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#304 : Une affaire personnelle

Résumé :

Après avoir survécu à une attaque contre lui, Voight est persuadé que le coupable est un ancien criminel. Avec Olinsky, ils sont déterminés à l'attraper avant qu'il ne blesse quelqu'un d'autre. Au District, Atwater divilgue accidentiellement des informations sur le passé de Ruzk à Burgess et cela va la destabiliser. Dans le même temps, Platt assigne Burgess et Roman à un cas d'enlèvement d'un chien de la haute société.


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Titre VO
Debts of the Past

Titre VF
Une affaire personnelle

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Scénario : Michael Brandt, Derek Haas
Réalisation Rohn Schmidt

Guest Starring : Caleb Hunt (Craig "Mouse" Gurwitch), Christian Stolte (Pompier Mouch), David Eigenberg (pompier Herrmann)


Voight: Justin!

Justin: Olive, you okay, baby?

Olivia: It's okay. Shh. Shh. Come on, it's okay.

Justin: It's okay. It's okay. You're okay.

Voight: This is Sergeant Hank Voight, badge number 32419. I need a 10-1 at 2069 West 14th Place.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Hey. Where is he?

Lindsay: On his way back from Med. They kept the baby all night for tests, but it looks like everything's gonna be fine.

Olinsky: What the hell's this?

Mouse: Oh, this is the Intelliboard, and with it we can cross-correlate in real-time all of our investigative efforts, department-wide. Got instant GPS tracking, OCR scanning, and searchable databases. IP channeling. This is next level… Sergeant, you don't have to do that. I started inputting the...

Voight: James Beckett. He's a triple-homicide felon Olinsky and I put away 15 years ago. Most of you know he's back out on the streets again on a technicality. Nothing more needs to be said about that. What does need to be said is he tried to kill me, Olive, Justin, and my grandson in front of my house… So the sooner he is in a box or a bag, the better. Am I clear?

Fischer: You okay, Hank?

Voight: I will be.

Olinsky: Olinsky.

Voight: Where is this guy? I want to know if his discharge papers from Stateville listed a residential forwarding address. What properties he still owns.

Olinsky: Hank, we got to roll. Now.


Halstead: Who's the driver?

Olinsky: Jacob Logan. Retired CPD. He was on the team with us when we took down Beckett.

Dawson: Dios mio.


Schultz: The Wild Bunch of Cicero rides again, huh?

Voight: Yeah, Cicero. That was a long time ago.

Schultz: You look good. You look good. And you don't.

Olinsky: No?

Schultz: He does.

Olinsky: You heard about Logan?

Schultz: Yeah. That was insanity. Any idea who?

Voight: James Beckett. Released from Stateville yesterday.

Schultz: And he took a run at you too?

Voight: Yeah. All right, we're gonna detail a couple uniforms to you for protection.

Schultz: Like hell you are.

Voight: It's procedure.

Schultz: Who's your detail, Hank? Al? I handle myself.

Voight: Listen, you see him, you think you see him, you call us.

Schultz: All right.

Voight: Okay? And change vehicles or take the train. Bombed a couple cars already.

Schultz: If I see him I'll call you guys to clean up the bloodstain. How about that?

21 entrance

Burgess: It's the guy who was just released?

Ruzek: Yeah, he went after Voight and then took out a guy from me and Al's crew from back in the day.

Burgess: Hey, listen. Be careful today, okay?

Ruzek: Yeah, of course. Of course. You too, okay?

Atwater: Ugh, okay, come on, come on.

Ruzek: Come on.

Atwater: I just talked to your buddy, Oliver. I don't think he's gonna make it to the bachelor party, bro.

Ruzek: Why?

Atwater: I don't know. He said he went to the first two, nothing came of 'em, so the third one kind of seemed pointless.

Ruzek: Come on. No, I'm gonna call him.

Atwater: They need us upstairs, bro.

Ruzek: What?

Burgess: You were engaged twice?

Ruzek: Yeah. Before Wendy, there was Nicole. You knew that.

Burgess: No, I didn't.

Ruzek: You didn't? You didn't. Okay, I have to go upstairs, but we're gonna talk about this later.

Burgess: Oh yeah.

Roman: Hey, someone went after Voight?

Platt: Starsky and Putz, get over here.

Roman: You need us upstairs?

Platt: Yeah, something like that. Pipe bomb fragments found on the scene at Voight's house have partial prints belonging to these two upstanding citizens.

Burgess: They look like brothers. I can see it in their, uh, eyes.

Platt: Enrique and Vicente Dominguez. Last known address is 1608 Ridgeland. We want you to sit on the house.

Roman: Should we do a knock-and-talk?

Platt: On a house that could be filled with explosives. That's a great idea. Go do that.


Roman: Hey. If we see these guys on the street, we take 'em. I don't care if they're wrapped in dynamite.

Burgess: Yeah… Hey. Did you know that Adam was engaged before he was engaged?

Roman: To you? Yeah.

Burgess: No, before that.

Roman: You mean you're the third?

Burgess: Yeah, I just found out.

Roman: Just think of it like the Olympics. Bronze medal's nothing to sneeze at.

21 back entrance

Dawson: She's the real deal, and you know anything about me, you know I don't joke about the sweet science… Al, I'm talking to you.

Olinsky: Yeah. Yeah, as long as it keeps her parole officer checking the boxes...

Dawson: She's gonna be too tired to get into trouble. Trust me.

Olinsky: Meredith.

Meredith: I only came to say my piece and then I'm leaving.

Olinsky: Okay. Okay.

Meredith: This girl who says she's your daughter.

Olinsky: Mm-hmm.

Meredith: Did you even get a paternity test, Alvin?

Olinsky: No, no. No test.

Meredith: You're just gonna take it on faith then? Willing to blow up your whole family for that?

Olinsky: Believe me, I'm not trying to blow anything up.

Meredith: If you have any hope of getting out of that garage and getting back in our lives and keeping us together, you better find out.

Lawyer’s office

Lawyer: Show me the warrant. Oh, that's right. You don't have one because my client is protected.

Lindsay: We're all just friends here, looking for a lead on where to find our mutual friend, James Beckett. You know, a phone number, a forwarding address. Why's it got to be so adversarial?

Lawyer: You work at Hank Voight's district?

That's right.

Lawyer: That's why it's adversarial. Shelby, honey. I said no interruptions. That means when my door's shut, it stays shut.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Where are we at?

Lindsay: Hank.

Voight: Yeah?

Lindsay: I think we found a way to get to Beckett.

Voight: Well, let's have it.

Halstead: His lawyer's secretary gave us the phone number Beckett used to call the law office after getting out.

Lindsay: And we pinged the phone. It's gone dark.

Halstead: Right, but we checked where and when the phone was purchased. It was bought in a convenience store on Highway 94 along with four other drop phones. What are the odds that five phones would be purchased by different people in the same hour?

Mouse: I pulled the serial numbers of all five phones. One of them is active right now… I got an address.

Voight: All right. Let's go.


Lindsay: This is the address.

Voight: That's him… Move in.


Halstead: Chicago PD. Show me your hands. Show me your hands! Step out of the car. Get out of the car slowly. Turn around. Walk backwards towards me. Keep walking. Keep walking. Keep walking. Sit down. Don't move.

Lindsay: Come on, Beckett. Get out of the car. Move. Open the door slowly. Put your hands out of the vehicle.

21: hallway

Voight: He's in there?

Olinsky: Slow it down, Hank.

Voight: What, are you kidding me? He came after my family, Alvin!

Olinsky: I know, I know, but the big eye's watching you on this one. So anything goes sideways and it's over for you. All right?

Voight: Okay.

Olinsky: All right.

Interview room

Voight: Lot of people sit in that chair and think how unlucky they are to be here… I want you to know if I had it my way, you wouldn't have made it to the District.

James Beckett: You know what you did.

Voight: Yeah, I put you away for murder is what I did.

Olinsky: Hank.

James Beckett: Yeah, and enjoyed my money in the process… I had 15 years to think about that.

Olinsky: Police corruption. That's real original.

Voight: What money? Hm?

James Beckett: Oh, I see. One of you dirty Cicero cops took a million dollars of my money but didn't cut the others in… Perfect. Greedy pigs backstabbing their own kind. So if it wasn't you... It was you.

Atwater: We got a problem, Sarge.


Lawyer: I'm gonna assume your phones are down is why I wasn't notified immediately of my client's detention.

Olinsky: He's under arrest.

Lawyer: For what? Are you referring to involvement in a homicide and an attempted homicide that occurred last night and this morning between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.? Because I'm sure that you would be interested to know that my client was at my office with me and my associates working all night on the lawsuit we are filing against the city. And the personal lawsuit against you, Sergeant Voight. Now, are you really sure you want to keep harassing him? I assume we're free to go?

Intelligence office

Mouse: Oh, hey. Alvin.

Olinsky: Yeah, kid?

Mouse: I got that test you asked for.

Olinsky: What?

Mouse: The DNA kit. You just swab the inside of your mouth, get a sample from your daughter, maybe your daughter, seal it up, send it out. You'll get the results in a couple weeks.

Olinsky: Okay, thanks.

Halstead: We got the sealed transcript from the grand jury trial on Beckett. There's an unidentified voice on the wire.

Voight: Uh-huh.

Halstead: After the raid, this guy's on the tap telling Beckett that guns, heroin, and $2 million in cash were seized by the police.

Ruzek: Which is, uh, where there's a discrepancy. Evidence tags from the raid show that there was... One million seized.

Halstead: Looks like Beckett was right. There's a million dollars missing.

Voight’s office

Voight: Look, I remember where your head was back then.

Olinsky: Meaning?

Voight: Meaning you were jammed up on some bad investments. Underwater on your house. Asked me and Camille for a floater. Didn't want Meredith to know.

Olinsky: Which I paid back to the penny.

Voight: Al, I'm not gonna lose respect for you. I just got to know what I'm dealing with here so I can move forward.

Olinsky: You know, I've done a lot of questionable things. I'll admit that. But I've never taken a damn dime in my life.

Voight: Al.

Olinsky: No, Hank. Seriously. Screw yourself, man.


Roman: Hey, Burgess, heads-up. We're on a stakeout.

Burgess: I mean, sure. Adam is really into the engagement, but that's a good thing, right? Like, so what if he's been engaged twice before? I would rather have somebody excited about wanting to marry me than moping around like Debbie Downer. You know? I'm asking. That's me asking.

Roman: Well... I had a cousin who was engaged five times. Never married.

Burgess: What d... What does that mean?

Roman: Some people like the movie trailers more than the movie.

Burgess: Hey. How are those shots going?

Roman: They suck, but they're worth it. Andrew will get my bone marrow, and he'll be a new little man. As long as he gets a long life, I don't care.

Olinsky’s garden

Olinsky: Yeah, I want to order a taxi.

Boxing Gym

Dawson: There you go. Good, good.

Olinsky: Hey.

Dawson: Hey, Al.

Olinsky: How are you, man?

Dawson: Wow. Looks good, huh?

Michelle: Hey.

Dawson: Anything you want to talk about?

Olinsky: No.

Dawson: Seriously. You know, I was in a confessional every other day for about ten years when I was a kid. Got real good at it… All right, Michelle. You hit the weights. Angela, you got speed bag.

Michelle: All right.

Dawson: Think about what I said… All right, let's go.

Michelle: Hey.

21 back entrance

Mouse: Look, another burner phone from that batch just lit up, and you're not gonna believe who Beckett is calling.

Voight: Antonio, with me.


Schultz: What the hell?

Voight: It's time for some answers, Schultz.

Dawson: So you found two million, vouchered one, and kept the other for yourself. That about right?

Schultz: No, that's wrong.

Voight: Hm.

Schultz: I've been straight my entire career. I live in a little house in Garfield Ridge and my son goes to junior college. You think that if I came into a million dollars, I could sit on it for 15 years and live like a monk?

Voight: Hey, Schultz, I couldn't give a good God about the money… These are calls Beckett made to your number. Five of 'em. He alibis out. That means somebody else is out there killing cops.

Schultz: Those calls were threats, Hank. I swear it. He said I was next if I didn't come clean as to who took his money, you or Alvin. This guy Beckett wants revenge, man. He said he'd kill my kid if I didn't find out. Had Jace's dorm room number and everything… I'm telling you straight up. I didn't know about the missing million until a day ago.

Dawson: So you didn't think to call us and clue us in that you had made contact?

Schultz: With what Beckett was saying? How could I trust you? I sure didn't take his money… So, Hank, who do you suppose did?


Dawson: Hank.

Voight: Don't.

Patrol car

Burgess: Okay. I was 20. Nicole was 19. It was a summer of puppy love that ended with a $40 ring and a six-pack of beer. It was over before Halloween.

Roman: Is that from Ruzek?

Burgess: Yeah.

Roman: Yeah, see? Nothing to worry about.

Burgess: Guess not… Let me ask you a question.

Roman: Good lord.

Burgess: Hey, what you said about Adam really liking the trailer more than the movie got me thinking, okay? So this is your fault.

Roman: Burgess, just give him the push test.

Burgess: What's that?

Roman: Mention that maybe you guys should push the wedding date a year. If he gives you a lip about it, then he really wants to get married. If he agrees to push it, then he doesn't. Simple.

Burgess: Yeah.

Roman: Hey, what's this? Go, go, go, go.


Burgess: Stop! Chicago PD!

Roman: Go right!

Burgess: Oh, no.

Roman: This way.


Burgess: Roman.

Roman: All right, I'm going in. Give me your hands!

Burgess: Stop! Don't move!

Roman: Come on. Get up… Oh, I'm sorry about that.


Roman: We know you helped make pipe bombs used to kill cops. Hey, look at me. Was it for this guy, Beckett?

Vicente Dominguez: No.

Roman: Are you sure? Come on.

Intelligence office

Olinsky: Come on, come on.

Mouse: You need something?

Olinsky: Hey... Mouse.

Mouse: What are you looking for?

Olinsky: Just some history.

Mouse: You know there's a better way, right?

Olinsky: What do you mean?

Mouse: Hm. See, I input all the old paper transcripts and ran OCR so they're searchable now.

Olinsky: Well, do you have the grand jury stuff in there?

Mouse: Of course. You can scroll through by just running your finger… Here are the testimonies.

Olinsky: No, this isn't anything. Do you have the wire in here?

Mouse: Mm-hmm.

Olinsky: There. This way. See, there's a reference here to wit.

Mouse: Wit. Hm. Wit, what's wit? A witness?

Olinsky: Son of a bitch. Whit was a guy named Nathan Whitcomb.

Mouse: Nathan Whitcomb.

Olinsky: He supposedly worked for Beckett, but we didn't have anything on him. Hey. That's him. Mouse, do you have the original wire recordings?

Mouse: Well, I... I can get it.

Olinsky: Call everybody. Now.

Mouse: Yeah.

Outside Nathan Whitcomb’s house

Voight: You sure about this?

Olinsky: Well, it's the only thing that makes sense.

Voight: All right, Nathan Whitcomb. Don't let the nice house fool you. Hit it.

Halstead: Go.

Ruzek: Chicago PD!

Nathan Whitcomb’s house

Lindsay: Chicago PD! Put your hands up where I can see them now!

Halstead: Don't move! Keep your hands where I can see them! Keep your hands where I can see them.

Ruzek: Ma'am, I want you to sit down in the chair and keep your hands on the table.

Nathan Whitcomb: What is this?

Voight: Your past catching up with you.

Interview room

Voight: Hm.

Nathan Whitcomb: A lawyer.

Voight: Uh-huh.

Nathan Whitcomb: My lawyer.

Voight: Right.

Nathan Whitcomb: Yeah. I requested a lawyer.

Voight: Hm.

Nathan Whitcomb: He should be here by now.

Voight: No one's coming for you.

Nathan Whitcomb: Hey, look. I'd like a chance to explain this whole thing out.

Record: No, man, no. I left for like 15 minutes to get something to eat, and like, an army of cops were raiding the place. They arrested Meachum, Garrigus, and Wilpon.

Voight: That's you.

Record: What'd they get?

Voight: That's Beckett.

Record: 50 bricks, all the weapons. Two mil in cash.

Olinsky: Hm. All right, now, tell me when I get off track, Whitcomb. 15 years ago, we raided your stash house and confiscated drugs, guns, and one million in cash, but you had stashed another million of Beckett's money somewhere else. Yeah? I mean, we never found it. And when it came time to call the boss, you said, Hey, the full boat. Two million has been confiscated, and then waited for Beckett to get busted. He goes away to Stateville... And you make off with a million dollars no one even knows is missing… Besides Beckett.

Nathan Whitcomb: Look, I don't know what you're talking about...

Voight: And now, 15 years later... One cop is dead. Another's facing IA charges, all 'cause the chickens came home to roost on your lie.

Nathan Whitcomb: You're making up lies. You're covering your own ass.

Lindsay: We got something else.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: Bomb squad checked out Olinsky's car. There was a pipe bomb tied to the door lock… Prints on the bomb are a match for the brothers that Roman and Burgess arrested today. Guess who they say hired them?

Interview room

Nathan Whitcomb: Oh.

Olinsky: You hired kids to pack bombs? Hm? For my car? For Voight's?

Nathan Whitcomb: It was Beckett's idea. He's the one with the vendetta, not me. He's insane. I just facilitated what he wanted... Oh! You're right, you're right! I took his money. If he found out, he'd kill me. I don't want any of this, man. I was out!

Olinsky: But you were more than happy to let him believe that it was us, right?

Nathan Whitcomb: I wasn't thinking. It was all Beckett's! I swear to you!

Voight: Not now… So we're gonna need you.

Nathan Whitcomb: For what?

Voight: Bait.

21 back entrance

Nathan Whitcomb: You were gonna find out anyway, so I'm coming clean. Hey, listen, calm down. Listen. I got 200k in the bank I can get my hands on. Well, it's better than nothing. I said it's better than nothing, James. I don't know. I can sell the house and come up with the rest if... You give me a pass… Good. Good. Where you want to meet? Okay. Yeah, I know where that is.


Voight: All right, get ready, people.

Lindsay: Got him.


Dawson: We're in position.


Lindsay: Hank, he wants to run.

Voight: Yeah, well, if he does, you drop him.

Smoke bomb

Voight: Go, go, go!

Halstead: We're blind. We're blind.

Lindsay: Oh, my God.

James Beckett: Got something to say to me? It's fake. You set me up.

Halstead: Antonio, they're one floor up.

Nathan Whitcomb: Beckett, the cops. They're everywhere.


Halstead: I don't have a shot.

Voight: You ordered the murder of a Chicago police officer? You put a bomb in my car? You try to kill my family? I should've done this 15 years ago.

Olinsky: Hank. Hank. Hank, come on. Hank! Hank.

Voight: You'll never see the light of day again.

Olinsky: Get up.

Ruzek: Let's go.

Intelligence office

Mouse: It's not bad, huh?

Olinsky: Get rid of it… It's not us, kid.

Mouse: All right.

Platt: Al.

Olinsky: Hey.

Platt: You got a visitor.

Olinsky: Hey. Don't tell me. You want some money.

Michelle: No, no… Here. Look, I'm far from Mrs. Fields, but I made some cookies that I hope you don't hate.

Olinsky: Ah, okay.

Michelle: They're chocolate peanut butter.

Olinsky: Oh, my favourite.

Michelle: Really?

Olinsky: Yeah.

Michelle: Mine too.

Olinsky: Mmm.

Michelle: Okay, well, I am heading to the gym.

Olinsky: Mm-hmm.

Michelle: Antonio has me wearing ankle weights. Says my footwork sucks.

Olinsky: Ah.

Michelle: Yeah. You gonna drop by later?

Olinsky: I might.

Michelle: Yeah, you know, I like it when you do.

Olinsky: Hey.

Michelle: Thanks again.

Olinsky: Oh, yeah.

Locker room

Burgess: Hi.

Ruzek: Hello, Ace Ventura.

Burgess: Good one.

Ruzek: Aww, come on, now. If you think you're gonna get mad at me, you're barking up the wrong tree.

Burgess: Keep it up, buddy.

Ruzek: That was my last one.

Burgess: Good.

Ruzek: 'Cause I wouldn't want to end up in the dog house.

Burgess: Hey, I was thinking.

Ruzek: Mm-hmm.

Burgess: I mean, this is in no way related to anything other than, you know, being practical. I was thinking maybe we should push our wedding date back.

Ruzek: Hm. How long?

Burgess: I don't know. Like a year. You know, make sure we get everything right.

Ruzek: Okay, totally. Sure.

Burgess: You think so?

Ruzek: Yeah, why not? Why put a bunch of pressure on it, you know what I mean? Drive ourselves crazy. Hey, I got to go grab a couple more things, then we take off?

Burgess: Yeah.

Ruzek: All right, babe.

Burgess: Bye.


Herrmann: I've been saying it for two years, Doc. Up-and-coming neighbourhood. Growth market. And now look around. What do you see?

Dr. Charles: Well... Kind of looks the same to me, Herrm.

Herrmann: I see potential.

Lindsay: Dr. Charles.

Dr. Charles: Detective.

Lindsay: Thanks, Herrmann.

Herrmann: You got it, sweetheart. All right.

Dr. Charles: To the elephant.

Lindsay: The one we eat a piece at a time instead of whole.

Dr. Charles: That's kind of how you get the son of a bitch out of the room. Right?

Lindsay: Yeah.


Lindsay: We're celebrating.

Halstead: What are we celebrating?

Lindsay: Hank is letting me move back into my apartment. He trusts me.

Halstead: Wow. That's huge.

Lindsay: Yeah. I think he just wants his bathroom back, but whatever.

Halstead: Well, you can do some serious damage in a bathroom. What? I just meant you're messy. Like, you're a messy person. God. Seriously, though, this is good. I was worried that hole you were digging was gonna be too deep.

Lindsay: I was lucky. I had a lot of people reaching in to pull me out.


Voight: Alvin.

Olinsky: Hank.

Voight: Burgundy, right?

Olinsky: That a... That a peace offering?

Voight: I'm in an apologetic mood… Oh, man.

Olinsky: We're always gonna be paying for the debts of the past, aren't we?

Voight: Yeah. I guess we are. Hm.

Olinsky: You know something? I'll do it for the rest of my days if I have to. No regrets.

Voight: Amen.

Olinsky: Amen.

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CastleBeck (14:08)

Je crois que je préfère prendre mon temps...

CastleBeck (14:12)

Ça fait étrange de regarder un épisode de série après avoir vu le bêtisier de celui-ci...

Sonmi451 (14:13)

Ha oui jamais fait ça

CastleBeck (14:19)

Tu fais bien...

serieserie (14:26)

Oui non Castlebeck c'est une mauvaise idée

CastleBeck (14:36)

Bof, quant à regarder dans le désordre, il fallait pousser jusqu'au bout.

Sonmi451 (14:45)

bêtisier inclus ^^

Sonmi451 (14:45)

tu as raison quand on commence les choses faut y aller jusqu'au bout ^^

Sonmi451 (14:49)

bon je vais aller réveiller mon grand sinon ce soir il va pas dormir ^^

Sonmi451 (14:49)

A toute à l'heure.

CastleBeck (14:57)

À plus tard

CastleBeck (15:45)

C'est pas la musique d'appel en attente qui va m'aider à me réveiller...

serieserie (15:46)

ah oui les petites musiques bien... soporifique ^^

CastleBeck (15:47)

Ils veulent être certains qu'on raccroche.

serieserie (15:48)

oui ^^

CastleBeck (16:02)

Plus de 30 minutes, mais ils ont répondu... pffff.... et le monsieur était bête.

serieserie (16:03)

c'est toujours le cas

CastleBeck (16:05)

Sinon, 120$/h pour faire réparer mon lave-vaisselle, ce qui n'inclut pas les frais de déplacement (130$) et les pièces... J'aurais du lui charger, moi, le 120$ de l'heure pour le temps d'attente!

serieserie (16:05)


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