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#107 : Mon ego surdimensionné

JD commence à prendre ses aises à l'hopital Sacré Coeur. Mais son assurance grandissante lui joue des tours lorsqu'il voit apparaître Murdoch. Cet étudiant devient très vite la coqueluche des docteurs et laisse JD sur le carreau. Et pour ne rien arranger, Elliot trouve le moyen d'avoir le béguin plour lui. De son côté, Turk fait une petite crise de trouille à l'idée de rater une opération et n'en parle pas à Carla.

Titre VO
My Super Ego

Titre VF
Mon ego surdimensionné

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Ecrit par: Mike Schwartz

Réalisé par: Peter Lauer

JD est donc lors des visites plus confiant et fier de lui que jamais, il se qualifiera même de dieu qui, comme toujours, possède un rival, Nick Murdoch, un autre interne très doué. Cette espèce de compétition que JD entreprendra seul deviendra bientôt une obsession alors que Nick, lui, ne s'apercevant de rien, traitera le docteur Dorian en ami.

A ce moment là, Elliot fantasme littéralement sur le rival de JD qui, lui aussi, éprouvera certaines envies concernant l'interne Murdoch mais plutôt sur le fait de l'étrangler afin de reprendre le flambeau. De plus, un nouveau prétexte à compétition et à jalousie viendra s'ajouter lorsque le Docteur Cox favorisera Nick à JD pour un travail médical.

Turk de son côté éprouvera certaines difficultés en chirurgie dues au stress mais il sera conseillé par le docteur Cox sur un remède miracle en cas de crise de trouille pendant que JD, tellement obsédé par le fait d'être meilleur que Nick, finira presque seul avant de se ressaisir et d'aller lui parler afin d'arranger les choses. Il se rendra par la suite compte que personne n'est à l'abri de la peur en observant Nick terrifié et à bout d'énergie.

Cet épisode enseignera à JD qu'il n'est pas nécessaire d'être le meilleur puisque Nick démissionnera suite à une déception.

Dr. Kelso is conducting rounds.

Dr. Kelso: Let's start off with a toughy. Who can tell me...

He continues asking his question, but is drowned out by...

J.D.'s Narration: Over the last few weeks, the most amazing thing has happened -- I've been nailing rounds. I think I'm actually starting to separate myself from the pack.

J.D. glides out to the front of the group.

J.D.: Sir, I'd say it's Beck's Triad.

Dr. Kelso proudly points at J.D. with a pistol gesture. He "shoots" -- there's a sound effect.
J.D. winks.

J.D.'s Narration: ...It keeps me on top of my game...

Cut to...
J.D. passes a young doctor examining an x-ray.

J.D.: Looks like a break in the ulna, right there.

He taps the x-ray.

J.D.'s Narration: It's good to be the king.

Flash to...
J.D. passes Elliot, who's going over a chart.

J.D.: You know, it's--it's okay to be impressed by me -- most girls are.

Before she can say anything, he cockily strides off.

J.D.'s Narration: The only problem with reaching the top is that sooner or later someone starts nipping at your heels.

J.D. stops in his tracks as the doors burst open and a team rushes a patient in on a gurney. A doctor (who looks kinda like Jack on 'Will & Grace') is straddling the patient to deliver CPR as he's wheeled to the ER.

J.D.'s Narration: ...For me, that guy was Nick Murdoch.

Glorious music plays as Nick looks up briefly and flashes J.D. a salute and a sparkling smile.

Elliot: Wow.

J.D.: Well, the gurney adds drama.



Cut to...
J.D. is staring in the observation window of one of the cubicles, where Nick and Nurse Roberts are tending to the 7-year-old patient, Peter.

J.D.'s Thoughts: So that's the guy who wants to take me down.

Nick: Of course you're gonna have a scar, Peter. I're not getting any surgery, but chicks dig scars, so I think I'm gonna give you one anyway.

He gives Peter a grin and a pat on the arm and turns to Nurse Roberts, who pulls him aside.

Nurse Roberts: Doctor.... Peter's drug rash is getting a lot worse.

Nick: No problem. Just give him Prednisone and Benadryl. I'll go...

He continues speaking, but is drowned out by...

J.D.'s Thoughts: Good bed-side manner, good rapport with the nurses...

While Nick is speaking with Nurse Roberts, he nods towards the window at J.D.

J.D.'s Narration: ...sees me staring at him....

J.D. flees the window.

Nick: [finishing with Nurse Roberts] ...for a dermatology consult.

Nick leaves the room, heading straight into J.D.'s path.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Act busy!

He leans down and starts knocking on the bottom of the door frame.

J.D.: That's the...that's the stud, right there. That's where you'd...hang a painting.

Nick: [serious narrator voice] He was born John Dorian, but he was simply known as 'J.D.' -- Doctor. Friend. Lover.

J.D. furrows his brow.

Nick: [smiling] Hey, man, how are ya?

J.D.: Hey, how are you?

Nick puts his arms around J.D. in a big hug.

J.D.: Oh, okay. There--there that is.

Nick: Gosh, can you believe we're doctors? [they look at their reflection in the window] The other night, I'm at a restaurant and this guy starts choking. They asked if anyone was a doctor, I didn't even move!

J.D.: Yeah, I know. I still feel like I'm seven years old, playing 'MASH' with my older brother.

A young J.D., wearing a blond wig, faces the camera.

Little J.D.: I don't wanna be HotLips again!

J.D.'s Brother: [off camera] Shut up, and kiss Frank.

Young J.D. turns wide-eyed to the large bulldog beside him, which is wearing an Army cap.


J.D.: I don't talk to my brother much.

Nick laughs.

J.D.'s Thoughts: What are you doing? Don't connect with him.

J.D.: Well, I'll see ya.

Nick: Okay.

They start to part, but then...

J.D.: Wait. Whatever happened to the guy in the restaurant?

Nick: Oh, eventually I remembered I was a doctor; 'course, he'd been dead for twenty minutes -- very embarrassing. Food was good, though.

With a grin, he takes off.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Don't laugh. Don't laugh!

The camera zooms in on J.D's lips, which are trying desperately to stifle a laugh.
He titters.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Damn!


Dr. Cox and Carla are treating a patient.
Doug enters.

Doug: Hi.

Dr. Cox: Anytime you wanna get more gauze, it'd be a real treat for all of us.

Doug races out on his mission.

Carla: [to Cox] It's hard being you, isn't it.

Dr. Cox: It is.

Carla's amusement is evident.

Dr. Cox: What's with the smile?

Carla: This whole big bad wolf thing -- it's such an act.

Doug comes back in and hands some gauze to Dr. Cox. He stands there.

Dr. Cox: Neat-o! Well now, whatta ya want, a tip? Get out. [whistles] Go, go, go!

Doug races out again.

Dr. Cox: [to Carla] I'm not sure I agree.


Turk is in Surgery with Dr. Wen, Todd, and the rest of the surgical team.
He's bopping to the Tribe Called Quest music playing in the room.
Dr. Wen shoots him an exasperated look.

Todd: You good, T-dog?

Turk: I'm cool, man. I could do this with my eyes closed.

Dr. Wen gives him another look.

Turk: I won't, though.

Dr. Wen: Open the peritoneum.

Turk goes to work.

Dr. Wen: Nice clean cut. Good. Good. Whoa. Whoa! What's that smell?

Everybody freezes.

Turk: I don't know.

Dr. Wen: Did you nick the colon?

Turk: No! I mean I don't know. I-I-I-I don't think so. Did I?

Dr. Wen: Cut the music!


J.D. and Elliot are walking through.

Elliot: You know, I kinda had a date last night.

J.D.: Really?

Elliot: Yeah. Guy on the bus fell asleep on me, and drooled on my shoulder.

J.D.: [snickers] You slut.

Elliot: Yeah.

They enter...
Nick is up ahead conferring with another doctor.

J.D.: How about Nick?

Elliot: [lost in thought] Oh... I'd let him drool on me. [off J.D.'s look] Oh, that's gross, why did I say that? I--I shouldn't talk to people. Besides, I wouldn't know what to do even if I was interested.

J.D.: Well, you could start by looking at him.

Elliot takes a breath...and then a look. For about half a second.

Elliot: Did he look back, did he like me? Why doesn't he like me? I can't believe I already blew it.

Consumed with that thought, she goes off about her business.

J.D.'s Narration: It felt weird trying to push Nick on her. I mean, this morning I wanted to kill the guy; but the truth is, he's so nice, he probably would've helped me.

***FANTASY: J.D.'s perspective of his hands around Nick's neck, choking him.

Nick: Come on, J.D., you're not closing the windpipe -- you gotta put more pressure down here. [adjusts the thumbs on his throat] Come on, I know you can do it! Come on! Come on!


Dr. Kelso enters, heading toward the beds for rounds.

Dr. Kelso: Ahh, if it isn't the brain trust. Someone tell me what this patient's rash is. You have until I finish my squeezy-juice.

He shows the half empty bottle and begins drinking.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Oh, my God, I'm drawing a.... Oh, my God, I can't even remember what you draw when your mind draws a...something!

Nick leans over to J.D.

Nick: [whispering] It's Erythema Migrans.

J.D.: [whispering back] Then why don't you just answer it?

Nick: Everyone looks up to you. It's important to them that you don't get stumped. Besides, come on, it's important to you, too.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Please. Like he knows me.

Dr. Kelso finishes his juice with an "Ahh!"

J.D.: It's, uh, Erythema Migrans, sir!

Dr. Kelso shoots him another pistol-point.

Dr. Kelso: Right you are, Dr. Dorian!

Nick: [whispering and giving thumb's up] Nice.

***FANTASY: J.D. resumes choking Nick to death.

Nick: [gasping for air] Okay.... There you go.... Now you've got it.... Okay.

As he collapses to the ground out of camera shot, he holds up a thumb.



The surgical team stands nervously around the table as Dr. Wen frantically searches the patient.

Dr. Wen: I don't know where that smell came from!

Todd: Uh... sir?

Dr. Wen: What is it, do you see something?

Todd: Sir, I farted. That smell is from the fart that I made.

Turk: [shaking his head] Duuude.

Dr. Wen: Get the hell out of my OR!

Todd: Yes, sir.... Good.

He backs out.


J.D. comes around the desk and heads down the hall.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Time to put myself right back on top of Nick.... That came out wrong.

He Enters...
Dr. Cox is at the bed of a patient.

J.D.: Excuse me, Dr. Cox? I-I know that you need to pick an intern to co-write that case report on post-partem hemolytic---

Dr. Cox: Yeah, sure, congratulations. Now...go.

He waves him away.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Mission accomplished.

He smiles and starts to head out, but comes face to face with Nick, who's on his way in.

Nick: Hey, buddy! How are ya?

He gives J.D. a warm smile and a pat on the shoulder before turning to Dr. Cox.

Nick: Uh, Dr. Cox, I was wondering if I could co-write that case report with you.

Dr. Cox: Wow. This is good. Newbie-on-newbie. Too bad it can't be a fight to the death.

Nick: [to J.D.] Oh, no, no, no. I didn't know you wanted to do it. You do it.

J.D.: No---

Nick: You'll be great.

J.D.: Well I--- O-okay.

Dr. Cox: [to Nick] Hey, you, cut it out; nice guys aren't even that nice. [thinks] Now lemme see. Just exactly who to choose.... Who to choose...?

***Fantasy Sequence: A DOG SHOW
In a lovely garden setting, several pooches are on pedestals awaiting the trophy for "Best of Breed". Dr. Cox, in a tux, acts as judge. He moves down the line to Nick, whom he examines in the mouth, eyes, and ears.

Dr. Cox: [under breath] Okay....

He pats Sean on the head and moves on to J.D., whom he examines likewise.

Dr. Cox: [under breath] Mm-hmm.... Nice.... Uh-huh....
Okay, over.

He moves behind J.D. and reaches down. There's a jingle.

Dr. Cox: Ohhhh. Iiiiinteresting. Uh-huh.

He comes back around to the blinking J.D. and shoves a treat in his mouth, patting his face.

Dr. Cox: Thatta boy.


Dr. Cox: [grinning] I'm gonna go with...Guy smiley, here!

Nick's jaw drops, and J.D. glares at him in disappointment.

Nick: Wow.

Dr. Cox: Yeah, wow.

Nick: Huge moment for me.

Dr. Cox: I know.

Nick: [touched, to J.D.] Wish my dad was alive.

J.D. watches him leave the room.

J.D.'s Thoughts: Doesn't mean anything.

Dr. Cox gets up to leave as well. J.D. follows him out.

J.D.: So, what, you just, like, flipped a coin in your head, or...?

Dr. Cox stops.

Dr. Cox: No. It's just that, right now, he's better at internal medicine than you are.

He walks off down the hall.
J.D. turns to head off in the other direction, and almost runs into the Janitor.

J.D.: Okay, go, you know, insult me like you always do.

Janitor: Too easy. When you least expect it.


Turk and Todd are at a table having lunch.

Todd: Dr. Wen threatened to sew my butt-cheeks together.

Turk: And yet you continue to eat chili.

Todd: Dude, I'm takin' the cheese off!

He scoops the cheese off the top of his chili and drops it on his tray.

Turk: You know, even though nothing happened today, it's still kinda freakin' me out.

Todd listens as he scoops the cheese off his tray and eats it.

Todd: Mm-hmm.

Turk: I mean, one flinch, one hiccup, and that's the difference between life and death?

Todd: Mm.

Turk: It's a lot to have on your shoulders, you know?

Todd: Mm.

Carla arrives with her tray and sits down next to Turk.

Carla: Hey. What're you guys talking about?

Todd: [muffled by a full mouth] Cheese.

Carla: Turk is so lucky I met him first.

Todd gives her a cocky, cheese-eating grin and a wink.

Carla: [to Turk] How's my man doing?

Turk: Baby, most guys are here [holds his hand chest-level] but me, I'm, like, all up in here! Heh!

He raises his hand above his head, then turns back to the table.

Cut to...
Turk and Dr. Wen are looking down on the patient.

Dr. Wen: Dr. Turk, you can make the incision now.

Turk raises his scalpel, then stops.

Turk: Sir, um.... My hand's tightening up; I must be low on potassium.

Dr. Wen: All right, I'll take over.

Turk hands over his scalpel and leaves the table, looking disappointed and bewildered.


Nurse Roberts catches up with Nick.

Nurse Roberts: Dr. Murdoch. Peter's rash is gone, but he's vomited six times in the last hour.

Nick: No problem. Just give him Zofran and a 20 C.C. per kilo bolus of normal saline.

They stop at the NURSES' STATION, where J.D. is going over a chart, and Elliot is leaned over the counter talking to Carla.

J.D.'s Thoughts: I think everyone's finally coming around to my way of thinking about Nick.

Elliot and Carla check Nick out.

Carla: You're right, he definitely has a cute little butt.

Elliot: [sighs] Oh, it's almost like it's been sculpted.

J.D.: Who cares? Everybody's got a cute butt; _I_ have a cute butt.

Carla: You should bring it in someday.

Insulted, J.D. goes off about his work.
Elliot laughs and starts to do likewise, then stops and turns back to Carla.

Elliot: Hey, how's Turk doing?

Carla: He's fine, why?

Elliot: Because he totally froze during surgery yesterday? Didn't he tell you?

Carla: No....

Cut to...
Carla catches up with Turk, who's just pushed the button.

Carla: Hey, you!

Turk: Hey. Hey!

She puts her arms around him.

Carla: I feel like we haven't talked in ages.

Turk: Mm.

Carla: How are you?

He gives her a small kiss.

Turk: Fine.

Carla: Yeah?

Turk: Don't I look okay? You know...

He does a rather convincing little dance.

Turk: You know? I'm fine.

Carla doesn't look convinced as he starts down the hall. He turns back.

Turk: As a matter of fact: [more dancing, and now a song] I am doin' okay -- yeah! I am doin' okay -- yeah!

He leaves, keeping Carla shut out.


Dr. Kelso stands at the center of the group of interns.

Dr. Kelso: Good afternoon, doctors. I've gathered you all here because, well, attendance at my new conferences has been very disappointing. In fact, I've begun to wonder if maybe you have something more important to do. Maybe you feel the need to sneak off and have a little nappy-nap. I love nappy-naps. Or...maybe you've forgotten that my conferences are mandatory! My hospital, my rules!

J.D. steps forward.

J.D.: Actually, sir, I've never missed one. I just wanted to... Battin' a thousand over here!

Kelso gives him yet another pistol-point.
J.D. takes it with a modest smile, as Dr. Kelso comes closer.

Dr. Kelso: Son, I'm more proud of you than I've ever been of an intern.

He wraps J.D. in a huge hug, even wrapping his leg around J.D.'s.
J.D. looks over Dr. Kelso's shoulder at Nick.

J.D.'s Thoughts: How you like me now, Nick? Uh-oh.

Uh-oh, indeed, cause that's...

Nick has stepped forward and is finishing his explanation to Dr. Kelso.

Nick: So, you see, sir, the poor attendance is my fault. And my fault, only.

Dr. Kelso: Well, then. You have just won the privilege of writing my next ten lectures by...this afternoon.

He walks out.

J.D.: Paging Dr. Martyr. [titter-laughs] I mean what the hell was that guy--

He turns to see that everyone is thanking Nick, including the swooning Elliot.
The interns murmur, "Way to go, Nick," and "Hey...way to go!"

Elliot: Nick? That was amazing.

He modestly waves away her adoration. The murmurs continue: "That was incredible." "You are the man!"

J.D.: ....Thinking.

Everybody splits up, leaving the virtuous J.D. on his own.

J.D.'s Thoughts: [sad] It's good to be the king.



J.D. and Nick are there as the elevator arrives to reveal Dr. Kelso.

J.D.'s Narration: Things change when you're not the star anymore.

Kelso aims his pistol pointer, wavering as J.D. tries to be the one "shot". Finally, he "hits" Nick, who playfully pats his chest and grins at J.D.
He joins Dr. Kelso in the elevator.

Dr. Kelso: What can I say? The lectures this kid wrote for me were fantastic!

The doors close.

J.D.'s Narration: The hospital starts to seem like a whole different place.

***FANTASY: The hall takes on the look of a dark alley.
A scuzzy J.D. approaches an equally scuzzy Turk.

J.D.: Hey, man. Want some company?

Turk: Nah. I just wanna be alone.


The elevator doors open again to reveal the Janitor and his cart.

J.D.: Well?

Janitor: Not yet. But soon. Very soon.

He slips on a glove and cracks his knuckles threateningly as the doors close once more.


Carla is talking to Dr. Cox.

Carla: Why would Turk talk to Elliot about this and not me, anyway? They're not even friends, you know what I mean?

Dr. Cox: After twenty-five minutes, the only way I could know what you mean more is if you wrote "My boyfriend doesn't open up to me" on a big wooden mallet and repeatedly smashed me over the head with it.

Carla: Why can't you just, for once, dig deep down into your heart, access some emotions, and empathize with me.

He thinks a moment.

Dr. Cox: I'm sorry, uh, what were we doing?

Carla: See? That's why no one likes you.

She walks off behind the desk.

Dr. Cox: Hey. You like me a little bit.

Nurse Roberts turns her chair to give him a look.

Dr. Cox: [pointing] And so do you, sweetcakes. Huh? Want a little sugar from daddy?

He grabs the candy jar off the desk and opens it to her.


J.D. is taking a breather.
Dr. Kelso comes out, too.

Dr. Kelso: Well, lookie, here. I thought this was my special place. I'd ask you not to tell any of the others about this spot, but none of them seem to be talking to you.

J.D.:'s been a rough day, sir.

Dr. Kelso: You see, Dr. Dorian, your problem're a pansy. If you were in my way, I'd throw you off this ledge right now. We're out here alone.... No one would ever know.

He stands there a moment letting that thought sink in. Then he makes a sudden movement at J.D., causing the poor kid to scurry back a few feet.
J.D. pointedly looks at his watch as Kelso lights a pipe.

J.D.: I'm'unna.... I'm'unna.... I have to.... Things.

He goes back in.

Dr. Kelso: [laughing to self] Interns are fun.


Several doctors are in here, including Elliot and Nick who are at the table, quietly going over their paperwork.

Elliot: [blurting] I'm single.

Nick looks up at her.

Elliot: That was more subtle in my head.

Nick: Relax. I already left a message on your machine, asking you out.

Elliot: Really?

Nick: Nah.

Elliot's face falls.

Nick: But I promise I will before you go home.

Elliot: [smiling] Works for me.

Nurse Roberts comes in.

Nurse Roberts: Dr. Murdoch. Peter's developed a high-grade fever and a cough.

Nick gets up from the table.

Nick: No problem. Just give him Ceftazidime one gram IV.

Elliot: How do you stay so positive?

Nick: I guess I don't let the bad stuff in, you know? Try not to get too overwhelmed.

Elliot smiles at this sage advice.

Nick: Call me tonight when you get my message.

Elliot: Okay.

Nick leaves.
As he goes, Nurse Roberts takes an appreciative look.

Nurse Roberts: Mmm-hmm.

Elliot: His butt?

Nurse Roberts: MM-hmm.


Turk is at a table, next to which stands Dr. Wen.

Dr. Wen: So, listen; I've scheduled an appendectomy for you later. Just make sure you're good on potassium.

Turk: Sir, I got so much potassium, it's coming out of my 'assium'! [laughing] You know what I mean?

He doesn't get a reaction, which makes him a bit self-conscious.

Turk: See, what I did was I took 'potassium', and...I dropped the first three letters.... Made a doodie joke.

Dr. Wen: Funny stuff.

He leaves.
From the next table, Dr. Cox pipes up.

Dr. Cox: Looks like he bought it.

Turk: Excuse me?

Dr. Cox: So you got a little stage-fright, it's no big deal. Happened to me once.

Turk: Really?

Dr. Cox: I'll be more than glad to tell you what a lot of doctors do to relieve the stress: Just take a little trip to "Palmdale."

Turk: [snickering] What?

Dr. Cox: Okay -- give yourself the old "low-five."

Turk: [smiling ignorantly] I'm not getting it.

Dr. Cox: Physician, love thyself.

Turk's jaw drops and he looks around the room, embarrassed.

Turk: Are you talkin' about down-town, Lester Brown?

Dr. Cox: Lowers the heart-rate, releases the endorphins, it's basic physiology.

Turk: [laughs] Okay, you almost had me.

He gets up.

Turk: [grinning] You're not serious.

Dr. Cox: Yes, I am.

Turk: [still grinning] No, you're not.

Dr. Cox: Yes.

Turk: [no more grin] No.

Dr. Cox gives him a thumb's up and a weird grin of his own.

Turk: [to self] Huh. Okay.

He leaves the cafeteria and Dr. Cox goes back to his soup.

Dr. Cox: [to self] Nobody hurts Carla and gets way with it.

From another table, Doug turns around.

Doug: Who's Carla?

Dr. Cox: I was talkin' to myself; don't eavesdrop.

Doug turns back to his tray.

Dr. Cox: [to self] This kid doesn't leave, I'm gonna kill him.

Doug grabs his tray and starts to stand.

Dr. Cox: [whistles] Now, if you leave, I'll know you were eavesdropping -- I'll just go ahead and kill you, anyway.

Doug freezes.

Dr. Cox: Stay. Good girl.


J.D. is walking through. He passes an area where the Janitor is mopping.

Janitor: Tick-tock, Clarice.

J.D. stops and shifts his gaze nervously before walking on.

Cut to...
J.D. enters.

J.D.'s Narration: Dr. Kelso's talk helped me figure out what I had to do.

He walks over to the bed where Nick treating the patient.

Nick: Hey, good timing. Gimme a hand with this foley cath., will ya?

J.D.: Oh, you got it.

He grabs the tubing and hands it to Nick when needed.

J.D.'s Narration: Whether or not Nick knew how petty and jealous and competitive I'd been, I still felt like I needed to step up, lay it out there, and apologize like a man.

J.D.: [waving hands vaguely] We cool?

Nick looks up from between the patients legs to give J.D. a smile.

Nick: Yeah.

J.D.'s Narration: Besides, even if I was the star for a little while, he's the man now.

***SURREAL MOMENT: A trumpet sounds as J.D. hefts a torch and holds it out to Nick.

J.D.: This belongs to you.

Nick: Oh, thanks a lot, man.

He takes the torch.

Nick: Can you grab me some more tape?

J.D.: Oh, sure.


J.D.'s Narration: Once you line up behind a truly strong leader, everyone picks up their game.

He hands the tape to Nick, who exchanges it for a sample jar.

Nick: We need to get the results of this urine sample.

J.D.'s Narration: We began to function like a well-oiled machine.

J.D. takes the sealed cup and tosses it to Elliot as she passes the door. To the tune of Josh Joplin's "Camera One", we see the urine sample relayed through the hospital, from staffer to staffer, down the stairwell, through the Nurses' Station to Doug, who juggles it and his soda can momentarily. He pitches the soda to the next person in the relay, who tosses it back for the urine. The results of the test are returned in the same fashion, relayed all the way back through Elliot to J.D.'s hands.

J.D. enters...

J.D.: Hey, Nick, I got the results back from the, uh.... [looks around] Nick?

Cut to...
Nick is here with Nurse Roberts as they look in through the observation window at Nick's young patient, Peter.

Nurse Roberts: His blood cultures don't look good at all.

We see the frail boy sleeping in his bed.

Nick: [troubled] No problem.

She goes off, leaving him to stare helplessly at the boy.


Carla is drawing the privacy curtain after taking care of a patient. Dr. Cox comes in.

Dr. Cox: Listen, I was thinking about what happened earlier, and.... Anyway...uh, here.

He presents a small styrofoam box containing a pastry.

Carla: Wow. You finally dug deep down in your heart and came up with a muffin!

Dr. Cox: That's store-bought, sister. There's blueberries in there the size of your fist.

Carla: I shouldn't have dragged you into it, anyway. You don't even know Turk.

Dr. Cox: Actually, I met him today. We had a terrific chat.

Turk steps out of what looks like an empty room, exhaling a relieved breath.

He's startled by the voice of Dr. Cox who has gathered a small group of people to wait outside the door, including Dr. Wen and Todd with a camera.

Dr. Cox: Oh, give the man a hand. [they clap] That's just terrific work. You know darn well that felt good. And you're feeling better about yourself, now, aren'cha?

Turk looks horrified.


Dr. Cox: Real nice guy.

Carla: It's hard letting yourself be vulnerable with someone, you know?

Dr. Cox: Oh, just eat the damn muffin, would ya, please?

She walks out and he watches after her thoughtfully.


J.D. and Elliot are walking through to the Nurses' Station.

Elliot: You know what? Even though I'm on-call tonight, I'm not gonna let the bad stuff in anymore. I'm not gonna let myself get overwhelmed.

J.D. stops and gives her a look.

Elliot: What?

J.D.: Well, it's just that, Friday night, when you had people over, you locked yourself in your room because we brought the wrong chips.

Elliot: Look at me. That was the old Elliot.

Nurse Roberts comes up to the desk.

Nurse Roberts: Hey, can you help me find Dr. Murdoch? Peter's parents are here and he's not answering his page.

J.D.: Sure. You know, Elliot's not gonna let herself be overwhelmed anymore.

Nurse Roberts smiles politely at Elliot, then begins to giggle. She walks off in full-blown laughter.
J.D. giggles too, until Elliot shoots him a look.

J.D.: [whispering accusatorily] She's been drinking!


Carla, in a tight burgundy dress, is going over some last-minute paperwork at the front desk.
Dr. Cox comes over to her.

Dr. Cox: Carla? Wow. You look great.

Carla: You're not messing with me, right?

Dr. Cox: No. But I'd like to.

She swats him with the folder she's holding.

Carla: Turk bought me this dress, out of the blue. I guess he knew I'd love it.

Dr. Cox: Oh. Look, Carla. Back when I was an intern, I remember the pressure being so insane that the only way I could get by was to race home and, even though my wife was already asleep, I'd gently wake her, look her in the eyes, and then I'd passive-aggressively torture her until she packed a bag and went to her mom's place for the week.

Carla: Oh...!

Dr. Cox: Does

Carla: Like a big hug with words.

Dr. Cox: Hey! The point is that just 'cause a guy has problems expressing himself, that doesn't mean he doesn't

She gives him a blank look.

Dr. Cox: Oh, boy. Women so don't get me... [laughs miserably] it's not even funny!

He walks back down the hall, ranting to himself.

Dr. Cox: It's mind-boggling, quite frankly, It--the whole


J.D. and Elliot are walking down.

J.D.: The point is, is that it's the scrubs, right? Because, in jeans, my butt is a force to be reckoned with.

They pass a dark alcove where Nick is crouched down, leaning against the wall with his head down.

Elliot: Hey. We were just looking for you.

J.D.: Nick! Touch my butt, please? ...Hey, you all right?

Nick: That kid is eventually gonna die. Whether it's today, or tomorrow, or a month from now. [stands] There's nothing I can do; nothing works. Now his parents want to talk to me, what am I supposed to tell them -- "Peter lived a good, long seven years"? Seven years, man!

J.D. and Elliot are helpless to find the right words.

Nick: It's not fair. I hate this place. I hate this job---

Elliot: Nick, it's not your fault---

Nick: I can't do it anymore. I--I'm done...I'm done...I'm done.

As the wistful soundtrack music comes up, Nick drops his face to his hands in sorrow. J.D. looks on in confusion as Elliot comforts Nick.

J.D.'s Narration: The scariest thing was that I thought he was stronger than all of us. But maybe it's not about being the best. Maybe it's about finding the little things that get you through the day.

Cut to...
With the supervision of Dr. Wen, Turk prepares to make his incision.

J.D.'s Narration: Whether it's the support of someone close to you...

Turk looks over as Carla plants an encouraging kiss on the glass of the observation window.

J.D.'s Narration: ...or letting yourself feel overwhelmed...

Cut to...
Elliot cries in the dark, then wipes her eyes and grabs her chart before heading out the door.

Elliot: Okay....

J.D.'s Narration: ...if only for a moment.

Cut to...
Turk and Carla leave hand-in-hand.

J.D.'s Narration: Or being selfless every once in a while.

From inside, Dr. Cox watches the couple leave.

Cut to...
J.D. watches Dr. Kelso, with the help of an orderly, clean out Nick's locker.

J.D.'s Narration: I don't know.

***SURREAL MOMENT: Dr. Kelso takes out the lit torch and holds it out to J.D.

J.D.'s Narration: I guess, in the end, it's about surviving...

He blows out the flame.

J.D.'s Narration: ...any way you can.


With that, the music fades and Dr. Kelso rips Nick's masking tape-nametag off the locker and slams the door shut. He gives J.D. the ol' pistol-point.

Dr. Kelso: See you tomorrow.

J.D. turns to leave the locker area, almost running into the suddenly-present Janitor, who towers over him.

J.D.: Whoa!

He chokes back further exclamation and waits.

Janitor: You're stupid.

J.D.: That's it?

Janitor: Give it time, it'll eat at ya.

J.D. backs out and leaves.

Cut to...
J.D. and Elliot are at a table.

J.D.: Am I stupid?

Elliot: Yeah, little bit.

Fade to black.

J.D.: [voice over] Damn him!

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