any word yet?

Weiss: (shakes his head no) No. But there is a guy here from Langley and he’s been—

Sydney: I know. Why was Vaughn assigned to be my handler?

Weiss: What do you mean?

Sydney: Six years ago when I walked into that CIA office, why was Vaughn assigned to my case?

Weiss: I don’t know. He asked for it. You came in, you were all screwed up, you had that freaky red hair, he likes a challenge…Hold on, you’re not actually considering this are you? Syd, the idea that he’s disloyal, that’s insane.

Sydney: Yeah.

(Guy has Vaughn's face pressed against the tabel.)

Interrogator: Just tell us what we want to know. I'm tired of playing these games.

Vaughn: Quitter. Ow.

Interrogator: Are you really going to hold out until we kill you? (Vaughn doesn't answer) I can respect that. Seems Mr. Michaux needs a little incentive. Go down the hallway to his fiancee. Bring her in. Just her finger.

Vaughn: Leave her out of this.

Interrogator: And that's up to you, isn't it? The one with the ring. (The man lets go of Vuaghn and starts to leave the room.) Kind of poetic, don't you think?

Vaughn: Stop. The message. It's in code. I need a pencil.

(APO. Marshall at a computer. Gordan Dean is standing next to him)

Dean: Can you speed it up Agent Blinkman?

Marshall: Flinkman! With an F sound. Not that hard really. Look, I know you wanted me to access Agent Vaughn’s personal files but I’m telling you you’re not going to find anything.

Dean: No one is judging Agent Vaughn.

Marshall: If he was up to something, I’d know about it. We’re friends. We do lunch. (pause)

Dean: How much longer? (Marshall continues typing)

(Sydney is at her desk doing a face search with the sketch she drew earlier, and Dixon comes up)

Dixon: Hey.

Sydney: Hey.

Dixon: How’re you holding up?

Sydney: What if I was wrong about him?

Dixon: Sydney. You remember when we were working at SD-6, that night on the pier? I caught you breaking in to a secure facility. You asked me to trust you, but I didn’t. The proof was right in front of me, you were a traitor. If I had to do it over again, I’d give you the benefit of the doubt.

Interrogator: Is there a problem?

Vaughn: I can’t write. Would you mind setting my shoulder?

(The interrogator does, Vaughn yells, pauses, then punches the interrogator. He beats up him and the guard. He holds a pencil to the guard’s eye.)

Vaughn: Where’s Sydney? Where is she? Answer me!

Guard: She escaped. (Vaughn beats him up)

(Two other guys come in with guns. Vaughn has gone through the vent. He runs and jumps out a window into a garbage dumpster. He continues running.)

(APO. Sydney’s cell phone rings. )

Sydney: (to phone) Hello.

Vaughn: (at a pay phone) Sydney, are you okay?

Sydney: Thank God. I’m fine. Hang on. (she makes her way to the restroom, Dean sees her leave) Are you okay?

Vaughn: I’m fine.

Sydney: Where are you?

Vaughn: Look, I know you have questions.

Sydney: About a million of them.

Vaughn: I’ll tell you everything as soon as I can, but Sydney, no one can know you’re talking to me. I need my father’s watch. You need to get it to me. Do you remember the dead drop we used to contact Vesina(???)? The lockers?

Sydney: Of course I do. (another woman walks into the restroom) I don’t know.

Vaughn: Syd, please. I need you to do this for me.

Sydney: I need to think about it. (she leaves the restroom and comes face to face with Jack and Dean)

Dean: Where is he?

Sydney: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Dean: By withholding information you’re only implicating yourself. I’ll give you one more chance.

Jack: Sydney, I understand your inclination is to protect Vaughn at any costs, but assume you’re right, that this wasn’t an extraction but Vaughn was abducted, and even if he’s escaped he’s still in a tremendous amount of danger. If you really want to protect him let us bring him in safely.

Sydney: He’s in Mexico City.

(Cars drive up outside of some building. Dean and some agents get out with guns. Inside the building, Vaughn is walking to a locker. He opens the locker, but it’s empty. The guys outside set an explosive on the door to the building. The door explodes. Turns out they are at separate buildings. Sydney comes out of the darkness holding Vaughn’s father’s watch.)

Sydney: Looking for this? (pause) I want the truth. Start with your name.

Vaughn: Andre Michaux. I’ll tell you the rest on the way.

(We see Vaughn and Sydney walking near the street outside.)

(Another building. In the hallway)

Vaughn: Seven years ago, a woman came to me. Said that he father had been involved in a project. Something people had gone to great lengths to cover up. She said my father was part of it. She said it was called Prophet 5.

Sydney: Your father was an agent.

Vaughn: Before he joined the CIA. She said his name was Michaux. That he was a mathematician. (they get in an elevator) The day you walked in to the CIA. You described a mission to secure a device made by a man named Mueller. The same man I was told had originated the Prophet 5 project. Now, this was my first proof that this woman’s story was true. But whatever it was my father was running away from. He changed his identity, he changed mine. I was 18 months old at the time. This man we’re meeting, James Lehman. Renee and I have been trying to find him for years. We believe he worked with our fathers.

Sydney: Rene who? Who is this woman?

Vaughn: Renee Rienne.

Sydney: Vaughn.

(The elevator stops working, then it starts again. It stops at a floor, and the doors open. Lehman shines a flashlight right in Vaughn’s face. )

Lehman: The watch. Show it to me. (Vaughn does, Lehman turns off the flashlight.) You were supposed to come alone.

Vaughn: Whatever you say to me, she can hear.

Lehman: Follow me.


(APO. Jack and Dean)

Dean: I was prepared to bring Agent Vaughn in for questioning.

Jack: You think I know where he is.

Dean: Oh, I think it’s possible, yes. Your daughter, too.

Jack: I don’t.

Dean: Then I have no choice. I am now officially classifying him a fugitive and your daughter an accomplice. Now, if you want me to show her any leniency find her and tell me where she is.

Jack: Maybe you should try Mexico City.

Dean: You’ll be notified when they’ve been apprehended. (he leaves and passes by Marshall)

Marshall: (to Dean) Hey…Mr. Dean.

Jack: What is it, Marshall?

Marshall: He’s not going to find Sydney and Vaughn, not from what I gave him. I encrypted Vaughn’s files four thousand ninety-six bit. It’ll take him years. I mean he’s an a**. Deal with it.

Jack: You still have the originals? (Marshall nods) Get them for me.

Lehman: Before I start, you should know, your father did everything he could to protect you from this.

Vaughn: Mr. Lehman, I want to know about Prophet 5.

Lehman: I was a cryptologist. A specialist in patterns. Working for the Pentagon. In 1972, a private foundation recruited me, along with others. Scientists, linguists, the best and the brightest. That’s where I met your father.

Vaughn: What was the objective?

Lehman: We were given one page of the book. La Profeta Cinque. The Fifth Prophet. The fifteenth century text that supposedly had been written in an unbreakable code.

Sydney: They wanted you to break the code. (Lehman nods) Were you successful?

Lehman: After years, yes. It referred to proteins, amino acids, nucleotides. It seemed to be some sort of advanced genetics five hundred years ahead of its time. Just a few days after we turned in our report your father contacted me. He told me what was happening to the others. Accidents, car crashes, fires, heart attacks, strokes, all people who were involved with the project. So I followed your father’s advice. Changed my name, I disappeared.

Vaughn: What’s changed now? Why did you contact us?

Lehman: Over the years, I’ve developed sources, leads to where the book might be stored. But all my attempts at recovery failed.

Sydney: You have another lead. (pause)

Lehman: These people, whoever they are—When they know you’re on to it, they’ll stop at nothing to silence you.

Vaughn: I’ll contact you when I have the book.

(Cape Town. Sydney and Vaughn in disguise, arrive at a hotel.)

Man: Your invitation, please. (Vaughn and Syd speak in foreign language, probably Italian or French.)

Sydney: Honey, show the man.

Vaughn: You didn’t bring it?

Sydney: You were supposed to—

Vaughn: No, I specifically asked you--

Sydney: No, when I was getting ready, you asked if I--

Vaughn: I asked if you had room in your purse.

Sydney: (In English) My husband is right. It is my fault.

Man: Go ahead.

Sydney: Merci.

(They walk on. Inside they fill a champaigne glass with special liquid. Vaughn distracts the waitor, while Sydney exchanges the glasses. The waitor goes outside with the tray, and a man takes the glass that Sydney put on the tray. Sydney and Vaughn follow and start to dance. )

Sydney: You’re waltzing! (giggles)

Vaughn: Yup, I’ve been practicing for our wedding.

Sydney: With whom?

Vaughn: Weiss.

(Sydney laughs. Man who had the champagne glass that Vaughn and Sydney had messed with, collapses. Vaughn goes into an office of some kind and Sydney goes to the junction box. Vaughn opens a shelf to reveal a safe. Sydney calls Vaughn.)

Sydney: (to phone) Hey, I found the junction box.

Vaughn: Ready when you are.

Sydney: It’s been customized. Hang on, I’ll call you right back. (She calls Dixon and speaks to him.) Remember what you said? If you had to do it over again?

Dixon: What do you need?

Sydney: Service records. Pan-global security. Serial number 1—6—1—5—4—1—3—1.

(Dixon types into a computer: ‘SEARCH:// WORK ORDER 1615431 PAN GLOBAL SECURITY CORP’. Meanwhile, Vaughn is still waiting in the office when in walks a young blonde woman carrying a bottle of champagne. She sees Vaughn)

Vaughn: Just admiring the collection.

Blonde: It’s pretty gruesome if you ask me. Dad’s really into guns. I think he’s overcompensating. Your Walter, aren’t you?

Vaughn: What gave me away?

Blonde: He’s always going on about the new guy at work. (She takes a sip from the bottle and moves closer to Vaughn.)

Vaughn: Aren’t you a little young? (Referring to the bottle.)

Blonde: I’m a little young to be stuck at this snore-fest.

(Dixon and Sydney are still talking on the phone.)

Dixon: Looks like the safe’s been re-routed through the central alarm system. You need to re-patch. Do you see a purple wire?

Sydney: Yes I do.

Dixon: Cut it.

Sydney: Got it.

Dixon: Okay, tie it to the last terminal.

(Vaughn and Blonde in the office.)

Blonde: My dad’s threatened by you, you know?

Vaughn: I very much doubt that.

Blonde: Seriously, he’s so lame. But you’re young. Smart. Cute. You know…this party would be a lot more fun if we were naked.

Vaughn: That’s not going to happen.

(Sydney and Dixon)

Sydney: Done.

Dixon: Now, Syd, you just need to reset the system and wait. (Sydney presses a button, which beeps)

(Vaughn and Blonde in the office.)

Vaughn: You know, there are better ways to get back at your father.

Blonde: But none involve me….and you. (She leans forward and whispers in Vaughn’s ear.)

Vaughn: Woah, okay. Hey, you need to leave now, or Dad’s going to find out what his little girl’s really like.

Blonde: Jerk. (She leaves. )

(Syd and Dixon)

Sydney: Oh, Dixon, thank you.

Dixon: Be safe. (They hang up.)

(Vaughn opens up the shelf again, and the safe, and pulls out the book. He’s flipping through the pages when in walks the blond, again.)

Blonde: Oh, Walter, (Notices what he’s doing) Guess you’re getting fired. (Presses the button on the alarm system.)

(The alarm starts blaring. Sydney and Vaughn start running out of the building. Sydney’s cell phone rings, and she answers. )

Sydney: I’m heading to the extraction point.

Doctor: Sydney? This is Doctor Park. Your test results are in.

Sydney: (walking quickly) Now really isn’t the best time.

Doctor: You’re going to want to hear this.

(Sydney reaches the cliff, Vaughn running behind her, tearing off his jacket to reveal a parachute. He catches up with Sydney who’s standing with the phone to her ear.)

Vaughn: We have to go. (Sydney hangs up)

Sydney: The doctor called. I’m pregnant.

Vaughn: What?

(They hear gunshots and people yelling at them. They jump off the cliff.)

(Sloane’s jail cell. Sloane is looking through some papers. Jack comes up.)

Jack: Arvin.

Sloane: Nadia. How is she?

Jack: There’s been no change.

Sloane: I have to get out of here, Jack. If they’re not prepared to charge me with a crime, you have to do something.

Jack: I am trying to expedite your release.

Sloane: It’s not enough. My daughter is being kept in a coma. A come, Jack. She is suffering from a condition which no one understands. It is a condition that I am responsible for, with no hope for a cure. I can’t help my daughter, sitting in a cell, combing through obscure medical journals.

Jack: I know. (Pause)

Sloane: I’m sorry Jack, I—you didn’t come here for that. What is it?

Jack; Are you aware of the off-book trips Vaughn took to Marseilles? Three over the last twelve months. They occurred while you were head of APO.

Sloane: If you’re looking to find out if I’d tasked him, no. Tell me what this is about. (Jack slips a file through the cell bars. Sloane reads it.) Serbia, 2 years ago. Istanbul, 2001. Are you familiar with Corval(???)?

Jack; The raven, Rene Rienne.

Sloane: That’s right. She’s wanted for the assassination of a Turkish Interior Minister in 2001. And for the murders of three CIA agents stationed in Serbia.

Jack: Vaughn’s movements track with hers.

Sloane: Does Sydney know about this? (He gives the file back.) Tell her, Jack.

(Somewhere, APO maybe? Dean goes up to a blonde woman working on a computer)

Dean: Tell me you have something.

Blonde: Four thousand ninety-six bit. Not bad. But whoever screwed with these files used a modified version of DOD’s encryption for them. I hacked into NSA’s network and pulled the decryption key.

Dean: What did you find?

Blonde: (Pulls up Vaughn’s picture on the computer) Your fugitive used a handful of documented alias’s. One of which passed through Italian customs last night.

Dean: You’re a genius.

Blonde: (Turns around. Gasp, it’s the same blonde as earlier which set the alarm on Vaughn) Yeah, I know.

(Vaughn and Sydney drive up into some parking lot near a train station and some train tracks.)

Sydney: He said nine. We’re early. (pause) Are we just going to sit here and not talk about the thing we’re both thinking about? Where are you with this, Vaughn? I just need to know how you feel. Is it something you want?

Vaughn: The truth?

Sydney: Of course.

Vaughn: What we do, the things we see everyday. Honestly, no, I didn’t think this was what I wanted. I mean, bringing a baby into this world, that is so messed up, I just assumed that, that I’d wait, that we’d wait.

Sydney: For…

Vaughn: For things to be safe, or at least safer.

Sydney: Yeah. I get it.

Vaughn: But, looking at you, all I can think about is what our kid is going to be like. I’m not worried about the world. I just—I can’t wait to meet this—this new little person.

Sydney: Really? I mean it’s pretty great, right?

Vaughn: You’re going to be an amazing mom. And I’m going to be a disaster. I’ve never changed a diaper.

Sydney: Neither have I! We’re going to have to call Marshall for assist. (Both laughing)

Vaughn: Oh, god! (They see Lehman.)

Sydney; He’s here. You should go.

Vaughn: Be right back. (He kisses her. ) Start thinking of names.

(He exits the car and walks over to Lehman, who is standing by a train. Vaughn gives him the book.)

Vaughn: Can you decode it?

Lehman: It’ll take a while. When I’m done, I’ll contact you. From now on, do not initiate contact with me.

(A car drives up behind them. Dean gets out. Two more cars come. Sydney gets out of her car. An oncoming train obscures her vision. Lehman tries to run, but Dean shoots him. Sydney hears the gunshots and starts running over. The train is still passing. Another guy gets out of a car and continues shooting Lehman. Then he turns and starts shooting at Vaughn. Sydney sees them shoot Vaughn. The train finishes passing .Dean takes the book from Vaughn. Dean and his guys get away. Sydney stares at them, in shock, waiting for the train to pass. It goes on, she runs over to Vaughn. She reaches him and tries to stop the bleeding.)

(Vaughn in surgery. Doctors stand over him. Sydney sitting outside the room. Jack enters. Sydney stands and g;oes to him.)

Sydney: He’s still in surgery. No ones come out and told me anything.

Jack: I hope you understand what you’ve done.

Sydney: What?

Jack: Your heroic efforts to help Vaughn were short-sighted. You acted impetuously without the benefit of the facts.

Sydney: You don’t know what you’re talking—

Jack : Sydney. Vaughn is not the person you think. He’s been working with a known criminal.

Sydney: Rene Reinne. I know.

Jack; What on earth prompted you to risk your own life not to mention your professional integrity?

Sydney: Dad. Vaughn and I—we’re having a baby. There’s an explanation for all of this if you’ll let me tell you—(A doctor comes out) Is he out of surgery?

Doctor: He’s in recovery, now. But, the organ damage sustained is significant. So our expectation is that we will stop the bleeding, but…We’ll know more in the next 24 hours.

Sydney: I need to see him.

Doctor: You can wait in his room until he wakes up. (he leaves)

Jack: Sydney, I’ll do everything I can to help you both. (Sydney looks at him, then leaves. Jack’s phone rings, he answers.) Yes?

Dixon: (On phone) I just spoke with Director Chase. According to her, Dean wasn’t Special Investigations. Went off the grid two years ago.

Jack: Status?

Dixon: He was presumed dead.

(Sydney in Vaughn’s hospital room. She rubs his forehead. He’s awake. Jack enters. )

Jack: Hi. Gordan Dean is a ghost. Well-placed and well-connected.

Sydney: What are we going to do?

(APO. Weiss is walking carrying a half-rolled paper. Marshall joins.)

Marshall: Hey, I just broke about thirty federal laws. If I get caught I’ll be sharing a cell with a guy named Bruno.

Weiss: That’s white-collared. More like Martha Stewart.

(They meet up with Dixon.)

Dixon: I’ve contacted our Italian friend. He’s got the passports. He’ll coordinate transports as soon as Vaughn is stable. What’s the outlook?

Jack: (still at hospital, on phone) Sometime in the next 24-48 hours. We hope. Weiss, are you there?

Weiss: Yeah, I got the blueprints to the Cape Town building. They are right in front of me. We’ll have no problem getting in but we will need two teams.

Jack: Give my full authorization. What about Pentagon records?

Marshall: Well, I already cross-referenced the 1972 archives for the name Prophet 5. So far no luck.

Jack; Keep looking. Go back at least ten years. Someone might have slipped. (He hangs up. He can see Sydney and Vaughn through the window.)

(Vaughn’s hospital room. )

Sydney: I always liked the name Owen. (She gives him a drink.)

Vaughn: Owen. Sounds like something you name a gerbil.

Sydney: Clementine is cute.

Vaughn: For a fruit.

Sydney: It’s also a name.

Vaughn: It’s also a campfire song.

Sydney: Okay, you don’t like that one. What about Isabelle?

Vaughn: Isabelle Vaughn. Isabelle Bristow Vaughn.

Sydney: That’s pretty. (She starts to tear up) I like that.

Vaughn: Me too. Sorry, Syd, I’m getting so tired.

Sydney: Close your eyes, I’ll be right here.

Vaughn: Syd, I love you.

Sydney: I love you too. (She kisses him, and then kisses his forehead.)

(She walks over to the window. Things start to beep. Vaughn is flatlining. The computer flashes ‘Heart Failure’. Doctors rush in. Sydney is taken out of the room, where she stands by the window, watching. The doctors try to revive him but there’s not much they can do. She starts to cry. Her hand goes to cover her mouth. She looks back at Jack. Then back at Vaughn. She’s crying. The blinds covering the window close.)

(Later. Vaughn’s Hospital room. Sydney is sitting by the bed holding onto his hand. Doctors come in and cover his face with a blanket. Jack watches them wheel Vaughn out of the room. Sydney comes out of the room. Jack moves his head slightly, and so does Sydney.)

(Church. Vaughn’s funeral. A pastor is standing over the congregation. Sydney sits next to Jack. Two people open the church doors. The pastor walks out followed by Dixon, Marshall, Weiss, Jack, and two other guys carrying Vaughn’s coffin. Sydney walks behind. They put the coffin in a hearse. Sydney stands by the church doors. Jack turns back and looks at her. )

(London. 4 Months Later. In a bar. Sydney walks up, in disguise. Sits on a stool. A woman passes by. She is Rene Reinne.)

Rene: Help you?

Sydney: You’re a hard person to find. But if I can do it, then so can they.

Rene: Sorry, I have no idea what you are talking about.

Sydney: I know who you are, Rene. (Rene shakes her head.) We need to talk.

Rene: We have nothing to talk about. (She reaches for a gun under the counter.)

Sydney: It’s about Michael Vaughn.

Rene: You’re Sydney.

Sydney: Yeah.

Rene: How did you find me?

Sydney: I know everything.

Rene: Then you should have walked away.

Sydney: You don’t know me very well.

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Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - Part 1

Film : Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - Part 1
Le film "Twilight : Chapitre 4 - Révelation - 1ère Partie" avec Mia Maestro est actuellement diffusé...

Top 100 - Classement

Top 100 - Classement
L'agent Sydney Bristow se réjouit que......L'agence anglaise, MI5, soit l'employeur le plus...


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Imaginez, si Alias avait eu "un crossover" avec une autre série de J.J Abrams, vous auriez aimé que ça soit avec...

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Titepau04 (21:32)

ça va aussi!

Titepau04 (21:36)

quoi de neuf?

Sonmi451 (21:39)

ben hyp ^^

Sonmi451 (21:39)


serieserie (21:39)

t'es de pire en pire son'

Titepau04 (21:40)


Sonmi451 (21:41)

ben quoi le neuf était trop tentant

Sonmi451 (21:41)

et sinon y a bcp trop de choses à raconter, j'ai la flemme

Sonmi451 (21:41)

et toi tite alors?

Titepau04 (21:42)

ça y est, tu fais déjà une crise de foie?!

Titepau04 (21:42)

bah moi ça va, je suis en stage! ça se passe super bien!!!!

Sonmi451 (21:45)

oui c'est surtout que le changement d'heure m'a cassée une horreur ^^

Sonmi451 (21:45)

bien pour ton stage!

Titepau04 (21:47)

oui je suis contente!

Sonmi451 (21:56)

bon sur ce je suis vraiment claquée

Sonmi451 (21:57)

je me fais 5 oeufs et j'y vais bonne nuit les filles

serieserie (21:57)

t'arrive a te limité?!

Sonmi451 (21:59)

Mes yeux qui se ferment tout seule me limite très bien. lol

serieserie (21:59)


serieserie (21:59)

tu vas pas les voir alors!

Sonmi451 (22:02)

ça va là j'ai fait 3 questions faciles

Sonmi451 (22:02)

mais oui j'ai les yeux qui se ferment tout seule et la tête qui tombe lol

serieserie (22:04)


serieserie (22:05)

elles sont presque toute faile

Sonmi451 (22:05)


Sonmi451 (22:06)

5 voilà bonne nuit

Sonmi451 (22:06)

but de la france très bien je peux dormir lol

Sonmi451 (22:06)

bonne nuit tt le monde!

Titepau04 (22:54)

ou pas.... il a été refusé...

Titepau04 (22:54)

je vous laisse aussi, je vais me coucher!! des bisous

cometchat1 (10:23)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:29)


cometchat1 (11:29)


Locksley (11:44)

HypnoCup : allez, allez, on vient faire un petit clic pour départager Alex et Greg ! Faites-nous exploser le nombre de votants pour cette finale ! Et cometchat1 peut même voter en passant faire ses tests

cometchat1 (11:47)


cometchat1 (11:47)


kystis (21:44)

N'oubliez pas de voter dans préférence !! Merci

albi2302 (20:00)

Blue Bloods à un nouveau Design (merci Serieserie) et cherche une équipe pour s'occuper du quartier ! N'hésitez pas a passer

cinto (18:35)

Nouvelle PDLQ chez Ma sorcière Bien Aimée; venez, votez, soyez remercié!

albi2302 (00:01)

Hyp9 2017 ça démarre maintenant ! Bonne chasse à tous

Xanaphia (00:06)

Et 1 déjà dans mon panier ^^

Merane (11:57)

Bonjour, le sondage spécial HypnoAirways 2017 du quartier Teen Wolf est arrivé . Merci pour vos votes et bonne journée .

SeySey (16:49)

Bonjour!! Si vous n'avez pas participer à l'animation "Old Or New Age" du quartier Outlander, on vous attend! Êtes vous fait (e) pour le XVIII ou XX ème siècle?? Venez le découvrir! Sans oublier notre sondage & nouveau design

chrismaz66 (18:18)

'Soir, Torchwood a enfin un nouveau SONDAGE, bourré de petites histoires à faire froid dans le dos! Venez trembler et un petit clic pour votre frisson préféré. Merci d'avance et bonne soirée

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