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Sydney, in an alias of an (ugly) prosthetic nose and a curly red wig, enters a restaurant.

Host: Bonsoir, Madame

Syd: Marie Gerard

Host: La table est prête

Sydney follows the host, and walks pass Vaughn, sitting at the bar. Sydney is seated.

Syd: Un martini. Sec. Quatre olives.

Vaughn: She's in position. No sign of Connelly.

Cut to Dixon in van.

Dixon: He'll reveal himself.

Host (placing Martini on table): Madame.

Syd: Merci.

Syd takes the four olives out of the glass and puts them on the table.

Vaughn: She just made the announcement.

A man walks up to the table

Connelly: Il est trop tard pour une femme d’être ici toute seule.

Syd: Moins dangereux qu’au Bangladesh.

Connelly nods and sits down.

Connelly: I thought you might not come.

Syd: You underestimate me already.

Connelly: Well, I almost didn't come

Syd: Why is that? Crisis of conscience?

Connelly: I thought I might find a buyer willing to pay more.

Syd: I am not here for small talk, Monsieur Connelly. Are you selling, or no?

Connelly: I presume. . . you brought the down payment.

Sydney smiles slightly. A man enters the dining room. Vaughn notices him, watches him sit down.

Vaughn: We may have a possible third party. Sending you a visual Outrigger.

Vaughn snaps a pic of the man with a camera phone.

Dixon: Got it, searching for a match.

Dixon's computer runs a facial recognition scan. Cut back to Syd and Connelly

Connelly: So, what are your plans for purchase.

Syd: Monsieur Connelly, chip?

Connelly pulls of the bottom of a wine bottle, revealing the chip.

Connelly: This is my way out.

Cut to Vaughn

Vaughn: Anything, Outrigger?

Dixon: Come on...No matchs Shotgun.

Cut back to Syd and Connelly

Connelly: With this sale, I can buy a new life. A House on the Mediterranean. Maybe, get a dog -

Shots are fired, Connally is shot in the back of the head.

Vaughn: We're under fire!

The man fires, Sydney and Vaughn jump to the ground. The man runs by the table and takes the chip. The man runs into the kitchen, but Vaughn shoots him in the shoulder, making him fall down. Syd and Vaughn enter the kitchen, and the man grabs a knife.

Vaughn: Laisse le couteau

Syd (pulling gun on him): Freeze!

Dixon enters the kitchen, gun on the man also.

Man: He won't get me! My family! I'm not going to be made into (something). (sobbing) I won't have it! My wife! My kids!

Now, he has the knife up against his neck.

Syd: Put down the knife!

The man slits his own throat, causing Syd to look away in disgust.


Sloane and Jack are in Sloane's office.

Sloane: Marshall ran an analysis on the chip recovered in PAris. The download confirms that a biometric targetting device is in fact being developed at a secure location in Austria.

Jack: Attached to a weapons system, this device would facilitate the targetting of an individual based only on a DNA sample or a biometric scan.

Syd: A next-gen sniper.

Sloane: Precisely. That's why I want you a plane to Salsburg by nightfall. Standard retrieval operation.

Syd: But...the man who killed himself?

Sloane: He was sent there to intercept the sale. When the assassin realized that the mission was a failure, he killed himself to protect his family from his employer. (After a pause) Sasha Korchev (Sloane says this, looking at Jack)

Jack looks flustered and disturbed by this.

Syd: I don't know that name.

Jack: Korchev is a monster. He's run arms to rebel forces in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Angola, and holds a very tight leash over his men. Amongst Korchev's tactics is leveraging the live's of their families.

Syd: And it's Korchev's network that's developing the device.

Sloane: Yes, that's correct. But now that we have confirmation that Korchev is alive, I'm tasking Dixon to locate his whereabouts and report to CIA Proper. They'll send a tactical team to secure his arrest.

Jack: I have a liaison at the Angolan Chancory in D.C. . Put Dixon on something else.

Sloane: You want to take this over?

Jack: For the sake of expedience.

Syd: What am I missing?

Sloane: OK JAck, it's yours. (After a pause, to Sydney) Good luck in Salsburg.

Cut to Briefing room, Weiss and Vaughn are talking

Weiss: I'm telling you, this is a mistake. You gotta bring the team in on this one.

Vaughn: No way, not until I find out more.

Weiss: Alright, let's just ASSUME that your father did write those journals.

Vaughn: I know my father's handwriting. Things were referenced, things he couldn't know about. I know it sounds crazy but -

Weiss: The Soxs winning the Series is crazy. What you're talking about doing here is insane.

Vaughn: The Nurse who led me to those journals, she disappeared. she was a plant.

Weiss: So someone's trying to manipulate you.

Vaughn: What if my father is still alive? What if it's his way of trying to contact me?

Weiss: Ok. Ok, but why now? Why let you and your mother believe that he's been dead for 25 years?

Vaughn: I don't know, that's what I'm gonna find out.

Vaughn walks away.

Weiss: Hey

Weiss hands him a piece of paper. Vaughn opens it, and it has the address for a Paul Murdock in San Diego.

Vaughn: What's this? Who's Frank Murdock?

Weiss: The codename that you asked me to check in the journals. He's ex-Special Forces. Changed his name several times, finally settled on Frank Murdock. He runs a furniture repair shop outside San Diego.

Vaughn: You didn't tell anyone else about this, did you?

Weiss (Annoyed): Dude.

Vaughn: Nadia?

Weiss (Almost angered): Hey

Vaughn: Thanks

Cut to Sloane entering Jack's office.

Sloane (amused): The Angolan Chancory in D.C....Hmm, don't you think that's a bit thin, JAck?

Jack: You should've brought this to me first.

Sloane: The details of Sasha Korchev's mission are classified. As far is anyone is concerned, the assigment is only to tag the location.

Jack: The CIA wants him assassinated.

Sloane: Which is why I felt it unfair to burden you with this. Dixon has the necessary experience.

Jack: With Dixon, it would have to be a distance hit. I'll be able to get close to Korchev.

Sloane: Oh, I'm aware of that. And frankly, that concerns me.

Jack: I'll be fine. (beat) Korchev should've been eliminated years ago. When I had the chance.


Jack enters a little cottage on the beach.

Man: Ah, look at you. Back from the dead.

Jack: Hello, Jimmy. You look awful.

Jimmy: I keep telling my self, green vegetables. Gotta eat more of them.

He pours himself and Jack a drink

Jimmy: BUt, you know how that is. (after they drink) So, um, Jack, do you come bearing gifts?

Jack: Only the best.

Jack pulls out a portable DVD player and a CD Case.

Jack (tapping the CD Case): This. . . This was hard to find.

Jimmy's rubbing his hands together in excitement. Jack puts the DVD in and plays it. Screams emit from the player, female screams, accompanied by a low, guttural one. Jimmy's hands are moving in a strange way.

Jimmy: Is this...? I thought it was just a rumor!

Jack closes the player. Jimmy has a weird, twitchy reaction.

Jimmy: Jack! What do you want?

Jack: Information.

Jimmy: Anything!

Jack: The protocol for contacting Sasha Korchev.

Jimmy's smile disappears now.

Jimmy: Um, come on JAck. You know I can't!

Jack puts the DVD player back into his bag.

Jack: I'm disappointed Jimmy. I thought you were a true conniesuer

Jack begins to walk away.

Jimmy: Seriously, man, that's just not right! Jack! If Korchev finds out it was life might not be worth much! But whatever, still! Ok!

Jack turns around.

Jimmy: I'll, I'll lay it out for you.

Cut to black.

Opening Credits


Syd and Marshall watching a video of Mashall’s son

MARSHALL: One small step for Mitchell Flinkman, one giant leap for man kind

SYD: Look at those legs, oh he’s incredible, he’s delicious

MARSHALL: Hehe, I’ve taken many a chop with a little salt n pepper. He’s the best, makes it all worth it, oh Sorry, speaking of which Salisbury, now according to the memory chip Korcheff is storing the targeting system in a sub-basement of a disco tech that he ownes called The Club Felice, which officially begs the questions what is it with these guys and night clubs?

SYD: cracks a smile

Scene enters at night club shows Sydney in plain clothes then flash back to APO

MARSHALL: Korcheffs regional security chief is a Jerimiah Goster, from Goster’s Insititute of security protocol of based on access cards you will need a level 3 clearance to enter the belly of the building since the access card hardware is annoyingly difficult to duplicate you will need to steal one from from one of the night club employees.

Scene back to the night club eyeing all the employees with access cards and where they are on their persons

View changes to a bar back as he’s addressing a customer in another language, Syd approaches bar back

SYD: Con eak un stellin ona dia (Austrian words phonetically spelled) Syd sounding like an amatur at the language

BAR BACK: Laughs - not bad, definitely in the ball park

SYD: O my God, thank you for being an American. I don’t think I can bare mangling the language in front of one more local

BAR BACK: Don’t feel bad, these people like to be offended, its their comfort zone

SYD: Let me guess…Upstate New York…

BAR BACK: Yeah, Yeah Rochester.. How did you know that?

SYD: I went to Buffalo State, Undergrad

BAR BACK: Come on, GO Bangles
SYD: Don’t even say that it makes me wanna cry, my god, I miss it so much…I mean this time of year me and my girlfriends should be grabbin 2 beef on wrekin and a six pack you know. (drops something) ops look at at me… for the nosebleeds. There’s nothing like Roast Beef and psillner in 30 degree weather, you know what I mean

BAR BACK: Yeah, yeah I do know…

Voice from the bar yelling out Sam …..something in Austrian

BAR BACK: Oh that’s me

SYD: Sam

BAR BACK :Yeah, sorry I cant offer you a drink…Bar back…

SYD: waves at him going back to the bar smiling

Back to APO …

MARSHALL: The good thing, slash, bad thing about living in Austria, smoking is not prohibited. Er-go you have just developed a smoking habit (offers Syd a Cigarette)

SYD: No Thanks

MARSHALL: Good answer, just checking. It is actually a mag strip encoder. Just slide it through here like so and it will analyze the access control algorythems, extrapolate the clearances and then reprogram the card to give you full access.

SAM: Hey
SYD: Sam, hey

SAM: Eh, Do you need a light?

SYD: No, thank you, I was just looking

SAM: Didn’t mean to scare you

SYD: oh, stop, found it

SAM: um, so listen, I never do this, really, but um I been here for six months and I don’t really know anybody, at least not anybody who knows anything about Beef on wrek. So, (laughs) that smile and those dimples are pretty much the greatest thing Ive ever seen, so, I think

SYD: I have a boyfriend

SAM: Right, no, right, of course

SYD: Thank you

SAM: Guess you gotta try huh

SYD: Where’s the bathroom?

SAM: Its just (pointing stumbling on his words)

SYD: (Sneaks down to the basement of the club) Merlin, Merlin

MARSHALL: (putting on ear piece) Ok, I got ya Phoniex

SYD: Heading in

Show the control room of the club

Something said in Austrian about the door being opened. Security man responds in English

CLUB SECURITY MAN: No one is supposed to be down there. Run a sweep on section Delta. Pull up all the employee access records. Let’s find out who is down there.

SYD: (looking at papers and stuff on a computer desk in a dark lab looking room)

MARSHALL: What do you see?

SYD: The work station is cleared. Wait a minute (walks to another part of the room sees a bin on a desk) Status report, Operation Hawkeye, dated today,

MARSHALL: Open it up

SYD: (blank orange paper) nothing (puts the paper under a light and sees hidden writing) The reports embedded. ( goes to a copier machine and makes a copy) Transport protocol enacted, delivery on schedule, they moved the targeting device. Scheduled to leave the country at 0600 hours

MARSHALL: OK, checking airfields and shipping yards.

SYD: Installation complete, status field ready. My God, its already weaponized.

(someone opens the door of the room)

MARSHALL: Syd? Syd are you ok?

SYD: (Grabs the man coming in) Operation Hawkeye, where is it being shipped out of? Tell me!


Back in the security control room of the Club on the computer screen a picture of the employee Sam

CLUB SECURITY MAN: Sam Houser, breach initiated by Sam Houser. Club level employee, all units locate and detain him!

SYD: (over hears order on the radio that the guard has on him) It was’nt a yes or no question. The name of the shipping yard.

CLUB GUARD: The Delomper shipping.

SYD: (elbows him in the face and walks out)

MARSHALL: Syd are you okay?

CLUB SECURITY MAN: Movin in, let’s get him..

The guards walk by Sydney hiding behind a door and then she makes her way back up to the club floor.

SYD: Im ok

MARSHALL: whoo, be careful ok

SYD: What do you have?

MARSHALL: Houser, Samual, David living for a ½ year in Austria on a student visa. Odd jobs, owes money on some over due movie rentals but other than that, he’s, he’s just a guy.

On the club floor Syd looks for Sam and goes up to him

SYD: Hey, let’s get out of here

SAM: uhh but you said you had a boyfriend, I thought

SYD: A girl can change her mind right?

SAM: Um I don’t get off for like another hour but you can wait for me at the bar or

SYD: (plants a kiss on him) If you don’t leave with me right now you will regret it

SAM: right, well uh we can slip right out the back door

SYD: you took the words right outta my mouth

They both go out the back of the club

CLUB SECURITY MAN: Go check over there


NADIA: Delomper shipping is 30 miles outside of Salisburg

SYD: Have an in country contact.

SLOANE: Use him have him supply you for the mission. We need to secure the weapon before it leaves port.

SAM: Hey, if we cross over to Philton I know a great wine bar

SYD: Im sorry Im on the phone with my sister

SAM: Where’s the phone?

SYD: We have another situation, a civilian, Korcheff’s team tagged him as my accomplice, I can’t leave him

SLOANE: Pass him off to your contact, We’ll have him reestablished stateside by the weekend

SAM: That cell is insane, the guy at the store told me mine was the smallest I knew he was jobbin me.

SYD: Sam

SAM: Yeah

SYD: There’s something I have to tell you

SAM: Your having second thoughts

SYD: Its not about that

SAM: If this is about your boyfriend, let me just say

SYD: Forget about the boyfriend

SAM:Well then maybe we can just go back to my place and talk it nice to have a normal conversation, if you don’t mind a mess

SYD: Sam…. you can never go back to your place.

SAM: What?

SYD: Listen to me. Your bosses at the club are bad men. I was there tonight to stop them from doing a bad thing

SAM: Wait a minute

SYD: I needed your access card and I took it and now they think we work together.

SAM: Work together? What about Beef on … Who the hell are you?

SYD: I need you to trust me right now

SAM: Oh is that what you need? Ok that’s good cuz I gotta get back to work so I can get away from

SYD: WAIT…if you go back there, they will kill you

SAM: Your serious

SYD: But if you stick with me I promise I will protect you. We have ways of handling situations

SAM: Whose we?

SYD: I can’t tell you that

SAM: You already lied to me once so how do I know your not one of the bad guys?

SYD: If I was was one of the bad guys you’d already be dead.


Scene goes off to a carpenter shop where a guys hands a man in a wheelchair a piece of woodwork


Vaughn walks in to the shop and approaches the man in the wheelchair


VAUGHN: Hi uh I’m looking for someone Frank Murdock have you heard of him?

MURDOCK: Nope never heard of him

VAUGHN: Well the shop is registered to his name.

MURDOCK: (Snickers) What are you a cop?

VAUGHN: No it’s a personal matter regarding my father. Tell you what; whenever you get your memory back tell him Michael Vaughn is looking for him. (Hands Murdock a piece of paper) Here’s my number, thanks for your help.

MURDOCK: You really Bill Vaughn’s kid?


MURDOCK: (Shows Vaughn a picture) There’s your dad. In the middle. That’s me on the right. Everyone else is dead.

VAUGHN: What do you think he’s still alive?

MURDOCK: Well I hope not.

VAUGHN: When was the last time you saw him?

MURDOCK: The Falkland Conflict. We were supposed to lead a team of locals to secure a British position. Our men were ambushed, and Bill didn’t even flinch. While I broke command and charged in to defend our men, next thing I know my legs went numb. He shot me in the back. I don’t remember hitting the ground but I remember lying there looking up at him completely paralyzed and he just stared down at me and lit a cigarette, ha and walked away. That’s the last I ever saw of him.

VAUGHN: I can’t believe that’s true.

MURDOCK: Yeah, well if he’s still alive, I’ll give you one piece of advice; don’t turn your back on him.


SYDNEY: (In a phone booth looking at an ad then picking up the phone while Sam is in the background.)

SAM: Who you calling?

SYD: (Turns and smiles at him coyly)

SAM: Oh yeah, that’s right, my bad


SYD: Phoenix inquiring about a midnight snack.

CONTACT ON THE PHONE: And how many will we be serving?

SYD: Two, One will have the special, One will be ordering off the menu

CONTACT ON THE PHONE: When will you be joining us?

SYD: As soon as possible

CONTACT ON THE PHONE: I’ll make sure the table is ready.

SYD: Thank you. (Hangs up and turns to Sam)

SAM: Let me guess…that wasn’t a real restaurant.

(Flash to CONTACT PERSON ON THE PHONE on the phone calling the CLUB SECURITY MAN

CONTACT PERSON ON THE PHONE: I’ll have them delivered to you shortly

CLUB SECURITY MAN: I assure you Mr. Tuabber; Sasha Korcheff will be made aware of your allegiance

MR TAUBBER: That’s all I ask.


JACK: (Approaches a group of armed Mercenaries at a picnic table) In Angolan sub titled in English
I’m looking for the Rug Merchant (The Mercenaries get up and start to pat and search Jack, take money from his wallet) His shop is sixty kilometers up the Bantu River.

MERSONARY MEN: (Hit Jack in the back of the knees and bag his head with a sack, speaking in Angolan, throw Jack in the back of a pick up truck)

Switch back to SYD and SAM

SAM: When are they coming?

SYD: They should be here soon, Sam

SAM: I’m not stupid. Ok, I understand what happens in the witness protection program. I get shipped off to some boring suburb; they pick a name right out of the Episcopalian registry. I don’t get to see my family anymore. You think my mother is gonna be able to handle that?

SYD: When I know everything is safe I’ll let her know you’re okay.

SAM: You know what the real pisser about this whole thing is? Is that I came here to pump some thunder into my veins, try to find some inspiration, take a shot at writing something. Didn’t happen. Just drink a lot of beer.

SYD: Here we go. (A man gets out of a jeep and approaches them)

MR TAUBER: Agent Bristow, so good to see you again. (Kisses her on both cheeks) Is this the cargo?

SYD: This is Sam, yep

MR TAUBER: We’ll have him whitewashed in an hour. Come, please. No worries, the supplies are in the vehicle.

SYD: You have a weapon for me?

MR TAUBER: Of course my dear, let’s get out of the cold first hum

(They walk over to the Jeep and SYD notices someone trying to hide in the back seat. SYD grabs MR TAUBER and shoots the man in the back seat. Then she fights with MR TAUBER and smashes him using the door of the jeep. SAM watches in amazement)

SYD: We need to get out of here. We’re not safe.

SAM: I’m not going anywhere with you.

SYD: Sam! Take my hand we have to go.

SAM: Look at what you did to him.

SYD: We just got blindsided and we dealt with it. But that doesn’t mean we give up. It doesn’t change who we are. I’m on your side. I’m not gonna lie to you Sam, I’m not gonna have the supplies I was counting on, I can’t promise you how this thing is gonna turn out.

SAM: What you mean you don’t have back up
SYD: I’m it. I need you to think. Do you know any back ways to the Delong Precia Shipyards?

SAM: Yeah, I mean you can take the Metro, why?

SYD: The people who are after us have a weapon they shouldn’t have and I want to take it from them.

SAM: Let’s go to the Metro. Hey hold on, you do understand that I don’t have any skills. Not in a physical sense.

SYD: It’s okay. I got you. Come on Come on (they run towards the Jeep)

Scene change to Sasha walking down stairs with guards. Jeep pulls up with Jack hooded in the back.

MERCENARY MAN: This is your stop.

SASHA: Remove his hood. Untie his hands. Did this man carry identification?

MERCENARY MAN: Yes he did.

SASHA: And do you know who he is? (Says something in Angolan)

MERCENARY MAN: Sir, I…I didn’t

Sasha pulls a gun out and shoots the man in the knee.

SASHA: You strike this man and you strike me in the heart, understand? Jack, my dear friend.

JACK: Hello Sasha

SASHA: I apologize for that scene outside; I’ve always remembered what you taught me. Treat your men like children. Give them rope to become their own men, if they make mistakes, hang them with it.

JACK: I’d say my lessons have served you well.

SASHA: I’d ask how you managed to find me but I know you too well.

JACK: You can rest assured you’re well insulated.

SASHA: I do what is necessary to stay alive. After all I don’t have you or the CIA to watch my back anymore. I must say I was shocked at how abruptly our association ended. One day we are working together, arming a rebellion, the next you’re gone.

JACK: My mandate changed.

SASHA: Yet here you are. Why are you here Jack?

JACK: I’m entering the private sector. Now that I’m out from under their watchful eye I was hoping we could talk business?

SASHA: It would be my honor to work with you. (His cell phone rings) Excuse me. (Answers phone) Yes.

CLUB SECURITY MAN: The delivery of the package is proceeding on schedule

SASHA: Keep me posted. (Hangs up and turns back to Jack)

SASHA: Jack, I want to show you my Zoo

JACK: (laughs) It was a dusty ride

SASHA: Of course, forgive me. I have an 18 year old single malt to remedy that. Heh

JACK: Excellent (both walk into Sasha’s home)

SASHA: Jack, I’d like to you to meet my wife, Lamni.

LAMNI: The Jack?

SASHA: The One.

LAMNI: Well then, the pleasure is all mine. I hope you will be staying awhile; I’d like to get to know the man my husband talks about.

JACK: That’s very kind but I'm not sure how long I can stay.

LAMNI: Well, dinner at least? I’ll see that the staff prepares something wonderful. Truly it’s so good to finally meet you.

JACK: You too.

SASHA: I need to steal Sasha from you for just a moment.

JACK: Certainly

SASHA: Make yourself comfortable in my office. First door on your left.

SASHA and LAMNI walk away and JACK enters SASHA’s office

JACK: Looks around the office and picks up a photo on the desk of 2 military men (maybe Bill Vaughn?) He puts the photo down and pulls out a retractable wire which he then starts wrapping around his fingers while looking at himself in a wall mirror.

Scene changes to the CLUB SECURITY MAN and an associate walking on a dock or pier pushing a utility cart into a building. View changes to SYD and SAM creeping by a white van outside the building.

SAM: Can you tell what it is?

SYD: UAV Assault Chopper

SAM: It’s kinda small.

SYD: They customized it

SAM: What?

SYD: It’s a biometric targeting system. It’s in the chopper. Once that thing locks on to its target there’s no hiding

SAM: So that thing kills people?

SYD: Can you drive this thing? (Nodding towards the white van)

SAM: Yeah

SYD: Remember when you said you wanted to pump some thunder into your veins, well your about to get your chance. Ill get the weapon. You drive the Van into the warehouse. Pick me up in 3 minutes.

SAM get into the van SYD goes into the warehouse and hits the guy over the head with a crow bar. SAM puts key into the ignition.

SAM: You can do this. Stay cool.

SYD is in front of the weapon and it targets her as the enemy. The van comes screeching into the warehouse and the CLUB SECURITY GUY tried to get out of an office but it’s locked.

SAM: (to SYD) Get In!

SYD: Here take this.

CLUB SECURITY GUY has a laptop that states the helicopter is SYSTEM ACTIVE ATTACK. The mini helicopter starts up in front of SYD and she begins to run while the mini helicopter shoots at her.

SYD: Get down, stay in there. (Syd takes off running for her life from the mini helicopter throughout the warehouse.)

SAM is in the van and the CLUB SECURITY MAN comes to the van with his gun pointed. SAM slips out before the man gets there. The CLUB SECURITY MAN stops searching the inside of the van and walks around it. SAM comes around from the back of the van gun in hand. He comes from behind the CLUB SECURITY MAN and starts shooting, missing the man entirely, the CLUB SECURITY MAN shoots back and hits SAM in the upper arm. SYD jumps out from behind some boxes and starts to fight. The Mini helicopter comes around the corner and SYD takes CLUB SECURITY MAN and blocks herself with him and the mini helicopter shoots the CLUB SECURITY MAN and SYD tricks the mini helicopter into thinking she was eliminated. SYD pushes the CLUB SECURITY MAN off of her and goes over to SAM who is lying on the floor.

SAM: I missed.

SYD: I noticed.

SAM: That guy was my boss. He shot me. (Laughs nervously) It doesn’t hurt.

SYD: It will soon.

SAM: Oh oh (in pain) we did it huh? We saved the world.

SYD: Something like that (Syd pulling him up off the floor)

Scene changes back to SASHA’s house. SASHA walks into his office

JACK: She’s lovely, your wife.

SASHA: Indeed, we just found out, she’s pregnant.

JACK: Congratulations

SASHA: I’ll be honest with you. When I first saw the heartbeat, I was scared. I thought what kind of father will I be? Seeing you here, I’m reminded of the tools you’ve given me, the tools for being a man. (holds up glass to JACK to salute, they drink)

JACK: I gave you the tools; you chose how to use them.

SASHA: There was a time Jack when we were both working for a higher purpose but our goals were not the same, that became clear when you and your agency abandoned me. I realized on that day how naive I‘d been. I had no option but to pick myself up, stay on course. Because that is the man you taught me to be. I know that there are some in your government that see my business as a form of betrayal.

JACK: (While strangling SASHA with the wire) You betrayed me.

JACK leaves SASHA dead in the office and exits the office.

JACK: Mr. Korcheff asks not to be disturbed. He will be out shortly. I need a car; I need to go to town.

Back to LA



WEISS: When did you get back?

VAUGHN: About an hour ago.

WEISS: Did you find Murdock?

VAUGHN: Na, I couldn’t track him down.

NADIA: Ready? We should go. We’re going to the movies do you wanna come?

VAUGHN: Oh, no thanks, not tonight.

NADIA: Is it important, we don’t have to go.

VAUGHN: You guys go. I’ll see you tomorrow.

WEISS: Alright

NADIA: Good night

VAUGHN: Goodnight (sighs after they leave)

Scene changes to bleachers with SAM and SYD:

SYD: I spoke to my people, they spoke to people. It’s safe for you to go back home.

SAM: Think I’m done here. (Laughs) I think its time for me to move on. It must kill ya. You get to do all these crazy things, see these amazing places, gotta keep it to yourself

SYD: You know what it’s not so bad. It gives people like us something in common.

SAM: People like us huh (cheesy smiling) (SYD gets up to walk away)

SAM: Hey, Ill see you around the globe

SYD: Goodbye, SAM


SYD: Hey Dad. I heard you located Korcheff.

JACK: Yes, I did.

SYD: Sloane said he was taken in a standoff. Were you there?

JACK: I saw it play out.

SYD: Heading home?

JACK: Yeah, I’m gonna grab some dinner first.

SYD: okay, night.

JACK: Good night.

SYD: Dad, I’m kinda hungry myself, If you wouldn’t mind the company

JACK: What about your report?

SYD: It’ll keep

They smile and walk out of APO.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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