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Krakow, Poland

Plane lands. Inside airport. A woman talking on her cell phone. She’s in the metal detector line.

Sinclair: (to phone) I know. I know. I know. I’m simply exhausted. The engineer’s meeting went over by about 2 and a half hours. And of course, I missed my flight, but luckily I was able to rebook the same day. Oh, you know what? Francis called, and, um, they want to publish my paper. (laughs) I know. I know. (picks up her bags) Well, you know, we’ll celebrate when I get home. You know what? I’ve got to go, sweetheart. Tell the girls I have a little something for them. Give them a kiss. All right, love you too. Bye. (ahhh, so sweet)

She hangs up. She puts her bags on the conveyer belt and walks through the metal detector. It beeps. Guys in military uniform watch her.

Guy 1: Excuse me. (to Sinclair) Place your luggage and shoes on the table please.

Sinclair: Oh, me? (she does what she’s told)

Guy 2: And your shoes.

Sinclair: Oh. (she smiles)

They rifle through her things and pull out a . . .teddy bear.

Sinclair: Oh, it’s just for my daughter.

Guy 1: I will need you to follow me.

Sinclair (confused): I don’t understand, It’s just a bear.

Guy 1: This way. (he walks away)

Sinclair: Hang on. Can I have my shoes back, please? (she follows) Excuse me what is going on? (bunker) Am I not allowed to have a toy? Y’know, I’d like some answers out of the 2 of you. I’m an American citizen.

Guy 1: Don’t worry, Dr. Sinclair.

Sinclair: Hang on a second. The other guy looked at my passport. You didn’t. How did you know my name?

Guy 1: Your luggage tag.

Sinclair: Ugh. (barefoot she stepped in water) Oh, this is great. This is just great.

Guy 2, I think, puts his arm around her throat and tranqs her. She gasps.

Los Angeles

Nighttime. Outside. On a walkway. Sydney and Vaughn are already there. Jack walks up.

Sydney: (to Jack) Thanks for coming.

Jack: On the phone, you sounded desperate.

Vaughn: For the past month, I’ve been investigating leads which-

Jack: Suggest that your father is still alive. So? What did you discover?

Vaughn: What I learned is that it was a hoax. My father was killed by Irina Derevko in 1979. But someone was trying to make me believe otherwise.

Jack: Any idea who may have perpetrated this elaborate conspiracy?

Vaughn: Arvin Sloane.

Sydney: One of his colleagues confessed.

Jack: What possible motive would he have-

Vaughn: To force me into stealing something they wanted. I mean, come on Jack, do I really have to explain to you what this is about? Sloane hasn’t reformed. And he’s still after the same things.

Sydney: There’s more, dad. Vaughn wasn’t the only person deceived by Sloane. The contract, the hit that was put on my life-I’ve seen the bank records. The payments paid to the assassin. It wasn’t Mom. It was Sloane. He was behind it. He wanted you to kill her. I’m sorry, dad. We should notify the Agency- Chase.

Jack: No. I’ll handle everything.

AC’s warehouse. Sinclair is sitting in a chair, crying, with a bag over her head. Man pulls bag off.

Sinclair: What do you want? Just tell me what you want.

Arvin Clone walks in.

AC: Welcome, Professor Sinclair.

Men’s restroom. Sloane is standing against the wall. Jack walks up to him.

Sloane: What’s this about, Jack?

Jack (grabs Sloane and hold him up against the wall): You can’t imagine what it felt like looking into the face of the woman I once shared a life with, and with a single bullet ending that life. I ran through every scenario. Why? What was the purpose of having me believe the only way to save my daughter’s life was to kill her mother? And then it occurred to me why you would go to such lengths It was for Sydney. You imagined you’d drive a wedge between me and my daughter.

Sloane: I didn’t. I had nothing to do with Irina’s death.

Jack: (pulls out a gun, puts it to Sloane’s head) One good reason why I shouldn’t do to you what I did to my wife.

Sloane: Jack, this doesn’t make sense. Think about it. Even if I did succeed in undermining your relationship with Sydney-which, given our agreement, runs counter to my self-interest-even then, with all the people in Sydney’s life-Vaughn, Nadia, anyone-do you really believe that she would turn to me? Jack, I didn’t do this. (Jack lowers the gun) Someone is setting me up.

AC’s bunker.

Sinclair: (to Arvin Clone) Who are you?

AC: Your questions will all be answered in time. It’s-what I have, what we can do together, that matters. (Opens Rambaldi manuscript) Years ago, I was with the army corps of engineers. They wanted me to study a certain manuscript. These pages were drawn over 500 years ago by a man of genius who anticipated scientific principles centuries ahead of his time. (shows her Rambaldi drawings, including the one of the Mueller device)

Sinclair: You’re insane.

AC: Not at all. Prototypes of his designs have already been built. Turned up all over the world. I’ve been collecting them for the past 35 years.

Sinclair: I don’t understand. What do I have-

AC: I’ve been following your career, Dr. Sinclair, since Stanford. I need your expertise.

Sinclair (dubious): You want me to build a 500 year old machine? (laughs) Okay. Listen to me. I know that, um, we all have beliefs, and things that we really want and wish to be true and real. But these specs-they’re just theoretical. They have absolutely no basis in physical reality.

AC: Once you see, once you believe, It’ll change everything for you.

Sinclair: And what if I don’t cooperate?

Enter new guy. Wheeling a tray with a small Mueller device on it. (it looks different than the one in the pilot)

AC: You will.

APO Hallway outside entrance. Jack, Vaughn, and Sydney.

Sydney: You believe Sloane.

Jack: Until proven otherwise, yes.

Vaughn: Until proven otherwise? Didn’t you hear what I said? What the hell did Sloane say to you?

Jack: Actually, Agent Vaughn, in this country the burden of proof is established on guilt, not innocence.

Sydney: Roberts, he’s in custody. He said that Sloane was behind the attacks, that he worked for Sloane.

Vaughn: You want to put them together?

Sydney: Assume he makes a positive ID. You put him face to face with Sloane. Watch him try to deny that.

Vaughn: (to Jack) You’ll have your proof.

Roberts is being lead down a corridor with some guards.

Vaughn (VO): Roberts, the man you are about to see is your former employer, Arvin Sloane. All we need you to do is make a positive ID.

Sloane sitting at a table. In the next room over is Roberts sitting in a chair with Sydney, Jack, Vaughn, behind.

Vaughn: Well?

Roberts: Huh.

Vaughn: What does that mean?

Roberts: I mean, that dude is him-sort of.

Jack: Is it him or not?

Roberts: I mean, yeah, it’s him, but then, it’s not. Know what I’m saying?

Sydney: So it’s not him, but-

Roberts: But, almost him. This is wild. Like, they don’t even look that much alike, but. . .Oh, this is freaky, man. You ask me, both of them give me the creeps.

Vaughn, Sydney, Jack, Sloane, walking through APO.

Sloane: (to Jack) Now that I’ve been exonerated by your informant, I suggest you find out what it is he really knows. I’ll be in my office. I believe it’s still mine, yes? (he leaves)

The others just stand there discussing.

Vaughn: Just because Roberts didn’t make a positive ID doesn’t mean that Sloane’s not involved.

AC walks up to Sinclair, in the warehouse.

AC: There a problem?

Sinclair: (standing, pouring over the manuscripts) Yes, actually there is. You’re missing a vital component.

AC: Am I?

Sinclair: A transformer coil.

AC: Which acts as a containment stabilizer.

Sinclair: Yes, that’s right.

AC: Yes, we were hoping to have obtained the coil by now.

Sinclair: Well, then you know then, without it a device of this size is incapable of withstanding it’s own power output.

AC: (grins): Hmmm. (moves the manuscript out of the way and takes off his glasses) Maggie. I hired you because countless times you’ve proven yourself capable of improvising solutions where others have failed. (You can tell he’s getting impatient)

Sinclair: Well, I thank you for your vote of confidence, but even I have my limits.

AC: I see.

AC leaves and finds guy from earlier.

AC: (to Guy) Motivate her.

Guy enters room with Sinclair in it.

APO Sloane’s office.

Nadia: I want to believe you, but it doesn’t make any sense. Why someone would set you up, pursue the same specific things you’ve pursued in the past.

Sloane: So you think that I have resumed my search for Rambaldi.

Nadia: Have you?

Sloane: Nadia, I made you a promise. I gave up my past obsessions for you. Look, I know I’ve given you reasons to doubt me. I know I’ve acted crazy in the past, but what happened in Sienna, sweetheart. . .that won’t happen again. I promise.

Warehouse. Sinclair tied to a chair.

Sinclair: (to guy) What he’s asking might not even be possible. Even with the component. Please listen to me I’m begging you.

Guy turns on machine. Sinclair screams.

APO Briefing room. Gang around the table.

Sloane: As you are aware, evidence indicates that someone has been actively perpetrating crime in my name. Objective is simple-find the man. Apprehend him.

Vaughn: Assuming he exists at all.

Jack: That’s the assumption we’re working with.

Sloane: Our best lead is Roberts. Where are we with him?

Dixon: Roberts has been interrogated. His knowledge of the organization he was working for is extremely limited.

Sydney: But we can still use him. He knows their contact protocol. We give Roberts the coil and put him into play. He makes the exchange, we track the coil back to Arvin Cloane.

Minimal laughter around the table.

Sydney: Sorry, that’s what we’ve been calling him.

Weiss: Yeah, also, uh, Marvin Sloane. Rolling Sloanes.

Marshall: But obviously equally disrespectful.

Nadia: Has Roberts agreed to cooperate?

Sloane: I’m sure we can persuade him to see things our way.

Marshall: Um, excuse me, sorry, but we all know the coil is a key component in the Rambaldi design. Rambaldi. Which means that, per your pardon agreement, Mr. Sloane, you must recuse yourself of all matters Rambaldi. You have to leave this room.

Sloane: Marshall, this mission is about proving my innocence. Sydney, Marcus, talk to Roberts. Help him to see that it’s in his best interest to work with us right away.

Typical white APO room.

Roberts: You expect me to double-cross Sloane?

Sydney: He’s not Sloane.

Roberts: Whoever he is. You dangle bait in front of a man like that, you lose a hand. I’m sorry, but, uh, no can do.

Dixon: Let’s be clear. You play ball with us, or enjoy the rest of your life in prison.

Roberts: I’ll be safer in prison. Trust.

Sydney: We guarantee immunity from prosecution. National security crimes, Europal records, parking tickets- you name it, it all disappears.

Dixon: And we relocate you to someplace safe.

Roberts: Someplace safe, what, like Mars?

Sydney: You’ll have full CIA protection. You have our word.

Roberts: Look, I met the man twice. I deal with his number 2. Cat named Carter. You think about running a trace, they’ll know.

Sydney: (referring to the phone) The line’s clean.

Warehouse. Screaming. Carter turns out to be the one torturing her. Carter’s cell phone rings.

Sinclair: Please, no! No, please, no!

Roberts: I’m hanging up.

Sydney: No, no. Let it ring.

Roberts: What do you want me to do, leave a message?

Sydney: We won’t get a chance like this again.

Sinclair is screaming. Carter’s phone rings. Carter answers.

Roberts: It’s Roberts.

Carter: Where have you been?

Roberts: Well, hello to you too, Carter.

Carter: It’s not nice to disappear, Mr. Roberts.

Roberts: Yeah, well, um, things got a little hot. So I had to lay low for a little while.

Carter: Lie low. A thing lays. As in you lay a book down. A person lies.

Roberts: Oh, okay. Uh, well, listen. Why don’t we get together. You can give me some grammar lessons, and I can give you that coil you’ve been looking for.

Carter: You have the coil?

Sydney: I’m looking right at it. But considering the considerable risk I’ve taken to procure it, the price just went up.

Carter: Name it.

Roberts: 750. Plus a neutral place to meet. Plus no more grammar lessons.

Carter: A neutral location?

Roberts: Yeah, that’s right. Or I disappear again, and I take your slinky with me.

Carter: You can call back in a half hour. I’ll have a location. (hangs up, pause, to Sinclair) Might not seem it but this could be the luckiest day of your life.

Roberts: (to Dixon and Sydney) You people better have my back.

Sydney rushes into Jack’s office.

Sydney: (to Jack) The meet is on.

Jack: Where?

Dixon: Tomorrow. Around the corner. 1500.

Fancy hotel, of course.

Nadia and Sydney hacking into the computers.

Sydney: 47. . .45. . .

Nadia: He’s innocent.

Sydney: Maybe.

Nadia: I know it, Sydney.

Sydney: I hope you’re right.

Nadia: Do you?

Marshall (on comms): Okay, one more patch ladies and I am tied into the hotel surveillance system.

Marshall: Perfecto. Que bueno, Nadia y Sydney. All systems up and running, ready to rock.

Dixon: Moving into position.

Sloane: Copy Dixon, we have you on screen.

Weiss enters hotel with his arm around Nadia.

Weiss: Oh, this place is killer. We have to get married here.

Nadia: You haven’t even proposed yet.

Weiss: They don’t know yet. We can tell them that we’re thinking about it and get a free meal off the sampler menu.

Roberts walks through the lobby, carrying the case with the coil. Vaughn comes down the escalator and stops Roberts

Vaughn: Excuse me sir, do you have the time, please?

Roberts: Time for me to get the hell out of here.

Vaughn: Just look at your watch and tell me what time it is.

Roberts: 2:55

Vaughn: When Carter arrives we’ll move in and arrest him. You have nothing to worry about.

Roberts: Clearly, you don’t know the man.

They go on their ways. Roberts passes Dixon, who is sitting, reading a newspaper. Roberts goes to the bar and sits.

Roberts: (to bartender): Yo, rum cannonball.

Sydney: (also sitting at the bar) A little early for the hard stuff, don’t you think?

Roberts: No, I don’t. In fact, make it 2, one for each hand.

Jack: We have an approach.

Man sits next to Roberts.

Roberts: Do I know you?

Man: I’m just here to make the sweep. Make sure you’re not carrying any weapons. (Makes the sweep.)

Jack: Sit tight, Sydney, see where this goes.

Man: Okay, come with me.

Roberts: Woahwoahwoahwoah, the plan was to meet here.

Man: The plan’s changed. We’re doing this in the penthouse.

Jack: (to marshall) Show me.

Marshall’s computer shows the penthouse entrance, with 2 guards standing outside. Roberts and Man go to elevator.

Jack: All teams redeploy to cover the penthouse.

Weiss: Moving to the freight elevator.

W and N go. Dixon goes. Vaughn goes.

Jack: Sydney, we need audio on Roberts.

Sydney: (on cell phone) copy. (she gets up and leaves)

At the elevator.

Man: You got stones, man. Double-crossing Carter like that?

Sydney (comes up behind them): Sir? Sir, you left this at the bar. (hands Roberts the cell pone, she leaves)

Roberts: Thanks. (Man checks Sydney out) So, did Carter come himself or did he send somebody?

Man: Oh, nonono, he wants to do this face to face.

They get inside the elevator. Sydney goes for the other elevator.

Sydney: Following them up.

Sydney looks out the elevator glass to see. . .Arvin Clone looking right back at her through the other elevator that is going down.

Sydney: Something’s wrong. He’s here. The Clone.

Sloane: They’re gonna cut the cable.

BOOM. The cable snaps, it’s been cut. The elevator falls.

Sydney (watches): On my way to the subbasement now.

Subbasement. Carter opens the elevator with a crowbar. Man and Roberts are dead. Cater picks up the case with the coil and hands it to Arvin Sloane. In Sydney’s elevator, she pulls out a gun. Her elevator opens, she walks to the other wrecked elevator. There is broken glass and wires strewn across the elevator.

Sydney: Roberts is dead. And the coil is gone.

APO Sloane is looking at a picture of Arvin Clone. Sydney walks in.

Sydney: I need to speak with you. I saw him at the hotel. It was only for a moment, but I know now what Roberts was talking about. The man, the imposter-everything about him Sloane. His clothes, his posture, the way he looked at me-it’s the way you look at me.

Sloane: And how is that, Sydney?

Sydney: Let’s just say it’s equally disturbing.

Sloane: Yeah. Well, quite frankly I’m surprised that you didn’t get to it before.

Sydney: What’s that?

Sloane: You read the report. The operation, the elevator cables.

Sydney: Moscow, 4 years ago.

Sloane: Yeah, I tasked Julian Sark to a similar strategy in order to relieve a Mr. Karpachev of a certain item I required.

Sydney: Why would someone be impersonating you?

Sloane: It appears to be more than that. This man-his strategy, his appearance, his affinity for all things Rambaldi.

Sydney: You believe, he actually believes he’s you.

Sloane: Ohhhh, perhaps Marshall was right. Perhaps I should recuse myself from any further involvement.

Sydney: No, you have to stay in it. In fact, you may need to go deeper. The coils, the manuscript, your sense of strategy. If your right about this, he has access to everything. CIA files, your psych reports, mission analysis. You may be the only one who can do it-anticipate his next move.

Sloane: You’re asking me to go back to Rambaldi?

Sydney: G-d help us, yes.

At the CIA Rambaldi storage facility. Sloane is signing some papers at a desk. Dixon watches him. Sloane places his hand on a scanner. Which beeps and replies: identity confirmed. Doorway opens. Sloane enters room of Rambaldi artifacts closely followed by Dixon. Sloane stares at the picture of Sydney from the Rambaldi manuscript. He places his hand on the Rambaldi manuscript cover.

Sydney’s apartment.

Sydney (to Nadia): I was wrong about your father. I’m sorry.

Nadia: I know it’s been hard to work with Sloane, to trust him.

Sydney: That’s no excuse.

Nadia: No, you’re doing your job. You don’t have to apologize.

Sydney: Thanks for saying that, but asking him to go back to the thing that was the cause of so many problems. . .

Nadia: What do you mean?

Sydney: Chase authorized my request to Rambali-

Nadia: Are you serious?

Sydney: He’s in there with Dixon, right now.

Nadia: Sydney. . .

Sydney: What is it? I thought-

Nadia: You don’t know what I saw. Lat year when my father and I went to Siena, the closer we got to finding this artifact that he wanted, the more he began to change. I saw him slipping away from himself. His passion, this desperation to connect with Rambaldi, it completely overtook him. He became a different man. His eyes were mad, lost. I didn’t want to be around him after that. The only reason I agreed to come back, to join APO, it was because he promised me that part of his life was over.

We see Sloane pouring over the Rambaldi manuscript.

Sloane: I know what he’s doing. I know what he’s doing.

APO Briefing room. Gang sits around the table.

Sloane: The man we’re looking for is attempting to construct an energy source- in essence, a massive battery. Is the simplest way to describe it.

Marshall: What is the power?

Dixon: We don’t know.

Weiss: So that’s why he needed the transformer coil.

Sloane: That’s right. But in order to use it, it’s necessary to have an engineer with a specialty in nuclear physics. An advanced knowledge of quantum electrodynamics. There are only a handful of scientists in the world.

Vaughn: You think one of them is working with our target?

Jack: Yes, but not by choice. (Turns to big screen. Picture of Sinclair pops up.) Dr. Margaret Sinclair disappeared last week in Krakow. We can presume this is no coincidence.

Sydney: Could this battery already be completed?

Sloane: It’s unlikely. There are other important components, including Xanthium 242.

Weiss: How do we know they don’t already have it?

Sloane: I contacted a former colleague of mine in Sicily. Someone who trades in illicit chemicals. Apparently yesterday morning, Arvin Sloane placed an order for an unprecedented amount of Xanthium. I kindly told him to hold the order. That I would be picking it up personally.

Nadia and Sloane walking into Sloane’s office.

Nadia: Someone else can do this.

Sloane: No, it’s my contact.

Nadia: Then you should have backup, I’ll come with you.

Sloane: Nadia, it’s a meeting. I don’t need backup. Look, sweetheart, I know what you’re concerned about. Rambaldi. You have nothing to worry about. I’ll be fine.

Nadia: I think you’re asking too much of yourself.

Sloane: Look, I’ve proven myself to you, to everyone. I don’t have to-

Nadia: The DSR was a contained environment. You were being watched there were limitations.

Sloane: The only limitation that was necessary when I was at the DSR was you. When I was studying those manuscripts, the only thing my thoughts kept returning to was you. I was surrounded by symbols of all the things I once believed in, and it all felt meaningless. Having a daughter, knowing you means more to me than anything ever has or ever will.

Nadia: What about Siena?

Sloane: I can’t change what you witnessed in Sienna. But I can assure you that the man that you saw there no longer exists. I’m sorry Nadia.

Nadia: For what?

Sloane: Having me as a father is an arduous undertaking, one that I imposed on you.

Nadia: Don’t say that. I don’t want to lose you again.

Sloane: Then I need to know that you have faith in me.


Racetrack. Sloane walks up to Ignacio in the stands and sits next to him. A horse and rider are running.

Sloane: Considering she doesn’t like running on a wet track, that mare is quite the longshot.

Ignacio: Mr. Sloane, it’s been so long-in person, I mean.

Sloane: Well, I’ve had to take some precautions of late. Do you have the package?

Ignacio: Yes, of course. (hands Sloane a pair of binoculars)

Sloane twists the lenses off the binocular and pulls it out. There is a tube of liquid inside. Sloane takes it.

Ignacio: There is a question I’ve been wanting to ask you for the longest time. Now that you are here. . .

Sloane: Yes, what is it?

Ignacio: This Omnifam foundation you founded, feeding the world’s poor and hungry- what was that really about?

Sloane puts the binoculars up to his face.

Ignacio: What was in that food you sent to those impoverished countries?

Sloane: Ignacio.

Ignacio: I know you were involved with genetic experimentation.

Sloane: Ignacio, the fact is that someone in the black market is posing as me. And that same someone placed all the previous orders of Xanthium 242 with you.

Ignacio: Mr. Sloane, he- he followed all of you protocols. I didn’t know. I swear.

Sloane: Ignacio, I’m not here to hurt you. But you need to tell me exactly where that shipment was supposed to be sent.


Jack walks into Marshall’s office/lab. Marshall is looking at some device.

Jack: Marshall: Our teams going to Santiago. Pull up satellite surveillance. 1500 Court of Barrera Montin.

Marshall: Got it. I’m on it.

Jack: (walks out) Weiss, make sure the jet is on standby. Coordinate an in-country rendevous with Sloane at 1200 hours.

Weiss: 1200? Jack, it’s me. You can say noon.

Jack: Just do it!

Dixon: (walks up) Sloane is joining the tactical team?

Jack: Considering whom we’re up against, and considering our need for Rambaldi information

Dixon: And are you considering the man himself? It’s one thing to allow Sloane into the DSR, But if his imposter has assembled the Rambaldi device and Sloane is put in front of it, what assurance do we have-

Jack: I’m calling the shots here, Marcus.

Dixon: And you have a problem with my questioning Sloane’s motives.

Jack: As far as I’m concerned, at this juncture, Sloane’s motives are irrelevant. If he can help bring the imposter to us, I say let Sloane do what he needs to do. Go to Santiago. Let’s end this.

Dixon nods and leaves.


A van pulls up to a gat. Vaughn is driving the van with Dixon in the passenger side. They shoot tranqs at the guards. Dixon gets out to open the gate and Vaughn drives through. The van drives up to a building. We see Arvin Clone in his office. In walks Carter.

Cater: Mr. Sloane, the shipments here.

AC: Good. Meet them at the loading dock, see that it’s properly handled. I’ll get Dr. Sinclair, we meet you at the lab.

Back at the van. Two guys go to open the back. When they do, they get tranqed by Sydney and Weiss. They jump out the back with Sloane, Vaughn, Nadia.

Sydney: (on comms) Outrigger, do you have visual.

Dixon: (still back at the gate) I count 7 tangos so far. Still searching for the hostage. (He’s looking through video surveillance.)

Back to AC flanked by 2 bodyguards walking into the room with Sinclair in it.

AC: The Xanthium has arrived. You can begin assembly immediately.

Sinclair: I could have worked more efficiently if you hadn’t ruined my hands.

AC: I have faith that you’ll find another way.

Dixon: I’ve got a twenty on Dr. Sinclair. Northwest side, Level 2. Hangar’s on the ground floor, east side.

Sydney: Understood.

Vaughn: All right, we’ll split up. One team retrieve the hostage, the other secures the lab.

Sydney: I go with Sloane.

Sloane: I was gonna suggest that myself.

The 2 teams walk off in separate directions. Sydney with Sloane. Nadia, Vaughn, and Weiss.

Sydney, Sloane come to a password box. Sydney puts password device on it.

Slaone: (watches Sydney) Strange, isn’t it?

Sydney: What’s that?

Sloane: All our years working together, this is the first time I’ve been with you in action. Up close.

Dixon: Alpha team, you’re almost on target. Take the next left.

Vaughn, Nadia, Weiss, running down a corridor. All of a sudden, bad guys shooting at them. Bad guys run through a door and close it.

Vaughn: Watch your fire. They’ve got Sinclair.

They run up to the closed door.

Vaughn: It’s locked.

Weiss: Stay back, stay back! (fires at the door with his gun)

On the other side of door, AC stands with 2 guys and Sinclair.

AC: (to guy) Give me your radio. (into radio) Carter, change of plans. Secure the device from the hangar and meet me by the side exit.

Password box says -DECODING-JA

Sydney: What is this? This is taking too long. If this were your facility, what would the access code be?

Sloane: J-A. . . Try “Jacquelyn” J-A-C-Q-E-L-Y-N.

Sydney types it in and door opens.

Sydney: Am I supposed to know who that is?

They walk into the hangar, They see big Rambaldi ball.

Sydney: I’ll set the charges.

Sloane: No. No, we don’t have to. We can dismantle it.

Sydney: No, Sloane.

Sloane: Sydney, we have to consider the value of this.

Sydney: I don’t care.

Vaughn: (on comms) Phoenix, we’re cut off. They’ve got Dr. Sinclair. You’ve got to intercept them.

Sydney: Where?

Vaughn: Northwest corridor. Headed your way.

Sloane: Go. Go.

Sydney: I’m on it. (she leaves the hangar)

Minutes later, Cater enters hanger and sees Sloane’s back.

Carter: Mr. Sloane? I thought we were supposed to rendezvous on the side entrance.

Sloane: (turns around, gun drawn) Hello.

We see Arvin Clone with Dr. Sinclair and 2 guys. Sydney enters and starts shooting. Sinclair runs and hides. Arvin Clone runs out with one guy. Other guy start shooting at Sydney. Sydney shoots a can of vapor. Vapor hits guy in the face. Sydney runs up and fights guy. Sydney knocks guy unconscious. Vaughn and Weiss enter through other door.

Sydney (to Vaughn and Weiss, referring to Sinclair) Stay with her. (Sydney runs out.)

Back to Sloane and Carter in the hangar.

Sloane: Who’s the man misrepresenting me?

Carter: It’s Arvin Sloane.

Sloane: I am Arvin Sloane.

Carter tries to pull out his gun. Sloane shoots him in the knee. And he falls, screaming.

Sloane picks up the miniature Mueller device shown to Sinclair earlier.

Sloane: Do you know what this is that you’re doing?

Carter: What the hell do you want?

Sloane: Do you understand what you’re dealing with here, and for what?

Carter: Please, he told me-Mr. Sloane-

Sloane: Listen to me. Don’t make me tell you again who I am. You fool.

Carter: He told me- he told me that I can live forever.

Sloane (goes berserk): No! (he hits Carter with the Mueller device) Is that what you think this is all about?! Immortality?! You bought the rumor, you simple-minded dilettante! (He hits him again. They both scream. We see Nadia walking.) A mystery. The true secrets of these creations will always be held back (Sloane has blood splattered across his face.) from you, the unworthy!! (Sloane hits Carter about 5 more times. More blood is splattered on Sloane. Nadia walks in. (He’s calm again.) Nadia. ( Carter is dead) It’s all over. It’s all over, honey.

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