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(Red door. The door opens and Sydney is standing there wearing a black bra and pantiesr, stockings, and a little lingerie waist-length robe. She sashays down a hallway and stands in the doorway. She poses. A man is sitting in a chair eating shrimp and drinking champagne. A bodyguard stands nearby. They look her over.)

MAN: (in French) No. Put on the red one.

(He looks at his bodyguard and they smirk. The red door opens again, just like before, but now Sydney is wearing a fire engine red bra and panty set, without the stockings. She poses in the doorway.)

MAN: (in French) Not bad. That's better.

(He stands and motions for the bodyguard to leave. They speak in French. Sydney moves over to the window and looks out. We're on an airplane in the sky. The man looks at her. Sydney is on a bed, on her side, posing. He unzips his sweater and climbs on. He murmurs in French as she gets on top of him. Putting her hands behind his head to get in real close, she grabs a wire on her bracelet and pulls it around his neck, flipping him over on his stomach and climbing on his back.)

SYDNEY: What was wrong with the black one? Do you think it's comfortable wearing clothes like this?

(He struggles and chokes with the wire around his neck, and tries pushing a button near the bed.)

SYDNEY: This isn't my first day on the job, I disconnected your call button! I know who you are. I know what this plane is!

MAN: I don't know what you're talking about!

SYDNEY: Tell me how to access server forty-seven!

(He doesn't give it up so she pulls on the wire to tighten it. He chokes.)

MAN: Over there! Behind the frame, there's a terminal!

(Sydney elbows him in the face and lets go. He falls to the bed. She runs over to a framed picture on the wall and pushes on it. It flips over to reveal a keyboard and a flat computer monitor. She types and gets out a hidden briefcase. In it is a pair of pants, a shirt, a gun, and a computer transmitting device. She plugs it into the computer.)

SYDNEY: We're transmitting.

(She puts on the pants and buttons up the shirt over her red underwear. She grabs the gun and opens the door. She cocks her gun, points. She turns a corner. Nobody is there. She opens a door but it's just hanging parachutes. She looks around and goes to another door. She opens it and sees it's just a mirror but then feels a gun at her neck.)

BODYGUARD: (French) Don't move. On your knees. Drop your gun.

(Sydney pauses and then tosses it back on the floor. He looks and she kicks him. He jumps up and she kicks him twice, he punches her. She grabs a serving bowl and hits him with it. He kicks it away and gets a knife out, jabbing at her, with Sydney moving out of the way. She blocks it with a tray and hits him with it. The bodyguard throws her aside. She takes the champagne bottle and hits him with it, knocking him back. Sydney kicks him hard and he falls to the ground. She hears a gun cocking. She turns to see the other man pointing a gun at her. He shoots.)

(Sunny day in Los Angeles, 24 hours earlier. Sydney jogs through the park. A dog runs with its master and crosses Sydney's path. People throw a Frisbee back and forth. She drops a coin in the homeless man's cup.)

HOMELESS MAN: Mountaineer requests covert entry.

(In the control room at the ops center, the agents watch the monitors.)

AGENT: Roger that. Mountaineer is clear for entry.

(At the broken phone, Sydney pushes the buttons and the door opens. Looking over her shoulder once, she goes inside.)

(In the ops center, she walks with Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: Okay, so what's the new intel?

VAUGHN: Kendall wouldn't say. He wants to wait for the meeting.

SYDNEY: So I just ran by the park and there were, like, millions of people. People just playing Frisbee, having picnics.

VAUGHN: I know, what are people doing in the middle of the work day?

SYDNEY: Right. Just in the middle of the day, hanging out?

(Kendall walks through.)

KENDALL: Let's move. Did you tell her about the transfers?

VAUGHN: Some recruits from Langley are going to be observing. Now wait... before the meeting...

(He takes her through a door into a private hallway. They lean against the wall.)

VAUGHN: I'm going to say something and it will either be obvious to you or seem presumptuous. Either way, I got to say it. This isn't working. I've been thinking about this for a while. I don't know what the hell to do.


VAUGHN: I think you know what.

SYDNEY: I need you to tell me.

VAUGHN: You need me to tell you what? That when you're on operations, I can't sleep at night. That when we're in debrief I have to force myself to remember what the hell we're supposed to be reviewing. When all I want to do is kiss you.

SYDNEY: Sometimes it is hard to remember what we're supposed to be talking about.

VAUGHN: That's what I'm talking about. And the thing that makes me crazy every day is that the people who would kill us if we're seen together -- the Alliance, SD-6, Sloane -- are the very forces that brought you into my life to begin with. What kind of a sick joke is that?

SYDNEY: So what are you thinking? That maybe we shouldn't be working together?

VAUGHN: That's what I was thinking but then I thought, we are great together.

SYDNEY: I know.

VAUGHN: And the more we work together, the sooner the Alliance gets destroyed.

SYDNEY: So what are you suggesting?

(Weiss enters.)

WEISS: What is this, the flirting corner?

VAUGHN: Uh, we're talking.

WEISS: Yeah, I figured that out. Uh, there's a meeting. National security, remember that? It's important... for the people?

SYDNEY: We'll be right there.

(He leaves. They smile at each other and leave as well.)

(In a meeting room, Jack, Sydney, Weiss, Vaughn, Kendall and some others are sitting down.)

KENDALL: Arvin Sloane. As most of you know, Sloane is the acting director of SD-6. For those of you new to the fun and games, SD-6 is an arm of the Alliance, a worldwide organized crime syndicate responsible for weapons trade, drug traffic, and murder. The Alliance keeps a dozen offices or cells, SD-1 through SD-12. We have identified the locations of seven of these cells, the rest is speculation. The agents Bristow -- Jack and Sydney -- have been working undercover at SD-6 tracking their objectives, operations, contacts. Working under Arvin Sloane... until now. We've intercepted communications which reveal that the Alliance has picked someone to be Sloane's replacement. Anthony Geiger. Which is about as much as I can tell you about him. Geiger has no file at CIA, FBI, no police record, no overdue video rentals, nothing.

SYDNEY: Excuse me. Sloane's being replaced?

KENDALL: He's been MIA for five days. With Sloane gone and Geiger coming in, we no longer have access to their inner circle. So, Sydney and Jack, your assignment is to get close to Geiger, earn his trust, get back in that inner circle. That's it.

SYDNEY: Dad, the one person in the world I want brought to justice, he's disappeared.

JACK: I've been doing this a long time, Sydney. There's rarely an end to the story.

(He puts a hand on her shoulder and leaves.)

(SD-6. Sydney walks in and goes to her desk, sees Geiger in Sloane's old office with his back to her.)

DIXON: I don't like it. Whatever's happening here.

(Geiger's office. Sydney knocks and peers in.)

SYDNEY: Excuse me, Mr. Geiger?


SYDNEY: Sydney Bristow.

GEIGER: Come in, sit down.

(She does so. He opens a file on her and looks at it.)

GEIGER: Let's see...

SYDNEY: I just wanted to introduce myself. Say hello.

GEIGER: What can you tell me about Danny?

SYDNEY: What would you like to know?

GEIGER: You were engaged?


GEIGER: Well, tell me something more.

SYDNEY: I assume you mean how Danny died. I told him the truth -- that I worked for SD-6. Security section discovered this, they told Sloane, Sloane had him killed.

GEIGER: What kind of doctor was he going to be?

SYDNEY: Pediatric cardiologist.

GEIGER: Really? Well, that's unusual. Did he like kids?

SYDNEY: Danny had a younger brother who was... born with a condition, a heart condition, and they were told there was no treatment.

GEIGER: Mmmm. If the people I work for would assassinate my wife, I would not show up at the office the next day. So why come back? What for?

SYDNEY: The precepts of SD-6 were made clear to me when I was recruited. What happened was my fault. And I am a faithful officer of this agency.

GEIGER: Thanks for coming in.

(Sydney walks to her desk, Sark falls into step beside her.)

SARK: The new boss has a dreadful personality, don't you think?

SYDNEY: I've seen worse.

SARK: Am I supposed to take that personally?

SYDNEY: Sark, what do you want?

SARK: When I met with Geiger this morning, I left his office feeling as unstrung as you look.

SYDNEY: Just so you know, I'm fully strung.

SARK: We all have secrets, Sydney. And from what I've heard about Geiger, he'll discover them.

SYDNEY: What have you heard about Geiger?

SARK: Former German intelligence. Has more enemies than various other Germans we're familiar with. He seems to think Sloane is a traitor. He's already unlocked Sloane's secret files on server forty-seven.

SYDNEY: There are only forty-six servers.

SARK: Really? Well, he announced it to me as if it were a victory. "I've already hacked Sloane's files on server forty-seven."

(Self-storage building, Sydney and Jack walk in.)

SYDNEY: There's only one reason Sloane would keep secret the existence of a computer. Because this computer server forty-seven is a vulnerability.

JACK: Until you tell me what you're suggesting, I have nothing to respond to.

SYDNEY: I think there's a central Alliance computer, I think that's what server forty-seven is. A network that links all the SD cells. It makes sense, doesn't it?

JACK: I'm trying to find a flaw in this line of thought.

SYDNEY: I want to find this computer. If I'm right it could tell us everything -- names of the Alliance partners, locations of their offices--

JACK: Sydney.

SYDNEY: Dad, this could be the silver bullet.

JACK: I'll get CIA to sanction it.

(At the ops center, Vaughn and Sydney walk to Weiss.)

VAUGHN: We tracked down server forty-seven. The reason you couldn't get a twenty on it is because it doesn't exist on this planet. It's in the sky. It's a 747 purchased by the Alliance in 1998. They retrofitted the interior to contain a secure server and a satellite uplink.

SYDNEY: They keep the computer airborne?

VAUGHN: It only lands for refueling. The Alliance has this man overseeing the operation. Gils Nacor. He's an accomplished computer security expert, he and his bodyguards travel with the server at all times.

SYDNEY: This guy spends his life on a plane with a computer?

WEISS: It's a really nice plane.

VAUGHN: How did they convince an upper-level asset to do that job, right? They provide him with women.

SYDNEY: Oh, you're kidding me.

WEISS: Nope. Twice a week, alternate airports in England and Spain. A high-end escort agency provides a new... friend.

SYDNEY: I have to be his friend.

VAUGHN: No, you just have to get him alone. The computer's in the belly of the plane but apparently there are terminal accesses in the main cabin.

WEISS: We're all going to Barcelona, we have a team set up there already. They'll ambush the drop-off of his latest date.

VAUGHN: But they'll delier you in her place. Just get onto the plane, get Nacor alone, access the server, and transmit the content to us. We'll be in a cargo jet flying at altitude.

WEISS: We have to stay within five thousand feet of you to receive your signal.

(He opens a case to reveal a pen and a pair of earrings.

WEISS: Here's your transmitter, the earrings will give you audio and video and op-tech has the rest of your gear. Guys, we should get to the plane.

(Over the Atlantic. In the cargo jet, Weiss and Vaughn sit and wait for the video to come.)

WEISS: Okay, whenever you want to have that talk...

VAUGHN: What talk?

WEISS: About the cologne or whatever the hell you're wearing.

VAUGHN: I'm not wearing cologne.

WEISS: Well, something's going on. No man naturally smells as good as you do right now.

(Video pops up, Sydney's point of view.)

WEISS: Okay, your camera's on. Here we go, here we go.

(In the sky, the two planes fly parallel. Sydney is in the black lingerie. They watch, eating and drinking.)

NACOR: (in French) No.

(Vaughn and Weiss watch. Nacor tells her to put the red one on.)

VAUGHN: That son of a bitch!

WEISS: Easy. Come on.

(Sydney comes out in the red one.)

VAUGHN: I swear I'm gonna kill this guy.

(Sydney is on the bed. He unzips his sweater and climbs on. The guys in the cargo plane get an up close shot of Nacor from Sydney's POV.)

WEISS: There's no way that guy smells as good as you.

VAUGHN: It's aftershave. I got a new aftershave.

WEISS: Yeah, well, I'd lighten up on it.


WEISS: Oh, yeah. To the point of non-use.

(Sydney has Nacor on his stomach, almost strangling him.)

SYDNEY: Tell me how to access server forty-seven!

NACOR: Behind the frame, there's a terminal!

(She elbows him in the face. The guys in the cargo plane are giddy, making "Yeah!" faces and gestures. Sydney turns the frame around.)

VAUGHN: All right, get going.

SYDNEY: We're transmitting.

VAUGHN: Got it.

SYDNEY: We should be at Heathrow in an hour.

VAUGHN: Team's already in place.

SYDNEY: I'm going to take out the guard.

(Dressed in her pants and shirt, from the beginning, she turns the corner with her gun pointed. She opens the parachute closet. Nothing. She opens the other door. The guys in the cargo plane can see through the mirror in that closet that the bodyguard has the gun pointed to Sydney's neck. The bodyguard tells her in French to drop to her knees.)

VAUGHN: Throw the gun, make him reach for it!

(Sydney tosses it back. He turns and she kicks him. He jumps up. Vaughn watches Sydney's point of view as the bodyguard tries stabbing her with the knife. Sydney has the bottle, hits him with it. He falls. Gun cocks. Sydney turns and Nacor comes out with the gun pointed. He shoots. Sydney jumps out of the way as Nacor starts shooting.)

NACOR: You think you can steal from us, you little bitch?!

(Sydney, hiding from Nacor, turns and sees one of the windows in the plane. She shoots at it, once, twice.)

VAUGHN: No! No, no, no, no, NO!

(With the window in the plane shot out, the air pressure drops and the door of the plane flies off, the bodyguard is sucked out of the plane and is thrown into the engine, causing a huge fire. Everything starts blowing out of the plane, including one of the seats and Nacor. He flies out of the open door. Sydney is hanging on to a ledge inside, her body horizontal. The plane's going down. Sydney holds on to the table and slowly makes her way to the parachute closet she opened before. She manages to get her feet in the doorway and pulls herself in. She gets a parachute on and puts on the goggles. Straps herself in. Then she lets go of the doorway and flies out of the plane.)

VAUGHN: Oh, my God...

(Sydney releases the parachute and starts floating down. Weiss and Vaughn, both nervous wrecks, take off their headsets.)

WEISS: She's all yours.

(Back in Los Angeles, in the kitchen at Sydney, Francie and Will's, Francie and Will are about to cook some live lobsters.)

FRANCIE: Hey, guess what, Sydney's gonna be late again.

WILL: I know, she's missing all the dirty work. Look at these guys.

(He takes two live lobsters out of the bin.)

FRANCIE: Oh, oh no.

WILL: It's gonna be fine.

FRANCIE: I hate this part.

(He drops them into the pot of boiling water.)

WILL: Okay, the suspense is killing me. What's the occasion?

FRANCIE: The restaurant is actually making a profit.

WILL: After only six months? Is that even possible?

FRANCIE: Yes. Hence the lobster dinner. Seriously, if anyone would have told me last year that I would be making this work -- my own restaurant... it's just--it's just unbelievable.

WILL: I guess this is a really bad time to tell you I have to quit, right? I got a job working for a travel magazine. I mean, it's not The New York Times, but I am writing for a living.

FRANCIE: Will, that is genius!

WILL: Is it?

FRANCIE: I love that you're writing again, that's fantastic!

WILL: You're okay with it?

FRANCIE: Yeah, like I can't find another waiter in Los Angeles!

WILL: Oh, Francie, you're the best.

FRANCIE: Well, congratulations!

WILL: You, too.

(She kisses him on the lips. They stop. Then they kiss each other again and start making out in the kitchen.)

(Sydney is at the ops center. Vaughn walks up to her and hands over some sheets of paper.)

VAUGHN: Analysis got done with the hard drive.

(She looks through them briefly and looks at him.)

(Self-storage with Sydney, Vaughn, Kendall and Jack who is reading the documents intently.)

SYDNEY: Sir, this is our chance to destroy the Alliance now!

KENDALL: Miss Bristow, I understand what the papers suggest but you don't rush an operation like this!

VAUGHN: Sir, as soon as the Alliance realizes there's a breach in their system this information won't be valid!

KENDALL: You may recall the 150 pounds of C-4 buried in the subbasement of SD-6 and probably every other SD cell! If this itnel is wrong and we move on it, we're talking about the deaths of hundreds of civilians!

JACK: The answer is in the document. According to the information you retrieved, each SD cell uses a code which changes weekly to operate their security system. The current code is listed right here.

VAUGHN: So you're saying w eneed to get into SD-6 and find out what the actual code is right now?

SYDNEY: If it matches the one in the document, then the rest of the intel is real.

KENDALL: In which case I could go to Langley about raiding the Alliance facilities.

VAUGHN: Do we have the current SD-6 code?

JACK: No. But I can get it.

(Francie's restaurant. Sydney, Francie and Will sit at a table together. Francie and Will are sitting on one side, talking in hushed tones. Sydney watches them with interest and takes a sip of her wine.)

FRANCIE: Did you like the salmon, Will? Have you tried it?

WILL: I was going to say that, actually.

FRANCIE: Really?

WILL: Yeah, I thought it was great. I thought it was amazing.

FRANCIE: Really?

WILL: Yeah, what was that? A new sauce?

FRANCIE: Yeah, it was, yeah.

WILL: It was great.

FRANCIE: Thank you. I'm glad you noticed it. Thanks.

WILL: Did you know the guy at table forty-five?

FRANCIE: No, I don't know him, no.

WILL: He was totally looking at you.

FRANCIE: He was not looking at me.

SYDNEY: What's going on?


WILL: What? What do you mean?

SYDNEY: You guys are both acting like you're on drugs.

FRANCIE: Uh, well, um... we sort of made out.

SYDNEY: Oh, my God.

WILL: Okay, this is too weird.

(He gets up and leaves. The girls giggle.)

(In Geiger's office, McCullough walks in.)

MCCULLOUGH: You called for me?

GEIGER: I've been reviewing Mr. Sloane's work. I found an e-mail that struck me as curious. Is SD-6 running a program recording keystrokes at each desktop?

MCCULLOUGH: Yes, sir. Of course.

GEIGER: Well, then, why don't you sit down. I'd like you to play back what Arvin Sloane was typing.

(Outside the restaurant, Sydney and Will leave together.)

SYDNEY: Literally. Every detail now.

WILL: We were in the kitchen and all of a sudden we were...

SYDNEY: I can't believe this. I'm like, I'm in shock.

WILL: Good shock?

SYDNEY: No, great shock! I mean, is this a one-time thing?

WILL: I don't know, I don't know. You know the weird part? The really weird part? It wasn't weird.

SYDNEY: I'm going to have so much fun with this!

(Will laughs.)

(McCullough is typing and brings up the keystrokes of an e-mail from Sloane to Alain Christophe.)

MCCULLOUGH: Here we go. This is a playback of Arvin Sloane as he wrote the e-mail in question.

GEIGER: Okay. Wait, he wrote something and then erased it. Play it back slow.

MCCULLOUGH: Certainly.

(The deleted section comes up, line by line. A part of it says "Jack and Sydney Bristow are double agents.")

(At SD-6, Jack walks down a hall and goes into a boardroom. He sits down at a computer and starts typing. Geiger enters.)

GEIGER: Jack Bristow?

(Jack stands up.)

GEIGER: Anthony Geiger.

JACK: I've been looking forward to this.

GEIGER: Me as well.

(The doors close.)

(At the ops center, Sydney's cell rings. Vaughn sits nearby.)


JACK: Sydney, it's me. I'm talking to Mr. Geiger, he'd like you to come in right away. Oh, and take surface streets, they're doing some work on the freeway.

(Sydney is stunned. Tears in her eyes. She can barely talk.)

SYDNEY: Okay... I will...

JACK: See you soon.

(They hang up. Sydney stands up and puts her back to Vaughn. She's panting and crying.)

VAUGHN: Did he get the code? Syd?

SYDNEY: He was compromised.


SYDNEY: He just said "Take the surface streets, they're doing some work on the freeway."

VAUGHN: I don't understand.

SYDNEY: It's a phrase we came up with last year. A code to let one of us know if the other was ever discovered, to warn them to stay away. He's with Geiger now.

(Crying, she covers her mouth with her hands.)

(In the torture room, Jack is yet again belted into the chair. He slowly comes to and opens his eyes. Everything is blurry. Geiger is in the cabinet. He looks over at Jack.)

GEIGER: Jack, I know you are disloyal. I know your daughter is, too. Both your files, there were so many red flags, I thought I was in a Russian airport. What I don't know is where your loyalties lie.

(He squeezes out some gel from a bottle and rubs it on Jack's ankle.)

GEIGER: Where are your loyalties, Jack? Who are you working for?

(He rubs it on his other leg.)

JACK: We've met before, you and I. I'm surprised you don't recall. You have such attention to detail.

(Geiger gets a metal bracelet and attaches it around Jack's ankle.)

GEIGER: I can't quite place you.

JACK: Neither could I, but then I remembered. Kanagawa, '87.

GEIGER: Were you with Nagayo?

JACK: We had dinner.

GEIGER: Oh yes, now I remember! What a night that was.

JACK: The woman with the club foot.

GEIGER: That's -- (laughs) That's right!

(Jack smiles a little.)

GEIGER: Come on, Jack, just tell me who you're working for and this will all go away.

(He has both metal bracelets around Jack's ankles now and picks up the jumper cables. He puts them on the bracelets.)

GEIGER: One last chance.

(Jack says nothing. Geiger turns a dial on the nearby machine and the electricity shoots through the metal bracelets. It crackles. Jack writhes around, struggling. He screams.)

(On a street somewhere, Will uses a payphone.)

WILL: I don't understand. Go where?

(Sydney is at the ops center, talking on one of their phones.)

SYDNEY: Anywhere. Get Francie and leave town. Go to Vegas, drive to San Francisco.

WILL: Wait, wait, wait, what kind of trouble are you in?

SYDNEY: Someone might be looking for me. I just want you safe. Just promise me you and Francie will stay away, that's all I need you to do.

WILL: I promise. Syd, are you going to be okay?

SYDNEY: Yeah. I have to go.

(She hangs up.)

VAUGHN: Kendall's on his way back.

SYDNEY: He's not going to do a thing.

VAUGHN: You don't know that.

SYDNEY: My dad was right. Kendall's not going to make a move on the Alliance until he knows that information is valid. I mean, we have to get that code from SD-6.

VAUGHN: You cannot go back there.

SYDNEY: I know.

(Shipyard. Sydney stands beside her red Jeep and takes off her sunglasses, put them on the hood, when she sees Dixon's car drive up. He gets out and walks to her.)

DIXON: Sydney, I got your message...

SYDNEY: There isn't time for me to explain everything, for me to apologize the way I need to. SD-6 has nothing to do with the CIA. Dixon, you've been lied to. We have all been lied to.

DIXON: What are you... That's... No, Sydney--

SYDNEY: Dixon, you have had suspicions about me!

DIXON: Sydney!

SYDNEY: You had suspicions about me! You were right! I know this is insane but you have to trust me now! I'd take you to CIA headquarters, I'd show you the files, the proof! SD-6 is part of the Alliance! You have been working for the enemy you thought you were fighting. This will take time to understand, time we don't have. I need you to listen to me.

(Dixon slowly nods.)

SYDNEY: They have my dad. Geiger at SD-6. And I'm afraid he's going to kill him.

(She starts crying.)

SYDNEY: The CIA... the real CIA...

DIXON: No, no, NO! This is CRAZY, Sydney! Do you HEAR yourself?!

SYDNEY: ...has intel that can change all of this! Wait, Dixon, Dixon, you HAVE to listen to me!

DIXON: No, this does not MAKE ANY SENSE!

SYDNEY: YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO ME! I can't go back there or they will kill me too! We need you to go into SD-6. We need you to hack into the system and make visible a hidden file, one that you would never see, never know was there.

(She takes out a piece of paper with the information and gives it to him.)

SYDNEY: It's a code. A number that we need. If it's a match to one we already have, it will confirm data and the CIA will raid SD-6 and every Alliance office! If you follow these instructions to get the code you will be in the core of the SD-6 computer network and you'll see... it's not CIA. It's Alliance. I'll wait for your e-mail but you need to hurry.

(She starts to cry again. He stares at her for a long moment and then walks away with the paper. He gets into his car and drives away.)

(Dixon walks in SD-6 headquarters and sits at his desk. Glancing at the paper he types on his computer and logs on. A different interface pops up. It says Alliance Secure Network. Then Alliance Network - Cell - SD-6. Dixon realizes, confusion on his face.)

(At the CIA, Sydney and Vaughn and Weiss and Rick and others stand around, staring at Sydney's computer where a "Your mailbox is empty..." prompt is shown on her monitor. They wait.)

(At Dixon's desk, he calls someone.)

MRS. DIXON: Hello?

DIXON: Hi, baby.

MRS. DIXON: Where are you?

DIXON: I'm at work.

MRS. DIXON: What's up?

DIXON: I was just calling... you... to tell you I love you. How much I love you.

MRS. DIXON: Oh, thanks, sweetie. I love you, too. When will you be home?

DIXON: I'm not sure.

MRS. DIXON: Okay. Well, be safe.

DIXON: You, too.

(He hangs up and stares at the e-mail he has typed with the code. He stares at the SEND button.)

(Sydney waits. Stares at the prompt. Suddenly it beeps and she has one new message. They all scramble and come alive as Sydney opens the message and sees Dixon's e-mail with the code. He did it.)

SYDNEY: The code's a match. It's a match!

(Everybody starts running.)

(Moments later in the meeting room, Kendall address the group of agents.)

KENDALL: As many of you may be aware, the CIA recently received intelligence which provides us with vital, previous unavailable details on the inner workings of the Alliance. Thanks to some exceptional work, we've confirmed the validity of this intel. Therefore, tonight at 2200 hours, the CIA in conjunction with the FSB, the BAP, the MI5 and the Shin Bet will conduct simultaneous raids on all Alliance facilities and tomorrow morning, God willing, the Alliance will no longer exist.

(Near the go time, all the agents have their fatigues on. Kendall speaks to them.)

KENDALL: Our tactical team will surround the Credit Dauphine building which houses the target SD-6 office. Team will get as close to the perimeter as possible and disable the security system. On operational leader's call, teams around the globe, including yours, will raid all SD offices, Alliance headquarters, and partners' residences. Now, most SD-6 agents are desk-trained and won't fight back. But their security team will respond with lethal force. And they're the ones you'll want to take down. People, it's a hazardous job. Do it well and come home.

(SUVs drive in the Credit Dauphine underground parking garage and come to a stop. Vaughn jumps out of one of them and cuts the cable for the security camera.)

(In the torture room, Jack is barely conscious.)

GEIGER: Jack... you know how this goes. Your heart can only take one more shock, perhaps two. I've never seen anyone go beyond three. Have you?

(The group of agents, including Sydney, Vaughn and Weiss, run in the building to the elevator.)

AGENT: Now, move out! Go, go, go!

(Sydney takes the panel off of the elevator switchboard and yanks at the wire. Vaughn opens the doors.)

(At the ops center, Rick and two other agents are at their monitors.)

FEMALE AGENT: Base station to Congo team leader, security disabled at SD-3...

RICK: All transmissions are clear and received...

AGENT2: Alarms disabled at SD-10, base station to Panda team leader, confirming security alarm disabled at SD-4...

(One of the agents uses a blowtorch to remove a panel to get inside the building. Vaughn looks at Sydney.)

(Torture room.)

GEIGER: I have given you enough time to reconsider.

(Jack gasps a little as Geiger turns the dial. The electricity hums.)

(Sydney and the gang have their guns pointed, in the hallway outside the offices.)

VAUGHN: You okay?


(Ops center.)

AGENT2: SD-5, stand by.

RICK: SD-4, stand by.

FEMALE AGENT: SD-3, stand by.

(Sydney and the gang put ski masks on to cover their faces.)

(Ops center.)

FEMALE AGENT: Sir, all teams in position.

KENDALL: Let's move in.

(At SD-6, they prepare for the raid.)

AGENT: Go, go, go!

(Guns aimed, they begin. They take down two agents, throwing one against the wall. Inside the offices, Marshall wheels over to Dixon's desk, who stares straight ahead at his desk.)

MARSHALL: Hey, you want some, uh, pigs in a blanket?

DIXON: No thanks.

MARSHALL: What? Hey, nobody can resist a little pig in a blanket. They're hot, fresh out of the oven. (eats) Everything all right?

DIXON: Yeah.

(They run in, all the agents sitting at their desks, going about their business. One of them notices the CIA team.)

GUY: Hey, look out!

(Everyone starts shooting.)

DIXON: Marshall, get down!

(Dixon and Marshall get down on the floor. The team comes in on full charge now, Sydney shooting at her coworkers. Parts of the ceiling fall down, people fall over desks, smashing them. Men fall. Sydney starts running clear across the room, past the desks, and turns a corner, heading down a hallway. She takes off her mask.)

(In the torture room, Geiger turns the dial up.)

GEIGER: Your daughter is so beautiful. Imagine what I could do to her.

(More gunfire upstairs. Ruining the SD-6 offices. A man is shot and falls backwards, smashing through a glass door to an office. Another desk collapses. Sydney runs.)

(Torture room.)

GEIGER: This is your last chance, Jack, to save yourself. To save Sydney.

(He puts the jumpers next to Jack's sweaty cheek.)

GEIGER: Who are you working for? Hmm?

(He's about to put the other one on Jack's other cheek when the door flies open and Sydney is there, gun pointed. Geiger attempts to take out his own gun, but Sydney shoots him five times in the chest. Geiger falls back, dead. She runs over to Jack.)

SYDNEY: Oh, my God, Dad...

JACK: I'm... okay, sweetheart... I'm okay...

(More shooting upstairs as rafters and people fall, cables everywhere.)

(Ops center.)

FEMALE AGENT: We have two men down at SD-4.

RICK: Three agents killed at SD-8.

AGENT2: Three agents down at SD-3.

AGENT3: SD-12 has surrendered.

AGENT4: Two men down at SD-7...

AGENT5: SD-9 has four agents down.

(A medic from the CIA comes into the torture room and pushes Sydney out of the way to tend to Jack.)

MEDIC: Miss Bristow, excuse me, I got it.

(Upstairs, the CIA starts handcuffing the agents.)

AGENT: Give me your hand!

(He handcuffs one agent. A woman cries as she's being handcuffed. Another one is escorted out. Marshall and Dixon are handcuffed. Marshall is horrified.)


(Dixon shakes his head. They're both led out. Sydney comes back upstairs and sees everyone. Dixon is escorted out past her. They stop.)

SYDNEY: Look, this will be over soon. I promise. Thank you.

DIXON: Don't talk to me.

(At the ops center, the female agent gives Kendall a file.)

FEMALE AGENT: Details of casualties are still sketchy, sir, but we've gotten reports from all team leaders. We appear to be in control of all Alliance facilities.

(Vaughn takes off his mask and looks around at the completely destroyed offices. He makes eye contact with Sydney from across the room and they both start walking to each other. In the middle of the ruined offices, they kiss. Weiss walks up.)

WEISS: Hey, guys... I just talked to base, we did it. We kicked their asses.

(Sydney and Vaughn keep kissing.)

WEISS: Hey... guys, did you hear what I said? Asses... kicked.

(He leaves them alone, still kissing in the middle of the room.)

SARK: (voice over) It's remarkable, really.

(He's sitting in an office somewhere, at a black desk. He has a drink at his side and is speaking on the phone.)

SARK: Sydney leaked the intel to the CIA and the rest played out exactly as you predicted it would. So congratulations, sir. The Alliance is gone.

(On his beach, Sloane looks out at the ocean and speaks on his cell.)

SLOANE: We shouldn't celebrate yet. As you know, there's much more work to be done.

SARK: I just wanted to let you know that phase one is complete.

SLOANE: Good. Move on to phase two. And Sark?

SARK: Yes, Mr. Sloane.

SLOANE: Check in on our new asset. Make sure we're on schedule.

(He hangs up and stares out at the water. He smiles.)

(A cell phone rings. We're in Francie's restaurant.)


SARK: I've been asked to confirm that you are in position.

FRANCIE: Yes. Everything's in place.

(She hangs up. In the kitchen, there is blood smeared across the wall and Francie is slumped in the corner with a bullet in her head.)

Ecrit par PaceyJoers 

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