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(Cut to same scene that season 2 final, Sydney has look of utter shock and disbelief on her face.)

Vaughn: There was a fire at your apartment. (Cut to flashback as Vaughn's voice continues. Flashback shows a gutted out, smoking shell of what once was Sydney's apartment. We follow Dixon's progress through the ruins until he reaches a room where a police officer is covering what is presumed to be remains with a black tarp. Camera pans across the room, where Vaughn is sitting hunched against the scorched wall. He looks up briefly at Dixon as if to acknowledge his presence and then looks back down at the draped tarp. A close up of his face reveals Vaughn is crying, looking completely devestated.) Will survived...but you... they found remains. The DNA...was a match. You were dead. You were dead.

Sydney: got married.

Vaughn: I did. They asked me to come to Hong Kong...the Agency. They thought it would be best if you were reintroduced by someone from your life before.

Sydney: They could have sent my father. He's CIA, he's from my life before.

Vaughn: I can't answer that. I chose not to stay with the CIA after your death.

Sydney: You're not with the Agency?

Vaughn: No... I'm a teacher.

(Sydney gets up to stand next to the desk in the room)

Sydney (looking distraught): This is, uh...gonna take me a while.

Vaughn: They want me to bring you back. I mean, you can imagine the kind of investigation that's being called...

(Vaughn gets up to stand in front of Sydney)

Sydney: Hell of a way to wake up. How much time do I have before I have to go?

Vaughn (looking down at watch): They said they want you back...

(Sydney grabs a lamp from the desk and whacks Vaughn on the side of the head with the base. While he's bent over, she wraps the cord of the lamp around his neck, strangling him.)

Sydney: I don't know who the hell you are, but you are not Vaughn, you son of a bitch! Tell me who the hell you're working for... is it Sloane!?

(Sydney throws Vaughn against the wall, still strangling him)

Sydney: Tell me you're working for Sloane!

(Sounds outside the door alert Sydney to the presence of a guard entering. She elbows Vaughn in the temple and drops him to the floor. The door to the room opens and Sydney kicks a chair at the attacker, then roundhouses the door shut on him. Then she punches the guard. She turns around to see Vaughn getting up and she kicks him in the stomach, sending him flying across the room. Sydney runs down the hallway and out into the alley, where she finds herself surrounded by a guard on either side of the alley, both with guns trained on her. She kneels, as if submitting, but when the guard behind her goes to grab her wrists, she grabs him and flings him at the other guard. She takes on each guard one at a time, first with fists and hands, then with a broomstick and a metal garbage can cover. Just as she takes out the last guard with the can cover, we hear a "pfft" sound. Sydney turns and a dart is revealed sticking out of her shoulder. We see Vaughn at the end of the alley, dart gun still raised against Sydney. Sydney gives Vaughn a look of utter betrayal as the tranquilizer starts to work. As she sinks to her knees, Vaughn lowers the gun and walks closer.)

Sydney (as Vaughn comes closer): Don't... (as if she can't stand the look of concern on his face, because she thinks he's not him) Don't do... (Sydney starts to collapse)

(Vaughn rushes over, dropping the gun and catches Sydney before she can fall, sinking to the ground, holding her)

(A sequence of white lights, faces much too blurry to make out, sounds, ringing bells, a revving engine. All sights and sounds are out of place and make no sense. The scenes yield to Sydney, lying in a hospital bed while a beeping alarm goes off in the room. Sydney waked up, disoriented with her surroundings and afraid. Dixon rushes into the room and turns off the alarm)

Dixon: (sighs) You're safe. You're at the Stafford Naval Hospital. You're home again.

(Cut to Sydney, still looking bewildered and shocked)

Dixon: There are no words to make this easy. It was Vaughn who came for you in Hong Kong. And what he told you was the truth.

(Sydney sits up in bed)

Sydney: Dixon... What happened to me?

Dixon: We don't know.

Sydney: Where's my father? Or...or my mom... Have you heard from her since Mexico City? Vaughn said Will's alive. If there was a fire in my apartment, if he thought I was dead, then how did Will survive? Where is he?

Dixon: Sydney...

Sydney: And she dead? Did they find her body, too?

Dixon: I know you have a million questions, but...

Sydney: I have a lot more than a million questions! I which I only had a million questions!

Dixon: You're going to have to be patient. I'll talk to the...

Sydney: I can't be patient! I woke up like it was one night! I have a scar on my stomach I have never seen before... You're telling me two years have passed, and I have to be patient!?

Dixon: Listen to me, Sydney... You have to relax.

Sydney: I think I deserve to know what happened to the people in my life! Where the hell is Kendall!? I want some answers!

Dixon: Kendall is not the director of our division anymore. I am; almost six months now.

Sydney (taken aback): Congratulations.

(Door opens to reveal Weiss)

Weiss: How ya feelin'?

Sydney: I'm okay. You look great... You lost weight?

Weiss: Oh, thanks, yeah. I sorta gave up all the foods that I enjoy. I'm miserable, but I look really good. (to Dixon) Uh, we got something.

Dixon: I need just a minute. Excuse me. (Gets up to leave the room)

Weiss: I'm sorry to be all cryptic...

Sydney: It's okay... I get it.

(Weiss leaves room. Both he and Dixon stand outside Sydney's room in full view of her through the glass door)

Weiss: We received a transmission an hour ago from Mr. Kingsley. He got the package and the decoy. He's on schedule, aboard a train to Avignon.

(Cut to Sydney, surreptitously watching them. Mumbled voices, not loud enough to make out. Weiss hands Dixon a file folder and Dixon opens it. Cut back to Weiss and Dixon)

Weiss: We've received an intel that the Covenant may be moving to intercept Kingsley and get the chip.

(Cut back to Sydney, studying Dixon and Weiss intently as they talk. Both are mostly turned toward her. She watches them speak. Cut back to Weiss and Dixon)

Dixon: And we can't reach Kingsley?

Weiss: No, he's radio silent. But we got the new lead: an address outside of Paris; a possible outpost for the Covenant.

Dixon: Contact the NSCF. Have them stop the train at the next station and recheck Kingley's ticket. He'll know to make contact.

Weiss: Okay.

Dixon: And get a team in prep. I want to raid this outpost.

(Weiss walks off, Dixon reenters Sydney's room)

Dixon: I have to get back.

Sydney: Dixon, I want to see my dad. What is the big deal?

(Dixon comes back over and leans over Sydney in the bed)

Dixon: He's in prison. The National Security Council has had him in solitary for almost a year. Their policy, without exception, is that he is to have no visitors.

(Cut scene to a train speeding along in the dark... Lyon, France. We see Kingsley on the train. A young blond woman sits across from him, listening to a CD. She smiles apologetically at him and shows him the CD case. He smiles back and nods. The door to the car opens. Two men step inside and begin systematically shooting everyone in the car. The woman across from Kingsley gets shot and she gets up in a panic to run and is shot again. Kingsley leans over, readying a gun he has hidden under the seat. Kingsley returns fire and then flees to the next car. He looks up to see two men enter the new car from the other direction. A large, burly Russian-looking man appears to be in charge. He shoots Kingsley in the leg, and Kingsley collapses into a seat.)

Man in Charge (leaning over Kingsley and unsheathing a knife): Mr. Kingsley, you know what I want. Give it to me, and I make your death painless.

(Kingsley refuses to answer, so Man in Charge stabs him in the stomach. Man in Charge leans over him again, displaying the knife covered in blood.)

Man in Charge: One more time.

Kingsley: My shoe! My left shoe!

(One of the thugs removes shoe and move sole to reveal a data chip. They remove it and put it into a reader.)

Henchman: Nyet. (Subtitle reads: It's not it.)

Man in Charge: Not what I wanted.

(Stabs Kingsley again.)

Man in Charge (in Russian): Check his pockets.

(Man in Charge sits in a seat opposite, cleaning the blood off his hands. The henchmen bring him the small pile of items from Kingsley's pocket: a pack of European cigarettes, a lighter, some coins. Suddenly, he picks up a specific coin, looks at it, and then pulls on it. It comes apart, revealing another, smaller data chip. He inserts it into the reader machine, confirming it is the chip he is looking for.)

(Cut scene~ LA at night. Back in the hospital room with Sydney. We see a hidden camera black ball on the ceiling, pan to Weiss sleeping in a chair by Sydney's bed, then to Sydney, sleeping fitfully. She gasps, sitting up suddenly.)

Weiss: What? You okay? Syd?

Sydney (flops back on bed): I know... Oh my God...I think I know where I was.

(End of Act One. Cut to Credits)

~ ~ ~

(Aerial View of LA in daytime. Cut to Weiss and Sydney walking into the Joint Task Force Office.)

Sydney: There's so many new people... I don't know anyone here.

Weiss: Ah, just give it time.

Marshall: Excuse me. Excuse me, hello? (Sydney turns to face him.) Hi, uh...Sydney? (raising his voice slightly) I'm Marshall Flinkman. I work here. Tech design and, uh, operations here?

Sydney (hugging him): Marshall... of course I know who you are.

Marshall: Oh my God...Sydney, it's so amazing to see you, I can't even really relate. Actually, I, uh, wrote a poem...uh, um. (clears throat) I've lost my keys...where are they?

Carrie: Sydney...

(Sydney turns to face Carrie.)

Sydney: Carrie!

(They hug.)

Carrie: Ooooh, welcome back!

Sydney (looking down): Hey, you're pregnant!

Carrie: Ooh, yeah, yeah...I am.

Marshall (leaning forward conspiratorially): I, uh, wonder who the father is?

(Sydney turns to face him, shocked, then looks back at Carrie.)

Sydney: Are you guys married too?

Carrie: No.

Marshall: Not yet.

Carrie: No. We're not married.

Marshall: We just haven't set the date yet.

Carrie: We're not even engaged, we're just having a kid.

Marshall: Well, we're talking about getting engaged...

Carrie: Not really.

Marshall: Well, uh, she just has an issue with wedlock.

Weiss: Syd...Dixon's expecting us.

Carrie: If you need anything, just ask, okay?

Sydney: Thanks.

Marshall: (reading poem again) I've lost my keys, where are they? It''s uh, a metaphor.

(Cut to Dixon's office)

Dixon: We'd like to hear about what happened last night.

Sydney: I had a memory; a vivid memory of the interior of the building where I was being held. I remember it was in Paris, and I remember the faces least three of my captors.

Lindsay: Mr. Weiss' report says you recall overhearing voices....names, including Mr. Kingsley?

Dixon: This is Robert Lindsay...he's our NSC liaison.

Sydney: Yes. So far, that's all I remember.

Lindsay: Sounds like the group we're looking for is the one that was holding our girl. Last night, there was a mass murder on a French passenger train. Among the dead was a CIA asset: Scott Kingsley.

(Dixon hands Sydney a file folder. She looks inside.)

Dixon: Kingsley did engineering work for us. He designed an aircraft; a spy drone that could fly undetected by radar.

Lindsay: Kingsley was en route to Avignon to deliver the schematics. They were stolen.

Weiss: And this drone could be converted into a delivery system.

Sydney: Biological weapons...chemical. I get it.

Dixon: This group, we know almost nothing about them. They refer to themselves as "The Covenant". We have some new intelligence identifying one of their outposts. We believe this is where they've taken the chip. We're sending a team to Paris to raid the building.

Lindsay: Look familiar?

Sydney: Yes.

Lindsay: See, we're going in, with or without you. Without you, we're blind. You might recognize details we might not see otherwise.

Dixon: Personally, I'm of the mind that sending you back into the field so soon after your recovery is asinine.

Lindsay: Well, Mr. Dixon, you might ask yourself just how much you want to apprehend these killers...

Dixon (over Lindsay): Do not question my resolve! What you are suggesting is premature...

Lindsay: Perhaps if you'd listen to what I'm suggesting...certainly not that we throw Ms. Bristow back in the field...

Dixon: Look, I've experienced trauma myself. Returning to the field prematurely is as bad as not being trained at all!

Sydney: Okay, excuse me...but I am standing right here! (to Lindsay) I think I might be helpful in Paris. But I will not even consider going unless you help me first. I want to see my father...right now.

Lindsay: Ms. Bristow, just so we're clear... I have no intention of doing your father one single favor...ever. That being said, it's not your fault he's your father...and I'm not without a heart, as you will come to see. I'll get you in this one time.

Sydney: Thanks.

(Cut to Weiss driving Sydney in the car. She sits in front of a small table before a wall of reinforced glass. As the door opens, she stands and approaches the glass. Jack Bristow is brought in. He is wearing a khaki prison suit. His hands are handcuffed before him. His hair is slicked back ala Hannibal Lecter and he has a full beard. He approaches the glass.)

Jack: Sweetheart, you look so beautiful.

Sydney: They told me you were charged with resisting authority. Dad, I don't understand.

Jack: I became obsessed with your death; with finding those responsible. And at a certain point in my pursuit, I needed help. So I contacted the one person I believed I could trust, given the circumstances...your mother.

Sydney: You were working with Mom!?

Jack: At the time, she was nubmer 6 on the CIA's most wanted list. The National Security Council, primarily...Robert Lindsay. You met him?

Sydney: Yes.

Jack: He discovered that I was collaborating with your mother, so he threatened me, questioned my allegiance to this country. He chose to make an example of me: an NSC power play, and here we are. I was told you have a memory; that you believe you were being held in Paris...

(Sydney presses a button on her watch)

Sydney: It's an anti-eavesdrop device; I got it from Marshall. We have 90 seconds. Dad, I don't remember a thing.

Jack: What?

Sydney: I read Dixon's lips when he was talking outside my hospital room. I just made it up to get leverage...and now they want to send me on a mission!

Jack: Leverage...for what?

Sydney: To see you. They told me I couldn't see you and...I needed to. Dad, I don't know if I can explain what it's like waking up and having everything be different. My friends are gone, I have no job, I have no home, and Vaughn's married, and you're in prison...

Jack: Vaughn what?

Sydney: He got married.

Jack: Michael Vaughn is just a boy who was never good enough for you. Anyway, Sydney, listen to me, my investigation into your death became even more disturbing than I expected...You must continue my work and find the truth about what happened to you... Do you understand me?

Sydney: Yes...

Jack: The only way to do that is by getting your CIA clearance restored, having access to my private files, getting back...

Sydney: Dad, I don't think I can do this without you.

Jack: We both know that's not true, and you have no choice anyway. The CIA, I am certain, is dubious about your return, somehow you must get them to trust you again. If they learn you were bluffing about your memory, it's all over.

Sydney: Dad, what did you mean by the investigation was disturbing?

Jack: Sydney, I knew you were alive. I made a discovery that you...

(Sydney's watch beeps)

Jack: You probably know this, but I love you.

Sydney: I love you, too.

(End of Act Two)


(Black screen. PARIS...push through the A...A shot of the Eiffel Tower at night...Sydney stands with arms crossed in black raid gear)

Weiss (addressing raid team): The object of tonight's mission is to find and retrieve the microchip, also to acquire any intel about the organization known as "The Covenant", who we believe is in possession of this chip. We've had the building under satellite surveillance and it appears to be abandoned, but there are no guarantees. You've all met Agent Bristow... She was held prisoner in this building, so while I'll be leading this operation, we will take into consideration any warnings or insights that Agent Bristow has to offer. Any questions? (pauses) Let's go!

(Team loads into a silver van)

(Aside to Sydney) Weiss: You all right?

Sydney: Yeah.

(Van drives up to warehouse. Team unloads and sets up. )

Weiss: Retriever to base...We're in position... Any last minute fun?

(Cut to Dixon and Lindsay on headsets at the JTF)

Dixon: We've got no activity outside the target building and thermal imaging shows the building to be clean.

Weiss: That's good to hear.

Lindsay: Anything from Mountaineer?

Weiss: Any of this look familiar?

Sydney: Not yet.

Weiss: Uh... negative.

Dixon: Retreiver, move on your call.

Weiss: Here we go. Let's watch out for tripwires and watch your backs...

(Raid begins. Team breaks through doors. Building is dark with lots of doors and hallways. The team's guns are mounted with flashlights. Cut to Dixon watching their progress via heat signatures on the computer screen. Back to raid, the team enters further into building.)

Weiss (over Sydney's shoulder): Hey... Remember any of this?

Dixon: Base to Retriever.

Weiss: Yeah, go base.

Dixon: We're picking up some company, quadrant 16, heading 2 o'clock.

Weiss: Retriever to team, be on the alert for possible hostile, quadrant 16 at door quadrant nine.

Dixon: Retriever, we're seeing activity... I'm counting three, now five additionals.

Weiss: Team, we now have five possible hostiles... Let's get ready to engage.

(Weiss turns corner and is fired upon by hostile with laser sight. He and Sydney pull back.)

Weiss: Base, we're under attack! We're under attack!

(Lots gunfire exchange)

Dixon: Fall back now! Fall back now! There are two more of them in quadrant six. All agents abort! Fall back now!

Weiss (to Sydney): Let's split up. We'll take 'em from behind.

Sydney: Okay.

(Weiss fire to cover for her.)

Weiss: Go!

(Back in the office, Dixon gives Lindsay a look. Linsday looks exasperated. At the raid, we follow Sydney's progress down a hallway. Cut to Weiss's progress. He enters a room and sees a blood smear on the wall. On the ground, one of his team members, shot in the head. A second team member is also shot, barely alive.)

Weiss: Come on, Morse... Stay with me!

(Cut to Sydney as she enters another room. It's a labratory of some kind. There she finds another one of their team shot. She bends down to feel for a pulse. The door to the room busts open and two hostiles run inside, shooting at Sydney as she hides behind some equipment. She returns gunfire then huddles as they fire back. She notices chemical bottles on the table and then returns fire. Cut to Weiss, still trying to keep Morse alive. Someone is sneaking up behind Weiss. He turns and is whacked upside the head by the attacker. The camera pans is the same Man in Charge from the train. Cut to Sydney, receiving more gunfire. She covers her nose with her shirt, grabs two bottles from the counter and mixes them together. She throws the bottle at her attackers. It explodes, knocking one of them over. She charges the other attacker, taking him out with hand to hand combat. Cut to knocked out Weiss. Man in Charge has him in a sitting position and pulls Weiss' head to the side to expose his neck. He pulls out his switchblade, ready to slice his neck. Cut to Sydney running full out down a hallway. Man in Charge looks up, sees Sydney. Sydney stops running, staring at the man. He stares back, almost as if he recognizes her. Sydney's moment of hesitation is gone. As she lifts her gun to fire, the Man in Charge drops Weiss and runs. Sydney barely misses shooting him. She runs to Weiss, who has come to.)

Sydney (to Weiss): Are you okay?

Weiss: Go get him.

(Sydney runs after Man in Charge, but by the time she gets out of the building, all she sees is a car screeching around a corner, out of sight. Weiss comes out behind her.

Weiss: They're dead; all of them.

Sydney: Oh my God, Weiss...If I'd told the truth, this might not have happened...

Weiss: What are you talking about?

Sydney: I've never been here before. The dream I had... I just had to regain the CIA's trust...and now the team's dead.

Weiss: Syd, this operation was on, whether you came or not. And if you hadn't, I'd be dead, too.

Sydney: I don't know what to do, I...everything's wrong, everything's upside down...

Weiss: Syd, we gotta get home.

Sydney: I can't go back! Robert Lindsay hates my father...he doesn't trust me. He wanted results from this operation; he wanted the chip. If I go back after this, he'll pull my clearance and I'll never be able to help my father.

Weiss: What are you thinking?

Sydney: This was obviously an ambush. Those gunmen work for the Covenant...the one that was going to kill you, I saw his face. If I can make a positive ID, that could lead to the chip...leverage.

Weiss: To do what?

Sydney: To get my father out of custody! To recover what was stolen from the make sure those men didn't die for nothing. I'm going to need a contact; a freelancer. Someone not with the CIA. Someone with resources. All of my names are two years old.

Weiss: You're not gonna like my suggestion. You should go see Arvin Sloane.

Sydney: What?

Weiss: Slaone negotiated a pardon after your...death. He's now a consultant for the CIA. Yeah, he now runs a World Health Organization in Zurich: Omnifam.

Sydney: Listen to me. We never had this conversation. After the gunfight, I disappeared, you never saw me again.

Weiss: Syd, what are you gonna do?

(Sydney turns and runs off.)

Weiss: Syd!

(Black screen. Zurich... push through the C. Aerial shot of Zurich by day. Cut to Sydney entering an office. She stalks right by the secretary.

Secretary: Excuse me... Miss? Miss, you can't go in there!

(Sydney pushes open the door to yield Slaone's office. Sloane is standing on a small enclosed balcony outside the office, his back to her. He turns to look at her. Fade to black.)

(End of Act Three.)

(Sydney stares at Sloane as he opens the glass door from the balcony and begins to walk inside. A burly man from security enters the room from behind Sydney. Sloane holds up a hand as if to stay the security guy.)

Sloane: It's okay. We're fine.

(Sloane has a "cat who ate the canary" kind of smile on his face.)

Sloane: Hello, Sydney.

Sydney: There's a group the CIA has targeted. They call themselves "The Covenant". They've stolen something I need to get back.

(As Sydney speaks, Sloane walks over to a side desk and picks up a file folder.)

Sydney: I've made a visual ID of one of their members. I need to put a name to his face. You're going to help me find him.

(Sloane walks toward her, holding the folder, looking rather smug.)

Sloane: Well, you must be in real trouble to come to me for assistance.

(He slides the folder across the desk toward Sydney. She picks it up and looks inside. There is a photograph of the very person she is trying to ID.)

Sloane: His name is Gordei Volkov. He's a former Russian MVD; a high class hitman.

(Sloane sits at his desk)

Sydney: You just happened to have his file sitting on your desk...

Sloane: I had it ready because I was expecting you. Sydney, I know you've gone rogue and that your father is being held in solitary, and based on my experience with you, I'd say that you're trying to find a way to win his freedom. Am I right?

(Sloane stands up and closes the distance between himself and Sydney)

Sloane: Sydney, just...try and remember the bond we used to have between us, you and I. I loved you like a daughter; I loved you. And even you would admit there were times, I would see it in your eyes, you looked at me like I was your...

(Sydney grabs Sloane by the lapels of his jacket and slams his head and torso onto the table. She leans over him, holding a letter opener like a dagger at his throat.)

Sydney: Where the hell have I been the last two years!? I know it was you...what the hell did you do to me!?

Sloane: Sydney, do you believe in redemption?

Sydney: Not for you, no.

Sloane: We've helped to feed over 3 1/2 million children worldwide. We do research; our work on cancer has the potential to save millions of lives, Sydney. So much has changed since you've been gone.

(Sydney spots a magazine on Sloane's desk. It has a picture of Sloane on the cover with a headline that reads "Arvin Sloane: Rising Angel" (actually, Sloane is misspelled as Sloan, but who's counting?) She lets him up.)

Sloane: You remember the Rambaldi device? The machine designed 500 years ago by a prophet? All I did was bring all the pieces together and have it assembled. And when I turned it on, it delivered a message, as I suspected it would. I wasn't prepared for what it said. The message was just one word, one simple word: Peace. The epiphany I had at that moment, suddenly I saw all the mistakes I'd made, the pain I had inflicted on the world, the people I loved. So I chose right then and there to give information to the CIA with which they were able to dismantle at least 2 dozen terrorist cells.

Sydney: I don't know how you convinced the CIA that you're trustworthy.

Sloane: Why don't you check my files?

Sydney: I know you too well. I don't buy any of it.

(Sydney turns and walks out. She is at a payphone, making phone calls and speaking in different languages, obviously trying all the numbers of her old contacts. Finally, the relief on her face is apparent when she finds one still working.)

Sydney: I tried to reach over two dozen contacts; you're the only one still active.

(Cut to scene of Sydney in a black dress sitting at a restaurant table. Pan to her contact.)

Sydney: Thank you for coming.

Contact (with thick French accent): Of course. Forgive me if I look shocking to you, but I was believing that you were dead.

Sydney: I was. But now I'm not.

Contact: This is why I love our business.

Sydney: I need some information.

Contact: I hope I can help you.

Sydney: Gordei Volkov.

(Contact looks up from lighting his cigarette, looking surprised. Cut to the Joint Task Force Center. Pan up to Robert Lindsay walking, carrying a file folder.)

Dixon: Lindsay!

(Lindsay stops, turns around to face an approaching Dixon.)

Dixon: I just got a call from the DOJ. You had Sydney Bristow listed as an enemy of the state!?

Lindsay: Dixon, your operative ran. Sydney Bristow is a fugitive. That was...

Dixon: This is why I did not want to send her out to begin with. In her condition, we should be helping her, not...

Lindsay: I hate to pull rank, but the Department of Justice is my jurisdiction. Blindly trusting Sydney...

Dixon: I've never suggested we should blindly trust anyone, but classifying her in this way makes her a target!

Lindsay: Can you make a suggestion?

Dixon: I suggest we use our resources to locate her.

Lindsay: Oh, she'll be located.

(Lindsay turns and walks off.)

Dixon: I want her back in this office alive!

(Cut back to Sydney and the Contact.)

Contact: Volkov has a meeting scheduled tomorrow night in Prague. I have the address. He's supposed to be delivering something, what it is, I do not know. Perhaps it is your thing.

Sydney: Do you know what he drives?

Contact: A sedan...armored, of course...with a protective detail. If you want to stop that car, you will need....backup.

Sydney: No I don't.

(Cut to the Contact's surprised face.)

Sydney: But I will need clothes.

(Cut to Sydney changing her clothes. As she pulls off her black top, we see a close up of Sydney's scar. She changes into a slinky, calf-length red dress. She braids her hair, puts on makeup. Next, we see her with a chin length red wig with a flip do and reddish tinted "swank" sunglasses on. She struts outside, gets in a red Ferrari and drives off.)

(End Act Four)

(Black screen. PRAGUE, push through the U. Night scene of Prague. Reflection of Sydney strutting in large puddle on street. Pan up to Sydney. She stops in the middle of the street, just before the puddle. She's wearing the dress (no sunglasses at night), a red purse slung crosswise over her shoulder. She has this "I kick serious a$$" expression on her face. Cut to Volkov in his car, checking the time on his watch. Cut back to Sydney, determined expression on her face, waiting in the middle of the street for Volkov's car. Excellent 180 degree pan from Sydney's face to the approaching car. Sydney stares down the car. Volkov instructs the driver (in Russian) to stop the car. It stops about 30 feet from Sydney. Volkov appears to recognize Syndey and smiles at her. She gives a slight nod of her head and has a ghost of a smile on her face. Suddenly, she pulls a grenade launcher gun from her purse. Cut to Volkov's expression. His smile vanishes. He reaches for the door handle as she fires the gun. As Volkov jumps out, the car erupts in a fireball and flips over in midair, landing in a fiery heap. Sydney tosses the gun away in the street and approaches Volkov's body, lying face down in the street. She starts searching his pockets, finding a small metal case holding the chip. She starts to handcuff Volkov, but he flips her. She kicks and punches, but he blocks them all, grabbing her fist and twisting her around so his arm is wrapped around her neck. He unsheaths a knife, holding it up in front of her face so she can see it. Then he nuzzles at her neck, putting the hand holding the knife at her waist. We see Sydney's face as she reacts; she's angry. She grabs the vacant handcuff, hanging from Volkov's knife hand, and connects it to his belt. Then she elbows him in the face, shoving him off, then she kicks him from behind, so that he falls into the wall of a nearby building. The hand holding the knife gets jammed and he stabs himself when he falls into the wall. He turns around, knife still sticking out of his gut and stares at her. She stares back. He appears to be trying (unsuccessfully) to remove the knife. She stalks off as he slides down the wall. We hear her rev up the engine of her Ferrari and drive past him.

Cut to Sydney, stalking into the Joint Task Force Offices (think Sydney stalking into SD-6 with the Rambaldi device from the pilot and you've got the idea). Cut to Weiss noticing Sydney's approach. Cut back to determined striding Sydney. Cut back to Weiss as he stands, openmouthed, as she walks by (think Dixon doing this in the pilot...same thing). She shoves open the door to Dixon's office. Lindsay and Dixon are there. Dixon stands from behind his desk, Lindsay is already standing in front of it.)

Dixon: Sydney.

(Sydney holds up the chip, held in a pair of long tweezers (like a medical clamp).)

Sydney (to Lindsay): I have the plans for the drone. If you want them back, get the NSC to release my father immediately.

Lindsay: Excuse me! I won't be blackmailed by a fugitive! Did you really think you could come in here and threaten me!?

(Sydney pulls out a pocket blowtorch and lights it.)

Sydney: Yeah.

Lindsay: What the hell are you doing?

Sydney: I want it in writing that today is the day Jack Bristow is to be released from custody.

(Dixon is standing with his arms crossed. He appears rather impressed with Sydney. He's almost smiling.)

Lindsay (still staring at Sydney): Mr. Dixon, talk to her.

Sydney: I'm addressing you, Mr. Lindsay. I want that 'get out of jail free' card for my father or these (holding up chip) are gone!

Lindsay: This is ridiculous!

Sydney: Mr. Dixon, please provide Mr. Lindsay with a pen.

Lindsay: I've got my own pen, and there's not a chance I'm using it.

(Dixon is starting to look concerned for Sydney and royally ticked off with Lindsay)

Sydney: It's your call. 5...

Lindsay: This is insane!

Sydney: 4...

Dixon: Mr. Lindsay, she will destroy those plans.

Sydney: 3...2...1...

(Sydney moves the chip toward the blowtorch. Lindsay cringes, and then...)

Lindsay: Fine!

(Lindsay gives Sydney an annoyed look. Sydney puts out the blowtorch and puts it away. Dixon, barely holding back a smirk, hands Lindsay a clipboard.)

Lindsay (to Dixon): Thank you.

(Lindsay starts writing.)

Sydney: B..R..I..S..T..O..W..

Lindsay (through clenched teeth): I know how to spell your name!

(Fade to aerial scene of LA by day. Fade to Sydney walking down a white corridor. Cut to the other end of the hallway: Vaughn and Weiss stand talking. Vaughn and Weiss notice Sydney and stop talking, looking at her. Cut to Sydney noticing them standing there. Cut back to Weiss and Vaughn. Vaughn gives Weiss one last look, then takes a few steps toward Sydney. Weiss appears to be standing just to the side of them. Vaughn sighs nervously and attempts a friendly smile.)

Vaughn: I came by to see how you were.

(Vaughn's tone and expression (and probably just his existence at this point) angers Sydney. Her face is expressionless, but her eyes have daggers in them.)

Sydney: Are you kidding me!?

(Vaughn appears to have some trouble maintaining eye contact, but then looks back up, again trying to put up a front of friendly concern.)

Vaughn: No, I...just wanted to make sure that you...

Sydney: You didn't come here to see how I came here to see how you are, because you know in your heart what you want to make sure you're okay.

(Vaughn pauses for a moment as if taken aback by what she's said. Then...)

Vaughn: I buried you. (pause) Consider that for what that's...

Sydney (cutting him off): Don't use rational thought as a defense with me, not after all you and I have seen. Vaughn, you and I live and breathe madness every day on the job...there is no...rational thought! I can't even pretend to have a conversation about anything else with you. What it comes down to is faith!

(Cut to Vaughn's face as she continues. His face shows no obvious emotion, yet his lips are pursed, his eyebrows are furrowed, pain, shock, and a bit of anger are reflected in his eyes.)

Sydney: What I was hoping you would say is, "Sydney I gave up; I gave up on us. I lost faith."

(Cut back to Sydney, looking more hurt, angry and upset.)

Sydney: But what you came here for...was closure...and there is not a chance you are getting that from me!

(Cut back to Vaughn's face, still strained, hurt, and tense. Cut back to Sydney. She's having a harder time keeping her emotions out of her voice now; her voice is strained, hoarse.)

Sydney: I'm not gonna (small gasp) say I understand...I'm not gonna sympathize with you and tell you how hard it must be for you... But.. You wanna know how I am!? (small gasp) I am horrible! (gasp) Vaughn, I am ripped apart! (strained whisper) And not because I lost you... but because...if it had been me... (tears cloud Sydney's eyes) I would have waited...

(Cut to Vaughn's reaction. He blinks several times, swallows painfully. Pain, regret, and loss echo in his eyes. He appears very strained, as if perhaps trying to hold back tears himself.)

Sydney(barely holding back the sobs in her voice now): I would have found the truth...I wouldn't have given up on you!

(Cut back to Sydney's face. Betrayal lights her face. She is bolstering herself with her anger. A hardness gleams in her eyes.)

Sydney (harsh whisper, punctuated by shaky breaths): And now I realize... what an absolute waste that would have been!

(Cut to Vaughn's reaction. He looks wounded by her last remark. Cut back to Sydney as she turns to go, trying to reign in her emotions, refusing to cry in front of him. Cut back to Vaughn as she leaves. An empty sadness fills his eyes as he looks down, as if remembering, brow furrowed, his lips a thin line.)

(Cut to Sydney, sitting at a desk in the JTF. Marshall is standing behind her, as if explaining something they are looking at on the computer screen before them. She gets up and turns. The camera pans 180 degrees and we see Jack Bristow, clean shaven and dressed in his ever present grey 3 piece suit, walking toward her. She rushes toward him, relief on her face. She puts her arms around him, hugging him, laying her cheek against his shoulder. Cut to Jack's reaction. He puts his arm around her, hugging back, closing his eyes for a moment, as if to savor the feeling.)

Jack (to Sydney, still hugging): Thank you.

(Sydney hugs harder, almost in tears, before finally pulling back. Jack smiles slightly and raises his right hand to touch her hair and run it down the side of her face in a loving and protective gesture.)

Jack (leaning closer, in soothing but urgent voice): There's something I need to show you... not here.

(Cut to what appears to be the warehouse where Sydney and Vaughn used to meet. The area is now void of everything except a small table and two chairs. Jack's laptop is open on the table and Jack and Sydney sit in front of it.)

Jack: Almost a year after your apparent death, I was on an operation. One of the men I was tracking was this man.

(Hands Sydney a black and white photograph. The camera pans to it.)

Jack: Andrean Lazarey, Russian diplomat.

Sydney (looking at Jack): I've never seen him before.

(Jack appears troubled. Looks down at the computer, hits a button. What appears to be the beginning of a tape appears on screen.)

Jack: This was from a hidden camera a hidden camera that I placed.

(Jack watches Sydney as Sydney begins watching the feed. We see Lazarey get up from behind his desk to greet a woman with blond hair. We can't see her face. They kiss cheeks and then Lazarey walks behind the woman, as if perhaps to close the door. The woman turns, as if surreptitiously watching him. Her face is turned toward the camera. It's Sydney. Sydney gasps. She is shocked into silence.)

Jack: This is how I knew you were alive. You...don't recall that man at all?

Sydney (shaking her head in shocked disbelief at what she's seeing, whispers): No...

(Cut back to the video. Lazarey walks past blond Sydney, we focus in on her hand... she slips a knife out of her coat sleeve while Lazarey's back is turned. Blond Sydney grabs Lazarey by the neck from behind and slashes his throat. Sydney gasps, in shock at what she's seeing.)

Sydney: No....

(Cut back to video. Lazarey has his hand at his throat, blood streams down his front as he falls to the floor. Sydney gasps. Cut to black. ALIAS)

(End Act Five)

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