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Scene begins with a flashback of the orphanage San Marcos (Buenos Aires, 1992). It is the middle of the night and a man is creeping thru the dark room. He approaches a young girl, clasps his hand over the mouth of the girl and shushes her. All of a sudden a flashlight shines and a little girl yells:

YOUNG GIRL: (Most dialogs in this episode are in Spanish) Let her go!

MAN: Get back in your bed!

YOUNG GIRL: Let her go!

The young girl with the flashlight runs to hit the man, he grabs her. Throws her onto her bed and slaps her around, she runs out of the room. He yells at the girl:

MAN: You ever come back, I’ll kill you.

A woman enters the room. Sonya Braga as Head of the Orphanage.

WOMAN: What’s going on?

She turns on the lights to see a man holding his eye.

WOMAN: To my office now! NOW! Where is Nadia? What happened to Nadia?
The girls all look at each other and then one walks up and says:

CHILD: She left. Nadia saved me and she left.


Scene starts with Nadia running down a road with a white fence. She brings in the mail to her and Syd’s apartment


SYD: Hey, (pause for a few seconds approaches her opening her mail) what’s going on?

NADIA: Nothing.

SYD: When something is bothering me I go running. You’ve gone twice in less than 12 hours.

NADIA: (phone rings) Hello, Hey Vaughn, yeah sure, she’s right here. (Hands the phone to Syd.)

SYD: Thanks (takes the phone, Nadia walks away) Hey, sure when do you wanna meet?

VAUGHN: (flipping thru a notebook) it’s definitely my father’s handwriting.

SYD: But these entries

VAUGHN: I know

SYD: I don’t understand?

VAUGHN: They’re dated after his death. Now you know about as much as I do. You know, either he didn’t die when the CIA says he did, which they may or may not know the truth about; or someone wants me to think he is still alive.

SYD: You have nothing else but this?

VAUGHN: I tracked down a guy Murdock, he’s mentioned in there, he claims that he went on a mission with my father in 1982. He says my dad shot him in the back and left him for dead. He called my father a traitor. I don’t know what to believe.

SYD: (Putting her hand on his shoulder) What do we do?

VAUGHN: Well there are names of classified missions in there. Now to get the details, I need access to all operational achieves. Now, I could put a request into Langley

SYD: But if someone is orchestrating this from the inside, you don’t want your name on an official request. I can do that.

VAUGHN: Sure you don’t mind?

SYD: Vaughn. If your fathers alive we’ll find him. And if he’s not we will find the person who is doing this.

Scene back to APO

SLOANE: The Bella Russian Institute of Science has developed an ex-Geon optical component it’s called Amplifying Glass.

MARSHALL: Now what is amazing about this is, well if my math is correct, and it is. What they developed could boost a laser pulse by a factor of 10,000 maybe even higher. Meaning you could take a simple aluminum galler arsenide laser and…eh let me... oh, you know how a cd player has a laser that will allow you to…well you take that laser, you amplify it by this lense, you can shoot down a plane from the sky. Or you can take a tank and slice it in half or you can even have an SUV...

WEISS: Right, we got it

JACK: We’ve been tracking Intel which indicates that the Jakarta Faction wants the lense and they’ve employed this man to acquire it for them.

SLOANE: His name is Cesar Martinez, he’s an Argentine resident.
Nadia looks visibly disturbed by seeing this picture and info.

Scene changes to a flashback of Nadia as a teenager walking into a store with a bag. The flashback in all in Spanish.

YOUNG NADIA: Hello, Coffee with milk, please

OWNER OF STORE: Five pesos

Young Nadia looks into her bag and Young Cesar Martinez walks into the store, opens a bag of chips in front of the store owner.

OWNER OF STORE: You’re gonna pay for those, no?

YOUNG CESAR: (Throwing the bag of chips at the man) You wanna bet. (He runs out of the store with the owner chasing him)

Young Nadia jumps the counter, opens the register and takes the money, puts it in her bag and hops back over the counter. The man comes back in and sees her trying to gather her bag.

OWNER OF STORE: What are you doing?

YOUNG NADIA: (pulling out a gun) Get back. Down. Now. On the floor. (Then she sprays him with the water gun laughing, turns and runs out of the store)

Flashes back to APO meeting to Nadia looking uncomfortable

SLOANE: A few days ago I tasked Nadia with working up a profile of him

NADIA: Martinez is freelance, no loyalties. Excessive force, that’s his M.O. He willed his reputation with the execution of a former Argentine Intelligence Officer, Roberto Fox.

DIXON: Any idea when Martinez is planning to make his move?

SLOANE: Signal intercepts indicate that he is developing a team. It should be three days a week at the most.

JACK: The Institute of Science is dedicating a new Wing to its research facility tomorrow night.

SLOANE: So our mission is to obtain the amplifying glass before Martinez does. Sydney your on point, Agents Vaughn, Weiss, and Santos will be there for support. This is a snatch and grab situation. Are there any questions?

Everyone stays quiet.

Flashback to Young Nadia running down the street around a corner starts to yell.

YOUNG NADIA: Cesar, Cesar

Cesar jumps out and grabs Yong Nadia and playfully backs her up against a wall and kisses her cheek.

CESAR: Worried about me?

YOUNG NADIA: Look. Look (while rustling thru her bag.)


Young Nadia takes her bag and starts to swing it at the officer, the officer backslaps Cesar to the ground then starts to beat Young Nadia up with his club – she’s yelling

Flashes back to APO where Nadia looks disturbed and gets up from the table.

SYD: Hey (Looks at her like she’s hiding something)

NADIA: I knew him, Roberto, the man who had Martinez killed.

SYD: If this mission is too difficult and too personal for you. Talk to your father and ask him to task someone else.

NADIA: It’s my job I can make it work.


Scene is in APO showing Vaughn looking thru his father’s notebook highlighting information.

MARSHALL: Hey, Mitchell learned a new word.

VAUGHN: What was the word?

MARSHALL: Oosh not, its Mitchell’s baby speak for beta particle. Anyway, here Sydney wanted me to give you these. Access code for the operational achieves. She wanted me to give them to you to give to her.

VAUGHN: Thanks.

MARSHALL: Ok (just stands there with a smile on his face)

VAUGHN: Anything else?

MARSHALL: What's a, what’s going on (pointing at the paper he just gave to Vaughn)

VAUGHN: Nothing

MARSHALL: (nods his head in disbelief) you’re lying to me right? Come on Come on, I’m smarter than you think.

VAUGHN: Ill tell you later.

MARSHALL: You don’t trust me do you?

VAUGHN: Marshall,

MARSHALL: No my fault, eh, probably get that just like high school, jr high, elementary

VAUGHN: Marshall, We should have lunch sometime.

MARSHALL: Really? Yeah, aw man, anytime, absolutely. I’m there. Did, today?


MARSHALL: No. that’s cool. I got a lot of stuff to do in the a … Thanks.

VAUGHN: You got it.

MARSHALL: Ya Ill see ya, Lunch (Walks out raising his arm) Saying what’s up buddy to someone walking in the office)


Scene shows a crowded party.

SYD: Outrigger, How are we doing?

DIXON: (Takes a picture of a couple) 10 seconds Phoenix. The architect just arrived. (Uses a thermal camera and looks in the architects jacket) He has PDA is in his jacket.

MARSHALL: Ok great, Phoenix, you’ll have to get right up next to him, cozy like.

SYD: (Grabs champagne off a tray)

MARSHALL: The architect is a security freak, always carries copies of his project files on him. Blueprints, schedules even sketches, so it should show us which lab the glass is in.

JACK: What is she using to clone his PDA?

MARSHALL: It’s in her purse. It’s a low frequency wi-fi scans and clones. The thing is its working radius is only a couple of feet. She needs to get right up…oh, here it comes. Great. Syd, oh I’m sorry, Phoenix, it's what I was afraid of, it’s encrypted. The PDA is protected with handwriting recognition software, so time to turn on the charm.

SYD: (walks over to the architect) This building is even more elegant that the library you designed in Amsterdam.

ARCHETECT: Thank you

SYD: This is embarrassing… but if you don’t mind, may I have your autograph?

ARCHETECT: How can I resist?

MARSHALL: It’s the look, the feel, the bend of paper but actually it’s a microscopic layer of non conductive polymer, and it’s sandwiched...

JACK: Marshall, not the time.

MARSHALL: Vaughn asked me to lunch. (Tilts his head at Jack like “how about that”)(Continues to work on the signature encryption) Ok, signature, plus a password, plus a little Finkman secret sauce. And, Nice. Bow before me and weep encryption gods.

ARCHETECT: Perhaps you’d like a private tour.

SYD: That’ll be fun. Just you, me and your wife.

MARSHALL: ok blueprints and security protocols for the research facility. Got the location of the glass.

JACK: Evergreen, we are going to need that access key. You’re a go.

NADIA: Anyone have visual on the scientist.

WEISS: He’s holding fort due east.

Nadia walks up to the scientist and spills champagne all over him.

NADIA: What did I do? Please let me… (Puts the card in her purse walking away from the man) That was easy.

Scene flashes back to a jail cell and Young Nadia is in the corner crying. Roberto comes to her aid in the cell yelling out to the guards.

ROBERTO: Call a doctor. Now.

(Nadia tries to gather herself from crying)

ROBERTO: What is your name?

(Young Nadia refuses to speak)

ROBERTO: May name is Roberto Fox. Ever heard of me? (Young Nadia shakes her head no) No? Of course not. You are famous. Did you know that? We don’t have your name. Just your resume. Shoplifting, burglary, breaking and entering, assault….. –there are over 130 crimes here. And the only thing that links them all together is this. (points to fingerprints in her file) (Nadia looks over and stays quite) 130. What an incredible amount. And your what? Seventeen? Eighteen? You left fingerprints at all those places, but you weren’t in the system. You didn’t exist. Until now. Some people think your luck finally ran out. But I don’t believe anyone could succeed that long on just luck. No, No, No, It takes talent. I don’t know if anyone’s ever said this to you but… you’re special. Yes. That’s why I’m here. I believe we can take that talent and use it to help you. To help your country. I work for the government. I’m here to offer you a life you could never imagine. (She looks at him in curiosity)

Flash back to the party Weiss walking.

SYD: Ok Merlin, Showtime.

MARSHALL: The lab it’s on the fifteenth floor, east corridor.

NADIA: (Sees Martinez and goes into a flashback of her as Yong Nadia) I thought I’d never see you again.

CARETAKER Sonja Braga) Nadia, why didn’t you call me sooner?

YOUNG NADIA: After what happened. I’d thought you’d be furious.

CARETAKER: Furious? I looked for you everywhere.

YOUNG NADIA: I’m so sorry I ran away.

CARETAKER: I’m the one who’s sorry. I should have protected you. It was my duty to protect you.

YOUNG NADIA: A man came to see me. From the government. He offered me a job. A way out of here.

CARETAKER: That’s wonderful… this isn’t where you’re meant to be. I believe people come into our lives for a reason. If this man’s offering you a chance for a fresh start… good. (They smile at each other and it flashes back to the party... Nadia looking in shock)

NADIA: Martinez is here. Cesar Martinez is in the building. Anyone see his backup?

DIXON: Sit tight Evergreen, this may be recon on his part.

NADIA: If this was recon we wouldn’t know he was here. He’s making his play.

SYD: How do you know?

NADIA: Trust me. We need to grab him.

WEISS: Phoenix is almost inside.

NADIA: You don’t understand.

(Syd gets into the lab at the same time at the party machine guns fire in the air.)

DIXON: Phoenix abort six hustlers on the loose with force

SYD: I can make it.

(Scene shows militant men screaming at people to get down get on the ground and not move. Martinez walks out of the crowd with gun in hand and proceeds to the lab. Syd is in the lab trying to break into the safe with the crystal. Gun fires at the lab door from the outside and Martinez with two men barge into the lab and Syd is standing there with the crystal in her hand. He walks towards her and she walks toward him. He pulls his weapon and points it to her face and sticks his hand out. She drops the crystal into his hand.)

MARTINEZ: Who do you work for?

SYD: You forgot to say the magic word.

MARTINEZ: (nods his head and then pistol whips Syd in the head)

SYD: Now your gonna have to say pretty please.

MARTINEZ: Last chance. Who do you work for?

NADIA: (comes from behind Martinez) She works with me.

MARTINEZ: (Looks at Syd and Nadia several times) Nadia?

NADIA: Put the guns down, Cesar. So we can talk.

MARTINEZ: (Walks over to Nadia and whispers something in her ear) Tie them up.

(While Nadia is getting her hands tied behind her back Syd is looking at her wicked with betrayal in her eyes)


SYD: He had his men secure us in the lab. By the time we escaped – he was gone.

SLOANE: When I asked you to do research on Cesar Martinez, why didn’t you inform me the two of you knew each other.

NADIA: He was not supposed to be there. I didn’t know we’d make contact.

SLAONE: You knowingly withheld Intel that would have altered options during the operation. I’ve suspended agents from field duty for less than that, Nadia.

SYD: Her knowing Martinez was the only thing that saved my life.

MARTINEZ: This story Nadia, what is it?

NADIA: We met when I was young. After the orphanage, I was on my own and Cesar was one of the boys I ran around with. We got in trouble with the police. We went our separate ways.

SLOANE: Why do I feel there’s more?

NADIA: If you want me to sit at a desk after this, fine. But it is personal now. Please let me get the glass back from Cesar. I know how to contact him, I can do it.

SYD: She had a relationship with him, she can use him. You of all people should appreciate that.

SLOANE: Reach out to Martinez; he’s acquiring this for someone else. Find out if we can buy it for ourselves. Sydney, you and Weiss will be back up on this. Let me be clear Nadia. I expect full disclosure from you.

Nadia nods and the scene flashes back to a training room in Argentina. Roberto teaching a class.

ROBERTO: From hydrogen to electric to the simple devices you’re constructing, the principles of bomb making are the same. In the words of Albert Einstein –

MALE STUDENT – Don’t blow yourself up.

ROBERTO: (Laughs) “Everything should be made as simple as possible …but not one bit simpler.” (A beep goes off at the Male Students work station) Sorry, Diego. You’re dead. (Walks over to Nadia’s works station) The lead should’ve been coupled with the auxiliary.

YOUNG NADIA: That’s the most obvious choice.

ROBERTO: You’ve cut yourself off from the power source.

YOUNG NADIA: If I connect the two. I’d trigger the ignition. Had I done what you are suggesting … I’d be in heaven playing a harp with Diego. (Smiles at Diego. Suddenly Cesar Martinez walks thru the door. Young Nadia smiles and he smiles back when they see each other)

ROBERTO: Mr. Martinez, please take a seat so I can bring you up to date.

Back in APO Nadia opens her lap top. Syd approaches her.

SYD: Withholding information from Sloane I can accept, I don’t care much really, but from me. You and I are in the field together. I need to know there is a level of trust.

NADIA: What do you want to know?

SYD: What did Martinez whisper to you?

NADIA: I told you. He said call me. Sydney that’s it.

SYD: You’re telling me there’s nothing else?

NADIA: For the last time, I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Cesar. But there’s nothing else you need to know. (Sydney looks at Nadia hard, they look at each other then Syd walks away.)

Flashback to training martial arts with long sticks in pairs in a large lot. Cesar and Young Nadia are sparring.

MARTINEZ: I’m stronger than you.

YOUNG NADIA: I’m faster.

MARTINEZ: I’m bigger

YOUNG NADIA: I’m smarter.

MARTINEZ: I’m prettier. ( he knocks her down on the ground) Give me a kiss … and I’ll let you go.

ROBERTO: What the hell are you doing? Huh? What was that? (Grabbing Martinez by the top with force.)

MARTINEZ: Doing what you said. Beating my opponent.

ROBERTO: In this line of work, you can’t afford to split your focus. You have to be professional. It will save your life. Understand?

MARTINEZ: Yes. (Roberto lets go of his shirt and backs off)

Flashes back to APO.

Vaughn and Sydney are at his laptop

SYD: How’s it going?

VAUGHN: Well, I cross-checked my fathers list against the CIA Achieves and there are still missions that I can’t verify even existed. Am I insane to think that this old journal is gonna help me find my father? (Syd grabs a small notebook from Vaughn’s desk)

SYD: These the ones you cant find?


SYD: Hand me the pen. What if these aren’t operation names?

VAUGHN: What are you doing?

SYD: Substitution psypher

VAUGHN: Ok, how’d you see that?

SYD: My father used to encrypt my crossword puzzles when I was a kid. The least of my childhood dysfunctions. (Vaughn smiles at her talent) Try that.

VAUGHN: When’s your plane leave?

SYD: Half an hour, I wish I could stay.

VAUGHN: Well, I’ll take it from here. (Syd gets up and kisses Vaughn, pats him on the shoulder and leaves)


Nadia is in an open seating area reading a magazine. Weiss and Sydney are hiding out watching her back as she sits in an open market type area.

MARTINEZ: Nadia? (Nadia turns around to see Martinez behind her)Hola.

NADIA: Hola, I wasn’t sure you still read El Diario

MARTINEZ: I check all of our old protocols.
NADIA: Really?
MARTINEZ: I do? Everyday. Just in case.
NADIA: In case of what?

MARTINEZ: in case your ever in trouble. And you are in trouble, aren’t you?
NADIA: Because of you.

MARTINEZ: Ah, you can’t blame me … for Belarus.
NADIA: My team had the glass. You stole it from me, Cesar.

MARTINEZ: You did your job, I did mine. Maybe next time it will go your way.
NADIA: there’s not going to be a next time. Not with these people. Do you understand?

MARTINEZ: Nadia, no one knows you as well as I do. What we’ve been through. You’re afraid. You need help. Let me help you.

NADIA: You really want to help?

MARTINEZ: Of course.

NADIA: I have to deliver the amplifying glass to my employers before tomorrow night. If not … I have to do it.

MARTINEZ: Then the amplifying glass is yours.
NADIA: Just like that?

MARTINEZ: Just like that. I’m sure I can make my buyer understand. You’ll have to pay for it of course.
NADIA: Of course. Sure.
MARTINEZ: I’ll take you where it is. Once I know we’re alone.
NADIA: I don’t understand.

MARTINEZ: Let me guess. You have a tracking device in your purse? We learned the same tricks. You didn’t come here without backup.
SYD: Evergreen, you can not proceed without coms...

NADIA: But the purse, Cesar? Please. That’s for beginners. (She takes the hair clip out of her hair and gives it to Martinez)

SYD: Evergreen abort this mission now!

MARTINEZ: (Laughs) Nadia. The amplifying glass is locked up in my office. It’s this way. (He stands up and smashes the barrette under his boot. Nadia gets up and follows him)

SYD: What the hell is she doing? (Syd and Weiss get out of a van. Nadia looks back to see if they see her)


Vaughn is sitting at his desk. He figures types in a password and checks his list and says out loud.

VAUGHN: Portugal


MARTINEZ: Do you ever wonder what it would have been like? If things had been … different. (They continue walking thru the plaza and Weiss and Syd following behind.)

NADIA: What?

MARTINEZ: It’s funny. All those years that we stole things together, drove us apart. Now –

WEISS: Alright I’ll go this way (splits off from Syd)

SYD: ok
NADIA: I’ll never be able to thank you enough for what you are doing. But I can’t stay here. I can’t.

MARTINEZ: Look at you, still minding Roberto’s rules.

NADIA: It’s always served me well, not mixing business with pleasure. (They get to an area where a lot of worker are moving stuff around and slip thru to another area and the gate closes behind them.)

MARTINEZ: This way. (They get into a van that is parked outside)

Syd is looking all around and get to the area where the door closed behind them. It looks like it has been that way all day because there are pallets full of stuff in front of the door. She turns back sees Weiss.

WEISS: Syd, Anything? (Syd shakes her head no) Ah come on.

Scene shows the van Nadia and Martinez got in speeding down a main road.

MARTINEZ: Almost there. You ever think about him? About Roberto?
NADIA: Everyday. If it weren’t for him. I don’t know who I’d be.

Scene changes to a flashback of Nadia entering a room in a black dress about to go on a mission. Approaches Roberto in his office. She is smiling at Roberto and he smiles back adoringly and walks up to her.

ROBERTO: Diego’s expecting you in three hours.

YOUNG NADIA: (nods her head) First floor. Service corridor. If Diego has the disk, the lamp will have a knot in it.

ROBERTO: You’ll have at most a thirty second window to make the delivery. It’s imperative you’re not spotted together.

YOUNG NADIA: We won’t take any risks, I promise. Anything else?

ROBERTO: (motions to Young Nadia to wait and goes over to his desk and grabs a necklace.) A graduation present. (Nadia turns so he will put it on.)

YOUNG NADIA: How does it look?

ROBERTO: Beautiful. (He leans forward and kisses her, and then they embrace. Scene changes to the mission she was scheduled to go to)

NADIA: (Walking into a lounge and checks to see if the lamp has a knot in it and it does. She continues to walk passes two men who look like bodyguards. She stands still and looks in their direction. One of the men notices her. She walks away briskly and the man looks at the other man and get up from the bar. She runs into a back room, the men following her. One man goes into the door she went into and can’t find her. She is hiding and comes out when he leaves. She gets to the place where she is supposed to me Diego and the door is locked, she knocks)

YONG NADIA: Diego? (She knocks again and no answer she then breaks in the door. She sees Diego shot in the chest propped up against the wall on the floor.) Oh my god.

DIEGO: The disk.

YOUNG NADIA: Did they get it?
DIEGO: They didn’t find it. (He hands her the disk)

YOUNG NADIA: I need to call Roberto.

DIEGO: No! What Roberto had me steal... they’re intelligence documents.
YOUNG NADIA: You’re not making sense. We’re intelligence.

DIEGO: No. That’s what … he wants us to believe.

YOUNG NADIA: That can’t be.

DIEGO: Nadia, Roberto is corrupt.

YOUNG NADIA: That’s not true.

DIEGO: He plays both sides. He’ a criminal.

YOUNG NADIA: It’s not possible.

DEIGO: He used us. The disk –

YOUNG NADIA: It can’t be true. Diego, please. Diego, Diego, Diego (crying)


Flashes back to Nadia with Martinez walking into a building.

NADIA: You still come here?

MARTINEZ: I never left. I bought it after Roberto was killed. It was very cheap. (They walk into the place where why were taught to be agents.) My best memories are here. Training, learning – with you. And of course, Roberto. This is where my life began.

NADIA: It’s sad isn’t it? That it’s outlived its usefulness. Can we get what we came for?


SYD: We lost them here at Plaza del Camino.

WEISS: Yeah, Martinez said he was taking her to his office to make the exchange. Its gotta be close.
SLOANE: Since learning of Nadia’s history with Martinez, I did some digging. Martinez owns several pieces of property including Roberto Fox’s training facility.

MARTINEZ: You remember Roberto’s office don’t you?

NADIA: Of course.

MARTINEZ: You said Roberto made you who you are today. I feel the same. With one difference. It’s his death that made me.

NADIA: Killing a high level agent certainly gave you a reputation.

MARTINEZ: One dead body and my name meant something. I was suddenly someone to be feared. The thing is… I didn’t kill him. Roberto had so many enemies. He could have been killed by anyone. I always wondered... If it was you. Your work. The look on your face, Nadia. Confirms it.

Flashes back to Nadia returning from the mission she was on for the disk with Diego. She approaches Roberto in his office.

ROBERTO: What happened?

NADIA: Diego’s dead. I just read the disk. (Throwing it at him) How could you do this?


NADIA: (Puts her head down and upon looking up shoots Roberto 5 times back into his desk chair.) (Flashes back to the present with Martinez) Everything he told us was a lie, Cesar. He said we were working for the good of our country.

MARTINEZ: Do you remember what our lives were like before him? We were sleeping on the streets.

NADIA: Roberto was an assassin. A criminal. He made us traitors. Don’t you understand?

MARTINEZ: Who gives a damn? It’s not important. If it weren’t for him… we’d be rotting in that prison or dead. He saved us. And you killed him.

NADIA: And I’d do it again.

(Martinez points the gun to Nadia’s forehead and shoots. She is able to hit it away from her face. They struggle and she starts throwing things. The fight until Martinez gets Nadia on the ground and starts choking her. The van that Syd and Weiss were in drives up to the Training Facility. Meanwhile Nadia gets Martinez off of her and takes his gun and has him staring down the barrel of the gun. Syd and Weiss finally get into the building.)

WEISS: Nadia. Nadia, alright?

NADIA: I’m fine. There’s a safe inside, the amplifying glass should be there.

WEISS: Alright. (Takes Martinez into custody)

Nadia looking at Syd sadly, both come together for a hug. Nadia almost in tears.


Vaughn walks into a garden patio type setting. Approaches a house with a red door, looks around before knocking. Nadia’s caretaker answers the door.

CARETAKER: The Mail? No. (Scene changes to Vaughn and the Caretaker sitting at the garden patio) The first and only time I met your father he was covered in blood with a baby in his arms.

VAUGHN: Nadia.

CARETAKER: He brought her to the orphanage in Buenos Aires. He said she was in danger. He’d been shot in the shoulder. I knew not to ask too many questions. You father, he stayed a few days, until he was well enough to travel. One morning I woke up and he was gone.

VAUGHN: I don’t understand. If he knew you in Buenos Aires, why would he encode this address in Lisbon in his journal?

CARETAKER: I don’t know? Oh, you thought he might be here. I am sorry. I wish I knew more.

VAUGHN: Can you remember anything, something he said maybe a detail?

CARETAKER: Nightingale.

VAUGHN: Nightingale?

CARETAKER: He was on the phone and something in his voice, it was important to him. May I ask you a question?


CARETAKER: Nadia, How is she?

VAUGHN: She’s good.

(The Caretaker fakes a smile and then puts her head down and looks up at Vaughn)

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L'agent Sydney Bristow se réjouit que......L'agence anglaise, MI5, soit l'employeur le plus...


Les nouveautés des séries et de notre site une fois par mois dans ta boîte mail ?

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Imaginez, si Alias avait eu "un crossover" avec une autre série de J.J Abrams, vous auriez aimé que ça soit avec...

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serieserie (23:26)

bonen nuit son'

Sonmi451 (23:26)

zouuuuuuuuuuuu bonne nuit miss²

Sonmi451 (23:26)

Bonne fin de journée CB'

CastleBeck (23:27)

Un jour

CastleBeck (23:27)

Bonne nuit Son'

serieserie (23:27)

oui je pense que ça arrivera un jour

serieserie (23:27)

elle est vraiment ouverte cette fin

serieserie (23:27)

y a UN truc que je suis deg ^^ bon deux enfaite ^^

CastleBeck (23:27)

Je préfère Ça à des 7 ans plus tard...

CastleBeck (23:27)


serieserie (23:28)

déjà le 447, 7/8 ans de recherches pour ça... c'était ridicule

serieserie (23:28)

et un autre truc dont je peux parler ici mais j'aurai bien fait un quelques mois apres... famille toussa

CastleBeck (23:28)

J'ai tellement pensé à toi en voyant la scène des 447...

serieserie (23:28)

ah ouais non mais dégouté!

serieserie (23:29)

et le must c'est quand meme le #KinfOfTheLab ^^

CastleBeck (23:29)

Ah, moi, j'aime pas les x temps après, alors, Ca me va.... meme si on voit pas si Hodgins avait raison

serieserie (23:29)

bref j'irai le commentez demain ^^

serieserie (23:29)

beh oui c'est ça que je suis deg, je voulais savoir!

serieserie (23:30)

dans quelques années peut-être!

serieserie (23:30)

et j'ai presque pas pleuré a par beh les deux dernieres scènes quoi ^^

CastleBeck (23:30)

Oui, ou lire les entrevues... la réponse y est

CastleBeck (23:31)

Pas durant la scène King du labo, toujours!?!

CastleBeck (23:32)

Tu as voyage aujourd'hui?

serieserie (23:35)

Ah oui peut être

serieserie (23:35)

Si à partir de la j'ai pleurée ^^

serieserie (23:36)

Euh beh j'ai répondu donc un peu mais sinon non ^^' je vais encore devoir faire ca ce week end ^^'

CastleBeck (23:37)

Je trouvais la scène drôle, ça enlev le goût de pleurer... quoique je ne me rappelle pas avoir déjà pleuré devant mon écran...

CastleBeck (23:38)

Ok... J'espère que tu auras le temps pour tes 105 messages!

carina123 (09:00)

Bonjour à tous !

carina123 (09:03)


cometchat1 (10:24)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:29)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:32)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:29)


cometchat1 (11:29)


Locksley (11:44)

HypnoCup : allez, allez, on vient faire un petit clic pour départager Alex et Greg ! Faites-nous exploser le nombre de votants pour cette finale ! Et cometchat1 peut même voter en passant faire ses tests

cometchat1 (11:47)


cometchat1 (11:47)


kystis (21:44)

N'oubliez pas de voter dans préférence !! Merci

albi2302 (20:00)

Blue Bloods à un nouveau Design (merci Serieserie) et cherche une équipe pour s'occuper du quartier ! N'hésitez pas a passer

cinto (18:35)

Nouvelle PDLQ chez Ma sorcière Bien Aimée; venez, votez, soyez remercié!

albi2302 (00:01)

Hyp9 2017 ça démarre maintenant ! Bonne chasse à tous

Xanaphia (00:06)

Et 1 déjà dans mon panier ^^

Merane (11:57)

Bonjour, le sondage spécial HypnoAirways 2017 du quartier Teen Wolf est arrivé . Merci pour vos votes et bonne journée .

SeySey (16:49)

Bonjour!! Si vous n'avez pas participer à l'animation "Old Or New Age" du quartier Outlander, on vous attend! Êtes vous fait (e) pour le XVIII ou XX ème siècle?? Venez le découvrir! Sans oublier notre sondage & nouveau design

chrismaz66 (18:18)

'Soir, Torchwood a enfin un nouveau SONDAGE, bourré de petites histoires à faire froid dans le dos! Venez trembler et un petit clic pour votre frisson préféré. Merci d'avance et bonne soirée

bedou (14:15)

New Sondage Once Upon a Time. Merci pour vos votes

clark77 (19:20)

EVENEMENT ! Pour les 20 ans de la série, le cast de Buffy s'est réuni lors d'un photoshoot exceptionnel pour le magazine Entertainment Weekly. A découvrir sur le quartier ...

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