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#309 : Le bon coupable


Le corps décapité d'une femme est retrouvée dans le lac Michigan et l'équipe découvre qu'elle fait partie du cercle d'amis de Voight. Lindsay craint que cette relation entrave la capacité de Voight à rester objectif. Roman vit une période difficile suite aux récents événements et une erreur de jugement lui fait faire une grave erreur.



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Titre VO
Never Forget I Love You

Titre VF
Le bon coupable

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Scénario : Ryan Maldonado et Eduardo Javier Canto
Réalisation Terry Miller

Guest Starring : Caleb Hunt (Craig "Mouse" Gurwitch), Madison McLaughlin (Michelle Sovana)

On docks.

Carter: Voight, how's dry land treating you?

Voight: Still standing.

Lindsay: I bet this view never gets old.

Carter: Fourth of July, it's the best. When it's 20-below in January, I dream of a heated firehouse.

Voight: Where's this floater?

Carter: These yacht club guys claim they took their boat out to fish and were casting their nets for live bait.

Voight: Huh.

Carter: Nearly fell overboard when they pulled this in.

Voight: I'm thinking unnatural causes.

Carter: That's why I called you. We get floaters every few months, but not like this.

Lindsay: Look at that. Looks like a small-caliber entry wound. She's still got her teeth. We should upload them to ViCAP, see if we can ID her from her dental records.

Voight: If we want any real shot at ID'ing her, we're gonna need the rest of the body. They got GPS.

Carter: Oh, they've got a lot more than that.

Voight: Let's retrace their path.

On the lake

Carter: It's been a few hours. It's possible the current swept the body out further.

Lindsay: Can we give it a few more minutes?

Carter: I'm not gonna fight overtime, but my guys only got 15 minutes of air left.

Voight: All right, thanks, Carter.

Lindsay: My first year on patrol, I responded to this call at Douglas Park. A jogger saw a hand sticking out of the lagoon, so a marine unit came and drained it, and they found two more bodies.

Voight: Mother killed her two boys.

Lindsay: Yeah, she tied them together with an extension cord. That kind of thing never leaves you.

Carter: Diver one just located an object on the bottom.

Callie’s house.

Roman: Callie, it's Sean. Open up. She said she was here.

Burgess: Yeah, I don't hear anything.

Roman: All right, on three. One, two…

Callie: Sean.

Roman: Come on. What happened?

Callie: So my ex, Ritchie, he was loaded and asking about Andrew and some of his stuff, and saying that Andrew was his boy too, and I told him to sleep it off, and he just went crazy.

Burgess: Okay, we are gonna take you to the district to file an order of protection.

Roman: An order of protection didn't work the first time. A guy like this needs to learn a lesson.

Callie: No, please, don't. It will just make it worse.

Burgess: Do you have any place you can stay, family or friends?

Roman: She shouldn't have to leave her own home because of him.

Burgess: Sean, you know the odds are he's coming back.

Roman: No, he's not.


Doctor: Good news. Both head and body belong to the same person.

Halstead: Was there any doubt?

Doctor: The pieces they pull from the Chicago River, you never know. She was early 20s. And water decomps are tough to pinpoint.

Lindsay: Ballpark time of death?

Doctor: Best guess, your victim died a week ago from strangulation as indicated by the fractured hyoid in the victim's neck.

Halstead: These holes aren't gunshot wounds.

Doctor: You're right. They were made by a power drill. Whoever killed this girl knew what they were doing. They drilled holes so the body would sink.

Lindsay: Just get us something, anything we can use to ID her.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: M.E. was able to pull a couple usable prints off our victim's hand. ID came back as Victoria Wasson, 26. She was in the system for simple possession.

Halstead: She used to be a dancer at the strip club Deluxe.

Dawson: It's up on Kingsbury. Raided it a few times when I was in VICE. It's an Outfit joint, totally protected.

Ruzek: So, Victoria saw something she wasn't supposed to, and the Outfit killed her for it.

Halstead: Give the way the body was drilled full of holes so it would sink, that's a strong possibility.

Voight: Hey, this Victoria could have crossed paths with all kinds, dealers, stalkers, jealous exes. Let's put the pieces together, start building a timeline.

Lindsay: Closest next of kin is Victoria's little sister. She's a sophomore at CCU. She shouldn't have to see her sister's body like this, so me and Jay will do the notification.

Ruzek: I'll hit the strip club with Antonio.

Halstead: Yeah, right after you hit the ATM.

Voight: Al, you go with.


Lindsay: Hank.

Voight: Hmm?

Lindsay: I've got to be honest. Every time a case involves the Outfit, I get a little worried.

Voight: Don't be.

Lindsay: You remember they're a social club, and your father was a member there.

Voight: Nobody's getting special treatment. The Outfit's involved, we hit them with everything we go. Until then, I need more than speculation.

Lindsay: Right.


Lauren: We didn't see each other a lot. Vickie worked nights, and I had class most days.

Lindsay: When was the last time you saw your sister?

Lauren: Last Friday. She came home, and she said a friend was flying her down to Cabo for the week.

Halstead: Did your sister mention his name?

Lauren: Vickie had a lot of friends, guys she met at work. I never knew their names. Our parents died in a car wreck six years ago, and… And Vickie stepped up and decided she was gonna take care of us both. She worked all kinds of jobs. She… She even started dancing at that club to help me pay for school.

Lindsay: Listen. We don't care how your sister lived her life. We just care about finding out who did this to her.


Dawson: We know Victoria was seeing customers outside the club. We just want the names of her regulars.

Man: What, you think I take names at the door?

Dawson: That's not a bad idea. Maybe I'll park a couple squads out front, see what that does for business.

Man: You know who owns this place? Yeah, you go ahead, make your calls. We'll make ours.

Locker room

Ruzek: Ladies, come on. Help us out here. The quicker we get through with this, the quicker you get back to work. I've got to think one of you was at least friendly with Victoria, so one more time, did she ever mention having a problem with one of her customers?

Olinsky: Now this is what your coworker looked like when they pulled her out of the river. See? Ah, somebody's got a heart.

Dancer: We worked Tuesdays together.

Olinsky: Okay.

Dancer: I just I can't believe someone would want to do that to her.

Olinsky: Yeah. Do you know anybody who'd want to hurt her? Which one of those is Victoria's?

Dancer: The one with the stickers.

Olinsky: Oh, okay, thanks.


Man: That's club property. You got a warrant?

Olinsky: Well it kind of looks open to me… Huh. Oh, I bet you these weren't used for buying beer.

21 entrance

Burgess: Sean, all I'm saying, it's a domestic. You should maintain a professional distance.

Roman: Let's see what Platt says.

Platt’s office

Roman: Sarge, you got a sec?

Platt: I got a lifetime. It is a beautiful autumn day, and I have the best job in the world, and last night, I found this in Randy's truck. Engagement rings. I think the old dog is gonna bend a knee.

Burgess: Wow, that's amazing.

Roman: We got a problem. Do you remember Andrew's mom? Her ex is causing trouble, and I want to use his shift to track him down before things go south.

Platt: Look at that. It's like a ray of sunshine around your finger.

Roman: Sarge, so you good with that?

Platt: Yeah, yeah, whatever you think is best.

Ruzek: I'm gonna put together a photo, I'll be right up.

Roman: See you in the car.

Burgess: Hey.

Ruzek: Hey. Yeah.

Platt: Hey, Burgess.

Burgess: Sergeant.

Platt: I'll bet you 20 bucks I get hitched before you do.

Burgess: Okay, we'll see.

Platt: Uh-huh.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: Hey, so I just spoke to Financial Crimes about the IDs we found in Victoria's locker. Apparently, they've been looking for the pretty face behind these check-kiting schemes for months now. They just didn't know her real name. As Jen Turner, she bilks 35 grand from Citibank. As Beth Hampton, 44,000 at Bank of America. And as Lana Del Rio, a cool, clean 56 grand from Chase.

Atwater: Bottom line is, she's cashed over half a million dollars worth of counterfeit treasury checks.

Olinsky: That's an old-school Outfit scam, using young, attractive women to rip off bankers with that fugazi paper instead of guns.

Dawson: Yep, the girls keep 10%, kick the rest back to their handler. That's how the Outfit keeps their hands clean.

Lindsay: So, do we loop in organized crime?

Voight: I'll do the digging.

Lindsay: When?

Voight: I got to run my schedule by you now?

Lindsay: Look, whatever this girl was into, she didn't deserve to end up dead in the bottom of the river. We know this was Outfit, so…

Voight: So now you're gonna tell me what she did and did not deserve, like I don't know?

Lindsay: I'm just asking what the game plan is here.

Voight: Keeping looking into Victoria's known associates.

Lindsay: Okay.

the Outfit

Man: I heard that once.

Old Man: Hey, jag-off. Someone call 911?

Voight: Yeah, I heard you need help getting out of that chair.

Old Man: I love you too.

Voight: Hey, Carlo.

Frank: Hank.

Carlo: Hank, pull up a seat.

Voight: Actually, I was hoping we could talk someplace a little more discreet.

Carlo: This is a social club. Be social.

Voight: It's about a girl that works at one of your clubs, Deluxe.

Carlo: Well, you could say that I'm a silent partner. I heard that your guys were already out there.

Voight: They didn't find what they needed? Got a few more questions.

Carlo: Mm. Well, Frank here knows more about the day-to-day than I do, and he can answer any questions you got.

Voight: Outside?

Frank: Yeah.

Voight: Great.


Voight: The girl who cashed these, we fished her out of the river.

Frank: Shame, beautiful girl like this.

Voight: Not anymore… Look, Frank I'm here as a courtesy. I know she was hooked into a check scam that possibly tracks back here… Now, I'm counting on you being straight with me. I need a name or Financial Crimes is gonna start looking into how you pay your rent.

Frank: So any cash that this girl may or may not have kicked up to certain people, you're not interested?

Voight: As far as I'm concerned, that's the FDIC's problem.

Frank: Okay.


Halstead: Go… Clear… Door on the right, go… Go go.

Charlie Koslow: Aah!


Charlie Koslow: Augh! Aah!

Halstead: Hands up. Let me see your hands.

Charlie Koslow: Aah!


Dawson: Make one more move. Turn around! On your face. Hands behind your back.

Halstead: You good?

Ruzek: No.

Halstead: Good job, buddy.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Charlie Koslow, Polish kid, grew up on Taylor Street. He was an up-and-coming enforcer for the Outfit.

Dawson: Then he shattered some guy's jaw over a parking spot, and the judge gave him five years. Six months into his sentence, he pissed off some GDs, who dropped a 45-pound plate on his head, putting him in a coma for two months. His prison psych profile says after that, he never fully recovered mentally.

Lindsay: Who gave us Koslow?

Voight: Concerned citizen.

Olinski: I went back to Deluxe and flashed Koslow's picture. Now, Victoria's dancer friend Sage said that she saw Koslow arguing with Victoria the night she disappeared.

Interview room

Dawson: So an up-and-coming mob enforcer gets his bell rung in a prison weight pile. Next thing he knows, people stop being afraid of him, so the Outfit puts X enforcer out to pasture with a counterfeit check scheme. That you?

Voight: Come on, Charlie, what happened to you? You and Victoria have a falling out?

Charlie Koslow: No. Vickie was I would never hurt her.

Voight: Listen, whatever amount she was holding back from your phony checks, I mean, it wasn't enough to kill her. Look, if I'm you, I'd come clean, make a deal.

Dawson: Why don't you tell us about the fight you and Victoria had outside Deluxe?

Charlie Koslow: Friends sometimes tell each other the truth… I didn't like who she was seeing.

Voight: That's it? You didn't like her boyfriend, or you wanted her for yourself? You wanted her to be more than just a check girl?

Ruzek: Boss, this is Koslow's lawyer, Jim Shelte.

Jim Shelte: You, stop talking. I'm gonna need a few minutes with my client alone.


Roman: Hey, Denny, where's your brother Ritchie? And don't say you don't know, because I know he stays with you whenever he's in town.

Denny: Yeah, thanks for making me look like some sort of snitch.

Roman: What, you got a rep to uphold? We can make it look like a lot worse if you don't tell me where Ritchie is.

Denny: I haven't seen him in months.

Burgess: Hey, your brother's got his ex-wife Callie pretty shook up. We're trying to talk to him before he does something stupid.

Denny: Yeah, Ritchie mentioned you. You're that cop making a move on Callie? What kind of man takes advantage of a grieving woman?

Roman: Ask me that again.

Burgess: Roman, take a walk. Roman, you take a walk. Roman… And, you, you see Ritchie, call that number.

Interview room

Voight: Counsellor.

Jim Shelte: Yeah. Well, I think we can all agree no matter how we look at this, it's tragic, and no one, least of all Mr. Koslow here, wants to cause Victoria Wasson's family any more grief or waste any more of CPD's time. With that in mind, Charlie's prepared to confess… But we will need some assurances.

Dawson: What are we talking?

Jim Shelte: Manslaughter instead of first-degree and protective custody in prison. As you know, Charlie has a history of being targeted by rival gangs on the inside.

Voight: I want to hear it from you.

Charlie Koslow: Vickie…

Voight: Yeah?

Charlie Koslow: She was holding out 30,000 from the checks. If she didn't pay, it was me who was gonna…

Jim Shelte: My client panicked. They fought. Wasn't premeditated.

Voight: Huh. Why the sudden change of heart?

Jim Shelte: He's sick with remorse, and while a confession won't bring forgiveness, perhaps it will bring some closure. A search of this address will turn up the boat and the tools he used to dispose of the body.

Intelligence office

Voight: Got a confession from Koslow.

Ruzek: Fantastic, we'll take it.

Lindsay: What do you mean? Half an hour ago, he was saying he didn't do it.

Voight: Changed his mind.

Lindsay: Based on what? A public defender could get him off on what we have right now.

Voight: Guess we're lucky he came clean.

Lindsay: Did he come clean, or did his mobbed-up lawyer get him to take one for the team?

Voight: I'll tell you what, you want to volunteer for the Innocence Project? I'll get you that number. Right now, we got a case to close. Roll with crime lab to that address.


Lindsay: You get anything off the drill?

Forensic: Not even a partial. Gotta assume your guy was wearing gloves.

Lindsay: All right, let's bag everything, get it to the lab.

Halstead: Thanks. Hey, that was the DMV. The last person the boat was registered to died two years ago. Then the title never gets transferred, and all the storage fees have been paid in cash.

Lindsay: Great.

Forensic: And I'm not so sure it was used to dispose of the body.

Lindsay: What do you mean?

Forensic: My techs sprayed the whole cabin and deck with luminol. Not a single trace of blood. If your killer used this boat to transport the body, a body that was drilled full of holes, no way it'd be this spotless.

Lindsay: Thank you.

Voight’s office

Lindsay: Searched the boat. Crime techs found zero physical evidence tying Koslow to the boat or to Victoria's body.

Voight: They had a week to clean it up.

Halstead: Forensic says the way the body was desecrated, then that'd be impossible, so if this was Koslow, he…

Voight: If? He confessed.

Lindsay: Will give us a minute? You remember the summer I moved in with you? The cartage warehouse over on Cermak got knocked off, and the guard on duty got killed. Half the neighbourhood saw Tommy Posato at the Italian Day Festival when it happened, and he still went to Joliet for murder.

Voight: And?

Lindsay: And it wouldn't be the first time the Outfit sent somebody up the river for something that they didn't do.

Voight: Careful what you're implying.

Lindsay: I'm not implying anything. Whoever gave you Koslow, you're getting played.

Mouse: I can come back.

Voight: What do you got?

Mouse: I ran Koslow's telephonics, and there are a bunch of calls to Victoria Wasson, but the odd thing is, there's even more calls to Lauren Wasson. That's Victoria's younger sister. I mean, it looks like Charlie He was in a relationship with both girls.

Lindsay: Which Lauren neglected to mention.


Lindsay: Lauren, why weren't you straight with us from the beginning?

Lauren: I already told you everything I know.

Halstead: You left out the part where you're dating the guy who's scammed treasury checks with your sister, who also just confessed to killing her.

Lauren: Wait, Charlie confessed? No, no, no way.

Lindsay: So how about you tell us the truth then? Unless you want your boyfriend going to prison for a murder he didn't commit.

Lauren: Okay, I wanted to tell you, I swear, but you saw what they did to Vickie.

Halstead: Who's they? Did someone threaten you?

Lauren: I don't know their names… They're… Okay, look, all you need to know is that Charlie was with me the night Vickie disappeared. I swear.

Lindsay: And you can prove that?

Lauren: We… We went to the silent movie theater on Clark, and then he stayed the night at my dorm.

Halstead: Did he sign the guestbook at the front desk?

Lauren: Guys aren't allowed past 10:00, so Charlie always sneaks in through the garage.

Frank’s house

Voight: I helped myself to coffee.

Frank: Want some zeppoles with that?

Voight: I don't really have an appetite. Have a seat.

Frank: What do you want to know?

Voight: Who really killed Victoria Wasson? It's not there… This isn't that kind of meeting, Frank, come on… I mean, you and me… You and me got a lot of history. I've always held up my end of the bargain till now. Give me a name. I won't go after the money, but tell me the truth… You feed me a patsy?

Frank: Do us all a favour, would you, huh? You got a confession from Koslow. Just take the kid at his word.

Voight: I've done plenty of things that I'm not proud of… Sending an innocent man to prison is never gonna be one of them.

Intelligence office

Ruzek: Boss, hey. Platt's on my ass about getting Koslow out of lockup, in front of a judge for arraignment.

Halstead: Final autopsy results came in for Victoria Wasson. Turns out at the time of her death, she was 16 weeks pregnant.

Lindsay: And Victoria's little sister Lauren was with Charlie Koslow…

Halstead: Who she was banging.

Lindsay: The night that he supposedly killed Victoria. Two of Lauren's dorm mates will confirm that they saw him there.

Voight: All right, get Koslow back up here, and tell Platt we haven't officially charged him yet. Still an open investigation.


Lindsay: I know why you confessed to Victoria's murder, 'cause you were protecting Lauren. You eat the charges, and she doesn't get hurt, am I right?

Charlie Koslow: You talked to Lauren? She okay?

Lindsay: Yeah, she's in police custody. I'd say right now you need to think about helping yourself.

Voight: Charlie, we know you were with Lauren the night Victoria was murdered. You listening? Hey… We need to know who put you up to this.

Charlie Koslow: I tell you, they kill me… Better off going back to Stateville.

Lindsay: Did you know Victoria was pregnant? We think that's the motive here. You said you didn't like the guy she was seeing. So, who is he, Charlie? Who could be the father here?

Voight: Charlie… Charlie. I know how manipulative these guys can be. Family. Loyalty. Honour. And they're they're all fine words until it's their neck on the block. No matter what promises were made… This isn't right. And I got to tell you, Lauren… If you're in prison, they'll just see her as a loose end. She'll never be safe.

Charlie Koslow: Tafani.

Voight: Carlo Tafani?

Charlie Koslow: Victoria was sleeping with him. I told her never get into bed with the boss.

Voight: You sure about this?

Charlie Koslow: Yes, sir.

Intelligence office

Halstead: Carlo Tafani. He's a boss for the Outfit's Bridgeport crew. Tied to money laundering, racketeering, and suspected in the disappearance of several witnesses in the family secrets case.

Mouse: Financial Crimes just sent over a report detailing recent transactions by Tafani's front company, Vesta Inc. Now, one of the names that showed up on the report is none other than Miss Lana Del Rio.

Ruzek: Well, that's one of those aliases that Victoria used.

Mouse: Exactly. Now, the check scam paid out in cash, so I'm thinking, you know, hush money.

Voight: I'll pick him up.

Lindsay: I'll come with.

Voight: No, you won't.

Lindsay: You said we'd hit this guy with everything we got.

Voight: Tafani is not the kind of guy you punch in the mouth.

Lindsay: Right now, he is suspect number one.

Voight: Which is why I'm going to talk to him.

Lindsay: Hank.

Voight: Sergeant.

Lindsay: Sergeant, if you don't drag Tafani back here in a set of cuffs, I will.

Voight: That right there is your problem. You keep talking to me like I'm the guy who raised you instead of your boss… Go back to your desk until I need you.


Roman: How's it going, Ritchie?

Ritchie: Listen, man, I don't know what Callie told you…

Roman: Shut up and listen to me. I'm taking you to lockup, and when you get out, I'm gonna find a reason to put your ass right back in there until you realize that any connection you had to Callie is buried with Andrew. You understand me?

Ritchie: Wait. Wait, I know I screwed up. But do you have any idea how hard this was for me, watching my kid die? I just couldn't handle it.

Roman: Yeah, yet you left it all on Callie.

Ritchie: What do you want me to say? You were there for my family and I wasn't. You were a better father than me. Lock up me, knock me around, I don't care. There's nothing you can do to make me feel any worse than I already do.

Roman: I want you on the next bus to Indianapolis, and you never come back. You hear me?

Ritchie: You got it.

Burgess: Good, and since you obviously lost the first one, you… Hey, you come within 1,000 feet of Callie, we'll make sure you never see the light of day.


Voight: Carlo.

Carlo: It's okay, Cheech. What's going on?

Voight: I need you to come with me.

Carlo: It's about that thing at Deluxe? I thought Frank gave you what you wanted.

Voight: What Frank gave me was the runaround. I'm hoping you'll be smarter.

Carlo: Taylor, come here, sweetheart. Come here, baby. Come here. This is my granddaughter, Taylor. This is my friend Hank. Say hi.

Voight: Hi, honey.

Taylor: Hi.

Carlo: Cheech, make sure she gets home okay. I'll see you in a little bit, okay, sweetheart?

Taylor: Okay.

Carlo: All right, love you.

Taylor: Love you too.

Carlo: All right, always wanted to see where you work.

Voight: Come on.

21 hallway

Carlo: If I remember correctly, your old man also worked the 21st.

Voight: He died here too, remember?

Carlo: Yeah.

Voight: Hmm.

Carlo: It's got to be tough. I mean, here you are, everywhere you look, something to remind you of what happened to him… But no question he'd be proud.

Interview room

Carlo: Ah.

Voight: Victoria Wasson.

Carlo: I come here on good faith, put on a show for your fellow officers so they don't think that you're compromised by our friendship, and that's what you want to ask me about?

Voight: You were screwing her.

Carlo: Hank, I own clubs. I've got a lot of friends.

Voight: Except this one was carrying your child… Medical examiner determined she was 16 weeks pregnant when she was strangled. I'm thinking she wanted to keep it, and I know there is no way that you would risk ruining your home life, embarrassing your wife and kids… Also explains the 20 grand you gave her from your S-Corp.

Carlo: Hey, I gave her gifts. I gave her some jewellery. I never gave her 20 grand.

Voight: Yeah, well… The bank records tell a different story.

Carlo: Hmm.

Voight: So you paid her off to get an abortion.

Carlo: Hmm.

Voight: She wouldn't bite. Only one play left: girl's got to go.

Carlo: One thing: I couldn't be that child's father.

Voight: Carlo, we can get your DNA and match to her unborn child.

Carlo: Well, save yourself the trouble. Call my doctor. I got a vasectomy five years ago, and I can prove it. Now, are we done? 'Cause I'd really like to go back to my granddaughter, spend the evening with her. I only get to see her once a week… Excuse me.

Lindsay: There's something you need to see.

Intelligence office

Lindsay: So it turns out the only other person authorized to wire money out of Tafani's account is the lawyer, Jim Shelte.

Voight: They need someone to send the bribe, make bail. That's what those guys do.

Lindsay: There's more to it than that. I had Mouse run Shelte's financials.

Mouse: Get this, if Shelte bills out 600 an hour, he's still living beyond his means. The guy's going through a nasty divorce. He's got debt up to his eyeballs, a condo, car…

Lindsay: Boat, a 55-foot Bertram he keeps registered in New Buffalo, Michigan.

Mouse: Yeah, It seems he also likes to live it up room-service style. He keeps a standing reservation at the W Hotel. Well, he's been crashing there ever since his wife kicked him out, so I accessed security footage at the hotel… And look who's been visiting him the last month. Our D.O.A.

Interview room

Jim Shelte: Where's my client?

Halstead: Which one? You've had a busy day. Maybe we should assign you a parking space.

Lindsay: We've been over this from every angle, and we just can't figure out why Charlie Koslow would want to murder Victoria.

Jim Shelte: What the hell is this about?

Halstead: You're in a lot of trouble, Counsellor. It looks like you panicked a little bit when you found Victoria was pregnant. This one's my favourite. So, you paid her 20 grand of the boss's money just to make the problem go away.

Lindsay: You didn't want to keep that baby, but Victoria wanted to keep it, so you brought her out to a remote location, told her you were going to Cabo. That's a nice touch. And then you strangled her, drilled her full of holes, little trick you learned from your mob clients, and you go out on your Bertram to dump the body.

Jim Shelte: Everything you've got is circumstantial at best.

Voight: Way I see it, you got two options: one, you cop to the murder right now, no deal, no assurances, or two, walk out that door… And you know what's gonna happen.

Lindsay: Wait a minute.

Voight: What's it gonna be?

Jim Shelte: I think I'll be going now.

Lindsay: No way.

Voight: Erin.

Jim Shelte: Good luck with the investigation.

Lindsay: We had him.


Lindsay: Hey! This isn't over. I'm gonna make sure you go down for Victoria's murder.

Jim Shelte: I already told you. You got your guy in custody for that. His name is Charlie Koslow.

Frank: Jimmy, why don't you hop in?

Intelligence office

Voight: Hey. Come on, I'll walk you out.


Voight: Excuse me. Can I get a Manhattan?

Bartender: Yep.

Voight: You know, you mentioned the summer you moved in… The thing you didn't know about Tommy Posato, the thing nobody knew is, Tommy liked underage girls and tender-aged girls.

Bartender: Here you go, Hank.

Voight: Thanks. The Outfit found out about it, and they gave him a choice… 22 to the back of the head or take the rap for one of their robberies and go away to Joliet… Erin… I'm not always going to explain what I do, and you're not always gonna like me for that, but just… I Never forget I love you.

Callie’s house

Roman: Callie! Callie? Oh, no, are you okay?

Callie: Yeah.

Burgess: Callie, what happened?

Callie: Ritchie, Ritchie.

Roman: Ritchie where is he?

Callie: He went that way.

Roman: Roll an ambulance, request for backup.

Burgess: Hey, Roman, where are you going?

Roman: Just do it.

Burgess: 21-13, squad, roll an ambulance to 1932 South Wells. Here, press.


Roman: Chicago Police, stop!


Roman: Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands!

Burgess: Roman!

Roman: Over here.

Burgess: I heard shots.

Roman: I told him to stop.

Burgess: Oh, Sean, he's dead.

Roman: He aimed a gun at me.

Burgess: No, I see a phone. I don't see a gun. Sean, I don't see a gun.

Roman: I swear it was in his hand.


Voight: Voight.


Burgess: Sergeant, we have a problem.


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serieserie (15:43)

ah oui tf1 nous on viré chicago pd a 1h du matin c'est des tarés!

CastleBeck (15:44)

Mais même en rechargeant la page, ca continuait. Je vais arrêter de parler en prive, ce sera plus simple...

CastleBeck (15:44)

C'est quoi les 3 séries?

serieserie (15:44)

oui oui non mais ça continue jusqu'a ce que tu éteignes l'ordi enfaite ˆˆ

serieserie (15:45)

grey's anatomy new york unité spéciale (law and order svu) et chicago pd

CastleBeck (15:45)

Ah, oui, c'est pas une heure ca pour une série.

Sonmi451 (15:45)

non mais c'est ça tu as les inédits de GA 2ép., ensuite NY (je ne sais plus quoi) 2ép. et enfin CPD.

CastleBeck (15:45)

Ah, c'est noté alors j'éteindrai mon ordi.

serieserie (15:45)

trois épisodes de cpd a 1h du matin donc juqu'a 3h

Sonmi451 (15:45)

alors moi qui avait vu ponctuellement CPD ben là c'est foutu

Sonmi451 (15:46)

car même si les nuits sont blanches en ce moment, c'est pas ça qui va faire dormir bébé lol

serieserie (15:46)

oui non mais la... enfaite on en a déduit que tf1 avait un soucis avec CPD parce que plus ca va, plus c'est ard

Sonmi451 (15:46)

voilà c'est ça 3 épisodes, c'est abusé et il s'en vante avec une bande annonce ^^'

CastleBeck (15:46)

Décidément, je ne comprendrai jamais rien à vos diffuseurs...

Sonmi451 (15:46)

non mais y a rien à comprendre ils sont concombres ^^

CastleBeck (15:47)

Ceci expliquant cela...

Sonmi451 (15:49)

de toute façon tf1 va mal en ce moment

Sonmi451 (15:50)

alors ils essayent tout et n'importe quoi pour faire remonter leur audience

Sonmi451 (15:50)

je vous laisse, bébé se réveille.

serieserie (15:50)

Ouais non mais ridicule

Sonmi451 (15:50)

bonne journée!

serieserie (15:50)

À plus tard

CastleBeck (15:54)

À plus tard

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Je vais y aller aussi. Je m'étais donné jusqu'à 10h, avant de commencer à travailler.
Bonne journée.

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Bonjour Sonmi

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Bonjour CastleB, comment tu vas (que tu répondes aujourd'hui ou demain, je suis sure que je pourrais lire ta réponse^^)

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