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#321 : Indestructible

La confrérie essaie toujours de faire perdre à Cole son côté humain. Leur objectif est de saboter sa relation avec Pheobe. Prue est transformée en chien pour combattre une "bannie", une sorcière devenue maléfique. Grâce à sa nouvelle oreille réceptive aux ultrasons, elle peut aisément suivre cette dernière en écoutant ses hurlements. Mais Phoebe devient à son tour une "bannie". Seule l'intervention de Cole pourra la sauver.

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Look Who’s Barking

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Trailer de l'épisode


Look who's barking - Extrait
Look who's barking - Extrait


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En prenant une page du Livre des Ombres, la page de Balthazar, Phoebe a eu une prémonition d'une personne innocente se faisant tuer. Elle est persuadée que c'est Cole qui a été submergée par son côté démoniaque. En fait, il n'en n'est rien, Phoebe a touché la page de Balthazar mais aussi celle de la Banshee (Bannie). C'est une ancienne sorcière qui s'est fait transformée par une autre Banshee. Elle tue les gens qui ont peur, qui sont tristes où ceux qui sont angoissés en émettant des ultrasons super puissants. Elles comprennent ça quand elles se font attaqués par une Banshee.

Elles décident d'essayer de la neutraliser en récitant une formule pour la localiser, mais la formule ne marche pas bien et Prue se change en chien, car seuls les chiens peuvent entendre les ultrasons que les Banshee émettent. Prue part alors à sa recherche. Piper et Phoebe se font attaquer par une Banshee car Phoebe ne va pas bien à cause de sa rupture avec Cole et de ce qu'il a fait. Piper fait alors exploser la Banshee grâce à son nouveau pouvoir. Phoebe est inconsciente, Léo dit que c'est grave car les Banshee ne peuvent pas tuer les sorcières grâce à leurs ultrasons mais qu'elles les transforment à leur tour en Banshee. Phoebe se change alors en Banshee et part du manoir. Léo rajoute que la transformation sera définitive dès qu'elle aura tué quelqu'un.

Pendant ce temps, Prue/Chien s'est fait renverser par une voiture et le propriétaire l'a recueillie chez lui. Prue parvient à s'enfuir. Phoebe/Banshee quant à elle va tuer quelqu'un mais finalement elle ne le fait pas. Piper en compagnie de Léo invoque alors Balthazar et Cole apparaît. Elle lui demande de dire à Phoebe qu'il l'aime sinon elle restera une Banshee. Cole se montre menaçant, et Piper en désespoir de cause lui lance une potion qu'elle avait préparé au cas où ce qui arrive arriverait. La potion n'a plus aucun effet sur Cole. Piper est stupéfaite et Cole explique qu'il est immunisé contre la potion. Cole accepte quand même de sauver Phoebe.

A ce moment, Phoebe attaque Cole, qui doit être aussi désemparé qu'elle à propos de leur rupture. Cole dit alors à Phoebe/Banshee qu'il l'aime. Le changement s'effectue et Phoebe redevient humaine et Prue aussi. Tout redevient normal et Phoebe pardonne à Cole ce qu’il a fait.

[Scene: Manor. Living room. Phoebe is sitting on the couch with the Book of Shadows. She is gluing pictures of Cole in the Book of Shadows. She writes “Cole’s human form” on the page. Prue walks in the manor.]

Phoebe: Why didn’t you invite him in?

Prue: Who?

Phoebe: Your date. The guy you’ve been smooching on the porch for the last ten minutes.

Prue: Eavesdropping were you?

Phoebe: Well, I’m single again, so I have no choice but to live vicariously through your love life.

(Prue walks in the living room.)

Prue: Wow, I’d forget about my love life if I were you, lately mine’s been rated PG for pretty grim.

Phoebe: That’s because no one ever makes it through the threshold, Prue. And don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that you’re out there looking, but you can’t keep saving yourself for Mr. Right. I need more vicarious thrills than that.

Prue: I am not saving myself for Mr. Right. I mean, Mr Interesting would do, or Mr. Personality, or even Mr. Take-My-Breath-Away. I don’t care.

Phoebe: Ooh, be careful with the last one. They tend to surprise you in all the wrong ways.

(Prue reads the page Phoebe’s making.)

Prue: “Cole likes walks in the park, jazz and fine wine.” Phoebe, what are you doing?

Phoebe: Well, Cole’s a demon. We write about demons in the Book of Shadows, don’t we?

Prue: Right, but this kind of stuff? Do you really think that’s necessary?

Phoebe: Yeah, if it prepares future witches in case he attacks. Absolutely. I mean, the more that they know about Cole, the better chance they have of hurting him before he hurts them.

Prue: Do you wanna talk about it?

Phoebe: No, there’s nothing to talk about. I loved, I lost and now I’m moving on.

(They hear an explosion.)

Prue: What was that?

Phoebe: Piper.

(They go into the kitchen.)

Prue: Where is she?

Phoebe: In the bunker formerly known as the basement.

Prue: I thought she was getting a handle on her new powers.

Phoebe: Yeah, that was before her new powers got a handle on her. (She knocks on the basement door.) Piper!

Piper: What?

Phoebe: Are you okay?

Piper: I’m fine. The Christmas decorations are not.

[Cut to the basement. There is stuff all over the floor.]

Prue: Can we come down?

Piper: No. Stay away from the door. It’s not safe.

Phoebe: Piper, that’s ridiculous, we’re your sisters.

[Cut back upstairs.]

Phoebe: (to Prue) Maybe we should back up just a little.

(They move away from the door. Dogs start barking from outside.)

Prue: Geez, who let the dogs out?

Phoebe: You can’t stay down there forever.

Piper: Yes I can.

Phoebe: No, you can’t. You have a club to run and a husband who can’t stand to live without you.

Prue: That’s right, and-and two sisters who need you to cook for them and fight evil with them.

Phoebe: Okay, do you want her to come up or do you want her to stay down there?

Prue: Oh.

(Kit hisses.)

Phoebe: What is going on?

(Kit runs through the kitchen knocking over the bin. She runs past Phoebe and Phoebe knocks over some utensils.)

Piper: What was that? What happened?

Phoebe: Uh, nothing, just relax. It was only Kit, don’t blow anything up.

Prue: What the hell is going on out there?

[Cut to a man’s apartment. His little pug dog is looking out the window. It runs over to the man and sits in front of him. It barks. The man is sitting in a chair, flipping through a photo album. He is crying.]

Man: Oh, Catherine. Oh, Catherine, my darling. (The dog continues to bark. Glass objects around the house start shaking.) Rusty, stop it.

(A strange noise gets louder and louder, and everything in the room shakes. The light bulbs blow and all the glass smashes. The windows smash and in flies a Banshee. She lets out a high-pitched scream. The man blocks his ears. The Banshee moves closer to the man and screams in his face. The man covers his face and blood drips down his face.)

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[Scene: Manor. Kitchen. Phoebe is there writing in the Book of Shadows. Prue walks in.]

Prue: Morning.

Phoebe: Morning.

Prue: Uh, you’re not still writing in there about Cole are you?

Phoebe: Nope.

Prue: Good.

Phoebe: I’m actually writing about his demonic half now.

(Prue sits down at the table with a cup of coffee and the paper.)

Prue: Phoebe, I’m-I’m starting to get a little worried about you.

Phoebe: Oh, don’t worry about me, worry about Piper.

Prue: Why? She still locked in the basement?

Phoebe: No, she’s locked herself in her bedroom now.

Prue: Well, at least somebody’s improving. (Prue sees an article in the newspaper.) Huh, looks like we weren’t the only ones annoyed by the dogs barking last night. It says that there was a record number of noise complaints.

Phoebe: Mm-hmm.

Prue: It says here at the exact same time there was a man murdered in our neighbourhood.

Phoebe: Do you mind?

Prue: No motive, nothing stolen, nothing that suggests how he was killed, lots of shattered glass everywhere.

Phoebe: You know this isn’t gonna work, you trying to distract me with…

(Phoebe touches a page in the Book of Shadows and has a premonition. In it, there is a girl in a phone booth. The glass smashes. She covers her face and blood trickles down her face.)

Prue: What?

Phoebe: I saw a little girl. She couldn’t have been any older that fourteen or fifteen. Did you mention something about shattered glass?

Prue: Yeah.

Phoebe: I think you’re right. I think a demon was responsible for that man’s death. (She stands up with the Book of Shadows.) And I think I know which one.

(Phoebe walks into the living room and puts the book on the chair. She clears the table. Prue walks in.)

Prue: Uh, Pheebs, what are you doing?

(Phoebe turns the table onto its side.)

Phoebe: We’ll use the magic to magic spell to summon Cole and then we vanquish him.

Prue: Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, wait. What makes you think that Cole’s responsible?

Phoebe: Because I was holding the Belthazor page when I got the premonition.

Prue: Uh, okay, but shattered glass, and old man, a teenager? That’s not exactly his mo.

Phoebe: Then why else would I get the premonition?

Prue: I don’t know, Phoebe, but I think that you’re barking up the wrong demon. Look, I know that he hurt you but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s…

Phoebe: Prue, I can do this with you or without you. Just please, get the vanquishing potion.

Prue: And what if the potion doesn’t work?

Phoebe: It’ll work. It has to.

(Phoebe flips through the book and finds the spell.)

[Cut to the cave underground. Cole is dressed in a black robe. He is chanting.]

Prue, Phoebe: (voice over) “Magic forces black and white. (Wind surrounds Cole.) Reaching out through space and light.”

[Cut to the manor.]

Prue, Phoebe: "Be he far or be he near, bring us the demon Belthazor here.”

[Cut to the cave. Cole is hanging on to a rock.]

Cole: No!

[Cut to the manor]

Prue, Phoebe: “Magic forces black and white, reaching out through space and light, be he far or be he near, bring us the demon Belthazor here.”

(A tunnel of wind appears in the centre of the room.)

Phoebe: Here he comes.

[Cut to the cave. Cole hangs on to the rock. He changes into Belthazor. The wind disappears. He knocks everything off the table. He bangs on the table, angrily.]

[Cut to the manor. The wind tunnel disappears.]

Phoebe: Wait a minute, what happened? Why didn’t it work?

Prue: I don’t know.

(They walk into the middle of the room.)

Phoebe: Damn it!

Prue: Uh, alright, we’re just gonna have to find the girl another way. Was there anything in your premonition that might help?

Phoebe: Dark alley, late at night, phone booth. I mean, there’s not much to go on.

Prue: Okay, so we’ll have to go to the first victims apartment and see if there’s anything there.

Phoebe: Should we get Piper?

Prue: No, let’s not put her anymore on edge then she already is. Come on.

[Cut to Piper’s room. Piper is sitting on the bed meditating. She is listening to a tape.]

Woman on tape: Soft in elevation, slow, deep, exhalation. Be at peace in this world. Allow your mind to drift. Slow.

(Leo orbs in and scares Piper. She blows up her CD player.)

Piper: Leo! You’re supposed to knock, not orb.

Leo: But I live here.

(Piper gets a fire extinguisher and uses it on her CD player.)

Piper: Uhh. (She points it at Leo.)

Leo: Okay, okay, okay, just relax.

Piper: That’s what I was trying to do and then somebody made me blow up my Guru. (Leo moves towards her.) No-no-no. Stay away. I am not safe.

Leo: Piper, come on.

Piper: No, I mean it. My hands are lethal weapons, and I don’t know how to control it and it gets worse every day.

Leo: Well, that’s normal. It took you a while to learn how to control your freezing power, remember?

(He sits down beside her.)

Piper: Freezing is one thing, blowing up stuff is another thing all together.

Leo: Well, except this time you’re not alone. I’m here.

Piper: Yeah, but you shouldn’t be here. You shouldn’t be anywhere near me, it’s too dangerous.

Leo: Then how are we gonna go on our honeymoon?

Piper: We’re not gonna go on our honeymoon, we’re gonna cancel it.

Leo: We are not cancelling our honeymoon.

Piper: Well, then tell the Elders to take this power back, I don’t want it, I’m not ready for it.

Leo: They wouldn’t have given it to you if you weren’t ready for it. I know that both as your Whitelighter and as your husband.

Piper: What if you’re wrong? What if I hurt someone? I just, I feel so helpless.

Leo: One thing you’re not is helpless. You are one of the strongest, most (They lay down on the bed) capable people I have ever known. And don’t forget I’ve been around for a while.

Piper: Really?

Leo: You can handle this, honey. We can handle it together.

Commercial Break

[Scene: Man’s apartment. Prue, Phoebe and an Inspector are there. Prue and Phoebe are looking around.]

Inspector: So what kind of specialists are you anyway?

Phoebe: Inspector Morris didn’t tell you?

Inspector: No, he didn’t.

(Prue sees a photo album on the floor.)

Prue: Can I pick this up?

Inspector: Sure, Forensics is done here. (Prue picks it up.) Are you those psychics we keep hearing about he was working with?

(Phoebe laughs)

Phoebe: Psychics. Right, that’s a good one.

Prue: Is this the victim’s wife?

Inspector: Yeah. She died a couple of months ago. Sad to say the poor guy never got over it.

Prue: Any suspects?

Inspector: All we know is whoever did it busted through that window. Although, three stories up, nobody can figure out how.

Phoebe: Do you see any scorch marks by where the body was?

Prue: No, I don’t think there would have been a body if… ( the Inspector looks at her) that particular weapon had been used.

Inspector: Are you from Arson?

Prue: Uh, no, she was just curious of how he died.

Inspector: He drowned in his own blood according to the M.E. All his blood vessels just burst. No reason. Are you Feds?

Phoebe: Actually, Inspector, we’re witches, okay? We actually think a demon might have done this. Probably my ex-boyfriend and if he did do this then we have to find him and vanquish him. Satisfied?

Inspector: That’s very funny.

(He leaves the room.)

Prue: Okay, are you out of your mind?

Phoebe: Well, it got rid of him didn’t it? So what do you think?

Prue: Definitely supernatural, but was it Belthazor?

[Scene: Cave underground. Cole is there talking to another demon.]

Cole: Well, they must have some of the vanquishing potion. Otherwise why try to summon me?

Demon: Perhaps the witch who loved you wants you back? Humans can be very forgiving.

Cole: Nah, not this human, not after what I did. If I know her. She wants to crucify me, and knowing her is exactly what I want you to help me stop doing. If I have to fully revert to my demonic self, I need to break all ties and remove all doubt.

Demon: Transmuting your blood might make you immune to the witches potion, Belthazor. But it won’t necessarily make you immune from her pool.

Cole: That’s alright if she summons me again.

Demon: That’s not the pool I’m talking about. Your human half will always be vulnerable to that which makes all humans vulnerable. No sorcery can change that.

(Cole pulls up his sleeve.)

Cole: Then do what you can.

(A knife flies off the table into the demon’s hand. He cuts Cole’s arm. Electricity comes out of the demon’s hand, into Cole’s wound.)

[Cut to the manor. Prue and Phoebe are sitting on the couch looking at the Belthazor page in the Book of Shadows.]

Phoebe: I’m telling you, it’s gotta be Cole.

Prue: Phoebe, just because you want it to be him doesn’t necessarily make it him.

Phoebe: This isn’t about me and Cole, this is about what I saw. My premonitions are always directly connected to what I’m touching at the time.

Prue: Oh, okay, well, wait a minute. What if the back of your hand was touching (Prue turns the page) this page? Right, a Banshee, and whatever that is.

(Leo and Piper comes down the stairs.)

Leo: It's a demon who feeds on souls and great pain.

Phoebe: (to Piper) Hey, stranger, long time, no see.

Piper: Well, like you said, I can’t hide forever. Although you guys should be wearing asbestos suits.

Prue: Oh, I think we’ll risk it.

Piper: I just don’t want anybody to get hurt.

Prue: Well, since you can’t freeze us, you probably can’t blow us up either.

(Piper sits down beside them.)

Phoebe: Just keep your hands where we can see them.

Prue: Alright, so the Banshee.

Leo: Well, they’re pretty rare. What they do is hunt for their victims with a high pitched call. Something beyond our range to hear.

Prue: Okay, so then how do they find their victims?

Phoebe: (reading from the book) By hearing the inner cry by zeroing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken.

Leo: Then their call turns into a scream that kills.

Prue: Well, that explains the broken blood vessels and the shattered glass. Looks like it’s not Cole after all.

Piper: So what do we do? Wear earplugs?

Phoebe: Uh, there is no spell to vanquish the Banshee but there is one to track a banshee. Okay, so all we need is a designated tracker.

[Time lapse. Attic. Prue is standing in a circle of candles. Piper, Phoebe and Leo are there outside of the circle. Piper is holding a piece of paper.]

Phoebe: Are you sure about this?

Prue: Well, with everything that you and Piper are going through right now, I don’t really have much of a choice. Besides, it’s just a tracking spell, what’s the worst that could happen?

Piper: With our history, don’t go there.

Prue: Yeah, well, it’s almost night and that’s when the girl in Phoebe’s premonition was attacked. So lets just do it.

(Piper and Phoebe read from the piece of paper.)

Phoebe/Piper: "The piercing cry that feeds on pain, and leaves more sorrow than a gain, shall now be heard by one who seeks, to stop the havoc that it wreaks.”

(They hear thunder and a bright light surrounds Prue. She disappears.)

Phoebe: Prue?

Piper: Oh my god. (They look down and Prue has turned into a large white dog.) Prue?

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Prue’s room. Phoebe is looking under the bed trying to get Prue out.]

Phoebe: Come on, Prue. Come on, come on out. We’re still your sisters, you know. (Prue whimpers.) Oh, gee, honey, don’t sound so sad, it’s gonna be okay.

Piper: How? How is this gonna be okay?

Phoebe: Hands in your pockets.

(Leo walks in.)

Piper: What did you find out? Why did the spell backfire?

Leo: I don’t think it did.

Piper: What are you talking about, Leo? Prue is walking around on all fours and barking. If that’s not a backfire, then what is?

(Prue whimpers.)

Phoebe: Shh, you’re scaring her.

Leo: Alright, all I’m saying is that you guys cast a tracking spell, and since dogs can obviously hear a Banshee’s call, what happened makes sense. Prue should be able to track it now.

Phoebe: Yeah, if she ever comes out. (She looks under the bed.) Prue, honey, okay, you can’t stay under there all night. Okay, if you won’t come out for you, will you at least come out for an innocent? We can’t save that teenage girl without you. (They wait and Prue finally comes out.) That’s a good girl! That’s a good girl. Who’s a good girl?

Piper: Well, at least we know she understands what we’re saying.

Phoebe: Oh, she’s such a pretty dog.

Piper: What else did you expect?

Leo: A Doberman? (Prue growls and barks at Leo.) Easy.

Piper: Oh, honey, watch your orbs.

Phoebe: So what do we have to do to get our real sister back?

Leo: Once the Banshee is vanquished, the spell should reverse itself.

(Prue runs out of the room.)

Piper: Well, what if the Banshee doesn’t show up until like next year? Then what do we do then?

Leo: I don’t think you’ll have to wait that long. Banshee’s have an insatiable appetite for pain. The feed every night.

Phoebe: Okay, what do we do once she finds the demon? I mean, there’s no vanquishing potion, there’s no power of three.

(Prue barks and they hear a crash.)

Piper: Oh my god, Prue!

(They run out of the room.)

[Cut downstairs. Prue is chasing Kit around the house. Kit runs up the stairs and Piper, Phoebe and Leo come down the stairs. They stop Prue.]

Piper: Prue, no! No-no-no-no, very bad, Prue. Very, very bad Prue. (Prue growls.) Hi, Kujo, who you growling at?

Leo: Maybe I’d better go check with the elders and see if they know how to vanquish a Banshee.

Phoebe: Wait a minute, don’t tell me you’re afraid of Prue.

Leo: Yeah.

Piper: Well, wait a minute, hold it. What if we find the Banshee in the mean time?

Leo: Well, you blew up the last demon you fought, didn’t you?

Piper: Yeah, but I was trying to freeze him.

Leo: Just remember what we talked about. Just try and relax.

(Leo orbs out.)

Piper: I really wish everybody would quit telling me to relax.

(Prue runs over to the front door.)

Phoebe: What is it? What is it, girl?

(They follow her into the foyer.)

Piper: Do you think she hears the Banshee?

(Prue barks. Phoebe opens the door and Prue runs out.)

Piper: Wait. (They grab their coats and follow Prue.)

[Time lapse. Phoebe and Piper are standing outside.]

Phoebe: This is worse than I thought.

Piper: I never imagined anything like this could ever happen to us.

Phoebe: All I know is this can’t go on much longer.

Piper: So what are we gonna do?

Phoebe: Rock, paper, scissors?

Piper: No way, you already lost.

Phoebe: Two out of three.

Piper: Na-uh.

(Piper hands Phoebe a plastic bag. Prue comes out from behind the bushes.)

Phoebe: This is so humiliating.

(The dogs down the street start barking. Prue barks.)

Piper: Phoebe? Does this mean what I think it means?

(Prue runs off. Phoebe drops the plastic bag and they run after Prue.)

Phoebe: It means I’m off the hook! I’m off the hook!

Piper: Prue, wait!

[Cut to an alley. A teenage girl is in phone booth.]

Girl: Mum? Dad? Are you there? Pick up please, it’s me. Mum? Oh, thank God. I’m so sorry, I never should have went away. I want to come home. (She hears the Banshee’s call getting closer.) I don’t know. Somewhere in San Francisco. (The Banshee jumps on top of a dumpster and screams. The glass on the phone booth smashes. The Banshee jumps on the ground and lets out a high pitched scream. The girl covers her face. Prue runs around the corner and attacks the Banshee. Piper and Phoebe come around the corner.)

Piper: Prue? (Piper goes over to the girl.) It’s okay, it’s okay. Run, run. (The girl runs away. Prue barks. The Banshee jumps up and Phoebe reaches up and pulls her down. Piper goes over and the Banshee hits her. She lands on some wooden crates. The Banshee screams and faces Phoebe.)

Phoebe: Piper, now?

(Piper tries to freeze the Banshee but blows up the dumpster. The Banshee falls back. Prue barks. Piper goes over to Phoebe.)

Piper: Are you okay?

Phoebe: I think so, yeah.

(The Banshee runs off and Prue follows.)

Piper: Prue, no, wait!

(The Banshee runs into the street and jumps on a car. She leaps across the street onto another car. Prue runs onto the road. A horn beeps and a car runs into Prue. A man stops and gets out of the car. He goes to Prue.)

Man: Oh, God. You stay there, baby. You’re alright. Good girl. Shh. Can somebody give me a hand here? It’s alright, good girl, good girl. Can somebody help?

[Cut to the manor. Kitchen. Piper flips through a phonebook. Phoebe comes in, talking on the phone.]

Phoebe: No, Darryl, I realize that you can’t put out an APB for a dog, but couldn’t you at least ask the other cops to keep an eye out for her? (Listens) Yeah, okay, that would be great. Call Piper’s cell if you hear anything. Bye. (She hangs up) Do you think that the animal shelters are even open this late?

Piper: They better be because this is a disaster, I am very worried.

Phoebe: Well, don’t worry, we will find Prue and we will find the Banshee. (Phoebe gets a bottle of water out of the fridge.) At least we saved that girl.

Piper: Yeah, and how are we gonna save you?

Phoebe: What are you talking about?

Piper: I’m talking about how the Banshee zeroed in on you even though I was the one blowing up things.

Phoebe: So?

Piper: So, the Banshee seeks out people who are in great pain. And apparently it thinks you are.

Phoebe: Piper, that’s ridiculous.

Piper: Phoebe. You are not the first Halliwell to fall in love with a demon and get burned. I know how much that hurts which means I know how much you hurt. But I think you’re in denial.

Phoebe: Okay. Well, if you’ll forgive me, Dr. Laura, I have a different demon to worry about at the moment.

(Phoebe starts to leave.)

Piper: Wait a minute, where you going?

Phoebe: I’m gonna go get the Book of Shadows so we can cast the tracking spell on me.

Piper: Wait, huh? You want to turn yourself into a dog too?

Phoebe: Do you know a better way to find the Banshee and to find Prue.

Piper: No, but…

Phoebe: Then you will mind your business, and I am going to get the Book of Shadows.

(She leaves the kitchen.)

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe walks in and over to the Book of Shadows. She flips through the book and stops at the Cole/Belthazor page. She stares at it for a moment then picks it up. She sits down on a chair and cries.]

[Cut downstairs. Piper is on the phone.]

Piper: Well, there isn't any shelter open. This is an emergency. Well, there’s gotta be some place. (Leo orbs in.) Never mind. (She hangs up.) We lost Prue.

Leo: What?

Piper: She ran off after the Banshee attacked.

Leo: Wait a minute, you fought the Banshee and you and Phoebe are okay?

Piper: Yeah, fine, why?

Leo: Because the elders just told me that Banshee’s are former witches.

Piper: So?

Leo: So, the Banshee’s scream doesn’t kill witches, it turns them into Banshees.

[Cut to the attic. Phoebe has stopped crying.]

Phoebe: Why, Cole? (Vases and bottles in the room start to shake.) Piper!

(She hears the Banshee’s call getting closer.)

[Cut to downstairs.]

Piper: Phoebe?

(Piper and Leo run upstairs.)

[Cut to the attic. The bottles smash. Then all the windows smash. Phoebe falls on the floor. The Banshee flies through the window and lets out a high pitched scream. Piper and Leo run in. The Banshee goes for Piper but Piper blows her up.]

Piper: Huh, shut her up.

Leo: Phoebe, you okay?

(Phoebe turns into a Banshee.)

Piper: Uh-oh.

(Phoebe/Banshee pushes Piper and Leo and runs over to the window. She screams.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Attic. Piper and Leo are there.]

Leo: Are you okay?

Piper: Am I okay? Prue is a dog and Phoebe is a Banshee. I am not even in the vicinity of okay. How did this happen? What am I supposed to do? And you know, you could have told me about the witches turn into Banshees thing a little bit earlier.

Leo: Honey, just try and relax.

Piper: Would you stop telling me to relax! (Piper blows up a sewing machine.) That was Grams’ sewing machine!

Leo: Well, we don’t have time for you to lose it.

Piper: Well, too bad because I am losing it, whether we have time for it or not.

Leo: Listen to me. We have to save Phoebe before she hurts someone. If she kills just one person, she stays a Banshee forever.

Piper: Okay, could you give me all the bad news at once? Do you have to keep doling it out for dramatic effect?

Leo: We have to find Phoebe.

Piper: How, without Prue to track her?

Leo: We’ll find a way. You can do this, Piper.

Piper: No, actually, I can’t. See, ‘cause Prue and Phoebe are the super witches and I just tag along and freeze things, and now I can’t even do that right.

Leo: That’s not true. You’re just a strong as they are.

Piper: I can’t do it alone.

Leo: You’re not alone. We’re partners, don’t you see that?

Piper: I’m sorry, it’s just if anything happens to them…

(They hug.)

Leo: Nothing will happen. We won’t allow it.

Piper: Where do we even begin?

Leo: Start by taking a deep breath. That’s what your Guru said, right?

Piper: Leo, that’s not…

Leo: Shh… Close your eyes. (She closes her eyes.) Clear your mind. Listen to your instincts, what are they telling you to do?

(Piper opens her eyes.)

Piper: I think I know what to do.

(Piper runs out of the room.)

[Scene: A guy’s apartment. Prue is asleep on the couch. She opens her eyes and looks around. The guy is on the phone.]

Guy: Are you kidding? I’d love to go but I can’t. The vet said someone has to keep an eye on the dog. I have a soft spot for animals. Sue me. No, no tags. Maybe I should write and article about irresponsible pet owners, make them feel like dirt. (Prue moves around on the couch.) Hold it. I’ve gotta go. (He hangs up and goes over to Prue.) Hey, what are you doing? You’re supposed to be resting. (She tries to get off.) No, no, you’re not going anywhere. Not until you’re better.

[Cut to Phoebe/Banshee in a car park. She is lurking behind some cars. A woman walks through the car park. She stops and looks around. The woman gets her keys out and continues walking. She approaches a guy leaning against a car.]

Woman: Oh, Ramone.

Ramone: I was beginning to think you stood me up.

(They hug. Phoebe runs behind a wall and screams.)

[Cut to the guy’s apartment. Prue is drinking beer from the beer bottle.]

Guy: Oh, you like the imported stuff? That’s my kind of girl. (Prue gets up and runs over to the door.) What is it? What’s the matter? (Prue barks.) Shh, you’re gonna wake the neighbours. (Prue barks.) Okay, you want out, I get it. (He opens the door. Prue runs out.) Hey! (He grabs his keys and goes outside.) Come here!

[Cut to the Manor. Leo and Piper are walking down the stairs. Piper is carrying the Book of Shadows.]

Leo: Piper, think this through, please.

Piper: You were the one that told me to trust my instincts.

Leo: Yes, that was before you said you were gonna summon Cole, though.

Piper: Well, believe me, it was not my first idea.

Leo: Well, then what was your first idea? Let’s do that instead.

Piper: That won’t work, this will.

Leo: The last time Cole was here he killed a witch, remember?

(Piper holds up the potion.)

Piper: That is what this if for.

Leo: Well, what if he makes his move before you get a chance to vanquish him?

Piper: I’ll freeze him.

Leo: Now you’re confident in your powers?

Piper: Okay, so maybe I’ll blow him up.

(They walk into the conservatory.)

Leo: But what if he blows us up first?

Piper: Well, you’re already dead, what’s the difference.

Leo: The difference is that I don’t want you to join me.

Piper: Leo, I love you, and it’s because of you that I have the courage to even attempt this but we don’t have any other options. Now, the Banshee’s target people who are in pain, that’s why it went after Phoebe, and Cole is the source of Phoebe’s pain. So if we can get him to find her and eliminate that pain, then we might be able to get Phoebe back.

Leo: Do you really think he’ll help us?

Piper: Feelings like theirs don’t go away. We should know. (Piper turns to the spell in the Book of Shadows.) “Magic forces black and white, reaching out through space and light, be he far or be he near, bring us the demon Belthazor here.”

(A tunnel of wind appears in the room and Cole appears.)

Cole: You rang? Piper, not the sister I was expecting.

Piper: Phoebe’s in trouble. She’s been turned into a Banshee.

Cole: A Banshee? Well, that’s different.

Piper: It happened because she was hurting, over you. And I think you’re the key to turning her back.

Cole: Sorry, I don’t do good anymore.

Piper: Not even for somebody you love?

Cole: Love-d. Past tense.

Leo: I think we’ve heard enough.

Piper: Feelings like that don’t just die, Cole.

Cole: Wrong. They died when Phoebe gave up on me. Now all I can do is return the favour.

Piper: You’ve helped us before, and we’ve helped you.

Cole: Oh, is that what you were doing when you called me this morning. Helping me? Or trying to vanquish me?

Leo: Piper, the potion.

Piper: Phoebe loves you, Cole. And I know that you love Phoebe. All I’m asking you to do is find her and tell her.

Cole: It’s over, Piper. In more ways than one.

Leo: Throw the potion.

Piper: You’re right, Cole, it is over.

(Piper throws the potion and nothing happens.)

Cole: Surprise! (He laughs.)

Piper: But…

Cole: Did you really think that I would come here without magical protection? Question is, do you have any protection for yourself?

Leo: Don’t threaten her.

Cole: I suggest you orb her out of here, Whitelighter, before there’s nothing left to orb.

(Prue runs in and barks.)

Piper: Prue?

Cole: Prue? (The house starts to shake.) What’s going on?

Piper: Phoebe’s home.

(All the windows smash and Phoebe flies in. She dives on Cole and screams. He changes into Belthazor and shimmers out, taking Phoebe with him.)

Commercial Break

[Scene: Manor. Conservatory. Continued from before. Leo is patting Prue.]

Leo: You think she’s alright?

Piper: No, I don’t. Either way, Phoebe’s screwed.

Leo: No, I mean Prue. She seems kind of down.

Piper: Well, she would be. We’re about to lose a sister.

Leo: I thought you said Cole would never hurt her.

Piper: In self defence he would. Did you see her? She was pissed off. On the other hand, if she kills hem then she’s a Banshee forever. (Prue runs over to the door.) Oh, this is all my fault. (Prue barks.) She zeroed in on Cole’s pain for her, I led her to him.

Leo: We found Prue, we will find Phoebe.

(Prue continues to bark.)

Piper: But how? What if it’s too late? Prue would you be quiet.

Leo: Maybe you should try scrying. (Prue walks over and pulls on Leo’s pants.) Ow, hey!

(Prue jumps through the window.)

Piper: She hears Phoebe. Hurry, hurry! Go-go-go-go!

(They run outside.)

[Cut to the mausoleum. Phoebe/Banshee and Belthazor are fighting. Belthazor pushes her across the room. She kicks him and he falls over a crypt. She jumps on him and scratches him. He pushes her off. She screams and Belthazor roars. He grabs her around the neck.]

Belthazor: Don’t make me kill you. (She pushes him away.) Damn it, Phoebe. (He changes back to Cole.)

Cole: I love you.

(Phoebe screams.)

[Cut outside. Piper and Leo are running, following Prue.]

[Cut back to the mausoleum. The banshee changes back into Phoebe.]

[Cut back outside. The dog changes back into Prue. Prue holds her hip in pain.]

Prue: Ow, ow, ow, ow.

Piper: Prue! (Piper and Leo catch up to her.) Prue? You’re back!

Prue: Ow! Ow, ow, ow, my hip.

Piper: What happened?

Prue: Oh, I had a little accident. Hey, Leo, not that I’m complaining, but why am I human again?

Leo: The spell must’ve played itself out. Phoebe must not be a Banshee anymore.

Piper: So does that mean Phoebe’s alive, or…?

[Cut back to the mausoleum.]

Phoebe: Stay away from me. Just stay away.

Cole: Phoebe…

Phoebe: I don’t wanna hear it, Cole.

Cole: Yeah, you do. You’re not the only one hurting here. We both are. That’s why we’re drawn into this mess. I tried to deny it too, I tried everything to break my feelings for you, even magic. But nothing works.

Phoebe: It doesn’t change anything.

Cole: No, it doesn’t. It doesn’t change the fact that I killed a witch. Even if I was tricked into doing it.

Phoebe: What do you mean?

Cole: Forget it, it doesn’t matter.

Phoebe: Yeah, well, maybe it matters to me.

Cole: Raynor cast a spell. He made me kill her against my will.

Phoebe: And why would he do that?

Cole: Because he wanted to turn me. And he knew the only way to do that was to destroy the one thing that was keeping me good. He knew that my killing a witch would destroy your faith in me. And he was right.

Phoebe: I don’t know what to say.

(He touches her face.)

Cole: There’s nothing to say. Like you said, it doesn't change the fact that I did it, or that we’ll always love each other. I guess it’s a pain we both have to live with.

(He shimmers out.)

[Cut outside. Leo is trying to sense Phoebe.]

Leo: I sense her. Phoebe’s alive.

Prue: So, Phoebe/Banshee…

Leo: Is Phoebe, Phoebe. Looks like your plan worked after all.

Piper: Yeah, but if she had to vanquish Cole then she’s probably not doing very well. Why don’t you go get her?

(Leo orbs out. Prue scratches her head. Piper touches her hair.)

Prue: What are you doing?

Piper: I think you’ve got fleas.

Prue: You know what? That’s so not funny because I think I do.

Piper: I think you do.

Prue: Okay. You have no idea how hard it was being a dog, okay. I mean, peeing outside, eating everything and anything and just smelling everything.

Piper: Must have been ‘ruff’. No pun intended.

Prue: Ha, ha. (Piper giggles.) At least I got to meet a really cute guy.

Piper: You met a guy?

Prue: Mm-hmm.

Piper: As a dog?

Prue: Mm-hmm.

Piper: How?

Prue: Well, he ran me over.

Commercial Break

[Scene: P3. Piper is serving at the bar. Prue and Phoebe are sitting at the bar.]

Piper: Here you go. (Serves two beers to some guys.) Thank you.

Phoebe: You know, you might wanna raise the drink prices.

Piper: Why?

(Prue hold up a piece of paper.)

Prue: The bill, from the window repair guy.

(Piper looks at it.)

Piper: Oh, ouch.

Phoebe: Yeah, we really keep that guy in business, don’t we?

(Prue looks around.)

Piper: Are you expecting someone?

Prue: A certain journalist with an empty fridge and a soft spot for a man’s best friend.

Phoebe: He hit you, you hit on him, it’s only fair.

Prue: Hey, how could I resist a guy who put up fliers to find me. (She stands up.) Excuse me. (She walks over to the guy.) Hi.

(Prue and the guy walk away.)

Piper: It’s good to see you out. It’s been a while.

Phoebe: Yeah, I guess we’re both out of hiding. You know, I’ve been wanting to thank you.

Piper: For?

Phoebe: Calling Cole. I mean, if you hadn’t I’d probably still be screaming.

Piper: Yeah, well, nothing like trusting your instincts.

Phoebe: I know what you mean. I think I’m gonna act on some of my own.

Piper: Do I even wanna ask?

Phoebe: I think I made a mistake giving up on Cole. I now know why he did what he did.

Piper: Phoebe.

Phoebe: He loves me, which means that there’s still good in him. I can bring him back. I know I can.

(Phoebe walks away.)



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