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(Ops center, Sydney and Vaughn. Missed few lines.)

SYDNEY: --told us where he is.

(Elsewhere, Mashall confides in Weiss.)

MARSHALL: So, Carrie and I went out. It was great. We got sushi. When we got there, the guy behind the counter, like, little sushi, they were like, "Heeeeeeeeeeey!" You know, when we got there, like, they knew us.

WEISS: They do that at a lot of sushi places.

MARSHALL: Really? Oh. Anyway, it was great. We had a fantastic meal and...

WEISS: So what's the problem?

MARSHALL: Well, post-fish, when I went to drop her off, this is traditionally, clasically the time where I would -- or a man would -- kiss her. And, well, I just started sweating.

WEISS: How bad?

MARSHALL: Bad. Weird bad. Freak show bad.

WEISS: Did she notice?

MARSHALL: Did she notice? It was like I had just gotten out of a lap pool.

WEISS: Okay, you need help.

MARSHALL: Yeah, with the ladies.

WEISS: The thing is, it's sort of a catch-22.

(His computer beeps.)

MARSHALL: Go ahead, keep going, I'm listening.

(He starts typing as Weiss talks.)

WEISS: Because, you see, to feel comfortable around a woman you have to have experience and to have experience it sounds like you have to not be you. I was almost killed last year and the doctors actually didn't think I was going to make it and the thing I did learn from that experience--

(Marshall's eyes get wide and he takes off running.)

WEISS: Thanks. (As Marshall runs through the ops center, he grabs a sheet off of the printer and keeps running up to Sydney and Vaughn at her desk.)

MARSHALL: Syd -- excuse me -- we're receiving intel on a local top-secret server from a source outside the building.

SYDNEY: Who's sending the signal?

MARSHALL: Your mother.

(Marshall and Sydney catch up with Kendall as he walks.)

SYDNEY: We just got an upload.

KENDALL: And I just left you a message.

SYDNEY: It's the DNA string of the person who was doubled. Mr. Kendall, I'm going to ask that as soon as Will Tippin is located we bring him in to compare this to his DNA.

MARSHALL: We're verifying the data now, sir, but it looks legit. Legitimate.

KENDALL: Yeah, I know what legit means.

(At a cheap motel, Will and Francie are in a room together. Will stands by the window, peeking out through the blinds.)

FRANCIE: What else do they know? Did Sydney tell you what the CIA knows, or Jack?

WILL: I didn't say Jack was involved.

FRANCIE: Of course you did. You said, in the car, you mentioned his name.

WILL: God, I'm losing my mind. The CIA doesn't know anything, that's the problem.

(Francie enters the bathroom and shuts the door halfway.)

FRANCIE: It doesn't make sense, does it? The entire CIA and they have no idea who the double is.

(She takes out a tube of lipstick and removes the lipstick. She flips open the face of her ring.)

WILL: It just shows you how wrong they can be. And now they think I'm a killer. Which I am, by the way. I killed people.

(He stretches out on the bed.)

FRANCIE: People who were trying to kill you.

(In the center of the face on her ring is a small point, like a needle. She uses the empty lipstick container to drop a liquid onto the needle in her ring.)

WILL: So what, does that make it easy, or... or... Francie, I ended someone's life. Two people's lives. I'm a killer! I shouldn't be yelling this.

(She comes back into the room and gets on the bed next to him, sliding her ring hand behind his neck. She kisses him. When he cups her face, he breaks the kiss.)

WILL: You're warm.

(She flips open the ring out of his line of sight and is about to stab him in the neck with it. SWAT team-like guards barge into the room, flashlights and guns pointed. Francie and Will sit up, hands in the air.)

GUARD: Hold it! Hands where I can see him! Yeah, it's him! It's Tippin!

(Will sits on a bed while doctors tend to him, taking his blood. He looks scared.)

(In the cell, Sydney enters and approaches him.)

WILL: So tell me.

SYDNEY: We received a file, a DNA string, of the person who was doubled.

WILL: And?

SYDNEY: Your DNA didn't match and there was no Provacillium in your blood. You've been cleared.

(Will hugs her.)

WILL: Thank God for you...

SYDNEY: You're okay.

WILL: What about Francie?

SYDNEY: Francie's been questioned, she's at home. She's fine.

WILL: Thank you. Oh, what I said before about not trusting you...

SYDNEY: Will, don't worry about it.

WILL: I was scared to death, I didn't mean any of those things. You know that. I trust you more than I trust anyone.

SYDNEY: Sorry about the cell. They're going to need you to stay here for a while, they've got a lot of questions.

WILL: Okay.

SYDNEY: And there's a therapist who's going to work with you to try to reverse your memory conditioning.

WILL: That file, the DNA string, was there a name attached to it?

SYDNEY: There was but we don't have any leads yet.

WILL: What was the name?

SYDNEY: A.G. Doren.

(Hockey rink. Sydney and Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: I'm just so relieved for him, it's like I can breathe again.

VAUGHN: You know where it's fun to breathe? Santa Barbara. You ever been?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I love it. The zoo, that giraffe with the crooked neck.

VAUGHN: No, I mean, the beach, the Biltmore, the food. La Superica -- you ever been there?


VAUGHN: Okay, we're going this weekend.

SYDNEY: Yeah, come on, as if we can go. There'll be some emergency, some--

(A cell rings. She gives him a look and reaches in her pocket where she's been keeping both their cell phones.)

SYDNEY: Yours.

(She hands it over.)

VAUGHN: Yeah? Yeah, practice is over. Why? No, that wasn't going to be me. What do you mean, Marky's sick? How sick? Weiss, come on, man. Okay, okay, okay. Okay! Goodbye.

(He hangs up.)

VAUGHN: I have to go in.

SYDNEY: I'm gonna stay here and practice so I can kick your ass next time.

VAUGHN: Oh really? Don't forget about Santa Barbara.

SYDNEY: Yeah, someday.

(They kiss. He skates away. Sydney, on wobbly legs, skates to the blue line while handling the puck a bit. She stops and turns. Irina stands near the boards. Sydney skates over.)

IRINA: You received my intel. Your friend was cleared. I told you I'd want a favor. This is it. 266 Kroner Strasse in Zurich. I've just given you the address of Sloane's warehouse where he's hiding the Rambaldi artifacts.

SYDNEY: That's not why you're here.

IRINA: Yes. It's the only reason.

SYDNEY: I know you're lyuing, of course you are, but I don't know why...

IRINA: Sydney, I'm here to help you.

(Sydney, full of anger, boldly skates over to her mother with a hockey stick in hand. Irina grabs the stick and Sydney falls flat on her back, hitting her head on the ice. Irina leans over.)

IRINA: Stop being as stubborn as I am! I knew from the beginning when I turned myself in that I would betray the CIA, but not you.

("Trust Me" : Sydney meets with her mom.)

IRINA: (voice over) I had to be careful. I needed you to trust me but I also couldn't tell you my plan. Sloane had twenty-three Rambaldi artifacts, the CIA had twenty-four.

(Back on the ice.)

IRINA: In order to assemble the device, they all had to be brought together. Those are the pieces in Sloane's warehouse.

SYDNEY: You stole Rambaldi pieces from the US government?

IRINA: Yes... by winning your trust, the CIA's trust.

("Counteragent" : Sark hands a piece of paper to Sloane, in the ambulance.)

IRINA: (voice over) And then as planned I had a proposal delivered to Sloane, a proposal that we work together to take down the ALliance and raid the CIA, all at once.

("A Higher Echelon" : Irina uses the computers.)

IRINA: (voice over) I came up with a scenario where the CIA needed to let me use their computer. I used the opportunity to learn where the US government kept its stash of Rambaldi artifacts.

(Back on the ice.)

IRINA: They were being held at a secure NSA lab in Nevada. One month later Sloane had a team raid the lab.

SYDNEY: I never heard of an NSA raid.

IRINA: Of course not.

("A Dark Turn" : Sydney and Irina place their hands on the glass of the cell.)

IRINA: (voice over) When the time came for my escape, it was painful because my love for you, for your father, was not a contrivance.

(Back on the ice.)

SYDNEY: Suddenly you want us to have Sloane's artifacts?

IRINA: Sydney, I know our relationship is complicated but I'm your mother. I have to believe that would be the case under any circumstance. Go to Zurich.

SYDNEY: You're insane.

IRINA: One more thing I'll need to do and I'm sorry for this, too.

(She elbows her in the face.)

(Empty warehouse. Francie smokes a cigarette and stomps on it when Sark enters holding a pill bottle.)

SARK: Provacillium to the rescue.

FRANCIE: Thanks. The fever's reading bad. So what are we doing with Tippin?

SARK: Nothing... for the moment.

FRANCIE: Then when am I getting extracted? I don't know what new evidence the CIA has all of a sudden but it's going to lead to me.

SARK: Not necessarily. If you disappear now you'll be a suspect for sure.

FRANCIE: What is it?

SARK: Allison... we can't reverse the process. Markovic's lab was destroyed. But we're doing everything we can to retreive the lost data. And I'm hopeful that we will find a way to reverse the process.

FRANCIE: I may have to stay this way?

SARK: No, no. We'll get you back.

(He takes her chin in his hand.)

SARK: Look at me. We'll get you back.

(They kiss. She looks away.)

SARK: You don't... fancy him, do you? Tippin?

FRANCIE: Don't be stupid.

(Briefing room with Kendall, NSA Deputy Director Brandon, Jack, Sydney, Vaughn, Dixon, Weiss.)

KENDALL: And it didn't occur to you, Mr. Brandon, that a raid on NSA facility--

BRANDON: I'm not at liberty to discuss the details of the Nevada raid!

KENDALL: And I'm not at liberty to respect the way that you do business! How many Rambaldi pieces were stolen? (to Sydney) Twenty-four?

SYDNEY: That's what my mother said.

BRANDON: I can't confirm that number.

KENDALL: And we had to find out about this breach from Irina Derevko?!

JACK: The question is, what is the prudent next step?

SYDNEY: She's lying. She has to be. It's a set-up.

VAUGHN: Then why show up in person? It's a big risk.

DIXON: From what I know of Derevko, she's loyal to only one person: herself.

SYDNEY: Dixon's right, obviously. I don't know, maybe this is a valid play for Sloane.

KENDALL: Maybe, but why would she need us to play it?

JACK: Guilt. Her motives may be insidious, her methods loathsome, but she is not unfeeling. I say we send in a team. Proceed with caution, but proceed.

KENDALL: We'll prep to have whatever we find at the Zurich warehouse brought back to the States. (to Brandon) A neutral location. I propose Evans naval base in Ventura.

BRANDON: I'll call my director.

KENDALL: Yeah, you do that.

VAUGHN: Sloane may have most of the pieces to assemble this Rambaldi device, but I don't think he has them all.

SYDNEY: The Di Regno heart.

KENDALL: If the NSA still got it.

BRANDON: All right now, that's enough of your crap!

(He leaves the meeting.)

KENDALL: Jack, you go along with the NSA here, transfer the heart to the naval base and let Marshall know that he's going to Zurich, too. I want him to confirm what we've got or not, ASAP. Weiss, I need you to tell Tippin we're done with him. Escort him to the safehouse.

WEISS: Yes sir.

(Jack walks up to Marshall's desk. Carrie listens to music on her earphones nearby.)

JACK: Marshall! We're sending you to Zurich. It's a research mission.


JACK: We believe we may have gained access to Sloane's Rambaldi artifacts.

MARSHALL: Wow, that's fantastic! I mean, hey, you know who should really go with us on this mission is Carrie. Uh, Miss Bowman. Because she's NSA, she works under Brandon, and she would be very helpful. In the field.

JACK: In the field?


JACK: Miss Bowman!

(Carrie sheepishly slips the earphones out and smiles up at him.)

CARRIE: Yes sir?

JACK: You're going to Zurich. Plane leaves in an hour.

(He stares blankly at Marshall and walks away.)

(Will's cell. He's sorting through a file when Weiss enters.)

WEISS: Mr. Tippin, I'm Agent Weiss. We're all through here, I'm supposed to take you to where you'll be staying.

WILL: Is there a computer I can use here? The name on this DNA file, A.G. Doren, I know that from somewhere. I just want to check it out.

WEISS: Sure.

WILL: Thanks. I'm Will.

WEISS: Uh, Weiss. Eric Weiss.

WILL: Like Houdini.

WEISS: Yeah, yeah, actually, he was a great-great-great uncle of mine.

WILL: Get out of here. Really?

WEISS: Yeah.

WILL: Can you do magic tricks?

(Upstairs, Will is at a computer. Weiss sits behind him.)

WEISS: Okay, check this out, okay, ready?

(Will turns to see. Weiss has a coin in his hand, closes his hand, taps the hand, and the coin disappears. Will, perhaps not impressed, turns back to the computer.)

WILL: A.G. Doren doesn't ring a bell?

WEISS: No, still doesn't.

WILL: Hey, can I access my tradeworks file here?

WEISS: Yeah, what's your password.

(Pause. Weiss looks at him, ready to enter it. Will's embarrassed.)

WILL: "Sydney".


(He types it.)

WILL: Thanks.

WEISS: You know, there was a time I was actually considering becoming a magician. I thought to myself, What the hell am I thinking?

WILL: Oh, my God.

WEISS: What? What is that? What's that list?

(There's a list of names up on Will's monitor.)

WILL: Project Christmas. It's a CIA black ops program from the seventies, train kids as sleeper agents to be used as future spies.

WEISS: What?

WILL: It's a summer camp, there were twenty kids.

(Will highlights the name: Allison Georgia Doren.)

WILL: Allison Doren was supposed to have died in a car accident.

(At the Los Angeles office of the NSA, Brandon and Jack have the briefcase with the heart in it. SUVs line up for the drive. A phone rings.)

KENDALL: (voice over) This is Kendall.

JACK: (voice over) We've got the Di Regno heart. We're en route to the naval base. ETA three hours.

KENDALL: (voice over) Roger that.

(In Zurich, the CIA agents un up to the warehouse with their guns ready. They weld open the door and slide under. They run inside. One of the agents drills off the top of a crate.)

AGENT: Okay, we're free of explosives, you can move in.

(Vaughn and Sydney are there along with Dixon. Sydney brushes away some styrofoam balls in the crate.)

VAUGHN: These could be real.

SYDNEY: Let's get Marshall in here!

KENDALL: (on comm in LA) How's it look?

(Carrie and Marshall are inspecting it with magnifying glasses.)

CARRIE: I don't know, sir, it's not consistent with any of the Rambaldi artifacts I've seen.

MARSHALL: I was thinking the same thing.

KENDALL: (on comm) Well then what the hell is it?

(Sydney reaches in and yanks it out of the crate.)

MARSHALL: Looks like a waffle iron.

(Sydney moves to another crate and drills off the top. She takes out an old ghettoblaster.)

SYDNEY: It's a set-up. There's nothing here.

(Kendall rips off the headset and bangs it down.)

KENDALL: Get me Jack Bristow!

(Jack is in the SUV with Brandon and a driver. A few SUVs drive up and almost ram into them. The SUV comes to a fast stop. Jack looks around. The men in the black SUVs jump out and shoot the NSA driver.)

JACK: Brandon!

(Brandon steps out with his gun aimed but is shot in the chest. He falls against the open car door, dead. Jack gets out of the SUV with his own gun.)

MAN: Drop the weapon or you're dead!

(Irina stands on the roof of a building, looking out.)

KENDALL: (voice over) Irina Derevko has struck again.

(Briefing room.)

KENDALL: Based on her intel we sent in some of our finest trained agents. We took contol of a storage facility and with the help of a bomb squad we are now in control of two dozen rusted kitchen appliances. Simultaneously, an enemy team ambushed our caravan, they killed two of our men. And along with the Di Regno heart, Jack Bristow is missing.

SYDNEY: What's our next move?

KENDALL: We scour every source of intel, anything halfway concrete and we move on it.

(Jack is strapped to a bed. He has a cut on his forehead. Sloane enters the room.)

SLOANE: He had so many brilliant creations. Rambaldi. But there was one in particular, a machine. He called it "il dire." The telling. The construction consists of forty-seven pieces. Classic Rambaldi. As you know, it took me a long time -- longer than I thought -- but I've acquired them all, including the Di Regno heart with your help. They're in the next room, Jack. I have a team assembling "il dire" right now. They said it shouldn't be more than a day.

JACK: And then what?

SLOANE: I've seen things recently. I've seen what's possible. There's a change coming, Jack. Something even I couldn't imagine.

JACK: I used to feel sorry for you. Could you sense it? That you'd been abandoned, left for dead, disgraced. I pitied you -- that you needed to fill the void in your life. It was like a religion for you.

SLOANE: I didn't expect you to understand.

JACK: Then why keep me alive?

SLOANE: Because we're friends, Jack.

(In the ops center, Vaughn's on the phone speaking French while Weiss is on the phone speaking German. Marshall walks by calculating something. He walks over to Carrie, who removes her earphones.)

MARSHALL: Any anomolies?

CARRIE: Mnh-hmm.

MARSHALL: Were you close to him? Brandon?

CARRIE: I hated him. Which is why I feel so bad. If that makes any sense.

MARSHALL: I'm sorry.

(She kisses his cheek and then looks back at the computer with a little smile.)

CARRIE: You're sweet.

(At his own desk, Will's on the phone.)

WILL: I see, I see. No, actually, that helps a lot. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

(He hangs up and Weiss comes over.)

WEISS: What's up?

WILL: This is A.G. Doren. Allison Doren.

(He shows Weiss a picture of a young African-American girl.)

WILL: I just talked with her parents, told them I was with the NTSB. Asked about the accident.


WILL: There was a bus crash and there was a fire. But at the time the coroner told them that the burns were severe.

WEISS: Hmm. So they never identified the body?


(Sydney's at her desk when her cell rings.)

SYDNEY: Hello?

(Irina is on the rooftop of the building.)

IRINA: I didn't know that Sloane was going to switch the crates, I promise that.

SYDNEY: Where the hell are you?

IRINA: He must've known I was going to double-cross him. Somehow, he knew.

SYDNEY: I am going to find you, I don't care--

IRINA: I don't know where Sloane's gone, but Sark does. It doesn't have to be you, just make sure someone from the CIA goes to Vel Smokander. Vel Smokander. It's a club in Stockholm. Sark's going to be there, ten o'clock tomorrow night.

SYDNEY: How stupid are you to think I would ever believe you again?

IRINA: Ultimately, you will do what you want. That's what free will's all about.

(Irina hangs up. Vaughn comes over.)

VAUGHN: I've got nothing. You?

SYDNEY: We're going to Sweden.

(At the Stockholm club, Sydney and Vaughn walk in. Sydney's in a blonde wig and black dress. Vaughn's in yet another suit. They move through the crowd and take a table.)

VAUGHN: Everyone's blonde in here, I keep thinking I see him.

SYDNEY: Sark's not here. As expected.

VAUGHN: Your dad's going to be okay.

SYDNEY: I know. So when this is over, how do we go on vacation?

VAUGHN: Well, I was thinking about this.


VAUGHN: And I wasthinking that we have to stop talking about it and just book the hotel, just do it.

SYDNEY: You're right. We have to start thinking more positively.

VAUGHN: I mean, we're going to Santa Barbara.

SYDNEY: We're going. We're just going.

VAUGHN: (smiling) That's it.

(His smile drops as he looks over Sydney's shoulder.)

VAUGHN: There he is.

(Sydney looks. Sark shakes hands with a man.)

SYDNEY: I don't get it.


SYDNEY: My mother. Just... nothing. Let's move.

(They approach the men and point their guns at them.)

SYDNEY: Freeze!

VAUGHN: Freeze!

(Vaughn grabs Sark and bangs his head against the glass table. Sark's nose starts bleeding.)

VAUGHN: See? When I have a gun trained on you, I don't just pull the trigger!

SARK: Thank you.

(He grabs Sark's head again and bangs it against the table.)

VAUGHN: You're welcome.

SYDNEY: Where the hell is my father?

SARK: Not a problem. My loyalties are flexible. Sloane and your father are in Mexico City.

(In Jack's room, he wakes up when he hears grinding noises coming from the room next door. The lights dim and brighten with the power surge and the door rattles. Jack's eyes get wide. It's assembled.)

(Mexico City. Sydney and Vaughn enter the building and go in the elevator which looks an awful lot like the old SD-6 one. They run through a hallway below.)

SYDNEY: Base camp, we're at sublevel 2!

(Kendall is at Irina's cell which this time houses Sark.)

KENDALL: Copy that, Mountaineer. They're in the basement, now what?

SARK: The alarm system for Sloane's floor is located twenty yards down the north wall. A gray box with a yellow stripe. The deactivation code is 1-1-5-6-6.

KENDALL: If this intel turns out to be wrong, I will pesonally escort you to Camp Harris and I won't leave until you're dead and buried.

SARK: Then I certainly hope Mr. Sloane hasn't changed the code.

KENDALL: Mountaineer, there's a gray box with a yellow stripe twenty yards down on the north wall. You will enter 1-1-5-6-6.

(In the basement, they see the box. Vaughn enters the code and it's all green.)

VAUGHN: Alpha team, we've neutralized the central alarm. You're go to enter the building.

(Dozens of agents run in. Sydney and Vaughn catch up with them. They toss Sydney and Vaughn a gun each.)

(Upstairs, Sloane walks in and leans over Jack.)

SLOANE: Jack, it's been assembled.

(Some of Sloane's men come down the stairs and encounter the agents. They exchange gunfire.)

(In the room, a guard enters.)

GUARD: Sir, there's a tactical team heading up the stairs.

SLOANE: Pack everything and go. Go! We'll see each other again, Jack.

(He leaves.)

(The agents enter the hallway, checking various doors. Dixon and Weiss enter Jack's room.)

DIXON: Jack!

(They start getting him out of there.)

DIXON: Tell Agent Bristow I've got her father.

(Sloane and two guards march down a hallway.)

SLOANE: The equipment's being loaded into the truck?

GUARD: Yes, sir.

(Sydney and Vaughn spot them. They start shooting, taking cover in the doorway. They shoot back, going back and forth. When Vaughn and Sydney are taking cover in the doorway, the guard points down the hallway.)


(Sloane takes off. Sydney tries shooting at the men when out of nowhere appears Irina from behind them. She shoots the guards with two guns. Sydney sees.)

IRINA: Go after Sloane!

(Irina runs the opposite way that Sloane went.)

SYDNEY: You get Sloane!

(Sydney and Vaughn split up, each going a different direction down the hall. Sydney gets to the stairwell and spots Irina. She follows. Up on the roof, Sydney runs up to see Irina on the ledge, crouching down.)

SYDNEY: Freeze! I've shot you before, I will do it again! Keep your hands in the air! I'm on the roof, I've got Derevko.

AGENT: Roger that.

(Irina stands up on the ledge.)

SYDNEY: Get OFF the ledge!

IRINA: I'll tell you what you need to know.

SYDNEY: Get off the ledge NOW!

IRINA: Sloane believes he's been chosen to realize the word of Rambaldi. But you, too, have been chosen.

SYDNEY: If you think I'm bluffing...

IRINA: It's you in the prophecy, Sydney, not me. Only you can stop him. (smiles) Good luck, sweetheart.

SYDNEY: Get down now!

IRINA: I love you.

(Irina falls backwards off the building. Sydney gasps and watches as her mother falls. But she has a bungee cord attached to her and as Irina falls, she shoots the windows out of the building. When the bungee cord bounces her up, she shoots a gun that fires a cord into the open level of the building. The dart at the end of the cord pierces the wall and tightens. Irina bangs against the side of the building and starts climbing into the level with the shot out windows. Sydney watches from above.)

SYDNEY: Any available agents, get to street level now!

WEISS: I'm on my way!

(He leaves Dixon and Jack and starts running.)

SYDNEY: She just climbed into a floor in the middle of the building!

WEISS: Which floor?!

SYDNEY: I have NO idea! Eighteenth, maybe nineteenth! I CAN'T TELL FROM HERE!

(In LA, Marshall and Kendall listen with headsets.)

MARSHALL: Sir, it's been almost two hours--


AGENT ON COMM: Home base, we just found an elevator shaft pried open on the nineteenth floor. We think Derevko has left the building.

(In a fit of anger, Kendall throws his headset down and storms away. Marshall picks it up.)

MARSHALL: Uh, sir, you're not supposed to throw these like that. You'll break them.

(Sydney and Francie's. Will is on the sofa, looking through the files. Francie enters.)

WILL: Hey.

FRANCIE: Hey. Any news?

WILL: No. I'm just trying to figure it all out.

(He rubs his temples. Francie reaches in the brown grocery bag she's carrying and presents a small carton of ice cream.)

FRANCIE: I got your favorite.

(Will smiles warmly at her.)

WILL: You're the best. I'm gonna get aspirin.

(They kiss.)

WILL: I'll be right back.

(He heads for the bathroom. Francie slides over on the sofa and looks through the file. Inside the bathroom, Will searches through the cabinet for the aspirin. He takes a small black toiletry bag and looks in. He pulls out a bottle of pills that says Provacillium. He realizes. Out in the living room, Francie looks through the file and comes across the picture of A.G. Doren as a child, of her as a child.)

(Will's in the bathroom on his cell.)

SYDNEY'S VOICE: You've reached Sydney's cell phone, leave a message after the beep.

WILL: (whispering) Sydney, it's me. Listen, this is going to sound insane but I just found Provacillium in the bathroom and I think that... I think that... uh, okay, just think about it. I think that the double is Franc--

(Thud. He looks up. Will comes out of the bathroom and looks around hesitantly.)

WILL: Fran?

(He sees the front door is open. Stepping forward, coming down the hall, he looks around but doesn't see Francie who is behind him with a wire in her hands. She pounces and starts to strangle him. He gasps and is thrown against the counter of the kitchen, then against the wall. Will elbows Francie in the face and she's thrown against the fridge. He coughs and grabs a large knife from the counter.)

WILL: It was always you... Allison?

FRANCIE: It sucks it turned out this way.

WILL: That's it. Get on the ground! Get on the GROUND!

(She kicks him and chokes him with one hand on his throat, backs him up against the wall. He grunts in pain as she forces his hand that's holding the knife. She works it down, out of camera shot. Francie/Allison starts to cry as she stabs Will in the abdomen. He shakes in pain as she kisses him.)

WILL: Arghh...

(He falls to the ground. Francie sobs.)

(Outside the house, Vaughn's car pulls up. Sydney takes off her seat belt.)

SYDNEY: Sloane's got the device and my mother, she--

(He takes her chin in his hand.)

VAUGHN: Another day.

(He kisses her.)

VAUGHN: So I did it.

SYDNEY: Did what?

VAUGHN: I booked the hotel.

SYDNEY: No you didn't.

VAUGHN: Yes I did.

SYDNEY: You did?

VAUGHN: Mm-hmm.

SYDNEY: Santa Barbara.

VAUGHN: Three nights starting tonight. I mean, it was probably the greatest phone call I've ever made.

SYDNEY: Well, you're a genius.

VAUGHN: Thank you.

(They kiss.)

VAUGHN: So after the debrief I'll come and pick you up.


(Sydney walks in and looks around. Francie's on the sofa like nothing happened.)



SYDNEY: You okay?

FRANCIE: Relatively speaking. You?

SYDNEY: Tired.

(She goes in the kitchen and gets the tub of ice cream that Francie got for Will, along with a spoon. She sits next to Francie on the sofa.)

FRANCIE: What's up?

SYDNEY: I am so burnt.

FRANCIE: I understand.

(Sydney takes out her cell and dials.)

MESSENGER: You have two new messages.

SYDNEY: Where's Will?

FRANCIE: I don't know.

MARY BETH'S VOICE: Hi Miss Bristow, it's Mary Beth from Director Kendall's office. I've got him for you so give us a call. Thanks.

FRANCIE: Will said he had something to do.

WILL'S VOICE: Sydney, it's me. Listen, this is going to sound insane but I just found Provacillium in the bathroom and I think that... I think that... uh, okay, just think about it. I think that the double is Franc--

MESSENGER: End of messages.

(Sydney hangs up the phone, trying to be calm. She takes a big spoonful of the ice cream and plasters on a smile.)

SYDNEY: Want some?


(She feeds it to her and covers the ice cream.)

SYDNEY: I just have to change out of these clothes.


(As soon as Sydney's gone, Francie looks up. She knows that she knows.)

(Sydney walks in her bedroom and looks under the bed. She gets the gun hidden there and checks that it's loaded.)

FRANCIE: I just remembered. Francie doesn't like coffee ice cream.

(Sydney looks up. Francie has a gun pointed at her.)

SYDNEY: No, she doesn't.

FRANCIE: Drop the gun. DROP IT!

(Sydney shoots at her. Francie ducks out in the hallway. Sydney runs out there and they begin their fight. They both block punches and find themselves in the bathroom. Sydney falls back and trips Francie. She turns around and sees Will's body in the bathtub. Sydney stares in horror and grabs an ornament from nearby, turning to face Francie. She hits her with it, elbowing her in the face. They move into the hallway. Francie whips a roundhouse at Sydney which sends her falling back. Francie grabs her fallen gun as Sydney jumps over the kitchen counter. Francie is shooting up the place as Sydney ducks near the fridge for cover. Francie comes around and Sydney throws a whole cutlery drawer at her. Francie ducks. Sydney punches Francie a few times, gets her against the wall. She kicks her, bangs Francie's hand against the pillar so she will drop the gun. Sydney elbows her and throws a cutting board at Francie, who again ducks. Sydney grabs the back of Francie's head and throws her into the glass cupboard door, which smashes. Francie grabs Sydney's head and rams it against the dry dishes on the counter, breaking them all. Sydney falls, gets up, and kicks and punches Francie, backing her up to the living room. She throws Francie into the glass coffee table. Sydney spots the gun in the other room and runs for it, but Francie's right there. They are on the patio. Sydney reaches for the gun but they struggle for it, with Sydney throwing Francie off of her a couple of times. Sydney jumps to her feet and kicks her, elbows her in the back. She uses the wall for support and jumps off it, kicking her. She tackles Francie and they both smash through the patio doors leading back into Sydney's bedroom. The gun slides across the floor. Sydney gets up, kicks Francie in the head, punching her. Blocked by Francie. Sydney jumps on the bed and tries to kick Francie but Francie grabs Sydney from around the waist and they both head for the full-length mirror by the bed. Francie smashes Sydney's entire body into it. The mirror smashes and Sydney falls, crumpled, to the floor, leaving a blood trail from her head on the wall behind her. Francie, covered in blood herself, smirks. She leans down to get the gun that is beside Sydney. Sydney grabs a shard of glass and cuts Francie in the throat. She backs up, shocked. Sydney takes the gun and shoots Francie in the arm. Then in the left shoulder. Then in the right shoulder. Francie falls. Sydney drops her arm and, full of blood, collapses on the floor amidst the broken mirror, trashed apartment, and dead friend.)

(Sydney, wearing a turtleneck sweater and black pants, wakes up in an alley. A red light goes off and on above her. A cat meows. She tries to get up but falls back on the pavement, too weak to stand. She finally gets up and walks on the sidewalk to see that she's in Hong Kong.)

(Phone booth.)

WOMAN'S VOICE: Dispatch.

SYDNEY: This is officer 2300844, calling for connection. Confirmation: looking glass.

WOMAN'S VOICE: Stand by.

KENDALL: This is Kendall.

SYDNEY: I just woke up in Hong Kong. I don't know how long I've been here or how I got here.


SYDNEY: Hello?

KENDALL: Get to our safehouse at Chwing Chausse Way as quickly as possible. You remember how to get there?

SYDNEY: Of course I do.

KENDALL: I'll make sure they're expecting you.


(Safehouse. Sydney is being led to a room by a man.)

SYDNEY: Have they said...

(She clears her hoarse voice.)

SYDNEY: Have they said anything about how I got here? Do you know any--

MAN: You should wait for information until your contact arrives.

(He unlocks a door and opens it. Nods.)

(Later, Sydney raises her shirt and sees a long scar on her stomach, about three inches long. The door opens and Vaughn enters. Sydney walks over to him and gives him a big hug. He can barely look at her. She cries and hugs him.)

SYDNEY: They doubled Francie.

VAUGHN: I know.

SYDNEY: What happened to Will? To Francie? Are they dead?

VAUGHN: Will's okay.

SYDNEY: What? How?

VAUGHN: You... Sit down.

(She does. He sits down across from her. He doesn't know how to begin and looks at the floor.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn?

VAUGHN: We thought you were dead. They asked me to come back to... to explain.

SYDNEY: Come back from what? What are you talking about?

(Vaughn rubs at his face with his left hand. On that hand is a wedding ring.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn... why are you wearing that ring?

VAUGHN: Syd... since that night... you were missing. You've been missing for almost two years.

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