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Sydney est réveillée par le Dr. Brezzel

Sydney : Will ? What do you...What does this mean ? What happened ?

Vaughn : We're pulling you out.

Brezel : I gave you a shot of cc's of adrenaline.

Sydney : Why ?

Brezel : To wake you up.

Sydney : No ! I was...

Jack : Sydney, we are not going to let this thing kill you.

Sydney : Dad, I have to go back, there's... there's something...

Vaughn : You were going to flat-line again. You are not going back.

Sydney : I was in my old apartment, I was there with Will.

Jack : Did Will say anything ?

Sydney : No, nothing. But there was something.

Brezel : The cocktail mixture really needs to be adjusted, you know, and...

Vaughn : Please don't do that.

Jack : We're out of here !

Vaughn : You're not going to put her through this again.

Brezel : But I'm sure that I can give you something...

Sydney : Will knew something. Dad !

Jack : Alright, Sydney. I'll contact the witness protection division.

Sydney : Wait, no ! Dad !

Dans l'avion du retour,

Sydney : Pulling Will out of witness protection could be dangerous to him.

Jack : I'm not suggesting we pull him out. I'm suggesting we simply contact him. He knew Allison. He was there the night you were abducted.

Sydney : You'd know if he knew anything. Will must have been debriefed by the CIA before he went into the program.

Jack : Not by you. You'll go see him, recount your dreams. See if we can get another clue to your missing time. Contacting Will puts him in no danger.

Sydney : Maybe not. I just don't want to pull him back into this.

Jack : Sydney, you have to do this.

Vaughn : You looked like you were struggling at the end.

Jack : What was happening ?

Sydney : When I was under, I fought myself. I killed myself and I heard myself say that it was the Covenant that had me and that it wasn't an accident that I don't remember.

Jack : Dr. Brezzel commented that based on the data he compiled. He believed the memory of your missing time has been removed.

Sydney : What ?

Jack : And that however the memories were extracted, the precision with which it was done indicates you may have been a willing participant.

Sydney : I don't understand.

Jack : Yeah, neither did he.

Sloane rencontre dans une ruelle Jack et Vaughn

Jack : Lindsey still biting ?

Sloane : Lindsey clearly has his suspicions. But his agreement to go along with the trade seems to confirm that he's accepted the idea that Sydney is being held by the Covenant. Where is Sydney ?

Jack : Pursuing another lead.

Slaone : A result of meeting the doctor. Then, he was helpful ?

Vaughn : Despite the fact that he almost killed her, yeah, the doctor was great.

Jack : The NSC is expecting one more call from the Covenant to set up the time and place for the exchange. Sydney for the Rambaldi device.

Sloane : You want me to make the call, representing the Covenant.

Jack : Yes. We're heading back to the CIA to disabuse Lindsey of any suspicion that we've been in contact with Sydney. the meantime, I've instructed Sydney to contact you when she's ready to return.

Vaughn : I just want to say for the record, concerning this exchange, Sydney's life is in your hands. If you betray her, I swear to you, no matter what it costs me, I will kill you.

Sloane : No need to worry, Agent Vaughn, I love her, too.

Au Wisconsin, sur un énorme chantier Will est en train de travailler.

Un homme de chantier : Jonah (nouveau nom de Will) ! Hey ! Come on, quit being management, will you ? Let's go get a bite to eat.

Will : You know what, I've got to finish this schedule by tomorrow. Where you guys going ? Chance-town's ?

Un homme de chantier : Yeah. I mean, I'll save a seat for you, but you know how the women get around me, right ?

Will : Yeah, I do, yeah. There's probably no room for me.

Un homme de chantier : See you later !

(Sydney s’approche)

Sydney : Hi. I know... Listen...

Will : You're dead.

Sydney : I wanna tell you everything. Is there somewhere we can talk ?

Will : Yeah. Sure. Let me just go get my stuff.

(Will sort un flingue car il suspecte Sydney)

Sydney : Will, what the hell are you doing ?

Will : Sydney Bristow died in a fire two years ago.

Sydney : Will, I swear to God I'm me !

Will : I know about project Helix. I know what you are !

Sydney : I'm not a double.

Will : How the hell did you find me ?

Sydney : My father knows your case officer.

Will : What's his name ?

Sydney : I don't know.

Will : What's my case officer's name ?

Sydney : Will, I don't know. I didn't talk to him.

Will : Sit down on your knees ! Get down ! I'm gonna call Langley. I'm gonna tell 'em you're here.

Sydney : Will, you can't do that. I'm a fugitive. That's part of what I'm telling you. If you make that call, you'll burn me.

Will : Oh, that's convenient !

Wait, okay ! Listen, listen !

Sydney : Remember, when we thought you were a double, you told me to ask you something only Will would know.

Ask me something, ask me something obscure.

Will : When I had my job interview for the newspaper, something happened to me that day. I told you about it. What was it ?

Sydney : Someone bumped into you on the elevator. They spilled coffee on your new white shirt. You were freaked but Litvack said it made you look like a working reporter. She gave you the job.

You know that if I wanted to hurt you, I could. You're my best friend. You're my oldest friend. I love you. Why are you aiming a gun at me ?

Will : Oh my God !

Sloane rejoint Lindsey dans sa voiture sous une pluie battante.

Sloane : I found a marksman.

Indsey : How much ?

Sloane : 500 000$  wired to this account.

Lindsey : Done. There's no margin for error here. If Sydney Bristow somehow survives this, I will turn over the dossier of your extra-curricular activities to the Justice Department.


A New Haven chez le docteur Brezzel…

Sark :Doctor Brezzel ?

Brezel : Yes ?

(Sark lui tire dessus)


Will et Sydney discutent dans un bar :

Will : Considering everything, I suppose I was lucky. I woke up in the bathtub. The place was on fire. I crawled out. A few days later, I woke up in the hospital. The fact that I actually wasn't dating Francie, that it was her double, I thought that was like the number one most insane story of all time. But yours actually tops it.

Sydney : She survived. Allison Doren, the woman you thought was Francie. She's working with a group called the Covenant. We think they're the ones responsible for kidnapping me, for setting the fires.

Will : You know, I've always thought of myself as a pacifist. The idea of taking someone's life is just... inconceivable. But if I have a chance to kill Allison...

Sydney : I never would have come here if I didn't have to.

Will : Are you kidding me ? You're like most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

Sydney : I went to see a doctor. He had this sort of dream therapy he thought might help me remember what happened to me. I was hoping you could help me make sense of it. We were sitting in my old apartment. There's a box of cereal on the counter. The box had a name written on it, something I kept seeing in the dream : Saint Aidan.

Will : St. Aidan was a contact of mine when I was an analyst at the Agency. Yeah, St. Aidan was his codename.

Sydney : What was his real name ?

Will : I never knew it. An arms dealer put me in touch with him.

Sydney : Do you remember how to contact him ?

Will : Yeah, he would only meet with me. You know I can go in there again, go in alone...

Sydney : No.

Will : Maybe I am...It assumes it's gonna be all of them. He will only meet me in person.

Sydney : I didn't come here to pull you back into this.

Will - I have spent the last two years of my life pretending to be somebody that I'm not.

Sydney : It's not your fault. I didn't see...

Will : You weren't sleeping with her.

Sydney : When you made contact with St. Aidan, what was the protocol ?

(Will explique le protocole)

Will : I'd dial a number, an answering machine in Bucharest. When it picked up, I'd dial a confirmation code. I'd hang up and wait for him to call for me back.

(le téléphone sonne dans la cabine)

St Aidan : Yes ?

Will : If you can, we need to meet.

St Aidan : Tuesday night, eleven o'clock. Same location.

Le Dr. Brezzel est maintenant en vie sous morphine, il a une balle dans la jambe :

Sark : Listen to me very carefully, doctor. I need to know what Sydney Bristow told you.

Brezel :Sydney... brunette...

Sark : Yes, she was the brunette. You had helped her recover her memories. Tell me what she found.

Brezel : The morphine is really good... Like the old days when I... Oh but don't, don't turn it off...

Sark : Answer the question. Answer, and then you get more.

Brezel : She said she fought herself and then she saw her friend, Will.

Sark : She saw Will in her dream ?

Brezel : Yes. The father...he said he would call the... call a witness... No, no, he'd call the witness protection division.

Sark : Meaning Tippin's still alive ?

Brezel : Meaning I really need some more morphine. I've earned it, don't you think ?

Sark : Yes, it's...

Brezel : Not so much because I could... I could... oh oh….


Au centre des opérations, Jack et Vaughn font leur rapport à Lindsey :

Jack : As you know, a number of the video cameras at the facility were shot out. Those that remained functional provided us with only marginal images of the men who took Sydney.

Vaughn : We ran the video through our database and came up with eight possible matches. Now, two weeks ago one of those suspects rented an a-star helicopter from a dealer in Houston...

Jack : where he also recently purchased a warehouse downtown. We went there but  the building was only being used for storage... boxes of fishing equipment. It was a dead end.

Lindsey : Fishing equipment ? Nice detail.

Jack : The bullets that the Covenant used are untraceable. The manufacturer hasn't actually made these shells for  years.

Lindsey : Oh, I reread your file. I forgot you were captured by East German intelligence agents... Yeah, it wasn't your fault of course. They'd gotten a tip that CIA was on their tail. But you were unprepared. No backup, no resources. Still, you convinced them your name was Aiken Oostburg, a history professor from Sweden. They held you for two weeks, never identified you as American. That's... That's impressive.

Jack : We are talking about the fate of my daughter.

Lindsey : Where do you think she is ?

Jack : Don't... do this.

Lindsey : Where do you think she...

(Jack envoit son poing en pleine figure de Lindsey)

Vaughn : Jack !

Jack : Let him go !

Lindsey : Get them out of here ! Take them into custody, now !

A Varsovie dans un entrepôt sur un port:

Will : If St. Aidan does show, what am I supposed to tell him ?

Sydney : That you've just been given code-six clearance. That you want information about the Covenant. Last chance to bail out.

Will : What ? Are you kidding me ? I love this stuff.

Au centre des opérations :

Marshall : Based on my analysis of the calls the Covenant made about trading the Rambaldi device for Sydney, sir, well, the voiceprint analysis was unable to ID the voice because whoever it was, he was using an anti-speech signal parameterization device, so...

Lindsey : You're telling me... you've got nothing ?

Marshall : Well, at the moment ? Yeah, I lack everything, sir.

Lindsey : So we've got no way to verify that it was actually the Covenant making the demand for the trade ?

Marshall : well, you could say that the fact that we can't confirm it was them is confirmation that it was them because it does look like particularly stealthy Covenant behavior, right ? Uh, sir ? Mr. Lindsey ! One more thing ! I, um.... listen, I know I'm just a tech guy and I'm no one to you. Sydney Bristow means a lot to me. I just wanted your opinion. Is she gonna be alright ?

Lindsey : I am doing everything in my power to bring this to a safe and swift conclusion. You have my word.

A l’entrepôt :

Sydney : Is he always this late ?

Will : We just met….(impossible à comprendre ce qu’il dit)

St Aidan : Mr. Tippin.

Will : What happened to your hand ?

St Aidan : Another time perhaps.

Sydney : Oh my God ! That's Lazarey.

Will : It's good to see you again. I wasn't sure you'd come.

Lazarey : I would not have come at all, excepts money's something I could use.

Will : We'll see what we can do about that. You should know I've been given code-six clearance. And I need to know about the Covenant.

Lazarey : Why are you asking me about the Covenant ? I thought that you would... How do you think I even know anything about them ?

Will : Well, obviously you know something.

Lazarey : I cannot talk about Covenant.

Will : Wait a minute. Excuse, lives are at stake !

Lazarey : Yes, they are ! We have nothing further to discuss !

Sydney : Tell him Julia Thorne sent you.

Will : Julia Thorne sent me.

Lazarey : No, I don't believe you.

Sydney : Yell out the name Lazarey !

Will : Lazarey !

Sydney : Tell him Julia told you his name, that she needs to see him, that she trusts him but she's in danger.

Will : It was Julia Thorne. She told me your name. She needs to see you. She trusts you but she's in danger.

Lazarey : Did they find it ?

Sydney : I don't know what he's talking about.

Lazarey : Have they been to Graz ? Need to know if...

(Arrivée de Sark)

Sydney : Will, get out of there ! They're after Lazarey. (échange de coup de feu) Sark ! Will !

Dans un motel :

Sydney : I can't make sense of it. How he got to Lazarey, what he meant, ‘ Covenant wants. But they don't kill Lazarey, they tranq him. They abduct him, they wanted him. Lazarey asked if they got it.

So, whatever's going on, there's a thing.

Will : Yeah, and there's someone else who's trying to find it. I mean, things really don't get any more vague than that, do they ?

Sydney : It's Sloane, it's obviously Sloane.

Will : Syd, you've been going over this since the beginning of time. You'll figure it out.

Sydney : What makes you say that ?

Will : Because you're you.

Jack et Vaughn sont menottés dans un camion:

Vaughn : Think that was the best move, punching Lindsey in the face ?

Jack : Based on the comments he was making, it was obvious that you and I were going to end up here no matter what we did. Whether I hit him or not, he wasn't about to pass up the opportunity.

Vaughn : We shouldn't have let Sydney go.

Jack : Vaughn.

Vaughn : What ?

Jack : Sydney can no longer be your primary concern.

Vaughn : What the hell is that supposed to mean ?

Jack : I didn't bring this up to start a petty fight. The fact is, you and I have something in common. We've both suffered through the death of the woman we loved, only to discover she was still alive. I know it's hard. but this isn't about you. And I will not allow my daughter to become your mistress.

Vaughn : If that's where you think my concern for Sydney is headed, then you are even more cynical than I thought.

Jack : If lightning strikes, Mr. Vaughn, and you and I get to walk free again, if you care about my daughter as you claim to, then push her away. Be cruel if you have to. Make her despise you because your kindness tortures her. I can see it, what it does to her. And I won't have it.

Dans le motel, Willet Syd sont bourrés:

Will : You and Vaughn's wife work together. Okay, how the hell did that happen ?

Sydney : Let's talk about you. A beautiful painter lives in your building and you haven't asked her out yet. Why ?

Will : Because Jonah's recovering from a post-traumatic dating syndrome after his last girlfriend dumped him by rammed a bayonet into his lungs. Let's go back to you. Okay, you and Vaughn's wife.

Sydney : Yeah, I hate her. I mean I don't, she's nice.

Will : You hate her...

Sydney : Yeah...

Will : It's okay.

Sydney : But not 'cause of her. It's just... I still love him.

Will : God... That sucks.

Sydney : You know, Will, I'm considering everything, I think I'm pretty normal. I'm emotional. I try to be honest but I... I've never been a depressed person... until now.

Will : I get it.

Sydney : I mean, nothing has felt the same this year, and it's... it's not just Vaughn It's you, and Francie... I don't know...

Will : What ?

Sydney : I'm just alone.

Will : Hey, it's okay… okay. Syd...


A Buenos aires dans un parc, un homme assit sur un banc discute avec Sloane

Slaone : Your target : a government employee.

L’homme : When and where ?

Slaone : When I know, you'll know.

L’homme : And just when I was beginning to believe the glowing press about you being such a humanitarian...

Sloane : You're a smarter man than that.


A Moscou, Lazarey est attaché à une chaise et reçoit la visite de Sark

Lazarey : Who are you ?

Sark : You abandoned me as a child. vague memory I have of you, you were physically abusive. Later in life you left me million dollars. Should I go on ? Hello, daddy.

Lazarey : You are not grateful ? Your inheritance was not enough ?

Sark : I know the truth, and therefore I show no remorse seeing you like this.

Lazarey : I was an Apparatchik by profession but a Romanov by blood. So are you. In part, that's why I staged my death, to give you the inheritance that is rightfully yours.

Sark : That's wonderful spin. You should know that the inheritance, that you hoped would buy my affection, now finances my employer, the Covenant.

Lazarey : Julian... the Covenant...They are... true evil.

Sark : The man you were meeting with, I want to know exactly what you said to him. Every word.

Lazarey : Pathetic !

Sark : I'll give you a moment … to remember exactly what you said. I'll ask you one more time : What exactly did you tell the man you were meeting with ?

Lazarey : You wouldn't do something like this ?! Not to your own father !

(Sark rapproche la flamme)

Lazarey : AARrrrrrrgg

Syd et Will sont ensemble dans un lit :

Sydney : Oh my God !

Will : I know, it's weird. I've been waiting to do that for like eight years.

Sydney : No, no ! What you said before, about me being me.

Will : I don't remember.

Sydney : Lazarey asked if they have it, have they been to Graz. Whatever it was that was hidden, whatever he was talking about, I obviously had it. I must have had it in Graz. Whatever I did, if it was me, the choices I made were my choices.

Will : Oh, so if you had something to hide today, where would you hide it...

Sydney : Exactly.

Will : Well, that depends on what it is, what context is.

Sydney : Assume for a second that it's information, it's data, video, something that can be stored.

Will : Well, if it's something small, it could be anywhere.

Sydney : Somewhere safe.

Will : Well, when Lazarey spoke, it didn't sound like it was someplace protected.

Sydney : I know, that's why I figure a bank or a hotel safety deposit box.

Will : How come ?

Sydney : Because that's where I'd put it. Where would I hide something ? Wait a second.

Will : What ?

Sydney : Hotel Verlustzeit


Au loin nous entendons les cris de Lazarey. Allison est train de fumer. Sark l'a rejoint

Sark : We're going to Graz. Hotel Verlustzeit.

A Graz, Syd et Will, s'y rendent en prétendant être des rock star !

Réceptionniste : Hello ! Checking in ?

Will : Yeah, of course. I'm here, she's here, we made it !

Réceptionniste : And you are ?

Sydney : We're the next big thing.

Réceptionniste : This way please. This is one of our finest suites.

Will : Yeah, yeah. It's not bad, not bad.

Réceptionniste : The bar is over there, and the gym is on the th floor, open -hours. Of course you have a balcony...

a fantastic view. That should be it. Is there anything else I can get for you ?

Will : Yeah, thank you for asking. You know, you're a lovely little man, isn't he ?

Réceptionniste : Thank you.

Will : Sweetheart, um, two bottles ?

Sydney : Of what ?

Will : Champagne. Four ? Two ? Two bottles ?

Sydney : One's good.

Will : One. We're going to get four bottles of champagne and I'm going to tip you like I ordered five. You know what I mean ?

Réceptionniste : Yes, sir.

Will : You do, don't you, you cheeky little bastard ?

Réceptionniste : Yes.

Will : Cheers. What ? What ? Come on, if we're going to do this, we've got to, you know, we've got to be legit about it.

Sydney : It was a little over the top.

Will : Over the top ? I'm wearing seat covering. There is no over the top. Plus, I like champagne. You keep forgetting I live in Wisconsin now. I am not squandering this.

Sydney : Call up the on-screen checkout.

Will : You have to admit my accent was pretty good. It was like early Stones.

Sydney : I thought it was Australian.

Will :  Shut up ! I was like : "Yeah I'm here, she's here, we made it." I mean, that's good. Take a look at, right, that's enough, carry on.

Sydney : Let's get past these firewalls. See if I was ever here. Okay, we're in the system.

Will : Alright, what are we looking for ?

Sydney : Long-term storage contracts. The names of people who have things in safety deposit boxes, for example.

Will : Unbelievable.

Sydney : Box 23. See if they have the floor plan online.

Will : What if they don't ?

Sydney : Think positively ! Here we go, sub-basement, just past the North-East corridor.

Will : What about security ?

Sydney : I'm almost done looping the surveillance cameras. Let's move :

Syd et Will se rendent dans les sous-sols. Avec plusieurs gadgets ils rentrent dans la salle des coffres

Will : I assume you're not primping.

Sydney : Not exactly. Stand back.

(Sark leur subtilise la boite)

Will : What is that ?

Sydney : Sark's got it !

Will : Go !

Sydney : Will, you can't, you're not trained !

Will : Go !

(poursuite entre Will/Allison et Sydney et Sark)

Allison (à Will) : I guess we have unfinished business.

Will : This is for Francie.

(Will poignarde Allison)

Sydney : Will. Will ! We've gotta get out of here !

Sydney est avertie par Sloane que Lindsey a fait prisonnier Jack et Vaughn :

Sydney : Set the time and place with Lindsey. I'm ready to be traded back.

Sloane : Sydney, Lindsey's taken your father and Vaughn into custody. Dixon's in custody as well. But we need to proceed with this trade as planned so that Lindsey believes you were being held by the Covenant. The Rambaldi device is being delivered in San Pedro. I've hired a team to pick it up, they will appear to be working for the Covenant. As soon as they've left the area, you're to drive yourself to meet Lindsey.

Sydney : You are never ending up with the Rambaldi device. I want it put inside the van and take it directly to the parking lot at Hill street at night. I want the van to remain visible at all times. No one is to enter or exit the vehicle.

Sloane : Sydney, you have my word.

Sydney : That's a relief.

Sydney appelle Weiss :

Weiss : Weiss.

Sydney : Listen very carefully. I need a favor.

Weiss : Where are you ?

Sydney : Just listen to me and tell no one about this call. The Rambaldi device that's being traded to the Covenant, it's actually going to Sloane. He needs to be watched from the moment he gets the device. Grab the feed from a satellite that has a view of the trade. Track their van. Any suspicious stops, anyone gets on or off, have a team standing by to bring them in.

Weiss : Alright. I got it. Whatever the hell you're up to, good luck !


A Los Angeles, sur un port, Lindsey et la NSC se préparent à l'échange

Lindsey : Status ?

Un garde : Sir, the Covenant's representatives have taken possession of the Rambaldi Device.

Weiss (à la CIA en contact avec Syd) : Syd, I'm tracking the van. The package is inside.

Sydney : Copy that. You'll follow the van to the rendez-vous point. Anything unusual, you'll let me know.

Weiss : I’ll do that

Sydney : I'm heading toward Lindsey. Wish me luck.

Un garde : Sir, we have a  on Agent Bristow. She's approaching the dock.

(Sydney arrive en voiture et s’approche de Lindsey. Un sniper se prépare à tuer quelqu’un)

Un garde :Bristow's arrived.

Lindsey : On behalf of the U.S. government, I want to say how relieved I am at your safe return.

Gardes : Shots gun ! Secure perimeter, now ! Shot from the west ! Man down ! Man down !

De nuit, Sydney rejoint Sloane qui est devant un camion :

Sydney : You murdered Robert Lindsay !

Sloane : I think you already know my response.

Sydney : Let me guess... "You don't know what I'm talking about".

Sloane : Not a word.

(Sydney monte dans le camion ouvre la boite pour dévouvrir que “the telling” a disparu)

Sloane : I did everything as you asked. I followed your protocol precisely.

Sydney : This was your endgame the whole time.

Sloane : Now, you can go on blaming me if you like or you can accept the truth.

Sydney : Which is what ?

Sloane : The deceiver was Lindsey, not me. His team might have thought so but apparently Lindsey never gave us the Rambaldi Device. It was a setup.

Sydney : I don't know how you did this but you're not going to get away with it.

Sloane : I don't know what you're talking about.


A la CIA :

Sydney : It seems like everything is falling back into place. Thank you, by the way. For everything.

Vaughn : Yeah. I've gotta go. I'm meeting Lauren.

Marshall : Now, I'm not exactly sure what this means.

Sydney : What is that ?

Marshall : That was inside the box. It's human tissue, vital, still active. Oh ! And... there was a name etched inside the box : Milo Rambaldi.

(Sydney cours après Will)

Sydney :Will ! I've been looking for you. You feeling alright ?

Will : Yeah. Seeing Allison again, killing her, I, I must have dreamed about it I don't know how many times. When you told me that she was still alive, I thought if I had the chance, that ending her life would be satisfying, you know, there'd be closure, it'd be cathartic. It's just as empty as the dreams. It's horrible. There's no...satisfaction. There's nothing.

Sydney : I know they talked to you. Now that the Covenant knows you're still alive, you might want to move again. Maybe somewhere outside of the country.

Will : No, I'm not gonna run any more. I'm gonna stay in Wisconsin. I don't know, maybe when I get back I'll... I'll ask out that painter. We're going to see each other again.

Will : I love you.

Sydney : You too. Will !

Will : Yeah ?

Sydney : We never talked about that.

Will : Yeah I kinda like that.

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j'en ai croisé quelques un oui, à l'abandon ... c'est dommage

serieserie (20:53)


serieserie (20:53)

il faudrait des fans motivé pour les faire revivre

soaddict (20:53)

faudrait plus de gens engagés comme toi

soaddict (20:53)


soaddict (20:54)

y a des serie difficile à faire revivre même avec un super quartier

serieserie (20:54)

ah mais y en a mais on est déjà au maximum les uns comme les autres...

serieserie (20:54)

oui c'est sur mais il y a des quartiers de séries terminées depuis des années qui tournent tres bien

soaddict (20:55)

j'ai cru comprendre ! vu le temps que tu passes ici je me suis demandé si c'était pas ton boulot

soaddict (20:55)

oui c'est vrai ça dépend de l'interet des fans pour une serie

serieserie (20:55)

mais non roooh

serieserie (20:55)

c'est ça! et puis de l'implication de ces dit fans ^^

serieserie (20:56)

bon perso je n'ai pas de quartier de série terminée!

serieserie (20:56)

ah si maintenant j'en ai un... depuis hier...

soaddict (20:56)

ah ? quoi

serieserie (20:56)

Bones... fini depuis hier soir au usa...

soaddict (20:58)

ah oui c'est vrai ... dur

serieserie (20:59)

moins que ce que je pensais enfaite...

soaddict (21:00)

pas encore vu

serieserie (21:01)

vu tout a l'heure, bon pas remise que ça soit le dernier parce que forcément j'en voudrais d'autres mais contente du résultat

soaddict (21:01)

c'est toujours dur la fin d'une serie qu'on adore

soaddict (21:02)

me suis jamais remise de la fin de How i meet your mother

serieserie (21:07)

ah mince

serieserie (21:07)

beh je regardais pas donc ^^

serieserie (21:07)

mais franchement je le prends mieuxque je pensais

soaddict (21:08)

what ? c'est la meilleure série de tout les temps ! a voir absolument

serieserie (21:09)

ahah ^^

serieserie (21:09)

beh j'ia vu quelques épisodes mais pas plus que ça quoi ^^"

soaddict (21:12)

un jour quand t'auras le temps .... c'est pas demain c'est sur

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cometchat1 (10:32)


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cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:49)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (10:50)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:14)


cometchat1 (11:29)


cometchat1 (11:29)


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Et 1 déjà dans mon panier ^^

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