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#201 : Ceux qu'on aime

Scénario: Eric Tuchman

Réalisation: Michael Robison

Guest: Sarah-Jane Redmond (Rebecca Thatcher)

Avec l'aide d'Adam Baylin, Kyle commence à réaliser la vérité que cache son existence et retourne rapidement à la maison des Trager à travers l'entrainement de Tom Foss.

Titre VO
The Prophet

Titre VF
Ceux qu'on aime

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Kyle retourne chez les Tragers (vo)
Kyle retourne chez les Tragers (vo)


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Mardi 13.06.2017 à 19:50

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[Late at night and all alone in the kitchen, Nicole begins to make herself a cup of tea.  Waiting for the teapot to boil, she looks up when she hears a noise coming from the direction of Kyle's room.  Standing still, she stares towards the sound.  She jumps when the teapot suddenly whistles.  She turns off the burner, but looks back towards his room.

Walking through the bedroom door, she finds Kyle lying fast asleep in his bathtub.  She is pleased to see him and smiles.  As she stands and watches, water begins to fill up in the tub, rising to the very rim.  She is worried, but can only stand and watch.  When Kyle begins to slip underneath the water, she runs to help him.  Grabbing his shoulders, she pulls his head up out of the water.  He is choking. . .

Nicole wakes up with a loud gasp.]

STEPHEN [waking at the sound]

NICOLE [panting and disoriented]

He's home.

NICOLE [looks at Stephen]

STEPHEN [nods]
Yeah, with his parents.
It's okay.  It's just another dream.

NICOLE [still panting]
I have. . .a bad feeling.

Yeah, well Kyle's okay.  There's nothin' to worry about.
Come on.

[He clasps her on the shoulder and they both lay back down.  But Nicole is still very worried and just lays there with her eyes open.]

[Theme Music]


[Kyle is walking alone on a path through the woods.  He is wearing a dark suit and a somber expression.  He approaches a bridge. . .]

Every story has a beginning.  Every life has meaning and potential.
[Kyle crosses over the bridge and stands next to a river.]
But I didn't know my story's beginning or realize my true potential until a few months ago when I first met Adam Baylin.


[Leaving the water garden behind, Adam leads Kyle into his new home.  Following Adam up the wide staircase in the foyer, Kyle is looking all around.]

I've waited a long time to meet ya, Kyle.  There's so much that I want to tell you.

There's so much that I wanna know.

I'll answer all of your questions; at least the ones that I can.
[walking into kitchen]
I want you to feel at home here.  Are you hungry?  Would you like somethin' to drink after your trip?

[He stops next to a glass-top table that holds only a pitcher and a glass of water.]


[Adam stares intently at the glass of water as Kyle reaches for it.  The glass slides away from his hand.  Kyle looks over at Adam.]

Try again.

[Kyle tries to take the glass again, but once more it slides away from him.]

What's the trick?

There is none.  The magic is in your mind.  You only need to discover and release it.

Teach me.

We'll have to start at the beginning.

Adam's Study

[Standing in front of a table covered with old pictures, Kyle picks up a photograph of Albert Einstein and stares at it.]

ADAM [from across the room at his desk]
Are you familiar with Einstein's contributions?

I've read about him.  He was a genius.

ADAM [walking over to Kyle]
No question.  But why do you think Einstein was capable of such brilliance and innovation when his peers must have worked just as hard?

KYLE [still staring at picture]
He had a gift?

Or. . .a head start? [picking up another photo of Einstein]
The typical gestation period for a human being is 40 weeks.  Einstein spent several weeks longer in his mother's womb.  His brain had more time to develop.

That's why he was smarter?

Well, not just smarter.  Einstein believed it was why he perceived the universe differently.  There have always been rumors that Einstein conducted a series of secret experiments in the 1920's.  Allegedly, he tested the idea of extending natural pregnancy, mostly on primates, hoping the animals would develop superior brains.  [hands Kyle another photo of Einstein.]
But when the experiments failed, they say that Einstein abandoned the project, although other scientists were still intrigued.  [gives Kyle a photo of a group of old men wearing tuxedos.]
They resurrected the experiments in the 1950's, this time without Einstein and under tighter secrecy.  They decided to implant human embryos in surrogate human mothers.

KYLE [looks at Adam]
Did it work?

After many failures, there was one successful pregnancy.  A healthy 13-month gestation.

13 months?

Unfortunately, the surrogate mother died when the child was born.

What happened to the child?

You're looking at him.


[Lori and Josh walk into the foyer together from the living room.]

Okay, here's the deal.  Mom and dad really need this trip, so you can't do anything to stress them out while they're away.

I'm planning a weekend of quiet reflection.

Seriously, if you have your loser friends over, don't be total pigs, and keep them out of my room.  I don't want their grubby little hands in my underwear drawer.

That was one time in sixth grade. God, let it go.

[Nicole and Stephen come downstairs.]

Okay, I think we have everything.

JOSH [holds out his hand, palm up]
We don't.

Ah, well, Lori is in charge. 
[Starts pulling money out of his wallet]
Not more than one friend over at a time, [stares directly at Lori] and no one spends the night.

If you're referring to Declan, I don't think that's a concern.

Why?  Is everything okay with you guys?

We're fine, I. . .I guess.  It's hard to tell what he's thinking nowadays.
[waves it off]  Forget about things here.  Enjoy your weekend.

JOSH [opening the front door]
Yeah.  Just go.  Have fun.

Well, it's not like you're counting the minutes or anything.

I'm down to seconds.

All right, we'll call you later.

NICOLE [to Lori]
If you hear from Kyle, make sure he knows I have my cell.  And give him the number of the hotel.

STEPHEN [standing at the door]
Nicole. . .


Can we go?

[They leave and Josh shuts the door behind them.]

Sweet freedom.
[holds out his hand again]  Give me half.

LORI [smiles]
Sorry, bank's closed.

[She walks off and leaves Josh standing there empty-handed.]

The Study

[Adam has pulled out some of his books with his research notes.  Kyle is looking at one of the books with sketches of the now familiar logo and the letters ZZYZX written next to it.]

You drew this symbol.

For Zzyzx.  Zzyzx was my conception, Kyle.  My hope at the time was to create children with more sophisticated brains.  Children who could enlighten the world and advance civilization.  So I continued the experiment.

Even if it meant harming more surrogate mothers?

I didn't.
[flips through diagrams in the book he is holding]  I worked years on developing an artificial womb.  Finally, I designed a chamber that I believed could work  [holding a blueprint]  And I invented a fluid that would provide oxygen and nourish the embryo placed inside.
So there was no need for a natural mother, and, obviously, no umbilical cord.  Then, as a result, the child would not have a belly button.

KYLE [looking at Adam]
You're saying I was gestated inside one of those tanks at Zzyzx?

A carefully monitored chamber.

So you created me?


KYLE [looking down at the table]
My first memory is waking up in the forest, fully grown and covered in that pink fluid you were talking about.
[looks directly at Adam]
How long was I kept inside that chamber?

Your whole life.


 [While his parents are gone for the weekend, Josh is throwing a wild party at the house.  Kids are everywhere.  Right in the middle of the foyer is Kyle's bathtub - filled to the top with ice and beer bottles.  Some of the girls are using Nicole's good glasses!  Holding a beer in one hand and a camera in the other, Josh is talking to Kyle over the internet.  He pans the camera around the living room so Kyle can see the party, and Kyle is smiling at Josh from the monitor at the desk.]

All the fine ladies showed up tonight.  Yeah!

LORI [coming home]

Un-huh, uh-huh.  Wooh!  Check it out - party of the year!

Party's over.

JOSH [looking into the camera]
Such a tragedy, Kyle.  Ever since you left, the rowdy queen of rebellion has become a total buzz kill.

LORI [Josh holds camera to her face; Kyle smiles at her]
I am attempting thoughtful, sober and restrained until mom and dad get over you being gone.

JOSH [looks back into camera]
Dude, you should be here.  It's like, the whole school.

Hey, I was talking to Kyle.

Actually, I should go.

LORI [runs around to front of monitor]
Wait, I wanna know how you are!

We'll talk later.  [signs off]

LORI [disappointed]
He's always doing that.

[Josh hands her a beer.  She accepts it and takes a swig.]

The Study

[Kyle looks at a timer sitting next to the computer on the desk.  It changes to 1'59".]

FOSS [coming into room]
You cut it too close.  I told you.  I'm responsible for the security here.  Two minutes, Kyle - two minutes.  Or Zzyzx can trace the connection.

I've been careful.

FOSS [serious]
You gotta stop pretending that you're living with your parents in Connecticut.  Stop contact with the Tragers.  It's too dangerous.  It's an unnecessary complication.  [starts to walk away]

It's necessary for me.

[Tom stops and looks back like he might say something.  But at that moment, they both hear a crash coming from outside on the veranda.

Outside, Adam is sitting down on the ground next to a tray of broken dishes.  A young man in a suit is helping him get back up.]

You know, if you didn't like dinner, you could've just said so.  [helps Adam into a chair]

FOSS [running outside]
What happened?

KYLE [running out in front of Tom]
Are you all right?

I'm fine.  I just tripped over the table.

MAN IN SUIT [picking up broken dishes]
[to Kyle]  His IQ's off the charts.  His ability to avoid furniture, well, it gets him every time.

Kyle, this is Brian Taylor - an old friend of mine.

Very old.  [puts dishes on a table]  We grew up together.  [reaches out for Kyle's hand]

KYLE [shakes his hand]
Nice to meet you.

TAYLOR [smiles]
Yeah, me as well.  I've. . .heard a lot about you.


Yeah.  [looks over at Adam]  He tells me everything.

ADAM [looks at Kyle]
Almost everything.

[Foss smiles in the background]

All right, I'll check in on you later.

[Pats Adam on the shoulder and walks away.]

I'll be inside if you need me, all right?  [he leaves back through the study door]

Come in.  [Kyle sits in a chair next to him]
Living here alone, I've relied on both of them over the years.  Taylor's managed to turn my dreams into reality.  He brings any useful ideas I have to the outside world, and it's Foss's job to protect me from it.

From Zzyzx?

Yes.  I sent him there to work  He's my eyes and ears.

[pauses]  Why did Zzyzx order my termination?

I don't know.  Years ago, I realized that some of my backers had other plans for the experiment.  I protested.  They tried to kill me.  So I just disappeared.

KYLE [quickly]
But you left me there.

Every time that I tried to remove a subject from the chamber, the subject died.

KYLE [pointedly]
You mean the child died.  I'm sorry, it's just that. . .I'm the subject.  I'm the child.

ADAM [calmly]
The original purpose of the experiment was noble and good.  It was supported by a secret group of visionaries, great humanitarians, known as Latnok.


It's Hungarian.  It means -   
- The Prophet.

[Adam looks wonderingly at Kyle.]

Kitchen - The Next Morning

[Adam and Kyle are standing in front of the table that holds a single glass of water.]

Ready to get started?

Change within, change the world around me.

That's right.
Once you teach your mind to alter the positive and negative polarity of the cells in your body -  

- the glass will move.

Not the glass.  The water inside it.  The glass is just a container.  It's the content that matters.

KYLE [looks at Adam]
The content.

ADAM [smiling]
Take a shot.

[Kyle stares intently at the glass for a few moments, then gives up.]

I have no idea what I'm doing.

It took me 20 years to master this.  Give yourself at least five minutes. [Kyle looks at him]
[with a confident expression]  Free your mind.  Concentrate.

[Adams leaves Kyle alone to focus on the glass of water.]

The Living Room

[Lori is sitting on the couch reading a magazine.  Josh comes in with a clipboard and pen.]

All the evidence of the festivities has been eliminated.

You actually made a list?

I'm takin' no chances here.  [checks his list]  Dumped the empty bottles in our neighbors' bins, glued the broken picture frame, and got all the stains out of the couch.  The only thing left is making sure you don't narc on me.

I won't say anything.  They're still gonna know. There's always one little thing you overlook.

No way.  I got it all covered.

LORI [looks over at chair that has a beer bottle sticking out under the pillow]
Except that.

JOSH [drops list on the desk; runs over and grabs bottle]
Oh, crap.  Nice save.

[At that moment, Stephen and Nicole walk through the front door.]

Hey guys, we're home.

[Josh quickly stashes the beer bottle back under the pillow.]

Hey, how was San Francisco?

Ah, we had a great time.  Just what we needed.

NICOLE [smiles briefly, but it turns into a blank expression]
Yeah, how'd it go here?

Everything's cool.

STEPHEN [looking around]
No major damage?

It was quite dull actually.  Did a lot of reading.

Have you heard from Kyle?  [Stephen looks at her]

Just a quick chat online.

How's he doing?

Who knows?  He signs off so fast all the time.

Well, he didn't call us.  I hope he's okay.  Maybe he sent an e-mail.
[She goes over to the computer, then sees Josh's list on the desk.  He sucks in his breath as she picks it up.]
What's this?

The List
check trash   
fix frame   
stains on couch   
check disposal for beer caps
air freshener
check freezer
kitchen chalkboard
clean up

I had nothing to do with it.

Josh - start talkin'.

I had a few friends over.  [Nicole looks at the list]
Okay, how long am I grounded?

Why don't you go get next year's calendar.
[to Nicole]  I don't know.  What do you think?

NICOLE [starts to lose interest again]
We just got home.  Let's deal with this later.

[She just turns and walks off.  Josh looks after her.  Stephen glares at him and follows Nicole.]

The Study

[Sitting on a chaise bench in front of the fireplace, Kyle is looking at Adam's blueprint of the gestation capsule.  A fire is burning in the hearth behind him.  He puts the diagram on the floor and stretches out on his back upon the chaise.  Staring up at the ceiling, he imagines the sounds of a monitor beeping and the rapid, swooshing rhythm of a fetal heartbeat.]

Foss walks by the door and stops for a moment watching him.]

FOSS [coming into the room]
What are you doing?

KYLE [the sounds stop; he looks at Foss]
I'm trying to imagine what it was like inside the chamber.  Must be why I like the tub.
[sits up]
You must have seen me when you worked at Zzyzx.

FOSS [looks nervous]
Yeah, I saw you.

Did I know what was happening?  Was I aware?

You seemed to be in some kind of sleep state.

Did I look comfortable?

You seemed to be, yeah.

So I just stayed there asleep the whole time?

FOSS [nervously]
Look, I. . .I. . .I don't know what they were doin' to ya.

KYLE [stands up and faces Foss]
You saw me - a person floating in a tank year after year, and you never bothered to ask what was going on?

I did my job.

[Foss leaves the room and Kyle stares after him wondering.]

Lori's Bedroom

[Declan is lying on his back on Lori's bed, his head propped up on a pillow.  She is sitting on top of him and kissing him.]

Your parents are home.

The door's closed.

Which is technically against their rules.

If I don't break a few rules soon, I'm gonna explode.

It's not easy bein' the good girl.

Well here's your chance to corrupt me.
[She starts to kiss him again, but Declan stops kissing back.]
[sits up]  What is it?

DECLAN [evasive]

Come on.  Where's the guy who used to crawl through my bedroom window?

I guess I'm [shrugs]. . .just distracted.

LORI [crawls off of him]
Yeah.  Ever since Kyle left, just like my mom.

Comparing me to your mom.  That's not good.

Well, we all miss him, but you can't sit around and brood all the time.

It's just - it was pretty wild how he left.

I know.  So fast.  No time for closure.
Hey, he should come visit, right?

Good luck with that.

LORI [leans towards him]
Why are you being so negative?

Kyle's gone.  He's not comin' back.

Can't hurt to ask.

[Downstairs in the living room, Lori is sitting in front of the computer monitor talking to Kyle over the internet.  Declan is standing next to her.

In his study, Adam is walking around looking through some of his papers while Kyle is talking to Lori at the desk.]

Hey Kyle, how are you?

I'm fine.  How's it going with you?

No, not this time.  Tell me what's happening with you. How are things in Connecticut?

It's all good.

Are you going out?

A little bit.

Meeting new people?

A few.

DECLAN [staring at the screen at Kyle]
Getting along with your parents?

Things are going well.

Well, things here kind of suck.

Why?  What's wrong?

We're all basically craving some Kyle-time, so here's the plan.  Use our Frequent Flyer Miles and catch a flight to Seattle.

KYLE [smiles]
You want me to come to Seattle?

It'd be so great if you could surprise everyone.

Well. . .

And my mom would flip out, in a good way.  So will you come?

[Kyle hears another loud noise and looks over to see Adam falling to the floor, a book dropping out of his hand.  He jumps up from the monitor to go to him.]


I take that as a "no." [signs off]

Adam's Study

[Kyle helps Adam get into a chair.]

I just stumbled.

KYLE [sits in a chair across from him]
No.  Something's wrong.  Tell me.

ADAM [struggles to sit up; he is panting]
The two of us share a gift, Kyle.  Our minds can enable our bodies to do extraordinary things, like -

- swim faster, jump off a roof.

You jumped off a roof?

I didn't know I wasn't supposed to.

Foss told me you had a seizure.

I was trying to hear a distant conversation.

Well, you put too much strain on your mind.  I spent years challenging myself, testing what I could do - at a great cost.  My mind is stronger than ever, but my body is failing me.

Failing you?

ADAM [leans back in chair; still a little out of breath]
Your mind's potential is. . .far greater than mine, and so is the toll it can take on your body. You have to condition yourself. . .or you're gonna die too young. . .before you've even had a chance to live, Kyle.

KYLE [suddenly remembers]
The timer!

[Kyle runs over to the timer next to the computer.  It reads 4'05".]


[Nicole is sitting in a chair across from another therapist.  While Nicole is talking, the woman quietly listens, occasionally nodding or talking a sip of coffee.]

It's hard, ya know?  You feel like. . .everyone looks to you for support.  So. . .you try to be strong, as usual.  You try to go on and smile like everything's back to normal, but. . .inside you know it's not.  It's like you've made this strange and powerful connection with someone, and then suddenly he's gone.  And you can't just. . .get on with your life.  Not when you feel this void.  And the terrible sense that something is wrong.  It just. . .[begins to cry].  I really miss him.  You know. . . I feel like I've lost one of my own children.

The Study

[Kyle walks in on Adam and Taylor talking business together.  Taylor is looking through a folder while Adam is perched on the edge of his desk.]

Well, all right, I'll take care of this.  You just let me know if anything else comes up.

I will.  Just keep me in the loop on things.

Yeah. . .yeah.

Sorry.  [they look over at him]

ADAM [gestures]
Kyle.  It's okay, come on in.

KYLE [comes into room]
[to Taylor]  You turning Adam's latest dream into reality?

Yeah, something like that.  I heard he tripped again the other night.  Must've scared ya.

It did.

How about that, huh Adam?  Someone else cares about you besides me.
[Adam smiles and looks at Kyle]
Well. . .I feel like I'm seein' double.

[Taylor pats Kyle on the back as he starts to leave.]

Talk with you later.

All right. [waves the folder and leaves]

ADAM [to Kyle]
I hope I didn't alarm you.

I'm still worried about the timer.

Let me worry about that.

[Adams gets up and walks slowly and carefully around to the other side of his desk.]

We should tell Foss.

No, we can't.  He's too cautious.  He'll want us to leave here, and there's still so much to do.
[sits down and looks up at Kyle]
I want you to remember this moment.  After I'm gone, all my experiences, everything I've studied and learned, will be yours.
[He rolls his chair back and puts something away in a drawer, then turns back to Kyle.]
Your mind is a powerful tool.  Develop it.. . .protect it. . .use it wisely.  But more important than your mind, it's your soul that touches people.  You can touch the world, Kyle.  It's who you are.  It's who you're meant to be.


[Lori and Josh are in the kitchen discussing dinner.  She flips through several take-out menus on a clipboard.]

How about Shanghai Garden?

If I see another lettuce wrap. . .

Well, we can't live on pizza.

STEPHEN [coming into kitchen with briefcase; picks up and goes through the mail]
Hey guys.

Dad, you and me - mushroom, garlic, pepperoni.

STEPHEN [makes a face]
I had that for breakfast.

Compromise:  we go for sushi.

An invitation to hell.  Here's an idea.  Mom could actually make something.
[Stephen gives him a look]
What?  She has time now.  She stopped working.

STEPHEN [puts down mail]
Look, I know your mom hasn't been as focused lately.

Focused?  I throw this awesome rager while you're out of town, and she still  hasn't said a word about it.

Swift, Josh.  Remind them to punish you. [walks over to the frig]

STEPHEN [points at Lori]
And we will, believe me.  We just have to discuss how.

Making me sweat it out, huh?


Well, it's not working.

LORI [comes over with a pitcher and glass]
It's totally working.  Anyway, mom's been in such a funk since Kyle left, I asked him to visit.

Kyle's coming?

I don't know.  I mean, I invited him, but he basically cut me off.  I haven't heard from him since.
[pours herself something to drink]

You know, it's gotta be tough.  He's tryin' to connect with his real parents while stayin' in touch with us.

So. . .what?  We can't talk to him?

Well, I just think, if we're all gonna move on. . .we have to let each other go.


[Kyle is alone that evening.  He is sitting on a piano bench finishing a picture he has been drawing.  Facing the piano, he props it up and looks at it sadly.  It is a drawing of the Tragers - Nicole, Stephen, Lori and Josh.]

Kitchen - The Next Morning

[Adam has been watering plants on the veranda outside the kitchen.  He comes back through the open double-doors into the kitchen with the watering can just as Kyle walks in.

The glass of water is still sitting on the table.]

Ready to try again?

KYLE [waves it off]
I can't do this.

ADAM [puts down the watering can]
Well, I told you.  It takes time.

No, I don't want this.  I didn't ask to come here.  [getting very upset]  I had people who I loved. . .who loved me.  I had a life!

You'll have an extraordinary life.

KYLE [angry]
No, I don't wanna hear about Latnok. . .or their experiments or how I was locked in a tank!  I'm a human being!  [accusingly]  How could you put me in there?  Why did you create me in the first place?

[Adams walks away for a moment, then turns around to face Kyle.  He speaks very calmly and quietly.]

I had no one.  No real family.  No one whose mind worked like mine, who could experience the world the way I did.  I always felt different.  And I thought if there were another person. . .

KYLE [understanding]
You didn't want to be alone.

I hope in time you can forgive me, Kyle.

[Kyle nods, then goes over and stands in front of the glass of water.  He concentrates on the glass while Adam watches him.  After a few moments, the glass begins to quiver on the table.  As Kyle focuses even harder, the glass begins to shake faster and faster until it completely shatters.  Amazed, Kyle looks up at Adam who is smiling at him.

There is the sound of a gunshot.  Adam gasps and looks down at his chest.]

Adam?  What is it?

[A bloodstain appears on Adam's shirt as he reaches his hand to his chest.  He looks up at Kyle, then falls down to the floor.

Adam!  He's been shot!  [Foss rushes into the kitchen as Kyle kneels on the floor next to Adam.]

FOSS [pulls a gun out of his back pocket and runs to the open veranda doors]
Get inside.
[Kyle doesn't move]
Hurry up!

I won't leave him!

[Kyle holds Adam's hand and props up the back of his head.]

FOSS [crouching low in front of veranda doors]

ADAM [looking up at Kyle with wide eyes]
Kyle. . .

I'm here.  Please. . .Adam. . .[he looks down at all of the blood]  There's still so much you have to teach me.

[Adam looks one last time at Kyle, his head falls back, and he dies.]


[Kyle is standing by the river holding an urn in his hands.  Slowly, he removes the lid and places it in his pocket.  As he holds the urn over the water, the wind scatters Adam's ashes into the river.]

The briefest connection can make the strongest, most indelible impression.  Adam encouraged and inspired me, and helped me unravel the mystery of my past.  But without him, my future seemed more uncertain and dangerous than ever.

The Study

[Foss and Taylor are talking together while Kyle is gone.  Foss is pacing the floor back and forth behind Taylor, who is standing still, arms crossed determinedly in front of him.]

Zzyzx will kill him.

They had the opportunity and they didn't.

They'll be back.

Well, then we have to get him out of here.

FOSS [turns around to face him]
And then what?  And then Kyle runs for the rest of his life, or you build him another prison to hide in like you did for Baylin?

TAYLOR [facing Tom]
Well, you tell me the alternative!

I worked security at Zzyzx for years.  I know every in and out.  I'll go tonight and eliminate the threat.

You will do no such thing!

KYLE [coming into the room]
What are you talking about?  "Eliminate the threat," what does that mean?

FOSS [to Kyle]
Zzyzx killed Baylin because he knew too much about them.  You know too much, too.

[Foss starts to leave the room.]


FOSS [turning around]
I have an obligation to protect you.

Not by eliminating anyone.

They'll come after ya.

I won't let them find me.

They'll target the Tragers to draw you out!  Do you wanna be safe?  [raises his voice]  Do ya?!  Do you want them safe?!  Then I need to do this.

KYLE [stares hard at Foss]
You'll do nothing.  You'll harm no one.

[Tom sighs and leaves.  Behind Kyle, Taylor looks very concerned.]

The Living Room

[Nicole is sitting in front of the computer on the desk checking for e-mail messages.  She just stares at the screen when it displays that there are no new messages.  Behind her, Josh comes downstairs and heads towards the front door.]

NICOLE [hearing him, turns around]
Josh - have you heard from Kyle?

JOSH [stops]
Not lately.

Would you know if he's traveling somewhere with the Petersons?

He never said anything.

Well, the last time you talked to him, did he seem all right?

[Josh nods]

What did he say?

You know Kyle.  He's a man of few words.
[She turns back to the monitor.  Josh starts to leave, but stops and turns back to his mother.]
Do you realize that was the longest conversation we've had in weeks?  And what a surprise - it was all about Kyle.

Josh, I'm worried about him.

JOSH [upset]
You're worried about him - right.  I threw a party while you weren't at home.  There were unsupervised minors messing around in our house.  There was underage drinking, and inappropriate behavior, and. . .probably a few illegal substances I didn't know about.  And you busted me for it.  You actually found out.  And then you did nothing.  Nothing.  But why should you?  I only live here.  I'm only your son.

[Josh walks out the front door, slamming it as he leaves.  His mother only looks back towards the monitor again.]

The Study

[Kyle is gently touching some of Adam's papers on the table.  Behind him, Taylor is sitting at Adam's desk.]

It feels strange not having him here.

Yeah, it does.
It seems Adam planned for everything.  He was always ten steps ahead, preparing for every contingency.

You mean he expected. . .

To be killed?  Well, he had to live with that possibility, that fear.  As will you now.

I'll manage, like he did.

You have to disappear for awhile.  We have to keep you as far away from Zzyzx as we can.

Foss thinks they'll find me.

You let me worry about Foss.

KYLE [looks around, then back at Taylor]
Where is he?

[He leaves to look for Foss.]

Stephen and Nicole's Bedroom

[Stephen and Nicole are getting ready for bed.]

I never thought I'd hear Josh begging to be punished.

It was more than that, and you know it.

NICOLE [defensive]
Look, I'm concerned about Kyle.  It doesn't mean I'm not attentive to Josh or anyone else in this family.  [sits down on the bed]

STEPHEN [makes a face]
Who are you kidding?  Do you really think you're foolin' anybody?  [sits on bed next to her]  And by the way, you're not concerned about Kyle.  You're being completely stressed out and obsessed. 

Stephen, I can't help feeling that something is wrong.

W...well, get over it.  He's not ours to worry about anymore.
[Nicole turns away from him and hugs her legs]
[sighs, then speaks more gently]  I know how much you miss him.  I know that you can't stop carin' about him.  We all do.  But Kyle is not here; we are.  We just need to feel that you're here with us.


[That night in the woods, Foss unloads two explosive devices from the back of a van into a duffel bag.  Closing the doors of the van, he slings the bag over his shoulder.  After a furtive look into the woods, he runs towards the opening of an old drainage tunnel.]

Security Protocol, Level 1

[In one of the concrete hallways of the underground facility, Foss unscrews a vent cover from the wall and places one of the explosive devices inside.  He pushes a button and the timer attached begins counting down from six minutes.  Quickly replacing the cover, he moves to the other side of the hallway to avoid a rotating security camera.  Out of sight, he hears voices from around the corner.  Rebecca Thatcher and a male technician are coming out of one of the rooms.]

The heart rate is stable.  We'll move on to the next phase as soon as possible.

[They disappear around a corner down the hallway and Foss enters the room they just left.  In front of him is a long capsule designated as XX on the side. The room is dark, lit only by the pink glow of the capsule and the electronics in the room.  A young female is suspended in a fluid inside the capsule, her eyes closed.  The gestation tank is hooked up to a beeping heart monitor and other life support devices.  By his expression, he has never seen her before.  Glancing at the monitors on the other side of the capsule, Foss goes over to look closer at the screens.  Someone is coming down the hallway.  Zooming in on the figure, he sees that it is Kyle.  Quickly leaving the room, he takes one last look behind him at the capsule and shuts the door.

Kyle is walking through the hallway looking for any sign of Foss.  He has to hide from two technicians walking away down at the other end of the hall.  Something draws his attention to a door across from him and he walks over to it.  The door is labeled "Security Protocol, Restricted Access."  He puts his hand up to the door and carefully listens.  A heart monitor is beeping rhythmically on the other side of the door.  As he touches his fingers to the door, the beeping changes its pattern as her heart beats faster.  Inside the capsule, the girl's hands and feet begin to twitch.

Tom suddenly appears and hits Kyle across the back of the head, knocking him unconscious. 

Once again, Kyle is lying on his back in the woods in the rain.  Waking quickly, he jumps up when he see Foss walking towards him.]

What did you do?!

FOSS [points towards van]
Get in.

KYLE [tries to run past Foss]
They're innocent!

FOSS [blocks him and pushes him back]
They're not innocent!!  They killed Baylin, they'll kill you!


[Kyle pushes Tom out of his way and begins to run towards the opening of the tunnel.]

FOSS [yelling]

[There is huge explosion and flames shoot out of the opening of the drainage tunnel.  Kyle is thrown through the air onto the ground and Foss is knocked off his feet.  Regaining his balance, he runs to Kyle.]


[Kyle is unharmed, but he lays on the ground staring horrified at the flames and smoke coming out of the tunnel.  He looks up at Foss who only stares down at him with a stony expression on his face.]

The Study

[Back at the estate, Foss is sitting behind Adam's desk writing and going through some papers.  Kyle is sitting across from him holding the old photograph of Albert Einstein in his hands and looking down at it.]

FOSS [quickly; not looking at him]
I did what needed to be done.

KYLE [glancing up]
And you feel nothing now?  People died.

I know that.

We're responsible.

FOSS [shakes his head]
No - no.  I'm responsible.
[standing up]  Those people they. . .they ordered you terminated.  They saw you as. . .as inhuman.  As. . .expendable.  The waste product of a failed experiment. 
[Kyle looks down sadly at the photo again.]
It's. . .  Keep learning what Adam had to teach you.  Get stronger, condition your mind and body like he said.
[sits down; gestures towards papers]  He kept everything organized, but there's just. . .there's so much of it.  I just don't know where we should start.

KYLE [looks at Foss]

I'm gonna stay here and. . .read his notes and see if I can help.

KYLE [starts to smile]
Why would you do that?

FOSS [gives him a little smile]
You think I'm just gonna walk away from ya now?

[Foss returns to his papers and Kyle watches him with a wondering expression.]

Sometimes, the connections you make with other people sneak up on you.  You share experiences.  You have a history.  You form a bond.

The Living Room

[It is calm and quiet.  Stephen is at the computer on the desk.  Lori and Josh are reading magazines on the sofa.]

NICOLE [entering room]
Wow.  I should take a picture.

You better do it fast.  It's not gonna last long.  The natives are hungry.

Dinner's my choice tonight.

I think not.

Excuse me, I can still taste that chili you ordered yesterday.

Good.  So you've already eaten.

Let's not order in.

I'm with you, let's go out.

No, actually, I'd like to cook tonight.
[The three of them stare at her]
What, is that such a scary thought?

Uh, no, no, that sounds great.


[Josh pretends to ignore her.]

NICOLE [walks over to Josh]
And one more thing [sits on arm of couch]  - no phone, no internet, no video games for a week.  Plus, you're gettin' a job.  [Stephen and Lori exchange looks]  You need to take on some real responsibility.


[Nicole rubs his cheek for a moment, then heads towards the kitchen.  It brings a little smile to his face.]

The Kitchen

[Tom is standing at the glass doors looking out onto the veranda.  He turns around for a moment when he hears Kyle walk in, then turns away to look outside again.]

It wasn't your fault.  [Tom hangs his head]  Adam knew you couldn't protect him every minute.  I hope you know that.

FOSS [turning around]
We should get started.  You've a lot to learn.

I won't be able to, not in this house.

[Foss walks up to the glass table and puts his hands on it.  There is no glass of water sitting alone on the top of it now.  They face each other over the table.]

Kyle, you can't go back to the Tragers.

If I stay here safe but shut in, I might as well have stayed inside that tank.  I won't be able to touch the world like Adam said if I'm not part of it.

You don't know what you're asking.

I know I can't tell them about the experiment or the people who died without making them accomplices.  I know I'll have to keep my past a secret.

You'll be lying to them every day.

No.  I lied so that I could leave.  And now I'll lie so that I can return.  But beyond that, I'll do everything in my power to live by the truth.

Why do you wanna go back there and complicate your life?

It's not complicated, it's simple.  I love them.

[Kyle walks away, leaving Tom thinking about what he said.

That evening, they are sitting together in the van down the street from the Trager's house.  Tom is behind the wheel and the engine is still running.]

Taylor will provide all the details.

I understand.

Well, you got what you wanted.  I expect you to honor our agreement.

I will.

It took a lot to get you here.  I won't let you waste your potential.

Thank you. . .for doing this.  For everything you've had to do.

FOSS [looks Kyle in the eyes]
Be worth it.

[Kyle gets out of the van.]

The Kitchen

[Nicole is in the kitchen preparing dinner.  Stephen comes up behind her and puts his arm around her shoulders.]

Ah, you made our favorites.

Well, I'm making up for a lot of missed meals.

STEPHEN [kisses her]
Welcome back.

JOSH [calling from other room]
Is it ready yet?


[Going into the dining room, Lori and Josh head happily towards their places at the table.]

It smells so good.

I know, I'm dying  here.

STEPHEN [coming in]
Dinner is served.

[They hear the sound of the front door opening.  For a moment, Stephen is alarmed at who could be coming into their house.  He turns around - and Kyle steps into view.]

LORI [smiling]
Oh my God...

[Lori and Josh are smiling and laughing happily.  Speechless, all Stephen can do is walk over and hug Kyle.  Lori hugs him, too, and Josh pats him on the arm.  They cannot say a word, they are so surprised and happy.  Unaware, Nicole is still in the kitchen ready to serve dinner.

As in her dream, Nicole suddenly looks in the direction of Kyle's room again.  She senses that something is happening.  She turns around and slowly walks into the dining room.  Her family is gathered together in the foyer, but then they part and she sees Kyle standing there.  Nicole gasps with joy and comes to him.  She cannot speak either but hugs him closely and holds his face in her hands.  She is overcome.]

In that moment, all the things I'd learned about myself, all the gifts I needed to develop, and all the secrets I promised to hide didn't matter.  All that mattered was being home with my family, feeling that connection again. . .and knowing that I wasn't alone.


[Someone is stumbling barefoot through the muddy woods in the dark.  It is the girl who was lying in the capsule.  She stops and looks at a dark road ahead of her in the woods.  Naked, cold and scared. . .she is alone.]


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