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(Movie theater. The lights are dimmed and a black and white movie is playing. Jack enters.)

ON SCREEN MAN: I want to report a murder.

ON SCREEN MAN2: Sit down. Where was the murder committed?

(Jack takes a seat directly behind a man.)

ON SCREEN MAN: San Francisco, last night.

ON SCREEN MAN2: Who was murdered?

(Jack leans forward and starts whispering to the man sitting ahead of him.)

JACK: I have five names, Alliance partners.


JACK: I need their whereabouts and phone records for the dates listed. I've included dead drop instructions. Assume the usual protocols have been compromised.

(Jack puts his hand on the man's shoulder with the list. No response. He shakes the man a little. He's dead, a gunshot in his head. Jack slowly takes the list back and puts it in his inside jacket pocket. He stands up but a man is suddenly right next to him, shoving a gun under Jack's jaw.)

GUNMAN: Take it easy.

(Jack hits the gun away from his face and they struggle. Jack puts his hand over the gunman's mouth and shoves the gun to the man's chest. A silenced gunshot goes off. The man falls in the seats. Jack starts to walk in the aisle but someone enters, looking right at Jack. He goes the other way but the man climbs over the seats and tackles Jack. He falls over. They stand. He punches Jack once but Jack blocks the next punch. He takes the man by the neck, bangs him into a seat and then punches him hard. In the stairwell, Jack runs down a flight of stairs, trying to escape. He enters the parking garage and hears a car approaching. He whips out his gun and aims it at the car which comes to a stop.)

SYDNEY: Dad, get in!

(He pauses. Then gets in the car. They drive off, tires squealing.)

(In broad daylight, the middle of the day, Sydney pulls out into a four lane road, passing by a GMC SUV which is parked. Once they spot Sydney's car fly by, they pull out behind her.)

JACK: Sydney, what are you doing here?

SYDNEY: Kendall contacted me. He was worried because you hadn't signaled in since last night.

JACK: Alliance counterintelligence is after me.

SYDNEY: Alliance?! Dad, what the hell is going on?

JACK: Someone extorted them out of a hundred million dollars. They think that person is me.

OPS AGENT: (on comm) Mountaineer, you've got company.

(In the ops center, an agent watches a map monitor that trails Sydney and two other vehicles.)

OPS AGENT: Two vehicles. An outrider paralleling you, one block west. And a pursuit vehicle.

(In the car, Sydney keeps driving.)

OPS AGENT: (on comm) One hundred feet behind.

(Sydney floors it, speeding ahead.)

SYDNEY: How long have you known about this?

JACK: I didn't tell you because it didn't concern you!

SYDNEY: If the Alliance thinks you're lying to them, they'll kill you. That concerns me!

JACK: What concerns me is having them suspect that you're my accomplice. That's why I kept you out of it.

(She speeds ahead, changing lanes and passing a car. The SUV is bheind them. She passes another car on a double line. Jack checks behind them as the SUV comes closer and then rams them from behind. They jerk ahead.)

OPS AGENT: Take your next left. Now!

(She does, making a sharp cut into an alley, cutting off several cars. The SUV tries to make the turn as well but cars are in the way. Sydney keeps driving, with Jack looking back.)

OPS AGENT: Take your next right. Your ride's a half a block ahead.

(Sharp turn. She drives into a car transport who has its back door lowered for the car to drive up into. The transport, with Sydney's car hidden in the back, drives away as the SUV flies by.)

(At the ops center, Jack and Sydney walk together.)

JACK: Several months gao, the Alliance offered Sloane a partnership position. In exchange, he had to kill his wife.

SYDNEY: Because Emily had learned the truth about SD-6?

JACK: He poisoned her.

(Flashback: season finale. Sloane and Emily take a drink of wine at dinner.)

JACK: (voice over) Or so he thought.

(Back to the ops center.)

JACK: Soon after the funeral, Sloane began receiving odd messages.

(Flashback: "The Indicator" -- Sloane steps out of the shower and sees a glass of red wine on the counter.)

JACK: (voice over) Messages designed to indicate thta his efforts had failed.

(Flashback: "The Passage, Part 1" -- Sloane receives a finger in a box.)

JACK: (voice over) Followed soon after by a terrifying delivery. Proof that she was still alive.

(Back at the ops center.)

SYDNEY: And in exchange for Emily, they demanded money.

JACK: A hundred million, which the Alliance paid.

(Flashback: "The Passage, Part 2" -- Sloane opens the envelope with pictures of Emily.)

JACK: (voice over) And the blackmailer killed her anyway.

(At the ops center.)

JACK: The Alliance, obviously, had to find someone to blame for this.

SYDNEY: So why focus on you?

JACK: I was no more a suspect than anyone else but as they examined my conduct, they realized I had secrets. Elements of my alibi that, because of our work for CIA, I can't fully justify.

SYDNEY: And Sloane -- does he think you did this?

JACK: I'm not certain.

SYDNEY: What are you going to do? Stay here?

JACK: For the moment. I'll research what I can.

(Sydney's pager beeps.)

JACK: The man I went to meet at the movie theater, he had information about the Alliance. Intel I'm not sure the CIA can access.

SYDNEY: (re: pager) It's SD-6.

JACK: You have to go in.

SYDNEY: No. I'm calling in sick. I'm helping you.

JACK: No, Sydney, you can't. The agent heading up the investigtion is not interested in you yet but if you don't show up you will arouse her suspicions. You can't allow that to happen.

(SD-6/Credit Dauphine elevator. Sydney steps out, into the white room. She stops in the center and it flashes red. She blinks a few times. White again, she walks inside. Sydney nods at an agent and continues in, noticing Ariana Kane and her helper agent talking. She walks by them and they both make eye contact with her. Ariana watches her walk by with interest.)

(Inside a conference room with Marshall, Dixon, Sydney and Sloane. Marshall holds the biggest bouquet of pink roses -- more appropriate for a funeral or the Rose Bowl parade.)

MARSHALL: Okay, let's be honest. Among life experiences to be avoided, getting kidnapped definitely ranks near the top. E-Except, actually, third grade kind of sucked, too. There was this whole thing -- lunch money thing. That's all right. I kind of overdid it but you saved my bacon. Thank you.

(He passes the huge bouquet of pink roses across the table to Sydney, who smiles and takes it from him.)

SYDNEY: Marshall, thank you.

MARSHALL: Don't worry about it. It's, oh, uh, Mr. Dixon. I really never had an occasion to buy another man a present except my father, Father's Day. Anyway. It's, um, cologne, um.

(He passes the blue box over to Dixon. He seems genuinely touched.)

DIXON: Thank you.

MARSHALL: I think it's really nice and it's going to be nice on you. Not that you need a new scent. Your natural scent's really... very, uh...

SLOANE: Marshall?

MARSHALL: You know, I'll be quiet now.

SLOANE: I appreciate that.

MARSHALL: Actually, um, Mr. Sloane, I noticed you're not wearing the tie I gave you. That's okay.

(Sloane puts a picture on the screens, all business.)

SLOANE: You're looking at a protoype of the triad's most startling achievement to date -- the quantum gyroscope missile guidance system. According to the partial specifications we were able to intercept, not only is this device cheap and easy to manufacture, but it is far more accurate than anything in our current arsenal. It is capable of turning a 70s-era scud into a precision guided munition with range and lethality equivalent to that of a cruise missile.

SYDNEY: How did we get these photos?

SLOANE: Last month, SD-5 tasked a team of agnets to perform a recon op on the triad's R&D lab in Nice, France. Your task is acquisition.

(He puts up a photo of a man on their screens.)

SLOANE: Here we have Karl Schatz, he's a courier for triad and he's transporting the prototype to Berlin for mass production. You will intercept it en route. There is no room for failure on this one. You can imagine the consequences if enemies of the United States acquired this technology.

(Self-storage building with Vaughn and Sydney.)

SYDNEY: There are so many things I hate about Arvin Sloane, but the thing that I hate the most is the way he wraps his criminal activity in a flag.

VAUGHN: Well, we won't let him get away with it. Before you go we'll make a defective copy of that gyroscope for you to give to SD-6. We'll need to see those photographs.

SYDNEY: Dixon hsa them. He's already on his way to Nice.

VAUGHN: Then we'll have to get a team to France. When you're through with the mission make sure you're holding the gyroscope. We'll duplicate it on-site. And, Syd, you should know that, uh, we've been doing everything we can to help your father.

SYDNEY: You've been helping my father.


SYDNEY: You knew the Alliance was investigating my father.


SYDNEY: For how long?

VAUGHN: Two weeks. Syd, I understand you're upset.

SYDNEY: Yeah, I am.

VAUGHN: Your father explained why we hadn't told you.

SYDNEY: Now that I've had time to think about that--

VAUGHN: It was a question of your safety.

SYDNEY: He was almost killed! I saved him!

VAUGHN: It hadn't gotten to that--

SYDNEY: Yeah, but it did!

VAUGHN: I didn't want you to have more on your mind.

SYDNEY: Why are you worrying about what's on my mind?

VAUGHN: It was a judgment call.

SYDNEY: It's a judgment call you've been making for the past three months!

VAUGHN: Involving you had no upside.

SYDNEY: There's no upside to keeping me informed? You didn't tell me about Monolo or that you had discussions with my mother! You didn't even tell me that you were seeing Alice again!

VAUGHN: Wait. What is this about?

SYDNEY: This is about me being too old to be coddled!

VAUGHN: Your life is complicated, Sydney! Forgive me for trying to make it any easier!

SYDNEY: I don't need you for that!

(She walks out, leaving Vaughn standing alone.)

(Jack sits at a computer, typing. He receives an e-mail.)

SLOANE: (voice over) Jack, I'm sending this through a secure server. I'm sorry. I informed Ariana Kane that you visited my house last night. Not because I believe you're guilty -- I don't -- but because I had to. This past summer, when I was initiated into the Alliance, a device was implanted into my neck.

(Flashback: Sloane is injected in front of Christophe and the other Alliance heads in London.)

SLOANE: (voice over) It was intended as a means of ensuring loyalty among Alliance partners. Among other things, this device tracks my whereabouts as well as my vital signs.

(Everyone claps.)

SLOANE: (voice over) It also transmits my conversations back to the Alliance.

(Back at the ops center, Jack continues reading.)

SLOANE: (voice over) So, you see, they already knew you'd been to see me. You offered many suspects but all your leads were dead ends. Now I offer one of my own.

(Flashback: "The Prophecy". Sloane waits in the bushes in Montreal, watching Jean near the fountain.)

SLOANE: (voice over) Last year, I murdered a member of the Alliance, Jack. Jean Briault.

(He shoots him in the chest and walks away.)

SLOANE: (voice over) You can understand why I was reluctant to reveal this.

(In the ops center, Jack walks to Irina's cell, holding a printed off copy of Sloane's e-mail.)

SLOANE: (voice over) It is quite possible that the blackmailer was stirred by revenge. That he -- or she -- was close to Briault. Stay safe, Jack. Good luck.

(Irina is meditating on the floor of her cell.)

(Cut to later. Irina is holding the sheet of paper now, having read it over.)

JACK: Briault has a wife and an adult son but neither would have the necessary insight to blackmail the Alliance and the other partners considered Briault soft. No one was sad to see him go.

IRINA: So you have nothing.

(Jack gives a little, helpless shrug.)

IRINA: Are you considering going into witness protection?

JACK: That would leave Sydney exposed with no one to watch her back.

IRINA: You'd have to take her with you.

JACK: And have her spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder? That's not an option.

IRINA: Then if you're not here to say goodbye, why did you bring this to me?

JACK: I need someone to brainstorm with.

IRINA: Surely the CIA has teams who specialize in these matters. Forensics, profilers...

JACK: Yes. They do.

IRINA: Have information resources pull everything they have on Briault.

(Sloane walks in the halls of SD-6, an angry look on his face. He whips open an office door and confronts Kane, who sits behind a desk.)

SLOANE: I understand you have requested Sydney Bristow's computer.

KANE: Well, three months ago Agent Dixon reported evidence suggesting she's a double agent.

SLOANE: That was a misunderstanding. Dixon came upon Sydney as she was executing an operation that Jack had authorized.

KANE: Yes, I read your report. I think either she was an accomplice to his blackmail or else the two of them have been up to something more... long-term. You must have noticed that Bristow frequently assigns his daughter to operations of his own design.

SLOANE: Sydney Bristow is an excellent agent.

KANE: All the more reason he would enlist her help.

(He rips open the door again and leaves.)

(At the ops center, Vaughn tells Sydney her countermission. They're standing far apart and Sydney's looking anywhere but at Vaughn.)

VAUGHN: Once you recover the gyroscope you and Dixon will separate for your flights home. Our team will be set up in this utility room where they'll duplicate the gyroscope. (pissed) Any questions?

SYDNEY: Maybe you should go over it again. It's a pretty complicated plan. Maybe you could make it easier.

VAUGHN: Okay, look, I don't want to be here any more than you do--

WEISS: Hey! Look who's joining you in France!

SYDNEY: (smiles) Hey.

WEISS: "Hey"? Three months in the hospital, I get a "hey"? How about a little sugar?

(She hugs him.)

SYDNEY: I'm glad you're back.

WEISS: Oh, thank you. And thank you for the plant. Amazingly, I've been able to keep it alive. All right, bring me up to speed. What's our plan?

(Sydney and Vaughn exchange angry looks.)

SYDNEY: I should get to my plane.

(She walks away.)

VAUGHN: (pissed) I'll see you in France.

WEISS: Okay...

(In the Nice airport, Dixon wears yellow sunglasses and poses as a priest holding a donation can.)

DIXON: Excusez-moi, monsieur. Une contribution, monsieur?

(Coin clinks in his can.)

DIXON: Ha ha ha! Merci beaucoup! Nothing yet, Syd. No sign of the courier.

(Sydney sits in a different part of the airport, reading a magazine.)

SYDNEY: Copy that. Just let me know when to move.

DIXON: You know what?


DIXON: I've already made forty-seven euros.

(Again with the number forty-seven. Sydney smiles.)

DIXON: Merci!

(In the utility room, Weiss nods at another agent, holding two cups of coffee.)


(He gives one cup to Vaughn and sits down across from him.)

WEISS: You sure you don't want to talk about this?

VAUGHN: There's nothing to talk about.

WEISS: I share my fights with you!

VAUGHN: No you don't.

WEISS: Yeah, I do. Remember when Alan pissed in the living room?

VAUGHN: That was your dog.

WEISS: Yeah, but I was angry about it and I let you know how upset I was.

VAUGHN: I appreciate you trying to cheer me up. You don't have to do that.

WEISS: All right, here's a thought. Tell her how you feel.

(Vaughn gives him a look.)

WEISS: I know, I know, I was the one who said this is a line you don't cross but that was before I nearly died. And you know what they say about the white light and all that? No. They're wrong. It's darkness. Darkness.

VAUGHN: I understand.

(Back out in the airport.)

DIXON: Game time, Syd. Here comes our guy.

(Schatz and two other men are walking towards Dixon. Dixon pushes up his yellow sunglasses which enable him to see through Schatz's jacket. He sees the gyroscope.)

DIXON: Gyroscope is in a shoulder harness, under his left pec. You can use the Artful Dodger.

SYDNEY: Right.

(She takes off her ring.)

MARSHALL: (voice over) Now, if it's not in his briefcase and it's in his pocket...

(Flashback to Marshall at SD-6 with Dixon and Sydney, showing the ring.)

MARSHALL: is a little goody every pickpocket can use. I like to call this baby the Artful Dodger. You know, after that movie. Um...

DIXON: "Oliver!"

MARSHALL: Right. "Please sir, can I have some more?" I love that movie. I'ts a good one. So, basically, you just turn this guy like that, slip it on, turn around and this little guy will cut through anything.

(Wearing the ring, he talks with his hands and passes his tie, which cuts the end off.)

MARSHALL: Damn it. I liked this tie.

(Sydney turns the ring around. Dixon stops Schatz and company.)

DIXON: Excusez-moi, monsieur. Une contribution pour les enfants.

GUY: Non, merci.

DIXON: Monsieur! Pour les enfants, monsieur!

(They keep walking.)

DIXON: Better hurry, Syd.

(Sydney walks, wearing red fishnet stockings and sporting a tattoo on one arm with purple hair and a dog collar around her neck. She swings her hips, walking with much attitude. Approaching the metal detector near Dixon, she passes by Schatz and his men, going ahead of them.)

DIXON: Syd, move!

SYDNEY: (New York accent) How you doin'?

(She passes through and it beeps. The security guy speaks French at her, telling her to go through again.)

SYDNEY: It wasn't me!

(He motions to her bracelets and necklace, to take it off. She starts taking it all off.)

SYDNEY: Damn machine, that happens every time I go through these.

(He tells her it's for security.)

SYDNEY: Whatevah. At JFK I went through five times, they literally had me take off my sirt.

(She takes out the really large earring she was wearing, throws it down in the basket. Giving the guy a look, she passes through the detector again. Dixon watches. Under his donation can is a button. He presses it, which sets off the metal detector.)

SYDNEY: Oh, my gawd!

(He takes her by the arm.)

SYDNEY: Watch the hand. Hey, it's not a date!

(He tells her he's taking her aside when she sees Schatz being escorted through the metal detectors. Now or never.)

SYDNEY: I see, you wanna get your thrills?

(She takes off her shirt, showing off her vinyl/leather bra underneath. She goes through the metal detector at the same time as him, bumping into his chest.)


(Sydney takes the gyroscope out of his harness.)

SYDNEY: (flirting) Excusez-moi.

(On the other side, she stands there in her leather bra and gives the security guy another look. She passes through and Dixon doesn't press the button. No beep.)

SECURITY: Merci, mademoiselle.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

(She puts the gyroscope in her skeleton bag.)

DIXON: Good work. I'll see you in LA.

(With her shirt back on, Sydney walks in the utility room. Vaughn's on the phone but Weiss comes up to her.)

WEISS: Good work.

VAUGHN: Base ops, this is Boy Scout. Mountaineer has just delivered the package. We're proceeding with the copy.

(He hangs up and looks at her, still in her purple hair and costume.)

VAUGHN: We're estimating two hours 'til the duplicate is ready.

(Sydney looks at him briefly, still angry. Vaughn looks at Weiss who motions to her. He looks down, working up the courage.)

VAUGHN: Listen, uh, do you want to go to dinner? When we were driving into town I saw this place. Rousseau, I think it's called.

SYDNEY: Vaughn, we... we can't do that.

VAUGHN: Why not?

SYDNEY: Well, for a million reasons. If Alliance security sees us together they'll kill us.

VAUGHN: The nearest Alliance cell is in Zurich. The CIA tracks SD-6 security section. There haven't been any signals, no movement.

SYDNEY: You're serious.

VAUGHN: We've been to restaurants and sat near each other. We've met in parks and convenience stores, and all of them in LA where we are much more likely to be seen. Look, two things -- one, I think it's not that great a risk and two, I am hungry. I'm starving. I mean, we're going to be together anyway, why can't we be eating? Aren't you hungry?

SYDNEY: Yeah, I'm hungry.


SYDNEY: Let's do it.


SYDNEY: (nods) I'm going to change.

VAUGHN: (laughs) That's a good idea.


(She walks away. Weiss comes over.)


VAUGHN: We're going to dinner.

WEISS: Ooooh yah!

(He does a little dance.)

VAUGHN: I'm going to keep my comm channel open. I need you to monitor the RF frequency.

WEISS: Got it. Okay. In exchange I'll take an eclair.

VAUGHN: No, I'm serious. Any suspect signal, I want to know about it. Anything.

WEISS: If they're small, bring at least two. How we doing over here?

(Back in LA, there's a knock at Kane's SD-6 office.)

HELPER AGENT: Sydney Bristow just left the airport accompanied by a man. Not Dixon.

KANE: Find out who he is.

(At Rousseau's, Vaughn and Sydney are brought inside by the owner. Vaughn tells him in French that they're from L'Avignon.)

ROUSSEAU: Well, you speak French almost as well as I do. Mademoiselle.

SYDNEY: Thank you.

(He takes her jacket and they both sit down.)

ROUSSEAU: See what you like and I'll be right back.

VAUGHN: Merci.

(He smiles at her. She opens the menu and then looks over at him. He looks at her. Awkward pause.)

SYDNEY: I think wine would help the situation.

VAUGHN: I was just thinking the same thing. S'il vous plait?

(It's not wine, but Irina pours water from a bottle, into her glass. Jack is in her cell and they're sitting at a table with Chinese food and papers spread out everywhere.)

IRINA: There must be a dozen ways to blackmail the Alliance, all of them far less elaborate than this one.

JACK: So we can assume a secondary objective to make Arvin suffer. Someone harboring an acute hatred... meaning it could be anyone.

IRINA: Does the Alliance have any permanent operations in Peru?

JACK: Peru? No. Why?

IRINA: Jean Briault, whenever he traveled he would use his credit card. Except here. Six times this past year he went to Lima but not a single transaction.

(She passes the sheet to Jack.)

JACK: I think there's a customs statement...

(He finds it.)

JACK: Six arrivals into Chavez airport, each time he declared seventy thousand in cash.

IRINA: Why? What's he doing with all that money? No investments, he's not buying art. Is it possible he was running his own syndicate?

JACK: One the Alliance wasn't aware of. He can't wire his agents operational money, the Alliance would spot that. So he bankrolls them in Peru. Assume we're right. Why would they want revenge for his murder? I'll have customs send over all arrivals and depatures into Peru for one week on either side of Briault's visits.

(He gets up, gathering a few things.)

IRINA: When I was your wife...

(He stops and looks at her.)

IRINA: I would meet my case officer in his hotel room. I suggest you find out where Briault stayed and pull the hotel security footage.

(At the restaurant, Vaughn and Sydney are into the wine.)

SYDNEY: So I heard you on the phone with base ops. Your code name is Boy Scout?

VAUGHN: (laughs) Yeah.


VAUGHN: Um, it goes back to CST -- clandestine service training. You don't want to hear this.

SYDNEY: Vaughn.

VAUGHN: Okay, the Boy Scouts have a motto--

SYDNEY: Always be prepared.

VAUGHN: (nods) On my first day, I showed up and I had forgotten my field manual so the instructor said, "That is your one screwup. And from then on, you'd better be prepared."

WEISS: (on comm) This story is a disaster!

(Vaughn looks humiliated, gestures to his ear where his comm link is.)

WEISS: (on comm) Just tell her she's pretty! Are you an idiot?

VAUGHN: Okay, I'm going to turn you off now. Goodbye.

(He takes out the earpiece.)

VAUGHN: Sorry.

(Outside the restaurant, two men sit in a car.)

MAN1: He's not SD-6.

MAN2: Check his DMV.

MAN1: What makes you think he's American?

MAN2: What makes you think he isn't?

(The computer on MAN1's lap starts flicking through facial recognition pictures, looking to identify Vaughn.)

MAN2: Who's our mystery man?

(Back inside.)

VAUGHN: Tell me about your pets.


VAUGHN: Your pets. I want to know about every pet you ever had.

(Outside, the computer brings up Vaughn's California license.)

MAN1: Look at that. Michael Vaughn. US Department of State.

MAN2: Son of a bitch. He's CIA.

(Inside, more wine is being had.)

SYDNEY: Playing pool. I can see it.

VAUGHN: You should play sometime.

ROUSSEAU: So you liked everything?

SYDNEY: C'etait tres bon, merci.

VAUGHN: Parfait.

ROUSSEAU: So, uh, it is too late for you to set out for L'Avignon and you had much to drink. Upstairs, I have an inn and tonight, you are my guests. Please.

(He places the room key on the table.)

ROUSSEAU: Take your time. Merci.

(Sydney looks at Vaughn. He leans in.)

VAUGHN: Did you ask him to do that?

SYDNEY: (smiles) There are so many issues with this, I don't know where to begin.

VAUGHN: Hold on a second. I think we should have an open mind about this.

SYDNEY: An open mind.

VAUGHN: It'd be rude to overlook such a generous offer without proper consideration.

SYDNEY: I wouldn't dream of it.


SYDNEY: But there are clearly issues.

VAUGHN: Yes. I don't disagree.

(He smiles at her.)


(In the utility room at the airport, the duplicate is almost ready.)

WEISS: Right on time.

(The phone rings.)

WEISS: Go ahead, base ops.

(Rick is back at the ops center in LA.)

RICK: Infosec just called. Interpol reported a network intrusion. Five minutes later someone hacked into US DMV and downloaded Vaughn's info. Both attacks originated from Nice.

(Weiss scrambles for his headset.)

WEISS: Boy Scout, do you copy? Boy Scout! This is field station, do you respond? What's the name of the restaurant? Where they're having dinner, what's the name of the restaurant!

(At the restaurant.)

ROUSSEAU: Monsieur, vous avez le telephone.

VAUGHN: Merci.

(He takes it. The two men from outside enter the restaurant.)

VAUGHN: Hello?

WEISS: You've been made! Get out of there now!

VAUGHN: Syd, behind you!

(She turns around fast and takes their wine bottle, throwing it at the goons. She flies by the counter, hiding. Vaughn takes out his gun and shoots at the two men. They shoot back. Vaughn and Sydney run out the back way, down the hall.)

MAN2: Go, go!

(Vaughn and Sydney escape through the kitchen, running down the stairs in the back of the building. They run side by side down an alleyway when a car comes. They stop and start running back, but MAN1 is there. He shoots at their feet. Sydney and Vaughn raise their hands, trapped. MAN2 gets out of the car.)

MAN2: Hands up!

MAN1: Your gun. Toss it over.

(Vaughn does so, sliding it across the pave.)

MAN1: On your knees! Hands behind your head!

MAN2: Down!

MAN1: Down, get down!

(MAN2 gets on the phone while MAN1 handcuffs Sydney.)

MAN2: Potesh, Jon. ID six-tango-five-charlie-david. Patch me through to Los Angeles. Ariana Kane.

(Sydney and Vaughn hear this. As MAN1 is about to handcuff Vaughn, he grabs the knife strapped to his leg and stabs the guy in the throat. Using the body as a shield, he takes the goon's gun and shoots at MAN2, who falls to the ground. Vaughn grabs the handcuff key off the ground nearby and unlocks Sydney.)

VOICE ON PHONE: This is Kane. Hello? Hello?

(Sydney grabs the phone which is on the ground next to MAN2's body and hangs it up. Vaughn makes sure that MAN1 is dead. He puts a key in Sydney's hand.)

VAUGHN: Take the car. I'll have Weiss pick me up.

SYDNEY: I'll pick up the copy of the gyroscope before I get on the plane.

VAUGHN: No! We're aborting the countermission. When these guys don't show up, SD-6 is going to investigate.

SYDNEY: No, no, no...

VAUGHN: Now they can't prove anything but this is the one time we can't deceive them.

SYDNEY: No, no, there have to be other options...

VAUGHN: We have to give SD-6 what they want, as dangerous as that is, you know that.

SYDNEY: We were so stupid.

VAUGHN: It's my fault.

SYDNEY: That's not true.

(A siren wails in the distance.)

VAUGHN: You have to go.

SYDNEY: I'll see you back in LA.

(Sydney runs off in one direction. Vaughn grabs his gun from the ground and runs in the opposite direction.)

(At the ops center, Vaughn types on a computer. Weiss walks up.)



WEISS: This your uh, debrief for Kendall?


WEISS: (reads) Okay, you can't show him this. No, I'm serious. If Kendall sees this--

VAUGHN: He needs to know why SD-6 has the real gyroscope.

WEISS: I agree. I think so, too. But this requires a little creativity. Look, tell him it was my fault, okay? Tell him that, um, grinding the lenses took a little longer than expected and we weren't ble to make Sydney's plane.

VAUGHN: I won't let you cover for me.

WEISS: I'm not but it's partially my fault too. I'm the one who told you to take her on a date.

VAUGHN: You told me to tell her how I feel.

WEISS: Whatever. I'm three-months past a near death experience, what the hell are you doing listening to my advice for?

VAUGHN: I'm recommending that I be replaced as her case officer.

WEISS: Okay, now you're just being stupid. I'm sorry, but that's ridi--

VAUGHN: I nearly blew our entire operation inside SD-6. Not to mention putting Sydney's life in danger.

WEISS: Hey, she wanted to go to dinner, too. She's a big girl. She knew the risks.

VAUGHN: My point is that my judgment was compromised.

WEISS: Not to mention the fact that all the damage that you and Sydney have done to SD-6 -- have you given any thought to the fact that maybe all that work was done because of the way you feel about each other? (pause) How's that for spin.

VAUGHN: It's not bad.

WEISS: Well, whatever you decide to do, just make sure you discuss this with Sydney first, okay? I mean, this affects her too.

(Jack walks up to Rick, who's at his own computer.)

JACK: Anything?

RICK: When Briault went to Peru, he stayed at Hotel Cerocontidad. We're scanning everyone who passes through the lobby. If he went with any assets they'll show up on the federal databse.

(Jack looks at the security footage.)

JACK: This is Briault?

RICK: That's him last February. That's him 2001, November. 2001, September...

JACK: Stop. Who's that with him? Can we enhance this?

RICK: The shadows are pretty severe, I can boost the gamma.

JACK: Are they together?

RICK: Let me try something here. This won't be perfect.

(He brightens the person behind Briault in the hallway and blows it up. It's Ariana Kane.)

(Jack walks down a hall. Kendall catches up.)

KENDALL: Jack, I just saw McCarthy.

JACK: Did he tell you about Kane?

KENDALL: Yeah, she and Briault were having an affair?

JACK: I can't stand that I didn't put that together myself.

KENDALL: He also says you're going to SD-6.

JACK: To prove Kane blackmailed the Alliance.

KENDALL: And you know this how?

JACK: The very day Sloane handed over a hundred million in bearer bonds, Kane opened an account in Monaco. The contents of that account are protected by privacy laws but SD-6 utilizes their cover as Credit Dauphine to acquire illicit access to that information. If I can get on their network, I can verify her balance.

KENDALL: But this is based on your assumption that Kane just parked a hundred million in the bank. My point is, if you're wrong they'll kill you. Let me contact the director, the CIA can verify what's in the account.

JACK: He'd have to get general counsel to sign off. That's minimum forty-eight hours. I may be safe here but if they haven't already they'll soon begin to suspect Sydney. But I appreciate the offer.

(Inside SD-6, Jack walks down a hall, nods at an agent, and looks back and forth before turning a corner. He enters an office.)

(In Kane's office, her helper opens the door.)

HELPER AGENT: Jack Bristow's here. He's in the building. Security lock shows he came in two minutes ago.

KANE: Seal the exits! No one leaves until we find him. Who monitors close-circuit?

(In the server room, Jack types. He punches in the account ID number. Account balance: $0.00 He begins typing again.)

(Jack walks down a hall, turns a corner and finds Helper Agent.)


JACK: Can I help you?

HELPER AGENT: Yes. Come with us, please.

(Jack turns, trying to get away, but he's shot in the back and falls.)

(The torture/conversation room. The same doctor they always use fills up a syringe. Jack is strapped into the chair and comes to, very groggy.)

KANE: Hello, Jack. There's a plane waiting to take us to London but I thought we should wait for your daughter to return before we left. I came here to investigate a blackmail but... you've proven far more compelling than a simple thief.

JACK: I know... what you did...

KANE: Do you? I'm eager to hear what that may be.

(The doctor injects him.)

KANE: Sodium pentothal. Won't take more than a few minutes. Then we'll talk about Sydney.

(His eyelids flutter. The door is suddenly opened and Jack watches as Sloane and a few other men walk in. Kane is seen telling them to get out of there. They take her by the arms.)

JACK: (voice over) Five minutes longer and I would have told everything. Sydney and I would have been revealed as double agents and killed.

(They unbuckle the straps and Jack is taken out of the chair. Sloane talks to the doctor. An arm around Sloane, Jack is being taken out of the room.)

JACK: (voice over) Fortunately, Sloane saw the e-mail that I sent him from the server room, detailing what I discovered.

(Screaming and resisting, Ariana is put into the chair and strapped in.)

JACK: (voice over) Ariana Kane had in fact deposited the bearer bonds into that Monaco account but only long enough to convert them into cash which she then transferred out.

(A syringe is brought to her arm as she screams.)

IRINA: (voice over) And have they recovered the cash?

JACK: (voice over) Not yet.

(Irina's cell. This time Jack's on the other side of the glass.)

IRINA: And Arvin never questioned why you ran?

JACK: No, he realizes Kane was on a witch hunt, that running was a valid option. In fact, he's taking a week off and leaving me in charge while he's gone. Thank you for everything.

(She smiles.)

IRINA: There is one thing that strikes me as odd.

JACK: Yes. Me too.

IRINA: You said Sloane requested Kane to investigate.

JACK: The one person who had an apparent motive for blackmail.

IRINA: Someone easy to frame.

JACK: Interesting theory.

IRINA: Or not.



SYDNEY: Hey. What did Kendall say?

VAUGHN: He told me about your father. He didn't mention anything about our date, if that's what you mean.

SYDNEY: Have you written your mission debrief?

VAUGHN: No, not yet. If I tell the truth, at the least, they'll remove me as your case officer. Despite what we did, how stupid we were, I know we do good work. We need to stay together.

SYDNEY: I agree. We do good work.

(She gives him the gyroscope.)

VAUGHN: I don't understand.

SYDNEY: When I got back to SD-6 and saw my father it was clear no one would be asking questions about Kane's missing agents so I gave SD-6 the counterfeit gyroscope. This is the real one. We win.

VAUGHN: At the airport, you took them both.

SYDNEY: Always be prepared.

(Francie and Sydney sit on their sofa, eating popcorn. Francie flips through a magazine.)

FRANCIE: So I had a blood test today for the health insurance and there was this guy there, giving blood. And he's kinda cute so I look over and I smile at him. And guess what happens?

SYDNEY: He fainted.

FRANCIE: You just guessed that he--?

SYDNEY: It's a blood sugar thing.

FRANCIE: Okay, well, fine, before I realized that I was pretty psyched. I was thinking, "My smile made a man go weak in the knees." Hey, ooh, how was--uh, any news about that guy Michael from work?

SYDNEY: No. There's not going to be. I realized, it's not worth fantasizing about. Nothing's ever going to come of it.

FRANCIE: Right. Okay. Get your coat, we're going for cocktails.

SYDNEY: Oh, no, Francie.

FRANCIE: I'm serious, you need the biggest Cosmopolitan, I can't even tell you. Come on. Up, up, up, up, girl. We're gonna paint this town. Come on, shake this off.

(At Francie's restaurant, the girls drink and laugh together.)

(At the ops center, Vaughn types his debrief on the computer.)

(In an office somewhere, Sloane opens a briefcase full of money. The nerdy guy he's showing it to nods and turns around, presenting a gold wedding band to him. He puts it near Sloane and it buzzes with frequency.)

NERD: Damn. I'm good.

SLOANE: It's working?

NERD: What did I tell you? You asked me if this was possible, I say give me three months. Look at that. Eighty-nine days later.

SLOANE: They can't hear us.

NERD: Nope. The hard part was cracking the spread spectrum algorithm. The transmission in here has to match their receiver exactly. You see that? That's the switch.

SLOANE: What are my associates hearing?

NERD: I programmed in a variety of ambiant sounds. Rain, TV chatter. Right now you're cruising down the 405 listening to Miles Davis.

SLOANE: And biorhythms?

NERD: Piece of cake. EKG readings, breathing patterns. As far as they know, you're as steady as Charlie Watts.

(He looks at the money.)

NERD: Ten mil. Holy God.

(Sloane puts on his new wedding ring and starts to walk out.)

NERD: Must feel good.

SLOANE: What's that?

NERD: Being able to speak freely. Nobody knowing your business.

SLOANE: Yeah. It does.

(He takes out his gun and shoots him in the chest once. Sloane steps forward, coming closer, and shoots him again.)

(The Philippines. On a sandy beach, Sloane is dressed in symbolic white. He walks and then stops, taking off his glasses. He comes to a beach house and steps up on the porch. The door opens.)

SLOANE: We did it.

(Emily steps out on the porch with him.)

EMILY: Are you sure? Are you sure it worked?

SLOANE: Yes, my love. We're free.

(They kiss. Emily puts her hand on his back... with one finger missing.)

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