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DSR Rambaldi artifact storage facility

Guard is walking around and he gets tackled by a man. Man kills guard. Not quite sure how.

Man 1: (to radio) I’m in.

We see an assault team on the roof. They blow the locks off the gates and steal all the Rambaldi artifacts. Including the nightingale coil, and a ball, which turns out to be the sphere of life.

Sydney’s apartment. Sydney comes inside.

Sydney: Hey, there’s a cab waiting outside.

Nadia: She wouldn’t let me drive her to the airport. (she’s standing next to Sophia/Elena)

Sydney: Is everything okay?

Nadia: The Lisbon police called. It’s safe for Sophia to go home.

Sydney: Oh, that’s great. (gives Sophia a big hug) I’m so glad you came.

Sophia: Thank you.

Sophia/Elena: Look at the two of you. Such beautiful and smart women. Before I make a fool of myself. . .(gives Nadia a hug)

Nadia: Promise you’ll come back.

Sophia: Nadia, for you, anything.

APO Vaughn is watching Jack in his office. Jack is on the phone. Vaughn starts walking toward Jack’s office. Marshall stops him.

Marshall: Oh, hey, Vaughn. Could you sign this? It’s for Weiss. His grandfather died. (wouldn’t Vaughn already know something like that?)

Vaughn: Yeah, actually, can I do it in a little bit? I need to ask Jack something first.

Marshall: Oh, sure. No problem. (follows Vaughn as he continues to Jack’s office)

Vaughn: Where are you going?

Marshall: Well, I thought I’d go with you to get Mr. Bristow to sign this while we’re in there.

Vaughn: You know what? Actually, I need to see him alone. It’s kind of personal.

Marshall: Oh. Uh, since when can you tell Mr. Bristow something you can’t tell me?

Vaughn: This is something I need to ask Jack. If you were Sydney’s father, I could ask you, but you’re not.

Marshall: No, I’m not. I still don’t understand what me not being Sydney’s father has to do with you-

Vaughn: (pulls out the ring and shows it to Marshall) Understand now?

Marshall: Oh, my God. Hey, man. Congratulations. That’s fantastic. I’m sure Mr. Bristow’s gonna be thrilled.

Vaughn: Really? I’m just hoping he doesn’t shoot him on the spot. (he goes to Jack’s office)

Jack: (on the phone speaking in foreign language) No. You’re not listening, General. (Vaughn walks in) We’re not going to pay you. Because I don’t believe it exists. Fine (he hangs up and speaks to Vaughn in English) As if weapon-grade anthrax grows on trees. What is it?

Vaughn: Oh, if this is a bad time, I can-

Jack: No, please. After dealing with that Cechnyan lunatic for the past couple of hours, whatever business you have will be a welcome relief.

Vaughn: Well, we’ve, um. . .I know you’re a man who- I know you’re a man who respects tradition. As I do. And-

Jack: Please get to the point, Agent Vaughn.

Vaughn: I’m gonna ask Sydney to marry me, and I’d like your blessing.

Jack: Perhaps you believe my recent illness has rendered me less coherent than before, or that my cognitive faculties have been somehow dulled or diminished. Allow me to clarify the facts for you, Agent Vaughn. While I’ve come to believe you’re not as useless as I first imagined, I still don’t feel you have- (alarms go off)

CIA agents come in carrying boxes.

Agent: Everyone please remain where you are. This is a warranted search.

Jack: May I see that?

Agent: (hands Jack a piece of paper) We’ve been authorized to confiscate all relevant materials.

Jack: It’s been signed by Director Chase.

Sydney’s apartment. Director Chase and CIA agents knock on the door and Sydney answers.

Chase: Where’s your sister?

Sydney: What?

Chase: I expect your full cooperation. (Chase and agents enter with boxes)

Sydney: If Nadia’s in some kind of trouble-

Chase: Where is she?

Sydney: In the shower.

Agent enters the bathroom. We hear water running. Nadia, wrapped up in a towel, knocks him out and takes his gun. She slowly walks out.

Chase: Stand down, Agent Santos. (Nadia gives her the gun)

Nadia: What’s this about?

Chase: (to Nadia) Men are dead. Things are gone, and you’ve got some explaining to do.

The agents continue to search the apartment. They find numerous guns and knives hidden throughout the apartment. Nadia sits in a robe being interrogated by Chase.

Chase: (shows Nadia’s laptop to Nadia) Is this yours?

Nadia: Yes.

Chase: Does anyone else use it or have access to it?

Nadia: No.

Chase: Not even Sydney.

Nadia: I said no. Sydney has her own laptop. She also has-

We see an agent interrogating Sydney.

Agent: -an assault rifle, a 12-gauge shotgun, four handguns, two tazers, and a . . .secret drawer of knives. Let’s start with the knives.

Sydney: Let’s start with you not wasting my time. Director Chase says men are dead. What men? What does she think Nadia did?

Chase: (to Nadia) We know you overrode the DSR security system tonight.

Nadia: What?

Chase: Alarms on an access door were deactivated. We traced the override command to your laptop. And you just told me that you’re the only one who uses it.

Nadia: Yes, but I didn’t do it.

Chase: We also have evidence that tonight’s incident isn’t the only one that leads back t o you and this laptop.

An agent uses a scanner on a bookshelf. He opens a jewelry box and sees the necklace Sophia/Elena gave to Nadia. He brings the necklace to Chase.

Jack and Sloane enter the apartment.

Jack: (to an agent standing at the door) We have clearance.

Sydney: Micro transmitter?

Chase: In the medallion. When did she give you this?

Nadia: Few weeks ago. Why should Sophia do something like that?

Jack: It would help explain why several missions were compromised.

Sloane: I personally investigated Sophia Vargas when she first arrived. Prints, background- everything came back clean.

Chase: Well, somebody tapped into Agent Santos’s laptop. And because of it, five agents are dead. And several Rambaldi artifacts are gone.

Nadia: I don’t believe it. I won’t.

Sydney: Why would she do this?

Jack: I think our clue lies in what was stolen.

Sloane: You’re reaching for straws, Jack.

Jack: Am I? Who else would be capable of pulling this off?

Chase: What are you talking about?

Jack: Elena.

Sydney: You think Sophia Vargas is connected to Elena Derevko?

Jack: No. I think Sophia Vargas is Elena Derevko. Arvin and I have been searching for her for months. I believe she found us first. Has been using us to achieve her own end.

Sydney: You mean the journal of Vaughn’s father, Sloane Clone-

Jack: McCullough, everything. It’s been Elena all along.

Sydney: Oh, my God.

Nadia: You’re saying it’s all a lie? That she spent all these years, all this time, so she could steal some Rambaldi artifacts?

Jack: She is a Derevko. Her sisters possessed that same single-minded purpose.

Sloane: If Jack is right, if Elena has gathered Rambaldi artifacts, her final step would be to assemble them. We can’t let that happen.

APO Sloane’s office. Nadia walks in.

Nadia: She never made it to the airport. The cab dropped her off a few blocks from our house.

Sloane: Have Marshall check traffic cams in the area.

Nadia: I already did. I also notified the FFA to check flight manifests, and I updated train and bus stations with her current I. D.

Sloane: Good. We’ll find her.

Nadia: I brought her into my house. This is my fault.

Sloane: No, Nadia, it’s mine. It was my obsession with Rambaldi that pulled you into this. It’s my mess. It’s my responsibility to clean it up. I can only imagine how hard this must be for you- the betrayal.

Nadia: I’m just glad we found her. That I know the truth.

Sloane: Yeah. So, if Elena has all the Rambaldi pieces, there is only one place she can go.

Nadia: To see Lazlo Drake.

Sloane: Yes.

Nadia: I’m on it.

Sloane: Nadia? We’ll find her. I promise you. I will end this.

China, one year earlier. Nadia and Sloane are in a car, being driven.

Nadia: I don’t understand. Why are we in China when I already told you Rambaldi’s sphere of life is buried in Siena?

Sloane: Because I need answers to a few final questions. Lazlo Drake is the only man in the world who can provide that.

The car stops, there are people passing with animals, in the road.

Driver: (in foreign language) Sorry, sir, it will be a few minutes.

Sloane: (to driver in foreign language) Okay. (to Nadia in English) Before he went into hiding, Drake was a professor of European history. He built his reputation on the single most important discovery of his life- a manuscript. In effect, a template describing how Rambaldi’s creations were to be assembled in order to bring forth his final prophecy. Just know that we’re gonna make the world a better place, and we need Drake to do it.

Later, nighttime outside, somewhere. We meet Drake.

Sloane: Professor Drake, my name is-

Drake: Arvin Sloane. Yes.

Sloane: You know who I am?

Drake: How could I possibly not know of you, Mr. Sloane? Your appetite for all things Rambaldi is almost legendary.

Sloane: This is my daughter, Nadia.

Drake: My God. (he looks at her) I am honored to meet you.

Nadia: Thanks.

Drake: Lovely. Please. (they sit down around the campfire on various logs) You have no idea what it is like to be in your presence. It is like meeting the virgin Mary.

Nadia: What do you mean?

Sloane: Drake, you know why we’re here.

Drake: You have collected the Sphere of Life.

Sloane: No, not yet. But we know where it is.

Drake: If it is not in your possession, we have nothing to discuss.

Sloane: You have the only known translation of Rambaldi’s Vademecum- instructions for how the pieces fit together. I need to know.

Drake: That is information I will share with whoever has all the artifacts in his possession. Your visit is premature, Mr. Sloane. I suggest you come back, when you have retrieved all the items, including the Sphere. (to Nadia, he takes her hand) You will come back too, won’t you? I would like that.

Sloane: (breaks their hands apart) Nadia, I wonder if you would let me speak to the professor alone. (Nadia gets up and walks away)

Drake: I never thought I would see, let alone touch with my own hands, a living embodiment.

Sloane: My daughter is not an artifact.

Drake: So protective of her.

Sloane: She is my daughter.

Drake: You brought her on this journey for one reason- only she can retrieve the Sphere of Life. Only she knows its secret location. You know that.

Sloane: I didn’t come this far to quit.

Siena Sloane and Nadia are wandering around on some hills.

Nadia: This is it. (they enter a cave, and walk down some stairs)

Sloane: Rambaldi wrote that a man would come and discover the true meaning of his work. And in doing so would change the world. I always wanted to be that man.

They come to a room. Sloane lights a torch, which causes the other torches to light up. We see a Rambaldi eye made up of small shards of glass. In the center of the eye is a stand holding the Sphere of Life.

Sloane: It’s made of glass. Think of it. You and I are the first ones to set foot in here in almost 500 years. Do you have any idea how many lesser people have dreamed of this moment? And only you can complete this.

Nadia: What?

Sloane: Nadia, this is the part of the journey that I can’t take. You have to bring the box.

Nadia: I don’t understand.

Sloane: Rambaldi had a role for you to play. I need you to do this Nadia. I need you to bring me that Sphere. Nadia, we can change the world. Go. (pause) Go.

Nadia steps out carefully onto the glass. You can hear the shards scraping against each other.

Sloane: Have faith, sweetheart. (She reaches the stand) Yes. (she opens the box) No, Nadia. Bring the box to me.

Nadia touches the box and sees visions of what happens in the finale. Includes Sydney and Nadia fighting, the red ball, and the sound of a horse neighing.

Nadia: (to Sloane) You lied. It was not about peace. (she leaves the box where it is and goes back to Sloane)

Sloane: Nadia, I am your father. You will go back there and bring me the box. (he grabs her roughly) You get back there. I want that box.

Nadia: (crying) You think you can control this power, but it’s poisoning you. Don’t you see it? You don’t have to do this. Please. Let’s just walk away. You and I, together.

Sloane: Coward! (he pushes her)

Nadia: Please, let’s just go.

Sloane: I don’t need you. (he steps out onto the glass) He chose me. (he slowly closes the box back up) See? (the glass breaks and he falls threw) and down the hole)

Nadia finds him at the bottom of the hole. There are some glass shards sticking out of him. Nadia pulls the shards out.

Sloane: You’re still here.

Nadia: Try not to talk. You’ve lost a lot of blood.

Sloane: I didn’t think that you would be here after I-

Nadia: You’re my father. I’m going to get you out of here.

Sloane: Thank you.

Nadia: That shard of glass in your chest- when I move you, it might kill you. I need to pull it out.

Sloane: Okay. (she pulls it out) Ahhh!

APO Briefing room. Gang around the table including Chase.

Chase: Who’s Lazlo Drake?

Sloane: He is the self-appointed keeper to Rambaldi’s endgame. For Elena to complete her plan, she will have to contact him. He has what amounts to the instruction booklet.

Vaughn: I’m sorry, maybe it’s only me, but what do you mean when you say “Rambaldi’s endgame”? I mean, what is it? Is it a scenario? A weapon?

Sloane: In Elena’s hands, most likely an apocalypse.

Jack: Which is why we need to get to Lazlo Drake before she does.

Nadia: Drake’s completely off the grid. The manuscript has made him a target. He never stays in one place too long. We saw him in China. He could be anywhere.

Sydney: If Drake’s gone underground, he needs a source of income.

Nadia: That’s the path I’ve been pursuing. Greyson Wells, billionaire financer.

Vaughn: Organized crime. Money laundering. CIA’s been watching him for years.

Nadia: He’s also the man who financed most of Drake’s early research into Rambaldi.

Jack: If they’re in communication, he might know where to find Drake.

Sloane: Agreed. Coordinate with ops. Draft up a plan to approach Wells. I’ll start preparations to talk to Lazlo Drake myself once we have his location.

Dixon: I believe you’re forbidden from participating in cases involving this particular subject matter.

Chase: Agent Dixon has a point.

Sloane: Yes. I’m aware of the agreement. But I have a history with Drake.

Sydney: So does Nadia.

Sloane: I’m sure Nadia would agree that her presence would only complicate matters.

Nadia: He’s right.

Sloane: Drake will talk to me. If we approach this tactically, his security force will respond. We can not let this turn into a firefight. Our timetable is too critical.

Chase: Proceed as instructed. Once you have a location on Drake, you’ll relay it to Director Sloane. That’s it, people. Be safe.

Cannes Sydney walks into a jewelry shop, wearing a white fur coat.

Doorman: Bonjour. (speaks French, Sydney hands him her purse)

Sydney: Don’t touch the fur. (pause) All right, you may touch the fur. (she holds out her arm) Once.

Doorman: (touches the fur) Merci.

Sydney walks on. She takes a glass of champagne from a waiter. She continues walking and brushes up against Greyson Wells. She continues over to the jewelry counter.

Doorman: Please, let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see. (Sydney taps on the glass at a bracelet) Ah, very good. Platinum Liana. (Sydney goes to sit) Fully paired with the flawless brilliance. (brings her the bracelet) Can be worn as a bracelet or an anklet.

Sydney: (she lifts up her ankle) Put. (he does) Hm. (to Wells) What do you think? Ankle or wrist?

Wells: Well, to be honest, I’ve always found anklets to be a bit vulgar. Though, admittedly, you are making me rethink my position. I think I’d have to see it on your wrist before I gave an informed opinion.

Sydney: Do. (Wells comes over and unattaches the bracelet from her ankle and, when he takes her wrist, we see they both have the Rambaldi eye tattoo on their hands) Something wrong?

Wells: It appears we have a mutual interest. (he puts the bracelet on her wrist)

Sydney: So it seems. (she goes and stands in front of a mirror) Hm.

Wells: Better as a bracelet. Will you allow me to buy it for you?

Sydney: You trying to impress me?

Wells: Well, that depends. Is it working?

Sydney: Sweetheart, it’s not your money I’m interested in.

In another room, Sydney is still in her disguise talking on the cell phone.

Sydney: (to phone) I’m going with you to see Drake.

Sloane: This is not your call Sydney.

Sydney: It is now. I have his location. I’ll go alone if I have to.

Sloane: Well, he’s not gonna talk to you.

Sydney: Then I suggest you get on a plane. Solana airfield. Outside Mexico City. 0800 hours. I’ll be there when you land, and we’ll go see Drake together. (she leaves and we see Wells sitting in his boxers and tied up in a chair)

APO Marshall’s lab. He’s taking apart the necklace Elena gave to Nadia.

Marshall: Well, all the parts are pretty generic. I mean, it’s really difficult to track where it came from. Sorry.

Nadia: It’s all right. I just feel stupid I trusted her.

Marshall: Hey, I don’t blame you. I mean, she was like family. You know, but don’t put this on your self. I mean, hell, I trusted Sloane for 6 years before I found out he was evil. You know. . .not that he’s evil, per se. . .We have a long history together. Look we’re gonna find this Sophia/Elena woman person. Your dad’s totally on it.

Mexico Sydney stands near the runway as Sloane’s plane lands. Sloane gets out of the plane and goes to Sydney. They start walking.

Sloane: This is a reckless course of action.

Sydney: Try calculated. I’m not letting you meet with a man who’s gonna tell you how to put the Rambaldi contraption together.

Sloane: That’s ridiculous. I had everything I needed last year, and I gave it up. You know that, Sydney.

Sydney: You didn’t have everything.

Sloane: You’re putting yourself in danger by coming with me.

Sydney: I know what I’m doing. I just hope you do, because I swear if this is about you and your twisted beliefs—

Sloane: Do you have any idea about what Nadia has been through. Betrayed by the woman who raised her. I would never do anything to put her in any more pain. I’m here for one reason alone- to put an end to this nightmare once and for all.

Sydney: I wish I could believe you.

They drive to a trailer out in the middle of nowhere.

Sydney: Looks cozy. (they walk up to the doorway and see a dead man underneath a tree)

Sloane: Elena got here before us.

Sydney: (she opens the door and we see Drake, dead, in a chair) It’s Drake.

Sloane: He’s dead, isn’t he? If I didn’t have to rendezvous with you, I would have been here hours ago.

Sydney: If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t have to be here at all. (Sydney walks around the trailer, looking around)

Sloane: What are you doing?

Sydney sees a camera in the tree. They go inside the trailer. Sydney opens cabinets looking for something. She finds a tv screen. She finds the remote. She turns it on. The screen shows her and Sloane standing there.

Sloane: See if you can rewind the feed.

She rewinds it and we see Elena sitting talking with Drake. Sloane stands behind her.

Sloane: (he takes the remote from Sydney) Here, let’s start over again at the beginning.

Drake: I have to admit, I did not think it would be you.

Elena: You thought Arvin Sloane would have all the artifacts.

Drake: He nearly completed the work once before.

Elena: And failed. He threw it away. And for what? The girl.

Drake: Do you have a secure facility to assemble everything.

Elena: I do. A factory outside of-

Sloane turns the tv off. He tranqs Sydney before she can react.

Sloane: I’m sorry, Sydney. I’m so sorry. (he lays her gently on the floor)

APO Jack’s office. His phone rings. He answers.

Jack: Yes?

Sydney: Sloane tranqed me. That bastard knocked me out before I could get Elena’s location.

Jack: Are you alright?

Sydney: I saw this coming and he still beat me.

Jack: Sydney, are you sure you’re okay?

Sydney: Dad, I’m okay.

Jack: I’ll notify Director Chase. We’ll find him.

Stairwell Dixon is standing and Chase comes in.

Chase: Agent Dixon.

Dixon: Why didn’t you stop Sloane when you had the chance?

Chase: I understand your reaction.

Dixon: You just opened the door to temptation and let Sloane walk through it?

Chase: End of discussion. (Dixon goes to leave) Hey. . .

Dixon: This man’s taken lives.

Chase: I did what I thought was best.

Dixon: I know. In spite of all this, it’s good to see you.

Chase: Yeah. (they kiss) Weekends aren’t enough.

Dixon: Tell me about it.

Sydney’s still in Mexico.

Sydney: (answers phone) Yes? I have an idea but you’re gonna hate it.

Jack: You want me to talk to your Aunt Katya. (Jack is walking down a corridor)

Sydney: How did you know that?

Jack: First you said I would hate the idea, and you’re correct. Second, I arrived at the same conclusion myself. We’re at a complete impasse here. Time is running out and she’s the only Derevko we have. Call you afterwards.

Jack is at Katya’s cell. He enters.

Jack: Lock the door behind me.

Katya: (sitting on her bed) Is that look on your face supposed to be intimidating? You forget, Jack- I’ve seen your tender side.

Jack: I need everything you know on Elena’s operations- right now.

Katya: What makes you think I know anything?

Jack: Call it an instinct.

Katya: Do you intend to torture me?

Jack: If I have to.

Katya: While I know that would be enjoyable for both of us, I should warn you, I have quite a bit of stamina. But you already know that about me.

Jack: What do you want?

Katya: Full pardon. Immediate release.

Jack: I don’t have that authority.

Katya: You’ll find a way.

Jack: If the information you provide leads us to Elena, I will do everything in my power to procure your freedom. You have my word.

Katya: If you’re here, my sister must be pursuing aggressive action. What has she done?

Jack: She broke into the DSR, stole a cache of Rambaldi artifacts.

Katya: She has been acquiring artifacts for several years now through her front.

Jack: Her front?

Katya: Don’t look so surprised. It has been happening right before your eyes.

Jack: The Covenant.

Katya: See? I knew you could do it, handsome.

Jack: Elena ran the covenant? That’s impossible. We dismantled its operations.

Katya: No, that’s what she wanted you to believe. You took down a straw man. Elena’s agenda’s always been the same. It’s always been Rambaldi.

Jack: How do we stop her?

Katya: You are asking the wrong sister. Irina spent the last few years of her life tracking Elena. She was determined to stop our sister from enacting her endgame. And she would have done it, too, but. . .you had to go and put a bullet in her head.

Jack: I was set up. Elena put a hit out on Sydney, and framed Irina for it.

Katya: Oh, I see. So you executed my sister on a misunderstanding. Oh, then all is forgiven. Don’t stand there pretending you’re a patsy. You’re too good at what you do. If you pulled the trigger, part of you wanted to be manipulated. I can help you find Elena. But unfortunately, I cannot tell you how to stop her. Thanks to you, that hope died with Irina.

Jack: (on phone) Sydney, listen carefully. Elena Derevko is in Praque. Her base of operations is a decommissioned chemical facility south of the industrial zone.

Sydney: And Katy knew that? She just gave you that location?

Jack: No, Katya never just gives anything. But she tied Elena to the Covenant, knew she worked out of Europe. Marshall and Vaughn were able to pinpoint her exact location based on declassified KGB files and some thermal satellite imaging.

Sydney: Do you think we can trust her?

Jack: She’s a Derevko. I need you get on a plane and rendezvous with Dixon and Nadia at Ruzyne Airport. The cargo terminal. They have your ops plan.

Sydney: I’m on my way. (she hangs up)

Prague Elena’s facility. Daytime. Elena sits at a desk in her office. Someone knocks on the door. Two men come in with Sloane between them. The men leave.

Elena: My men think you’re hear to kill me.

Sloane: You should hire smarter men.

Elena: You walk in, unarmed, and surrender yourself. You’re not the most convincing, so let me guess. You’re here to offer me a deal.

Sloane: I know what you’re trying to do. I can help.

Elena: Thank God.

Sloane: You’re wise enough to see my value. There’s no one on this earth who knows more about Milo Rambaldi.

Elena: I’d heard you reformed.

Sloane: I suppose I’ve been born again.

Elena’s facility. Nighttime. Dixon, Nadia, Sydney are near a fence.

Sydney: (on comms) Perimeter security has been disabled. Phoenix and team are on the move.

Jack: (in Marshall’s lab) Copy, Phoenix. Director Chase has authorized shoot to kill.

Nadia: Copy that.

Marshall: Okay, now we have the facility on thermal satellite. Looks like there are about 40 people inside. And the blueprints we acquired were accurate. There are three main areas to secure.

Sydney: Understood.

Jack: Sydney, be careful.

Sydney: Copy. Let’s move.

They sneak off in various directions. Nadia walks down a hallway. Sydney comes to a lab where she avoids confrontation with 2 men. Dixon is near an exit where he sees a prisoner being led into a van.

Man: The prisoner, right?

Man 2: Yes, of course. I’m bringing her down.

Man: Transferring prisoner. (they go in a van and drive off)

Sloane comes up behind and draws a gun on Dixon.

Sloane: I was as surprised as you are.

Dixon: (has his gun out too) Drop your weapon.

Sloane: No, Marcus. Drop yours.

Dixon: I said drop your weapon Sloane.

Marshall: Okay, I got em. Pinpointing their location. (Nadia runs down a hallway)

Jack: They’re at the loading dock. East side of the building.

Dixon: Put your weapon on the ground.

Sloane: I warned Sydney. I warned all of you not to do this.

Dixon: I mean it.

Sloane: Please, Marcus. It’s too big now. You can’t stop this. Only I can.

Sydney attacks a man. Nadia attacks a man. They both run into the same hallway.

Sloane: You’ll have to trust me.

Dixon: Trust you?

Sloane: Get out of here now.

Nadia and Sydney hear some gunshots. They run toward the sound. Dixon falls, to reveal Elena, who shot him in the back.

Jack: Outrigger, report. Outrigger, report.

Elena: Time to leave. (she and Sloane leave)

Nadia and Sydney run to Dixon.

Sydney: Dixon!

Nadia: Evergreen to base. We need an emergency medical extraction. We have a man down. Repeat, we hav ea man down.

Sydney: Dixon.

Hospital Sydney is standing outside Dixon’s cubicle. Dixon lies on a bed. Chase kisses him. Jack walks up to Sydney. Chase leaves.

Chase: If anything changes, you call me. (leaves)

Sydney: (to Jack) Did you have any idea she and Dixon. . .

Jack: No. But then I tend to miss those kinds of details.

Sydney: What are you talking about. You’re the master of details.

Jack: Really? I’ve gone over the details a thousand times in my mind. Each one added up to the same conclusion- that your life was in danger and your mother was the lethal threat.

Sydney: Dad, we’ve gone over this. You don’t need-

Jack: I’ve lived my life trusting in the veracity of details, and in doing so, I lost sight of the one thing I know to be true. Your mother would never hurt you. She was ready to shut Elena down, and I killed her. She was our only hope.

Sydney: That’s not true. We can stop them. I know it. You and I may disagree on a lot of things, but I never question your motives. You always have my bests interests at heart. I know that.

Jack: How’s Nadia feeling? (Nadia is sitting on a bench down the hall)

Sydney: I don’t think she’s feeling much of anything, right now.

Inside a vehicle. Sloane and Elena.

Elena: How could you let Sydney and Nadia follow?

Sloane: Everything is proceeding as planned.

Elena: You talk the talk, but I’m still not convinced you’ve returned to the fold. We’ll see if you have what it takes to finish the journey.

Hallway outside APO. Vaughn is waiting for the elevator. Jack gets out the elevator.

Vaughn: How’s Dixon?

Jack: The same. Sydney and Nadia are there now. (Vaughn starts to leave) You asked me a question earlier that I didn’t get a chance to answer properly.

Vaughn: I’d say the answer was loud and clear.

Jack: We’re more alike than I care to admit, Agent Vaughn. And I realized now that in disapproving of you I was only hating my own limitations. I wasn’t asking myself what would be best for Sydney. If you honestly believe that you can make my daughter happy, then by all means you have my blessing to marry her.

Vaughn: Okay. (Jack leaves)

Back at hospital. Nadia and Sydney sitting on the bench.

Nadia: You always knew my father would do this.

Sydney: I hoped he wouldn’t.

Nadia: Despite everything, I really believed that he chose me. You must think I’m pretty foolish.

Sydney: Of course not. He’s your father.

Nurse: (walks up) Agent Bristow, Agent Santos, he’s asking for you. (they go to Dixon)

Sydney: Dixon. We have been so worried about you.

Dixon: Before I saw Sloane, I saw a prisoner, shackled. Syd. . .it’s your mother. She’s alive.

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