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(Morning. Sark drives his convertible down a winding road. From behind, Sydney drives up. She passes him. Their vehicles are parallel. They look at each other. The two of them continue driving and stop at a clearing up ahead. They both get out of their vehicles.)

SARK: Are you here to wish me luck being my first day on the job or are you convinced I might reveal to Sloane that you conspired to kill him?

SYDNEY: I'm here to remind you what I hope is obvious but I don't want to overestimate your intelligence. If you burn me, I burn you.

SARK: Sydney, I couldn't reveal to Sloane that you conspired to kill him without also revealing my involvement. Of course, I never had any intention of going through with it. I simply needed to gain his trust.

SYDNEY: You know what I think? You're just a dog looking for a new master.

SARK: No need to worry, Sydney, we're colleagues now.

(She walks back to her vehicle.)

SARK: I'll see you at the office.

(Self-storage building. Sydney and Jack meet.)

SYDNEY: Sloane wouldn't agree to partner with him unless Sark made it worth his while. Do you have any idea what they're after?

JACK: Given the scope of Sark's previous contacts and operations, he could be offering almost anything. What concerns me more is that your mother knew we were double agents before she turned herself in. She may have told Sark.

SYDNEY: I'll find out.

JACK: Before you do, consider this -- two months ago she surrendered to the CIA. Yesterday, Sark made a back-door agreement with Sloane that places him inside SD-6. Do you belive that's just a coincidence?

(SD-6 conference room with Dixon, Sydney, Sloane, Jack and Sark.)

SLOANE: As you know, Mr. Sark surrendered to us last week. After an extensive debriefing with McCullough, we've concluded he can provide us with credible intel. Enough, in fact, to warrant an immunity deal in exchange for his cooperation.

DIXON: Sir, I believe this decision is a critical mistake. This man has murdered hundreds of people for profit. We should not set the precedent of granting immunity to a terrorist no matter what he says he has to offer.

SLOANE: Yes, well, I understand your frustration, Agent Dixon, but I believe that Sark's cooperation will save more lives than he's taken.

SYDNEY: I'm with Dixon on this.

SLOANE: We have developed a strategy to address your concerns. Jack.

JACK: In order to maintain Sark's value as an informant, his contacts must not be aware that he's turned himself in. Beginning today, whenever Sark leaves this office a security section team will double as his private detail to ensure that he doesn't violate his agreement with us.

(Marshall enters.)

MARSHALL: I, uh, I'm sorry I'm late.

SLOANE: Marshall Flinkman, technical operations officer.

(Marshall looks at Sark.)

MARSHALL: Hi. Welcome. Don't kill me.

SARK: Look, I understand that none of you are inclined to believe a word I say but I assure you, it's not in my best interest to betray you. You've given me an opportunity of a lifetime, and I don't intend to squander it.

(Irina's cell. Sydney visits her mother.)

IRINA: So that's how Sloane and Sark have presented their new partnership.

SYDNEY: No one at SD-6 likes it but they all believe it. I need to know if you've ever told Sark that I'm a double agent.

IRINA: Sydney, no.

SYDNEY: You saved Vaughn's life. I'm grateful to you for that but I haven't made up my mind yet if I should trust you.

IRINA: And yet here you are. I never told Sark about your status as a double agent, Sydney. That doesn't mean you're safe. Tell me, what intelligence has he provided Sloane?

(Flashback to the conference room.)

SLOANE: Zoran Sokolov. A freelance mercenary who's had extensive dealings with Mr. Sark.

SARK: Yes, he frequently offers me the chance to purchase intelligence before he brings it to the black market. Recently he asked me if I'd be interested in obtaining a set of communication codes used by Uzbekistan's ground forces along the border.

SLOANE: If we don't obtain those codes Sokolov will sell them to extremist rebels hiding in neighboring Tajikistan. With those codes, they can track Uzbek troop movements and plan terrorist attacks. This would gravely destabilize our allies in Asia. Sydney, you and Dixon will make contact with this Sokolov. Posing as Sark's associates, you will purchase the codes and bring them here.

(Back to Sydney's meet with Irina at her cell.)

SYDNEY: We both know Sloane doesn't care about preserving stability in Asia so my question is why does he want those communication codes so badly?

IRINA: I'm going to ask you to give me something you have no reason to give. I'm going to ask for your faith. You have to convince your superiors to let me leave this place.

SYDNEY: What?!

IRINA: For forty-eight hours.

SYDNEY: Are you serious?

IRINA: I'll agree to a special forces escort.


IRINA: I cannot tell you that.

SYDNEY: Go where?

IRINA: If you do not trust me, I cannot help you later.

SYDNEY: What are those codes for?

IRINA: I'm trying to help you--

SYDNEY: How am I going to sell this?

IRINA: --but I must be allowed to do it MY way.

SYDNEY: Yeah, well, it's asking too much!

(BANG! Irina bangs against the glass.)

IRINA: I cannot give you details because I don't trust the CIA. They almost had me executed two weeks ago. The only way for me to maintain my value is to tell you only what you need to know in order to stay ahead of Sloane. And all you need to know now is that if I'm not allowed to leave, everything you've worked to accomplish will be lost.

(Upstairs in the ops center, Kendall, Vaughn, Sydney and Jack.)

KENDALL: Agent Bristow, you're asking me to get Irina Derevko a forty-eight hour--

SYDNEY: I'm asking you to consider it.

KENDALL: But you can't tell me why.

SYDNEY: She won't say why.

KENDALL: Sloane tasked you to acquire Uzbekistan's ground force communication codes. And how does success or failure risk what we've been--

SYDNEY: My mother's clearly worried about something else. Some unintended consequence that we can't predict.

VAUGHN: Sir, thus far, Derevko's intel has been right one hundred percent of the time.

SYDNEY: We didn't catch this woman. She turned herself in.

(Kendall looks at Jack but he doesn't say anything.)

SYDNEY: She's agreed to be escorted by a special forces team and wear a tracking device. She will not get away.

KENDALL: Jack, you've been awfully quiet.

JACK: I'm sorry. When it comes to Irina Derevko, my judgment's proven to be... impaired.

KENDALL: Well, I would like your opinion.

JACK: Perhaps they're right. Perhaps releasing her is worth the risk to satisfy our curiosity.

KENDALL: Well, hell, when you put it that way, the answer's definitely no. If Irina Derevko wants out of here, she's going to have to tell us more. Otherwise, you're to proceed as planned. Agent Vaughn will give you your countermission.

(He leaves.)

SYDNEY: Thanks. You told Kendall your judgment wasn't to be trusted and then agreed with me to reinforce his doubt.

JACK: Kendall's ego predisposes him to favor decisions in which he is overruling others. You argue your way, I'll argue mine.

(He leaves.)

VAUGHN: Your countermission's simple. You'll dead drop a copy of the codes when you get back from Uzbekistan so we can figure out what they're really for.

SYDNEY: (nods) I have to go pack.

(Sloane's office. Sark stands with his back to Sloane, watching a surveillance monitor of the other agents walking about.)

SARK: I must admit, this is one of the most impressive operations I've seen. Though it is a touch pathetic how so many of them believe they actually work for the CIA.

SLOANE: Look at me. You've offered me a substantial prize to make our partnership worthwhile, but do not think for a second that gives you the right to insult my people.

SARK: I apologize.

(He turns and sees a monitor focusing on Sydney at her desk, drinking out of a coffee mug.)

SARK: I had a run-in with Sydney Bristow this morning. She may be the only one who suspects I haven't in fact turned myself in.

SLOANE: I've been a presence in Sydney's life since she was born. Sydney will believe whatever I tell her to.

SARK: And her father? He must often battle the temptation to tell her the truth about SD-6. I'd hate to see Jack's paternal instincts compromise our objectives. So, for the time being, I wouldn't tell him what those codes are really for.

(Sloane's phone rings.)


WOMAN: Sir, a call's been routed to you through Credit Dauphine.

SLOANE: Take a message.

WOMAN: He says it's regarding your wife.

SLOANE: (to Sark) That will be all.

(Sark leaves.)

SLOANE: Put him through. I want you to record this call.

(A click.)

SLOANE: Hello?

DISTORTED VOICE: We have your wife, and, yes, she's alive. You will provide us with the account numbers for all SD-6's investments or the Alliance will be informed that you failed to carry out her execution.

SLOANE: Offer me proof that she's alive. Until then, know this: as soon as I hang up the phone I will use every available resource to find out who I'm talking to and when I do, it will be my sincere pleasure to make your acquaintance.

(In Uzbekistan, Sydney and Dixon meet with Sokolov.)

SOKOLOV: So, um... you work for Sark. Tell him I'm insulted he didn't come here personally.

DIXON: We'll make sure he gets the message.

(Sokolov lights a match and takes a hit off his pipe.)

SYDNEY: Mr. Sokolov, we're on a schedule. Do you have the codes?

SOKOLOV: Do you have the money?

(Dixon drops a briefcase on the table. Sokolov opens it, sees the money, and puts the briefcase by his side. He drops a black briefcase on the table. Dixon goes to open it.)

SOKOLOV: Wait. The codes are on a computer in this case. The case, before I stole it, belonged to a colonel in the Uzbek army. What I didn't realize when I made the offer to Sark is thaT without the colonel's fingerprint the case cannot be opened without detonating a self-destruct mechanism inside. Boom!

SYDNEY: Are you telling us you cannot deliver what you've promised us?

SOKOLOV: Please. I wouldn't have asked you to come all this way without a solution to this little problem. I have arranged for Colonel to be someplace tonight where you can take his prints.

DIXON: How exactly did you do that?

(Sokolov takes another hit. Deeply inhales.)

SOKOLOV: I had him assassinated.

(He winks and then giggles.)

(At an army morgue, Dixon and Sokolov walk in wearing Uzbek army fatigues pushing a stetcher with a body bag on top. They talk to the two guards. Dixon unzips the body bag to show the guards what they have. Inside is Sydney, wearing her own set of Uzbek army fatigues, with a fake bullet hole on her forehead and looking very blue and dead. Dixon signs some forms and the guard wheels Sydney's dead body on the stretcher inside the morgue. Dixon nods and goes to the truck with Sokolov. They drive off. Outside, Dixon comes to a stop in an alley and he and Sokolov climb in the back of the truck. Dixon types on his laptop.)

SOKOLOV: Are you in yet?

DIXON: That microchip you gave me is not exactly state of the art. It's still reading morgue records off the central server.

(The guard writes on a tag inside the morgue. He shuts off the lights and leaves. Sydney opens the body bag and breathes deeply, looking around.)

SYDNEY: Okay, Dixon, I'm in.

DIXON: Me, too, Sydney. Stand by. (to Sokolov) What was Colonel's name?

SOKOLOV: Vasili Kabilov.

DIXON: Sydney, you're looking for Vasili Kabilov. ID tag C16.

(Upstairs, the guard comes back to the main office.)

GUARD1: (speaking Uzbek) Where are the woman's papers? I need to log her into the system.

(Guard2 apologizes and goes back down.)

(Sydney starts looking, grabbing toe tags off nearby dead bodies to see if it's the colonel. She opens doors, looking at more tags. She finally opens a larger door and sees an older man on a slab. She looks at the tag, and it's C16. She takes out the keypad for the fingerprint and tries to get his frozen, dead hand onto the pad. She can't separate his fingers to do it. She grabs his hand and breaks it, puts it down on the pad. It shines green, authenticating. Guard2 comes in. Sydney looks up. He sees the clipboard that he needs but also sees that the body bag is empty and on the floor. He takes out a gun and his walkie talkie.)

GUARD2: (speaking Uzbek) David, the body's gone.

(He aims his gun and starts looking. Guard1 comes in.)

GUARD2: (speaking Uzbek) Check the freezer.

(Guard2 points his gun and opens the door. Sydney pushes the colonel's slab out and knocks one of them out of the way. She kicks Guard1, punching him. She throws him against the wall. The other guard comes from behind and grabs her. She jumps up, putting her feet on a slab and pushes back, knocking him against the wall. She jumps down, grabs a door to a slab and knocks him out.)

(Out in the hallway, Sydney is now wearing one of the guard's hats to cover her bullet hole in the head with her hair tucked underneath. Two guards come her way.)

SYDNEY: (speaking Uzbek) Check the morgue!

(She runs out. Dixon drives up and not recognizing her with the hat, aims his gun at her through his window.)

SYDNEY: Dixon, don't shoot! It's me!

DIXON: Get in!

(She does and they drive off.)

(In a parking garage in LA, Will and Vaughn meet up.)

WILL: I know. Sydney told me about Project Christmas, about how it was developed to identify future spies and now you're worried because you think the Russians might have used it to recruit American children back in the '80s?

VAUGHN: About that--

WILL: The thing is, I think there might be something to your theory.

VAUGHN: Really?

WILL: Remember those weird test questions you gave me, the ones that the KGB developed? I found them. I found them integrated into a series of standardized tests that were administered here in 1982.

VAUGHN: How many kids took that test?

WILL: Five million.

VAUGHN: Well, look, I didn't think Devlin -- my superior -- would mind me having you research this, but he did and he ordered me to let you go.

WILL: Hold on. Wait a second. There's something here. Okay, look, I'll narrow the test scores down to a small group of kids. Now Devlin won't be able to deny the value of that.

VAUGHN: He thinks since you're a journalist, since you've been trained to report what you know, that you're a security risk.

WILL: Don't sweat it.

VAUGHN: Here's what I owe you. There's seven hundred in there.

(Will looks at the hundred dollar bills in the envelope Vaughn gives him.)

WILL: I didn't work that many hours.

VAUGHN: Seriously, I don't know how you did it so fast. I told you to take your time.

WILL: Thanks, but, um, my time's all I expect to get paid for.

(He gives back some of the cash.)

VAUGHN: All right.

(The next morning, Sydney is in her room going through some papers, sitting on her bed. Will stands at the doorway.)

WILL: Hey.


WILL: What's wrong?

SYDNEY: Nothing.

WILL: Nothing?

(She shakes her head.)

WILL: Nothing's wrong? Syd... if we just met, I would know something's wrong.

(She pauses, wanting to talk. He comes in and sits on her bed. In the distance, their phone rings. Knowing that Francie will be occupied answering it, she talks.)

SYDNEY: Do you remember Mr. Sark?

WILL: Do I remember the guy who shot me with a tranquilizer? The guy who had me tortured in Taipei?

SYDNEY: He's working with SD-6. I can't tell you any more than that.

WILL: You've seen him? You're working with him?

SYDNEY: I have to make him think I am.

WILL: That little British cocky son of a bitch is in LA?

(Francie enters, phone up to her ear.)

FRANCIE: Hey, Syd, I'm on-line with the spa. Did you want to get a Swedish or a Shiatsu massage?


FRANCIE: You have to reschedule.

SYDNEY: Believe me, there is nothing I would rather do than spend a day with you at the spa. How about next week?

FRANCIE: Next week's great. But I am still gonna go tomorrow.

(She smiles and walks out.)

WILL: Okay, I want to kill that Sark guy.

SYDNEY: I know.

WILL: No, this is gonna drive me insane, you know that.

SYDNEY: Will, you asked me to tell you.

WILL: I know I did. I just didn't know it was going to be a nightmare.

SYDNEY: He's almost killed me, too.

WILL: I know, but you get to do something about it, you know? I mean, yeah, you get to go off and be sneaky and ultimately destroy the guy.

SYDNEY: What about your work with Vaughn?

WILL: Vaughn sort of fired me. (nods)

(Self-storage meet with Sydney and Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: The CIA's just going to ignore everything Will found out?

VAUGHN: Actually, when Devlin heard that five million American first graders took a standardized test that may have been doctored by the KGB, he sent Will's research to the FBI.


VAUGHN: We're still waiting for the results. That's the second time Will's come through for us, I wish there were more I could do for him, I really do. He's a good guy.

SYDNEY: Thanks.

(She turns to walk out.)

VAUGHN: Syd...

(She stops. He takes off his silver watch.)

VAUGHN: This watch belonged to my father. It's broken now, but it used to keep perfect time. And when he gave it to me, he said, "You could set your heart by this watch." It stopped October 1st -- the day we met.

(Sydney opens her mouth to respond when her pager goes off. Right away, Vaughn's goes off as well.)

VAUGHN: Kendall.

SYDNEY: Me too.

(At the ops center, Jack and Kendall look at surveillance footage. Sydney and Vaughn walk in.)

SYDNEY: What's going on?

JACK: We just heard from analysis about the codes you acquired in Uzbekistan. Sloane and Sark gave us a half-truth. The codes are Uzbek but they have nothing to do with troop communications.

SYDNEY: What are they for?

KENDALL: They're the control codes for six portable nuclear warheads that the Uzbeks have admitted and defense intelligence has confirmed went missing six months ago.

SYDNEY: SD-6 is in possession of six nuclear weapons?

JACK: No. This morning Sark electronically messengered the codes to an unknown third party. We couldn't trace the link.

VAUGHN: And all we know about them is that they're working with Sloane and Sark?

KENDALL: Why did Sloane keep you in the dark on this?

JACK: I don't know.

SYDNEY: This is what my mother was talking about. We should have listened to her.

KENDALL: Well, if she was so concerned about helping us stay ahead of SD-6, she could have told us what was at stake.

(Down at Irina's cell, Jack, Sydney, Kendall and Vaughn.)

IRINA: And what would you have done? Given Sydney false control codes to hand over to SD-6? Sark may have known the difference and she would have been exposed as a double agent. I wasn't willing to risk her life that way.

KENDALL: Do you know where the nukes are?

IRINA: Yes, I do.


IRINA: I've spent the last thirty-six nights lying on a steel mattress.

KENDALL: And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

IRINA: It means I would appreciate a pillow and blanket.

KENDALL: Done. Tell us about the warheads.

IRINA: They're in Kashmir, under what used to be a maximum security prison camp. It's now the stronghold for a mercenary group -- The People's Revolutionary Front.

KENDALL: So Sloane and Sark have in fact partnered with this organization?

IRINA: It would appear.

KENDALL: Can you give us the prison camp's exact coordinates?


KENDALL: (to the others) I'm going to recommend to the defense department an immediate air strike. When the smoke clears we can dig the warheads out of the rubble.

IRINA: I wouldn't do that. Now that the PRF has the control codes, they may have set the warheads to detonate in the event of sabotage or a preemptive strike.

VAUGHN: What about sending in a commando unit?

IRINA: If they were familiar with the facility, I'd say it was a good idea.

SYDNEY: That's what you were planning on doing.


JACK: That's impossible to verify.

KENDALL: All right, Miss Derevko. You're going to lead us into that prison.

IRINA: Oh, no, I'm not. My offer expired the moment the detonation codes were acquired.

KENDALL: Do I have to remind you that your immunity deal is contingent upon your continued cooperation?

IRINA: I have cooperated, Agent Kendall. You didn't listen. Now, if you'd bring me my pillow and blanket...

KENDALL: No, you listen to me. I'm authorized to put you in solitary. You're lucky you have a view of this hallway!

SYDNEY: Agent Kendall... may I speak to my mother alone please?

(They leave. Jack lingers for a moment and then reluctantly leaves.)

IRINA: Sydney, I'm sorry.

SYDNEY: You said you didn't tell us the truth because you were trying to protect me, because you didn't want to risk Sark finding out that I was a double agent. The thing is, someone now has the ability to detonate six nuclear weapons and I am responsible. So I am going to be part of the team that finds and disarms those warheds no matter what you do. But if you were telling the truth when you said you wanted to protect me, then, Mom... I need your help.

(Irina tears up.)

(Upstairs, Sydney types at a computer. Jack approaches.)

JACK: You convinced your mother to go to Kashmir.

SYDNEY: I told her if she didn't lead the team to the warheads, I would. I handed those codes to SD-6.

JACK: Your guilt is unfounded. You were doing your job.

SYDNEY: I'm going, Dad. Defense approved it.

JACK: I am not about to let Irina Derevko near six nuclear weapons supervised only by you.

SYDNEY: Plane leaves in an hour.

(Jack walks inside Irina's cell holding a small box. She turns around and sees him with his back turned to her. He takes out a pretty silver necklace.)

JACK: Obviously you can't maintain your cover if you're shackled. So there are two things you need to know about this necklace. One, it's layered with C-4. If you remove it while it's armed, you'll break the circuit and it will detonate. And two, if at any moment I believe you're attempting to escape or sabotage us, I'll activate this remote trigger...

(He points to a small button on his watch.)

JACK: ...and blow your head off myself.

(Irina lifts her hair. Jack awkwardly steps forward and puts the necklace on her. Their faces inches apart, they stare at each other. She drops her hair. Sydney, Kendall, Vaughn and two other agents enter the cell. Jack steps away.)

KENDALL: All right, here's how this works. Derevko will detail your infiltration into the facility once you reach it. Until then, you have operational control.

(Jack nods.)

KENDALL: The unrest in Kashmir has caused both Pakistan and India to seal their borders so you'll board a train in New Delhi. There's a three-mile stretch of track that passes through the eastern tip of Kashmir. That's where you'll get off. Your gear will be planted in the baggage car.

VAUGHN: Once you're off the train you'll rendezvous with the CIA contact who will provide you with the op tech you'll need to infiltrate the facility.

SYDNEY: How did you clear this with Sloane?

JACK: I took care of Sloane.

KENDALL: There's a C-5 prepped and waiting at the Van Nuys airport. They'll escort you. Good luck.

(Jack looks at Irina. She looks at him. On their way out of the cell, Vaughn stops by Sydney.)

VAUGHN: I'll talk to you when you reach the contact.

(Jack walks out of the cell with Irina at his side. Sydney catches up. Together, the three of them walk down the hall and out of the cell.)

(On the plane to New Delhi.)

IRINA: Agent Vaughn has trouble sleeping when you're in the field.

SYDNEY: I doubt he told you that.

IRINA: He didn't have to tell me, I could see it in his eyes. I can see it in yours.

SYDNEY: Agent Vaughn is my colleague.

IRINA: You're so willing to take risks for your country. Why aren't you willing to do the same for your own happiness?

JACK: I hardly think you've earned the right to give anyone relationship advice.

IRINA: Jack, Sydney's smart and she's strong, but she's not happy.

SYDNEY: Okay, wait a second, this--

JACK: And after a twenty-year absence you've gleamed that from the cumulative half-hour you've spent in her presence?

IRINA: I knew it the moment I saw her. I'm her mother.

JACK: Your motherhood is a biological fact with no substantive value in Sydney's life!

SYDNEY: Hey! (to Irina) Stop baiting him. (to Jack) And stop being such an easy target. We're going to be traveling together for the next two days, you can't jump down her throat every time she opens her mouth.

(Irina smiles happily. Jack stares at the floor.)

(Park bench. Vaughn sits alone. Will comes up and sits down next to him, puts a magazine down.)

WILL: Hope I didn't pull you away from something too important.

VAUGHN: No, it's all right. What's up?

WILL: Look, except for you, Sydney, and Jack, everybody I know -- and a lot of people I don't -- they think I'm a lying junkie, okay? And helping you, doing something for the CIA, it felt like a chance to do something that mattered again, you know? Like, I don't know, maybe I went through all this crap for a reason.

VAUGHN: (re: the magazine) What is this?

WILL: I know you can't pay me, it doesn't matter. You're looking at forty names. Those are forty kids that got a perfect score on the standardized test that included the Project Christmas questions.

VAUGHN: How did you get this?

WILL: Between '80 and '85, Carnegie Mellon conducted a cultural bias study on standardized testing. Not only did they have the results, but they cross-referenced them by name and ethnicity.

VAUGHN: The FBI has been trying to narrow down a list of kids for as long as you have and so far they haven't come up with a single name.

WILL: That's probably because they don't know that the test records from '82 were missing from the testing service archives.

VAUGHN: What do you mean, they're missing? Who took them?

WILL: I don't know yet.

(At the New Delhi train, Jack, Irina and Sydney are at a counter getting their passports stamped by an official. Jack's wearing a moustache, Irina is in a blonde wig and Sydney is wearing her own curly blonde wig. The official looks at the passports of Andrew, Catherine and Sarah Godson. Jack smiles.)

OFFICIAL: What is the purpose of your visit to India?

JACK: Family vacation. We're touring the Kaziranga national park by train.

(Sydney plays with her hair and looks bored.)

SYDNEY: Not exactly a vacation when you're forced to go. No offense. Cute country.

IRINA: Honey, we agreed we'd spend Thanksgiving together.

SYDNEY: Yeah, before I found out all my friends were going to be in Miami.

JACK: Okay, we're not going to talk about this now. I do apologize.

OFFICIAL: Enjoy your stay.

IRINA: Thank you.

JACK: Thank you.

OFFICIAL: That is a lovely necklace you're wearing.

IRINA: An anniversary gift from my husband.

(She puts a hand on Jack's face and kisses him once, then twice, on the lips. He looks at her, stunned. Sydney looks at them, stunned.)

IRIAN: Thanks!

(She smiles at the official and they leave.)

(Saeed, the CIA contact, sits at a table outside. Cell phone rings.)


VAUGHN: I'm sorry, I was trying to call information.

SAEED: Perhaps I can help.

VAUGHN: Our team is en route. They'll be at the rendezvous at 2200.

SAEED: I understand.

(He walks away. A lady sitting nearby picks up her own cell phone.)

LADY SPY: (speaking Hindi) The CIA contact has been activated.

(On the train, an employee takes the Godson family to their cars for the night.)

EMPLOYEE: You miss, are in sleeper "G" and Mr. and Mrs. Godson, you are right next to her in sleeper "H." (Inside Sydney's room, she unzips her suitcase and takes out a black outfit. In their own sleeper, the employee brings Jack and Irina in their own room.)

EMPLOYEE: The rest of your luggage will be in the cargo hold.

JACK: Thank you.

IRINA: Thanks.

(Jack gives the guy a tip and he leaves. He locks the door behind him. Irina drops her bag. Jack looks at her. He unzips the suitcases and takes out a black outfit for her. Irina takes off her blouse and stands there in her bra. He turns to give her the outfit and stops abruptly. She smiles. He looks down at her lack of clothing and turns back to the other suitcase. Irina continues undressing and Jack takes out his black clothes.)

(In the cargo room, Sydney walks in without her wig, wearing all black, and hits a button on her remote activator. A large suitcase beeps and flashes red. She opens it and takes out three parachute packs. Jack and Irina enter, also without their disguises and wearing black. He opens the train door and leans out. The bridge is just up ahead. Once he's back in, Sydney throws him a pack. He gives it to Irina.)

JACK: That bridge is the point of no return. If you're lying about this, none of us will survive.

IRINA: I'd offer to go first but I don't want to be accused of trying to escape.

JACK: We go at the same time! Sydney, you follow.

IRINA: That's not safe. These winds are too strong, our chutes could get tangled. You go first.

JACK: I'm not letting you out of my sight! You go first.

IRINA: You'll have to trust me sometime!

JACK: Trust is the last thing you're getting from me!

IRINA: The only reason you know about the nukes is because of me. I want some respect.

JACK: We'll miss our window unless you jump!

SYDNEY: Shut up!

(Surprised, they both look at her. Sydney jumps. Jack grabs Irina by the arm and throws her out of the train. He then jumps, going last.)

(Down below on the ground, they pick up their chutes.)

JACK: I told you to follow us once we jumped.

SYDNEY: We were going to miss our window.

JACK: Sydney, I need to know I can count on you whether you agree with me or not.


(Irina walks up and points to a light being flashed at them.)

IRINA: There.

(Jack flashes his flashlight three times. They run up to the CIA contact.)

SAEED: Agent Bristow, so good to see you again.

JACK: It's been a long time, Saeed. This is my daughter, Sydney.

SAEED: Ah, your reputation is beginning to rival your father's.

SYDNEY: Nice to meet you.

JACK: Saeed Akhtar, Irina Derevko. She's assisting us on loan from FBI custody.

IRINA: Your last name's Akhtar, but your accent has a trace of Hindi.

SAEED: My mother is from Jammu.

IRINA: Your parents were brave to marry, knowing the prejudice they'd face.

JACK: Let's get moving.

(At the vehicle, Saeed shows Jack the op tech.)

SAEED: I have everything you need to infiltrate the prison camp undetected. MBGs, kevlar BDUs, encryption sat-comms, three pounds of C-4 charges, and a cryo-3 radiation detector to help you locate the nukes.

SYDNEY: How far away is the PRF stronghold?

SAEED: Nine hours. Outside Muzaffarabad.

(He gives them guns.)

JACK: None for her.

(Irina smiles and gets in.)

(Sloane's office. He's alone. An agent walks in holding a small box.)

AGENT: Sir, this was sent to the mail room. We scanned it for biological contaminates. It's clean.

(He takes the package and waves the agent away. Once he's alone, he takes off the paper and opens the box. Inside is a small leather box. He opens it. Inside is a woman's finger with a ring on it.)

(Driving down the road. Jack sees a light up ahead and as they get closer, they see that the road is entirely blocked off. Saeed stops the vehicle, confused. Jack, however, sees something.)

JACK: Back up.

SAEED: Jack?

JACK: Back up now!

(He puts it in reverse but it's too late. Men surround the vehicle with their guns cocked. The Bristows put their hands up. Jack and Saeed are yanked out of the vehicle. They put Jack on his knees on the ground and get Sydney and Irina on their knees next to him.)

SAEED: International aid workers here.

(One of them shoots Saeed and spits on his dead body. Sydney watches.)

PRF MAN: I am disgusted one of my own countrymen would assist the CIA. I assume you speak for your unit?

JACK: Yes.

PRF MAN: We know you're looking for the People Revolutionary Front. We thought we'd make it easy for you. Here we are. Is there something you'd like to tell us?

JACK: We'd like the warheads you've acquired.

PRF MAN: I'm sure.

(He speaks to another guy who is by their truck. He opens the case. Irina and Sydney look over at Jack. Irina looks down at her necklace. He turns back to the men, knowing what she wants to do. He nods.)

PRF MAN: Thank you for the supplies.

(Jack, with his arms up, hits the trigger on his watch. Irina rips off the necklace. He motions to Sydney and she hits the ground. Jack elbows one of the men in the face, punching him. Irina throws the necklace at the men near the truck. Jack hits the watch, and the explosion goes off. Irina grabs a gun and starts shooting at the men. Sydney jumps up, gets a gun and starts shooting as well. Jack has his own machine gun. Side by side, the three Bristows shoot at the PRFs. They shoot back until most of them are dead. Sydney grunts, looks down at her arm and drops to her knees in pain. Irina bends down and looks, her gun still at her side.)

IRINA: Are you okay?

SYDNEY: It's just a scratch.

(Jack, standing behind Irina, cocks his gun.)

JACK: Drop it.


JACK: Quiet!

(Irina drops it.)

IRINA: Jack, we're in enemy territory and the PRF knows we're here. We need to start trusting each other right now.

JACK: You will not carry a weapon.

IRINA: Okay.

(Sydney checks her compass on her watch.)

SYDNEY: Looks like we're about twenty miles southwest of Azad.

JACK: We can contact the CIA station chief in Pakistan. He'll patch us through to Langley on a secure line.

IRINA: We should make it by dawn.

(The three of them walk away from the burning car and the dead PRFs.)

Ecrit par PaceyJoers 

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