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Hot Salsa dancers with only the bottom part of their bodies shown on screen, and at the long shot a very prominent yellow-dressed woman shakes her bottom. The shot moves up and we see it is SYDNEY, with a ridiculous wig that looks like a cat got on top of her head.

She turns towards the screen and does a few moves, before the camera pans away to the other dancers again. Camera moves to the people at their tables, and they're chatting and looking at the dancers.

Camera focuses towards a particular table. Camera then moves towards the dancers again. A random dancer moves towards another random man to ask to dance, then we see SYDNEY moving towards a man at said table. She puts her leg up on his chair (Camera provides a rather nice shot of her leg) and holds her hand towards him, and he takes it, but not before taking a glance at his companions at his table.

SYDNEY smiles and they move towards the dance floor. They danced for a while. Camera pans to his companions, who are watching pretty amused.

PHANTOM: (subtitles) You dance like an angel.
SYDNEY: (subtitles) Yet my feet touch the ground.

Camera now pans over to the table again, then back to the dancing pair.

PHANTOM: I betray him; I spend the rest of my life on the run.
SYDNEY: We can help you with that.
PHANTOM: You brought the payment?

She moves her hand down his face, a diamond bracelet clearly evident.

SYDNEY: I hope you like diamonds.

They continue dancing and the camera pans ominously at the man sitting at the table.

PHANTOM: They are planning an attack. Large-scaled, civilian target.
SYDNEY: Where?
PHANTOM: I'm not sure, but it's on the hard drive. Everything you need. Your man is in Los Angeles?

Scene cuts to DIXON walking down a hallway.

SYDNEY: (Voiceover) He's ready.
PHANTOM: (Voiceover) Have him proceed to locker 471.

DIXON: I'm on the move.

Scene cuts back to dance floor.

PHANTOM: The locker combination is 8-0-2-37.

Scene cuts to DIXON opening the locker, then back to the dance floor. Camera pans over to the table again.

PHANTOM: Has he found it?

Cuts to DIXON, who puts the harddrive into his briefcase.

DIXON: I have it. The package.

Back to SYDNEY on the dance floor.

SYDNEY: He’s got it.

She twirls PHANTOM around, and slips the bracelet into his hand, then pretends to continue dancing again.

SYDNEY: On the next turn, spin me and cut into the nearest dancer.
PHANTOM: Pleasure dancing with you.

He kisses her hand, then spins SYDNEY as instructed, adjusts his tie and cuts into the next dancer. The camera pans ominously over at the man at the table.

Scene then cuts to MARSHALL rushing at home.

MARSHALL: Honey have you seen my shoe? I really need to go. (Mitchell is crying in the background. We then see CARRIE carrying Mitchell at the medicine cabinet)
CARRIE: No, you don’t!
MARSHALL: Yes, I do!

He trips over some of Mitchell’s toys, and Mitchell cries harder. CARRIE coos at him. MARSHALL finally found his shoe in some box at some obscure corner.

MARSHALL: I found it! Who put it in the box?
CARRIE: (as Mitchell cries louder) Hey Marshall?
MARSHALL: Okay, I’m out of here.
CARRIE: He’s warm.
MARSHALL: Well, you know, he’s just got out of the bathroom –
CARRIE: No, it’s not the bath; he’s feverish!
MARSHALL: (Stumbling over his words) ** [I couldn’t catch what he was saying]
CARRIE: No, just feel him.
MARSHALL: He’s just a little warm..
CARRIE: Won’t you hold him? Just hold him-
MARSHALL: (while CARRIE is talking, he’s been talking) I can’t take him right now… CARRIE! CARRIE! (She walks away, then his phone rings) Hold on, hold on, just a second. (CARRIE gets something from a drawer) Hello?

Scene cuts to SLOANE at APO.

SLOANE: Where are you.
MARSHALL: (on the phone) Hi Mr Herderington, (to CARRIE) It’s Mr Herderington! (CARRIE shakes her head)
SLOANE: DIXON on work with the hard drive, you were supposed to be at work an hour ago. Where are you?
MARSHALL: Well, you know, we had a bit of a, domestic crisis here –
SLOANE: I’m not interested. (cuts to MARSHALL nodding his head, then back again) Get in here.


MARSHALL: Okay, I’d be right in, thank you, Mr Boss Man.

CARRIE walks out with a horrified expression on her face.

CARRIE: You can’t go back in!
MARSHALL: I have to, the server crashed, okay?
CARRIE: He needs to go to the doctor’s!
MARSHALL: Well, then you take him. (Camera pans to CARRIE’s disappointed and disapproving expression, then MARSHALL switches MITCHELL from his left to his right) Carrie. I’m sorry. I need your help right now. I have to get to work, okay? (He hands Mitchell over to her and looks guilty as Mitchell cries even louder)

Cuts to night, in Havana, where it’s raining. SYDNEY walks out with her cell phone at her ear.

SYDNEY: My contact here indicates that Third Faction is planning a large-scaled (cuts to VAUGHN walking in a room at APO) civilian attack.
VAUGHN: We’d have the hard drive decrypted by the time you touch down. Just don’t spend too much time sightseeing in Cuba.

Cuts back to SYDNEY in Havana

SYDNEY: Don’t worry, I’m ready to get out of here. You have any idea (Cuts back to VAUGHN) how hard it is to maintain cover while dancing the salsa in three-inch heels?
VAUGHN: Yes, actually, I do, but let’s keep that between us.

Cuts back again to SYDNEY

SYDNEY: (Sniggering) You’re doing the next intel swap, I don’t care what the {**} perimeters are.
VAUGHN: Oh, nothing will make me happier. I love dancing.
SYDNEY: (Laughs) You hate to dance!

Cuts to VAUGHN.

VAUGHN: (A grin plastered on his face) How did you know?
SYDNEY: I’ve never seen you dance.
VAUGHN: Well, I’m a mysterious man. A lot of things you don’t know about me.
SYDNEY: You’ve never once (cuts back to her) taken me dancing.
VAUGHN: (Cuts to him) Okay. Let’s go dancing.
SYDNEY: Really?
VAUGHN: Yeah, sure! (Scene cuts back to SYDNEY)
SYDNEY: (Laughing again) But you hate dancing!
VAUGHN: And yet, I’m taking you. Like I said, I’m very mysterious. You see your driver?

She approaches the car, and the scene cuts to VAUGHN.

VAUGHN: Have a safe trip.

Scene cuts back to SYDNEY, who closes the door. Closeup on her face reveals an enormous grin, and the car pulls away.


Dixon walks into APO carrying a briefcase, he passes it off to a random guy who then walks with Dixon to a computer. The guy opens the case and hooks up the hard drive that was inside to the computer.


Sydney’s car is being followed. She sees headlights in the rearview mirror and turns around to see, when she turns back there is red dot aimed on the back of the driver’s head.

SYDNEY: Get down!

Shots are fired from the tailing car and the driver is hit. We now see that there are two cars, Sydney pulls at the door handle but it’s locked and then one of the cars hits Sydney’s side of the car and she falls back from beside the window. The second car smashes into the back of the car and she is knocked unconscious. Both her car and another car are stopped. Two men get out and pull Sydney from the car stuffing her into theirs.


Inside APO, we see Dixon talking to a man at a desk while the other man, in the next room, is still working away at the computer. There are a bunch of 0's and 1's on the screen along with ‘CAUTION!!!!! UNAUTHORIZED CONTENT!!!!! PROCEED WITH CAUTION’ The computer blows up and Dixon runs into the room which is now filling with smoke. He waves it away as he goes to the guy.

DIXON: I need a med tech!

The office is filling with more smoke and there is an automated voice warning of a pathogen alert. The monitors in APO now display BIOHAZARD signs. Sloane and Jack look up startled by the alarm which is still being sounded as Dixon yells... *something I can’t make out*

DIXON: I need some help here!

Doors close as they go into lockdown and Sloane and Jack get up to see what’s going on. Vaughn runs in with a case in his hands with Nadia running alongside.

The guy who was at the computer isn’t doing too good now. His cheek looks like it has blisters on it and he is gasping for air. Dixon puts an oxygen mask on him and grabs his wrist to feel his pulse. Vaughn opens the case and hands the contents to a nearby agent.

VAUGHN: Jeff, hand these out; make sure everyone gets one.
JEFF: You got it.

Dixon now sees blisters on his own hands and is beginning to cough. Vaughn is handing out medication from his case.

VAUGHN: Here, it’s *something else I can’t make out (most likely the name of the medication)*

Dixon collapses, gasps for air, and Weiss runs over.

WEISS: Vaughn.
VAUGHN: Don’t touch him! Don’t touch him!

WEISS: Hey, *Holson,* come on.

VAUGHN: Here, inject *yourselves.*

Dixon seems to be seizing and Nadia, wearing gloves, injects one of the syringes into his leg. Weiss follows suit into his own and then Nadia injects herself with her own syringe.

Vaughn comes over and crouches beside Dixon’s head.

VAUGHN: Clear his airway. Dixon, it’s alright. It’s okay.

Weiss supports Dixon’s head with one hand and rests his other on Dixon’s chest by his neck to feel for his pulse.

VAUGHN: It should start taking affect.
WEISS: It’s working.
VAUGHN: Relax. Breathe.


We see two men dragging Sydney, in the dark, and dropping her to the ground. It sounds like one of them says 'get up' and then she pushes herself to her knees. Another man falls beside her, also on his knees. Both have bindings around their wrists. Car headlights shine in their eyes, Sydney is out of breath and the man beside her looks at their captor.

(Subtitles on.)

In German:
ULRICH: You betrayed me for jewelry?
MAN: Ulrich, please listen to me–

Ulrich says something and we don’t get any subtitles.

MAN: You’ve made a mistake. Give me another chance.

(Subtitles off.)

Ulrich pulls out a gun and shoots the man in the forehead and he hits the ground. Sydney, who had been looking back and forth as each of the men spoke, now looks a little uneasy although she doesn’t let it show to Ulrich. He walks closer to her and she makes eye contact with him.

ULRICH: He was under the impression this was a negotiation. He was mistaken. Now, I don’t particularly care who you are and who you work with, but I’m sure your conspirators will have their hands full with the hard drive we sent you.

He gestures towards the dead man with his gun in hand.

ULICH: *Wrong business for them. I need them to see what I do to my enemies, I need them to see what I do to you.*
SYDNEY: So would it help with your demonstration if I started crying and pleading for my life?
ULRICH: You obviously don’t understand your situation. He was my friend, you’re not. I have something much worse planned for you.

Sydney stares at him and we go to the...

(ALIAS theme)

Jack walks through APO with papers in hand over to where Sloane is on the phone.

SLOANE: Yes, Director, we’ll keep you informed on the hour. Right.

He hangs up and turns to Jack.

SLOANE: What’s our status?
JACK: Vents have been sealed, air filters are working, electricity has been shifted to back up generator.
SLOANE: Our cover prevents local emergency responses from intervening. We’ll have to wait for hazardous material team to give the green light. Until then proceed with quarantine protocol. When will the ICU be ready?
JACK: Minutes. The hard drive Dixon brought in exploded after it was connected to APO’s network. It’s possible our computer system has also been compromised.
SLOANE: Right, then we’ll run an emergency diagnostic. Where’s Marshall?


Marshall pulls into the parking garage and is quickly gathering his things as he gets out of the car. His phone rings. Marshall answers by pressing on the earpiece he’s wearing.

MARSHALL: Flinkman.
SLOANE: Lockdown protocol 4 Alpha Charlie, confirm?

Marshall hurries to drop his things back into the car and get to his laptop.

SLOANE: Confirm!

Marshall sets the laptop on the car and gets to work.

MARSHALL: Yeah, sorry. 4 Bravo *Inkblot* confirm. Firewall networks are secure. We haven’t been hacked... Is this a drill?
SLOANE: Unfortunately not. A nerve agent has been released inside APO. We have neutralized the threat but our exposure is still a biohazard outside the office. Until we get cleared, noone comes in or out of here.
MARSHAL: Okay, okay I got it. Um, is there anything uh– what can I do? What can I do?
SLOANE: Nothing. Stay on the line, we’ll tell you what we need.

Weiss and Nadia walk into the office, Sloane, Vaughn, and Jack are each standing beside a chair at the table.

WEISS: What the hell happened?
SLOANE: We’ve been double-crossed.
NADIA: What about Sydney?
VAUGHN: She last checked in before *not sure where he says*
JACK: Have we confirmed the flight?

Vaughn walks around the table and dials Sydney’s cell.

The screen is black and we hear her phone ringing. After a few rings she gasps and is out of breath when she answers. The blue light from the phone allows us to see a wound on the right side of her forehead.

SYNDEY: Hello? Hel–

She looks at the screen... one missed call. Creaking noises start and she tries to look around her a bit, as the creaking continues Sydney begins to realize where she is and her breaths become deeper and more frequent. She continues to look around her with the help of the light from her phone. She gasps when she finds the body of the man who was shot by Ulrich laying beside her. We then see a shot of a dark cemetery and now we know where she is. A phone rings. Sloane answers and it’s on speaker.

SLOANE: Sydney, is that you?
SYDNEY: Don’t hook up the hard drive.
VAUGHN: We know, where are you?
SYDNEY: I’m not sure. They.... dragged me to a cemetery and knocked me out, and I woke up in a... coffin.

Nadia, Vaughn, and Jack all look at each other worriedly.

Marshall, still out in the parking garage, looks just as worried.

MARSHALL: Syd, are you uh... have you been buried?
SYDNEY: (whispers) Yes.
JACK: Stay calm. We’re going to find you.
WEISS: What about your contact?
SYDNEY: They shot him, he’s– he’s in the coffin with me.

Marshall looks horrified as he listens in.

NADIA: We have CIA friendly support in Cuba.
SYDNEY: No we don’t, we’re black ops. We’re on our own. But, you guys have to come get me.
VAUGHN: Sydney, the hard drive has been rigged. Ir released some sort of a toxin in here, we’re in lockdown.
SYDNEY: Lockdown? For how long?
SLOANE: We estimate about 36 hours.
SYDNEY: Then, what are our other options?

Everyone looks sad and concerned, knowing Sydney’s buried alive and they’re all helpless.

MARSHALL: Um, ex– excuse me. Listen, I know you told me you’d let me know if you need anything but... I could do it. I could go to Cuba.
SYDNEY: Wait a minute, Marshall? You’re– you’re not in lockdown with the rest of the team?
MARSHLL: No, Syd, listen... Mitchell this morning, well– it’s a long story. How many bars do you have on your cell phone?
MARSHALL: Four. Okay, good. That’s excellent. Every cell phone has a distinct radio frequency that’s traceable. If we can get a locator–
JACK: But there’s no way to get the op-tech to you.
MARSHALL: Well, I could rig one in-country, okay. I mean, the only thing is, Syd, you’d have to stay off the phone while I’m traveling, ya know, just to conserve the battery.
SLOANE: Done. We go with this. Marshall, there’ll be a passport and a visa for you at the airport.
MARSHALL: Passport and visa, passport and– okay– okay I’m going.
He grabs his laptop and gets into the car.
JACK: Marshall. Sydney has a limited supply of oxygen in that coffin, we have no margin for error, understood?
MARSHALL: Yeah. I understand, I can do this.

Marshall drives off.

SLOANE: Sydney, I want–
SYDNEY: No, I get it. I– I’m hanging up now.

Sydney hangs up, takes a deep breath, and begins to cry and the coffin creaks some more.

The camera moves up from her legs to her face and you see she’s shaking, wrists still bound and her cell phone between her hands. She’s trying to compose herself and stifle her cries but gives in and begins to panic. She frantically bites and pulls at the roping on her hands as her cries intensify.


We pan past Dixon who is laying, asleep, in a hospital bed, both hands are wrapped in gauze bandages past his wrists.

SLOANE: Reports confirm that ten containers of ** were stolen a week ago from a warehouse in Morocco. They hit us with a drop, less than a gram according to lab analysis. Third Faction has enough toxin to infect an entire city. I want their target. Cross-check all DIA and Echelon watch lists. Consult with all of our contacts, petroleum major ports, you know the protocol.

Nadia, who has seemed somewhat emotional and distracted for most of the scene, leans over to Vaughn and whispers.

NADIA: How long has she been in the ground?

SLOANE: Look at me! Marshall is on his way. We’ll get Sydney out, make no mistake. Third Faction wants us on our heals. They think they can bomb our operation, they think they can bury our agents alive, and they think that will stop us. Well, they’re wrong, we have a job to do. Get to work.


Music plays in the background and Marshall is at the counter in a store, constructing his locator with various parts, including a cell phone. There’s a chicken eating on the counter as well and a man working behind it. An elderly woman is sitting in a chair nearby.

MARSHALL: Uh. Uh, uh... d-do you have a screwdriver? A flathead screwdriver, por favor?

(Subtitles on all but Marshall)

In Spanish:
MAN: Stop making hand gestures at me. Also, my store is not a workbench for you to play with.

Marshall looks confused

MARSHALL: That can’t be regular Spanish, that’s way too fast. Uh, slow down, por favor.
MAN: You’re scaring away my customers.
MARSHALL: You know what, never–
WOMAN: Let the boy work. I like watching him. (to Marshall) I like watching you.

(Subtitles off)

He continues screwing something onto his gadget, he smiles and nods.

MARSHALL: Hola. Como esta. Alright, she’s really starting to freak me out a little bit, k. Okay, uh, do you have, um uh uh... a radio? Ya know, *shouts something in Spanish*
MAN: Ah, radio.
MARSHALL: (In Spanish dialect.) Radio, radio, radio.

The man seems to lighten up a bit and walks out to get the radio, talking in Spanish as he exits the room. Marshall looks to the woman and smiles.

MARSHALL: It’s the same in... Spanish...

He holds up his contraption.


The chicken is pecking at the food on the counter.

MARSHALL: These your chickens?

The man brings out the radio and puts it on the counter, saying something else in Spanish to Marshall.



Sydney runs her hands along the inside of the coffin above her face, which is still creaking. She looks around with her phone agin and holds it close to the guy while she searches his pockets. After lying still a minute or two she calls Vaughn.

VAUGHN: Syd, slow down. (He puts her on speaker.) Say that again.
SYDNEY: We can ID him.
SYDNEY: Phantom, my contact. I can send you a picture. You can check it against airport surveillance, inbound flights to Cuba. He wasn’t alone. Get visuals of the other members of Third Faction and... track that against where they’ve been and where they’re– where they’re going.

The more she talks, the slower her delivery rate becomes.

JACK: Send the photo.

She takes a picture of him with the phone.

VAUGHN: Okay, Syd. We got it, we’re indexing it now.
SYDNEY: Vaughn?
VAUGHN: Yeah. I’m here, can you hear me?
SYDNEY: I know what he looks like.

Vaughn looks to Weiss who looks to Jack.

VAUGHN: Syd, we got the picture, we’re working on it.
SYDNEY: We can check it against airport surveillance.
VAUGHN: Syd, you already said that.
SYDNEY: And he wasn’t alone. We can find where he’s been, where he’s going...

She sounds very groggy now and Vaughn and Jack exchange glances. Then Jack walks out.


Marshall is in a cab tinkering with the locator he made when his phone rings.

JACK: Marshall, what’s your status?
MARSHALL: Well, it’s really hot here and everyone keeps calling me chongo.
JACK: (snaps impatiently) Marshall, where are you?
MARSHALL: We’re close. Really close. I’ve got her signal locked in.

Jack is standing outside the board room now and looks inside before cautiously speaking again.

JACK: We don’t have much time.
MARSHALL: I understand. Hold on. Okay. Okay, uh, senior? Turn here. Turn here, sir. Senior? AQUI! AQUI! SENOR! AQUI! AQUI! A LA DERECHA!

The driver turns sharply to the right.

MARSHALL: I took a little Spanish in college.

Vaughn sits back down and looks from Weiss to Nadia and sighs as he rubs his forehead before taking Sydney's call off hold and bringing her back to speaker.

VAUGHN: Syd. Marshall is on his way. We’ll be dancing before you know it.

She looks as if she’s about to pass out at any moment.

SYDNEY: Yet my feet touch the ground.
VAUGHN: What was that? Sydney?
SYDNEY: Vaughn?

There’s interference on the line and her phone beeps twice, alerting her of the weak signal.

SYDNEY: My phone is dying... Vaughn?

MARSHALL: Okay. *He speaks to the driver in spanish.* Alright, Mr. Bristow. I’m here. I’m here at the cemetery. Hold on.

VAUGHN: Syd. Marshall’s there. Hang on.

Marshall is out of the cab and it drives off.

MARSHALL: I just– I just need to... find out... which grave she’s in.

He goes off running to search for the right one

VAUGHN: Syd? Sydney?!

Her phone flashes ‘low battery’ and she lays quietly.

MARSHALL: Okay. Okay. No! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

His signal on the locator begins to die and he’s banging on it trying to make it work.

SYDNEY: Vaughn? Vaughn?!

She’s scared now and the screen on her phone says ‘goodbye’ and it shuts off. The coffin goes dark and she whimpers.

SYDNEY: (squeaks) Vaughn.

MARSHALL: Seven. There are seven fresh graves here.
VAUGHN: Marshall, you don’t have time to dig them all up. Is there any way to narrow it down?
MARSHALL: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Vaughn, can you task a satellite over my position?

Vaughn goes to a computer and sits down.
VAUGHN: Okay, I’m here. What do I do?
MARSHALL: Well... tasking a satellite through the NRO would take forever, so go to the *config* access menu.

He sees something and runs over to grab it. It’s a shovel.

MARSHALL: Now, my phone is GPS so you should be able to route the coordinates through the system.
VAUGHN: Got it.
VAUGHN: Hang on, I don’t see a prompt.
MARSHALL: Well... there is no prompt. The prompt is implied.
VAUGHN: What, I’m supposed to just type it in?
MARSHALL: Yes, god. Vaughn, this isn’t that hard.
VAUGHN: Yeah well, I’ve never done this before.
MARSHALL: Well, I do it for you people all the time. Now come on.
VAUGHN: Okay. I have a visual.
MARSHALL: Okay. Great, great, great. The commands I gave you should change the view to thermal.
VAUGHN: Okay. Wait, I see her. Uh, eight rows north from where you are, three graves west.
MARSHALL: North, west. Okay, I’m on it.
VAUGHN: Marshall, stop. Turn around. Your other north.

He turns and run to the grave Vaughn directed him to.

VAUGHN: That’s it. It’s right in front of you.
MARSHALL: I got it. I got it.

Marshall drops his phone and begins digging down into the dirt with his shovel. Vaughn and Jack watch from the monitors and Nadia comes in to see too. Finally Marshall hits the top of the wooden coffin.

MARSHALL: Syd? Syd? Syd, can you hear me? I’m coming!

He clears the dirt away enough so that he can pull off the lid. When he opens it he sees the dead guy and Sydney laying unconscious beside him.

MARSHALL: Oh my god. No. No.

He climbs inside and lifts Sydney out of the grave and onto the ground.

MARSHALL: Syd? Syd? Syd? Syd?

He rolls her over onto her back and taps the side of her face, trying to wake her.

MARSHALL: Syd? Syd? Syd?

He puts his ear to her mouth so see if she’s breathing. Nothing.

MARSHALL: Oh my god. Okay.

He gives her mouth to mouth and does some chest compressions.

MARSHALL: Come on. Come on.

The three, now accompanied by Weiss and Sloane, sit in silence at APO watching the screens. Marshall is doing more compressions and listens for breaths again.

MARSHALL: (with each compression...) Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on.

Sydney finally lets out a weak cough and then she begins to cough more intensely and gasp to get air into her lungs again.

MARSHALL: (whispers) Oh my god. Syd?

VAUGHN: That’s her. She’s moving.

They onlookers are relieved.

MARSHALL: Syd? You okay?

He strokes her head gently and she looks up at him and smiles timidly, still out of breath.

SYDNEY: Marshall.

As she gains her strength and rolls onto her stomach, propped on her elbows... Marshall is exhausted and rolls onto his back. He’s smiling and she watches him for a minute.

SYDNEY: Thanks.
MARSHALL: You’re welcome.


SLOANE: We have an ID on the Phantom. Alex *Rucker* high tech specialist. He was recruited to the Third Faction by this man... Ulrich *Catore*.

Sydney and Marshall are in the back of a car. Sloane puts Ulrich’s picture on the screen at APO and Syndey and Marshall see it via some sort of gadget off-camera.

SYDNEY: That’s him.
SLOANE: Phantom says that another chemical attack is imminent. The assumption is that Ulrich has the intel we need to stop it on his computer. Sydney, Marshall, APO is in lockdown for at least another 24 hours, your mission is not over.
Sydney closes her eyes, taking it in, and nods.

JACK: This picture was taken 10 hours ago in a Berlin airport. Ulrich operates out of a nightclub there. Infiltrate the club.

Sydney looks over at Marshall who is listening intently.

JACK: Find Ulrich’s hard drive and upload it’s contents to us.
SYDNEY: Ulrich knows me. There’s no way I can get close to him.

She looks to Marshall, speaking in his direction.

SYDNEY: But we could send someone else.
MARSHALL: I’ve never been to Berlin.

He smiles nervously as we go to...

Night time in Berlin and Sydney is going over the mission and the gadgets with Marshall in a van. The camera alternates between each of them.

SYDNEY: Make eye contact with everyone, particularly Ulrich’s bodyguards.
SYDNEY: Well, you have to convince them you’re not scared.
MARSHALL: Right. Yeah, I think you’re supposed to do that in prison too... I heard.
SYDNEY: The flash drive inside will automatically begin transfer when you’re within range of his computer, but you have to get kind of close.
MARSHALL: How close?
SYDNEY: Two... three feet.
MARSHALL: Syd, this guy, he buried you alive.
SYDNEY: Yeah, but he cheated. He hit me with a car first.

Marshall smiles and nods a whispered ‘yeah.’

SYDNEY: Ordinary cell phone, right?

She demonstrates how it works.

SYDNEY: Snap off the back. You’ve got your barrel, your trigger, magazine... the magazine holds two bullets–
SYDNEY: Be careful when you load it–
MARSHALL: Syd, I know. I built that, remember? I mean, I built all this stuff.
SYDNEY: It’s different in the field.

He nods understandingly.

SYDNEY: So, be careful when you load it because this is very sensitive up here.

Marshall’s cell phone interrupts while Sydney is speaking.

MARSHALL: Hold on one sec.

He searches his pockets for his phone and looks to see who it is.

MARSHALL: It’s Carrie.

He answers.

MARSHALL: Hey, honey, hi. What time is it?

He switches the phone to the other ear and checks his watch and then switches ears again.
MARSHALL: Ohhh. Sorry. What’s he doing, is he okay? We didn’t– I mean, I didn’t realize– Aww, poor Mitchell. Alri– you know what, put him on. Yeah, put him on. Well– did you try that thing where you– okay yeah, put him on. Hey. Hey, booboo, hi. Daddy loves you.

Marshall clears his throat and sings to Mitchell while Sydney smiles at her observation.

MARSHALL: Hush... hush... hush little Mitchell, don’t you cry. Daddy’s here to teach you about Lanthanides.

He sneaks a peak at Sydney who is smiling in amusement.

MARSHALL: Cerium is first, yes it leads the way. Hexagonal structure and it’s iron gray. Praseodymium is next and it looks like brass– What? No. I can’t make it home right now, I’m sor– Tonight, I promise. By tonight, that’s the best I can do. I’m sorry. Yes. Yes, Carrie, it’s a crisis. Carrie, I–
He realizes that she has hung up on him and he stares at his phone sadly. Sydney watches sympathetically.

MARSHALL: I told her I’d be home tonight.
SYDNEY: You will.
MARSHALL: (whispers) Okay.
SYDNEY: (quietly) Here.

She hands him the cell phone.

MARSHALL: Right. Wish me luck.

He prepares himself and gets up and slides open the door. He steps out and turns back to Sydney who nods to him with an assuring smile and he nods as well before sliding the door closed.

At the nightclub, Marshall walks around cautiously while communicating to Sydney who is still in the van.

MARSHALL: Okay, I’m in. Now what do I do?
SYDNEY: What do you see?
MARSHALL: Well, a lot of people who are into spanking apparently.

A random woman grabs his face and kisses him.

MARSHALL: Oh my god, I think I just got hepatitis.
MARSHALL: This woman who looks like *Marlena Detrich* she just kissed me.

He wipes his mouth.

MARSHALL: I don’t think she’s *I can’t make out this part* though.
SYDNEY: What are you talking about?
MARSHALL: Nothing... Okay, I see a back office. There’s a bouncer standing guard and apparently a lot of men with guns.
SYDNEY: You can do this, just remember what we talked about. Eye contact. Now, walk up to them and repeat exactly what I tell you.

He grabs a drink and nods to the person with the tray.

MARSHALL: Thank you.

He downs the drink in one shot.


He approaches one of Ulrich’s bodyguards.

MARSHALL: I’m uh.. (clears throat) here to see Urich.
GUARD: Ulrich not seeing anyone.
SYDNEY: Tell him Alex wasn’t the only one betraying him.
MARSHALL: Tell him Alex wasn’t the only one betraying him.

The guard talks to Ulrich on a walkie talkie and then motions to Marshall.

GUARD: This way.

They enter an office and Marshall is patted down. The guard hands him back his cell phone and cigarette case with the flash drive inside.

MARSHALL: Thank you.

The man says something to Ulrich in another language and leaves. Ulrich hangs up the phone he was on and Marshall approaches.

MARSHALL: Mr. *C* Thank you for taking the time...
ULRICH: Stop. I don’t know who you are and you’re distracting me at a critical juncture. So, I hope you have something interesting to tell me.. Mr?
SYDNEY: Okay, this guy’s a blow hard.
MARSHALL: Bristow. Jack Bristow.
SYDNEY: (slightly startled) That’s– that’s good.
MARSHALL: And if I’m wasting your time by being polite, well I’m happy to walk out of here.
SYDNEY: Wait, don’t go overboard.
MARSHALL: Just don’t call me when the Third Faction goes down in flames.
SYDNEY: Don’t mention Third Faction!

Marshall sits down across the desk from Ulrich.

ULRICH: You said you had information about my men, now what is it.
SYDNEY: Marshall, I’m not getting a reading from the flash drive. Get the case closer to Ulrich’s computer.

He takes out the cigarette case from his jacket and takes one out and places it in his lips.

MARSHALL: Cigarette?
ULRICH: No thanks.

Marshall lights the cigarette and tosses the case onto the desk by Ulrich’s laptop. He inhales and coughs quietly.

MARSHALL: I have some... conversations on tape.
SYDNEY: Perfect. Now just keep that going for two minutes. Tell him he’s mentioned on the tapes.
MARSHALL: You’re mentioned on those tapes.

Marshall is now more comfortable with his smoking and is puffing away during conversation.

ULRICH: My men would never go to the government.
SYDNEY: No, but they would sell you out to the *Slobidan* Wolves.
MARSHALL: No, but they would sell you out to the *Slobidan* Wolf.
SYDNEY: Wolves.
ULRICH: So who... who’s doing this?
SYDNEY: Dietrich Gustof, his third in command.
MARSHALL: Dietrich Gustof, your third in command.
ULRICH: I’m confused by something. You say you have these recordings, and Dietrich... well he only speaks German.
ULRICH: Doesn’t that mean... *speaks a few sentences in German*
SYDNEY: Okay, he just insulted you. Now say, *tells him what to say in German*
MARSHALL: I work for myself. And as for these tapes, it’s none of your business how I got them. And my German, (subtitled) I know enough to deal with trash like you.
SYDNEY: Now laugh like it’s all a big joke.

So he does.

VAUGHN: Uh, Syd, we’ve got a problem.
SYDNEY: What is it?
VAUGHN: The hard drive is connected to network firewall. Everything you’re sending us is encrypted. But hold on, I’m checking all the computer shipments to your location. If we can figure out the system, we might be able to bypass it.
ULRICH: Alright, Mr. Bristow, bring me that tape and we’ll cut a deal.
SYDNEY: Marshall, we’ve hit a glitch. Stall.
VAUGHN: Okay, Syd. We’ve isolated the firewall, it’s located in the basement of the club.
SYDNEY: I’m on my way.
VAUGHN: No, no, no, wait, wait. The firewall is biometrically linked to Ulrich. We have to get him down there to disable it.
SYDNEY: Marshall, change of plans. The hard drive is encrypted, we need Ulrich in the basement to shut down a network firewall.
MARSHALL: I’m afraid we can’t do that... just yet.
ULRICH: Why, is there some sort of problem?
SYDNEY: Marshall, you have a gun, use it. Get him to the elevator, I’ll meet you in the basement.

Marshall reaches into his jacket and gets out the cell phone and fiddles with it under the desk where Ulrich can’t see him.

MARSHALL: You know what they say, never discuss money on your first meeting. I sort of need to settle on a fee first.
ULRICH: We’ll negotiate that after I see what you have.
MARSHALL: I’m afraid I can’t do that. Kind of a policy I have, cash up front. Not really a policy per say more of a been burned by too many fly by night terrorists to trust them sort of thing. Ya know... one day they say ‘we’ll pay you in gold’ and the next they say ‘did we say gold, we meant goat–‘

His cell phone gun goes off, shooting Ulrich in the chest. Marshall jumps to his feet.

SYDNEY: Marshall, you okay?
MARSHALL: Oh my god. S-S-Syd, I–I think I just killed Ulrich.

Sydney is in the van looking very serious. And Marshall is buzzing around the office very worked up now.

MARSHALL: Syd, Syd, Syd. I need your help now.
SYDNEY: Hang in there, I’m on my way.
JACK: What type of biometric scanner are they dealing with?
VAUGHN: Retinal.
JACK: Marshall, can you hear me?
MARSHALL: Hey, Mr. Bristow. Listen, I’m really sorry, it was an accident. I didn’t mean to shoot–
JACK: Marshall, we are going through with this mission. Look around, do you see any sort of cutting tool? A knife of some sort, or...
JACK: Look on the desk is there a letter opener?

Marshall rummages through a drawer and finds one.

MARSHALL: Yeah, got it. Why?
JACK: You have to cut out Ulrich’s eyes.
MARSHALL: Oh my god.

He looks shocked and shakes his head slowly.

JACK: The biometric scanner in the basement operates off Ulrich’s retinas.
JACK: You don’t have time to get his body into the basement.
MARSHALL: Mr. Bristow. No, I can’t do that. I’m sorry.
JACK: (firmly) Yes you can... I’ll talk you through it.
MARSHALL: (whispers) Okay.

Marshall spins Ulrich’s chair around to face him.

MARSHALL: Alright.

Sydney is walking through the nightclub now and approaches a guard. He puts his hand on her shoulder to stop her and she smiles sweetly before twisting his arm and knocking him out. Then she proceeds on her way, fighting more men and obtaining a gun.

Marshall, letter opener in hand, stands in front of Urich.

MARSHALL: I’m– I’m ready.
JACK: You have to go under the eye and sever the optic nerve. Brace the head, the bundle is denser than you think it’s going to be.
MARSHALL: Okay. He– here we go.

We see the back of Ulrich’s head as Marshall grunts and digs the weapon into his eyes, liquid like noisescan be heard.

MARSHALL: Oh god. It’s oozing. It’s oozing everywhere, sir.
JACK: That means you’ve ruptured the macula, the eye is useless. Abandon it. Approach the second one gently, like a soft-boiled egg. You’re going to need a digging instrument to assist with this.

Marshall pulls something else from the drawer.

MARSHALL: I’ve got a spork.
JACK: What’s a spork?

Jack and Vaughn just look at each other as Marshall explains.

MARSHALL: It’s like a half-spoon... half-fork, will that do?
JACK: That will work.

Marshall unwraps the plastic utensil.

MARSHALL: (breathing heavily) Okay. Okay. Okay.

He throws the wrapper to the floor and grabs Ulrich’s head and begins to dig again.

MARSHALL: Alright... soft-boiled egg.

He grunts some more and is totally repulsed as the eye comes out, cradled on the spork. He carefully puts the spork on the desk and empties a case of the glasses inside and puts the eyeball inside and closes is.


There’s a know at the door and a man asks something in German. The door opens and Marshall is ready with a weapon. He hits the man on the head from behind and he fals to the ground. Sydney gets there just in time.

SYDNEY: Come on.

Elevator doors open and they step out, Sydney has her gun poised. They work their way around the basement to get to the biometric scanner. Marshall hands Sydney the case with the eye.

MARSHALL: Here, you do it. I can’t look at it anymore.

Sydney takes the case, opens it, and takes out the eye. She holds it up to the scanner and two men with guns come out of the elevator. The scanner is done and they run off. Sydney sees the men and takes one out the other shoots back and Marshall is working away at a computer.

SYDNEY: (shouting) How much time do you need?!
MARSHALL: 15 seconds!

The guy shoots at Sydney and she fires off a few more shots.

VAUGHN: Marshall. It’s working.

There’s more shooting until Sydney runs out of ammo.

SYDNEY: I’m out!

Marshall tosses her the cell phone and she gets a shot off into the guy’s stomach and he collapses to the ground.


Sydney tosses the cell phone gun back to Marshall and makes her way back through the basement, collecting the gun from the most recently shot man, and makes sure the coast is clear.

VAUGHN: Okay. We’ve got a location on the bomb. Hong Kong. I’m alerting the local CIA offices now.

Marshall walks slowly towards Sydney.

JACK: Sydney? Are you and Marshall alright?

Satisfied that they are safe, she tucks her gun in the back waist of her pants and goes to Marshall.

SYDNEY: We’re fine.

Back in LA...

SLOANE: The Ministry of Security confirmed the seizure of a *couldn’t tell what it was called* bomb in downtown Hong Kong, they’ve expressed their gratitude to Langley. Third Faction’s operation extended far beyond our original estimate. The hard drive that Marshall downloaded contained hundreds of names of contacts throughout Europe and Asia, which we will have to confirm.

All the team at APO takes notes.

SLOANE: Start with all arms related activity, don’t limit your parameters to chemical

Dixon walks in, hands bandaged. All eyes are on him.

DIXON: So, where are we?

Dixon sits down and Sloane begins to fill him in.

SLOANE: Third Faction had few political affiliations. Their primary interest was maximizing profit of the terrorist activities.

The camera pulls back and the volume decreases as the scene fades out.


We see a rain soaked street and a then pan up to a car pulling up to a house. Sydney and Marshall sit in the car a few minutes to chat before he gets out. Carrie is seen in the window holding Mitchell. Marshall turns his head towards Sydney, he’s smiling sadly.

MARSHAL: These are not the clothes I left the house in; what do I tell Carrie?
SYDNEY: Maybe you had spare clothes at the office.

He shakes his head as he looks out the window at the house.

MARSHALL: I hate lying to her, Syd. Syd, I hate lying to Carrie.
SYDNEY: I know.
MARSHALL: It’s part of the job though, right?
SYDNEY: Well, you could tell her the truth. That you had to cut out a man’s eyes to save the world.
MARSHALL: Yeah, I could tell her that. Probably be best just to keep that between us. And I didn’t save the world... exactly. Just Hong Kong.
SYDNEY: You saved me.
MARSHALL: Yeah... All in a day’s work.

Sydney looks at him for a second, then smiles, which he returns and unlatches his seatbelt.

MARSHALL: Anyway. You want to come in, get some dinner with us?
SYDNEY: (laughs) Yeah. And how would we explain that I drove you home?
MARSHALL: I don’t know, we can think of something. I mean– we’re quick on our feet. We’re spies.
SYDNEY: Thank you. But... I need to go away to the train station. There’s someone I need to see.
MARSHALL: Yeah. I know the feeling.

He goes to open the door to get out but turns around once more.

MARSHALL: See you tomorrow.

He gets out of the car underneath an umbrella.


He closes the door and goes into the house. Carrie greets him at the door, Mitchell on hip and Sydney drives away.


Sydney sits on a train station bench waiting for her someone. Her head is turned to the right and doesn’t ee him approach, she turns her head to see a smiling Vaughn with his hand held out to her. She warmly returns the smile and takes his hand and rises from her spot on the bench. He twirls her gently under his arm and they hold each other and dance slowly in the train station. Vaughn rests his face against hers and she laces her arms around his neck, a wide grin on her face. They sweetly gaze into the other’s eyes and Sydney’s happiness never fades. As the rest in each other’s embrace, they romantically dance us to the end of the show.

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