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Two guys sit at a table. One guy places what looks like a C-4 strapped to a cell phone inside a back pack. He hands the backpack to the other guy. 2nd guy stands.

Kradic: I’m counting on you, Aleksander.

Aleksander: I’ll call you when it’s done. (he leaves)

Indonesian Embassy, Copenhagen

Aleksander places his backpack on the conveyer belt and passes through the metal detector. The guard stares at the bag and then looks at Aleksander. They speak foreign language, not sure what.

Aleksander: Which line is for visa applications?

Guard: Last one down.

Aleksander takes his bag and goes.

Guard: I’m going to take a smoke break. I’ll be back in a few minutes.

Aleksander: Visa.

Aleksander sees a pretty girl. She says “hi” and smiles. Aleksander drops his bag and then leaves.


Breifing room. We see the explosion of the Indonesian Embassy on screen. Gang sits around the table.

Sloane: You’re looking at the work of an emerging terrorist organization known as the Beograd Faction. Yesterday at 5 o’clock they hit the Indonesian Embassy in Copenhagen. It was their fourth major attack within several months.

Weiss: And their first overtly political act.

Sydney: If that’s in fact what it is. Just looking at their files, they haven’t claimed an ideology. They’ve made no demands, no pronouncements. Something doesn’t add up.

Sloane: Langley is desperate to acquire intel on this group. To that end, they placed an undercover agent within the organization. His name is Thomas Raimes. (his picture pops up on the screen) He specializes in prolonged deep-cover work. He’s been in place for the last few months posing as a document expert in forging, counterfeiting. Ywo weeks ago he warned Langley of a pending attack in Denmark.

Dixon: And he never followed up with the details?

Sloane: Agent Raimes has missed has missed the last four meetings with his handler and hasn’t notified headquarters.

Vaughn: Which means he was either caught or killed.

Sloane: In one of his last communications, he was able to identify the leader of this group, a man named Milos Kradic. Echelon intercepts suggest that Kradic has a meet set up tomorrow at a location in Amsterdam. Dixon, Vaughn, you’ll run surveillance on that location. If Kradic shows up neutralize him and take him into custody. Sydney, coordinate with Jack when he gets in. You’ll run the operations from here. Until then, find out what other motives they could have had for hitting that embassy. Okay, that’s it. Thank you.

As Nadia leaves the table, her cell phone rings. She answers.

Nadia: Hello?

Sophia: Nadia.

Nadia: Sophia, is that you?

Sophia: It’s so good to hear your voice.

Nadia: Yours too. I’m so surprised you’re calling. It’s been-

Sophia: A long time, yes. I am flying to Los Angeles. I was hoping we might catch up.

Nadia: I’d love to. Why don’t I meet you at the airport?

Sophia: That’ll be wonderful. I arrive in the morning.

Nadia: Okay, I’ll see you then.


Sydney: So, how long has it been, since you heard from Sophia?

Nadia: Like, 10 years.

Sydney: Why has she come to Los Angeles now?

Nadia: I don’t know. She didn’t say. You’re okay with this?

Sydney: She can stay as long as she wants. You know that.

Nadia: Thanks.

Sydney: Where else am I gonna hear embarrassing stories about you as a kid? You okay?

Nadia: Yeah, I’m fine.

Sydney: You don’t seem very excited.

Nadia: I know, but I am. It’s just last time I saw her, I was in jail. I don’t want to be a disappointment to her. Who knows if she’ll even recognize me.

Man over PA: Oceanic airlines, nonstop flights to Sydney is now ready for boarding at gate 17.

We see Sophia being wheeled in a wheelchair by a flight attendant. It looks like she’s been beaten. Nadia goes up to her.

Nadia: Sophia.

Sophia: I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

Nadia: What happened?

Sophia: I didn’t have anywhere to go. It’s so good to see you.

Hospital. Sophia is lying in a hospital bed surrounded by Nadia, Sydney, and Sloane.

Sophia: For the last few weeks, I had a feeling that I was being watched. I kept seeing the same faces everywhere I went. Then last night, I came home early from work, and they were in my house. As soon as I walked in, they attacked me.

Sydney: What did they want?

Sophia: I don’t know.

Sloane: Did they take anything?

Sophia: I honestly don’t know. When I regained consciousness, the house was ransacked and they were gone. I couldn’t stay there. I’m sorry I came here like this.

Nadia: It’s okay, you did the right thing.

Sydney: We should let her get some sleep.

Sloane: Yes. I’m sorry we had to meet under these circumstances. (he takes her hand) You’re family to Nadia, which means you’re family to me. I’ll see to it that you’re well taken care of. You have nothing to worry about from now on.

Sophia: Thank you.

Sloane and Sydney leave Nadia with Sophia. Sloane enters the hallway with Sydney.

Sloane: That woman took care of Nadia when I couldn’t. I owe her. As soon as I get back to the office, I’ll reach out to our connections in Portugal.

Sydney: Whatever I can do.

Sloane: You need a ride?

Sydney: No, thank you.

Sloane: Okay.

Sydney: I’ll meet you there.

Sydney leaves. Sloane pulls off a latex glove that he used to get Sophia’s fingerprint.

Doctor’s office. Jack sitting in a chair. Dr. Liddell gives Jack medicine.

Dr. Liddell: That should take the edge off.

Jack: It’s less painful than the last few times.

Liddel: Glad to hear it. I’ve increased the dosage of Lipoic Acid. Sorry to say, you may experience some increased side effects. It’s not a cure, but, um, should keep it at bay for a while.

Jack: I’ve been looking into studies from the Institute of Radiology in Prague, based on treatment protocols in Chernobyl-

Liddel: It’s apples and oranges, Jack. We’re not talking about alpha particles, and beta particles, gamma or neutron rays. The radiation you were exposed to when you walked into that reactor-well, it’s a different fruit all together.

Jack: Then, I’ll keep looking.

Liddel: 20 years I’ve known you. You’re not one iota less stubborn. How’s Sydney.

Jack: She’s doing well.

Liddel: I remember when she was just starting school. Where do the years go? Jack, I’ve watched countless people die. Had to look into my patients eyes when I tell them what they have is terminal. And you know what? That stuff about laughter being the best medicine? It’s a load of bunk.

Jack: I assume you have a point.

Liddel: A clean conscience-that’s a treatment I can stand behind. We both know how this going to end. We can filter your blood til the cows come home, but there’s no changing the outcome. Clear your conscience, Jack.

Jack: That will take another lifetime at least.

Liddel: I’m not suggesting you write your memoirs. Although I’m sure they would make a hell of a read. Start small. Talk to your daughter.

Jack: She’s better off not knowing.

Liddel: Jack, these secrets you’re keeping, they’re not yours to keep.


Dark street. Vaughn, Dixon inside van.

Vaughn: We’ve been waiting for over an hour. Think Kradic’s gonna show?

Dixon: I hope so.

Vaughn: You have history with the target?

Dixon: I knew the undercover agent- Raimes.

Vaughn: From Langley?

Dixon: We were in the corps together. Force recon. Toughest guy in our platoon. Didn’t think the bullet was made that could take him down.

Vaughn: We don’t know that he’s dead. He could’ve been captured.

Dixon: If Raimes were alive, he would have made contact.

A car pulls up nearby. People get out.

Dixon: Okay, there’s Kradic

Vaughn: There’s another guy there. Brown jacket. You see him?

Dixon: It’s Raimes.

Vaughn: Do you think he’s gone rogue?

Nadia leaning over Sophia in her hospital bed.

Sophia: You’ve grown into a beautiful woman, you know. So different from the girl I once knew. You were so angry then.

Nadia: I know it’s hard to believe, at least it is for me, I have a home now. A family. I finally feel like I belong somewhere.

Sophia: Your father’s a good man. I can tell.

Nadia: You should rest now. I’ll be by tonight to check on you.

Sophia: Nadia, wait. (she takes off her necklace and gives it to Nadia)

Sophia: It’s San Marcos, the orphanage’s namesake. My happiest times were there watching over you girls. I want you to have it.

Nadia: I can’t.

Sophia: Please. It is my way of thanking you for taking care of me.


Marshall’s lab. He has on what looks like a virtual simulation helmet. He’s using it to play and look at a little thing of what looks like jello??? Hehehe, he looks funny. Mr. Sloane does not look amused.

Marshall: WOAH, uh, hey- I-sorry-Mr. Sloane. I was testing out a mod on a virtual imager, and, well, you looked a little freaky.

Sloane: (hands a small case to Marshall) There’s a latex fingerprint in here. I want to get everything you can on the person it belongs to. I want it kept between us.

Marshall: Yeah, sure, no problem.

Sloane: Thank you (leaves)

Marshall goes back to playing with his helmet,. But this time instead of using the jello thing, he uses the latex fingerprint.

We see Jack in his office scratching at the skin on the palm of his hand, which is peeling. Ewww. Sydney walks in.

Sydney: Dad, Dixon and Vaughn called in. They found Raimes, he’s alive. He’s traveling with Kradic.

Jack: Have our team shadow Raimes. The second he’s alone, pull him aside for questioning. I want to know why he hasn’t contacted Langley.

Sydney: I’ll let them know. Dad?

Jack: Let me know when Dixon have secured Raimes.

Sydney: I’ll keep you posted.

Jack continues to peel at his skin. Ewww.

Vaughn and Dixon in some party lounge watching Kradic and Raimes.

Vaughn: (on radio) Got the target. He just ordered a whiskey strait up.

Dixon: Okay, go for it.

Vaughn starts walking and bumps into the woman carrying the tray to Kradic, Raimes, and Aleksander. . He places a tablet in Raimes’s drink.

Vaughn: (to woman, with a smile) Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.

Woman delivers the drinks to the crew.

Raimes: Cheers. (drinks all in one gulp)

Aleksander: We’re in Amsterdam. This is the best place we can find? No. If I chose the meet, we’d be in a park or near a beautiful canal.

Raimes looks like he’s going to be sick. He leaves.

Kradic: Where are you going?

Aleksander: Where are you going?

Raimes makes his way to the restroom. He passes by a suspicious looking Man. In the restroom, he is sick. Vaughn and Dixon come out to interrogate him.

Dixon: Last time I saw you like this was in a bar in Baghdad.

Raimes: Marcus. What are you doing here.

Dixon: Langley assumed you were compromised. What’s going on?

Raimes: The Embassy bombing.

Vaughn: You warned of an attack somewhere in Denmark, 2 weeks ago and then nothing. Why didn’t you send a second warning that the bomb would go off?

Raimes: You know what? I’ll fill out a report later. Right now, I gotta get back out there, because Kradic is meeting with an associate.

Dixon: Then talk fast, Tom. We need answers.

Raimes: You don’t understand.

Dixon: So explain it to us.

Vaughn: Why haven’t you checked in with your handlers?

Raimes: Kradic is paranoid. If I would have radioed in-

Vaughn: There are other ways.

Dixon: I have to report in, Tom. And right now, we’re looking at 2 scenarios. Either you blew your intel, or you’ve gone over. Which is it?

Raimes: You think I sold out?

Vaughn: You tell us.

Raimes: All right, I had the intel, okay? But if I would have warned Langley, Kradic would have known we were on to him.

Vaughn: So you decided to let 15 people die?

Raimes: I had my reasons.

Dixon: We’re listening.

Raimes: Kradic is after a new weapon developed by the Indonesians. It’s a water contaminant. It can wipe out whole ecosystems. Kradic has a line on it. The Embassy bombing was crucial to acquiring the weapon. It was a handful of lives against a half a million.

Dixon: That’s not your call to make.

Raimes: You weren’t there. Now, look, if I’m not back in a few minutes, Kradic is gonna know something’s wrong. Yes, 15 people died, but if we don’t recover that weapon, It’ll be hundreds of thousands. So, you gonna let me walk out that door or what? Your call, Marcus.

Dixon (on phone) Kradic knew the Indonesians developed a sample of hydrosec but they didn’t know where. So he bombed the Embassy as cover for the intel theft.

Sydney: Emergency protocol dictates that if a bomb goes off, all confidential intelligence is transferred to off-site servers. The explosion triggered those protocols.

Jack: Kradic must have been prepared to intercept the outgoing data.

Vaughn: The location of the hydrosec must have been in those files. He knows where it it and now he’s putting together a team to steal it from the Indonesians.

Sloane: Indonesian officials deny that their intelligence has been compromised.

Dixon: What else could they say? If they admit to developing hydrosec, they’d be violating international weapons treaties.

Raimes: We’re talking in circles here. The only option we’ve got is to make Kradic lead us to the weapon. We could take them out before he gets a chance to use it.

Sloane: Dixon, what’s your tactical assessment?

Dixon: Considering our situation, I think our best bet is to keep Agent Raimes in the field.

Vaughn: Agreed. You and Vaughn will shadow.

Dixon: Copy that.

We see Kradic and Bodyguard where they were earlier.

Kradic (to Aleksander): Go check on Raimes, make sure he’s okay.

Aleksander goes.

Back in bathroom.

Dixon: We’ll outfit you for comms.

Raimes: No dice. Kradic has stat of the art counter-surveillance detection. If I show up there wired for sound, I’ll light up like a Christmas tree.

Dixon: Then we’ll modify the comms. Spread-spectrum burst transmitters. Should be beyond Kradic’s capabilities. It’ll take us a few minutes to get them ready. I’ll brush pass you with them.

Raimes: Fine, I’ll meet you at the bar in 10 minutes.

Dixon: Wait. This meet, who is it?

Raimes: A hacker. Linus Halsey. Why?

Dixon: Does Kradic know this hacker face to face?

Raimes: You’re thinking of switching him out?

Vaughn: Well, you stand a better chance with another man on the inside.

Raimes: Fine, but you better hurry. He’ll be here in one hour?

Raimes walks out and runs right into Aleksander.

Aleksander: Hey, what the hell? Where did you go?

Raimes: Let me tell you something. Shooting whiskey on an empty stomach—not good. What’s the matter, Milos pushing you around again?

Aleksander: He’s waiting.

Raimes: You’re like a little girl. Come on, Let’s go.


Sydney: I’ll start with Langley, see if they have an open file on Halsey.

Jack: If there’s a current file photo, we can run his faceprint through interpol’s biometric city scan.

Sloane: Make it fast. We don’t have much time.

Sydney and Jack leave, Sloane continues walking. Marshall comes running up to him.

Marshall: Mr. Sloane, sir-Mr.—Here’s that background check that you asked me to run.

Sloane: Yeah.

Marshall: Sophia Vargas. Yeah, you probably just want to skip to the last page.

Sloane does so. Weird music plays. Pause.

Sloane: Thank you, Marshall.

Marshall: Sure.

Sydney and Nadia sitting at their desks looking at various files on Linus Halsey.

Sydney: I found the hacker, Linus Halsey. He was an MIT gradiate with a degree in Nonlinear Cryptoalgorithisms and Stochastic Systems Analysis. Because if they call it ‘code-breaking’ they couldn’t charge 30 grand tuition.

Nadia: Okay, I’m linked with Amsterdam’s urban surveillance network. I’m checking the database for hotel reservations. Got him. Hotel Ruisseau. It’s just a few blocks over from where they are.

Hotel Ruisseau. We see Halsy walking down the hall, watched by Vaughn. Dixon is still in the van.

Vaughn: (on radio) Got eyes on Halsey.

Dixon: Let me know when you’ve got him, and I’ll head inside.

Vaughn pulls out a needle and syringe. He walks down the hall to stab Halsey, but Halsey attacks him. They fight. Halsey throws Vaughn on the ground and runs out. Vaughn follows.

Dixon: Shotgun, What’s going on?

Vaughn chases Halsey down the fire escape. Halsey jumps into the dumpster. Vaughn follows, landing the dumpster 3 seconds before Halsey can climb out. They commence running.

Vaughn: Dixon, coming your way.

Running, running. A car runs into Halsey and he rolls over it. Halsey runs right into Dixon who probably stabs him with a needle. Vaughn runs up.

Vaughn: I would have had him.

Dixon: I know.

Nadia is sitting at her desk fingering the necklace Sophia gave her. Sydney walks up.

Sydney: Hey. Good work on Hotel Ruisseau. They caught Halsey.

Nadia: Thanks. We aim to please.

Sydney: You’re in a good mood.

Nadia: Yeah, I guess so.

Sydney: So things went well with Sophia after we left? (sits)

Nadia: Yeah, I’ve missed her so much.

Sydney: It’s been a long time.

Nadia: I was so different back then. You wouldn’t have known me.

Sydney: I bet I would have.

Nadia: No. I was crazy, wild. I don’t know what Sophia saw in me. She was always telling me, I was her special one. For years after I left the orphanage, that was the only thing I could hang on to. I knew someone, somewhere, believed in me.

Sydney: You were lucky to have a person like that in your life.

Nadia: Yeah.

Sophia’s hospital room. Sloane storms in.

Sloane: Why did you really come here? Tell me?

Sophia: I don’t know what you mean.

Sloane: I know all about Jose Pedraza. I know how the Argentine police found his body. I know they found a suspect’s fingerprint. But they couldn’t find a match. I did.

Sophia: He was hurting my girls, and I was the one who hired him to tend the grounds. I didn’t realize.

Nadia: Did he hurt Nadia?

Sophia: He tried. I didn’t give him the second chance. I know what I did was wrong, but they were my children.

Sloane: Yeah. I would have done the same thing. Still, that doesn’t answer my question.

Sophia: All I ever wanted was to protect Nadia. When she was brought to me as a baby, she was in danger. I changed her last name to Santos so nobody could find her. (What was her name before? Derevko, Sloane, Bristow?) The men who attacked me in Lisbon-They weren’t after me. They were after Nadia. They wanted to know what name I had given her.

Sloane: And what did you tell them?

Sophia: Nothing.

Sloane: Why didn’t you tell Nadia?

Sophia: When I saw her with her sister, with you. . .She deserves the happiness she’s found here. I couldn’t bring all that pain back to her life.

Sloane: Don’t worry. Now I can take care of her.

Sophia: How can you be sure?

Sloane: Because I know who’s after my child.

Marshall’s lab. Sydney walks in.

Sydney: You wanted to show me something?

Marshall: Oh, yeah, hey, Syd. Yeah, check this out. Now this is one nanogram of hydrosec, which is one billionth of a gram in a 500 milliliter of water. (we see simulation of a drop of liquid dropping into a bowl) According to my simulation, the toxin actually feeds off the water. One gram of hydrosec, Lake Michigan turns into sludge. It’s incredible, really, y’know? Dr. Evil sort of way. . .(takes his pinky and puts to his mouth)

Sydney: What would it take to manufacture this stuff, Level 4 biohazard containment?

Marshall: Yeah, and a massive cooling system, which should narrow down the possible locations. Give me a couple hours. . .

Sydney nods and sees the VARGAS, SOPHIA file on Marshall’s desk. She picks it up.

Sydney: What’s this?

Marshall: Huh? Uh. . .It’s just a copy of some research I’m doing for- ahem- Mr. Sloane. It’s not- (she leaves) Damn it.

Sydney walks into Sloane’s office.

Sydney: What the hell are you thinking?

Sloane: I’m sure you mean that in the most polite way. (pours himself some water)

Sydney: Using CIA resources to check up on Sophia.

Sloane: I was merely being cautious.

Sydney: I don’t understand this, but Nadia believes in you. Somehow you’ve earned her trust. Every time you lie to her, you break that bond. I want you to understand that I’m not telling you this out of concern for you. Only my sister.

Lounge where Kradic has been. Dixon walks in posing as Halsey. Raimes, Aleksander, and Kradic are all seated on couches.

Dixon: Nobody reads the paper anymore.

Kradic: There is too much tragedy in the world.

Aleksander: (does a sweep of Dixon) Clean.

Kradic: Have a seat. (Dixon sits) Your reputation proceeds you, Mr. Halsey.

Dixon: You’re too kind.

Kradic: Temperamental. Arrogant. Vindictive. Violent. Vain. Petty and deceitful.

We see Vaughn listening in to the conversation in the back of the van. The real Halsey sits with his mouth taped up.

Dixon: You’re forgetting talented. Brilliant. And easy on the eye.

Kradic: Ha, there is that. You are supposed to be brilliant.

Raimes: They say you’re the best hacker in the EU

Kradic: That’s the rep. But, what went wrong on the Kroner job?

Van with Vaughn and Halsy.

Vaughn: Kroner job-what happened? (he rips the tape off Halsey’s face)

Halsy: Petty? Who the hell’s that son of a b**** to call me petty? You know what? You can all go—ahh. (Vaughn tugs on one of his many eyebrow rings, he’s got earrings and nose rings too)

Dixon: Nothing went wrong.

Kradic: Then why does Kroner hate you so much, hmm?

Dixon: I finished the job as agreed. Perfectly, I may add.

Back in van, Vaughn pulls off a few more of halsey’s facerings.

Vaughn: Listen to me, you son of a b****, I’m not gonna let you hang my partner out to dry.

Halsey: The son of a b**** shorted me 10 grand.

Vaughn: Kroner stiffed him 10,000 euros.

Dixon: Then Kroner turned around, forgot to pay me my 10,000 euros.

Kradic: That doesn’t explain why he hates you.

Vaughn: Now, by my count, you still have 3 rings left. That’s on one ear. What happened?

Dixon: After he stiffed me. . .

Vaughn: He hacked Kroner’s credit card to buy hookers.

Dixon: I hacked into his credit card account, charged it exactly 10,000 euros to several young ladies in the red light district, and then sent the bills to his wife. Yes, I did.

Raimes and Aleksander start laughing.

Kradic: We leave in an hour. Aleksander, tell the team to meet us at Tuege airfield.


Jack in his office peeling the skin off the palm of his hand. Grabs a letter opener, and uses that on it. Sydney wlks in.

Sydney: You wanted to see me?

Jack: I was thinking. . .The embassy transmission that Kradic intercepted-the network tap he installed would have had to have been physically placed on the premises.

Sydney: I don’t follow.

Jack: It would be too risky to send someone to retrieve it afterwards, so we can assume, it stores the information.

Sydney: Which means we might be able to access it as well and download the same intel Kradic got off it.

Jack: This is all assuming the Indonesians haven’t already located and removed the tap.

Sydney: It’s worth a shot. I’ll get Marshall right on it.

She leaves. Jack resumes scraping the palm of his hand with a letter opener. He cuts his hand open and he pulls out a capsule. The look of shock on his face is obvious.

Doctor Liddel’s office.

Liddel: Decades of research went into the development of this little marvel, and you yank it out with a letter opener?

Jack: What are you talking about?

Liddel: You don’t have the faintest-I implanted it to regulate the medication in your bloodstream. I explained the entire procedure to you.

Jack: You did?

Liddel: I did.

Jack: I have no memory of this.

Liddel: Well, we talked about the fact that memory loss could be a side effect. I even implanted a second one in your calf. (Jack lifts up his pants legand we see a gauze strip) You don’t remember that either, do you?

Jack: My position, my job-this side effect is unacceptable.

Liddel: I can adjust the medication. But your condition is progressing quicker than I had anticipated. Jack, have you thought anymore about what we discussed? About Sydney?

Jack: Sydney has had to face so many things in her life. Too many for someone so young. And now, given my condition, I don’t want to burden her. It’s not fair.

Liddel: Honesty-that’s fair. You won’t always be around to protect her, Jack. She has to know the truth before it’s too late.

Back of a van, On the way to the airport. Dixon and Raimes chat.

Raimes: You disagree with my decision?

Dixon: The embassy? I wasn’t there.

Raimes: I was boxed in. So, I made a call. Did some civilians die? (nods) Yes. Would I do it again? Absolutely. (shakes his head as Dixon looks on) There are sacrifices we have to make. There are casualties in the business that we’re in. You disappoint me, Marcus. There was a time you understood that.

Dixon: That was a long time ago. Things are. . .different.

Raimes: What happened, you get religion?

Dixon: I had that. No, I got married. Had kids. Changes a man.

Raimes: Hm. You mean it softens.

Dixon: I mean it deepens, Gives a man perspective. Maybe we need men who can make the hard call, weigh the many against the few. I just know that every time I think of those 15 people at the embassy, it weighs on me.

Raimes: (pause, in which he tries to speak but can’t) How many kids you got?

Dixon: A daughter, Robin. And a son, Steven.

Raimes: And the lucky lady? (smiles)

Dixon: My wife was killed a few years ago. What you would call a casualty of the business we’re in.

Teuge Airfield. We see some airplanes. It’s nighttime. A van pulls up. We see Vaughn inside a shed dialing on a cell phone. Aleksander and Kradic get out of the van. Aleksander walks off.

Kradic: Make sure the plane’s ready to go. (opens the back of the van and Dixon and Raimes step out)

Dixon: Ooh, hope it’s warm where we’re going, cause this weather’s killing me.

Bodyguard: We are 15 minutes behind schedule. We’ll have to make it up in the air.

APO Breifing room. Sloane, Nadia, and Sydney sit around table.

Sydney: Vaughn just checked in.

Nadia: Kradic and his men just arrived at Tuege airport.

Sydney: Marshall was able to run a network probe at the Indonesian Embassy. It turns out m father was right.

Nadia: We’ve got a source on the hydrosec.

Sydney: It’s in a manufacturing plant in Peru. Unfortunately, (Jack walks in and takes a seat at the table) Kradic beat us to it. He must’ve had a team in place. Four hours ago there was a fire in one of the research labs.

Nadia: Our theory is that one of Kradic’s men caused the accident to steal the hydrosec.

Sloane (nods): It fits their M. O. Using disaster to achieve their operational objectives.

Sydney: Well, the big question is, since they have it, where do they plan to use it.

Sloane: It’s most likely that Kradic will set up a rendezvous with the heist team. Our best course of action would still be to keep Dixon in play. That’s it. (Nadia and Sydney leave, he looks at Jack) Something else, Jack?

Jack: I know we agreed to keep this between ourselves, but the time has arrived. Personal considerations have been weighing on me, Arvin. We need to tell them the truth. (he looks over at Sydney and Nadia at their desks)

Sloane: Yes, I know. You’re right. I’m afraid that Nadia’s already in danger.

Teuge airport. Aleksander walks up to the rest of the group.

Aleksander: Fully fueled and ready to take us over the border.

Kradic: Get the gear. Let’s move.

Bodyguards gather stuff. Dixon and Raimes walk ahead. Followed by Aleksander and Kradic. We all of a sudden see another group of men walking. This group includes the suspicious looking Man from earlier.

Man: I’m in place. Do you read?

Man on comms: Go ahead.

Aleksander hears beeping and pulls out ear piece which he places in his ear.

Man: Kradic has gathered a total of six team members, and they’re en route to the plane.

Man on comms: And Agent Dixon is still embedded?

Man: Securely.

Aleksander hears all of this. He whispers in Kradics ear. Dixon and Raimes continue walking.

Kradic: (yells) HEY!

Bodyguards, Kradic, and Aleksander all pull out guns. Dixon and Raimes turn around.

Dixon: What’s going on?

Vaughn: Outrigger, I’m in position. (he closer to them, behind some boxes)

Kradic: I have a better question. Which one of you is Agent Dixon?

Dixon: (laughs) What? Oh, man, you’re out of your mind.

Raimes: Milos, come on. Put the gun down. Take it easy.

Kradic: Enough!! Aleksander intercepted a transmission.

Dixon: Transmission?

Raimes: What are you talking about? You’re just being paranoid.

Kradic: I know one of you is an agent.

Vaughn: If I move any closer, I’ll be made. Do you have a weapon?

Dixon shakes his head.

Raimes: Milos, come on. Let’s talk this thing through. Come on.

Kradic: We are not doing anything until I find out the truth. (looks at Dixon) I sensed something was wrong about you.

Dixon: No, no, no. you wrong! (yells and points at Kradic) You know my reputation. You checked out the Kroner job.

Kradic: I should have trusted my instincts.

Dixon: Now, see, this is insane. I am not an agent!

Raimes: Take it easy.

Kradic: Who do you work for? CIA? Mossad?

Dixon: Man, What you talking about?

Raimes: Milos, nobody here is an agent.

Kradic: Okay, then you leave me little choice, huh? I’ll have to kill both of you. Which one of you would like to die first?

Dixon: Nobody’s got to die. We’re all on the same side here. Everybody just needs to calm down. Lower your guns.

Kradic: Okay. (puts away gun) Kill both of them.

Raimes punches Dixon and pulls out a gun. He shoots the bodyguards. One of their guns lands near Dixon, who picks it up. He aims his gun at Aleksander and Kradic.

Dixon: Enough!

Vaughn: Outrigger, don’t shoot Kradic. We need him to lead us to the hydrosec.

Dixon: Let me finish this. (to Raimes) Get on your knees. (Raimes complies) This is how you deal with traitors. (to Raimes) What you got to say now, Agent Dixon? (Places his gun to Raimes’s chest) So Dixon, any last words?

Kradic: Hey, casualty of the business I’m in.

Vaughn: He’s giving us an out. He’s sacrificing himself to save the mission. Shoot him. Do it.

BANG Raimes falls to the ground.

Dixon: (turns to Kradic) We have business to do, and we need to get out of here before this guy’s backup shows. (hands his gun to Kradic) You’re welcome.

Kradic: (takes the gun and turns around) Let’s go.

Kradic, Aleksander, and Dixon board the plane. The plane takes off. Vaughn runs out to Raimes. Vaughn takes out a phone and dials.

Vaughn: This is Agent Vaughn, field code alpha-5-0-niner-charlie. Request authorization for a code 4 medivac. We have an agent down.

APO Sydney walks up to Marshall and Weiss at a desk.

Sydney: Vaughn just reported in. Agent Raimes is being medivaced to Deventer. He’s critical but stable. They’re saying the shot didn’t hit any of his vital organs. Dixon saved his life. He just boarded a plane with Kradic and his team. Here’s the tail number of his flight. (hands Weiss a paper)

Weiss: All right, I”ll put in a call to Euro control, see if we can track it.

Marshall: I think I might be able to triangulate Dixon’s signal using, one of NSA’s com sats. Just-

Jack: (walks up) Excuse me, do you have a minute?

Sloane’s office, Nadia and Sloane are already there. Jack and Sydney walk in.

Sydney: What is this about?

Sloane: Please, come in.

Jack: There’s something we need to tell you, something you have the right to know. It concerns your mother’s sister.

Nadia and Sydney look at each other.

Sydney: Katya?

Jack: Elena. She was one of the KGB’s foremost assassins, responsible for the murders of countless diplomats and politicians throughout eastern Europe. In the course of her work she earned a reputation fro being the cruelest of the Derevko women.

Nadia: Why are you telling us this now?

Sloane: Because, almost 30 years ago, Elena disappeared. It was rumored she had a falling out with Irina. Elena severed all ties with the KGB, as well as her family. Both the CIA and the KGB tried to find her, but to no avail. Even Irina couldn’t locate her.

Sydney: But you found something.

Jack: I received a message from an old associate about a year ago that led me to one of Elena’s safehouses in Warsaw.

Sloane: Inside we found this.

Sloane lays 2 books in front of Sydney and Nadia. They each open them to reveal pictures of them.

Sydney: It’s me in college.

Nadia: This is my old apartment in Argentina.

Sydney: My grad school transcripts.

Nadia: I was nine here.

Jack: Given what’s here, we can assume she’s been surveilling you both for at least a decade.

Sloane: We can also assume she is responsible for the attack on Sophia.

Nadia: Why? What does she want from us?

Sloane: We don’t know. We’re doing everything we can to find out.

We see Sophia at a computer listening in on the conversation.

Sydney: What did you learn?

The conversation continues. The words are unintelligible.

Man: (still suspicious-looking from earlier, on phone) It’s me. The plane is in the air do you know where they’re headed?

Sophia: (on phone) I’ll contact you once I have their final destination.

Man: I’ll be waiting. I won’t let you down Elena.

Elena/Sophia is still listening in on the conversation.

Sydney: Do you have any idea where Elena is now?

Sloane: At this point, she could be anywhere.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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