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Scene opens to a Middle Eastern indoor marketplace. There are various stalls selling metal wares, goats, etc. Pan to a bearded Caucasian man in his 30s (Modell), dressed in shorts, polo shirt and baseball cap wanders through the crowd mumbling to stray passerby:

MODELL: My bird is missing.
MODELL: My bird is missing.
MODELL: My bird is missing.
MODELL: My bird is missing.

Watching this, Weiss (who is also dressed casually) rolls his eyes and sidles up behind Modell to tell him:

WEISS: It's "I've lost my canary," and try telling it to the woman in the café

Weiss shakes his head as Modell walks away. He threads his way through the crowd. We see he passes Vaughn, also dressed in casual clothing, pretending to look at some wares as he watches the staircase up to the café. Modell finds casually dressed Sydney sitting at a table drinking a cup of espresso. He sits down and says:

MODELL: I've lost my canary.
SYDNEY: You should have clipped its wings.

Modell crosses his arms together and shivers a little bit.

MODELL: It's weird. Are you cold? I'm kind of cold. It's probably nerves. It’s not like I’ve ever stol…

Dixon walks up, dressed in indigenous clothes, posing as a waiter in the café. In Arabic, he asks:

DIXON: Anything for your friend?
SYDNEY: No thanks.

Dixon melts back into the background and resumes his watchpost.

MODELL: Now…can I see my money?
SYDNEY: As soon as you show me the weapon.
MODELL: Umm. Yeah. Funny thing about that. The weapon…might take a little while. Only way I could smuggle it out. (Leaning forward and half-whispering) I swallowed it.

Cut to Vaughn at his post in the downstairs part of the marketplace. As he eyes the crowd, he notices a slight blonde woman browsing at a stall across the way. Her back is to him and he continues to stare until she finally turns and we see she is an innocent stranger. She moves along and Vaughn lets out a tortured sigh. Just then a man walks out from behind another stall, and he doesn’t look like he’s shopping.

Cut to Sydney as she listens.

VAUGHN (comm): We have company. Single white male downstairs in the back.
MODELL (reacting to the look on Sydney’s face): What's wrong?
SYDNEY: You didn't follow our safety protocols, did you?
MODELL (as if shocked she could think such a thing): What? Of course I did. Why wouldn't I?
SYDNEY: You were followed.

Modell whips his head around, looking for the potential threat. Sydney turns her head and spots another man casing the market.

SYDNEY (comm) : I've got a second white male.

Cut to Dixon’s view of the market.

DIXON (comm): I see another two. Strike that, three more.
SYDNEY (comm): Going to plan B.
MODELL: What's plan B?
SYDNEY: Come on.

Sydney gets up and grabs Modell by the hand, pulling him along and back toward the staircase. Instantly, the men that Dixon had seen start running after them. Cut to Sydney and Modell running down the staircase. Cut to Weiss, starting up the escape van and pulling it into position. Cut to Dixon tripping and taking out the men he’d seen as they run by him. Cut to Sydney and Modell as the exit the bottom of the staircase.

SYDNEY: Come on, come on…

The target that Vaughn had seen raises a pistol to shoot Modell, but Vaughn clocks him in the face with a metal urn. Cut to Syd and Modell, weaving through the crowd, heading toward the main exit. The man that Sydney had spied comes running from the side, tackling Modell into one of the stalls. Sydney whacks him in the face with a metal pot. She reaches down and helps Modell back to his feet.
He groans and says:

MODELL: I can't make it.
SYDNEY: You don't have a choice.

Cut to the van pulling into position at the exit. Cut to Dixon searching the crowd.

DIXON (comm): Anybody have a 20 on the last guy?

Cut to Sydney and Modell as they walk quickly toward the exit. Suddenly and inexplicably, Modell’s left leg breaks off at mid calf as if it were a piece of china. There’s no blood, just this leg piece. A glance of Modell shows his leg where it broke of is also not bleeding. Modell starts to gasp and reaches down toward his broken off leg in horror. Sydney stares at him in horrified shock. As Modell gasps, Vaughn rushes up and they each take Modell under and arm and drag him backward toward the van, abandoning Modell’s leg. Weiss throws open the back of the van, waiting for them. As they drag Modell, it appears as if his he’s no longer moving. We see the final mark taking aim with a pistol at Modell as Dixon comes up behind him. Dixon hits the man’s arm, but the shot is already away. We follow the camera is if we are the bullet as it targets Modell’s head and… His entire body shatters into tiny frozen pieces that shower over Vaughn, Weiss and Sydney. As they exchange horrified looks, we:


Alias Theme (Or, now is the time in Alias when we dance!)
Guest Starring:
Kelly MacDonald
Mark Aiken
Richard Speight, Jr.
ed by Hughes Winborne
music by Michael Giacchino
production designer Scott Chambliss
dir of photography Donald Thorin, Jr.
Producers Monica Breen & Alison Schapker

supervising producer Lawrence Trilling
supervising producers Josh Appelbaum & Andre Nemec
co-exec producer Jeffrey Bell
co-exec producer Jesse Alexander
co-exec producer Jeff Pinkner
exec producer Jeff Melvoin
exec producer Ken Olin
exec producer J.J. Abrams
produced by Sarah Caplan
written and directed by Jeffrey Bell

Open to daytime establishing shot of LA via helicopter. Cut to Vaughn in an elevator as the doors open. He’s got stubble on his face, his hair is more bedheaded than usual and he looks very tired. He lets out a sigh as he steps out of the elevator (which opens up into the main hallway of APO) and starts walking down the hallway. Sydney walks into the hallway via the subway entrance and calls out to him.


Vaughn turns back to face Sydney.


Vaughn gives her a strained smile. Instantly, she notices something is wrong with Vaughn.

SYDNEY: God, you look awful.
VAUGHN (with amused sarcasm): Thank you. Good morning.

Sydney assesses him and asks seriously,

SYDNEY: You all right?

He purses his lips but nods, shrugging off whatever is bothering him.

VAUGHN: Yeah, yeah. It’s not every day you see a guy shatter into a million pieces.

They walk together down the hallway.


Cut to Sloane’s office, where he is giving a post-mission briefing.

SLOANE: Two weeks ago, the CIA was contacted by an American ex-patriot named Derek Modell. Mr. Modell, for reasons more pecuniary than patriotic, stole a sample of a new biological agent from an arms dealer in Montenegro. He called it "Ice 5", and offered it to the Agency for ten thousand dollars.

[Note: "Ice nine" was an imaginary weapon created by Kurt Vonnegut for his book, _Cat's Cradle_. It does pretty much the same thing as ice 5, instantly crystallizing (freezing) water. Ice nine is also an imaginary computer virus from the movie "The Recruit". I don't remember what it did, but it was something absurdly unrealistic.]

JACK: As you know, Mr. Modell failed to comply with any number of safety protocols we'd outlined and he was followed and killed before the exchange could be completed.
WEISS: Killed? He exploded like a frozen pinata.
SLOANE: We believe his death was caused by this biological agent he was
SYDNEY: You're saying this stuff turned Modell into a human popsicle.

Marshall raises his hand as if he wished to be called on in class as he stutters,

MARSHALL: If I may, I might be able to.. if you're all curious... elucidate.

Marshall stands up and begins to explain.

MARSHALL: Well we know this guy, Modell, he swallowed the sample to smuggle it out, kind of like a drug mule. (He stands up, holding a small canister inside a plastic bag up for all to see.) Based on some tests, we found the sample in this medical container. It was found in the van mixed with the...
WEISS: Chunks.
MARSHALL: Yeah. Chunks.
MARSHALL: This was not meant to be swallowed. It probably started leaking as soon as it got into his stomach. And then, when he was tackled, bam, complete rupture, instant OD.
NADIA: When you say instant OD, you mean it instantly froze him?
MARSHALL: Well, not exactly. It didn't really freeze him as much as freeze-dry him. It crystallized him in seconds.
VAUGHN: So the mission was a bust.
WEISS: So to speak.
SLOANE: Now this man, Derek Modell, spent the last nine months as a relief worker at the hospital Sava in Montenegro. He believed that Ice 5 was being covertly developed there by a man named Fenton Keene.

Sloane puts a photo of Keene up on the screen.

DIXON: Haven't heard that name in a while.
SLOANE: That's because Mr. Keene claims to have gone legitimate.
SYDNEY(dripping sarcasm): Seems to be all the rage among evil geniuses.
SLOANE: Fenton Keene is wanted by just about everybody, but he's protected. He runs his arms and drug op out of Montenegro, taking advantage of its political instability.
DIXON: You want us to take down Keene?
JACK: The director simply wants us to obtain a viable sample of Ice 5.
SLOANE: So, Sydney, we're sending you into Montenegro as a relief worker from the UK branch of Omnifam. I want you to understand this is not a tactical mission. We go in, obtain the Ice 5, and come out. I don't want anyone else getting this before we do. That's all. Good luck.

Cut to Vaughn in the break room, pouring himself a large cup of coffee. Jack walks in under the guise of getting himself coffee. As he pours, he asks,

JACK: Is there something on your mind, agent Vaughn?

Vaughn shakes his head slightly.

VAUGHN: No, not really.

Jack takes a sip of his coffee, his eyes never leaving Vaughn’s face from over the rim of the cup. Clearly, Jack doesn’t believe him. Finally, Vaughn admits,

VAUGHN: I'm not sleeping very well.

Instantly, Jack knows what’s wrong.

JACK: It's Lauren, isn't it?
VAUGHN: I think I see her sometimes…or I thought I saw her…in the market in Algeria. That ever happen with you?
JACK: (sarcastic) Do I have visions of Lauren?
VAUGHN (also sarcastic): I don't know many people who killed the woman they were married to. I was just wondering if that's what happens.
JACK(seriously): It did. Now it doesn't.

Cut back to Vaughn through the windows of the room as Jack walks away, leaving him alone with his thoughts.


Cut to Sydney and Nadia in Sydney’s house as Sydney packs for the op.

SYDNEY: I'm taking the last of the toothpaste.
NADIA: It's okay. I'm going to the store later.
SYDNEY: Do you know how excited I am that I'm not the only one going to the store?
NADIA: You need anything?
SYDNEY: No, I'm good. Thanks.

Nadia looks onto a side table and notices a small pile of old pictures there. Hesitantly, she picks them up and motions toward Sydney with them.

NADIA: You mind if I...?
SYDNEY: No, go ahead.

Nadia flips through the pictures.

NADIA: Are these our mother?

Nodding, Sydney says,

SYDNEY: There was a fire. I lost all the pictures I had of her, so I asked my dad
if he had any, and he found those... the only ones he hadn't thrown out.

Nadia holds one out for Sydney to see. It is of a very young Irina holding a baby.

NADIA: Is this you?
SYDNEY: I don't know who the baby is.
NADIA: I've never seen pictures of her like this. Just the official stuff. I haven’t seen much…

There is a pause, and then the doorbell rings.

SYDNEY: It's Vaughn.

Nadia hugs Sydney and they exchange kisses on the cheek.

NADIA: Be safe.
SYDNEY: You too.

Cut back to Nadia studying the picture of Irina holding the baby. Hold on the picture then,




KIERA: I hope you're not squeamish. From time to time they send me a squeamish one.
It never ends well.
SYDNEY: I'm not squeamish, though most of my work with Omnifam has been
KIERA: We'll fix that, have you patching folks up in no time.
SYDNEY: You're a doctor?
KIERA: Nurse by training. Doctor, janitor, and babysitter by default.
SYDNEY: Sounds overwhelming.
KIERA: Nothing a bit of ??? and a few Hail Mary's can't cure.

DIXON (comm): Phoenix is in play.
VAUGHN (comm): Copy that.
DIXON (comm): I know it's too risky, but I wish she was wearing a transmitter.
VAUGHN (comm): She will once they trust her. Besides, it'll give you a chance to
brush up on some of your old-school tricks.
DIXON (comm): Hey. A little respect for your elders.


KIERA (cell): No, I'm not happy. You promised we'd have the test tube kits two days ago and we're still waiting.
KIERA (cell): Tell you what. Our cafeteria locked into about twenty crates of fresh strawberries. You have my kits here by dawn tomorrow and I'll cut you in for half the fruit. Nay, fresh as in not old or frozen. You're amazing. Thank you.

KIERA: Okay then.

KIERA: There's more work than we can do, so you'll need to pace yourself. Be quick,
but don't hurry. I've gone through nine relief workers in the past six weeks. I'd
hate to lose another.
SYDNEY: Don't worry, I'll be fine.
KIERA: That, madame, is what they all say. Let's find out.

KIERA: Poor old guy suffers from cirrhotic arthropathy. Needs to be greased from head to toe.

She grabs a tub of grease, plopping it uncerimoniously into Sydney's hands.

KIERA: Welcome aboard.

Off Sydney's reaction, we,



MARSHALL: There's no way I'd eat this. No way at all. My kid would. Mitchell. He
will eat anything. He's already been to the emergency room twice. He swallowed a
quarter, and a car. Not a real car... it's huge.
NADIA: He's beautiful.
MARSHALL: Thanks. I've got a million of these pictures. I probably should update
MARSHALL: Oh, you like that one? There's a cute story behind that one.

WEISS: I'll warn you right now. Nadia's immune to your cute baby story charm.
NADIA: Oh, I'm not so sure.

WEISS: Uh, do you have any weaponizing scenarios for ice 5?
MARSHALL: Three obvious forms are liquid, powder, and gas, but really depends on a
few things.

NADIA: Difficulty of manufacturing, stability, intended use.
MARSHALL: Right! I mean, is it designed for an evil empire that wants to dump it in
the water supply and freeze-dry an entire city, or maybe for just one crazy assassin
guy... put a couple drops on a hollow-tipped bullet...

WEISS: Either way, it's a high ticket. We should target major players: governments,
large terrorist cells.

NADIA: Then offer it for sale ourselves, see who might be shopping for designer
WEISS: Right. I'll put a list together.

Weiss mouths "You're married" to Marshall.

Clinic - Store room

KIERA: What are you doing in here?
SYDNEY: We're almost out of syringes. I was searching for a purchase order.

KIERA: I'm trying to help you.
KIERA: I need you to breathe. Breathe.

SYDNEY: What can I do?
KIERA: Put your ears near his heart.

SYDNEY: What happened to him?
KIERA: I don't know.
SOLDIER: It was an accident, Miss. Our jeep was hit. Yegor was carrying the
container --
KIERA: Quiet. I can see what happened.
SYDNEY: What's he saying?
KIERA: Car accident.

KIERA: We can handle it from here.
SYDNEY: I don't mind helping.
KIERA: If you want to last here, you'll do as I say. Get back to that supply room
and finish what you were doing. This area's off-limits.


JACK: You can eliminate both the KCL and the African Global Party from your list of
potential ice 5 buyers. It's out of their league. Everyone else seems good.

NADIA: Thanks. Jack, I was wondering if you knew who this baby is.

JACK: Where did you get this?
NADIA: Oh... It's Sydney's.
JACK: She gave this to you?
NADIA: I found it. I was hoping you might be able to tell me who...
JACK: There's nothing to tell.

WEISS: Sorry to interrupt. We got the uplink from Montenegro.

VAUGHN: A soldier came in with the same frozen symptoms we saw in Algeria. He was
taken to a secure wing of the hospital by a nurse named Kiera Maclaine. That M-A-C,
capital L-A-I-N-E. She said she was from Glasgow.
JACK: Is MacLaine embedded with Keene?
VAUGHN: We don't know yet, but Sydney said MacLaine definitely recognized the
effects of ice 5. She's still at the hospital trying to learn more.
DIXON: There's a strong military presence at the hospital, but it seems to be in
support of the staff, nothing we can't handle.
WEISS: Okay. MacLaine seems to be clean. Registered nurse, no criminal record.
For the last nine years, she's worked for relief agencies around the world.
NADIA: We know Keene gives cash to the hospital. Maybe she takes care of his men in
SLOANE: What do you know about the secure wing?
DIXON: We think it's the research lab. Blueprints indicate several interconnected
rooms and a large ward.
VAUGHN: The entrance is protected by a swipe card and a keypad. We already have the
access code, but we need that card, which we'll get off MacLaine.

Computer display shows
name: Kiera MacLaine
criminal rec: none
passport: United Kingdom
occupation: Registered Nurse
occup loc: Relief Agencies


VAUGHN: Come on, man. It's got to look real. Do it again.
DIXON: Vaughn, I hit you.
VAUGHN: Yeah, like a girl. Just hit me again. Come on.

VAUGHN: One more time. You can do better than that. Come on.


VAUGHN: Ow, damnit! Watch it!
KIERA: What are you doing?
KIERA: Sorry, Father.
SYDNEY: I'm just trying to help.
KIERA: Let me take a look at that.
SYDNEY: Maybe I should watch, see how you do it. I was going to sow it shut right
VAUGHN: Ow! Stop that!
SYDNEY: Sorry.
KIERA: Go! I'll look after him.
KIERA: Sorry. She's new. A bit eager.

KIERA: I can't help noticing the fine cologne you're wearing, father. Glenlivet, if
I'm not mistaken.
[Note: That's a well-known scotch whiskey, for those pure Alias fans who are
underage or otherwise non-drinkers]
VAUGHN: Is is that bad?
KIERA: Not at all.

KIERA: Come on. I'll finish up in the office.


KIERA: That's a pretty nasty cut. You mind telling me how you got it?
VAUGHN: Somebody didn't like my last sermon.
KIERA: Well, I've known a priest or two.
VAUGHN: That sounds rather ominous.
KIERA: But none that get into bar fights.
VAUGHN: I see my reputation preceeds me. I'm Father Michael ???. I'm new here at
Saint Cyrus.
KIERA: Kiera MacLaine. Good to know thee. I think.

VAUGHN: I should also mention I hear confession every weekday from four to six at
tavern Nikolai.
KIERA: Why does that not surprise me?
VAUGHN: Whe's the last time you went to confession, Kiera MacLaine?
KIERA: I'm not sure how I'm supposed to feel.
VAUGHN: About what?
KIERA: A flirty priest.
VAUGHN: I assure you my intentions are honorable. Mostly.


VAUGHN: You're not what I expected.
KIERA: Is that your way of saying, "What's a nice catholic girl doing in a hell-hole
like this?" Same as you. I was sent here for my sins.

FENTON: It's not that bad.
KIERA: Fenton. What are you doing here?
FENTON: Well, it's nice to see you too.
FENTON: She's not real happy with me of late, Father.
VAUGHN: I see. You two are married?
FENTON: No. Your good book would frown upon that, wouldn't it?


Code to the lab is something like 6398841

KIERA: We had an agreement.
FENTON: We do. But one of my men had a wee accident. I thought I'd spin by, pay my
respects. You treated him right. So, how's your day?
KIERA: I think you know.
FENTON: You should be nicer to your big brother. Isn't that what the Bible says?
VAUGHN: What, I look like some kind of an expert?
FENTON: Don't worry, Kiera. I'll be out of your way soon enough.

VAUGHN: Your brother seems like a nice enough guy. What's he do?
KIERA: You must be new here.


SOLDIER: I made sure Yegor gets special treatment. A separate room. Away from the
guinea pigs.

(There's a teleconference going on, and Syd/Vaughn/Dixon can quickly send images and
stuff to APO headquarters.)

SYDNEY (cell): Not only has Keene developed ice 5, he's testing it on humans. I saw
a room full of test subjects.
SLOANE (phone): I'm more concerned by the pressurized canisters. It means Keene's
found a way to make it airborne.

DIXON (phone): Here are the photos Sydney took.
SYDNEY (cell): I thought the tanks were full of propane or liquid nitrogen. Then I
saw the cyrillic stencil.
JACK: Ice 5 released into a city... the damage could be in the tens of thousands.
SLOANE: How many tanks in the lab?
WEISS: I'd say 14. We found a buyer in Damascus. That's what they're expecting.
NADIA: They want it fast. Less than 48 hours.

SYDNEY: We have to shut Keene down.
JACK: I don't disagree, but you lack the manpower. You aren't a tactical squad.
VAUGHN: We can do it without a fight. We can use Kiera MacLaine.

DIXON: After we learned she was Keene's sister, we re-ran her info. Her real name
is Meghan Keene. She's former IRA as is her brother. They were involved in several
bombings in the early 90's, including one that killed a father and two boys.

New displayed dossier:
Meghan Keene
Affiliation: Former IRA
PRIORS: Several bombings
Victims include a father and two boys
Wanted: Wanted for murder in the United Kingdom by SAS

[The dossier is very poorly done. The SAS does not deal with criminal issues, and
apostrophes go before two-digit years, not after.]

SYDNEY: But MacLaine's conflicted, has issues with her brother. We think we can
turn her.
DIXON: She's the one person that could get Keene alone, away from his men. It might
give us a chance to grab him without a fight, shut down the lab.
SLOANE: Have you determined how to approach MacLaine?

VAUGHN: Yeah. In confession.

Tavern Nikolai
[the song in the background is Fade Into You, by Mazzy Star (1993)]

VAUGHN: Thank you.

VAUGHN: I'll have another one of these for my parishoner.
KIERA: I don't know what I'm doing here.
VAUGHN: I'm glad you came.
KIERA: Cheers.
VAUGHN: Cheers.

VAUGHN: Is it that bad?
KIERA: Is what that bad?
VAUGHN: You tell me.
KIERA: I suppose I'm feeling a bit trapped.
VAUGHN: At the hospital?
KIERA: Trapped by your brother?
KIERA: I do this for a living. Not the drinking. And it doesn't take a priest to
notice how angry you were when you saw him yesterday.
KIERA: It's complicated. Love the sinner, hate the sin. Isn't that what they say?
VAUGHN: Something like that.
KIERA: A long time ago, he saved me. I owe him.
VAUGHN: But he scares you?
KIERA: You don't know Fenton. He's done some awful things. We both have, I
VAUGHN: You could always leave.
KIERA: Like I said, you don't know my brother.

SYDNEY: He can do it. He can turn her.

VAUGHN: I know what it's like to feel trapped, to have a past you despise, that you
can't escape. I know we all have secrets, Kiera. I was married, for a short time.
KIERA: That being your secret?
VAUGHN: That being part of it. That obviously was before I had the collar. The
woman I was married to betrayed me. She betrayed a lot of people. And when I found
out what she had done, I let my hate for her consume me. And I began to wish the
woman I loved was dead. I woke up every day, imagining how I'd do it, what was the best
way, what was the most efficient way. I mean, that's all I wanted. That woman was
evil, and deserved to be punished, so I killed her. And althought that woman was
the worst kind of evil, I also know that killing her was wrong. I don't sleep much.
I can't close my eyes without that scene, that moment, the look on her face. She
won't leave me. She won't.

KIERA: Forgiveness is a tricky thing, isn't it? Even God can't do it if you won't
let him. I've never been able to say no to... to my brother. I'm not alone in that,
but it's my shame. It's the one thing I can't forgive myself for. I understand
what it feels like to wish someone was... I just wish there was a way out.

VAUGHN: There are other ways to keep him from having power over you, to make him go
KIERA: You underestimate my brother.
VAUGHN: Or maybe you underestimate me. I know it doesn't feel like it, but you can

KIERA: What are you?
VAUGHN: You deserve another chance.
KIERA: I can't even think about doing something like that.
VAUGHN: Why not?

KIERA: When?
VAUGHN: Tonight.


SLOANE: just... [a minute] (he's writing)
NADIA: Freight manifest from our contact in Damascus.
SLOANE: Thank you. And that?
NADIA: I thought you might know something about the picture. Who the baby was.
SLOANE: Yeah. Your mother was a very private person, Nadia, and as you know my
relationship with her was... brief.
NADIA: That's okay. I just thought maybe you'd seen it before.

NADIA: Thanks.

Clinic - Restricted area

KIERA: What are you? SAS? MI5?
[Note: This is a mistake. MI5 tends to operate within Britain; it's a domestic
spying and investigative agency. MI6 is the organization that operates abroad.]

VAUGHN: I meant what I said. I can make your brother go away.
KIERA: Well whatever you are, you're sweet.
VAUGHN: Kiera, I need you to listen. Whatever your brother's done in the past pales
compared to what he's doing now.
KIERA: I wouldn't know.
VAUGHN: Yes you do. You've seen it. You know he's been testing it on your own
KIERA: I have nothing to do with that.
VAUGHN: You're a party to it. That's enough.
KIERA: There's nothing I can do about it.
VAUGHN: Thousands of people will die if you don't say no to him now. Do you want
that on your conscience? Could you ever forgive yourself?
KIERA: Who do you work for?
VAUGHN: You've been afraid of your brother for too long. Help me, and I swear I
will protect you.

FENTON: I can't wait to hear the details.


FENTON: Did you really think my sister would betray me for you, after everything she
and I have been through?
VAUGHN: Nothing really surprises me anymore.
FENTON: You'll discover that isn't true.

FENTON: You know, the trouble with ice 5 in its liquid form is it's too unstable,
too hard to mass-produce. I've made people drink it, breathe it, applied it
topically, laced it into food. One thing I've never tried, though, is to inject it directly
into the brain. Maybe because it's not cost effective.
FENTON: I think you should do it. It's your fault he's here.

VAUGHN: You hate him. You hate what he does.
KIERA: Shut up.
VAUGHN: I could have helped you. I would have.
FENTON: My sister may look like an angel, but her heart is as black as yours, and
VAUGHN: I don't believe that. I know you want out. Everything I told you was true.
I can still help you. You know it.
FENTON: Show this fool he's wrong. Inject it into his eye. I want you to be the
last thing he sees.

FENTON: I don't know how you got in here, little girl, but it was a big mistake.


KIERA: Forgive.
VAUGHN: Kiera, you know I'm not really a priest. I can't do that.
KIERA: No. I forgive... I forgive you.


JACK: Fenton Keene's in custody, and the Ice 5 has been acquired. Sydney's safe,
and the whole team made it.
NADIA: Good. Thank you.
JACK(softly, kindly): May I see that photograph?

After a moment of studying the photo,

JACK: Irina told me years ago that this is a picture of her holding her niece. She
told me that holding this baby filled her with a longing and hope to have children
of her own. The next day, I asked Irina to marry me. I wanted my child to be loved
like the baby in this photograph.
JACK: Of course, the story could have been a total fabrication. Another one of the
countless lies designed to draw me in. Well, I choose to believe it was the truth.
When we had Sydney, Irina held her in this exact same way, and I can only imagine
she did the same with you. So, for me, I choose to believe. But then I suppose each
of us needs to find our own sense of closure.

Nadia cries.

On the CIA plane travelling back to LA:

SYDNEY: Listening to you talk to that woman...
VAUGHN: I know.
SYDNEY: I just wanted you to know you can talk to me whenever you want.

Vaughn smiles sleepily and replies quietly,

VAUGHN: Thanks.
SYDNEY: When we get back...maybe you should spend the night.

Vaughn doesn't answer.

SYDNEY: Vaughn?

She looks over and realizes that Vaughn is asleep. After touching his face softly and tucking him in under his blanket, she slowly removes her hand from his with a sigh.

Ecrit par Holly95 

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