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A football game is being shown on television.

Announcer: So, here we go. 3rd and 5. Williams drops back to pass…

A girl is on the computer, talking to her friend on an Instant Messenger program.

GIRL: Hey, Dad. Fiona wants to know if I can come over and study for awhile.

Her father’s eyes are glued to the football game.

FATHER: Maybe tomorrow night, okay, kiddo?

The girl turns back to computer. The rest of her family – her father, mother, and brother are in front of the television watching the game.

A dark figure glides past, behind the sofa. The son notices something, but sees nothing behind him.

MOTHER: Oh, I left another message.

FATHER: Look, you know she’s always traveling. I mean, where is she now, Europe?

MOTHER: Yeah, but she usually calls.

Suddenly, the electricity turns off in the house.

FATHER: Oh, come – that’s okay. I got it. (gets up from the sofa) It’s probably just, you know, a circuit breaker or some -

There is a crashing sound. Shadowy figures capture the family members in the darkness.


SON: Hey!

The electricity comes back on, but the room is empty. A framed photograph of Rachel Gibson sits on the fireplace mantle in the living room.


The Gibson family waits in a small, empty room with only a simple table and a few chairs – the kind of room typically used for interrogations. The father paces the room. Rachel Gibson watches her family through a two-way mirror. Sydney is with her.

RACHEL: (voice shaking) How much do they know?

SYDNEY: Not much… that this is a government facility, that they’re here for their own protection.

RACHEL: I’ve ruined their lives.

SYDNEY: That’s not true.

RACHEL: They can’t go home. They can’t go back to work. They can’t even say good-bye to their friends.

SYDNEY: Because it’s not safe. You know that. There were taps on their phones. There was surveillance equipment. Witness protection is the best way to ensure their safety.

RACHEL: They say I won’t even be able to call them. How am I supposed to this alone?

SYDNEY: You do it because you don’t have a choice… because you want the world to be safe for the people you love.

Rachel looks over at Sydney.

SYDNEY: I know some people think I’m crazy, still working like this, but I can’t go home and sit there and just - be pregnant. Not when the men who killed Vaughn are still out there. It’s my responsibility to stop them… so this baby can be safe… so you can be with your family.

Rachel nods.

RACHEL: (smiling and tearing up) We’re kind of a weird family. We actually like each other. (sniffs)

SYDNEY: Then go in there and let them see you’re okay. That’s all they care about.

Rachel looks over at Sydney with tears in her eyes and nods.


The mother hears the door open and looks toward the door.

MOTHER: (gasps) Oh, my God! Rachel!

Rachel’s mother rushes over to Rachel and hugs her.

RACHEL: I wanted to call. I just – I couldn’t.

FATHER: We were worried something had happened to you.

RACHEL: Something did happen, and that’s why you’re here. Oh, where do I begin? (whispers) Okay…

Sydney watches the family reunion through the two-way mirror.


Sloane and Dean walk down a pier.

SLOANE: Rachel Gibson’s family has been moved to a witness protection program.

DEAN: We knew that might happen.

SLOANE: I will not hurt Rachel or anyone else from APO. It was not part of our agreement.

DEAN: Our agreement is whatever I say it is. I’m the one who got you out of prison, and I can easily put you back.

SLOANE: (stops walking) Let me say this again. I will not hurt those people.

DEAN: I’m not telling you to – not yet, at least. But we both know you’ll do whatever it takes to save your daughter. If that means you have to hurt a few people along the way, well - so be it.

SLOANE: Are we finished?

DEAN: Almost. Have you heard of a weapons designer named János Vak?


DEAN: We’ve been after him for some time. He’s disappeared. I want you to use your resources at APO and find him.

Dean hands Sloane a USB drive.

DEAN: What would your colleagues do if they knew you answered to me… that you were betraying them on a daily basis?

SLOANE: (looks up directly at Dean) Same thing I hope to do to you someday.

DEAN: Call me when you find Vak. (turns and leaves)


Sloane holds the USB drive for a moment and turns it over before finally plugging it into his laptop. He opens up the contents of the drive, but stops and pauses for a moment. He looks around the APO office at all the employees, his gaze finally stopping at a very pregnant Sydney, who has stopped to talk to Marshall. Sloane’s computer shows János Vak’s Hungarian passport.

CUT TO Jack leading an APO meeting with Sloane, Sydney, and Marshall.

JACK: Now that Arvin’s returned in the capacity of Assistant Director, I’ve asked him to read Rachel Gibson’s debriefing. I believe his… unique insights into a covert organization like The Shed will be extremely useful to us.

SLOANE: Thank you, Jack. This is an extremely well-insulated organization. Of all the names mentioned in the debrief, there was only one that I recognized immediately – a weapons designer named János Vak.

Sloane pulls up Vak’s file on screen.

SLOANE: Mr. Vak is a Hungarian national. For the past decade, he has specialized in designing targeting software. His present obsession – he calls it “Lasso Technology.”

SYDNEY: DOD’s been worried about this. It’s a software program that would allow an incoming missile to be electronically intercepted and redirected.

MARSHALL: Right. Basically, you could lasso a target that was headed for a military target, say in the Middle East, and then redirect it to… Switzerland, you know? I mean, and then the Swiss call, and they’re like, “Hey, uh, we’re neutral, remember?” (laughs)

JACK: Thank you, Marshall. I think we all… understand.

MARSHALL: Right. That was just… a hypothetical.

SLOANE: Based on Ms. Gibson’s statement, Gordon Dean has been trying to locate Vak for the past six months.

JACK: Arvin has suggested, and I agree, that if we can find Vak first, we can then use him as bait to catch Gordon Dean.

SLOANE: In the past, he has been known to frequently partner with an Algerian arms broker. (pulls up a file of Zigza Zidane on screen) Evidently, they had a meeting a few months ago. Nobody has heard from Vak since.

JACK: The Algerian Underworld is particularly difficult to penetrate.

SYDNEY: I think I know someone who can do it.

JACK: Renée Rienne.


JACK: Make contact with her. See if she can get a lead on János Vak.

Sydney closes her file and gets up. She walks over to her desk and sets the file down. Sloane approaches her.

SLOANE: Sydney, I haven’t had a chance to thank you for the letter of recommendation you wrote to the tribunal. I know it helped persuade the judges regarding my release.

SYDNEY: You’re welcome.

SLOANE: Look, there’s something I need to confess to you, and I hope you don’t judge me too harshly for it. (pauses) Every day I go to the hospital to visit Nadia. I get off at her floor, talk to the doctors. And yet, I cannot set foot… into her room. I can’t bear to see her hooked up to all those machines, knowing that it’s my fault.

SYDNEY: I know you’ll do anything in your power to find a cure for Nadia.

SLOANE: Yes, I will. I will do whatever it takes to save my daughter.





Zigza Zidane and two men play Mahjong. The sound of a motorcycle racing closer alarms the men. Before they can react, a motorcycle crashes through the door. The rider slides the motorcycle to the side plowing it into the Mahjong table, knocking one man over with the table and scattering the other two. The second man draws a gun, but the rider quickly pulls a knife and throws it, piercing the man’s hand and forcing him to drop his gun. The rider walks toward the man, removes her helmet and slams it into the man’s head, knocking him down. The rider is Renée Rienne. Zidane tries to run away, but Renée throws a knife into the back of his leg. Zidane falls facedown to the ground, wincing in pain. Renée walks over to Zidane, straddles his back, and wraps a wire around his neck, tightening the line before questioning him.

RENÉE: Bon soir, monsieur. [Good evening, sir. I’m looking for a weapons designer named János Vak.]


Rachel trains on a punching bag. After landing one final elbow on the bag, she stops and rubs her eyes, exhausted. The door opens.

TOM: Sorry. (turns to leave the training room)

RACHEL: No, uh, you can use the bag. I’m done.

TOM: No, I don’t really like to work out around other people.

RACHEL: Hey… I could use somebody to spar with.

TOM: I don’t really… spar.

RACHEL: I don’t either – which is why I could really use your help. Don’t want to get my ass kicked in the field. What do you say?

Tom looks hesitant. CUT TO Rachel and Tom squaring off, fists raised.

RACHEL: How many fights you been in?

TOM: I don’t know. Enough.

Rachel is jumpy, trying to decide on her move.

RACHEL: You win?

Rachel throws a succession of three punches at Tom, who blocks.

TOM: Of course… mostly. Why, what did you hear?

RACHEL: Nothing. I’ve just never been in any real fights. I kind of want to know what to do.

With that, Rachel tries to kick Tom, but he blocks it. She spins around and tries a right side kick, but he deflects her awkward attempt easily, sending her backwards onto the mat. He reaches out his hand to help her up.

TOM: Not that. Don’t ever do that spinning kung-fu crap. You’ll get yourself killed.

RACHEL: Okay, fine. What should I be doing?

TOM: All right. For real? (pauses) I fight dirty.

RACHEL: Dirty?

TOM: Go for the eyes, the throat, the nuts.

RACHEL: The nuts?

TOM: Cause as much damage. Inflict as much pain as humanly possible.

RACHEL: I don’t know if I can do that.

TOM: Well, then you shouldn’t be here. I’m serious! Look, everybody is taking care of you. If they can’t depend on you… just go pack up your playthings! Go home to Mom and –

Rachel slugs Tom, who is stunned temporarily at the impact and slowly rubs his jaw. Rachel stands with her fists raised - shaking, but determined and ready.

TOM: (chuckles) That was better. I want to see more of that.

Tom’s cell phone rings.

TOM: (answering) Tom Grace. Got it. (disconnects call) Briefing in fifteen.

Tom turns to leave. Rachel follows him.


SYDNEY: Renée located the Algerian arms dealer. The lasso technology is no longer a rumor. János Vak designed a program to intercept and redirect missiles. According to the arms dealer, three months ago, Vak met with a Chinese official who bought the new weapon.

SLOANE: Do we know where Vak is now?

SYDNEY: No one’s seen him since the meet. He’s just dropped off the planet.

JACK: Which is why we are going to pursue the Chinese official. His name is General Li Yum Sung, and he’s staying at the Chinese Consulate in Bombay. The General is marrying an Indian woman next month. The consulate is throwing them an engagement party.

DIXON: I’ve checked with our contact in Indian intelligence. He says the General keeps an encrypted copy of his contacts and schedule in a safe in his room. They should lead us to Vak.

JACK: Sydney, you’re going to break into the safe and acquire the intel. Agents Dixon and Grace will offer support. Marshall and Ms. Gibson will run op-tech. Good luck.




A crowd of people is there for the engagement party in the courtyard of the Chinese Consulate. Tom arrives with Sydney, wearing a green sari, on his arm. They make their way through the crowd. Dixon is already at the party, chatting with guests. When he sees Tom and Sydney, he excuses himself and walks over to them.

DIXON: The General is still upstairs.

TOM: Doesn’t the man know it’s kind of hard to break into his safe if he’s sitting right in front of it?

Sydney looks over at the General’s fiancée, who looks distraught.

SYDNEY: I don’t think he’s coming down tonight. See that woman over there? That’s the General’s fiancée.

The fiancée looks up toward the General’s office. A friend comforts her.

SYDNEY: She looks pretty unhappy. I think the General might be having second thoughts. (comms) Hey, Marshall?

MARSHALL: (comms) Go, Phoenix.

SYDNEY: What’s going on upstairs?

MARSHALL: Wait for uno momento, por favor.

Marshall taps into the surveillance feed.

MARHSALL: Uh… okay. Looks like all’s quiet. Just one soldier outside the General’s door, very sharply dressed.

SYDNEY: We’ve got to go about this a different way. (to Dixon) Remember the Prince in Bahrain?

DIXON: They guy with the harem…?

SYDNEY: Let’s try and do that.

TOM: What are you talking about?

SYDNEY: (ignoring Tom) I need your watch.

TOM: It’s okay, I’m not really here.

Dixon takes his watch off and hands it to Sydney.

DIXON: (to Tom) Just follow my lead.

Dixon approaches the General’s fiancée.

DIXON: (speaking with an accent) I am sorry, but I cannot allow you to marry the other man.

The fiancée still looks upset, but is clearly confused.

DIXON: You belong to me. It is time we told the world the truth. Our love cannot be denied.

The fiancée looks at her friend incredulously.

FRIEND: Who is this crazy person?

FIANCÉE: I have no idea.

Dixon gets down on one knee and grabs the fiancée’s hand.

FRIEND: Ay, yi yi!

DIXON: Marry me, Naomika. Let us share our joy with everyone!

FIANCÉE: Let go of me!

DIXON: I know that you love me!


Tom rushes up to diffuse the situation.

TOM: Uh, the lady said let her go.

DIXON: But -

TOM: Let her go! (waving to a guard) Hey!

DIXON: We are destined for each other, Naomika.

The guard leaves his post to help Tom, allowing Sydney to get upstairs into the Consulate. Tom and the guard try to drag Dixon away.

DIXON: Tell them!

Dixon kisses the fiancée’s hand a few times, despite her protests, before being forcefully dragged away.

DIXON: Ours is a forbidden love!


Sydney walks through the corridors of the Consulate until she reaches the General’s office. She approaches the guard.

SYDNEY: (speaking Mandarin Chinese) I need to see the General.

GUARD: He’s not to be disturbed.

SYDNEY: He’ll want to see me.

Sydney puts her hand on her belly for emphasis.

SYDNEY: You know what, never mind. I’ll talk to his fiancée instead. I’m sure she’ll love to meet me. (turns to leave)

GUARD: Wait.

Marshall and Rachel watch the interchange on the surveillance feed.

RACHEL: (amazed) She improvised that whole thing.

MARSHALL: Yeah, who’d think you could turn a pregnancy into an alias?

RACHEL: …and in Chinese.

MARSHALL: Listen, I’ve had to do a little alias magic myself to save the day a few times. Do you know what a spork is?

RACHEL: They’re letting her in.

The guard opens the door for Sydney to enter the General’s office. The guard leaves the room and closes the door. The General looks up wearily at Sydney.

GENERAL: Did she send you in?

SYDNEY: Many of your friends are worried about you.

GENERAL: I just need more time. I just… need more time.

SYDNEY: It’s okay. It’s still early.

Sydney points Dixon’s watch toward the General and presses a button. A tranquilizer dart hits the General in the neck, knocking him out. Sydney removes a painting behind the General’s desk, revealing a safe. From her purse, she retrieves a code cracker disguised as a compact and attaches it to the door of the safe.

SYDNEY: (comms) Okay, Marshall, I’m ready.


Marshall tries to connect to the compact, but the computer is unable to receive the signal.

MARSHALL: You know what? I’m not getting a reading, Phoenix. There must be too much shielding in the building.

SYDNEY: Are you saying you can’t do it?

MARSHALL: Well, no. Of course not.

Marshall reaches into his toolbox and digs through it.

MARSHALL: All right, Phoenix, this is going to take a sec. I need to set a relay closer to the building so I can boost your signal.

SYDNEY: Copy that.

MARSHALL: (finds the relay) Got it.

RACHEL: I can do it. You’ll need to be here when it’s activated. It’ll be faster this way.

Marshall hands her the relay.

RACHEL: Thanks.

Rachel leaves the van to set the relay. Meanwhile, Tom and the guard set Dixon down on a bench in a quiet area of the courtyard.

TOM: Okay. (to the guard) Thank you for your help. He’s not a bad guy, he’s just had his heart broken. I’ll get him home. Thanks.

Dixon acts heartbroken, but keeps his eye what is going on in the courtyard. He notices the fiancée leaving her friends.

DIXON: (comms) Heads up, Phoenix. The fiancée’s moving your way.

SYDNEY: Marshall, what’s the ETA?

MARSHALL: Oracle, what’s your status?

Rachel just finishes setting the relay. The lights on the device blink green.

RACHEL: Relay’s set.

MARSHALL: Okay. Hang on a sec.

Marshall receives the signal from the compact.

MARSHALL: Great. We’re at five by five. Way to go.

Marshall cracks the code to the safe. The compact enters the code 11205 into the safe, unlocking it. Sydney removes the compact and opens the safe. She finds the device and puts it in her purse.

SYDNEY: I’ve got it. I’m on my way.

Rachel heads back to the van but a guard spots her.

GUARD: Halt. Stop right there.

Rachel stops. The guard approaches her.

GUARD: What are you doing back here?

Rachel smiles but is silent, frozen in place. As the guard gets closer, she panics and runs away. The guard runs after her, shouting in Chinese.

RACHEL: (comms) I’m busted! East side of the building.

TOM: (to Dixon) Wait for Sydney.

Tom grabs a pole from one of the rope barriers. Sydney comes down the steps and coolly walks through the courtyard past Dixon, who pauses a moment before following her out. Rachel is running along the east side of the building and passes some bushes, where Tom is waiting.

TOM: Get down.

Just as the guard is about to pass the bush, Tom knocks him out with the pole. Rachel groans as she tries to get up off the grass.

TOM: You okay?

RACHEL: If by okay you mean freaked and embarrassed, then yeah, I’m great.

Tom helps Rachel up off the grass.


Sydney sits on a rocking chair and watches a toddler play with the stuffed animal toys in the store. The child’s father comes along.

FATHER: (whispering) What you got there?

The father puts a red hat on her head, and picks her up, holding her close. The storekeeper interrupts Sydney’s reverie.

STOREKEEPER: Finding everything okay?

SYDNEY: Yes, thank you. Oh – I’d like to get this, please. (rubs the armrest of the rocking chair)

STOREKEEPER: Okay, great.

The storekeeper notices Sydney is distracted and follows her gaze to the father and daughter in the store.

STOREKEEPER: Oh, we get so many dads in the store these days. (chuckles) I don’t think my husband ever bought so much as a diaper.

SYDNEY: Yeah. (gets up) My dad wasn’t exactly hands-on either. (laughs)

STOREKEEPER: What about your husband? Has he been doing his part?

SYDNEY: He’s been great. Wishes he could do more.

STOREKEEPER: I love hearing that. Times sure have changed.

SYDNEY: (whispers) Yeah.


Sloane walks into the shop. A bell monitoring the door rings.

SLOANE: Hello.


SLOANE: You altered a suit for me. Here’s the ticket.

SEAMSTRESS: (glancing at Sloane’s ticket) Oh, yes. Why don’t you wait in the back, and I’ll bring it to you.

SLOANE: Thank you.

Sloane walks to the back room of the shop and finds Gordon Dean.

DEAN: You should’ve told me about the Chinese Consulate before your team went in.

SLOANE: There was no reason to complicate things. Anyway, I assumed that you wanted APO to do the heavy lifting.

DEAN: (stands up and stands in front of Sloane, threatening) You don’t get to assume anything. Did you locate János Vak?

SLOANE: The intel was encrypted. I’ll have an answer for you before the end of the day.

DEAN: Call me when you do.


Sydney walks into the office.

DIXON: (on the phone) I don’t have time to explain. Yeah, she’s here now, thank you. (hangs up phone)

Dixon gets up and greets Sydney.



DIXON: We found Vak. He’s secluded on an oil platform in the South China Sea while he finishes his software program. Marshall’s still pinpointing the exact coordinates.

SYDNEY: Great. How are we going in?

DIXON: We’re not. We’re backup.

SYDNEY: (surprised) Who’s my dad sending?

DIXON: Rachel Gibson.

SYDNEY: Rachel?

Dixon nods.

SYDNEY: He’s sending her in solo? Why would he do that?

DIXON: The Chinese government has suspended all shore leave for the men working on the platform. No one gets on or off until Vak is done. The sole exception is that every other weekend, Vak is allowed… female companionship.

CUT TO Sydney and Jack discussing whether Rachel should be the one to go on this mission.

SYDNEY: You can’t send her in alone.

JACK: Rachel’s incredibly bright. You’ve seen it yourself.

SYDNEY: You saw what happened on our last mission. She ran.

JACK: The mission was a success, Sydney. You may not want to hear it, but this isn’t an assignment you can do. You know it as well as I do.

SYDNEY: She’s not ready. At least delay the mission a few weeks. Just give her time to train.

JACK: That’s not an option. If we’re going to use Vak and his weapon as bait to catch Gordon Dean, we can’t afford to wait. This is no different than when you were sent back into SD-6.

SYDNEY: It’s completely different. I had Vaughn.

JACK: And Rachel will have you.

Sydney looks crushed for a moment, but recomposes herself.

[I[CUT TO[/I] Marshall, going over the op-tech for Rachel’s mission.

MARSHALL: Okay, once you see Vak, you’re going to need to knock him out, right? You know, I don’t mean, you know, like, rock’em-sock ‘em, knock him out. It’s more of a, um, actually, here we go. Okay, take a look right here, this looks like a normal lipstick.

Marshall twists the lipstick tube, showing Rachel the color.

MARSHALL: It’s a very nice shade of red. I think it would look good – but, anyway - touch it anywhere on his skin, it’ll knock him out for at least two hours. By the time he wakes up, he’ll think he had the time of his life. You – you’ll be on a chopper halfway home. Oh, and also…

Marshall pulls out a circular hairbrush. A blade pops out of the top of the brush, startling Rachel.

MARSHALL: I spring-loaded an ice pick into here. You know, just in case. But you’re probably not gonna… need that. I mean, I’m sure you’ll be… you’ll be fine.

CUT TO Rachel prepping for her mission in a locker room. She reaches into her purse and pulls out a gun.

DIXON: Are you about ready?

RACHEL: I’ve been going to the firing range every night so that when the time came, I’d be ready. Of course, on my first solo mission, I have to go in unarmed.

Rachel puts the gun into her locker.

DIXON: Rachel, Jack wouldn’t send you in if he didn’t have complete faith in your ability to succeed.

RACHEL: I appreciate you saying that, but I know what everyone is thinking. I’m the new girl, I panicked on the last mission, and everybody is asking whether or not I can do it. And the truth is – I don’t know. I’m terrified. But I’m more terrified of not trying. So… I’m gonna put on my strappy shoes and my teeny dress, and I’m gonna try. And by this time tomorrow, we’ll know whether I can do it or not.

Dixon nods reassuringly.


Gordon Dean is waiting in the parking garage. A car pulls up, screeching its tires as it stops in front of Dean. The driver window rolls down. It’s Sloane.

SLOANE: János Vak has been found. (hands Dean a sheet of paper) The details are in here. APO is sending in your former associate, Rachel Gibson. She’s going in solo to get the weapons design.

DEAN: (surprised) Gibson? Alone…?

SLOANE: Once she acquires it, I’ll swap it out. I’ll get you the real program.

Sloane rolls the window up and drives away. Peyton steps out of Dean’s car.

PEYTON: Did he just say they’re sending Rachel?

DEAN: I don’t trust Sloane. We’re not gonna wait. I want you to get the weapon yourself.

Peyton nods, but hesitates.

DEAN: Is there a problem?

PEYTON: It’ll just be strange if Rachel and I cross paths. She thought I was her best friend.

DEAN: Look, if we could’ve convinced her to play on our side, we would have. But things didn’t go that way.

PEYTON: So… if I run into her?

DEAN: Show her the professional courtesy of putting a bullet in her head.

[Music - The Bodyrockers: “I Like the Way”]

Rachel pulls up to the oil platform on a speedboat. She is wearing a short pink and purple dress with a leopard print fur coat. A guard leads her up a flight of stairs to Vak’s room.

CUT TO flashback of Sydney helping Rachel prepare just before the mission.

RACHEL: This is a mistake. I’ve never done anything like this with the – the wig and the dress and… What am I gonna say to him?

SYDNEY: Well, it isn’t what you’d say. Remember, you’re playing a character. It’s what she would say. (thinks of an idea) Who was the sluttiest girl in your high school?

RACHEL: Mandy Camarillo.

SYDNEY: (amused) You didn’t have to think very hard on that one.

RACHEL: Tramp stole my date at junior prom. She had red hair and a pierced tongue.

SYDNEY: (laughs) Okay, so you’re Mandy Camarillo. And János Vak is your prom date. Just say what she’d say. You’re not gonna be alone Rachel, not for a second. I’ll be on comms the whole time - the way Vaughn was for me.

RACHEL: It helps a lot – having you. (breathes) I can do this, right?

SYDNEY: Absolutely.

CUT TO Rachel on the oil platform. A guard follows behind her. As they enter a corridor, he stops her and points to Vak’s room. She removes her sunglasses and walks toward the room, but hesitates, looking back at the guard. He shoos her into the hallway leading to the room. Rachel turns a corner and arrives at Vak’s room. Another guard is at the door. He punches in a code to open the door for her. Rachel gets nervous.

RACHEL: (comms, under her breath) Sydney?

SYDNEY: Okay, I’m with you Rachel. Just breathe.

Rachel knocks the door.

VAK: Come in. Come in.

Rachel enters the room. Vak sits on the foot rail of the bed, waiting for Rachel. She closes the door behind her. Vak sits up expectedly. Rachel smiles nervously.

RACHEL: (walking toward Vak) You’re so cute. They didn’t tell me you’d be so cute.

Vak remains seated and seems confused.

RACHEL: You do speak English, don’t you? I mean, they told me you would speak English.

VAK: (getting up and walking toward Rachel with his arms out) Of course, English. I love English!

Rachel extends her hand for a handshake.

RACHEL: Nice to meet you.

Vak thinks it was a curious gesture, but takes Rachel’s hand.

VAK: (bowing) I am János.

RACHEL: Ra- … Man-dy.

Sydney winces at Rachel’s mistake.

VAK: Ray-Mandy. A beautiful name.

RACHEL: So this is where you live, huh? (walking toward Vak’s desk) It’s pretty sweet.

VAK: Only for a few more days. My business here is almost done.

RACHEL: (sighs) You must get very lonely.

VAK: Well, yes, which is why I’m so happy to see you. Perhaps you would be more comfortable over here on the bed, RayMandy.

RACHEL: No, I’m, uh, I’m good.

SYDNEY: Come on, Rachel. What would Mandy do?

RACHEL: Do you know how to make daiquiris?

VAK: I have champagne.

RACHEL: Even better. (whispers) Idiot.

Rachel digs through her purse. Vak pops the cork on the champagne, startling her. She drops something onto the floor.

RACHEL: Uh-oh.

SYDNEY: What do you mean, “Uh-oh”?

RACHEL: I dropped my lipstick.

VAK: Not a problem. Your lips are absolutely perfect just the way they are.

Vak walks toward Rachel with a glasses of champagne.

SYDNEY: Don’t let him kiss you. You’re the one in charge.

VAK: Let me show you.

Rachel slaps Vak across the face. Vak stands there for a moment looking at Rachel, stunned.

VAK: (looking guilty) Has Baby been bad?

SYDNEY: Oh, this is gonna be too easy, Rachel.

Rachel smiles knowingly. Meanwhile, an oil platform worker takes some steps down to the lowest level. He is shot by Peyton, who has arrived at the platform to steal the weapon design. Peyton climbs a ladder up to the oil platform and continues on her way, gun in hand.

Vak is being tied to the bed rails with duct tape.

VAK: (excited) RayMandy, you’re driving me crazy!

Rachel finishes the last makeshift restraint on Vak’s left arm.

RACHEL: (authoritatively) Did I say you could talk?

Rachel walks around to the foot of the bed and twists Vak’s big toe.

VAK: (in pain) Yoy!

RACHEL: You’ve been a very bad boy.

VAK: (pouting like a baby) I’m sorry.

RACHEL: (mimicking his pouting) Mmm.

Rachel crawls on the bed toward Vak.

RACHEL: You know what? I’m gonna be honest with you. This whole “baby talk” thing kind of creeps me out, so… I’m just gonna cut to the chase, okay?

Vak opens his lips, expecting a kiss. Rachel rips another section of duct tape and covers Vak’s mouth.

RACHEL: I gotta go.

Rachel goes over the computer. Vak struggles against his restraints and tries to yell, but it is useless. Rachel takes out an eyeglass case and places it on the desk. She presses a button inside the case.

RACHEL: (comms) Downloading now.

SYDNEY: You’re doing great.

Peyton walks through the oil platform, shooting any guards she encounters. She makes her way to Vak’s room

PEYTON: (pointing her gun at the guard) The code..

The guard puts his hands up and punches in the code. As the door opens, Peyton shoots the guard. She enters the room and cocks her gun, but finds Vak bound to the bed and a smoking computer on his desk. Peyton turns and runs out of the room. Meanwhile, Rachel walks back toward her boat.

RACHEL: Phoenix, I’ve got the data. I’ve destroyed the original.

SYDNEY: Copy that. Almost home.

Rachel finds a dead guard, but keeps going, hurrying to the dock.

RACHEL: Phoenix, I’ve got a small problem. There’s a dead soldier, and the boat’s gone.

SYDNEY: Copy that. I’m sending in an emergency extraction. Outrigger?

CUT TO Dixon and Tom in a helicopter.

DIXON: We heard, Phoenix. We’re on our way. Rendezvous in approximately five minutes.

Tom takes the helicopter up.

SYDNEY: Did you hear that, Rachel? You’re gonna be fine. Just make your way to the helideck.

RACHEL: Copy that.

Rachel begins climbing the first flight of stairs. Peyton searches the platform for her. Finally, Rachel reaches the highest level of the platform and heads toward the helideck. A gun cocks behind her. It’s Peyton.

PEYTON: Surprise.

RACHEL: My God, you’re –

PEYTON: Not dead?

RACHEL: I was gonna say “evil.” Tell me I’m wrong.

PEYTON: (lowers gun) Let’s just say we work for different teams.

RACHEL: You knew this whole time. You were in on it with Dean!

PEYTON: (taking a step toward Rachel) I wanted to tell you.

RACHEL: You blew up that building, and you killed all those people.

PEYTON: It wasn’t personal. I… I always liked you.

RACHEL: It was a lie – everything we did! (steps toward Peyton)

Peyton raises her gun, preventing Rachel from getting closer.

PEYTON: That’s enough.

RACHEL: Now you’re gonna kill me.

PEYTON: That’s what Dean wants. You’ve made it really hard for him since you left. Like I said – I always liked you. I don’t want to kill you. Just give me Vak’s software program, and you walk away from this.

SYDNEY: (comms) Rachel, we can always track Peyton after she leaves the platform. If you believe she’ll let you live, give her the data. Your life is more important than the mission.

PEYTON: Come on, Rachel. You’re in way over your head. Don’t make me shoot you. Give me the disk.

RACHEL: …Okay.

Rachel pulls out the hairbrush and holds it in her left hand, but continues digging her purse for the disk.

PEYTON: You’ve got two seconds. One…

Rachel pulls out the eyeglass case.


Instead of handing the case to Peyton, Rachel pops the ice pick out from the hairbrush and stabs Peyton in the right shoulder, causing her to drop the gun. Rachel kicks the gun away.

PEYTON: You b****!

Rachel tries to fend off Peyton again with the ice pick hairbrush, but Peyton dodges Rachel’s swing and elbows her in the head. Rachel tries again, but Peyton knocks the brush from Rachel’s hand. Rachel stumbles.

PEYTON: (smiling) You should’ve given me the disk.

RACHEL: You were gonna kill me anyway.

PEYTON: Yeah. But I would’ve felt bad about it.

Peyton pulls out a knife that was strapped to her knee.

PEYTON: Now it’s gonna be fun.

Peyton swings at Rachel with her knife. Rachel dodges it and tries a sweep kick on Peyton, who jumps up and dodges it. Rachel loses her balance and falls backwards. Peyton advances toward Rachel, but Rachel kicks her. Rachel finds a metal pole on the platform and knocks Peyton’s knife out of her hand. Rachel delivers another blow to Peyton’s stomach.

RACHEL: Still having fun?

An oil platform guard begins shooting at the pair with an AK-47. Rachel grabs Peyton and pulls her away from the bullets, behind some barrels. Peyton looks baffled, but ducks behind the barrels with Rachel. A helicopter arrives and turns to the side. It’s Dixon. He shoots the guard, and two other guards, with a machine gun. Peyton stares at Rachel’s purse, which is nearby. Dixon trains his gun on Peyton, who decides it’s time to get out of there. She takes a running leap off the top of the platform and into the water below. Dixon motions at Rachel. Rachel nods, grabs her purse, and meets them at the helideck. Dixon helps her into the helicopter, and they leave.


Arvin Sloane walks in and meets with Gordon Dean.

DEAN: You’re late.

SLOANE: I told you none of my people were to get hurt.

DEAN: I do what I want, when I want. Now, where is it?

SLOANE: You didn’t trust me, and you nearly ruined the entire operation.

DEAN: I want the weapon.

SLOANE: You don’t get to have it. That’s my price for your mistake.

DEAN: My mistake? I’m not the one responsible for one hundred thousand deaths. I’m not the one dangling on the end of a fish hook. I’m the one who decides if the little fish gets thrown back into the pond, or if it gets flushed down the toilet. Am I being clear?

SLOANE: You don’t get Vak’s weapon.

DEAN: How’s your daughter?

SLOANE: Nadia has nothing to do with this.

DEAN: Oh, sure she does. I want a copy of the lasso software first thing in the morning.

Gordon Dean leaves. Sloane looks out on the marina, alone.


Sydney watches as Jack speaks with Rachel in his office. When they are finished, Rachel leaves and walks toward Sydney.

RACHEL: Your father’s kind of scary.

SYDNEY: Yeah, tell me about it.

RACHEL: But he said we all did good, so…

SYDNEY: No, you did great.

RACHEL: Thanks… for being in my head.

SYDNEY: You’re welcome. I know how important that voice can be. Vaughn talked me through all my early missions with the CIA. Sometimes his voice was the only thing that kept me going.

RACHEL: I wish I could’ve met him.

SYDNEY: (touched) I’ll see you tomorrow. (leaves)

[Music - Karla Bonoff: "The Water is Wide"]

Rachel looks around the office and sees Tom Grace. Tom gives Rachel a reassuring nod.


Sloane arrives at Nadia’s hospital room. He watches through the glass doorway for a moment, but finally enters her room. He sits next to Nadia’s bed and takes her hand.


Rachel is working late. She clears off a couple of files off her desk and stops when she finds a photograph of her family. She looks at it, wistfully.


A recording is playing. Sydney sits in her new rocking chair and holds a micro cassette player to her belly as the recording plays.

Vaughn: You okay?

Sydney: Just having some trouble picking the lock. My fingers are kinda numb.

Vaughn: Look, you’re almost home. Just get inside and plant the bug.

Sydney: That’s easy for you to say. It’s 20-below out here. You’re nice and warm.

Vaughn: I’ll tell you what - I’ll talk to Langley. See if we can send you someplace warm next time.

Sydney: It should have a beach.

Vaughn: (laughs) Absolutely. I’ll find a bad guy who owns a really nice beach resort. And you’ll have to go undercover for like, a month. You know what? That sounds pretty dangerous. Maybe we both should go.

Sydney: (laughs) You’d do that for me?

Vaughn: Hey, we’re in this together, right?

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