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Opens in the middle of an action sequence. Dixon is jumping out of a vehicle with gun drawn.

DIXON: Drop your weapon!

His team is in a tunnel. Three persons dressed in black are trying to escape. As the front two run, the third turns and fires upon Dixon's team. Dixon hides behind a piece of contruction equipment.

DIXON: I need some pressure fire!

Another officer comes up behind Dixon and fires, drawing fire. Dixon then takes out the man that was shooting. Dixon gives chase to the other two fugitives. Dixon pulls open a door and enters an access tunnel. The two fugitives continue to run, but then the one in the back trips and falls. Dixon peeks his head around the corner, and the fugitive lying on the ground fires and automatic at Dixon, who ducks back around the corner. He jumps back out and shoots the fugitive, but the other fugitive fires on Dixon, hitting him three times in the chest. Dixon slides down the wall, and we hear his breathing is labored. From his point of view, we have a fuzzy picture of the third fugitive walking toward us. The man begins to lift his facemask when Dixon's eyes close and he loses consciousness. Cutting to the fugitive's face as he lifts the ski mask, we see that the shooter was a very concerned Vaughn.

Cut to heliocopter flyover of a building in LA in daytime.


Cut to Sydney walking into Sloane's office.

SYDNEY: You wanted to see me?
SLOANE: Has Vaughn contacted you yet?
SYDNEY: I'd have mentioned it, don't you think?
SLOANE: Sydney, we pulled Vaughn's phone records, and they indicate that he sent you an SM your cell. I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that it got lost in transmission and that you never received it.
SYDNEY (hard): If you're looking to catch me in a lie...yes, I got the message. When Vaughn took off, as I've already told you, I tried to stop him. He hit me. He contacted me to tell me he was sorry...which I didn't consider professionally relevant. As far as where he is or what he's doing, I still have no idea.
SLOANE (said off the cuff, as if possibly testing Sydney): He disappeared with a dangerous piece of technology. I have no choice but to notify Langley.
SYDNEY: Vaughn isn't a traitor! He would never do what he's doing without a reason.
SLOANE: Vaughn went unsanctioned mission. Out of consideration for you, I'll give him 48 hours to either return or contact me with an explanation. In the meantime, we will withhold his status from the rest of APO. Should this matter come to light, I don't want anyone else complicit in his deception.
SYDNEY: Thank you.

Sydney turns around and starts to walk out.

SLOANE: Sydney...

Sydney turns back around.

SLOANE: If Vaughn should contact you...
SYDNEY: You'll know.



Cut to Vaughn, sitting at a table at an outside cafe. He checks his watch impatiently and sighs in frustration. A waiter walks by and is about to refill his water glass, when he puts out his hand, motioning,

VAUGHN: Non, merci.

The waiter walks away. Vaughn checks his watch again, and then stands up. He tosses some coins onto the table with a frustrated huff and turns to leave. Roberts is standing behind him, holding a white pastry bag.

ROBERTS: Goin' somewhere?

Vaughn turns around to face him, very annoyed.

VAUGHN: You're late.
ROBERTS: Hardly. Been watchin' you for an hour.
VAUGHN (sarcastic): Yeah, am I your type?
ROBERTS (with a shrug): Had to be sure you came alone...followed instructions.

Roberts offers him a pastry from his bag.

VAUGHN: Can we just get this done?
ROBERTS: Look around! It's Paris in the springtime!
VAUGHN: I'm only interested in answers.
ROBERTS: In exchange, you were supposed to bring me something today.
VAUGHN: Your big prize is in a safe place.
ROBERTS: That's not the deal.
VAUGHN: It is now.

Vaughn turns and starts to walk away.

ROBERTS: You're bluffing.

Vaughn turns, rubs his face with his hand and faces Roberts again.

ROBERTS: Don't forget, I know how desperate you are. No way you're willing to walk away.
VAUGHN: Oh, I suppose that depends on how badly you want it...'cause personally, what the hell am I gonna do with a transforming coil?
ROBERTS: You talkin' personally? I don't have a use for it either.
VAUGHN: Well, then you can tell your employer exactly what I'm telling you. You'll get the coil when you tell me everything you know about my father.

Vaughn and Roberts stare each other down.

Cut to nighttime view of LA skyline. Cut to Sydney in her apartment, rubber gloves on, furiously scrubbing the kitchen sink while giving surreptitious glances toward her cell phone. As Nadia and Eric enter, she picks up her cellphone and hits a button, which displays "No Messages". She sets it back down and gets back to cleaning.

NADIA: A volcano?
ERIC: Yeah, yeah, it's um, Old Yellowstone. It's like a funnel.
NADIA (to Sydney): Hey.

Nadia and Eric place their grocery bags on the counter, and Nadia starts unloading the bags.

ERIC: And the thing is that, on average, it blows every 600,000 years.
NADIA: Well, then I don't think we have to worry about it.
ERIC: No, hasn't blown in 600,030 years. We're due, sister... What is this?

Eric grabs a bar of expensive chocolate off the counter.

ERIC: Fancy chocolate?
NADIA (grabbing it from Eric's hand): That's not for you.
ERIC: Yeah, it...I like fancy chocolate...
NADIA (changing the subject): Where is the freezer bag? I left it in the car...
ERIC: I'll get it.
NADIA: No, no, no, no, no...I'll get it. You...chill.

Nadia walks outside. Eric starts to finish unloading the bag. As Nadia walks out onto the porch and shuts the door, her cell phone rings.

NADIA: Hello?
OPERATOR: You have a collect call from prisoner number 41958 from the Quantico Women's Detention Center. Do you accept the charges?
NADIA (looking around to make sure no one is listening): Yes I do.
KATYA (voice over phone): Nadia?
NADIA: Hello, Katya.
KATYA: I was worried about you.
NADIA: I'm sorry...I couldn't get away yesterday. But I'm planning to visit tomorrow.
KATYA: That's wonderful!
NADIA: I have a little gift for you.
KATYA: Forgive me for calling...It's just that your makes this place bearable.
NADIA: I'll be there tomorrow.

Cut to Eric unloading the groceries. He looks over at Sydney, who is still furiously scrubbing the sink.

ERIC: Uh...You heard from Vaughn?
SYDNEY: Uh, uh...not yet.
ERIC: Gotta be tough on him, right? Going to visit your uncle and all you can do is watch him die? Nothing you can do about it?
SYDNEY: Yeah...
ERIC: My mom used to do stuff like that.
SYDNEY: Like what?
ERIC: Scrub the sink...when she was worried about stuff that was out of her control...
SYDNEY: I like a clean sink.
ERIC (clearly not believing her): Uh, huh...But you would tell me if there was something I needed to be concerned about?
SYDNEY: Of course.

Cut to Roberts, talking on his cellphone. He and Vaughn are now seated at a table in the outdoor cafe.

ROBERTS (into phone): No deal. Says that he has the coil, but he wants answers first.

Roberts listens, then hands the phone to Vaughn.

ROBERTS: Says he wants to talk to you.

Vaughn takes the phone.

VAUGHN: Hello.
VOICE (through a voice disguiser): You violated our agreement.
VAUGHN: You listen to me. I'm sick and tired of all these games. Here's how we're gonna do things...
VOICE: You're angry. Good. You can channel that into your next assignment.
VAUGHN: No. No. No more assignments. I'm done. You got what you asked for.
VOICE: You didn't abide by the terms of our deal. The price has just gone up. Disobey again, and it will continue to do so.
VAUGHN: No. That's it. I'm done.
VOICE: Check beneath the table.
VOICE: Beneath the table. There's an envelope. Open it.

Vaughn reaches beneath the table and there is indeed a small manila envelope that's been taped to the bottom of it. He pulls it out and opens it. Inside are several surveillance pictures of a man that looks like he's Vaughn's father.

VOICE: If you still wish to back out, feel free to do so.
VAUGHN: He's alive.
VOICE: Your father is very much alive. The question, Mr. Vaughn, is how far are you willing to go to find him?

Vaughn shuts the flip on the cell phone, and the scene,


Now is the time in Alias when we dance!

The scene opens to the exterior of a prison. Nadia, accompanied by two guards, walks around a corner and down the hallway where Katya's cell is. We can hear Katya singing the notes to a song to herself.

NADIA: That was lovely.

Katya turns, smiling, and gets up to approach Nadia.

KATYA: It's a folk song my father used to sing about a Russian Robin Hood. It was one of your mother's favorites.

Katya reaches through the bars and tenderly touches the side of Nadia's face.

KATYA: Ah, it's so nice to see you again, sweetheart.

Cut to Marshall walking into Jack's office at APO. Jack is talking on the telephone.

JACK (on phone): No, it shouldn't be a problem.
MARSHALL: Sorry, I just...

Marshall lays some paperwork in front of him to sign.

JACK (on phone): Well, considering the hearings, I'm sure the DDO has his hands full. Of course. Give my regards. (shuts off phone)
MARSHALL: Sorry, um, requisition forms. The secure server to Langley went down. I did what I could, but I'll need all new servers and a VS2 module, so...

Jack signs a form.

MARSHALL: Great. If you could also... (hands him another form)...this one here...(Jack signs it, Marshall hands him another one) By the way...since the...incident, have you had a chance to see a doctor?

Jack looks up and gives Marshall a "None of your business" look.

MARSHALL: Because the radiation levels in that chamber were near lethal, sir.
JACK: I'm fine, Marshall. Is there anything else? (hands back the paperwork he signed)
MARSHALL (sheepish): No. Thank you.

Marshall turns and walks out with the paperwork. Jack looks up and gives him a fleeting glance before going back to his work. Marshall takes the file folder of forms Jack signed into his office. Opening the folder, he sets a blacklight to shine on it, which illuminates Jack's fingerprints on the papers. He puts on rubber gloves, and, taking a surreptitious glance around the office to make sure no one is watching him. He takes a glass bottle and pulls a dropper from the top of it and puts the drops on Jack's illuminated fingerprints. Then he puts the liquid into a vial and caps it, pulling off his gloves. He marks the side of the vial "Patient 17". He turns and walks away with the vial.

Cut to Katya and Nadia. Katya is holding the bar of fancy chocolate Katya bought.

KATYA: Our family didn't have much -- just the necessities. But your mother had no intention of denying herself. After school, she would go to the St. Basil's Cathedral, where all the tourists were. So careless with their money. So easy to pickpocket.
NADIA (surprised, but smiling): How old was she?
KATYA: Young; still in grade school. She used her money to buy us candy...until our father found out what she had been doing. (starts to unwrap the chocolate bar) Elena and I were terrified, but not your mother. She stood there, finishing the candy, smiling. We were waiting for her to get hit. But instead, my father laughed, looking at this little rebel in front of him. Your mother can be quite stubborn, much like your sister. (pauses, then walks back to the bars) How is Sydney?
NADIA: Katya, I've told you...
KATYA: I know, I know...she's off limits. (Holds out a piece of chocoloate like a pointer) Thank you. (Takes a bite.)
NADIA: Of course. (pauses) My mother...Irina...did she ever talk about me?

Katya sits down on the bunk in her cell. Turning toward Nadia, she looks ill.

KATYA (sounding pained): It's happening sooner than I expected...
NADIA: What's happening?

Katya pulls up the sleeve of her prison uniform to show Nadia an angry red swelling.

KATYA: I'm deathly allergic to chocolate.

Nadia looks horrified. Katya stands slowly and grabs onto the bars like a lifeline.

KATYA (labored): In fifteen seconds, my breathing will become difficult.
NADIA: Katya...
KATYA (labored, almost gasping): ...and I would lose consciousness. Tell Sydney, this is how far I am willing to go to see her... (gasps)
NADIA: Guard! I need help now!
KATYA (gasping, as she loses consciousness): Tell Sydney...
NADIA: Guard!

Cut to a side street in Paris at night. Vaughn is standing on a streetcorner and Roberts walks up to him. (Assume everything Vaughn says in the next sequence is tinged with annoyance and attitude.)

ROBERTS: I know what you're thinking...You'll find him on your own, right?
VAUGHN: What are we doing here?
ROBERTS: Waiting. I hired a team of independent contractors to help us with the job.
VAUGHN: Which is what?
ROBERTS: Assume that's not important.
VAUGHN: Assume it me.
ROBERTS: All you need to know is it's an instruction manual of sorts. Now that coil you got for us? Apparently, it wasn't being used properly.
VAUGHN: That's terrific. Like I said, I don't care about the coil.
ROBERTS: I'm just like you, man. The less I know, the less guilt I feel.
VAUGHN: Yeah, we're a lot alike.
ROBERTS: Where do you think he was during the funeral? I mean, like when you were mourning by his grave with your mom? You know, it's usually a least that's why my old man took off...But I'll tell you, with my mom? Can't say I really blame him.

Vaughn looks away, very annoyed. There's a car horn beeping. Both men look toward the car. Roberts starts to walk toward the car, then turns back to look at Vaughn.

ROBERTS: You comin'?

Vaughn pauses another moment, still upset, but then starts to follow. Cut to their "hideout", where other members of the team are assembled. One is working on perfecting some bullets.

MEMBER1 (with German accent, drinking a beer): Waste of time. 45 caliber; it's not like you need to make it more dangerous...
MEMBER2: Maybe not, but it makes me feel better.
MEMBER3 (blonde woman, to Roberts as he enters): You said an hour.
ROBERTS: Yeah, well we had to take a detour. (as Vaughn walks in behind him) This is Mike.
MEMBER3: So, is he any good, or just eye candy?

Vaughn turns and glares at her.

ROBERTS: Like I said, he's the man who has the technical skills to get what we need done. (introducing the team to Vaughn) This is Sabina, that's Gregor (the one with the beer), and that's Johann over there.

Vaughn looks over at Johann, who nods his head in greeting.

GREGOR: Mikey...pour you a pint...
VAUGHN: I don't usually drink until the job's finished.
GREGOR: You drink with me or you cut bullets with Johann. Your choice.
VAUGHN (annoyed): Yeah, well, how 'bout I do neither (turning to Roberts) and you tell me why the hell we're here.

Roberts looks at Sabina, who's holding blueprints. Cut to the blueprints being rolled out onto the table.

ROBERTS: Okay, now this is a two-pronged plan. Now, tomorrow at midnight, an armored transport will be leaving Darmstadt carrying a very valuable item. We will be stealing that item. But to do it, we're going to need a cold laser. Prototype hasn't even hit the streets yet. It's in a secure RND wing in a private hospital in Bordeaux. Heavily guarded.
VAUGHN: Civilians?
ROBERTS: Yeah, you got a problem with that?
VAUGHN (after only a second's pause): No.

Cut to aerial view of LA skyline. Cut to Jack, walking into Sloane's office.

JACK: I got your message. What is it?
SLOANE: Dixon has been taken out of the field of rotation.
JACK: I know. I authorized it.
SLOANE: Yes, I see your signature all over the release forms. Do you really think we can afford to be down one agent when Vaughn's whereabouts are still unknown?
JACK: We didn't have a choice. The director of the DSR contacted me directly. And since, for the moment, we're keeping Vaughn's status confidential, I thought it best to comply with his request.
SLOANE: I see. What exactly is the nature of Dixon's assignment?
JACK: I'm afraid that's confidential as well.
SLOANE: From you or from me? Come on, don't have to be a genius to see what this is about: Rambaldi. And while I accept that these matters are above my purview, Dixon is a member of my taskforce and it's my responsibility to know what actions and risks he's taking on.
JACK: It's a routine transport. Darmstadt, and I assure you, the risks are minimal.

Cut to Dixon, catching Sydney in the hallway of APO as they walk toward their office.

DIXON (holding up a set of tickets): Syd? Clippers tickets, third row center. I can't go. Langley's tasked me to a special assignment.
SYDNEY: You're kidding.
DIXON: Nuh, uh.
SYDNEY: Well, I'd love to go, but I'm swamped.
DIXON: I was going to go with my son. So I tell him I can't go and he tells me it's actually good because he has a date. He's twelve.
SYDNEY (smiling): Why doesn't he take her to the game?
DIXON: Apparently she'd rather go to a movie.
SYDNEY: I'm sure you've taught him well.
DIXON: Dinner when I get back?
SYDNEY: Yeah, sure.

Dixon walks away and Nadia approaches her.

NADIA: We need to talk.

Cut to Sydney and Nadia talking in the entrance hallway near the door leading to the subway station.

SYDNEY: How long have you been seeing her?
NADIA: It was our third visit.

Sydney pulls Nadia aside as someone exits the elevator and walks by them. They wait until he's gone, then,

SYDNEY: This is exactly why I warned you about her.
NADIA: Katya's the only person who's ever been willing to answer my questions about Irina.
SYDNEY: Irina Derevko was manipulative and cruel.
NADIA: She was also our mother.
SYDNEY: Which makes it harder to accept, I know, but trust me...
NADIA: I know her crimes. I also know how much she helped you at the CIA...
SYDNEY: Until she betrayed she always did.
NADIA: There's more to her than what's in her file...Katya told me stories...
SYDNEY: And you believed her!?
NADIA: About some of it, yes.
SYDNEY: Then you're deluding yourself, Nadia!

Nadia looks away, hurt. Sydney looks sympathetic, grabs her by both arms and shakes lightly to get her to look back at her.

SYDNEY: I'm sorry. I've been through this before. Katya's doing the same thing to you that Irina did to me: Telling me what I wanted to hear. Appealing to what I wanted more than anything else in the world: a mother, a family. It was all a manipulation. (pause, then) Do you want to know the truth about our mother? Our mother put a hit on my life. Our mother tried to have me killed.

Nadia is utterly shocked.

NADIA (whispering): Why didn't you tell me?
SYDNEY: There was never a reason to.
NADIA (whispering): Oh, my God, Syd...If I knew, I...
SYDNEY: Where is she? Katya?
NADIA: She's in the hospital. They're keeping her for observation.

Sydney walks away purposefully as Nadia turns to watch her sorrowfully



In a hospital. Vaughn enters with Sabine wailing. She has a cut on her head. They are both dressed up fancy.

Doctor: What happened?

Vaughn: I don’t know. The car just came out of nowhere. Ran right into us.

They lay Sabine down on a table.

Doctor: Dr. Gerard I need your help.

Wheeling Sabine to another room.

Sabina: It’s bad. It’s bad, isn’t it.

Doctor: (to Vaughn); Sir, she’s in good hands, but you’re going to have to wait outside.

Doctor #2 fingers the cut on Sabina’s forehead, and it peels off. The doctor looks confused. Sabina continues to wail. Sabina swings her arm around and knocks him out. Vaughn does the same to his doctor. S and V take the doctors’ clothes and ID.

Sabina: I always hated going to the doctor. Let’s go get the laser.

They walk down the hallway in nurse and doctor uniforms. They pass by people. Use ID cards to enter a door. Go down some steps. Through another door. Into a room. Possibly a cold-storage lab??? The light glows red.

Vaughn: There it is. Some light.

Sabina: How long will this take? (Pulls out some tools from underneath her skirt. Including a flashlight which she shines at the laser)

Vaughn: Hold still. We can’t risk destroying the emitter. Wire cutters. (Sabina hands him a pair of wire cutters)

Sabina: Can’t we just unplug it or something?

Vaughn: Sure, if you don’t mind blowing it up, and killing both of us in the process. Argon canister. It’s under pressure. (continues working)

Sabina: So you’re CIA.

Vaughn: Is that what Roberts told you?

Sabina: He said you were in a period of transition.

Vaughn: I guess you could say that.

Sabina: I went through the training program. Camp Perry. CIA was looking for female agents with Russian language skills. They rejected me.

Vaughn: Yeah, but you’re probably better off.

Sabina: That’s what I figured. More profit. And more fun, too.

Vaughn: This should do it. (refering to the laser)

Sabina: Let me help. (she tries to kiss V)

Vaughn: (pulls back abruptly) I’m good, thanks.

They take the laser. A guard comes in to see Vaughn and Sabina kissing. Once they “realize” the guard is there, they stop. Speak French.

Vaughn: (to the guard) How dare you. Get out of here.

Guard: I’m sorry sir.

Vaughn: Please leave.

Guard: I just need to check your identifications.

Vaughn goes to show him his ID, but fights him instead. Vaughn turns his back. Guard pulls out gun to shoot Vaughn. Sabina pulls out gun and Shoots the guard.

Sabina: Let’s go. (V stares at the dead guard) We need to leave now!

Back in warehouse. Vaughn and Sabina sitting on a bed. Sabina is bandaging Vaughn’s cut on his arm.

Sabina: I’ve seen worse. You could use a few stitches I suppose.

Vaughn: That won’t be necessary.

Sabina: Fine. Let it scar. Who knows, it might toughen you up a bit. I saw the look on your face when I killed that guard. I saved your life.

Vaughn: Thanks.

Sabina (smiles): Don’t tell me you’re torn up inside. I thought you agency boys were tougher than that.

Vaughn: (looks at her) It was him or me. I’m okay with that.

Sabina: You could have fooled me. You haven’t stopped brooding since we left the hospital.

Vaughn: Yeah well maybe it’s because I don’t like being here with you.

Sabina: You know what I think? This is exactly where you want to be. (she kisses his neck)

Vaughn throws her down on the bed, roughly.

Vaughn: Consider this the second time you’ve been rejected by the CIA.

Katya’s hospital room. Sydney walks in. Katya sits up in a hospital bed with some tubes sticking out of her.

Sydney: Understand this. Talk to my sister again, I will make sure you regret it.

Katya: The protective sister, how charming. And how satisfying it must be for you to know you have it all figured out. I would think you of all people should know the world is never black or white.

Sydney: The last time I saw you, Aunt Katya, you tried to put a bullet in my head. Given the opportunity, I wouldn’t mind seeing you suffer. Consider this visit a warning. Leave Nadia alone. (she goes to leave)

Katya: I had no intention of killing you, nor did your mother.

Sydney: (she turns back) What do you know about that?

Katya (smug): I know you believe your mother put out a contract on your life. Surely you must have asked yourself why she would want you eliminated. And I’m willing to bet you haven’t come up with a satisfying answer. Your mother loved you. And to look at you now and see how quickly you’ve abandoned her-if she only knew she would be ashamed.

Sydney: I’m not having this conversation.

Katya: Before dying, Irina tried to contact me. She believed someone was setting her up, wanting it to appear that she was trying to have you killed. I need you to get me that message. Bring it to me. It’s the least you could do for her.



Marshall’s office-lab. Sloane walks up. Marshall’s working on something.

Sloane: Marshall.

Marshall: (stands up) Mr. Sloane. Hey. Sorry. You know the classics. (referring to what he’s working on) Never go out of style.

Sloane: A test tube was sent to forensics for analysis. Did you authorize that?

Marshall: Yes. Yes I did, uuuuh. Is that a problem, ooooor-

Sloane: There’s no problem. Just a curiosity. It’s indicated that the blood sample was one of Dr. Vlachko’s test subjects. I thought we already analyzed those. Am I missing something, Marshall?

Marshall: Uh, y’know what? I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately. Mitchell’s got an ear infection (points to his own ear) and I probably just forgot to send it in. (points to Sloane) Sorry. Sorry about that. (turns around and starts working on something) Did the results come back?

Sloane: It’s nothing we didn’t already know. The subject was suffering from a large scale genetic mutation. However, Marshall, I want you to know, (Marshall looks at him) There are protocols in this office. I’m sure your failure to notify me of this submission is also do to your lack of sleep, yes?

Marshall: Yes, it probably was. I’m very tired, and I’m not. . . (Sloane leaves)

Inside warehouse. Vaughn, Roberts, Sabine, Gregor, Jan sit around a table looking at plans.

Gregor: Why complicate our life? We could get on and off without the transport even knowing they were hit.

Roberts: That item we want is extremely delicate. I mean, we can’t risk the transfer in a moving vehicle.

Gregor: I thought you said we were stealing an instruction manual?

Roberts: We are. A very old one. Written by an inventor in the fifteenth century. You breathe on it wrong and it will crumble.

Jan: Seems like a lot of trouble for an old book.

Roberts: It’s valuable to my employer, so then it’s valuable to us. Okay, it’s gonna be a 2-car caravan. (points to drawings on a dry-erase board) The lead car’s going to be the armored transport. It’ll be leaving the depot at midnight tonight traveling along this route.

Vaughn: We’re hitting a CIA convoy.

Roberts: That’s right.

Vaughn: So this is why you needed me.

Walking outside. Vaughn and Roberts.

Vaughn: From the moment you contacted me, you knew you’d need the bypass, Even if I had given you the coil-

Roberts: We’d have never told you where your father is. That’s right. Guess that makes us bad people, huh? Nothing’s changed though, you still want answers.

Vaughn: You son of a b****.

Roberts: You know, by the way, you should be thanking me. You should be grateful.

Vaughn: Thanking you for what?

Roberts: For tracking your father down. Let me tell you something. That wasn’t know small feat. Your father’s been hiding for the past-

Vaughn: You’re asking me to betray my agency.

Roberts: Well. l I fell really bad about that, you know what? I’ll say an extra hail Mary tonight before I go to bed.

Vaughn: If I do this, I can’t go back.

Roberts: (laughs) That has a certain poetry to it, doesn’t it? Like father, like son. Me? I came this far, I’d have crossed the finish line. But like I say, I’m a bad guy. Oh, guess what? Your dad is too. I mean, he’s not being held prisoner. And for 25 years, he allowed his wife and his kid to think that he’s been dead? That’s a bad guy. You think on that. I’ll be inside. (goes inside)


Nadia walking up to Sloane sitting at his desk in his office.

Nadia: I need to speak with you.

Sloane: Of course, what is it?

Nadia: I wanted to tell you before you were notified through official channels. I’ve been visiting Katya Derevco.

Sloane: Your aunt? (Nadia nods) And I assume it’s not on official business.

Nadia: No. It was personal. I thought Katya might be able to fill in the blanks about my mother. Tell me who she was.

Sloane: I see. Well. . .thank you for telling me. Nadia? What did she tell you? Nothing I didn’t already know. That she was a criminal. A murderer.

Sloane: (gets up) Sweetheart, no one is a single thing. Look, I understood Irina. We were both cut from the same cloth. Both committed to our work. And I suppose because of that, we both did some things that are unforgivable. But, Nadia, Irina is also capable of having a great capacity for love. I saw the way she looked at Sydney. The way she held that child in her arms. And I am absolutely sure she felt the same way about you. She searched for you Nadia. She may not be here to answer your questions, but the one thing I know to be true- your mother loved you.

Nadia: I’d like to believe that.

Sloane: Then do. (hugs Nadia)

Repair shop. Clocks ticking. Sydney opens the door. Bell dings.

Clerk (Friendly looking, gray-haired old guy): (to customer) Have a wonderful day.

Customer leaves. Sydney walks up to the counter.

Sydney: Hi. I’m here to pick up a repair.

Clerk: Of course. You have the service ticket?

Sydney: Nope, just the number. 112402.

Clerk: Give me just a moment. (goes to get box and places it on the counter, opens box and pulls out a beautiful wooden music box) Quite lovely, isn’t it. Open it.

Sydney opens it and a song starts to play.

Sydney: How much do I owe you?

Clerk: Nothing. It’s already been paid for. Have a lovely day.

Sydney: Thank you. (Starts to leave when her cell phone rings. To phone) Hello. (pause) Hello?

Shows Vaughn listening to his cell phone. He doesn’t speak.

Sydney: Vaughn? Vaughn, say something.

Vaughn hangs up.

Warehouse, I guess, where Roberts and his team have been. Roberts is sitting at a desk. Vaughn walks up to him.

Vaughn: We’re gonna do this my way. You want to pull this off, I’m taking charge.

Roberts: Sure thing.

Vaughn: That truck will be heavily guarded, loaded with state of the art surveillance. I want RF jammers on every team member.

Shows elevator. Guys walk off it carrying a briefcase. Vaughn’ voice over.

Vaughn (VO): Now an item this important, the CIA’s gonna use their best agents. Even the smallest mistake will compromise our mission.

Shows guy carrying briefcase walking up to Dixon and crew.

Vaughn (VO): We can use the cold laser to open the safe, but without the proper code, the safe’s backup system will engage.

Show’s Dixon taking the briefcase.

Shows Roberts and Vaughn preparing for the mission.

Vaughn: Once we’re inside, I’ll bypass the safe’s backup system while Sabina sets up the cold laser. We’ll have no more than 3 minutes.

Shows convoy back doors opening. Dixon gets inside. Opens safe. Opens briefcase. Takes out Rambaldi manuscript. Places it in the safe. Closes safe. Closes briefcase. Leaves Guard in there. Dixon leaves. Doors close.

Shows Vaughn and Roberts’s team.

Vaughn: One last thing, because there’ll be no shooting on this job. CIA protocol. They will not fire unless fired upon first. If anyone has a problem with what I just said, speak up now. We understood?

Sydney’s apartment. Se’s messing with the music box. The music is playing. Red lights start flashing in box. Nadia walks in.

Nadia: You have a minute?

Sydney: Of course. (Quickly close the music box)

Nadia: I wanted to apologize about going to Katya. I should have told you.

Sydney: You don’t have to apologize.

Nadia: When I found out Arvin Sloane was my father, I was horrified. My entire life, I wanted to meet my parents, and the truth was so . . . ugly. But he’s changed. There’s good in him. I guess I was hoping the same thing was true for our mother.

Sydney: I’m sorry.

Nadia: Me too.

Doorbell rings.

Nadia: That’s Eric. We’re going out for lunch. You want to come?

Sydney: No thanks. I’m just gonna hang out here.

Nadia: Okay.

Sydney: Have fun.

They smile at each other. Nadia leaves.

Sydney goes back to working with the music box. Opens it. Red lights flashing. Red lights turn out to be numbers. She writes down the numbers.


Shows notebook. Number is 001-87456829. Shows Sydney typing at computer, at her desk. Opens some files. Shows different bank accounts. Shows name . . . A. Sloane. Sydney gets a desperate look on her face.


Street. Convoy drives with escort. Stops at red light. Roberts drives up beside, listening to loud music. Shows Vaughn and Sabina underneath Roberts car.

Vaughn: Here we go.

Shows V and S slide from underneath Roberts’s car to underneath the convoy. V uses blowtorch on underside of the convoy to make a hole. Guard sees smoke. Gets suspicious. Goes to inspect. The hole hits him and he goes unconscious. V and S enter the convoy through the hole. Vehicles start moving again. V and S get to work cutting wires and connecting others.

Vaughn: We’ve secured the hole.

Roberts (on comms): Copy. Strike team, they’re clueless. No idea you’re hitching a ride. 110 seconds till X-fer.

Vaughn: (to Sabine) Now we’ll see how good you really are.

Sabine: Oh, I’m good.

Roberts: You’ve got 95 seconds.

Vaughn How you doing?

Sabina: Ready.

Sabina turns on cold laser and uses it to cut a hole in the safe.

Vaughn: Almost there.

Convoy and escort enter the tunnel from the beginning of the episode.

Roberts: All right. Here we go.

V and S cover their heads as the safe falls apart.

Sabina: Nice timing.

Roberts: Strike team, repot. What’s going on? What the hell is going on?

Shows V take manuscript out of safe.

Sabina: Package secured.

Shows vehicles in tunnel. Escort a bit further down than convoy. Smaller vehicle to the right of the convoy cuts in front of the convoy and brakes.

Roberts: Strike team. Get ready for impact.

Shows V and S. Show convoy driver. Shows Dixon in escort.

Dixon: Turn back. (Readys a gun. Escort vehicle turns around and drives back to convoy.)

Vaughn: (to Sabina. Still in convoy) Let’s go.

V and S exit convoy. Dixon gets out of escort vehicle.

Dixon: Drop your weapons!

Masked bandit starts shooting.

Vaughn (yells): NO!

Masked bandit continues shooting.

Dixon: (to crew) I need suppressive fire now!

Dixon and crew shoot the masked bandit shooters, most likely Jan and Gregor. V and S run off.

Dixon: (To masked bandits) Drop your weapons! (Guns shooting) (To crew) I need suppression!

V and S run away. Dixon follows suit. Down a stairwell and through some doors and down a hallway they run. S falls and screams. V doubles back to help, but Dixon comes around the bend and shoots S when she starts shooting at him. V shoots Dixon. S is dead. V walks up slowly to Dixon and takes off his mask. Vaughn stares at Dixon.

Dixon’s radio: Dixon report. Do you copy? Two hostages escaped into the tunnel. Hostages in the tunnel. Do you copy?


Roberts: Got to hand it to you man. You a closer. Let’s see em. Where’s the manuscript?

Vaughn punches Roberts. And holds him by the collar.

Vaughn: He’s dead all along. Hasn’t’ he?

Roberts: What?

Vaughn: My father would never have done this.

Roberts: Man, Have you lost your mind?

Vaughn: My father’s dead, you son of a b****. And you used that. The truth! I want to hear you say it! He’s been dead all along!

Roberts: Man, you’ve seen the pictures.

Vaughn: Yeah, I’ve seen a lot of things.

Roberts: All right, you want me to say it? Fine. He’s been-(Vaughn punches him again)

Vaughn: The truth! Tell me the truth!

Roberts: Woah. (Vaughn starts to swing at him again) Okay, okay. He’s dead man. Okay, he’s dead.

Vaughn: What else?

Roberts: What?

Vaughn: The rest of it. How’d he die?

Roberts: Man, you know the rest.

Vaughn: Say it!

Roberts: Irina Derevko killed him. The pictures, the witnesses, the journals-everything was fake. Everything.

Vaughn: Who else? Who set me up? Who do you work for?

Roberts: Please. You know-

Vaughn bangs him up a bit.

Vaughn: Who do you work for? Tell me.

Roberts: Sloane. I work for Sloane. (faints)

Katya’s prison cell.

Katya: You found the message.

Sydney: Bank records. Payments to the assassin who tried to kill me.

Katya: The records exonerate Irina.

Sydney: Yes.

Katya: Sydney, whoever did this, for your mother, my sister, we have to make it right. We have- You already know who it was.

Sydney: My mother traced the bank payments to their source. She discovered who it was.

Katya: That case- Oh if I would have gotten the message in time. . .

Sydney: She would still be alive.

Katya: Who is it?

Sydney: Before I tell you, you must promise me Nadia can never know.


Jack’s office. Marshall walks in. Jack is sitting at his desk.

Marshall (just being Marshall): Your’re probably gonna want to kill me when I tell you this, but I ran some tests. (lifts folder in his hands)

Jack: What kind of tests?

Marshall: You may be very sick, Mr Bristow. Now, you’ll need additional bloodwork to be sure-

Jack: I thought I made myself clear, Marshall. This is not something I care to discuss.

Marshall: I understand. Just hear me out. You have a mutation.

Jack: Marshall, I’ve heard enough.

Marshall (urgently): Dammit, you may not care what happens to you, but what happens to you affects other people. Sydney, for example. Have you thought about that? You need to see a doctor, now!

Sloane (from behind): Is everything all right here?

Jack: We were just finishing up.

Marshall: Yeah, just finishing up. (takes one last look at Jack and leaves)

Sloane: Jack. . .Is there something we need to discuss?

Sydney’s apartment. Doorbell rings. Sydney answers. It’s Vaughn.

Vaughn: Hi

Sydney: Hi

They hug. She gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Vaughn: He’s dead, Syd, my father. He’s been dead all along. I think. You know, I’ve- I’ve lived with his death for so long, I would have done anything just to see him again. But then I realized that my father, he would have never left my mom and me, not for anything. The man I knew could never have walked away from the people he loved.

Sydney: How did you know?

Vaughn: Cuz I couldn’t either. (they smile at each other) It was Sloane. I should have seen it all along. I swear to G-d, Syd, I am gonna kill that son of a b****.

Sydney: Come inside. There’s something I have to tell you.


Sloane’s sitting at his desk in his office.

Sloane: Jack.

Jack: I just spoke with Sydney, Vaughn’s returned.

Sloane: Where was he?

Jack: I’ll be debriefing him tomorrow. He retrieved the coil. It’s on his way to the DSR facility for analysis.

Sloane: Good.

Jack: One more thing. Dixon ran into some interference abroad. He’s okay. He had his vest on. But you were right to be concerned.

Sloane: What about the DSR transport?

Jack: The artifact has been secured.

Sloane: Okay.

Jack: Unless there’s something else, I’m headed out.

Sloane: No, have a good evening, Jack.

Jack: You too. (he walks out)


Office somewhere. Man hangs up phone and starts walking angrily.

Man: Mr. Sloane? I’m sorry to report, Mr Sloane, we didn’t recover the manuscript. And Roberts hasn’t reported in.

Arvin Clone: (sitting in his desk) I see. Nothing changes. Everything proceeds as planned.

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