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(In Berlin, a woman rubs her bare legs together in bed. We pan up to reveal a blonde woman. This is Emma. Next to her in bed is Lennox. She turns over to see him.)

EMMA: Maybe when we're done here we should go back to Fiji.

LENNOX: Yeah, we should. It was so great.

(He kisses her and gets out of bed. Points to the shower.)

LENNOX: I'm gonna take a shower.

(Once he's gone, she rolls her eyes a little. As soon as the water starts, she jumps out of bed and moves to her closed laptop on the desk. She opens it up and starts to type an e-mail. "Abort Operation: Confirmation... Lennox is a" and she doesn't get to finish it because the door behind her creaks. She gets her gun from her bag and, aiming it, she moves towards the shower. She turns a corner. No one's there. She looks in the shower and sees that no one is in the stall. Lennox is standing behind her. She turns and he punches her in the face.)

(Moments later, Lennox is sitting on the bed talking on his cell phone.)

SLOANE: You're early.

LENNOX: I've been compromised.

(Sloane is seen walking down a hall somewhere, also talking on his cell.)


LENNOX: Something I said. How do you want me to handle it?

SLOANE: Use her to send a message. Make it public.

(Lennox hangs up.)

(At the ruined offices at SD-6, a few agents gather information and walk around. In the middle of it all stands Sydney. Vaughn enters and, once seeing her, approaches.)

VAUGHN: I heard you were here.

(Big smiles. She turns to face him, also smiling.)

SYDNEY: I couldn't sleep. I was afraid I'd wake up and find out this was a dream. I went for a run to clear my mind. I ended up here. Any word on Dixon or Marshall?

VAUGHN: They'll be in debrief for a while. Meanwhile, Sloane's been put on Interpol's most wanted list.

SYDNEY: (nods) About last night...

VAUGHN: Is this going to be about Alice?

SYDNEY: I know it's complicated--

VAUGHN: We're not together anymore.

SYDNEY: Since when?

VAUGHN: Since this morning. The truth is, we've been over for a long time.

(Sydney can't help it and gets a big smile on her face.)

SYDNEY: I was thinking, I can actually go to the CIA through the front door.

VAUGHN: And I can actually give you a ride.

(In Berlin, tires screech and a van pulls up, dumps someone out the side door. People scream and run away. The van drives off and it's Emma. She's strapped with explosives.)

(At the CIA ops center, Weiss walks to Kendall and the Bristows with a young blonde at his side.)

WEISS: Folks, this is Christine Phillips, our new clandestine services graduate. Langley's approved her observing our operations over the next few months.


WEISS: FBI Assistant Director Kendall. This is Agent Michael Vaughn. Agents Jack and Sydney Bristow.

PHILLIPS: I've read your operational file. It's a real honor.

(Sydney smiles a little.)

(In the town square in Berlin, cops rush to the scene with their guns cocked. Emma slowly stands.)

(An agent standing at several monitors, motions to Kendall and the others.)

AGENT: Sir, we've got a situation in Berlin. The networks are carrying it live. I'm putting it through central display.

TV ANNOUNCER: Tihs is all that we know so far. A woman apparently has been shoved out of a van -- a speeding white van, we're told. This is in a public square...

SYDNEY: Oh, my God.

WEISS: Sir, that is Agent Wallace.

PHILLIPS: You know her?

VAUGHN: She's one of ours.

(The police captain gets out and speaks German to Emma. In the ops center, everyone watches the monitor.)

KENDALL: Give me a better look at those explosives.

AGENT: Looks like C-4.

JACK: If the C-4 is wired with a remote trigger, any radio communication could cause detonation.

(Close on a remote trigger. Someone presses a button on it, causing a high pitched charge. We're in a phone booth with Lennox who holds the remote. He's on the phone, speaking to Emma, who has an earpiece in.)

LENNOX: You're doing fine, Emma. Just do what I told you and you will be fine.

(Emma cries.)

(At the ops center.)

KENDALL: Patch me through to the federal office in Berlin! (to Sydney) You speak German, right?

(She nods.)

AGENT: We'll have satellite cover in the next thirty seconds.

RICK: KH-11 coming online now!

AGENT: Bump up the resolution.

(The police captain speaks German through a bullhorn, getting closer to Emma.)

AGENT: Sir, I've got the federal office on the line now.

(Kendall gives Sydney the phone, tells her what to say as she nods.)

KENDALL: Tell them to put you through to the ranking officer on site. Tell him the woman is CIA and any random radio communication could detonate the explosives.

SYDNEY: (speaking German) I need to speak to the agent on site. I know he's in the middle of a tactical operation. I need to talk to him now.

(The police have surrounded her. Emma is crying and starts to sing.)

EMMA: All around the cobbler's bench, the monkey chased the weasel... the monkey thought it was all for good... pop... goes the weasel...

(Sydney watches in horror.)

EMMA: A--A penny for a spool of thread, a penny for a needle... that's the way the money goes... pop... goes...

(Sydney is on the phone, waiting.)

SYDNEY: Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on!

(The on site agent's cell rings and he picks up.)

SYDNEY: (speaking German) I'm an officer for the Central Intelligence Agency--

ONSITE: I speak English.

EMMA: No patience to wait 'til time goes by...

SYDNEY: We're monitoring the situation. Instruct all of your agents to shut down radio communication. This woman may be wired with a remote detonator. I repeat--

ONSITE: Agent Bristow, I've already ordered radio silence.

EMMA: Pop...

(She blows up. Sydney and the rest watch the explosion go off. Lennox hangs up the phone. Christine runs off.)

(In the ladies' washroom, Sydney takes some water from the sink and splashes it over her face. Christine is crying in one of the stalls.)

SYDNEY: Excuse me... are you all right?

(The door opens and she comes out.)


SYDNEY: Are you okay?

PHILLIPS: Sorry. I just wasn't ready for that.

SYDNEY: Don't be sorry.

(In a conference room with Vaughn, Sydney, Jack and Kendall.)

KENDALL: The CIA lost an exemplary agent today. Those of you who knew Emma Wallace may find it difficult to focus but I'll ask you to try. For the last two months, she was tasked with a deep-cover assignment. Her objective was to gain the trust of this man -- Dr. Renzo Markovic, a former R&D scientist who's been developing a new classified technology under the project heading "Helix." He's already received preliminary bids from several terrorist organizations.

SYDNEY: Weapons?

KENDALL: We don't know. That's precisely the question Agent Wallace was trying to answer before she was murdered. Agent Wallace may not be the only casualty in our effort against Markovic. She was sent undercover with a partner, another CIA operative who we now presume to be captured or dead.

JACK: His final satellite transmission indicated he was proceeding to Cayo Concha off the coast of the Dominican Republic. Markovic leases one of the lower floors in the Serena Del Sol resort where he conducts his research. If our operative is still alive, he's being held there.

KENDALL: Agent Bristow, you're on point. Agent Vaughn, you'll be assisting. Conditions for success are twofold: acquire what intel you can on Project Helix and bring our man home.

SYDNEY: Who is he?

KENDALL: He's one of our most decorated agents. Here's his file. James Lennox. You leave tonight.

(At Sydney and Francie's, the doorbell rings. Sydney opens it to reveal Vaughn who smiles.)



VAUGHN: Ready to go?

SYDNEY: Yeah. Come on in, I'll get my stuff.

(He enters and looks around, admiring.)

VAUGHN: Nice place.

SYDNEY: I'm gonna get a new couch.


SYDNEY: Well, I don't know...

VAUGHN: So this is where you live.

SYDNEY: This is where I live.

VAUGHN: I love it.

SYDNEY: I'm ready.

(He kisses her.)

VAUGHN: Okay, we, um... we should go right now.


SYDNEY: Francie, this is Michael... from the bank.

VAUGHN: Hey, Francie. Nice to meet you.

(He shakes her hand.)

FRANCIE: Nice to put a face with the name.

VAUGHN: Same here.

(Sydney, standing behind Vaughn, points to him and mouths "This is him!"; Francie doesn't react.)

SYDNEY: We should get to our plane.

FRANCIE: Another business trip?

SYDNEY: Just a finance conference in New York. Just overnight.

FRANCIE: Well, have a good trip, you guys.

VAUGHN: Thanks. It's nice to meet you.

(He shakes her hand again.)

FRANCIE: You, too.


(Sydney looks at Francie, a little puzzled.)

FRANCIE: I'll see you later.

(Sydney follows Vaughn out. Once they're gone, the little smile on Francie's face immediately fades.)

(Cayo Concha. Sydney, wearing a bikini, comes out of a pool at the resort, dripping wet, and walks to her shoes. She gets a towel, drying off, and looks over at a man sitting nearby who is watching her. He's Arden Jezek.)

(On the plane to Cayo Concha.)

VAUGHN: Arden Jezek. He's Markovic's chief of security at the resort which means he's got access to Project Helix and probably knows where Lennox is being held.

SYDNEY: Why aren't we going after Markovic directly?

VAUGHN: Our surveillance teams say they lost track of him four weeks ago. Jezek's our best shot.

(Back at the pool, Sydney smiles at Jezek as he admires the view. She puts on a warp and heads for the changing tents. He decides to follow her just as she slips off her bikini top and goes inside. Jezek enters the tent and sees Vaughn instead.)


(Sydney comes out from behind, her top now on, and pushes Jezek onto the table, twisting his arm back. Vaughn takes a syringe and plunges it in Jezek's neck. He groans.)

VAUGHN: I've injected you with a cardio toxin, you'll have a heart attack within the hour unless you do exactly as we say. Then you get the antidote. Are we clear?

JEZEK: Yeah.

SYDNEY: Is Agent Lennox still alive?


SYDNEY: Where is he?

JEZEK: Sublevel, room forty-seven.

SYDNEY: You'll escort us down there and you will help my partner download everything you have on Project Helix.

(In an elevator heading to the sublevel, Sydney is now wearing a blond wig and stands next to Jezek and Vaughn. The doors are about to open when she looks over at Jezek.)

SYDNEY: Smile.

(They walk out of the elevator and head for the guard.)

JEZEK: Uh, they are with me.

(The guard nods. The three of them go down a hallway and Jezek swipes his card, getting clearance. They turn a corner and continue walking.)

SYDNEY: I'll see you at the exit point.


(Vaughn and Jezek go into one room and Sydney continues, heading for room forty-seven. She grabs a labcoat off the wall and enters.)

(Flashback to the plane.)

VAUGHN: Sydney, if Agent Lennox is still alive, he may have undergone psychological reconditioning. You could be walking into a trap.

(She walks in and behind a curtain, she sees someone in a chair with a large machine in front of their face. Another man sits nearby.)

INTERROGATOR: Let's start over from the beginning.

LENNOX: I already told you everything!

(His eyes are forced open by the machine and two needles are extended, centimeters away from his eyeballs. The needles move closer.)

LENNOX: Aaaaaah!

(Sydney enters and kicks one guard, kicks the other. She elbows the first and grabs a tray off of a nearby setup and hits the second guard across the face with it. She moves the machine off of Lennox and moves the white lights that are right in his eyes.)

SYDNEY: My name is Sydney Bristow. I am a CIA agent. I've come to take you home.

LENNOX: I can't see. I can't see. I can't see!

(He rubs at his eyes while Sydney spots a jar on the table where she grabbed the tray. She pops off the cover and takes a whiff.)

SYDNEY: They used metachlorozine on you, it's a photoreactive acid.

(She takes a bandage and starts wrapping it around his head to cover his eyes.)

SYDNEY: I'm covering your eyes with a bandage. Keep this bandage on or you could be permanently blind. You're okay.

(In the computer room, Jezek types as Vaughn stands next to him.)

VAUGHN: You're sweating because the poison is taking effect. Type and you'll be fine.

(He does so.)

JEZEK: Okay, you're in the system.

(Vaughn elbows him in the neck and the guy slumps over. He injects him with the antidote and takes over the computer, downloading the files.)

(Down the hall, Sydney tries leading a bandaged Lennox down the hall.)

SYDNEY: You're doing great, you're almost out.

LENNOX: My partner, Emma Wallace, has she reported in yet?

(Sydney sees the guards coming and places Lennox against the wall.)

SYDNEY: Stay here.

(She turns and fights the first guard and then the next. More guards come. Lennox pushes up his bandage and winces at the light.)


(She kicks another guard but the last one has a knife and tries to stab her. Sydney blocks it but is struggling. She knees him and the guard throws her against the wall, the knife pointed right above her. Lennox spots one of the guards' guns on the floor nearby. Half blind, he picks it up and sees the guard with Sydney. He holds the gun up and shoots the guard. The guard falls over. Sydney runs to Lennox.)

SYDNEY: Oh... thank you.

(They start running.)

SYDNEY: Shut your eyes, shut your eyes.

(They leave together.)

(On the plane, Sydney puts drops in Lennox's eyes.)

SYDNEY: I know. One more.

(He blinks as she finishes. Vaughn opens a door and enters.)

SYDNEY: Your eyes should normalize in a few minutes. Okay.

LENNOX: Thank you.

(She walks over to Vaughn.)

VAUGHN: You okay?

SYDNEY: What do you think?

VAUGHN: No signs of any post-traumatic stress disorder or symptoms of behavior modification.

SYDNEY: He was holding his won with the interrogators and he risked losing his sight to get us out.

VAUGHN: I don't know.

(She looks back at Lennox.)

SYDNEY: We'll know more after the psych eval.

(Vaughn smiles and goes back through the door. Sydney walks over to Lennox and sits down.)

SYDNEY: How are you doing?

LENNOX: I could have sworn you were a blonde.

SYDNEY: I was. My hair's usually brown. Hard to keep track.

LENNOX: It's nice to... see the face of the person who saved my life. So, um... where is, uh, Emma? Is she, uh... she back in LA?

SYDNEY: Jim... Emma's dead. I'm so sorry.

(Conference room. Lennox, Kendall, Jack, Sydney and Vaughn.)

KENDALL: We know that you've been through hell, Agent Lennox, and I apologize that your homecoming had to be celebrated with a psych evaluation but you've been given a clean bill of health even though I'm sure it doesn't feel that way.

JACK: Agent Wallace's death has left several questions unanswered. Can you tell us how you infiltrated Dr. Markovic's organization?

LENNOX: We were hired on as freelance security expoerts at his villa in Berlin. Emma -- Agent Wallace -- gained Markovic's trust enough to become his driver. In that capacity, she was privy to a phone conversation between Markovic and someone she believed to be his superior in which they indicated Project Helix was ready for testing.

KENDALL: Are you saying that Markovic answers to someone else?

LENNOX: That was Agent Wallace's impression based on the conversation. They didn't use names, it was just a voice on the speakerphone.

JACK: And you never heard this voice yourself?


JACK: How's your eyesight?

LENNOX: It's better.

KENDALL: Can you tell us what led to your capture?

LENNOX: When we reported to Langley the project was proceeding, we were ordered to break into the facility in Cayo Concha and hack the central database. I knew there was a good chance we'd be caught. I decided to go in alone so I could transmit the data to Emma in Berlin if I were trapped. They moved in before I could do that.

KENDALL: Do you have any idea how she was compromised?

LENNOX: No, I don't.

KENDALL: Okay. I think we have a pretty comprehensive picture here. There's a driver waiting to take you to a safehouse nearby. Is there anything you'd like to add?

LENNOX: We were engaged.

(At the ops center, Weiss and Phillips watch the footage of Emma blowing up.)

WEISS: So, in a case like this, we start by digitizing all the news coverage that covered the bombing.


WEISS: You, uh, you like Italian food?

PHILLIPS: I have a boyfriend.

WEISS: Yeah, me too.

VAUGHN: Hey, Weiss.

WEISS: Excuse me.

(He walks over to Vaughn.)

WEISS: I think the new girl has a thing for me.

VAUGHN: I was going over Agent Wallace's contact log. She phoned in every two days like clockwork. I mean, the slightest discrepancy in protocol and she contacted us for verification.

WEISS: Your point being?

VAUGHN: The day Lennox says he was captured we have no record of anything from her. No warning. No extraction requestion. Nothing. Why didn't she make contact?

PHILLIPS: Agent Weiss! Roll it back.

(He comes over and Phillips shows him the footage again.)

PHILLIPS: The flash of static right before the blast. An RF transmitter would account for the interference but all radio signals were shut off.

WEISS: Wait, uh, run it back. Slow it down a little bit.

(A flash of static right before the bomb goes off.)


WEISS: So if the signal interrupted the feed it had to come from our trigger man's detonator.

PHILLIPS: Which would place him within a block of this camera.

WEISS: All right, find out where this news van was parked. Check all ATMs, traffic cams. All right? We may just have this guy's face on video.

(Evening. Sydney parks in front of the CIA safehouse and gets out, carrying a bag of groceries. She enters the house and looks around.)

SYDNEY: Lennox?

(A lamp is overturned and the shade of another lamp is pushed against the window. She walks in.)


(She finally sees him at the kitchen table with a bottle of vodka at his side. Sydney puts down the groceries.)

LENNOX: Beware of the grieving man and his bottle.

(He gets up and makes his way over to her, bottle in hand.)

LENNOX: Emma used to say that she had spent so much of her life pretending to be other people that she was afraid she might disappear. And I have been sitting here trying to remember all her aliases and you're right. It's hard to keep track.

SYDNEY: I lost my fiance last year and I know we're trained to compartmentalize things that hurt too much but I still haven't been able to do that. As hard as it is, I would rather feel it than to not feel anything.

(He tries to take another drink but she stops him.)


(He kisses her but Sydney's not into it. She opens her eyes and he backs away, taking more steps back.)

LENNOX: Oh... I'm sorry. Uh...

(Sydney doesn't say anything. Someone enters.)

AGENT: Agent Bristow? Agent Lennox?

(Lennox and Sydney walk out to the living room and find two agents.)

SYDNEY: What's going on?

AGENT: Back up against the wall.

SYDNEY: Wait, what is this?

(One of the agents tries to take Lennox by the arm.)

LENNOX: Get your hands off me!

(He punches him and throws the agent on the floor. The punches the other agent and twists his arm, throwing him on the ground as well and taking the gun. Lennox aims the gun at the agents.)

LENNOX: All right, stay down! Stay down! Sydney, go! GO! Go! Stay down! Go! Go, Sydney, go!

(With her hands still up, Sydney walks by Lennox and goes for the door. Instead she kicks Lennox's legs out from underneath him and he falls to the floor. The two agents finally get up and have Lennox by the arms, pushing him out the door.)

SYDNEY: Okay, take it easy! Take it wasy! What is it?

AGENT: He's gonna be placed in federal custody.

(Sydney walks in the ops center and goes up to Jack and Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: What's going on?

JACK: We've decrypted the specs on Project Helix that you and Vaughn obtained. The data describes a breakthrough in next-generation molecular gene therapy. It refers to a new procedure whereby a patient's face and body are reshaped to identically resemble someone else. Agent Lennox was the first test subject to be doubled.

SYDNEY: Doubled how? Like cloning?

JACK: Not exactly.

SYDNEY: So you're saying the man we rescued isn't Agent Lennox.

JACK: It's possible.

SYDNEY: So who is he?

JACK: Based on our intel, the procedure's first recipient was the man who created the technology. Dr. Markovic.

SYDNEY: There is no way the man we have in custody is Dr. Markovic.

VAUGHN: I know it sounds insane but as we were analyzing the news footage, Phillips noticed the interference of an RF signal which helped narrow our search. We got this from a traffic camera.

(On the computer screen behind them, he brings up a photo of Lennox in the phone booth. The database searches and brings up one match -- Agent Lennox's profile comes up.)

(Briefing room.)

JACK: Over the last few years it's become common practice for wanted terrorists to employ men who look like them, decoys designed to mislead intelligence agencies. With this new procedure, that would no longer be necessary. Men like Osama bin Laden could simply be made to look like someone else.

KENDALL: And clearly that is not something we can afford to have adversised on the blackmarket.

SYDNEY: How is this possible without obvious scarring?

JACK: The procedure isn't surgical. A patient's genetic code is altered to reshape their physical attributes.

SYDNEY: Is it reversible?

JACK: It's unclear. It only works on people of a certain genetic disposition and the recipient must be induced into a comotose state for several days while their cells regenerate. The data indicates the only way to distinguish the real person from the double is by an ocular scan. A flaw in the iris was deliberately built into the procedure to tell them apart.

KENDALL: Even if Lennox is who he says he is, there is no real way of guaranteeing that he's not the man in that video.

SYDNEY: I'm telling you, the man we rescued just had his life destroyed. He's on our side.

(Lennox takes the ocular scan. His CIA profile comes up on the screen. The person conducting the test leaves the room and speaks to Sydney who waits in the adjoining one.)

TESTER: He is who he says he is.

(In another room, Lennox and Sydney.)

LENNOX: What the hell do you mean, I've been doubled?

SYDNEY: The project you were investigating--

LENNOX: Project Helix. What about it?

SYDNEY: It's a prototype surgical gene resequencer.

LENNOX: All right, meaning what? What does that mean?

SYDNEY: Markovic created a technique that allows people to change their appearance. That's why we gave you the ocular scan, to make sure you were really you.

LENNOX: Do we know who it was? The man who took my identity?

SYDNEY: Dr. Markovic.

LENNOX: Now I know why Emma didn't call for an extraction. She had no idea I was captured. We had a hotel room in Berlin, she thought she was with me.

SYDNEY: Markovic had the Helix prototype taken off of Cayo Concha. We tracked it to a freight yard in Poland.

LENNOX: He's trying to hide it. What's the next move?

SYDNEY: I've been ordered to find the prototype, download the schematics and destroy it.

LENNOX: I'm coming with you.

(Sydney nods.)

(In Poland, at the freight yard, Sydney and Lennox run across the many tracks and approach the various freighters. A guard stands on top of one of them.)

SYDNEY: This is Mountaineer, we're in position in the trainyard.

(Vaughn, Weiss, Jack, Kendall are back at the ops center.)

VAUGHN: Copy, Mountaineer. We've got you on satellite. We're reading five guards.

(In the train yard, a guard lights a cigarette.)

VAUGHN: (voice over) One on the north side of track two.

(Sydney takes the guard down. Another guard walks by.)

VAUGHN: (voice over) One between tracks one and two.

(Lennox grabs the guard, pulling him down. He climbs the ladder on the side of the freighter, going on up.)

VAUGHN: (voice over) Two on the southern perimeter.

(Sydney grabs the men.)

VAUGHN: (voice over) And one on top of the center car.

(Lennox fights the one on top and pushes him off. Another guard walks along.)

VAUGHN: Wait. We just lost the last guard. Hold while we reacquire his signal.

(Lennox walks in between the tracks when a gun cocks. He sees a guard pointing his gun at him. The guard is shot from behind by Sydney. At the prototype freighter, Lennox takes off his backpack and Sydney starts getting out the things needed to remove the lock. A camera and screen goes up.)

LENNOX: Do you have the drill?

SYDNEY: Drill.

(Lennox drills in to find the appropriate triggers for the combination.)

LENNOX: All right, I'm having trouble seeing the third tumbler.

SYDNEY: Okay, the borescope's jammed, hang on.

LENNOX: Do you have the audio? All right, here we go. All right, all right...

(The lock opens.)

LENNOX: We got it.


(The turn the lock and climb inside the lab. Sydney moves to the back while Lennox makes his way to the computer.)

SYDNEY: I'm gonna rig the explosives.

(Lennox sits at the computer and stars typing.)

LENNOX: All right, boot camp, I'm into the data log.

WEISS: Copy that, standing by to receive the schematics.

(Sydney gets out the explosives.)

LENNOX: All right, wait a second. According to this, the sequencer's been used twice.


LENNOX: I'm not the only one who's been doubled.

SYDNEY: Who else?

LENNOX: It doesn't say.

(Francie, looking over her shoulder, removes the bottom tray of Sydney's television in her bedroom and places a camera in there. She replaces the cover.)

(Ops center.)

FEMALE AGENT: Agent Vaughn, a call was routed through the PBX that you need to take right away.

(Vaughn hits a button on the phone.)

VAUGHN: Who am I talking to?

(Another Lennox is talking on his cell and is driving in a Jeep.)

LENNOX 2: My name is James Lennox! The man you rescued is Dr. Renzo Markovic! I know that sounds impossible. He's developed some kind of genetic doubling prototype!

VAUGHN: Yes, we know that.

LENNOX 2: I was captured trying to infiltrate his medical lab on Cayo Concha. They knew the CIA would send in a team after me and they set you up! I just escaped twelve hours ago while they were trying to transport me off the island!

VAUGHN: Where are you now?

LENNOX 2: I'm in Poland! I've tracked the prototype to a freightyard here, I'm going to destroy it!

WEISS: I got him, he's two miles away and traveling alone.

(Jack hits the mute button so he can talk freely.)

JACK: It could be Markovic. One of the guards may have alerted him and he's now trying to prevent us from sabotaging the prototype.

KENDALL: There's no way to be certain.

(Vaughn goes back to the second Lennox.)

VAUGHN: I'd like to believe you but we just conducted a test confirming Lennox's identity.

LENNOX 2: The ocular scan? The ocular scan DOESN'T WORK! That was disinformation that he wanted you to download so you would trust him! The ocular scan is a joke!

JACK: Listen carefully. Do not approach the trainyard!

LENNOX 2: I'm losing you! I can't hear you! Hello? I'm losing you! Hello? He--

(Lennox 2 drives up to the freightyard and cocks his gun. He gets out of the vehicle and runs towards the tracks.)

(In the ops center.)

VAUGHN: Put me through to Sydney on a separate channel. I only want her to hear this.


VAUGHN: Sydney, don't react. Just listen. Do not take your eyes off the man you're with. We just got a call from someone claiming to be the real Agent Lennox.

(Sydney glances over at Lennox.)

VAUGHN: He's on his way to you now. It looks like he's alone. Clear your throat if you copy.

(She clears her throat and stands up. Lennox is right there.)

LENNOX: Backup copy.

(She takes the disc and Lennox goes back to the computer.)

JACK: Sydney, there is no way for us to verify the identity of either man. Disarm the man you're with and take cover so you can do the same with the man heading your way. Once they're both secure, lead them to the extraction point. We'll figure this out when they're in custody.

(Sydney takes out her gun.)

SYDNEY: Don't move!

(He slowly turns.)

LENNOX: What are you doing, Sydney?

(She reaches down and takes his gun.)

SYDNEY: Against the wall! On your knees! Hands behind your head!

(He gets up and moves over to the wall.)

SYDNEY: Put your hands behind your head! On your knees!

(He goes down. She tosses him a pair of handcuffs.)

SYDNEY: He's secure. How far away is the other man?

LENNOX: What other man? You think I'm Markovic?

VAUGHN: Cloud cover has moved over your position, we're blind. But he's got to be right there!

LENNOX: Sydney, Sydney, you have to trust me!

SYDNEY: Cuff yourself to the railing!

LENNOX: All right, all right!

(He does so.)

LENNOX: If someone is headed this way claiming to be me, it's Markovic, all right? I'm telling you, he's setting us up!

SYDNEY: Then why is he traveling alone?

LENNOX: Because he knows if our satellite picks up a security team headed this way we won't hesitate to destroy the prototype! All right? It is his only play to get his face back! Sydney, he killed Emma, he will kill you!

(She jumps out of the freighter. Lennox 2 approaches the tracks with his gun raised. Lennox tries pulling off the rail. Sydney is out in the tracks and sees Lennox 2.)

SYDNEY: Hold it. Drop the gun and turn around.

(Meanwhile, Lennox breaks his hand and screams a little, forcing the handcuffs off.)

LENNOX 2: You don't work for Markovic. You're CIA. I'm Jim Lennox, I'm CIA too.

SYDNEY: Drop the gun! Drop the gun now!

(Lennox takes off the handcuff and runs out of the freighter. He spots one of the guards on the ground and takes the guard's gun.)

SYDNEY: Put the gun down!

LENNOX 2: Markovic's men are on their way here!

SYDNEY: Drop it or I'll shoot!

LENNOX 2: We have to trust each other. GET DOWN!

(She drops to the ground when Lennox 2 spots the othe Lennox. They shoot at each other, missing, and Lennox 2 rolls underneath the freighter.)

VAUGHN: Sydney!

(She gets up and looks around. Lennox 2 runs down the tracks. The other Lennox runs, trying to find him. Sydney looks as Lennox 2 turns a corner. She comes up the tracks as Lennox comes onto the tracks as well.)


LENNOX: You killed Emma, you son of a bitch!

LENNOX 2: He's LYING! He has to say that!

LENNOX: I was tortured for four weeks. He knows enough to pass himself off as me.

LENNOX 2: Don't listen to him! He took my LIFE!

(Sydney has her gun pointed at the both of them and the two Lennoxes have their guns pointed at each other.)

LENNOX: You're not walking out of here.

SYDNEY: Neither of you can drop your guns.

(She drops hers.)

LENNOX: What are you doing?

SYDNEY: I hope you like your face, Dr. Markovic. You're going to have it for a long time.

(Sydney gets out the trigger.)


(He aims his gun at Sydney, ready to shoot her. She hits the button on the trigger and Lennox shoots Lennox 2. The lab blows up, prototype and all. Sydney and Lennox approach Lennox 2 who is on the ground, shot. She puts down his gun. They leave.)

(At the ops center, Sydney walks in to see Vaughn and Lennox with his bandaged hand, talking.)

LENNOX: Yeah, all right.

(Vaughn goes to shake his hand but he motions to the bandage.)

LENNOX: Yeah, I appreciate it.

(Vaughn walks off. Lennox goes up to Sydney.)

SYDNEY: Four weeks off. The least they could do.

LENNOX: Yeah, well, they offered me counseling but I haven't not worked in eight years.

SYDNEY: Where are you headed?

LENNOX: Fiji. I've never been there before. Emma and I were going to go for our honeymoon. She was from there.

SYDNEY: I know. I knew her.

LENNOX: You knew Emma?

SYDNEY: One thing about my fiance -- I was lucky to have known him for as long as I did.

LENNOX: Thank you.

(Sydney's house. In the kitchen, she takes a sip of white wine and moves to the stove. Vaughn watches her. She turns to him and they smile at each other. Vaughn stares as Sydney stirs the sauce and tries it. She puts the spoon in front of him to try it. Replacing the cover on the pot and turning off the burner, she checks the baked potatoes in the oven, bending over. He takes her arm and she turns around. They kiss.)

VAUGHN: You're so beautiful.

SYDNEY: Dinner's ready.

VAUGHN: You do have an oven. You know, we can reheat.

(She kicks the oven door closed. On Sydney's bed, they kiss. He raises her shirt and kisses her stomach. Vaughn's without a shirt now and he removes Sydney's. Their reflection is on the TV screen.)

(Somewhere, Francie watches the camera's angle on her laptop computer of Sydney and Vaughn having sex.)

Ecrit par PaceyJoers 

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