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British Embassy, Vienna 18 months earlier

Jacki stands on a balcony as he watches various people enter. He watches Irina enter. Later, Jack is in the pool room sitting at a table drinking. Irina comes in.

Irina: I was pleased to get your note. This party looks insufferable.

Jack: I would prefer not to spend the little time we have together with idle banter.

Irina: (laughs) Well, then. . .What do you suggest?

Jack: A dance. (they star dancing) You broke my heart, Irina.

Irina: That was another lifetime. I won’t do it again.

Jack: Good to know. (they kiss, alot)

Irina: This has been lovely but I should go back.

Jack: (he stops her) Tell me, Irina. How did it feel giving the order? Was it difficult, or. . . Were you able to remain cold, indifferent? Were you amused?

Irina: Jack, this is cryptic, even for you.

Jack: Then let me be clear. How did it feel to pay a man to kill your own daughter?

Irina: You weren’t supposed to find out.

Jack: You didn’t feel a thing, did you? How is that possible? Were Sydney and I nothing to you, merely strategic alliances to be disposed of once we outlived our usefulness. After all we’ve been through, Irina. I deserve an explanation. Why? I need a reason.

Irina: Because it had to be done. (Jack puts a gun to her forehead) Jack.

Jack: Damn you. (he fires)

Irina falls into the pool, smiling.

Jack is standing in the hallway outside APO. Sydney walks by.

Jack: How’s Dixon?

Sydney: Stable.

Jack: Has his story changed?

Sydney: No, he still swears he saw her, but the amount of blood he lost, he must be delusional.

Jack: I would have thought you placed more trust in your partner.

Sydney: It’s impossible.

Jack: We’ve seen the impossible before.

Sydney: This is a distraction.

Jack: You don’t know that.

Sydney: Dad, you killed her.

Jack: I killed a woman I believed to be your mother. Sound familiar? You know the doubling technology exists. The Helix protocol.

Sydney: Dad, we’re being set up. Elena and Sloane are gone and the only person capable of stopping them is dangled right in front of us. Doesn’t that seem a little convenient? Think about it. This wouldn’t be the first time. Elena manipulated Vaughn into searching for his father. Look how that turned out. No, they want us to pursue this.

Jack: I understand your skepticism, although your unwillingness to even entertain the idea, suggests fear.

Sydney: Fear? Of what?

Jack: perhaps a false hope.

Sydney: Maybe it’s easier for you to believes mom’s alive than to live with what you did.

Jack: Maybe so. But the fact remains, as long as Sloane and Elena are out there, we’re pursuing every lead. We have work to do. (he leaves)

Sydney enters APO. She’s walking.

Nadia: How’s Dixon?

Sydney: He’s lost a lot of blood. . .

Vaughn: (walks by on a phone) No, sir, we still don’t know what their endgame is.

Marshall: Vaughn, come here, check this out.

Vaughn: (goes to Marshall, still on phone) Uh, hold on, we may have just gotten something. (to Marshall) DCI. Tell me you just got something.

Marshall: (on computer) Well, you know the tapes from the break-in? I found some data blocks that are still intact. Is that enough for a positive I. D.

Vaughn: Yeah, that’s enough for an I. D.

Marshall: Up top.

Vaughn: (continues on phone and goes somewhere else) We’re identifying one of Elena Derevko’s associates. I’ll keep you updated.(he hangs up, Weiss starts talking)

Weiss: Hey. I just talked to Langley. They are all over this.

Vaughn: Yeah, you have no idea.

Sydney is on the phone speaking in a foreign language.

Sydney: (to phone) Mr. Nemec assured me it was possible. (the computer shows Irina’s picture) Yes. Every flight manifest to and from Prague.

Back to Weiss and Vaughn.

Weiss: I know we’re in crisis mode, but did you ask her?

Vaughn looks over at Sydney, who’s on the phone.

Sydney: (to phone) No, I don’t think sleep is a luxury only American can afford.

Vaughn: It’s not exactly the right time.

Weiss: When’s the right time, what, the night time?

Vaughn: Eric, come on.

Weiss: Look, it’s not like you have a ring burning a whole in your- (Vaughn gives him a look) You have the ring on you right now?

Vaughn leaves.

Sydney: (on the phone, still) I’m sorry, would you mind holding? (she sits down, looking out of breath)

Marshall: (bursts into Jack’s office) We got it. He’s former covenant. Lucien Nisard. And he didn’t just head-up the DSR break-in. Once we had a name, I ran a series of traces on a cell network in Prague. Turns out Nisard made phone calls from the same location at the same time Dixon says he saw Irina. Of course, tracking him, that’s gonna take some time.

Jack: I need you to log in through Sloane’s computer. Check the Blackwell Index. (he starts to leave)

Marshall: Wait a minute, the Blackwell Index? Sloane doesn’t have that. He gave that over to Langley. (Jack looks at him and leaves) Didn’t he? (Marshall follows)

Vaughn goes over to Nadia. She’s sitting and writing.

Vaughn: How are you holding up?

Nadia: I’m trying to stay focused.

Vaughn: By reopening the Bishop files?

Nadia: He supposedly killed my mother. If she’s alive then the CIA obviously missed something.

Vaughn: Nadia, researching Martin Bishop, it’s- it’s not the most productive use of your time.

Nadia: What do you mean?

Vaughn: You should talk to Jack.

Jack and Marshall in Sloane’s office. The Blackwell computer is opening on the computer.

Marshall: Okay. Um, I hope you don’t mind me asking, Mr. Bristow, but when you helped Sloane steal this thing, you didn’t realize he was going to switch sides, did you? I mean you didn’t see it coming?

Jack: No.

Marshall: Okay. I was just curious because I didn’t think that- wow, look at the people on this thing.

Jack: Lucien Nisard. I want all aliases, addresses, contacts, vices, and weaknesses.

Marshall: No problem. Just give me a sec.

Nadia: (comes in) I need to speak with you.

Jack: (to Marshall) Give us a minute, would you?

Marshall: Sure. Hey. (leaves)

Jack: What is it?

Nadia: My mother’s killer- Martin Bishop- what is it you haven’t told me? I’m tired of lies, Jack. After what my father and Elena have done, I want the truth.

Jack: Martin Bishop didn’t kill Irina. I did. I learned Irina had put a contract out on Sydney’s life. I believed she was going to have her killed. I had no other viable option.

Nadia: I killed Martin Bishop because you told me it was him.

Jack: Yes. I learned later that I had been set up by Elena. Perhaps I was too quick to assume Irina had betrayed me and Sydney again.

Nadia: Does Sydney know?

Jack: This is not the time for recriminations. Your mother may be alive.

Nadia: I hope she is. And you should, too.

Vaughn walks by Sydney at her desk.

Vaughn: Syd, something’s happened. (she follows)

Vauhgn and Sydney walk into the room with the tv screens. There are different news programs in various screens speaking in different languages. They watch the screens.

Sydney: What’s going on?

Marshall: There’s been some sort of an accident.

Nadia: We don’t know the details, Russia isn’t saying.

Marshall: But look at the satellite footage. The city- Sevogda- They’re coordinating some sort of military perimeter around it.

Vaughn: Is it a quarantine?

Weiss: No idea.

Jack: (enters) I just spoke to Director Chase. Intelligence on this incident is nonexistent. Not even our agents within the Kremlin have any inkling as to what’s happening.

Computer starts beeping.

Nadia: What is it?

Marshall: It’s from a hacker friend of mine in Moscow. It’s raw footage. You guys should see this.

The footage shows up on the screens. Fighting, cars on fire, rioting, general chaos. And above it all floats a big red ball.

Sydney: It’s them.

APO Briefing room. Gang around table, excluding Dixon and Sloane.

Jack: The Russian government’s officially claiming an industrial accident.

Sydney: And they expect that story to last?

Vaughn: Well, conspiracy theories have already been posted on the web.

Weiss: Terrorist attack, military experiment gone wrong-

Marshall: Don’t forget aliens. I mean, there’s lots and lots of speculation about extraterrestrials.

Sydney: Given what we know, have you been able to put anything together?

Marshall: You mean Sloane and Elena’s endgame? It’s unclear. But what is obvious is they’ve activated some sort of ginormous Meuller device. From the footage, I’d say it’s at least six blocks in diameter. Now, the Russian government, they’re keeping a tight lid on what’s actually happened, but from what’s leaking out, I’d say the citizens of Sevogda, they’re going postal. I mean, you know, mass violence, aggression, inability to reason.

Jack: They must have infected the water supply with the chemical properties of the orchid, priming the population of the city. Making them susceptible to the effects of the Mueller device.

Marshall: So, what you’re saying is, a large red ball plus contaminated water equals a city full of homicidal maniacs. That was a sentence I never thought I’d say.

Vaughn: But what’s the point? I mean, the weirdest terrorist attack of all time?

Jack: Their purpose remains a mystery. Perhaps Sevogda serves some strategic importance.

Weiss: I’d go with world domination, but that’s always my go-to.

Nadia: Why isn’t important. Stopping them is.

Vaughn: (to Sydney) You’ve destroyed a Meuller device before. (Sydney gives him a look)

Marshall: Uh, guys, sorry to interrupt here, but, you know, this thing is beyond toxic. I mean, and one this size? Unless it was shut down properly, it would be like draining primary coolant from a nuclear plant times ten million.

Sydney: I don’t know how to disarm the device safely, anyway.

Jack: But I know someone who might. Based on the eye-witness account from Agent Dixon, Irina Derevko is currently being held prisoner by her sister.

Vaughn: Any ideas on how to find her?

Jack: Lucien Nisard- former covenant member and an associate of Elena’s. (picture and info pop up on the screen) Flight records indicate he flew to Ibiza this morning. The sordid details in these files (hands files to Vaughn and Sydney) should make it easy to isolate him, get him to talk. Do whatever it takes. (Vaughn and Sydney look at each other) Wheels up in 2 hours.

Separate room. Vaughn and Sydney pack gear.

Vaughn: The usual? (messes with a gun)

Sydney Not with what I’ll be wearing. (she takes out a case) I had this feeling before. A sense. (messes with a guns) I almost felt like I was going to pass out. I don’t know how to describe it, but it was just like dread, like something horrible was happening.

Vaughn: (he kisses her) We’ve been tasked to rescue a woman who killed my father- your mother, who is supposes to be dead, by the way, and to disable a giant red ball floating over a Russian city.

Sydney: Crazier things have happened.

Vaughn: That’s kinda my point. Syd, without you, I’d be lost. I mean, this world, this job, everything. It would make me insane.

Sydney: I know.

Vaughn: (he takes her hands) We’re gonna get through this.

Sydney: How can you be sure?

Vaughn: How can I not be? We’re still here. Syd. . .(he puts his hand in his pocket)

Sydney: What?

Marshall: (bursts in) Hey. Sorry to interrupt. You ready to roll?

Vaughn: Yeah.

Marshall: All right. (hands him something)

Vaughn: Thanks.

Sydney: Vaughn?

Vaughn: We should go. (takes his hand out of his pocket)

Sydney goes over to Nadia at her desk.

Sydney: Nadia. My dad told me he spoke to you. I was only trying to protect you.

Nadia: And him.

Sydney: Yes, and him. I should have told you, I’m sorry.

Nadia: It’s not important now. You may not believe our mother’s alive, but I do. Please find her.

Ibiza A club. People dancing, music playing. Vaughn and Sydney walk in smiling, holding hands. They walk around.

Vaughn: Got him.

Sydney: Where?

Vaughn: At the bar.

Sydney: (turns and sees Nisard) That’s him. How do you wanna play this? You want to be rough, or do you want me to be rough?

Vaughn: You’re always rough.

Sydney: No, I’m not.

Vaughn: Yes, you are.

Sydney: That’s not true.

Vaughn: Yes, it is.

Sydney: Are you talking about at home or on ops?

Vaughn: Both. Hey, I’m not complaining.

Sydney: If I’m rough it’s because you like it when I- Are we on comms?

Jack: (back at APO with Marshall) Yes, you’re both on comms, right now.

Sydney: (laughs as Vaughn smiles) We’ll both be rough. (they go up to the bar right next to Nisard)

Vaughn: Water.

They start making out. Nisard watches.

Sydney: Bite me.

Vaughn bites her. As Sydney bites him, he takes a drink of water and looks at Nisard.Vaughn goes over to the couch. Sydney sticks her fingers in Nisard’s drink and then presses them to her neck. Sydney goes over to the couch and continues making out with Vaughn. Nisard continues to watch.

Vaughn: Want me to bite you again?

Sydney: Shut up.

Sydney waves her finger to get Nisard to come over. Nisard comes over.

Nisard Bon soir. (Sydney stands up) You’re enjoying yourselves.

Sydney: He’s French. I like the French. They’re tender.

Vaughn: (looks at Nisard) Fine.

Sydney: (to Nisard) Are you just gonna stand there and watch all night, or do you wanna get involved?

Nisard: What exactly do you have in mind?

The three of them are in the restroom. Sydney has Nisard pinned up against the wall.

Sydney: (to Vaughn) Check the stalls. (he does so)

Nisard: Is he going to join us, or just observe? (Sydney runs her hands along his face)

Vaughn: I think I’ll just watch.

Sydney: Suit yourself.

Sydney Slams Nisard against the wall. Sydney tries to take his palm pilot, but he stops her. She slams him face first into the wall. She tosses the palm pilot to Vaughn.

Nisard: All this trouble just to rob me? I would have paid handsomely

Vaughn: (hooks something up to the palm pilot) Transmitting.

Marshall: (APO on computer) Receiving transmission. It’s encrypted. Standard. Give me a sec.

Sydney: What do you know about Irina Derevko?

Nisard: Who?

Sydney: You’d be surprised what I know about you besides what turns you on. I know who you’v ebetrayed. If you don’t tell me what you know-

Nisard: You haven’t been watching the news, have you? Bad timing, sweetheart. It’s the end of the world. Or haven’t you heard. Blackmail is not as effective as it once was.

Marshall: Numbers, numbers, numbers, some past girlfriends. Let’s see here, wait a minute. No Elena. No Sloane.

Jack: Stop there. Sydney, there’s a mention of Helix in his files.

Sydney: (pulls Nisard’s head out of the toilet) Tell me what you know about the Helix Protocol.

Nisard: If you know so much about me, you know this isn’t so much a threat as it is a treat. (she puts his head back in the toilet) It’s too late. You can’t stop this. (she holds his head in the toilet longer) Okay, okay. Please.

Sydney: The Helix protocol.

Nisard: Elena- she found it.

Sydney: Did she use it? Was Irina doubled? (she puts his head in the toilet again)

Nisard: Okay, Okay. Elena wanted people to believe Irina was dead. A follower- a follower agreed to do it.

Sydney: Someone volunteered to be murdered.

Nisard: You have no idea how willing we are to do what is necessary for what is about to come.

Sydney: Is Irina Derevko alive?

Nisard: Of course she is. (he starts laughing)

Sydney is shocked.

APO Nadia is watching the screens when Jack comes in.

Jack: Sydney and Vaughn learned that Irina was moved yesterday from Prague. She was taken to a remote location in Guatemala.

Nadia: Is she okay?

Jack: We don’t know. While Vaughn secures Lucien Nisard for extradition and transport, you and I are meeting Sydney in country.

Nadia: You don’t seem relieved.

Jack: Transport’s waiting. (he leaves, Nadia follows)

Tikal Nadia, Sydney, Jack drive down a road. They stop and get out of their vehicle. Jack takes out a computer, Nadia and Sydney take out a raft.

Jack: Here’s a satellite layout of the camp where your mother’s being held. (shows them some sort of map on the laptop) The river will take you within 100 yards of the perimeter.

Nadia: How exactly will we find her?

Jack: See these cold spots? (points to orange dots) They’re all carrying automatic weapons. Except for this one.

Sydney: Mom.

Jack: It appears she’s being held in the northeast quadrant of the camp. Once you retrieve her, I’ll be waiting two kliks down river.

Sydney and Nadia set up an inflatable raft.

Sydney: It’s okay to be nervous.

Nadia: It’s just not about meeting Irina. It’s just this feeling.

Sydney: Dread? Darkness?

Nadia: Yeah. How did you know?

Sydney: I’ve been feeling it too.

Nadia: I never believed in prophecies- you know, fate- but. . .Now I’m not so sure.

Jack: (comes up, holding a bag) Nadia, is this your gear pack?

Nadia: That’s some of Irina’s clothes from CIA storage. I thought she might need them. (to Sydney) I want to be the one to tell her who I am.

Sydney: Of course.

Sydney and Nadia are in the raft on the river. Jack brings them a few things.

Jack: I’ll see you both at the exfel point. (they start the motor) Be careful.

Down the river they go. They pass some ruins. Later, at night. They use paddles instead of the motor. They go up to the shore and get out of the raft. They start walking through the dark.

Sydney: (to comms) This is Phoenix. We’ve reached the perimeter.

Jack: Copy that. Proceed. Phoenix, incoming guard.

Nadia and Sydney stop walking.

Jack: All clear. Proceed.

Sydney: Copy that. We’re moving in. (they continue walking)

Jack: Up ahead 20 yards there should be a small clearing to your left.

Sydney and Nadia advance, guns drawn.

Jack: No movement from the guards. You’re clear. She’s 15 feet straight in front of you.

Sydney: (to Nadia) Over here. This should be it. (they continue walking)

They don’t see anything.

Sydney: She’s not here.

Jack: Phoenix, you’re standing right next to her.

Sydney: There’s nobody here. This- this can’t be it. (she steps on something)

Sydney and Nadia clear the leaves away to reveal, a door. They pick the lock and open the door. They see Irina huddled in the corner.

Sydney: Mom? (she jumps down into the hole) Mom. Mom, I’m here.

Irina: S- syd.

Sydney: You’re gonna be okay.

Irina: Sydney.

Sydney smiles to keep herself from crying. She cuts the ropes from Irina’s wrists. Irina puts her hands on Sydney’s face.

Irina: I knew you’d come. (Nadia and Sydney help Irina out of the hole)

Sydney and Nadia, with Irina between them, start heading back to the river. We hear loud noises and we see a string with noisemakers all over it.

Sydney: Trip wire. (they start to run as guards chase them)

Sydney goes flying upside down into the sky. She has her foot stuck in a rope.

Irina: (to Sydney) Give me your knife.

Sydney: I can’t reach it.

Nadia: Here, take mine. I’ll hold them off. (gives her knife to Irina and runs off as Irina starts cutting through the rope)

Nadia has her gun out and creeps up on the guards. She kills one of them and when she goes to take his weapon, another one comes up and kicks her. Nadia falls over, but gets right back up, waving a branch. She hits the guard a couple times. He punches her, too. He tries to choke her. Irina cuts through the rope. Sydney comes falling out of the sky. Nadia jumps and the guard falls.She jumps on him and at the other guard who just came up. She fights him. Her branch breaks. She takes their weapons and runs. She reaches Irina and Sydney.

Nadia: They’re right behind us.

They start running. Men fire at them from behind. Sydney turns and shoots right back at them. Irina and Nadia get in the raft. They keep shooting. Bad guys drive up in a vehicle and shoot at them. Sydney throws a bomb at them and jumps in the raft. The vehicle explodes.

Later. Daytime. Jack is standing against his vehicle. He hears noise and pulls out his gun.

Sydney: Dad. (Sydney, Irina, and Nadia walk on)

Jack: (also takes a couple steps, coming face to face with Irina) Irina. (she punches him in the face, as Sydney and Nadia watch)

On the plane. They all sit in various seats.

Sydney: Mom, Elena’s already begun. Sloane is with her.

Irina: Sloane, of course. The only person as driven as she is. Though her cruelty runs deeper.

Sydney: I’m sorry we didn’t find you sooner, mom. We didn’t know. (she tries to take Irina’s hand, but she pulls away and grimaces) What did she do to you? (Nadia and Jack look up to listen)

Irina: I found a Rambaldi manuscript- one I knew Elena was looking for. It’s called “il diluvio”.

Sydney: The flood.

Irina: Rambaldi imagined a moment when the world would be cleansed, when everything would begin anew.

Sydney: An apocalypse.

Irina: When I saw what was in the manuscript, I had to destroy it.

Sydney: Of course. Which is why Elena needed you.

Irina: She kept me in darkness. I don’t know. . .where or how long. I had barely enough food, water. There came a time I didn’t know whether I was alive or dead. She’d release me only for questioning. Elena was always volatile, quick-tempered. I expected her to get angry and kill me. But she had learned patience. (wipes her eyes) Eventually I was moved to a medical facility and injected with something. The pain was excruciating. I’d go into cardiac arrest. She’d simply stabilize my heartbeat and allow me to rest so I could endure more. And she did this dozens and dozens of times. I couldn’t fight it. I told her everything.

Sydney: Mom. . .(Irina takes her hand) Mom. . .

Irina: Sydney, I wish I could spare you from what’s about to come, but I need you to come with me.

Sydney: I’m with you.

Irina: We must go to Sevogda.

Jack: Irina, they’ve activated the Meuller device. The effects are already evident. It’s too late for that city.

Irina: Elena’s already there. So is Sloane. If we don’t stop them now, they’ll move on to another city, and another.

Jack: We’ll send a team.

Irina: I helped Elena build the device. I can figure out how to destroy it. There are no alternatives.

Jack: Alright. I’ll tell the pilot to change course. (he goes to speak with the pilot)

Irina: Is there anywhere I can clean up?

Sydney: (smiles) In the back.

Nadia: (stands up and hands Irina the bag of chlothes) Here, I brought you these.

Irina: Thank you.

Nadia: Just some clothes.

Irina turns around and looks directly at Nadia. She puts her hands to Nadia’s face and hugs her.

Irina: Oh, sweetheart.

Nadia: Mom.

APO Chase walks in.

Chase: Give me an update.

Vaughn: NRO just sent over the satellite images from Sevogda. There was heavy cloud cover. They couldn’t see much. Has Langley got anything from inside?

Chase: Yes, DSR has a field team in the city.

Vaughn: What’d they find?

Chase: We made contact, but their transmission was interrupted. Langley’s trying to reestablish a connection, but so far they’re not responding.

Vaughn: Let me know if I can help.

Chase: Oh, you can. Where’s Jack?

Vaughn: He’s not here.

Chase: He’s acting director on this task force, and right now we’re in the middle of a crisis. Where is he?

Vaughn: Right now he’s heading up a tactical rescue mission in Guatemala.

Chase: A tactical mission? To rescue whom?

Vaughn: Irina Derevko.

Back on the plane.

Jack: We can expect the military perimeter to be heavily guarded. Entry to Sevogda will be at best difficult.

Sydney: Do you have any idea what to expect once we’re in there?

Irina: (comes back in and sits) Is this where the device has been activated?

Sydney: Yes.

Irina: Elena and Sloane need to hole up somewhere safe, away from the hazards of the Mueller device.

Jack: (phone rings, he answers) Bristow.

Irina: Perhaps a bunker, a warehouse. Needs to be a fortified location.

Jack: Yes. (hangs up)

Sydney: Dad.

Jack: It was our pilot. Our plane is being diverted. Official orders from Langley. (nobody says anything)

Plane has landed. Police vehicles and such.

Sydney: She’s working with us. She’s not a threat.

Guard: Irina Derevko is a fugitive. You got a problem, you take it to Langley.

Irina: I’ll see you. (guards take her away)

APO Sydney walks up to Chase.

Sydney: Taking my mother into custody was a mistake.

Chase: Irina Derevko is an enemy of the state.

Sydney: My mother helped Elena engineer the device. She can disarm it.

Chase: She was convicted of espionage, of murdering CIA operatives. Do I need to go on?

Sydney: We don’t have time to debate her record. If this were any other situation, I would say fine, interrogate her, vet her intel. But people are dying, and it’s only going to get worse.

Chase: It is under control. The matter is being handled.

Sydney: Really? How? By whom?

Chase: The Russians are preparing a tactical air strike of Sevogda. It will be over in a few hours.

Sydney: An air strike, Director Chase, will release toxins into the atmosphere. The results would be catastrophic. This is what Elena wanted. She anticipated how the government would respond. We need to stall the Russians. Let us go in there and shut down the device.

Chase: I will not trust Irina Derevko.

Sydney: When you brought me into APO and placed me under Arvin Sloane’s supervision, you asked me to trust you, and I did.

Chase: My mind is made up, Agent Bristow.

Sydney: You put Sloane in charge. You gave Sloane full access to the resources of the CIA. And now he is going to do more harm than you can even imagine. We need to find him and end this, and the only person who can do that is my mother. Please, Director Chase. This time you’ll have to trust me.

Guards walk Irina into APO, where she meets with Jack.

Jack: Come with me.

Jack and Irina sit a atable in an APO room.

Jack: You can accompany us to Sevogda on the condition that if- when we capture Sloane and Elena and deactivate the Mueller device, you will be returned to CIA custody to serve out your sentence.

Irina: Life in prison.

Jack: Yes. (he slides her a paper, she signs it)

Irina: How’s your jaw?

Jack: I’ve been through worse.

Irina: Jack, I understand why you believed you had to kill me, but the truth is, if the situation had been reversed. . . I would have found another way.

Jack: I can’t imagine this would give you any comfort, considering what you’ve been through, but. . .the truth is, there wasn’t a day that went by that I didn’t regret what I did.

Irina: About my indiscretion with Sloane- I can hope you’ll accept my apology.

Jack: Of all the things you’ve done, that’s what you’re going to apologize for? (they smile at each other) You’re going to enjoy getting to know Nadia. She’s exceptional.

Irina: I wonder where she got that from.

On the plane. Sydney, Nadia, Jack, Vaughn, Irina, prepare for the mission into Sevogda.

Irina: (to Nadia) Let me help you. (tugs on Nadia’s harness) I’ve seen you all my life, in my mind.

Nadia: When this is over, maybe we could spend some time.

Irina: I’d like that.

Jack: (phone rings, he answers) Yes.

Chase: The Russians are moving up their timetable. I’ve tried every channel, but they’re resolved.

Jack: How long do we have?

Marshall: Uh, about four hours.

Jack: (to team) We have four hours before a tactical strike levels the city.

Vaughn: (to Sydney) Syd, come here. (she goes to him) I had it all planned out.

Sydney: What?

Vaughn: I was gonna take you to the beach, Santa Barbara. We’d go out for a walk, maybe when the sun was setting. But now we’re here, and I don’t know what we’re jumping into. And I may never get another chance to do this again. Sometimes I wake up before you do, and I watch you sleep. And I’m overwhelmed because. . .you’re so amazing. And I don’t know why I’m lucky enough to have you in my life, but you’re here with me. (Sydney nods) And I know I want to spend the rest of my life with you trying to make you as happy as you make me.

Sydney: My God, Vaughn.

Vaughn: (he pulls out the ring box and opens it) Sydney Bristow, will you marry me? (she kisses him)

Sydney: We’re gonna make it out of here.

Vaughn: Is that a yes? (they kiss again)

Sydney: Ask me on the beach.

Jack: (stands up) We have sixty seconds. (he makes eye contact with Sydney and they both smile)

The hatch door opens up and the five of them stand on the edge. They each put on their helmets and they jump out. They see a huge red ball floating over Sevogda.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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