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(Sydney, wearing fatigues and a bulletproof vest, runs down a hall in an underground tunnel. She comes to a stop and shoots down a hall. Irina, at the other end of the hall, shoots back. They're both breathing heavily. Irina pauses. Sydney looks down the hall and Irina shoots at her while Sydney hides. Sydney shoots. Irina makes a run for it, going to a ladder that leads up to the ground above. She starts climbing. Sydney runs after her and stops, her gun raised.)

SYDNEY: Freeze!

(Irina pauses, a few steps from making it to the ground above, and turns to Sydney. She looks at her. And then starts to move up the ladder. Sydney shoots her.)


(Irina falls on the ground, wincing. A helicopter whirs, approaching the ground. Sydney walks up on the ground over and crouches beside the fallen person. Vaughn runs up, also in fatigues.)

VAUGHN: (to comm) We have a casualty. Woman down. We need a medic.

(Dixon walks over to them, looking devastated. Sydney cries, on her knees. She puts her head down beside their body.)

(Los Angeles. Five days earlier. Sydney and Vaughn walk into the ops center together.)

VAUGHN: They'll probably keep me in debrief for a while.

SYDNEY: You'll be okay.

VAUGHN: If you never see me again, it was fun.

SYDNEY: Shut up.

AGENT: Mr. Vaughn, Mr. Yeager would like to--

VAUGHN: Talk to me. Yeah, I know.

(The agent takes off Vaughn's ID badge on his chest. He nervously smiles at Sydney and leaves with the agent, walking away down the hall. Sydney spots her father and walks to him.)

SYDNEY: Dad, I need to talk to you about Vaughn.

JACK: I know he's under investigation.

SYDNEY: He's innocent. He was investigating Mom. It wasn't treason.

JACK: Sydney, the operation in Panama didn't go as planned.

SYDNEY: What happened? Is it--is Mom okay?

JACK: Your mother betrayed us. Betrayed the CIA. Her meeting with Sloane was staged to secure her escape.

SYDNEY: You don't know that. Sloane could've set up the meet to abduct her.

JACK: Before the operation, she swapped the Rambaldi manuscript. She left us with a fake. She and Sloane are now in possession of the original. Sydney, they planned this.

(In the hallway going to Irina's cell. The cell bars raise as Dixon walks in. He looks in the cell at Sydney, who is sitting on Irina's bed. He sits next to her.)

DIXON: I heard about your mother. I'm... so sorry. There's a briefing in ten minutes, they're drawing up a plan to capture Sloane and your mother. I'm supposed to tell you you're not obligated to go.

(Sydney looks over at him and shows him the earrings Irina got from her mother.)

SYDNEY: My mother's earrings. They found a note she left, she wanted me to have them. (looks away) Just now, when my dad was telling me, the first thought I had was that she was dead, that she'd been killed. I had this whole thing in my head that she died proving herself a hero.

DIXON: No one can be blamed for trusting their own mother.

SYDNEY: I wish she had been killed.

(On a private plane Irina, Sloane and Sark sit together. Sark remains silent, looking at his laptop screen.)

IRINA: I still have operatives in St. Petersburg, Memford and Cairo.

SLOANE: How reliable?

IRINA: Reliable.

SLOANE: Good. You, are you all right?

IRINA: The extraction went well.

SLOANE: I'm asking about you, Irina.

IRINA: I'm happy to see you again.

SLOANE: I was thinking the same thing myself. What about the genetic database?

IRINA: Sark and I will meet you back in Surish. As soon as they're acquired, you'll have the files.

SLOANE: Good. I'll be in Tuscany with Emily.

IRINA: How is she?

SLOANE: She's in remission. The hard part for her now is missing the people she had to leave behind. Especially Sydney. You know how much we loved her as if she were our own.

IRINA: (to Sark) Excuse us.

(Sark takes his laptop and leaves. Irina leans forward.)

IRINA: I see through you. You must know that.

SLOANE: This is who I am.

IRINA: You may need to think of yourself as an honorable husband, a father figure. But I don't. I will never see that man in you, which frankly is why we have this agreement.

SLOANE: You need to get some rest.

IRINA: Never talk to me about your love for Sydney again.

SLOANE: Get some rest.

(He gets up and leaves her. She sits back in her seat.)

(Briefing with Kendall, Jack, Dixon, Sydney, and Marshall. Kendall stands, addressing the room.)

KENDALL: As many of you know, our attempt to capture Arvin Sloane failed. We believe that Irina Derevko, while in our custody, somehow made contact with Sloane, informed him of our intention to apprehend him, and used it as an opportunity to escape. Due to Jack Bristow's intimate knowledge of the fugitive in question and his longstanding written record of accurate predictions regarding Derevko, Langley has given him operational control of this task force.

(Kendall sits. Jack stands.)

JACK: In all likelihood, Sloane and Derevko have formed a strategic partnership. As of this morning, our single aim will be their apprehension. Derevko has been tagged with a passive tracking device-- MARSHALL: Um, excuse me, sir, sorry to interrupt. Um, by the way, congratulations on the heading the operation task force... thing. The device that we implanted into Derevko isn't passive.

JACK: Yes, it is. I removed the original device in case Derevko was swept for bugs. Without her knowledge, I injected her with a passive transmitter.

MARSHALL: Wow. Actually that's really smart because, well, basically if they do a bug sweep they won't pick up anything until it transmits. Hey, how'd you plant it without her knowing?


JACK: The transmitter is programmed to send a signal twelve hours from now. That allows her enough time to reach Sloane before going active. A tactical team's on standby out of Edwards airforce base. Once we acquire the signal, we'll move in and take them into custody.

(Tuscany. At their villa, Sloane and Emily walk by the pool.)

EMILY: I don't know what to say. This house is... when will we know if they accept our offer?

SLOANE: I closed last week.

EMILY: What?

SLOANE: (laughs) Oh, I wanted to surprise you. Just wanted to make you happy.

EMILY: These past few months have been like a dream. Thank God we got through it.

SLOANE: I love you.

(They kiss.)

(Target practice. Sydney shoots at a sheet and removes her ear protectors.)

VAUGHN: Nice grouping.


(They kiss. The sheet whirs up.)

SYDNEY: What happened?

VAUGHN: They downgraded my security clearance but only temporarily until counterintelligence clears me officially. Meanwhile your father convinced them to keep me field-rated.

SYDNEY: Then you heard about my mother.


(Sydney puts a new sheet up and it whirs back into place.)

SYDNEY: You were right to investigate her.

VAUGHN: Sydney...

SYDNEY: No, it's okay. It's the truth. I'm not blaming you, it's me. I was so naive about her.

VAUGHN: I don't think you should be a part of this task force. Look, you know how I feel about Irina Derevko but no one should have to hunt down their own mother, no matter what the circumstances are.

SYDNEY: She was never my mother.

VAUGHN: You wanna believe that?

SYDNEY: Don't do this to me again. Don't condescend.

VAUGHN: That's not what I'm doing, you know that. Look, if you corner her and you hesitate to pull the trigger, even for one second, it could cost you your life.

(Sydney puts glasses on and the ear protectors. She aims her gun at the sheet.)

SYDNEY: I won't hesitate.

(She fires.)

(Kendall and Jack are in the ops center.)

KENDALL: Let me be blunt, Jack. I accepted your recommendation to trust Derevko because you made a strong argument. A personal one. An argument which I now understand you didn't believe, or you would have never gone to the trouble of placing a passive transmitter on that woman without informing me. It was my call to let her out and I stand by that decision but you blindsided me, you son of a bitch! And your pretense of an apology doesn't do either of us any good.

JACK: I'll be equally blunt. From the moment Irina Derevko walked in this door, you ordered Sydney to deal with her, over my objections, with absolute disregard for her emotional well being.

KENDALL: That was my perogative, and I stand by that call.

JACK: With that said, it's not my intention to replace you. As soon as I'm satisfied that Derevko can never harm my daughter again, you'll have your title back.

(Marshall hesitantly approaches.)

MARSHALL: Uh, excuse me... actually, I'm really not sure who I'm supposed to address because, you know, you're both standing here. Who's in charge...?

JACK: What IS IT, Marshall!

KENDALL: What do you WANT?

MARSHALL: Um, the passive transmitter that Mr. Bristow injected into his wife -- ex-wife, sorry -- well, um, it just went active. And we're tracking her.

(Plane. Sydney and Vaughn talk to a group of agents.)

SYDNEY: Base ops, let's track Derevko's signal to Stuttgart. Once on the ground, we will confirm the signal with visual identification but we will not engage until we know the whereabouts of all three.

(They circulate a photograph of Sloane, Irina and Sark.)

VAUGHN: We move in only after Derevko's led us to Sloane.

(Stuttgart. Irina, wearing a business suit, walks with a German businessman.)

IRINA: Like many pharmaceutical companies, the firm I represent has closely monitored your work mapping the human genome. We are interested in licensing that work.

(Outside the building, Sark sits in a van, listening in and looking at his laptop.)

OFFICIAL: We're in the process of fielding many such offers. I'm afraid your firm, Schtat Pharmaceuticals, I'm not familiar.

IRINA: Oh, we are a small Scandinavian consortium, but I will not have come all this way if I did not believe my offer was significant.

(She hands him a card with their price.)

OFFICIAL: I will show you where the data is processed. Right this way.

IRINA: Thank you.

SARK: (on comm) Servers are located in sublevel E. Beyond radio contact. When you're prepared for extraction, I'll be standing by.

(Inside their own van, Sydney and Vaughn are on comm with Kendall, Jack and Marshall back in LA. Sydney and Vaughn have a couple of agents in the van with them.)

SYDNEY: We're two blocks away from the tracking signal. Any intel on that location?

JACK: Brucker Biotech. They're the German equivalent of the human genome project.

KENDALL: We're running a complete analysis of the company, every patent they hold, biographies of the board members, political contributions.

VAUGHN: Sloane and Derevko are getting their hands on genetic research. That can't be good.

MARSHALL: All right, I've hacked into their CCTV system, I'm relaying the feed to you now.

(Their screen is split into four quadrants, showing four security camera angles.)

SYDNEY: Let's see what we've got.

AGENT: Agent Bristow, we're pulling into position.

(From his van across the street, Sark watches out the windshield as the nondescript green CIA van pulls up and a man climbs out. Sark's suspicious.)

(Outside the building, Sark climbs the steps with a cell phone and briefcase.)

SARK: Hello, my name is Peter Garo, I'm Ms. Hertzgar's assistant. I'm just pulling up and running late as it is. Would it be possible to have a pass waiting for me at the front desk? Thank you.

(Sydney watches the CCTV feed as Sark walks in the building, catching himself on the security cameras.)


VAUGHN: We have a visual ID, he's entering the building.

JACK: We see him. Hold your position.

KENDALL: For now. We've confirmed Derevko and Sark, that's good enough for me.

JACK: Noted.

(The official leads Irina inside the server room.)

OFFICIAL: It took fifteen years of analysis, but we finally assembled all the information in a high-resolution DNA map of equal detail.

(Sark comes barging in. Irina looks, surprised, as he calmly shoots out the camera. The signal goes static. He then shoots the official in the chest, sending him backwards into a chair, dead.)

SYDNEY: Sark's taking ou surveillance cameras, we just lost the feed.

KENDALL: They may know we're here.

(Inside the server room.)

SARK: There's a tactical team in a van out front. We've been tracked. I've swept myself, I'm clean.

(He takes out a bug sweeper that acts much like a metal detector. He runs it down and up Irina's body. It beeps when he runs it in front of her breasts.)

IRINA: Jack.

(Back in LA.)

KENDALL: The mission's been compromised.

JACK: It's harder now, obviously, but not impossible.

KENDALL: If we don't go in now, we could lose everything.

JACK: The transmitter is still active, we can track them. Sloane is the objective, remember that.

KENDALL: Sloane may or may not be here. They may or may not be working with Sloane.

(Sark takes out a medical kit.)

SARK: I don't understand, when we extracted you from the CIA, we scanned you for transmitters.

IRINA: It must've been on a time delay.

(She opens her business suit jacket, revealing just her black bra underneath. Sark takes out two electro medical paddles. He looks at her, unsure.)

IRINA: Do it.

(Leaning up against the wall, she braces herself. Sark shocks her chest with the paddles, scrambling the signal. Irina grunts in pain. The signal is lost on Marshall's computer in LA.)

MARSHALL: We lost her!

JACK: How?

MARSHALL: I don't know, flagged somehow. Overloaded, I guess. The signal's gone, there's nothing I can do.

SYDNEY: Look, if we lose her now, we lose her for good!

JACK: Move in.

SYDNEY: (to assembled agents) Call Rutger security, tell them we have two wanted terrorists on the premises. Have them seal the building immediately, we will meet them in the lobby.

(At a computer, Irina takes out a disk.)

IRINA: This will get us into the hard drive.

SARK: Is the file on the network?

IRINA: Yes, but it's encrypted. I'll transfer the file and we can cypher it later.

SARK: How long to download?

IRINA: Five minutes. Make sure there is no evidence that we were here.

SARK: All right, I'll take care of it. I'll set the detonation for six minutes. Meet me at the extraction point.

(In the boiler room, Sark leaves a bomb that is set for six minutes. He leaves.)

(Sydney runs down a hall in the main building, her gun out. Irina's computer is finished downloading, she removes the disk. Sydney enters the server room and finds the dead official. She turns and leaves. In a stairwell leading to the hallways, Vaughn and another agent climb the stairs. The agent opens the door and Sark is there. He hits the man, knocking him out. Vaughn struggles with Sark, punching him once. Sark elbows Vaughn in the face, sending him down a few stairs. They grab at each other, Sark throwing Vaughn against the railing which makes Vaughn drop his gun. Sark hits Vaughn and he goes tumbling down a few steps, stopping on the landing. Sark grabs Vaughn's fallen gun and points it at him, coming down the stairs, coming closer. He shoots Vaughn in the chest. Vaughn gasps in pain, turning away. Sark is about to shoot him again when his gun is shot out of his hand. He looks up at Sydney, a floor above, with her gun raised. Sark runs. Sydney runs down the stairs.)

SYDNEY: Vaughn! Vaughn!

(She turns him towards her. She unzips his jacket and sees the bullet lodged in his vest. She kisses his forehead.)

SYDNEY: You're okay?

VAUGHN: Yeah. Yeah, I'm okay.

SYDNEY: Come on.

(She helps him up.)

(Thirty-five seconds left on the bomb.)

(In the building, she runs down a hall with Vaughn.)

VAUGHN: What about Derevko?

SYDNEY: She's got to be here.

IRINA: Sydney!

(They stop and turn. Behind them is Irina. She looks at Sydney.)

SYDNEY: Dad, I see her!

(Irina turns and runs the other way, down the hall.)

SYDNEY: We're going after her! She's exiting the building!

(Eight seconds left. Vaughn and Sydney run out of the building together with four seconds left. They look around for Irina just as the bomb goes off, making all the windows explode. Vaughn grabs Sydney and they run for cover.)

(Tuscany. Sloane walks in the kitchen, talking on his cell phone. Emily is at the counter, chopping vegetables.)

SLOANE: Yeah. I'll talk to you later.

(He hangs up and puts his cell on the counter. He smiles at Emily.)

SLOANE: What's for dinner?

EMILY: Riboletta. It's bread and vegetable soup.

(He kisses her.)

SLOANE: Mmm. Well, sounds great. I'll get the rebello.


(He leaves the room. His cell phone rings. Emily glances over at it, continues to chop. It rings again. Again. Again. Finally, she answers it.)

EMILY: Hello?

IRINA: May I speak with your husband?

EMILY: Yes, just a moment.

(Sloane comes into the kitchen with the bottle of wine.)

EMILY: It's for you. It's a woman.

SLOANE: Thanks. (on phone) Yeah?

(Irina is in a vehicle with Sark, who drives.)

IRINA: I've recovered the file. I was tracked.

SLOANE: By whom?

IRINA: CIA. Until we know otherwise, we have to assume you've been exposed as well. You better leave the house until we know for sure.

SLOANE: Yeah. I agree.

IRINA: Meet me at the airfield.


(He hangs up and looks at Emily.)

SLOANE: We have to leave.

EMILY: What? Who was that?

SLOANE: I will explain everything later. But we have to leave the house, it's just a precaution.

EMILY: Against what? What's going on?

SLOANE: Emily, listen to me! We have to leave the house now.

EMILY: I don't understand...

SLOANE: Look at me! You have to trust me, Emily. Please! You have to trust me!

(Briefing. Vaughn, Sydney, Marshall, Jack, Will.)

WILL: Aside from cancer studies, Brucker sponsored genetic research, specifically the mapping of sequencing human chromosomes. But it's rumored that they've catologued the DNA of private citizens. Some say millions.

MARSHALL: Well, if that's true then, for one... um, I'm sorry to interrupt, I just--Is that suede?

WILL: Yes.

MARSHALL: Um, Sloane could develop a gentically targeted virus or he could pollute the entire water supply just to kill one specific person when he or she takes a drink of water or takes a shower then the water would permeate the system.

JACK: I'll instruct the NSA to add every derivation of genome and genetics to the Echelon watchlist.

(The meeting over, people stand up, ready to leave. Marshall turns to Sydney.)

MARSHALL: Uh, excuse me, one thing. Did you say that before the explosion, your mother called out your name?


MARSHALL: Well, why'd she do that? Does that seem weird to anyone or is that just me? It's cool if it is just me. It is just me, isn't it?

JACK: Irina may have wanted to save Sydney's life.

SYDNEY: I doubt that's the case.

(A plane is waiting at an airfield. Sloane and Emily board.)

EMILY: What do you mean, you own this?

SLOANE: It's my plane, sweetheart. It's ours.

EMILY: Arvin, I've been more than patient. It's enough.

(Irina stands up from her seat.)

IRINA: Hello.

EMILY: I don't... understand...

(Irina comes closer and gives Emily a hug. Emily is frightened and shocked.)

EMILY: Laura.... Laura, I thought...

IRINA: Arvin will tell you. (to Sloane) The disk, as promised.

(She leaves them alone.)

SLOANE: Emily, sit down.

EMILY: How long have you known that she was alive?

SLOANE: A couple of months.

EMILY: And you didn't tell me this? What the hell is going on?

SLOANE: Emily.

EMILY: Tell me. Don't treat me like a fool! Stop telling me that the deception is over!

SLOANE: I had to wait. I wanted to make sure it was going to work.

EMILY: What are we doing here with a woman who died twenty years ago?

SLOANE: What I'm pursuing, this truth...

EMILY: Truth. Good, well, that explains it all. I guess you and I are looking for the same thing!

SLOANE: Emily, what I'm looking for, among other things, will let you live cancer free.

EMILY: I am cancer free.

SLOANE: Forever.

(Francie's restaurant. Will, Francie, Sydney and Vaughn sit at a table together.)

WILL: Wait, wait, wait, wait, you're saying in high school my girlfriend dated a quarterback?

SYDNEY: I mean, it was no big deal. He was just this, like... god.

(They laugh.)

SYDNEY: What was his name? Frank or Hank?

FRANCIE: I forgot all about that guy.

(Sydney looks at her strangely.)

FRANCIE: (to Vaughn) Wow, you know, I went shopping the other day and I saw something that reminded me of you.

(She hands over a gift box to Vaughn.)

SYDNEY: You bought Vaughn a present?

FRANCIE: Why not?

WILL: Because it's the weirdest thing of all time?

FRANCIE: I just saw something and it reminded me of him. I don't know, maybe you can do that for me sometime.

WILL: Nice... thanks.

SYDNEY: Well, see, you're making me look bad. I still haven't bought him anything.

FRANCIE: Sydney was always saying you're wearing suits so I thought...

(He opens it. It's a tie.)

VAUGHN: Oh, wow... it's beautiful, thank you. That's very sweet.

FRANCIE: You're welcome.

(Will looks at her strangely. Sydney and Vaughn's beepers go off in unison.)

SYDNEY: We have to go.

(Ops center. Jack and an agent are seated in front of a computer.)

SYDNEY: What's going on?

JACK: You have to see this.

VAUGHN: What is this?

JACK: Security camera at our consulate in Florence last night.

(Security footage shows Emily walk in, looking uncertain.)

SYDNEY: She's alive?

JACK: She walked through the front door, told the duty guard she is the wife of Arvin Sloane, that she wants to cooperate with the CIA and that she will only talk to you.

(In Florence, Emily sits in a room, alone. Sydney enters and looks at her for a moment.)

SYDNEY: I spoke at your funeral.

EMILY: Arvin told me.

(Sydney sits down.)

EMILY: Yesterday I felt exactly the way you do now, seeing someone I thought was gone.

SYDNEY: My mother.

EMILY: (nods) You know.


EMILY: I never wanted to put you through that but Arvin and I had no choice. The Alliance had to believe I was dead.

SYDNEY: You knew about his involvement with the Alliance and you stayed with him?

EMILY: I know this is difficult for you to understand but when I found out I had cancer, Arvin was my tether to hope, to survival. And when I went into remission, he told me the truth. He asked for my forgiveness and promised he would make things right. He's been my whole world for thirty years, he saved my life. I couldn't deny my husband a second chance.

SYDNEY: Except nothing's changed. I'm assuming that's why you're here.

EMILY: He told me his plan, to find out what this man Rambaldi was working on. He rationalizes what he's done. He says he's doing it for us, for me. Even if I believe him, I won't be the excuse for his crimes. I won't live with that on my conscience. I'll help you bring him in but I need you to guarantee me something in return.


EMILY: That he won't get the death penalty. I want it in writing, before I tell you where he is.

(Vaughn, Jack and Kendall at ops center.)

KENDALL: We can't make that kind of deal! For all we know, Sloane sent his wife in to mislead us.

VAUGHN: No, Sydney trusts Emily.

KENDALL: Well, congratulations! But is that enough reason to take that chance? Why not threaten her with prosecution, compel her to tell us where she's meeting Sloane.

VAUGHN: Prosecution for what?

KENDALL: What, are you kidding me? Conspiracy, fraud, aiding and abetting a terrorist...

JACK: We need Emily's cooperation and I believe she will lead us right to Sloane and Irina.

KENDALL: Fine. It's your call anyway, isn't it?

(Kendall stomps away. Jack looks at Vaughn.)

JACK: Go to Florence with Dixon, I'll tell Sydney to make the deal. A tactical team will be ready for you by the time you land.

(He gives a pat to Vaughn's shoulder and they walk away in different directions.)

(Irina is on the phone with Sloane. She stands outside, while he's in a dark office somewhere.)

IRINA: I'm meeting with a man this afternoon who can get us six hours in a KRX1 computer. It should be able to decrypt the genetic database. Are you there?

SLOANE: What if I told you that I wanted you to buy me out? That I'd be willing to sell you the breath of my assets, my contacts, all the Rambaldi artifacts I've acquired over the last thirty years, everything?

IRINA: I'd say that either you're setting me up to kill me or I underestimated your love for your wife.

SLOANE: Well, I'm going back to Tuscany to see Emily. The house is safe. Emily's meeting me there. I'll bring the database with me, you can pick it up from me there. I can't blame Emily, she's right. I want out.

(At the consulate, Sydney slides over a thick document to Emily.)

SYDNEY: This document guarantees that the justice department will not pursue the death penalty for your husband. Take a few minutes to read it before you sign.

EMILY: I don't need to.

(She signs it.)

SYDNEY: You understand you're going to have to wear a wire. The operation's being drawn up, the raid will be dangerous but you will be fine. We will protect you.

EMILY: Sydney... I know I've disappointed you, that I chose to stay with Arvin, that I came here to ask you to show mercy for a man who took so much away from you.

SYDNEY: You're in an impossible situation. At your funeral, I said that I've always thought of you as my real mother. I meant it.

(She stands. Emily takes her hand and lets out a breath.)

(At the villa, Emily stands alone, very nervous. She speaks via her wire.)

EMILY: He's going to know. It's odd, I feel like I'm talking to myself. It's comforting to know that you're out there listening.

(Sydney, in her fatigues like the beginning, hides in the trees outside the home. She nods over to Vaughn, also in fatigues. She and Vaughn and the other agents approach.)

EMILY: Oh, God, I think he's here.

(A car drives up and Sloane steps out with a bodyguard. Agents run ahead, hiding behind trees. Dixon among them. Irina gets out of the back of the car with Sloane and the guard. The three of them go inside the house. The CIA agents approach even closer, spotting one of Sloane's guards on the roof. They shoot him, climbing over the railing, getting in closer. Dixon runs up with Vaughn. Inside the mansion, Sloane walks with Irina.)

SLOANE: The genetic database is in a safe in the study. It's just off to the left. This is the combination.

(He takes out a card from his jacket pocket, hands it over.)

IRINA: Are you certain about this?

SLOANE: Yeah. Yeah.

(Outside, Sydney and the agents wait.)

(Sloane walks in the room where Emily stands. He looks at her.)

SLOANE: I'm sorry. There's no point in my continuing if you're not with me.

SYDNEY: We're on!

EMILY: You said that before.

SLOANE: (shrugs) It's different this time.

EMILY: What changed so much in one day?

SLOANE: Everything.

(Outside with Sydney, Vaughn and the agents.)

SYDNEY: When we hear Emily say she's going to the wine cellar, we move in.

(Back inside the villa.)

EMILY: The things you've done, there's just been too much suffering.

SLOANE: You have every right to not believe me, but it doesn't matter. You will. I will never leave you again.

(She takes a few steps away from him, crying a little.)

EMILY: Arvin, I... I'm here to say goodbye.

SLOANE: Emily... do you remember how it felt when I found you on the beach and I told you that it was over?

EMILY: (crying) Arvin...

SLOANE: All that matters is this.

EMILY: Please...

SLOANE: What we have, between us.

EMILY: Just stop...

SLOANE: That no one else is a part of.

EMILY: (crying) Oh, God, please! Just stop!

(Crying, she looks up at him. He's crying as well. Emily slowly unzips her shirt, showing him the wire taped to her chest. She yanks it off, breaking the connection. His chin quivers. Outside the house, Sydney looks at the agents.)

SYDNEY: We've lost the signal, Sloane may have found the wire.

EMILY: The CIA's been listening. They're here.

(He cups her face.)

SYDNEY: We have to go!

(Sloane is crying.)

SLOANE: Doesn't matter. All I need to know right now is if you want to come with me.

EMILY: Come with you?

SLOANE: If you don't want to, I'll understand, but Emily, please... you have to make your mind up right now.


(They run to the house. Inside, Emily is weeping. She nods her head.)

EMILY: Yes! I will.

(He kisses her. Vaughn comes up to the glass door and tosses something inside. It goes off, causing a small explosion, which blows out the glass. Vaughn and Sydney enter. Sloane and Emily run past the hall.)

VAUGHN: Sloane!

(He looks up but keeps running. Vaughn shoots one of the guards. Sydney and Vaughn run down the hall together, coming closer. Sloane and Emily, hand in hand, run down a hall. They pass Irina. Sloane hits a button, opening a secret passage.)

SLOANE: Come on.

IRINA: Go! I have the disk, ready for extraction.

SARK: Copy that.

(Irina runs in the secret passage as well. Sydney comes up, gun raised. Sees it.)

SYDNEY: They're in some kind of tunnel, it starts at the east. Check from the outside to see where it leads.

VAUGHN: Copy. I'm on my way.

(At the beginning now. Sydney and Irina exchange gunfire from opposite ends of the hall. Irina runs for the ladder. She's almost at the top.)

SYDNEY: Freeze! Don't move!

(Irina tries to continue going up, but Sydney shoots her in the shoulder. Irina drops the disk at Sydney's feet and hauls herself up.)

IRIAN: Ugh! Ow... ahhh...

(Irina drops to the ground. Sydney picks up the disk and climbs the ladder. A helicopter hovers near the ground with Sark leaning by the door. He shoots at Sydney, forcing her to take cover. Dixon has his gun pointed from the bushes as Sloane and Emily run across the backyard together, just like Irina. A helicopter flies over Dixon's head, distracting him, and his finger hits the trigger. Emily and Sloane fall to the ground. Irina runs up to them, cradling her bloody shoulder. Sloane cries, holding Emily's dead body. Dixon shot her. Sloane kisses her forehead. Irina grabs him with her good arm, pulling him up. Sydney runs. Sloane gets in the helicopter, staring at Emily's body. Irina climbs in.)

SARK: Go, go, go!

(They get in the air. Sloane looks down as Sydney runs over to Emily. Sloane sits back in his seat, crying.)

SARK: Do you have the disk?

(Irina shakes her head. They look down below as the helicopter flies away. Down on the ground, Sydney holds Emily's body. She has a gunshot right where her heart would be. Sydney cries. Dixon and Vaughn approach, Dixon looking devastated. Sydney cries.)

(In LA, at Sydney's house, she's in bed, facing away from Vaughn.)

VAUGHN: Syd? You okay?

SYDNEY: I don't want to talk. Not now.

(She takes his hand and kisses it. He gets in next to her, kissing the back of her neck. There's a ticking, beeping noise.)

SYDNEY: Is that your phone?

VAUGHN: Nuh-uh. Yours?


(They sit up. Sydney looks at her nightstand, opens the jewelry box where the noise is coming from. She takes out the earrings.)

VAUGHN: What is that?

SYDNEY: My mother's earrings. I thought they were checked?

VAUGHN: They were.

(They continue to beep.)

VAUGHN: Wait.... it's a repeating pattern.

SYDNEY: Dash dot dash.

VAUGHN: K. Definitely morse code.

(Sydney grabs a piece of paper and pen. She starts writing.)

SYDNEY: An E. That's a T.

VAUGHN: Another T.

(He sits up beside her. She writes the whole thing down: KESTIMETRUTHTA)

VAUGHN: It's encoded.

(She rips the sheet in three.)

VAUGHN: What are you doing?

(She shows him the message: TRUTH TAKES TIME)

Ecrit par PaceyJoers 

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